My Dream is a Potato

Momo has a dream about Sachiko, but it doesn't go anything like the dreams she's used to with Sachiko in them.

Date: 2017-01-20
Pose Count: 12
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-01-20 01:01:00 68298
Throughout the night, a dreamer tends to ride from one dream to the next, sometimes changing in their midst, sometimes eddying to darkness before the next begins. It's said that the dreamer experiences dozens of dreams throughout the night, even if they might only barely remember one or two.

And what are dreams but random patterns of memory and idea rearranged as your neural synapses fire randomly? Certainly there's no true meaning to dreams, is there? Well, none that the medical field might agree to. But the medical field refuses to acknowledge magic, and magical girls know better.

For months, now, one little girl has done nothing but dream. Deep down in the recesses of her mind, where 'consciousness' is not a regular concept, but a fleeting memory of what once might have been. Sachiko has not faced the waking world long enough that she has forgotten that there is such a thing as a waking world. Distorted memories, hopes, and dreams have played out hundreds and thousands of ways in her mind, all unbeknownst to the doctors who have declared her 'comatose'.

Of late, that little girl's dreams have begun leaking.

Momo Akatsuki's dreams have just reached a lull. A point in which one dream has ended, and another is about to start. It is in this lull that the leak shows, as Momo's dream takes a new and different shape from one she might expect.

It is her house. Mei is there, as are her mom and her dad. But they aren't the only ones. It's dinner time, and everyone is seated around the table. Momo, Mei, their parents, Sachiko, and an older girl that Momo doesn't recognize, but who has hair similar to Sachiko's, if a little shorter.

"Mmmm, these potatoes are delicious," says the older girl. What was her name, again?

"Ew, no, potatoes are gross," says Sachiko, responding to the elder.
Momo Akatsuki 2017-01-20 01:24:42 68305
Sound and light flash into existence around a blank pool of dream, causing Momo to blink a little. Wasn't she just dreamed about having a Medusa Camera and using it to fight evil and make cool statues?

Now though the clatter and murmur of dinner time echoes in the dreamland, causing Momo to look around with bafflement. Even more baffling though was while a lot of important people to Momo were there, there was also a girl talking that Momo had never even seen before.

And Sachiko was there... And awake.... That wasn't like Momo's dreams, where Sachiko was often Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and Momo was a valiant princeSS saving her from the clutches of the deepest sleep after she got bitten by a poisoned apple or busted a pimple and fell asleep. Because, y'know, that's how those stories go.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-01-20 01:34:11 68310
"Sachi-chan," Mei intones a bit tartly, "Momma worked hard on dinner. You should be more grateful." It's not really how Mei would act. It's a bit forced. A bit out of place.

"Oh, it's fine, Mei-chan," says the older girl, shrugging. "Sachi-chan doesn't have to eat them. She can have candy, instead."

Wait, what? Momma Akatsuki intercepts immediately with, "Mmm, no, I'm pretty sure she can't, and you don't get to make those decisions, Anshi." Sachiko's older sister? "Sachiko, eat your supper if you want dessert. Even the potato."

Sachiko wrinkles her nose unhappily and pushes her plate away from her just a little. "It's gross," she complains, before looking to Momo. "Don't you think so, Momo-chan?"
Momo Akatsuki 2017-01-20 01:57:19 68315
Momo slowly blinks at Sachiko. "Um... Potatoes are okay... Not gross, but not great and aren't you sleeping?". Momo at the moment can't think of Sachiko in the hospital, but she does surely have an image of her on royal purple velvet gold fringe cushions with a pink rose clutched to her chest, and... That isn't this. Sachiko hadn't been awake in Momo's dreams in months now.

Momo directed her line of sight to Anshi, blinking a little at her. "And who are you? Are you Sachiko's sister? What are you doing here?".
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-01-20 02:10:02 68319
But Sachiko is resting on cushions of royal velvet trimmed in gold, and that pink rose is clutched not in her hand but her hair. It wasn't there a moment ago, was it? Still she screws up her face, throwing her hands out towards the walls of the castle. "Potatoes are gross," she insists, "and I shouldn't have to eat them."

"Sachi-chan," Anshi chides her gently. "Come on, just one little potato and then you can have candy." The girl looks up at Momo and smiles. "Of course I'm her sister. We live here, silly. Don't you remember?"
Momo Akatsuki 2017-01-20 02:21:35 68320
Momo stares at Anshi and then at Sachiko. "Sachiko is supposed to be here, but I've never even seen you!". Momo adjusts the rose pink armour she's suddenly wearing as Sachiko lounges on elegant cushions, grumbling.

"This is weird. And why are we even having potatoes?! We never have potatoes in my dreams! We have cupcakes and grapefruit, and stuff like that. Very pink.".
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-01-20 02:53:50 68323
At Momo's insistence that she's never met Anshi, the girl simply fades from the dream. And that's where it all starts to unwind. "ANSHI!" Sachiko calls, shuddering in horror. "No ... no ..." the castle walls grow darker, and the cushions Sachiko are on more familiar. Tears stream down the little cinnamon-haired girl's face as she sinks onto the bier she's resting upon. There's glass around her. It's always been there, just like Snow White. And Momo is very alone in this dark hall, but for the crying form of Sachiko in her glass case. But she's crying, not sleeping. It's still not quite right.
Momo Akatsuki 2017-01-20 02:58:15 68324
*CLINK* *CLANK* Momo steps over to the case, the armour rattling as she moves around in it. She crouches down beside the case, knees hitting the stone and the armour melting away. All that is left is Momo in her uniform.

"Why are you crying, Sachiko? What's wrong? Are you hurting? Did someone hurt you?". With each mention of hurt Momo's voice gets louder until she's yelling angrily.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-01-20 02:59:34 68325
Sachiko's tears turn to sudden range, and she slams her hands against the glass. "YOU! YOU DID THIIS TO ME!" she says, glaring at Momo directly. "YOU TOOK HER AWAY AND PUT ME IN HERE! HOW COULD YOU!?" The darkness grows heavier, more oppressive from every corner. They're outside, now, in the cold and whipping winds, just this stone plinth holding Sachiko in the glass case on her pillows, and Momo kneeling beside it.
Momo Akatsuki 2017-01-20 03:06:41 68327
Momo lifts her fist, slamming it into the glass of the case and fracturing it in that fantastical way that myth has. Y'know, where it turns into dust and blows away on the whipping winds. "I took her away?! She had to go! And I didn't put you in there! You've been in there! You've been stuck in a glass cage for months and I've been dealing with the fact that I can't deal with it! I'M ONLY EIGHT!!! I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH SO MUCH LOSS! WHERE IS MY SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS?!".

With Momo's frustrated cries the thunder rocks the heavens, lightning striking in a furious fork of five in the distance as rain begins to fall in whipping sheets. "I've done nothing but wait for you to get out of the cage. I probably should have moved on, but you were my best-friend. My first girlfriend. You are very, very important to me. And you didn't wake up! Why are you awake right now?! You're never awake any more! Not here, not there, not anywhere! WHY?!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-01-20 03:09:25 68328
With the shattering glass, though, goes the girl within. Carried away on those motes of dust, fractures of the illusion that was Sachiko begin to fly away, too. The winds become a vortex, stirring up the torrent of emotions, until the lightning and thunder are threatening and menacing even Momo. And upon the bier where her Sachiko lay once behind glass, now there are only strands of cinnamon-colored hair tied to a small brass gear.
Momo Akatsuki 2017-01-20 03:22:06 68330
Momo weathers the storm. pink hair flapping in the wind like a flag. She reaches out gingerly towards the gear, looking around as tears begin to stream from her furious eyes. They burn red streaks down her face, tears of frustration, anger, and sorrow. Where is Sachiko Hayakawa?