Violin In The Moonlight

Twilight meets a strange boy in the Botanical Gardens. He just doesn't understand the needs of a Princess.

Date: 2017-01-28
Pose Count: 15
Twilight 2017-01-28 06:27:35 69547
The botanical gardens were probably a sullen place in the winter but that was okay with some people. Some people didn't like flowers or greenery and prefered the desolance of winter perhaps. In fact, the location is what drew it's single occupant to a gazebo somewhere near the center of the gardens in the evening dusk. Not many people which was fine with her.

She was perched, just so, on top of the gazebo, on it's round little top ornament, playing a black violin, errie and spooky music eminating from it that filled most of the garden and maybe just a little bit beyonf.

(The violin part of:

She had her eyes closed just beyond that ballroom mask that hid most of her face.

Why she was here was anyone's guess. She did not have anyone with her.

She probably was getting away from Shut's ever so incessant servitude for the night.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 06:43:26 69550
    And as for Eilam, well, him being out here was pure chance. He didn't remotely care to be out in the cold, low temperatures usually causing him dull pain at the joints. Tonight, though, he decided to pause on the way back to his manor, having his driver park and let him get out to walk around. Even he wasn't sure why. But walking about did leave the rather strange violin playing to catch his ear. It did leave him fairly curious as to what or who was playing the music, as he wasn't really familiar with it. It did have a rather particular thing about it that just struck him as... different.
    Enough that he began to walk towards it, the sound of the black and silver-trimmed stave he had with him at all times able to be heard touching softly against the path. It was a slow pace on his part, certainly, dressed and looking like he was going out to a ball or something in his nice suit and coat and everything, the pink-haired young man probably stood out if anyone listened. Didn't even bother interrupting the girl playing when he got there, instead trying to figure out if there was going to be something happening shortly as had happened in the past with those who were... oddly stand-out, or if he was overthinking things.
Twilight 2017-01-28 07:01:40 69553
Twilight continues to play her violin. Eyes still closed, still lost in the music. Nothing particularly spectacular, odd or dangerous happens. It's spooky, errie and beautiful all at once. A trained ear may feel like there's something missing from it somehow, but she's still playing. There's the crunch of hha cane in footsteps.

She stops playing when it becomes evident there's someone nearby and she looks down from her location and scans the ground.

Red eyes open as she peers down at the pink haired boy. She gives a bored and dissmissive look. This doesn't seem to be anyone she is looking for or knows. Perhaps she was expecting to lure out the 'Princess of Flowers' in this garden.

She absoutlely says nothing at first.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 07:07:26 69554
    "...Are you not cold in that outfit?"

    A terrible question to lead in with, but, well, for one like Eilam, he was cold even in this. Of note he specifically didn't offer his coat or any such gentlemanly thing. Then again, they weren't even close enough for such an offer yet either. "If I had my butt against a knob on top of a gazeebo at this time of night and climate, I am sure I would have an icecicle." Despite the rather... teasing way of words, his tone wasn't really implying he was making fun of her. It would seem he was legitimately curious why she had picked there of all places to sit and play. "Could even point you to a warmer place if you so wish, there is a music lounge a couple miles down the road."
Twilight 2017-01-28 07:18:42 69558
The young woman remains perfectly poised, keeping those feet on the oranament daintily. She keeps her straight expression. She doesn't seem amused by the percived joke or teasing in Eilam's voice. Is she cold? No. The Hope Kingdom is much colder nowadays. She doesn't even notice it.

Her tone is very formal. Someone who carries themselves with pomp and nobility. "No." she says. "I am not 'cold'." she says.

"I have no desire to sit with anyone right now." she says flatly. Not even any hesitation in her voice. Like she might be pondering it and just saying no to save face.

"Do you know a 'Princess of Flowers'?" she asks. There's some ice in her voice when she says the word 'princess' there. "A Pretty Cure?" she asks.

"Who are you?" she asks. She does not introduce herself first.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 07:24:31 69561
    Likewise, something about how Eilam spoke might remind her of someone being just a bit'proper'. Formal, perhaps, more than pompous on his part. As if he learned how to speak the language from a proper formal Japanese tutor. "I cannot say that I do. At least, not by that title. Or the other titlte you offer." Reaching into his pockets, Eilam places his hands within them. Despite already having gloves on, he was still a bit cold himself, which showed, the stave he had with him leaning against his shoulder loosely for the time being.
    "As for who I am... well, I am someone who is curious how you are not cold in that attire. Also mildly curious as to the origins of that melody you were just playing. I am familiar with a lot of different music, but I cannot place the origin. Are you sure I cannot talk you into coming down from there? I doubt you are going to find any flower at this time of night in this weather that is not closed up. Even Princesses get cold at some point and wish to go inside." a pause, "Except you apparently. You do not get cold. For some reason."
Twilight 2017-01-28 07:46:12 69563
She does not get cold, no. She is not shaking or shivering. "Ah you get cold. So you are from Earth. How... boring." she says. "I should probably not get too attached to you." she insists. She's still holding that violin deftly.

"You'll be trapped. Or dead. Soon." she says as she places her bow on her violin and begins to start playing again. Nothing still happens. It's like she merely stated some factual statement of the future and merely went back to what she was doing- drawing her bow across violin strings as she let the music waft out again back over the gardens.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 07:51:06 69566

    Uh huh.

    Well, he certainly came across... something. Which made him wonder just what he should do about said something. Of the various options that went through his mind, he decided to try and do something he knew that he could do decently. Talk. "Hard to imagine someone who learned to play that instrument is so willing to talk about such things and not worry about gathering up our music to save, or even hear all of it you can. Or am I mistaken and you do not really know how to play, and just have the one song you know?"

    A strange choice of words, but at this point, he /was/ attempting to poke at her a bit, trying to get the girl to talk. If she was so willing to casually talk about things she just said, well, no reason she wouldn't just keep saying all the more if given the chance.
Twilight 2017-01-28 08:05:53 69569
Twilight has to stop playing again because he obviously did not get the point that she was done talking. Does she need to say it outright? Perhaps she will in a moment. She does indeed stop playing as she looks back down to the pink haired boy.

"Your planet reeks of pathetic hopefulness." she says.

"My music is more superior, and graceful and tactful than whatever this planet calls 'music'." she insists.

"I am Twilight, Princess of Despair. My mother- Queen of DysDark is going to fix this world of it's many problems in a fell swoop." she insists with the same cold expression and red eyes narrowing a bit down at the boy.

"Do you require a lesson?" she asks. "-or are you going to leave me alone?" she offers.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 08:14:25 69570
    "Come now, there is no reason to maintain that attitude. I mean if you really want to be left alone, I can do that for you, but what is the point of going out and playing music in public if you did not wish anyone to hear such or possibly bother you? Twilight, you said? Hm... well, if you truly feel that way I have no desire to change your mind." And with that, he turned, "Pity, and here I thought you were kind of cute." If in doubt, attempt to play to a young girls heart. Even a Princess surely has to be at least a little happy if someone compliments their looks, right? though he did start to walk away, he offered some words as he did.

    "Perhaps I should take you up on that lesson of yours, if it would keep you around a bit longer. If we are all to perish soon, then I should appreciate beauty and grace while I can."
Twilight 2017-01-28 08:24:16 69571
Twilight is a being of the Dusk Zone. She isn't intrested in these things Eilam is expressing. Maybe the small girl she was once upon a time would had been blushing but she doesn't remember those times and all she has is that violin song. The one thing that's preveiled the many years of her sevitude to DysDark.

"Yes. I am those things." she says frankly.

"Nobility. Sacredness. Beauty. These are the signs of a real princess." she insists.

She still isn't smiling.

"Do you always hit on women when meeting them?" she asks.

"How desperate." she says as she merely stares down at Eilam.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 08:28:59 69572
    "Hitting on? By no means." Eilam pauses as he says that, turning to look up towards her again. "I already have someone I am rather fond of. I am simply trying to pay my respects. You are a Princess, yes? It is expected, beauty and grace. A normal girl from Earth could hardly compare."

    It was hard to tell if he was mocking her, serious or just making conversation at her expense. To note, his manner was quite relaxed, though, a bit of a smile on his face. Perhaps he /was/ hitting on her. Really he was rather casual about all of it. "You know, I do not believe I gave my name." To which he still doesn't. Give his name, that is. "How does one pay respect to you, Princess, if my words confuse you so? Do you have some preferred method?"
Twilight 2017-01-28 08:48:45 69575
Twilight doesn't seem personable in any way shape or form, despite her title. Those three things probably mean different things to her than they do the people of Earth. She head tilts a little and listens to Eilam. There's not much change in her bored and now slightly annoyed expression. This isn't someone who's easily reached with such words- obviously.

When he asks how one pays respect to her. She lowers her violin to her side and turns toward's Eilam more forwardly- and says in a more serious tone.

"Worship me." she says completely seriously.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-01-28 09:01:08 69579
    "I could, yes, but I am a bit out of practice. But correct me if I am wrong, worship requires some measure of faith, yes? I surely have faith in your beauty, and the grace you display when playing music, but beyond that I know little of you, Princess Twilight. I know your na,e, your mothers name, and where you are from." Eilam smiles at that and moves to step up to the Gazebo only to sit down upon one of the steps with a bit of a wince, showing some measure of pain at moving.
    "You will have to forgive my sitting, I will likely die within the next couple of years, a condition I have had since I was quite young wears on my health constantly. It is hard at times to even stand for long periods. If you truly wish me to worship you, Princess, you will have to join me at this level as I cannot get up to yours."
Twilight 2017-01-28 09:07:58 69581
Twilight listens to Eilam and merely keeps her same annoyed facial expression. Eyes half lidded. Bored and annoyed. "That's the problem with humans. They die." she says.

"You're not worth such an act." she says. "I am wasting my time here. I will look for what I seek elsewhere." she says.

With those words, a black shape blinks into existence behind her, expanded outward- into the shape of a keyhole- black and shimmering. It engulfs her and closes, taking her with it without even much more than a few words. Leaving nothing else behind save for the cold winter air- and no more music.