Zoisite left to go investigate family in Italy because he was super angry with Mamoru-- and now he's home, and everyone feels every last iota of how important that is.

Date: 2017-01-13
Pose Count: 22
Zoisite 2017-01-13 02:34:19 67324
Even in first class, flying sucks. Jet lag can be mitigated to some extent, but... sitting in a metal tube for twelve hours is not Zoisite's idea of fun, especially since he didn't find much useful in Italy- other than a confirmation that Mamoru was right about him being Italian, and a vague sense of knowing his way around part of Milan.

It's a bleary-eyed, grumbly Zoisite who enters the apartment, as quietly as possible. He shucks off his shoes and leaves his bags by the door, carefully and quietly checking the rooms for something... or, well, two someones.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-13 02:48:51 67325
There are honestly several configurations in which Zoisite can find middle-of-the-night cuddles taking place. It so happens that tonight, Zoisite gets a two for the price of one bargain, probably even in the very first room he checks -- if it's Kunzite's room he checks, of course. That spartan dwelling with the Naru paintings on the walls, the bed that's large but not criminally so...

Mamoru's provably slept better, and with fewer nightmares, in company; so has Kunzite, equally historically. The lights are out, and at least the prince -- the idiot prince, the self-grounding prince -- is fast asleep and free, for the moment, of dreams. He's curled up next to Kazuo, and he looks a lot less like a rat bastard when his face is so peaceful.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-13 03:00:56 67326
The Naru painting of the castle, that reminded him of Zoisite. The calligraphy that is the first thing the room's owner sees each morning: First, do no harm. The rabbit-shaped eraser that's taken up inexplicable sentry duty on one of the empty shelves. The details haven't changed, not really.

That Kunzite's eyes flicker open when the door is touched -- that hasn't changed, either. Not real wakefulness. Not enough to respond to Zoisite immediately. Only enough to register an 'oh, it's all right,' and close again.

(And that's a rarer gesture of trust than waking would be.)
Zoisite 2017-01-13 03:28:30 67327
Zoisite smiles at the image of his Prince and Kunzite sleeping together, at the fact that they are clearly comfortable right next to one another, snuggled up. He doesn't even bother to change his clothes, instead teleporting over to wiggle between the two. He missed this. Less than halfway through the flight, he'd wanted nothing more than to cuddle up right here, just like this, and sleep. It's part of why he's so incredibly groggy and jet-lagged, to be honest.

The strawberry-blond Shitennou takes a brief moment to press kisses to whatever easily-reachable parts of Kunzite and Mamoru are in range, and then he closes his eyes, sighing incredibly heavily.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-13 03:41:13 67328
When Zoisite squeaks himself between the two of them, Mamoru wakes up a little bit and turns around sluggishly, sleep-heavy limbs uncooperative, and then the heightened warmth of the newcomer's explained to his half-asleep mind when the strawberry blond's kiss lands on his skin. "Zoiiii," he murmurs happily, slipping an arm around the fiery Shitennou and burying his face in the side of Zoisite's head. Airplane hair. Who cares.

The overwhelming relief at the smaller teenager's presence is only matched by how much Mamoru missed him and how deeply apologetic he is, even mostly asleep. And there's so much love-- and a growing awareness of oh my goodness, so much jet-seating muscle cramp. He wakes up a little more, his hand sliding up from Zoisite's side to come to rest at the join of his neck and shoulder, just past the collar of his shirt, and he half-automatically opens the door to his power-- and soothing gold takes over, warm and relaxing.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-13 03:53:19 67329
There are bodies shifting, and there seem to be extra limbs, and one of Kunzite's eyes opens again, as good as blank in the darkness. Whether or not he can see in the dark is irrelevant; it's a breath that tells him the most important thing, and Mamoru's half-awake murmur confirms it. Kunzite shifts, pajamas moving against Zoi's clothes, and makes a little more room. Just enough for them to settle without crushing any parts of anyone. His head tilts down towards Zoisite's then, narrowly missing cracking his forehead against the top of Mamoru's skull, and his arm drapes half over him instead of half over Mamoru. Hand settling on top of the one just above his collar. The echo of that feeling is secondhand, distant, made simple for once by sleepiness. What love looks like from Kunzite, sometimes: Zoisite is here; therefore there is no longer something constantly wrong with the world.
Zoisite 2017-01-13 03:57:39 67330
There's rare, open honesty with himself- and thus, Mamoru and Kunzite by proxy. He missed this. He missed them. While the flight hadn't been too bad (thank you Neph and hooking him up with first-class tickets), there had been something he had missed, something he needed as much as food, water, and air.

He was wanted here, even needed, and being reminded of how welcome, how safe he is undoes a not-entirely-physical knot of tension in him. Before dozing off entirely, he mumbles something, quiet enough to go unheard beyond the bed, meant for its other occupants.

"Missed you."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-13 04:10:35 67331
Hours of sleep three people desperately needed, all for different and related reasons.


Morning goes on for a while, a good way into Friday, before anyone can make themselves stir, but it's the prince who breaks first, slithering out of the tangle of hug and (possibly somewhat obnoxiously) briefly sprawling his full weight on both guardians and squeezing them fiercely. A moment later and he's yawning, then wandering off to do morning things --

-- and in this case 'morning things' involves, shortly thereafter, 'attempt to actually make breakfast in bed for the people he still feels like he might apologize to forever for this particular dumb idea', and he glances stupidly at the already-made coffee when he gets into the most commonly-used kitchen. Well. Someone else is up then. He glances at the clock; it's 11 AM. It could literally be anyone, and his hair is sideways.

"Whatever," Mamoru tells the contents of the fridge a minute later as he digs for eggs and bacon and fry-y things.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-13 04:15:55 67332
That obnoxious sprawl prompts Kunzite, both his arms trapped beneath at least one person's weight now, to turn his head (eyes still closed) and try to catch a princely arm, or at least sleeve, in his teeth. Perhaps he spent a little too long missing Zoisite. But it's not a particularly focused attempt, and Mamoru's yawn-and-wander is mostly undisturbed.

He curls his own arm a little more fiercely around Zoisite himself for a moment, and murmurs to him perhaps the only phrase more tempting than that distant scent of coffee, right now. "You have first claim on the shower, when you want it."
Zoisite 2017-01-13 04:19:06 67333
"You know the exact way to my heart," Zoisite mumbles into Kunzite. He's definitely not fully awake by anyone's standards, especially his own. Instead, Zoisite opens his eyes briefly and debates the merits of staying snuggled against Kunzite. Still, twelve hours in a plane. And he's wearing the clothes he was wearing at noon-something Italy time. Euch.

With a broad yawn, Zoi rolls out of bed and shuffles to the bathroom. At least the shower will wake him up. Kind of. Definitely de-travel-gross, and he needs to brush his teeth pretty badly, regardless.
Nephrite 2017-01-13 04:32:44 67334
Late enough in the morning for even the stargazer to be up and about. Nephrite's already retrieved his first cup of coffee, but the clatter of pans and smell of frying things lures him back into the kitchen, cup in hand.

He is wearing boxers (you're welcome) with flamingos on them (you're very welcome), and as a bonus, he even has a shirt on. He squints at the person currently in front of the stove. "You're not Kunzite."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-13 04:42:55 67335
"You're remarkably observant," Mamoru says from the stove, bleary-eyed despite the coffee in the cup next to the stove. He's going all out, apparently, because instead of the regular burners on the range, there's a long sheet of metal it's been swapped out for, and he's got a bunch of bacon frying in that corner, scrambled eggs with cheese and chives and garlic in them over there, and chopped onions and potatoes sizzling over here. "Wanna make toast? Kunzite and Zoisite are still in bed, as far as I know, but I'm pretty sure I woke them up. I'm trying to get in some insurance in favor of me not being grounded anymore but I figured you and Jadeite and Apatite would want some too."

A beat, and the prince's sleep-haired head turns to look at the plate of mangled grey-brown lumpy things sitting on the counter near the microwave. "Oh. And those taste good even if they look like candied brains." He picks up his coffee and takes a deeeep draught of it, then sighs stupidly contentedly. "It's even okay if I'm still grounded, he's back."
Nephrite 2017-01-13 04:50:53 67336
Nephrite snorts. "Are you enlisting me in helping with your apology breakfast?" He says it even as he moves to the toaster. He wrinkles his nose at the brain things. "Did Zoi bring brains from Italy? Is he a zombie now? He wasn't gone that long, was he?"
Zoisite 2017-01-13 04:53:56 67338
Zoisite emerges from bathing and brushing his teeth not too long after he goes in, drawn by the smell of breakfast and the sound of people talking. It doesn't take him long to get dressed, either, and then head into the kitchen. He pauses, stares at Nephrite, and then mutters under his breath. "E Gesu lagrimo, Neph!"

With that, Zoi turns on his heel, going to grab a bathrobe. That done, he walks back, more or less throwing the robe at Neph. "This apartment has a minimum pants, skirt, or dress requirement that you are currently not meeting." And then he stalks over to give Mamoru a brief hug, careful not to trap his arms as he cooks. "Mnh. Morning."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-13 05:01:18 67339
The second appearance of Zoisite includes company. Kunzite might be fortunate that Zoisite did not in the process decide to fling other clothing at him, too; dressing by rote habit has the advantage of taking the absolute minimum of time, but the disadvantage of making the appearance-conscious one somewhat cranky about jeans again on occasion. The only out-of-the-ordinary item is that his hair is tied back, ensuring that it only soaks the back of his shirt.

In Zoisite's wake, he glances wordlessly toward where the House Rules are posted, and looks thoughtful. But does not point out that they never got around to officially adding that one. Nephrite might take advantage, or worse, Zoisite might decide he could find somewhere else to be for another day or two.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-13 05:05:45 67340
A wild Zoisite appears! The prince looks a little more awake and the corners of his eyes crinkle, and then Zoi's making faces and stalking off-- and reappearing to throw decency at Nephrite.

He doubts it'll stick.

"No," Mamoru tells Nephrite defensively, flipping and stirring things on the stove surface, "I can make the toast too, it's just that it's kind of bullshit if the toast is cold but everything else is hot or vice versa. And it's not actually brains, it's dessert I tried making and kind of... didn't do it right." He shrugs carelessly and repeats, "They taste good."

All of a sudden he has a Zoi attached to him, and he beams down at the shorter teenager and bends his head to kiss the top of that bright hair. "Morning. Don't worry, there's no one impressionable around right now, so far as I know. He's fine-- uhh, unless you drank all the airplane bottles and the flamingos are too bright for your hangover or something."

Kunzite's ponytail earns him a considering head-tilt and a twitch of the corner of Mamoru's mouth, and then things on the stove start being done. He's got this covered: leaning over away from the stove, he drags over a plate and two serving bowls, and starts dumping sizzling things in and on them because honestly a buffet can occasionally pretend to be classy when really it's just lazy.
Nephrite 2017-01-13 05:28:00 67341
Breakfast and dessert prepared by a prince? How interesting. Nephrite chuckles at Mamoru's slightly defensive explanation. "Then toast is handled."

And then there is an angry Zoi. And it was so quiet before. "If that rule does not have a caveat to include shorts in summer, then it is no better than a school dress code and therefore made to be broken." Nephrite grunts at the incoming robe flopping in his face, and manages to catch it before it falls on the floor. "Kunzite, are you aware that he's just giving your stuff away? Honestly, some people." The robe is put on as a gesture of peace but not, it should be noted, belted up at all. Pink flamingoes are still highly visible.

While he awaits toast, Nephrite shoves a brain in his mouth.
Zoisite 2017-01-13 05:31:21 67342
"It means nothing that counts as underwear should be considered outerwear." Neph can be King Of Pantslessness somewhere else. Still, the robe is good enough for now. Zoisite briefly releases Mamoru, going to casually invade Kunzite's personal bubble briefly, before going to get coffee. Coffee coffee coffee. "So, what happened while I was gone?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-13 05:44:55 67343
Kunzite glances out the window, where even at closing-on-noon it's ominously cloudy and lurking somewhere in the forties. "Summer," he repeats. "Really."

Zoisite's invasion is met with a touch of hand to arm, the degree of it dependent on whether Zoi merely brushes by in passing or latches on to him the same way that he did to Mamoru, but -- there is no delay. The magnetic attraction to the magic of coffee shall not be delayed or denied. "Also," Kunzite adds to Nephrite as Zoisite departs his orbit, "you're making the mistake of presuming that it's my stuff. I think ownership was established more or less at the time I moved in. These two are merely kind with their licensing terms. What exactly did you just eat?" Tones of morbid fascination are not exactly common from Kunzite. The 'morbid' part does not prevent him from picking up one of the sweet mishaps to examine it.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-13 05:54:10 67345
Mamoru looks most emphatically grateful in Nephrite's direction as he graciously consents to toast-creation, and then tries not to actually snort out loud when Neph follows the letter of Zoilaw and gives its spirit the finger. He puts the breakfast elements on the counter and turns off the burners, then reaches to get plates down. Ugly plates. Hella beautifully ugly plates. Special occasion ugly plates making their second appearance ever.

Surreptitiously, he glances over his shoulder to see Neph's face after facsimile brain ingestion, and then... Kunzite noticed them-- /senpai noticed/--

--and Mamoru grimaces at the tone in his voice. Even more defensively than he sounded over Neph and the toast, and actually possibly a little desperately, he emphasizes, "They taste good. It's... it was supposed to be burfi."

He's not looking at Kunzite. He is loading a plate.

For some inexplicable reason, absolutely NO ONE is answering Zoisite's innocent question.
Zoisite 2017-01-13 05:55:30 67346
Zoisite doesn't mind the spirit of the demand being given the finger. He can't see the flamingo boxers. Zoi sips at his coffee, then nabs a piece of burfi for himself and nibbles on it, eyebrows going up a little It's definitely different from the Italian sweets he's been having (and has stashed in his bag). "Where's burfi from, anyway?" Zoi asks. Not commenting is something of a seal of approval. After all, if it sucked, he wouldn't continue eating it, especially without some kind of complaint. And yet, here he is, still eating the sweet with his coffee.

The choice of plates doesn't go unnoticed, either. Zoi raises an eyebrow at Mamoru, watching the plates get loaded. The fact that nobody is telling him what went on while he was in Italy doesn't go unnoticed, either, getting each of the others in the kitchen a look that says volumes. "What happened while I was gone?" The question is far less innocent, and a great deal more terse. He's not getting any answer, even a bullshit one. That's... concerning.
Nephrite 2017-01-13 06:05:53 67347
Well when Mamoru turns to see Neph's face, the sight that meets him could be described as "pleasantly surprised." Sweet, the citrusy aftertaste of cardamom. "S'a lot better than brains," he comments. "Just don't look at them, and they're amazing."

He also notes the plate choice. He could also be asking, perhaps, what all he missed overnight. He'll just set out the toast, instead. Zoi's pointed look at him gets a shrug. That's really not his department.