Skating on Thin Ice

Sayaka goes on patrol with Alexis, and discovers more about his abilities, possibly biting off a little more than she can chew.

Date: 2017-01-16
Pose Count: 54
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 01:25:47 67710
    Sayaka had grown used to going on patrol by herself. It kinda sucked, but she would never concede to weakness. Besides, at least now she has WPS to fall back on, and keep her busy. Maybe she can find a place to belong there too!

    But she is still a Puella Magi, and that means she must continue to hunt for grief cubes in order to stay alive, to stay sane.

    The park is a good place as any to find plenty of wraiths, especially once the sun has gone down. Lots of lonely people wander out here alone, and loneliness is an easy thing to take advantage of.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 01:34:07 67714
Speaking of people trying to find a place to belong to, for themselves.

A certain figure is left within the park. Not far off the beaten path, even, but with at least a token effort in keeping out of sight. Even if this mostly means just sticking above ground level.

And this would thus be a tall figure in a vaguely familiar-looking hoodie, draped across a high-set tree branch, near a certain frozen-over pond with a sign that warns people off of ice skating upon it. And though the figure's face isn't really easy to discern from underneath the hood, the way they're turned at least indicates a silent stare sent off towards the pond itself.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 01:47:09 67722
    Sayaka sits crouched in a tree as she surveys the park. Fortunately, she's not very heavy, and fortunately the tree is pretty strong. It's quite a large tree so she has a good vantage point over the park.

    Right now, there arent a lot of people in the park. This should be a good thing, no victims tonight. But at the same time, it also means no grief seeds for her. As always, it leaves Sayaka feeling a bit torn...

    She doesnt yet notice familiar hooded figure, but then, she was keeping an eye out for Alexis, but not keeping up her hopes that he'd actually join her on a hunt.

    Right now she has other things to worry about though, as some wraiths starts to appear, floating eerily across the frozen pond and rather unmindful of the warnings telling everyone else to stay away. At the moment they seem to be...searching for someone, and dont immediately spy Alexis, as they shadow a little lost girl who peers around the dark park, crying out loud as she searches for her mom..
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 02:03:31 67733
And so, the hooded figure - Alexis - on the tree, does spy the humanoid-like, ethereal figures along the frozen pond there. This prompts him to straighten upright along the branch and peer down curiously at them. For whatever reason, he doesn't move with immediate hurry just from seeing them.

But the sound of the girl searching for a mother nearby. That one creates a sense of urgency.

Cue Alex falling down from above, then, and landing onto the snowy ground between the girl and the pond-bound Wraiths, lowering into a crouch of one knee to absorb the impact driven entirely by instinct persisting from since before he turned into what he is currently.

"Yare yare... I was hoping I wouldn't have to do anything before I got a rundown from someone about shitheads like you," murmurs the german, while he rises up from the crouch and raises his eyes up to meet the figures ahead, fingers of his hands flexing and curling once over and his head tipping from one side to another to stretch out his neck. "But be the way I am now or not... what kind of man would it make me if I just sat back and watched, huh?"

"Not that you probably understand that kind of thing."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 02:10:07 67736
    Sayaka continues to watch the scene unfold, and almost at the same time as Alex, she too, leaps down from the trees, intercepting the wraiths and the crying child. She smirks and nods towards Alex, "Heh, good to see you again. Wasn't sure if I would."

    But seeing that he's currently got the attention of the wraiths, she turns to the girl with a smile and reaches for her head, "Hey there, how about we find your mom?"

    Currently concerned more about the girl than the wraiths, Sayaka is busy searching around the park for the girl's mom. Looks like Alex is on his own for the time being.

    As for the wraiths? They just stare blankly at Alexis as he attempts to communicate with them. Either they are incapable of understanding, or incapable of speech entirely. Probably the latter by the looks of things. They advance towards him - five in total - in a single horizontal line, gliding eerily across the frozen landscape towards him. They're primarily after the little girl and so three of them shoot off a brilliant red laserbeam from their eyes towards Alex, probably not the safest thing on this thin ice.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 02:22:59 67744
"Tch. You showed so much faith in me the other day, too," murmurs Alex in return to Sayaka. When she goes to the girl, he peers over his shoulder after her for a few seconds, before his attention returns fully to the wraiths.

"Now then. How do I deal with you?" He eyes over the things, and then the ice underneath them-- somehow, he feels like it'll be significantly dangerous for him to step on that ice than it is for them.

He doesn't get a whole lot of time to contemplate that, though, what with the LASER BEAMS flying towards him. It's instantenous, but he does respond to them, too. Snow flies up suddenly in a large cloud in response to sudden force of movement, and Alex himself is skidding sideways across the ground.

Under the hood, his face twists unhappily over this particular change of events. And he decides to respond in kind, with his hand raised up. A purple haze of energy gathers around the appendage, and a beam is sent out the very next instant--

Only for it to peter out after a few meters.

This causes Alex's frown to scrunch even deeper, and he glares at his hand in disappointment. "...Still no good, huh?"

He is most certainly not used to this kind of thing.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 02:32:29 67748
    Sayaka continues to search around the park with the girl whose panic increases tenfold every minute that she's alone. "C'mon, dont cry, we'll find your parents, I promise! I'm sure they'll come looking for you..."

    However, glancing over at the battle not far away, she frowns. This doesn't bode well. He's probably new to the whole superhero thing. She did promise to help him out too..But can she afford to leave the girl on her own, in such a dangerous place?

    "Hang on, Alexis!" Glancing over at his battle, she sees that two of the wraiths have broken off, and are now headed towards her and the girl. She grins, "Great, guess they're not making this any easier, are they?" slowly she pulls out her sword, while pushing the girl behind her. "Listen, you gotta stay close to me, and I'll protect you!"

    For now, she leaps into action, rushing at the two closest wraiths, slashing and slicing at them. But they're fast, and they're tough. This make take some time..

    The three remaining wraiths meanwhile, begin to circle Alexis, still hoving above the ice. Fortunately, they've moved away from the thinner patches, but it's still pretty darn slippery. As they focus upon him, their eyes glow eery red, and one of them advances closer to him than the others, reaching out its skeletal hand as a creepy miasma leaks from its body, cloaking it in a purplish cloud of despair.

    At this distance, it's still too far for its despair to take effect, but should Alexis enter the rapidly approaching miasma, he may just start to feel overwhelming despair, pain, loneliness...The other two wraiths continue to shoot lasers at him as they too, move in closer, still moving in circles.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 02:55:32 67761
"Don't worry about me!" Alex calls after Saya in response right before he turns to roll across the ice all over again in an effort to avoid beams of death, primarily-- even if his attention is turning to the wraith that is closing in on him specifically.

Initially, he intended to close back on the thing in return, to turn the whole affair into a close-quarters fight, instead.


Even he notices that miasma of despair, there. He doesn't immediately understand what it is, but him closing in on it and starting to feel the overflow of bad emotions-- well.

That causes him to jump back away immediately. An awful hypothesis runs through his head: If he lets himself stay within that thing, will he go into a frenzy? It might be in the best interests of everyone in the park that he doesn't try to test that too much. MAYBE he could push through it if he channeled more energy into himself? But that would mean risking burning more than is safe.

His eyes do flick to SAyaka's way, though-- as far he's concerned, she seems to know what she's doing. So at the very least if he stays alive long enough...

So he continues rolling and sliding along the iced-over pond to evade skeletal hands and laserbeams both. Why he doesn't get the heck away from the pond itself so he doesn't risk falling into the waters, though, might remain a question.

But then-- there's a trail of something left behind by Alex. A dark, almost-black-purple faint line painting over the ice, embedded into it. And tracing around and through the wraiths' formation.

"So, can you swim?" Alex suddenly presents, and kicks his boot down HARD into the ice. The trail of purple-black expands, and explodes in a bright flash of purple energy. All in all, it's a tiny expenditure of energy, really, and doesn't even reach the wraiths...

But it does break the ice and send pieces it, along with waves of water, flying everywhere.

The kick to the ice served to do more than, too-- it sent Alex himself flying up and away in a giant leap that ends in him upon a tree that just barely manages to not buckle and break underneath the impact of his weight falling upon it. There, his nose wrinkles as he lowers into a crouch.

That probably didn't work, but maybe it distracts them, at least.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 03:08:26 67767
    Sayaka just grins at him, having every faith that he'll be able to handle the wraiths on his own. As it is, she's got her own hands tied, what with protecting the kid, and fending of the pair of wraiths that shoot laserbeams at her.

    Seems she's using her sword to deflect most of their attacks, but as they move in closer to her, some of the beams strike her arms and legs. With a yell and a flinch, she tries not to think too hard about her wounds as she summons a set of six swords, which shine and sparkle as they dance around her. Pointing her sword arm at the two wraiths, they quickly rush towards them, making fast work of them and leaving a single grief cube behind in their wake.

    As for Alexis' wraiths, they are so focused upon him that they dont even realize what he is doing, literally skating rings around them it seems. It doesnt help that the ice is already thin in these parts, and with a massive crash and splash, the wraits rapidly disappear under the rushing, freezing water which is cold enough that it refreezes almost instantly above them.

ll, looks like he's managed to finish them off - almost. One wraith seems to escape, and its rushing directly towards him and his tree, launching another cloud of miasma coupled with feelings of despair his way!

    "Watch out! They can drain you of your emotions! They feed on negativity! Try and think..Er...Happy thoughts?"
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 03:22:07 67772
Alex would look happy over the fact that his plan apparently worked significantly better than he thought it would.

But considering that he is currently not capable of feeling happy, he just ends up settling for 'vaguely surprised' instead.

Not that he really has much time to contemplate that whole manner of things with the remaining wraith coming for him-- and rather than coming up with some elaborate counterattack right on the spot, he simply leaps away from the tree entirely and lands on the ground a dozen or so meters further away to skid along the ground, with his hood finally flipping back thanks to all the high-intensety movement. And once down there agian, he stares down the wraith, while several different lines of thought run through his brain, trying to formulate-- something. Anything to do. He still doesn't want to risk going into the miasma out of fear of... *something* happening, but... In the end, he still decides on the most direct approach.

He lowers his stance, to mimic an olympic runner waiting for the start signal, while his right arm gets covered in some... black-purple matter. Ranged beams are entirely unfamiliar for him, but this seems to come easily for him. For half a second, he stares down at the ground in front of him. And when his head snaps up to look to the wraith again, his hair has suddenly turned white, and the irises of his eyes purple.

It's nearly an instant. The sudden, wild leap into motion causes snow to fly everywhere from where he started, and he dashes in a blur nearly too fast to follow towards and past the Wraith -- but not without smashing his black-covered fist straight through what passes for it's head.

This is also where we are reminded of the fact that Alex is, in fact, not really used to supernatural movement. Even less so at insane speeds like *that*. And this is evidenced by the fact that immediately after hte punch landed, he doesn't so much stop-- but rather gets sent into an uncontrolled spiral of motion, tumbling forward first and then bouncing violently across the ground, with his body rolling around with every bound until finally, he gets SLAMMED into a tree, back-first.

Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 03:30:04 67778
    "......" seems he didnt need any warning at all. The wraith is instantly pulverized, and the little girl behind Sayaka screams. At Alex, more than the wraith. As if he were the scarier of the two. Or maybe she cant even see the wraith.

    Sayaka takes a few cautious steps towards him once he finishes rolling, and offers him a hand up as she surveys the damage the tree may have done him.

    "You alright?" she smirks, "Those were some pretty impressive stunts back there! Didnt think you could rush right THROUGH it!"
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 03:36:29 67783
By the time Sayaka gets to him, Alex has, as might have been expected, slumped against the ground after the violent landing against the tree-- and for that matter, his hair has returned to it's original brown color and his eyes back to the green.

"Uuuuuuuugh," is the first response he gives Sayaka at her question, too, and his eyes go rolling around for a moment. He looks... mostly fine otherwise, though. The bark of the tree has been shattered to some extend where he slammed into it, though. "...My friend. Told me my body is... more durable with the dark energy infused in it. But that... still hurt. A lot. Ow. I didn't want to use that much energy to do that either but. Whatever that thing was around it. I was afraid it would make me lose control. So I thought... I just need to go through it really fast."

With a wince, he reaches one hand up to flip the hood back over his head - perhaps self-conscious over the scream of the girl - and reaches the other up to clasp onto Saya's hand, letting her help him back on his feet. "That used. A lot of energy too."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 03:48:47 67793
    Sayaka frowns as she surveys his wounds. LOoks like he's probably as tough as she is, but she's still concerned about something. "Hmmm, did that wraith manage to suck any of your emotions out of you? I mean...You still have emotions..Dont you?"

    She still knows so little about him, and what exactly he is, and it may be a bit of a direct question, but Saya has always been direct. "I wonder, let me try something."

    He takes her hand and she focuses on it for a moment. Briefly, her body glows with a warm blue energy as she attempts to use some of her own energy to 'heal' what few cuts and scrapes he may have. But more importantly, she tries to use it to..Energize him, maybe even leave him with some sort of positive emotions if possible. Seems her own wounds have vanished as well, what little scrapes she obtained that is.

    "There, how's that feel?" she helps him to his feet with a hopeful smile.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 04:00:26 67799
"...?" Alex headtilts at her new question. He blinks his eyes slowly. "...I do," he answers after a few seconds, but with a wrinkle of his nose. "Though. 'Good' emotions are. A lot harder after I became... this. A lot harder. I don't know for sure if it got something from me. If it did, then it would have been... anger. Frustration."

And then she's channeling healing energy to him. With a surprised look, he stares down at her hand, but he doesn't try to shy away from it all.

That being said, he does stand straighter after it's done, like the hurt that the tumble brought on is gone, now. ... But he is also reaching one hand back to scratch at his back with a brief annoyed expression.

"...It itches," he mutters. "But it doesn't hurt. I don't think. Anything broke in the first place. But still."

He peers around and over her, then, towards the little girl-- who is probably thinking he's some kind of monster, right now. Who's to blame her though, really?

"...You should go. Find her mom for her," he suggests, and brings a hand up to tug his hood a little lower over his face. "I'm not. That low on energy but. It's best not to risk it."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 04:05:02 67802
    Sayaka nods and smiles. "Well, that's a relief. I mean, if you were totally emotionless, then....." she trails off. Best not to say that he'd be no better than those monsters. That she'd have to kill him. Because it hits too close to home, and she knows its relatively easy for a puella magi to lose themselves and become a monster too.

    "Alright then." she lets go, "Guess you didnt need any healing afterall. You're tougher than you look. Though you've got a killer punh there!" she grins and winks, glancing over at the girl who is now trembling and shivering, shying away from Alex.

    "Ugh, right, almost forgot about her! Okay then, guess i'll take care of the girl. I think the wraiths are gone now, thanks for your help!"

    And she grabs the girl's hand, looking around for her mom.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 04:09:48 67803
Alex's expression turns grim over that trailed off sentence. Did he figure out what she was going to say? ... Or is it just that it happens to be a thought that also crosses his mind? It's hard to tell.

The praise he doesn't say anything to. But... well. He doesn't look exactly happy about it either. But. Maybe... satisfied, perhaps? Even if only momentarily so.

When she turns to go for the girl, he murmurs, "Good luck," and tugs his hood further down still, and lets himself lean against the tree. A few heavy breaths are inhaled and exhaled, with the following uncertainty. For safety's sake, he should feed on something, soon. Should he just go do what he always does? ... Or does he dare to ask for her help after she's reunited the girl with her mother, since she'd offered before?
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 04:17:55 67807
    It doesnt take long for the sounds of the battle to attract the attention of a worried couple, and as they come into view, it seems pretty obvious that they are indeed the parents of the crying girl. She instantly lets go of Sayaka's hand and rushing off to hug her parents, quickly soothed by their voices. Now, standing between her two parents, hand in hand they walk off into the night.

    Sayaka sighs, wiping her forehead as she watches them take off. "All in a day's work. Doesnt it feel good to help others?" she glances back towards him, smile fading as she notices him breathing a bit heavily, "Heey, you sure you're alright? You look a little..Tired?"
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 04:22:38 67809
"Not really... tired..." Alex insists-- and now he allows his hood to slide back away from covering his face entirely now that the young girl has been guided away.

"I used. A lot of energy though. I still have plenty but... The less I have, the harder it is for me to be... I guess 'comfortable' would be the word. And hungrier. If I wait too long now, I... I don't know. I have never fed while I was this low. I might take. Too much. Without meaning to."

He pushes himself away from the tree with that, and declares, "I should go do it. Quick. Just to be safe."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 04:26:46 67812
    Sayaka steps back, and ponders walking away but no, she cant risk it. He might, in his desperation, prey on some innocent person. And she's still not comfortable with him draining criminals, even if they are criminals. She however, is tougher than the average human, and for all her energy requirements, she still has more energy to burn than the average human.

    With that decided, she takes a step back towards him, "Alright then, i'm not exactly sure how this works, but..I couldn't forgive myself if I just left you to your own devices. And I'd probably kill you if you hurt someone else, sooo...Just take some of mine, and quit worrying about it. Afterall, I did just grab a couple of grief cubes from those bozos."

    Her tone is almost...Bossy, her eyes determined. She's not going to stand down easily from this one.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 04:32:53 67814
He stops. He blinks at her.

And for a good moment, he doesn't say anything. He might have intended to say something to protest, but.. nothing comes out. To tell the truth, he *really* wants to argue over that, but-- thinking pragmatically, she's also right.


He lets out a heavy sigh, and steps back towards the tree, leaning himself back against it before lowering to sit down.

"Are you sure?" He asks of her, looking up to her. "I don't know. How it will affect you."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 04:37:32 67815
    Sayaka bites her lip, pondering, before she too, sits down next to him. "What are you afraid of? You know I'm tougher than most girls. Sure, it'll probably make me feel a bit tired but generally, magical girls have way more energy to spare than normal humans anyways."

    She shrugs, "Besides, I managed to snag some good grief cubes from those wraiths. They're not as efficient as grief seeds of course, but they'll do just fine, and I have tons to spare at home.."

    She holds up the glimmering, semi-transparent cubes for him to see, before carefully putting them away.

    "So yeah, I'm sure, it's a lot better than you taking a risk and feeding on some innocent, and i'm still not sure how I feel about you attacking people, even thugs. I may feel a bit tired, but I'll recover relatively quickly, and in worst case scenario, I do have these grief cubes and a reserve at home so, dont look a gift horse in the mouth, okay?"

    She grins and winks, trying to make light of the situation.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 04:43:49 67818
He peers at her with some uncertainty, still, even after all those assurances. But eventually, he lets out a quiet sigh, and brings his hand up to between the two of them, palm-up, in apparent offer.

"I can't do this. As well as my friend. So it might. Hurt." He wrinkles his nose over the warning he gives. "I will. Try to do it just one second at a time. To be safe. Okay?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 05:05:10 67827
    Sayaka blinks at him in some confusion when he says 'cant do this', but smirks and shakes her head when he continues the sentence. "Heh, I'm familiar with pain, trust me. Becoming a Puella's no trip in the park."

    "And in case you're wondering? I dont pity you, I only sympathize with what you're going through. I'd be a coward if I were to back down now anyways, so, what the heck, dont think so much, just do it! You wanna survive, right? So..Go for it!"

    She seems almost..too casual for this, and maybe she's just used to this kind of thing, and maybe she's just really brave, and covering up whatever fears she has. Probably a little bit of both.

    Whatever the case, she brings her hand up to meet his, still smirking, "Alright, ready when you are!"
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 05:16:12 67829
"I saw you get stabbed there," Alex points out when she assures him about the whole pain thing. "I kind of. Got the idea. I have. Heard about people like you getting into fights a lot anyway."

When she takes his hand, he doesn't really squeeze hers, but he does tighten his hold on it just enough that there's no accidental sliding away or anything.

"Okay," he lets out after a moment of hesitation, and he turns to give a brief glance sidelong to her - meeting her eyes briefly with it too - and then he closes his eyes.

Quietly, he whispers out, "Leeren," and then... It's not an easy thing to describe, as energy is drained from her. It's a cold sensation, with sharp prickles of pain intersperesed, running along her arm like needles stuck there.

One second passes, like he said.

...And then another. And a third.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 05:23:32 67833
    Sayaka chuckles "Guess I had a bit of a reputation in school of getting ino fights. Getting into trouble in general. I'm no troublemaker though, I've just always had a sense of justice. Guess being a Puella fits me well in that sense."

    She continues to keep on a casual visage, even as she expects the worst is about to happen. And then, perhaps more suddenly than she expected, she overcome with a strange coldness, followed by pain. It jerks her awake, causes her eyes to widen in shock. Damn, she never really LIKED pain, but thanks to her training and experience as a Puella, she can handle it probably better than your average human..

    But as the seconds creep by, her mind wanders a little...How long does this take, anyway? Her grip slips a bit, uncertainly, but she doesnt let go, knowing this is vital to his survival, somehow.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 05:30:02 67835
Four seconds. Five seconds. Six.

She can feel his hand tightening around hers again when her grip loosens up.

Seven seconds. Eight.

She might feel the drain get to her by now-- at least enough to make her noticably tired-- exhausted, not quite sleepy.

But then he finally catches himself. His eyes snap open, suddenly, and his hand equally snaps away from hers-- and so does his whole body almost, actually, scooting away from her.

"I--" he lets out in a breath, turned to look away from her. "Too much. I lost track. I'm sorry."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 05:40:00 67838
    Six. six seconds. Feels more like six hours. She's screaming inside now, eyes widenned in fear. And that makes her ashamed of herself. What kind of hero knows fear much less shows it? So this is what he tried to warn her about?

    "A...Alex..." she murmurs, biting her tongue so that she doesnt scream. No, she musnt, she promised she'd help him and maybe in so doing she could help herself somehow, but...How long can Sayaka keep this up? Even with her energy reserves as a magical girl, she can feel her energy fading away..

    Then suddenly he lets go and she blinks, pulling back her own hand, rubbing her hands together. So cold, that was...

    Sayaka glances back at him, noting that he turns away, ashamed probably. She forces a smile, "Hey, dont worry about it. You must have been really, uh...Tired? It's not like you can help it. Guess I just wasnt expecting that. But at least next time I'll be ready for it."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 05:47:53 67841
"If I hadn't stopped..." Alex mutters past grit-together teeth. He... hasn't shown a lot of emotion since she met him, but it's definitely there now. Shame. Anger. AT himself more than anything, audible in his voice.

"It might be different with you people. I don't know. But. People have gone to coma from... *things* like me doing that too much."

"I'm sorry. I should have. Been in more control."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 06:07:47 67842
    She settles on the grass, rubbing her temples. "I guess..You're right. That could have been dangerous. With anyone else. But maybe you just need to get more used to your new abilities. Maybe eventually you can learn to control them, but really, I'm okay. It's not easy to put me into a coma, trust me.."

    Sayaka forces a smile, still trying to be the perfect selfless heroine, just like Mami was. She really misses Mami. Maybe she'd understand, she was always more heroic than Kyouko.

    After a moment's thought, she pulls out her soulgem, a glowing sapphire blue egg settling in a beautiful golden holder. "See this? It's my soulgem, the source of my magic, but also my soul. Literally. No matter how much harm you do to my body, as long as this is intact, then I wont die."

    She makes a face, "Yeah, I know, it's kinda...Creepy, kinda makes me little more than a zombie, but it also makes me nigh invincible. This soulgem can be restored with griefseeds or grief cubes, although the former is way more powerful. Kinda like a battery I suppose."

    she shrugs, putting it carefully away. Actually its 'home' is in her stomach, where it shrinks into a small crescent moon. "The point is, the only way you can destroy me is by destroying my soulgem, and the only way to truly do that is to corrupt it completely with grief or despair. That in itself takes a lot of despair to do..Although I suppose if you have the power levels of a witch you could theoretically crush it."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 06:16:41 67843
"That doesn't. Really make me feel better about it," Alex mutters -- but then, he does turn just enough to at least peek towards her. Even more so when she starts talking about her soulgem-- so that he can look to it.

His eyes narrow a bit from that, too, when she explains what it is. And he looks up to her face after, with surprise. Maybe he didn't expect her to explain her... state, so thoroughly.

"Why would you tell that to me?" He asks then, after another moment of contemplating it all. "Why do you trust me?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 06:21:02 67844
    Sayaka smiles, "To let you know that I wouldn't die so easily if you tried, but..." She sighs, "Maybe you're right, I dont know you well enough to trust you, do I? But then again, you DID manage to pull back before you could put me in a coma."

    She glances towards him curiously, "I wonder, how many people have you put in a coma, anyway? Surely not that many? All those thugs you attacked, they were out cold, but I think they'll survive. And, you could have drained that girl instead of choosing to fight those wraiths instead."

    Sayaka smiles, "Dont sell yourself short! Maybe there are reasons still a person might trust you, even if they've only just met you. At least, your heart's in the right place.."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 06:27:47 67845
"... No one, I think," Alex murmurs in answer. The 'I think' part might imply that he's... at least afraid of the potential of having done it without knowing about it. "I. Make a point of feeding before I get noticably hungry. So I can. Keep in control about how much I take. Normal people always pass out regardless. The people back in the alley... Well..." He glances aside. "... I kinda. Just beat them up. Except for the last one."

With her further attempted assurance, he frowns faintly, but he allows himself to look to her again.

"...Can you..." He starts asking, but now he's taking to lifting himself up to his feet. "...Walk, you think? I can..."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 06:34:00 67846
    "Then you've nothing to worry about.." She smirks, "Sounds to me like you've already been extra cautious, although that last guy.." That last guy that she saw, he screamed a horrifying scream. Was she only protected because of her magic? Perhaps it is far, far worse for non-magicals.

    Sayaka continues to listen to his explanation as she stares at her grief cube. He really did take more than she anticipated, although not quite enough to require a total cleansing from the grief cube.

     Even so, she pulls out her soulgem and holds the tip to the grief cube, drawing out some of the dark energy that has collected there. Just enough to take the edge off. But she still feels tired. Not that she'd admit that of course.

    "I...Think I'll be okay, just give me a minute.." she grabs the side of the tree as she climbs rather unsteadily, shakily even, to her feet. Drawing a deep breath as a shiver goes through her body, her grasp tightens on the tree trunk, hoping he didnt see that weakness. She really cant stand to be seen as weak, ever. Not when she's got a reputation to live up to.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 06:44:53 67849
"Non-magical people pass out regardless of how much I take, right now," Alex explains; and that particular notion makes him look even sadder, really. "He. Will be okay, still."

But, then, his focus turns to her-- to watch her work herself up. He doesn't do anything to try to help her at first, but-- well. He noticed that shiver, apparently, because he steps closer to her, and reaches his arm out towards her-- he doesn't actually touch her or anything, but he's close enough that the offer is apparent enough, without anything said. But he does murmur quietly, "It's okay."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 06:54:52 67852
    Sayaka nods, "I see..." She frowns a bit, "Well, I'm sure he'll be okay..If you're really worried, I'll check up on him in the hospital as soon as I can! I have a friend who volunteers there, I'm sure she can give me an update on the situation too.."

    She closes her eyes, draws a deep breath and lets go of the tree. "I'm okay, really..It's nothing!" she forces a smile, but suddenly feels dizzy, stumbling forward a bit and ends up grasping his arm for support. So weak.

    "Geez, I'm really sorry..I guess it took more out of me than I thought.." Still, Saya manages a weak laugh, "Guess I'm not as much of a model heroine as I'd like to be.."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-16 07:02:33 67854
He immediately brings his arm around her when she stumbles over, and brings her up against him. Just to support her. His expression twists into a frown over her words, and... he shakes his head.

"None of us are diamonds," he tells her, quietly. "We all crack sometimes. It's okay."

He tugs on her lightly after that, trying to... turn her around to stand behind him? "I won't tell anyone," he murmurs in assurance, and reaches his other arm back now too. Is he... trying to get her piggybacking?
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-16 07:10:05 67857
    A small smile twitches at the corner of her mouth. "No...I suppose we arent all diamonds. Even so.." she sighs, "Being a hero is important to me...Because it's the only thing I have left, the only thing keeping me from becoming a witch, and..I guess it's the only thing that no one can take from me.."

    Sayaka chuckles at her own words, shaking her head, "Geez, that sounded a lot more cheezy out loud...Forget I said anything!"

    He offers her a piggyback ride then, and she blinks, "...Are you sure? Is it okay? I mean...You probably have other stuff you have to do right now, and..." Well, at least he's not gonna tell anyone.

    She smiles, climbing onto his back. "Alright, thank you, Alex. And thanks for coming today. It makes things a little less...Lonely."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 05:01:11 68140
"Too late," declares Alex as he hoists Sayaka up onto his back, with his hands reached back to support her by her thighs. "Besides. So what if it's cheezy? It's you."

With that, he starts walking back towards the beaten path of the park, seemingly not at all bothered by having to carry her along on his back. But he does peek briefly at her over his shoulder, with some bemusement. "You trusted a monster. And you're saying thanks to *him*?"

Well doesn't he just think highly of himself still.

After his boots scrunch onto the path where the layer of snow is considerably thinner, he sweeps his eyes over their surroundings. "You should change back from that form if you can," he suggests. "At least then people will just mistake you for some girl getting carried around by your boyfriend instead of a superhero being carried around after a fight or whatever."

...Even ignoring the whole state of his deadened emotions, he says all that in *way* too much of a deadpan tone.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 05:08:35 68141
    Well, she is kinda tired, so its nice not to have to hoist herself back home in her current state but, at least Saya wont faint this time..She yawns, resting her head against his back, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. Maybe she does trust him more than she should, but..

    "Trust me, I've met monsters before, and I've seen friends become monsters..Or, witches, anyway. I think I can tell the difference, and you're no monster, as long as you can think and feel. Just dont forget who you are and I'm sure you'll be alright."

    She grins, "I mean, I've somehow lasted this long without turning into a giant hideous witch, at least I dont THINK I've become a witch yet, unless this is one of those weird dreams where you havent accepted what you really are yet, and..."

    And then he mentions 'boyfriend' and she reddens, shaking her head. "Heey! Dont get the wrong idea here! I'm only helping out a fellow hero whose strayed from his path, that's all..But geez, you might wanna work on your emotions a little. I mean, you're not as insensitive as I first expected someone who claimed he's little more than a wraith, but still..Couldn't hurt to get a little surprised, or laugh at my bad jokes, orr..Try and enjoy life once in a while, right?"

    She grins and winks, her tone almost teasing. Saya's not known for her tact, but at least her heart's in the right place.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 05:16:50 68142
"The 'feel' part is a little difficult right now," points out Alex with a quiet, rueful sigh.

And then he turns another look back at her from underneath his hood and over his shoulder, expression absolutely exasperated over her reaction.

"...Yare yare," he sighs out, and turns his eyes back forward. "There was a reason I said 'mistake for it', you know. It's gonna be one or the other that people who see us are gonna think. I wouldn't care either way normally, but unlike you, unless I put energy I'd rather not waste into changing my appearance, people can still remember my face and associate it in theory. Probably better for you too if you change back."

"Besides. It's not as if I could feel the kind of thing right now that. Boyfriends and girlfriends feel." With him pointing that out, his voice turns a little lower again.

"I can't really. Feel 'good' emotions properly after I got like this. I don't feel 'happy', I just feel 'content'. I don't find things 'funny', just... 'bemusing'. I probably can't do anything even vaguely resembling love anymore."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 05:25:22 68143
    "...I see.." her smile quickly fades at his solemn expression and hopeless words. "Well, it was worth a try. So this..Whatever it is, has taken most of your emotions from you? I just dont understand how that could even happen. I mean, I understand that wraiths can sap people of emotions, but once they're defeated, those emotions eventually return, but...I guess I just need to learn more about your condition to really help."

    And here, she thought just being kind to him would help. How silly of her. "Dont worry about it." she forces a smile, "I'm the last person who'd be expecting that kind of affection from anyone right now, not after I lost two people I cared about, possibly through my own fault.. But forget I brought it up. Right now, all I care about is fighting monsters, and helping people. That's something I can at least understand."

    She does nod however, and de-henshins before anyone can see. Now she's just plain Sayaka, but Sayaka's has never been 'just' Sayaka. Even before she become a Puella Magi, she fought monsters alongside Kyouko.

    "I'm sorry, I didnt realize it was that bad..Maybe just being around other people instead of isolating yourself would help though. Have you ever been to the Gull cafe? She's got pretty good milkshakes there."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 05:38:11 68144
"It's not that something's drained them from me," Alex says, without any further change in his tone. "Think of the wraiths for example. Do you think they feel emotions for themselves, even after they've eaten them?"

"It's kind of like that, I guess. My body is full of dark energy, right now. It's part of me. I have to feed on life energy of other humans to feel... even vaguely human, and keep thinking like one, but I can't truly be one anymore."

"...'Bad' emotions come. A lot easier now, on the other hand," he admits then, after a few seconds of hesitation. "Sadness. I feel that all the time now. Anger, too-- at myself, mostly, but... a lot of people, I guess. For no real reason. It took all I had not to... just launch myself at Naru and Kyouko when they found me."

"Part of me wanted to rip out their guts."

He lets out another heavy sigh, and spares a brief look back over his shoulder at Sayaka, just to see how she's taking all that in.

"That's the kind of per-... *thing* that I am now."

He turns his eyes back forward again then, before he continues speaking. "For whatever it's worth. I'm. Glad? I think. That you trusted me. On this. Wanted me here."

"No one really knows what will happen to me down the line. No one's. Been turned like this. But if I go... bad. Turn into even more of a monster. I think I would be okay with it if. You were the one to kill me."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 05:57:45 68145
    Dammit, what's she got herself into, this time? Can Sayaka even fix this problem, and if not, would she be okay with the consequences? Likely, she'd see it as another failure on her part, and that would suck bigtime, given her history.

    "Body...Full of dark energy, huh.." she frowns, thinking about it. "Sadness is a lonely emotion to experience all the time. But I still wont give up on you that easily. I know we'll find a way, some way to help you, we just havent found it yet!"

    She sighs, "When I became a Puella, I was asked to make a wish. Now..." If she'd known that he needed that wish more..But Sayaka cant change the past, and she has never regretted the wish she made one Kyousuke, even if he did not choose her in the end.

    When he looks at her, she just looks tired, and more than that, just kinda..Frustrated. Frustrated that she's so helpless. Frustrated that she cant do more to help him.

    And hearing that he wanted to rip out their guts..Saya draws a deep breath, "So..How come you didnt try and..Rip out my guts? Maybe..Maybe something did change, if even a little. But whatever happens, I promise I wont give up on you, and.."

    And if he becomes a monster? Would she have the strength to do what's needed? But even heroes knew when to make sacrifices. "I..If that's the only way..If there's no hope left. And if it will help to ease the suffering, then yes. You have my word that I will.." She cant say it though. Cant say she'll kill him. That's just too terrible to imagine, but she wont go back on her word. Not now.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 06:06:42 68146
"Same reason I didn't rip out theirs," Alex begins his answer, bluntly. "I make a point of being fed enough that I can keep myself in control."

"Besides. I had. Much less reason to feel that kind of anger at you than them."

And then, he peeks back at her once more, as he adds in, "Not that I didn't think about it when you pointed the sword at me. The beast inside still has a survival instinct."

Her assurances of her doing what needs to be done if it comes down to it - even if she doesn't say the actual words - just prompt him to let out a quiet, "Good."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 06:17:37 68147
    Sayaka smirks, "You're well disciplined. Good to know." But the kind of anger he felt towards them? did it mean..?

    "So.." she sighs, "Everyone kept skirting around the subject, but it's so painfully obvious now. Kyouko...And Naru..They're..'Together', aren't they? I guess, if I hadnt failed Kyouko, then maybe she wouldn't have sought out Naru for comfort in the first place. And maybe she could have helped you in a way I cannot. I'm sorry. Somehow it feels like it's my fault.."

    Sayaka's voice shakes a little as she says that. Clearly, she still cares, if even a little, for Kyouko, even though she broke her heart and deceived her by making her believe they still had something. "But that anger came from somewhere. Perhaps deep down, you still care for Naru, too, but that emotion is just overwhelmed by the negative ones."

    She chuckles a bit at the survival instinct comment, "Yeah, guess you cant be too careful, at first I thought you were..." No, she wont say 'monster', but hearing that man's painful scream when he grabbed him..Sayaka shakes her head. "No nevermind. Whatever you are, whatever you may think about yourself, there is still some humanity in there, some positive emotions, I'm sure."

    Stubborn to the death, this one is.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 06:33:11 68149
Alex falls silent over her question. Perhaps the silence alone is already answer enough to it. Whatever it is, he remains silent long enough for her to say her piece, and a good moment after that.

"None of that really matters anymore," he eventually breaks the silence with, scoffing as he does.

"Sure it still hurts. Sure I'm still angry. But what's the use in doing that, huh? Ain't feeling sorry for myself or blaming them gonna do anything for me, ya hear? Even before I got like this, I never, ever liked problems I can't face directly. The kinda problems that brew guilt and just stew deep inside you and get hung over other people. Things like that are stupid."

"So what if it hurts? I just gotta keep moving forward like I always do. And if I feel angry, then I'll just hav'ta use that anger in some productive way instead'a tossing it at them or lettin' it brew, ya hear?"

He lets out a heavy breath. "That's what I think, anyway. But then I've always been the kinda guy tha' gets knocked down, gets back up, breaks the other guy's nose even harder and keeps on goin'."

Did... Did his manner of speech just change a little bit there? That was definitely not the kind of way one would think an emotionless vampire talks.

And with her continued assurances, he lets out a quiet sigh, and his way of talking returns back to the previous deadpan when he mutters, "I guess we'll just have to see." Though, after a brief pause, he does admit, "I guess there are some. Like I said. I still feel content. Even if not happy."

"I guess I feel. A bit content now."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 06:42:44 68150
    She bites her lip, still feeling the pain of failure, of rejection. But of course, he's right. And it's exactly what she's been trying to do with this whole exercise. To help him deal with his own pain by offering to fight monsters together. Because sometimes, just relieving your anger through violence can sometimes help tremendously with dealing with your issues.

    And suddenly it seems like his advice is the same advice she'd initially given him the first time they'd met. But..Was that..Passion in his voice as he spoke? He sure did seem to carry some emotion in his voice, at least for a moment there.

    "Y-yeah, I guess you're right. Of course..It's the same thing I was hoping would help you too." She chuckles, "I guess I just slipped for a moment there, but I'll be okay, I'm sure." Sayaka sighs, grip tightening just a bit on his shoulders as she shifts just a little, maybe getting a little too comfy here? "I guess...Maybe it just wasn't meant to be."

    But contentedness is something. It's not happiness, and happiness is something she could probably never give him, or herself. But it's something. "Then, I'm glad."

    However, it's getting late, and her parents are probably worried, even if they do both work late and are usually too busy to really notice if she's missing most of the time. She cant help but smile, suspecting that she may have helped a little more than even he'll admit.

    "Heey, Alex? Would you mind dropping me off at my home? It's not far from here. I hate to be a burden, but I'm not sure if I have it in me to walk the rest of the way.."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 06:49:57 68151
He doesn't say anything else about that matter-- and if by some miracle there was some kind of change in his expression over her final few words, it's unfortunately impossible to notice past his hood.

Either way, he doesn't seem to be bothered by her settling that comfortably against his back.

When they're out of the park, and she's asking for him to take her home, he lets out a quiet, thoughtful sound, and confesses, "I was going to ask. Where to take you. Anyway."

"If things weren't. How they are now. I would have driven you there with my bike."

He looks up over to the buildings thoughtfully with that, and wrinkles his nose. "I guess there's. A way to get there just as fast." With that, he carries her piggyback across the road when the lights are green for the pedestrians, and... curves into an alley, just as he asks. "Which way? North? West?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 06:57:08 68152
    "Huh..." she glances at him uncertainly as he darts into an alleyway. "You're not gonna..Scale the wall, are you?" Sayaka laughs as she says that, clearly she's terrible at jokes.

    But looking around, she tries to gain her bearings. Now that some of her energy is coming back, her head is not quite so foggy but.."Hmm, I think it's about three blocks east, along that road there." She points across the street. "Into the neighborhood there, about four houses in."

    At this late hour, Sayaka would probably have to sneak in through the back door, or scale the wall trellis to get to her room on the second floor, but she's already been too much of a burden on Alex tonight.

    "If you could drop me just outside, that'd be alright."

    But that begs the question, "So..Do you live alone? I mean..Your parents..If they..." ugh, probably not a good thing to bring up though. Perhaps he's too afraid to go home with his current affliction, perhaps some place less..Hospitable.

    However, she may be prying just a bit too much into his private life, "Geez, me and my big mouth! Sorry again! I guess it's really none of my business. Guess I was just a little concerned and all..."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 07:02:24 68153

He considers her question. Or rather, he considers wether he should answer it or not.

"I have not been. Home. Since I turned." He eventually decided on letting her know that much at least, apparently. "The one who. Turned me. Lets me stay at her place but. Usually I just. Sleep wherever I can." ... Which probably means some places hidden on the streets and outside. Maybe rooftops.

As for if he's going to scale the wall...

"Not exactly."

That being said, he lowers his stance down with a bend of his knees, and warns her with "Hold on," before... he jumps.


And goes sailing high up into the air, through the gap between the tall buildings, and lands onto a rooftop, and immediately sets into a run across it, only to leap over to the very next building at the edge.

At least Sayaka is used to moving like this. Although maybe not to being carried by someone moving like it.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 07:07:55 68154
    No, of course he couldn't return home, not looking like that. And for all that she tries to convince herself that he's still just a boy underneath that cold exterior, well she has to admit that there is still something very creepy about him. "Well, she's a good friend then. I'm glad there's at least someone watching out for you out there. Someone else, I mean.."

    And then suddenly, he jumps. Really high! Her eyes widen, wrapping her arms more tightly around his neck, "Woah, you're just full of surprises! I didnt realize you could do this too!"

Shehe grins, now that she's used to it, it's actually kind of fun. Not that Saya is gonna go out of her way to get piggy back rides again. But if she's planning on keeping her word to help him out whenever she can, that just might happen either way.

    "I can see it more clearly up here, I've sneaked in from the rooftop plenty of times. But we'll get there much faster this way.." She looks at him curiously, "I wonder what sort of a life you were living before you acquired these..Abilities..?"
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 07:16:25 68155
"You saw how I was moving in the park," Alex points out after the end of one leap, though he never really stops. "Is this really that surprising?"

The ironic part of this might be that Alex might, as boys tend to be, actually enjoy the idea of carrying her around, too. That is, if it wasn't for the whole emotion-deadened-vampire part.

He remains quiet for the rest of the way, and with her direction, he turns himself towards the indicated building -- and with the final leap that directs them towards the rooftop of it, a few black-purple tendrils suddenly come out from underneath his shirt to shoot out underneath him and coil along the roof below him. This is entirely unnecessary, one might think, but... it does slow their descent considerably, and ultimately ends with them landing with just a gentle step upon it, so as to not make any noise that can be heard by the tenants inside.

The tendrils disappear immediately after, and he lowers himself down onto one knee, there, noting, "I suppose I should let you go the rest of the way on your own from here. I doubt you much care to risk your parents seeing you come in through the roof with some strange boy."

And with her audible wondering, he turns his gaze off to the distant horizon. "...Maybe I'll tell you someday."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-18 07:23:25 68156
    She smiles, "Guess it's a little different when you're getting a ride though! I'd almost say this is fun!" almost.

    But when those tendrils come out, she's totally caught by surprise! Maybe she should take notes on his many surprising abilities. May just come in handy, in the event that she has to...Well, Sayaka doesn't even want to think about that possibility, and she tries hard to banish the thought from her mind.

    They're close enough now that she can walk the rest of the way, and she's already got some rest in from the long ride here. Slowly, cautiously, she climbs off his back, peering up at her house. There are a few lights on and its evident that some one is home. Either one or both of her parents.

    "Yeaah..I guess they wouldn't approve of that.." She smirks, "But maybe one day, I can invite you in and you can try out some of my mom's famous moon cakes?" well it's a try anyway. "Err..You DO eat, dont you..?" that last part is added a bit hesitantly. Maybe he depends on the life energy of others to survive but at least some part of him must still be human, with basic human needs...Possibly?

    As for that last part, Saya glances towards him with a curious smile. "Yeah, maybe someday then..Umm..Thanks for the ride? Guess it's been an..Interesting evening..I hope some day I can buy you a milkshake at Gull's cafe. They really are quite good..."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-01-18 07:29:21 68157
Alex actually looks vaguely taken off-guard by her question. "I..." He lets out, and blinks slowly. "I don't know," he confesses. "I haven't. Felt hungry. As in. Need to eat. Food." He blinks again slowly, and with a look to the house, he... slowly turns away from Saya, tugging at his hood with one hand to get it closer around his head.

"That wouldn't be a good. Idea," he murmurs, "Even without me. Being like this. I'm sure there's. Missing person report on me."

"I hope you understand."

He takes a few steps away, but pauses, to peek back over her, murmuring, "... I wonder how different. Things would have been. If I was not like this."

Before she can say anything in response to that, however, he's suddenly jumping into a leap again-- off to disappear somewhere into the night.