If This Keeps Up

Sayaka finds out that Miss White is having ... problems.

Date: 2017-01-12
Pose Count: 8
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-12 02:20:03 67141
~WPS Tower, Medical Section~

"Kasagami-san..." Starts the young nurse recently hired onto the company's small but competent medical staff. More than that, they don't ask questions. The blonde-haired nurse looks to the charts, then back to Miss White. Dread is naked on her face.

"Aiko-san. I'm not going to fire you for doing your job. How bad?"

The nurse relaxes just a touch from the CEO's patented warm smile. "We can't find any disease, Kasagami-san. But your stress, your blood pressure, muscle tension...ma'am. If this keeps up, it could end in a heart attack. Or even paralysis of your legs."

The nurse is a sharp woman, and she doesn't miss the fear in Hannah's blind gaze. A comforting hand finds the CEO's shoulder. It does little for her own worries, but she makes a show of trying to relax.

"I believe in you Kasagami-san! You're one of the youngest CEO's in Japan! We'll all work around the clock, and cure whatever is..."

With visible effort, Miss White gets to her feet, and slaps the poor nurse on the back. She stumbles to the bed as she makes her way out with a wave.

"Aiko. Don't worry about me. Stick to keeping the other employees healthy. In this business you'll get guys with bullets in their gutts or lethal stab wounds. They. Come. First. I've got this." A wink, and she's out the door.

And then down the hallway to the elevator. She stumbles half way through, and has to catch herself on the doorframe of an empty office. All of her bravado evaporates.

"...Don't...be a wimp....Hannah Sharpe." She whispers to herself.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-12 02:33:38 67149
    Sayaka had been spending a lot of time at WPS when she wasnt going to classes. And that should come as no surprise, given that she had recently accepted a job as security officer there too! It also meant she heard a lot of WPS news through the grapevine, so when Hannah had collapsed in gym class and was rushed to the medical ward, Sayaka had made a point to drop by and see her.

    And in spite of everything she had heard from people about Miss White in the past, Sayaka had yet to see any questionable actions on the part of the white haired girl. In fact, over time she had grown increasingly more respectful of the older girl. Now, her features are marred in worry and anxiety as she heads to the medical ward to check on her.

    She'd brought some flowers. And chocolate too, to brighten up her ward. Who knows how long she'd be staying here? Once the nurse directs her to Hannah's room, she grins and waves to her. "Heya, Miss White! How you been holding up?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-12 02:44:55 67159
Cursed Boris! Despite her escape attempt, the Big Russian CFO had hauled his much smaller Master back to the medical ward. In fact, Sayaka probably passes in just in time to see a grumbling bald russian man with a ridiculous mustache walk out. He notices her, amidst his stream of curses in Russian. He waves. No language change, but that was most assuredly a greeting. Followed by more swearing.

Miss White 'looks' at Sayaka...and that's pretty much it. Fall back, WHUMP! Right on a distinctively comfy WPS medical bed. No, she isn't getting up. Miss White has a good wingspan for a girl her age, so it might be tough getting a bed-side seat for Sayaka. Plenty of chairs though.

"...I'd really love to say I feel okay, but you'd call me out on that, wouldn't you?" Sigh. The medical ward, after all, is a rarity for her.

Or, you know, collapsing. Hannah's fitness obsession is something of an Infinity legend in the making. "Here. Read for yourself." She offers her charts over to the bluenette.

'Hypertension'. 'High blood pressure'. 'Unexplained elevated stress levels'. 'Risk of heart attack'. It's nothing that mere CEO business or exam study stress should signify. Miss White is silent.

She waits for her Security Officer's conclusion.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-12 02:58:43 67166
    "Hunh.." she frowns, taking a seat in one of the spare chair, giving Hannah plenty of room, hopefully. She looks over the charts and her frown deepens, shaking her head.

    "Geez, what's this all about, Miss White? You're not that old for this kinda stuff. You've been working too hard, havent you?"

    Saya smirks and nods, putting the chart back, "You're right, I would call you out on that. I'm sure the nurses told you the same thing but I'll say it anyways."

    She makes a face, "Take it easy! If there's some pressing matter to take care of, I'd be happy to help out! I mean, I'm just new here and all but I'm eager to impress you and do a good job, even if it means working over time. If that'll keep you out of the hospital!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-12 03:05:36 67170
Miss White can't help but smile. Oh yes, Sayaka Miki is a sharp girl. She at least has part of it. "You could say something like that. Sayaka. Tell me everything you know about how a Midchildan Mage like myself operates. I trust you've been doing research on the potential enemies we'll face given what our company does, and the wide range of people that could object to our methods?" After all, WPS employes a wide variety of magical girls despite it's focus...and likely has earned the ire of far more.

'Take it easy'. A single eyebrow rises. "Sayaka-chan. I appreciate your desire to work hard. That's great. But do you really think someone that wants a perfect world can afford to do less than perfect? That's absolutely out of the question. Every second I'm not up to the task of becoming this world's King, it's /GOD/...is one that another innocent person that hasn't yet stepped into this cruel world of magic has to suffer in."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-12 03:43:30 67192
    Sayaka hmms, "Well, let's see. Midchildan Maages are device users. You have the ability to use magical artefacts, to, I dunno, communicate with them on some level and use them to do your bidding. More than a weapon, it grants you special powers like magic.."

    She smiles, "I know you're a kick boxer who uses your weapon to enhance your abilities and cast wind magics..Oh, and there's something called...Linker Cores? The source of your magic, I think?"

    Sayaka pauses, considering, "Wait, is this exhaustion connected to your intelligent device? Is it draining your energy reserves?"

    As for her 'perfect world,' Sayaka frowns, "It's true, I'd like to see a perfect world, and I'd work hard to achieve that world. However, everyone has their breaking point, and you're no good to anyone if you push yourself too far. Trust me, I've nearly been there myself.."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-12 03:55:03 67196
Hannah...actually blushes. And looks away. She fluffs her collar a bit. "Oi! ...Seriously Saya-chan, I've got a reputation to uphold here. Don't praise so much. I'll look like a blushing highschooler or something." Hint, Miss White. You are, in fact, part blushing highschooler.

Mmm. "Not too bad. I'll give you a B Minus overall. But you're more right than you realize. Long story short, mages tap into their Linker Cores for magic. Catch is we each are born with a certain 'quality' to our cores that determine how much magic we can reasonably push through it. I won't get you entangled with /those/ jerks, so I'll skip their scale." Spit. Scowl. She might be saving Sayaka some drama here.

"But any mage can theoretically cast any spell they want. Hey. Sayaka. On a scale of one to ten...what's the level of spell do you think that a person would need to use in order to try to take out somebody like Homura Akemi?" She begins.

"Now, what do you think on that same scale my Linker Core might rate? Next, take the difference, divide it out over the period of almost two years. Finally...imagine a magical girl that wasn't a Puella managed to devour the insides of a few Grief Seeds they'd played around with."

"What do you think that might do to their body, hmm?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-12 04:00:18 67198
    Sayaka hmms, "Oh right, so your linker core is your magical potential..Something similar to a soulgem perhaps? Heh.." she smirks, seems she needs to brush up a bit more on her intelligent device lore.

    "Soo, you exert more energy to cast more powerful spells..Fighting someone like Homura-san would take...A lot of power.." she frowns, "But at least we can recharge our soulgems with grief seeds. Is there any way to recharge a linker core? Just plain rest or...?"