Sharpe Words

Hannah's friends love her dearly. Sometimes love means visiting someone in the hospital primarily to chew her out. Sometimes it means doing this so that her girlfriend has the option of hugging her a lot afterward.

Date: 2017-01-23
Pose Count: 25
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 00:14:18 68610
Beep. Beep. Beep. Slow beeps of the heart monitor. Hannah's eyes open, sightless orbs bloodshot. Her real arm is in a cast. Her ribs are set and bandaged. She still looks an absolute mess, even if she's healing. The tv is on a korean cooking show. Hannah is ignoring it utterly.

A deep sigh comes from her as she awakens, brooding in a darkened hospital bed with black thoughts running through her head. Her heart and body aches as one.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 00:29:10 68613
Haruna Kurosawa is more than a little miffed. Hannah attacked /friends/. It's one thing to kind of steal someone's Linker Core and run. They grow back. Haruna knows they grow back. It's a temporary injury. But... you kind of. Attack friends and that's a little more than Linker Core thief. Haruna can end this.

She can end this now....

Haruna stands in her room as she opens her Precard binder. She waves her hand over the pages and a brillant teal green light engulfs her and the room. Corvus looks on hesitantly.

Precards fly from the pages, They surround her almost protectivly. Corvus says. "Are you sure this is what you want....?" he asks.

"I wish....". The cards pulse..... all in unison.

"Nrg... No." she says. Hannah would never forgive her, if she made some cheating wish for her sake. 'I wish Hannah had a wonderful Linker Core' 'I wish Hannah's Linker Core was okay'. All things she could wish for, but... she'd never forgive her, either. Along with the no, the green glow fades... cards fly back into the binder and she closes it with a sigh.

Haruna Kurosawa is still going to visit Hannah to go be upset at her in person if she's going to be upset. Mamoru and Kunzite were there? He had a plan. She nodded a bit a matter of factly. "Okay." she says as she walks past them and knocks on the door. Knock knock.

"Bird-o-gram~." she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 00:35:59 68615
Hannah heart pierces with fear at that voice. She /knows/ what she's done will hurt her beloved. She stands fast in it's necessity. But so too does she worry and love. A deep breath.

"Come in." She doesn't try to get up. She's in a little too much pain. However, the tv goes off and she tilts her head towards that familiar voice.

"Haruna...I..." Sigh. "Come here. Can I hold your hand?" Asks Hannah very suddenly. She /needs/ to feel the presence of the one she loves the most.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 00:45:55 68617
Haruna Kurosawa doesn't /sound/ super upset. But Hannah knows that she's upset, because Haruna already expressed her displeasure at this. She's wearing a white blouse, green skirt. Nothing out of the ordinary. Not in some sort of Police Precard. But she was really tempted to bring that one with her.

She sighs a bit and walks over and gently takes Hannah's hand. "Just relax. Okay?" she says softly. She lets the hand holding last a few moments. A reprieve, before she starts asking questions.

Which do come.

"Tell me what happened." she finally asks.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-23 00:48:10 68618
Outside the door, Mamoru's hand is on Kunzite's shoulder. He's very still. The door is partially open, they can hear any answer Hannah might give, untainted by their presence.

Apparently the prince feels no shame in eavesdropping.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 00:53:50 68620
Hannah baskes in it. For a few minutes, her heart feels a little lighter. Not by much. But it's there, and she can speak without terror in her voice.

"My Linker Core isn't...doing good, Haruna. The corruption's gotten worse. I've've seen the people I fight. How much magic I've been using. Haruna, I'm a third-rate mage throwing around spells way above my weightclass."

It's then, that she shows Haruna. That emerald orb, wrapped in a barrier, leaks despair and menace even while shielded. Cracks run through it, signs of so much abuse only made worse by what she did to herself so long ago.

"I don't like the way things turned out, but I can't walk away now. I fought with Mamoru and the others. The little hero /idiots/! Ugh, why can't they stay out of it? Just going to get themselves hurt. Meddling little..." Frustrated, angry, pained, Hannah's downright surly right now.

"I don't want to die, so I'm going to do what I have to. There's too much work to do, for everyone's sakes."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 01:07:37 68622
Haruna Kurosawa had heard about this from Hannah before. But she's never actually seen Hannah's Linker Core before. An emerald orb, surrounded by a barrier. But it's leaking corruption and it makes tingle and feel sick because that's what corruption feels like. She frowns a little bit. The frown is a cross between one of concern and one of anger.

"Stop fighting them then." she says flatly. "How did you end up fighting them? I doubt that you decided they'd make good targets, right?" she asks.

She sighs and rubs a hand through her hair. "I dunno. Can't you take... something from me?" she offers.

Because of course she would offer. Why would she not? Would Hannah even take it?

"So what happens if yours breaks? Does it regrow the same?" she asks softly.

"Or does something else happen?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-23 01:14:52 68625
Out in the hall, when Hannah surls about Mamoru, Kunzite glances sidelong at Mamoru -- but simply waits, still silent. Mamoru's still listening; and if he tenses a little at Haruna's last question ... well. That's understandable. Wait a little more for that answer, then. But not long.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 01:31:55 68630
Miss White rolls her eyes. Grumpy Hannah face. Back goes that Linker Core.

"They don't even have Linker Cores! I found a group of former TSAB jerks and I mugged them. Hat Guy and Crew found my barrier, and thus, me with Linker Core in hand."

An arm cross. "I wasn't trying to pick a fight, they're the ones that got in the way." Jerk Hannah is in full effect right now.

"I don't think Pretty Cures have Linker Cores. And even if you did, I'm not mugging my girlfriend. That's just rude!" Well, she has standards at least. A leg crosses the other.

"It's a little hard to say. If you get it stolen, it grows back after a while. If it /breaks/...well, at best, you're gonna lose your magic. If it breaks harder, maybe permanently. Not something that happens often. And with that Witch goo in my Core...for all I know I might end up as that thing again, or dead if I'm lucky." A shudder. She knows what happens to Puella Magi. She'd rather die than become a mindless monster herself.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-23 01:44:42 68634
"You risk ending up like that every single time you do something corrupt and stupid, or reach eagerly for any source of power that comes into view, no matter how dark," Mamoru says, pushing the door further open again. There's no smile on his face. There is undoubtedly even less of one on the face of the taller man behind him. "Or have you forgotten all the times you nearly killed someone you love because they were 'in the way'?"

He's carrying his coat in one arm, and he carelessly drops it in a visitor's chair on the other side of the room. There's such an aura of power around him-- that clean, ancient, massive power Hannah's tasted more than once, stolen once, been filled with many times. It's not just the power, though. It's the weight of it, the untouchable unshakeable quality of the widest untapped mountains, the courses of rushing rivers, the brilliance of sun on the waters of a vasty ocean.

So is his attention on her.

Senpai is disappoint, and senpai holds the magic heart of the planet Hannah calls home.

He doesn't approach. His hands don't lift in the promise of healing, and it doesn't sound in his voice.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-23 01:47:14 68635
Behind Mamoru, Kunzite is absolutely monochrome. White hair. Black suit; white shirt; black coat. White folder carried in one hand, unmarked. He inclines his head to Haruna, silently. Not to the hospital bed. And he says nothing.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 01:52:43 68638
Haruna Kurosawa frowns. "You mean they were stopping you from being a jerk." she says as she rubs a hand up her face again. "I wasn't accusing you. By the way." she says. "I know you wouldn't attack them without good reason." she says softly. Well. A reason.

No... No. Hannah would attack them because it was fun at the moment.

Haruna facepalms a little.

"You're right, I don't. I have a Love Seed. All of Blue's Pretty Cure have a Love Seed." she says softly. "I don't know if I can give you part of that.. and also it isn't mugging if I give you half of whatever I have." she says frankly. "Because I'd rather be half as effective as a Pretty cure than have a wholy not here signifigant other." she says quietly.

When Hannah talks about witching she leans down. "That's not happening." she says softly.

Because there are things she will wish okay involving Hannah and that's probably the line right there.

Mamoru and Kunzite come in. She gently keeps where she is.

"Hey guys." she says.

Smile. Smile. Smile.

They're quiet. She knows why. She spoke before after all!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 02:10:55 68641
Hannah 'looks' away from the sound of Haruna's voice. "Sorry. I know, I'm defensive. Had one heck of a shouting match with Mamoru and Kunzite and...everyone basically."

Slow frown. "Haruna, I love you, but sometimes I want to bonk you in the back of the head. We're not cutting your Love Seed in half. I'm not very pleased with myself right now, so please don't suggest things that might hurt y..."

She /feels/ Mamoru before he's in there. And then that massive power, the one she's so envious and jealous and coveting is there. That weight falls on her, and her heart sags. Kunzite looms, a stalwart guardian. She feels completely boxed in thanks to the two men.

Her fake arm flexes into a fist for just one moment, angered eyes narrow, but gutters out as she's wracked by a coughing fit.

Even now, she's in no shape to /do/ anything about the man. She's cornered.

"Not everybody's lucky enough to be born with power. Some of us have to scrape for it." Comes Hannah, voice bitter, that defensive tone right back. This time she has good reason.

But, one might note, she doesn't exactly /refute/ the man's words.

Gull gets a sudden sour frown. An hand through her hair.

"...Well played, Haruna. Well played." Yup, she's being triple teamed
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-23 02:42:42 68648
"Don't blame her," Mamoru says sharply, immediately. And he gives Gull an apologetic look, then turns his voice back to Hannah. "Don't accuse the one person in here who's still willing to be gentle with you, who's not fucking furious with you, of trying to trap you. Be glad she's here, or it would just be us." His voice goes very low, quiet and resonant and clear and dangerous. "Not all of us were lucky enough to grow up surrounded by love and encouragement. Not all of us were lucky enough to have people to look up to."

He still comes no closer; instead, he rolls up the sleeves of his own shirt, which is dark blue. No jacket, no tie; black waistcoat, black jeans. "And some of us have had to scrape and fight and work hard our entire lives because of being born with power. The grass is no greener, Hannah. So you are going to lie there because of what you did to yourself, and you are going to listen, and the girl who loves you most is going to hold your hand, and she is going to hear everything, and you will know that it's your actions that cause her pain."

He steps back, his hand brushing against Kunzite's as he does, and then crosses his arms as he leans against the wall.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-23 02:53:05 68651
Kazuo does not come forward in turn. Haruna is at Hannah's side; he does not challenge that place in the slightest. He doesn't answer her smile, true, but that's not exactly out of character.

"Hannah gave me something a few weeks ago," he says to Haruna, his tone with her conversational. "Or, rather, a bundle of several things. Most of which were obligations."

His attention shifts to Hannah herself, from that distance. "Do you understand what those obligations entailed? I understand if you don't; I had to do research, myself. But you're rather closer to the source."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 02:55:10 68652
Haruna Kurosawa leans in. "They were about to come in but let me come in first." she insists. She whispers something into Hannah's ears. "Probably so you wouldn't be so grumpy. So they'd been here wether I was here on not." she insists. She leans back up and nods matter of factly. This also mirrors in Mamoru's harsher words, at least.

Haruna is sometimes way too nice. But that's really any given Pretty Cure. Who basically want to help the people they fight as it is.

She'd seen it in Hosshiwa's face. When she tried to give her the chocolate after the fight on Valentine's Day. That utter look of weird confusion. Like she wanted to accept it but something telling her /no/ that wasn't herself. She wondered what kind of thing that was. But she had been Scorn so she had ideas. Proably something evil. And Dark. And Whispering and promising.

But that wasn't here right now. Right now she was just squeeeezing Hannah's hand.

Kunzite speaks to her. "Huh?" she asks a bit.

Yeah that seems to be new information to her.

She still doesn't let go.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 03:21:18 68657
As soon as the rebuke starts, she squeezes Gull's hand. And as much as she's glaring at Mamoru, for once, she keeps her trap shut. That anger softens. Her hand holds Gull's tighter once more. A look. Affection. Guilt sits there, just a moment.

Her face is a neutral mask when she looks back to the royal man in that waistcoat.

"...Tch. I'll give you that one." She begrudgingly agrees. That stubborn, selfish pride remains. Too much to apologize, or even get more specific.

"Damnit. Fine. I'll listen." No, she loves Mamoru too. That friendship she values so much, and keeps risking for her own idiocy, even she realizes she owes it to the man.

Back to Kunzite. "Obviously. Semper Fi. God and country. Or in this case keeping Tall and Jerkish over there out of trouble and still alive."

There's a hand digging in her pocket. A coin is flipped and caught. A very specific coin.

"I remember. I really am making a mess of things, huh?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-23 03:44:28 68660
"She gave me a knife," Kazuo explains to Haruna. "A very specific knife. Her father's. It'd kept him safe and brought him home several times." He considers his next words for a moment, glancing from Gull to Hannah and back again. "He'd marked it. Placed the thought of his daughter as a talisman between himself and harm." And her mother. But her mother is not the one at risk, here.

"That places a certain degree of obligation on me. If I am to live up to the gift, then I must do what I can to keep the spirit of that talisman intact. Which means considering what her father values, and where Hannah lives up to those values; lauding her when she succeeds, and doing what I can to help her where she fails.

"I've never met her father. There is one thing I know about him that tells me what he values, and what Hannah herself values in turn, at her heart, whether or not she believes she's capable of emulating him. So I did a little research."

He opens the folder. There's a single page of printout within it. Text, mostly, and not a lot of it. An image with two flags, an eagle and a globe. And he reads, picking up partway through a sentence. "'... to never lie, cheat, or steal; to abide by an uncompromising code of integrity; to respect human dignity ... to act responsibly, and be accountable for their actions...'"

He lifts his gaze to Hannah directly again. "Commitment you have deeper than your bones. Courage you understand the motions of better than most people ever will. But you went out to rob innocents, solely for the purpose of avoiding the consequence of your own actions. No matter how good you believe your ultimate goal to be, if you do not pursue it with integrity -- by considering whether your actions are worthy of that goal -- you are dishonoring your own goal. And your own self. And, incidentally, making it harder for yourself to achieve that goal; but that pragmatic reason is the less important, right now."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 03:57:31 68661
Haruna Kurosawa has seen that image before because she hangs around Hannah's parents occasionally with wide eyes and american ways and asking them stupid questions about America that they nerver get particularly tired of her asking. Not that she's annoying about it. But things like 'So does EVERYONE wear cowboy hats?' or 'So You just ROAST whole pigs!?' get asked a lot.

She listens for a bit as she frowns a little and sighs and just sulks a bit. She looks back to Hannah.

What's sad is that she knows this isn't going to change anything. If the next words out of Hannah's mouth are 'fine I'll try to find some other way to fix this and please help me?', while she'll try to eat her Transformation Precard. Yup. She's thinking that right now.

"That's a big deal, Hannah-chan." she says quietly. "That. Giving someone a knife?" she says softly.

"But Kunzite's right too. About that stuff in the folder." she says.

Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-23 04:04:37 68662
Mamoru remains, leaning against the back wall, a silent and immobile presence. He's told her so many times, in so many ways-- none of it's stuck. Speaking now is the man who can lecture him, using words as weapons that Hannah herself gave him. He doesn't have to repeat what Hannah said to Kunzite in the middle of that fight. Hannah herself is holding that five-yen coin; he doesn't have to be near her to know how it must be burning.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 04:27:16 68665
Kunzite couldn't have chosen a sharper knife. Or a better way to slowly twist it in her gutt. Those words are ones she could recite even on her worst days. For all that Hannah is, she's very much her father's daughter. So much of her life has been shaped by the man.

It's a full five minutes of silence. Hannah's mouth goes into a slack line. Gull can feel her body trembling as they slowly sink in.

"K...Kunzite!!!" She outright snarls. Her hand squeezes down hard, wrath truly lit. For a moment, her hand glows and there's a whisper of wind throughout the room. But that's all she can manage right now. It quickly dissappear.

"How /DARE/ you talk like you know what my Father would say! You...YOU!" The next words she adds are less words and more unintelligible snarls. There might be insults to Kunzite's parentage in there somewhere.

The leader of the Shittenou has truly forced Hannah into the ancient language of Angrish.

Teeth grind, and then, that fire sputters out. She collapses back onto the bed, breathing heavily. Indeed, that coin burns hard. And coldly. She really, really wants to throw something at the man. But the coin in her hand means a little too much for that.

The water battle is /just/ out of reach, or it'd be flying at him right now.

"If I really did that Kunzite, then I'd be shooting myself in the foot. I'd like to. But there's no time, not for me, not for anyone." That old lie she's been telling herself for ages. Stubborn to the end. It seems Hannah will need a hard fall to get it through her head.

"....Yeah. He's got the basics." Begrudgingly admits Hannah. That hand is brought to Hannah lap. She might be cuddling Gull-arm by now.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-23 04:45:51 68669
Kunzite waits through the silence. Waits through the snarl, and the breath of wind, and the incoherent rage. Then, at last, offers the folder to Gull. "If you'd like to look," he says. "I'd ask that you consider leaving it here when you go, though. She should review it from time to time. It might help."

He turns his attention back to Hannah. There's no note apparently taken of any comments about his parentage. If they were about his father, he might even agree. "You're already shooting yourself in the foot," he says. "You're putting strain on a part of yourself that's already damaged; doing the magical equivalent of trying to walk on a compound fracture. You came to me knowing that Mamoru and I would look for help for you -- and you then targeted the people we might have been able to get that help from. Meaning that where there had been a chance of your simply being handed information you need, you now have to gather materials, do extensive research, and do that research while in a condition that damages your ability to draw accurate conclusions, all while dealing with active opposition. That will take more time, and be more likely to damage you further than to help you recover."

He exhales, quiet. "As long as you're only going through the motions of courage -- as long as the foundation of your actions is fear -- you will keep shooting yourself in the foot. And I will keep doing my best to keep you from doing that. By talking if I can. Or, if you keep on your present course, by putting you back in the hospital as often as necessary to keep you from being able to do yourself worse damage than the physical. Every time we fight, it burns time and energy that we could be spending fixing your problem. But that's still better than letting you warp yourself further out of true."

He glances back to Mamoru, then, and steps back out of that Presence's way.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-23 05:00:25 68672
That seems to be Mamoru's cue. He pushes himself silently off the wall, and his footsteps-- impossibly light when landing on the ground from a rooftop jump-- are audible in the ringing silence. His hand hovers briefly over Hannah's white hair.

"I could," he says very, very quietly, "tell your father what you've been doing. It would be preferable to me having to go tell them you're dead. I couldn't tell them how, if you continue on this path. Don't make me lie to a Marine."

And that said, before Hannah can get a word in, he lets his hand fall to the crown of her head, and that immense power-- so much more accessible now than it was nearly two years ago, the first time she was tempted to take it from him-- floods her with peace and warmth and love, with a cessation of pain, with the quiet and reverent stillness of twilight and dawn, with a living connection to every joy and every heartache on the planet, to every brilliant life, however brief their flares or slow their burns.

He seeks out anything which currently threatens her life, anything which could potentially maim her worse than the arm she's already lost, and quickly and efficiently corrects and mends. That's all he does for her, physically. His attention swiftly turns to her linker core, and his concentration is a fight: a fight against the corruption he can't purify, a fight against the snarling vampire within Hannah that's craved his power since its first taste, a fight against the tarry sludge of supernatural despair that leaks from it. Gold seeps up along the most egregious, most threatening of cracks, sealing them with the visible power of the Earth and leaving brilliant shining seams--

--and then the sludge oozes past the barriers he'd set up and touches his mind, and Mamoru instantly flinches away from Hannah's corrupted magical core.

He withdraws his hand -- and the pain floods back in -- and opens his eyes, stepping back, and his expression is neutral. "I've healed you from worse. I've restored you at significant cost. I'm even now tempted to do it again-- but you can't promise me that you wouldn't use any power I gave you to go right out and hurt people again. I'll save your life as many times as it takes, but I'll not be helping you out of the hospital as long as Kunzite's putting you in it."

He comes around the bed, then, and briefly squeezes Haruna's shoulder. His expression is pained, it's apologetic. Even if it's not evident in his voice, she can see it in his eyes: he, too, loves Hannah dearly. Maybe not in the same way as Haruna does, but so very dearly. "We'll be around," he tells them both, "if you need help doing the right thing."

The black-haired prince moves, then, to get his coat.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-01-23 05:08:04 68673
Haruna Kurosawa softly sighs and shakes her head. She lets her arm get cuddled, as she just leans a little against Hannah. So she can feel her here. That's important. If she's here right now. Then Hannah isn't out doing stupid things. If she's here latched to her. She can't go out to do the stupid things. So she is happy here right now. That'll change, when she envitably has to leave.

She does frown at that. You don't... tell others about this stuff. Not family. Would they even belive Mamoru?

'Oh btw, your daughter is potentially one of Tokyo's resident supervillians.'

She sighs a bit and just looks up to Mamoru thankfully and gratefully. She nods.

"Try to have a good evening, okay...?" she says to the two.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-01-23 05:21:13 68675
Kunzite blasts her once more. And it hurts worse than Beryl's stab, than a dozen Smoking Bombers to the face. There's another long round of silence. Slowly, slowly she looks away. All three of her angry friends can see the blush on her face. Yes. Yes she really does feel like an idiot right about now.

Too bad he threatens violence. That's enough to get Hannah lunging at him! Which ends about as poorly as one thinks it does! There's a cry of pain as she puts pressure on her ribs. And then, Hannah pouncing ends.

"...I really hate how much you see, Kunzite. Jerk." Her voice, is a little petty and petulant and childish. Whump. Straight back to the bed.

It seems Kunzite and Mamoru are at least starting to creep into her brain.

And then Mamoru lands the killing blow. Her eyes are wide in shock. Oh yes. Now both Mamoru /and/ Haruna can feel her tremble. Peace, love, and all of the beautiful power comes to her. Part of her wants to devour it all. But she holds back. She's too weak right now. All of that despair, however, is that much stronger. Fear. It truly is fear that reaches out with its cold hand to try to draw in, to sate itself on Mamoru's beauty.

And then, here, cuddling Haruna's arm, she gets that squeeze to ths shoulder.

Long, long silence. Mamoru is far too right. Even now, she doesn't know what she's going to do.

A tear slips down her eyes. "...Mamoru, you...why do you always...why do all of you...? I'm not...not worth..."

And then, frustrated, she breaks down crying. And lets just a tiny bit of her fear go as she breaks down.