Return of the Witches?

Sayaka feels drawn to the old church as she wrestles with heartache and memories. However, she also confronts and defeats some familiars with the help of Jiaying and Clotho before learning that Witches have returned.

Date: 2017-01-29
Pose Count: 20
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 04:58:38 69695
    Sayaka isn't sure why she came back to the old church..It's probably the last place she ever wants to see again, now that it's attached to depressing memories of that person who broke her heart..But there's something else here that drew her to it as well..

    Little shadowy things darting here and there. They had set her soulgem pulsing, although they were different from wraiths, and not quite witches. To one with similar magical senses, they may feel a sense of doom and gloom, general uneasiness as the shadowy, jackal-shaped creatures dart through the church.

    As for Sayaka, she steps towards the old courtyard of the burnt-down church, fingering her soulgem ring as she peers around with a soft frown..
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 05:02:47 69697
Jiaying Maki is here at the church for other reasons. Mostly because she knows Norie likes the place and she still wants to know why, but the other reason? She's sure a burnt out church in a place like this would have to have SOME kind of yokai running around, right? She's wandering along wrapped up in nice warm clothing and some somewhat traditional robes marred by a series of charms lining the inside and edges almost haphazardly like she changes them on the fly.

Spotting someone as she steps through the entryway of the church, vaguely amused that she still doesn't bounce off of the place, she waves and calls out, "Hello! You're not a ghost right?"

Speaking of ghosts, Jia's is behind her, lingering in her shadow, watching behind her and in general just being creepy. She doesn't like the idea of places like this! Jia herself seems unaffected by the doom and gloom feel, though she doesn't have the easy grin as before.

The sight of the jackal-thing gets her on edge and she drops all illusions, both disguising herself as a normal girl and one of carefree easiness. "What's out there?" she asks in a firmer tone, her hands sliding into her pocket to pull a blank charm free.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 06:17:29 69702
    Sayaka pauses as she hears another voice, and frowns softly, turning to face Jiaying, "What are you doing here? This place is dangerous. You should leave.." peering back towards the shadow jackals, she clenches her ring hand into a fist. "Actually these creatures are pretty dangerous.."

    Peering back at Jiaying curiously, she arches a brow, "Hmm, I feel like we've met before, but I'm not sure..Were you at Gull cafe recently, or do you just go to Infinity school?"

    But she has little time to chat as a group of jackals rush towards the two of them. "STay behind me!" she yells as she begins to transform into a Puella Magi, stepping in between Jiaying and the jackals!
Unmei Tama 2017-01-29 06:33:38 69703
Magical Girl Clotho had been sitting on the roof, grumbling as Pin, the little flying peacock, hovered about. "What's going on with me?"

"What? Nothing, why?"

"You're hiding something, aren't you?"

"Even if I am, why do you care? Did you forget you flushed me?"

She snorted, "No, that was fun." She tossed a handful of chips in her mouth. Ugh, Gluttony was getting rough. She wondered how many calories she'd eaten in the last month. "But I feel... different."

"Then stop snacking."

"How do I switch out of Gluttony?"

"You made it clear you--"

"Shut up," she hissed, ears twitching. "You feel that? I think..." The threads formed from her left hand, giving her her tight, blue, piggy uniform. A blue spear with an ice tipped blade formed above her, falling into her hands. "What is that?"

"... I'd say ignore it, but you won't listen to me, will you?"

"Nope!" Clotho said happily. She then just jumped OFF the roof... fortunately didn't go splat. More just kind of drifted around and, after a quick dash, came around the front area and saw... Two other girls? "Um. Hey." Did they know? "You should--" and then she transformed and... "OH SHIT SWORD GIRL! It--" Pause. "Oh. Ohhhh. Different sword girl. Whew."

"... EVERY MAGIC GIRL has a sword, are you going to freak out each time?" pin snapped.

"I did NOT freak out you flying glitter bomb."
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 06:42:59 69704
Jiaying Maki looks at the first girl in something approaching a look of disbelief. Her pointy ears are straight up, then they splay back and she lets out what almost sounds like a growl, showing off sharper than usual teeth! "Neither and what are those?" Pointing to the jackals since the other one seems to know what they are. There's a hint of laughter from behind her as her shadow elongates, then something snaps free and her shadow begins behaving even as the fox girl, now on full display decides she'd rather not wait for one to pounce and with a flick of her wrist, snaps the spell charm out, inscribing it with her innate magic. The lines burn into the paper, then the paper itself burns away quick as that and a green tinted fireball launches towards the thing! "And I had to leave the peachwood at home. They're not the ghosts I was looking for right?"

Then suddenly exclamations from above catches her attention and she calls to the first girl, "Up high." while pointing. Whiiich is a touch late with her jumping down. "Should what?" she asks, her tone still rather serious. Though she does realize she should probably do more than improvise fire spells at this time and moment as she takes up a proper defensive stance, looking like a more obscure style of kung fu.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 06:55:24 69705
    "SCREEECH!!" the jackals shriek as they launch themselves at Sayaka with glowing red claws outstretched. In the blink of an eye, Sayaka sweeps out her cloak, covering both herself and Jiaying as they slash at her cloak. She grits her teeth, a small trickle of blood spilling through the cloak, but it doesnt seem to hurt that much.

    Then Jiaying launches a fireball at some of the jackals who screech in pain as they're hurled backwards.

    "Heh, not bad!" she smirks as she leaps towards the remaining jackals, swinging her sword back and forth, her feet barely seeming to touch the ground as she performs her impressive sword dance.

    "But these are just a witch's familiar. They're not nearly as powerful as the big fry..." Even as she speaks, some of the fireballed jackals launch at Jiaying, once again attempting to slash at her with razor sharp claws, moving at lightning speed.

    She hasnt noticed the other girl yet..
Unmei Tama 2017-01-29 06:59:55 69706
Magical Girl Clotho stared, cocking her head to the side. "Huh. Well, I guess I'm not really needed much ,am i? I'll just-- ack!" When one of the jackals moved towards her, she didn't have any fancy foot work or special capes to fling.

She hit it in the face with the blade of her glaive, the ice slashing through with its magicked tip. "I'm beginning to suspect this was more of a bow time," she told Pin, who just snorted.

Then she stopped. "Wait. A witch? There's another witch here? Ah crap. I don't want to have to-- Okay, ack, down!" She butt one of them in the face with the dull end of her spear. She then held out her left hand. Blue thread formed from above, forming large shards of ice, at least a few feet long, before sending them hurtling out to impale the creatures.
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 07:07:07 69707
Jiaying Maki watches the jackals cower away from the fireballs with a frown, "I thought they'd be... more afraid of fire I guess?" she steps to the side, ears twitching, following different beasts even as she watches a separate group in an attempt to keep tabs on all of them. The cloak getting thrown up catches her attention and she looks that way, getting her arm up in time to stop one of them... with her robes. There's some magical interference there, but there's also a faint stains spreading now. Jia's yanked out of the way roughly by... something with a yelp, then there's laughter as the second one that had been about to get her is thrown to the ground.

Orienting herself, she scrambles to her feet and says something sharply in Chinese. There's more laughter, but whatever the presence was fades away and appears behind Jia again where she begins pulling out a series of three tags which all quickly burn away and lash out at the canines before she chases after them to try and drive a now faintly glowing foot into the first one she can find, standing or not.

She does spare a moment to try and make sure the third girl wasn't being attacked, or wasn't attacking or-hrk. She stumbles and struggles to keep her footing, coming to a skidding halting stop before catching herself and quickly trying to take a defensive stance once more with that previously serious look suddenly gone for a moment.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 07:09:37 69708
    Sayaka has a brief pause in battle, just enough to glance up at Clotho with a slight smirk, "Heh, a nother sword girl? Who are you and what are you talking about? I hope you're an ally and not another enemy, cuz I kinda got my hands full right at the moment here.."

    However, it seems that the jackals are after the girl as well, and she pauses for a moment, considering this, "Hmm, strange, I havent seen familiars in a long time. Probably wandered off from a witch, or maybe the remnants of a defeated witch..I thought witches went extinct though and were replaced by wraiths!"

    She ponders aloud, even as she continues to fight off the jackals. There sure are a lot of 'em though, "Hmm, did you say 'another' witch? What do you mean by that?! I havent seen a witch in a really long time..."
Unmei Tama 2017-01-29 07:18:01 69709
Magical Girl Clotho yelped, ducking down under another attack, spearing the jackal and sending it flying over head. "Okay, that's it, I'me cheating!"

Threads formed overhead, making more spears of ice which she used to skewer the wall.... before she leaped from skewer to skewer, making her way up to the top. Finally, she sat down and grinned. "Ah, that's better. Now!" This time, from her right hand, the threads of white formed and slowly weaved a bow. She held it in her right hand and grabbed the string with her left. As the hand drew back, strings of blue formed arrows of ice which she sent sailing at the creatures. "Oh yeah. This is a LOT easier. Why didn't I do this to begin with?"

"Because you're an idiot?" Pin offered.

"... Why did I bring you, again?"
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 07:42:39 69710
Jiaying Maki shakes her arm a few times, working some feeling into her fingers. There's a frustrated sound in her voice as she shouts at the things, "Do you know how big a pain getting blood out of these are even with magic!" before she kicks savagely at one before catching herself and focusing on casting magic, each burned charm creating a more refined and accurate fireball like she's getting into the swing of things! It also means she's getting tunnel vision and she's knocked to the ground from behind, though before anything too bad beyond a the indignity and some more gouges in both her and the robes, most of it stopped by something, she rolls over and shoves it off roughly before scrambling to her feet.

It's about then that she sucks in her breath, takes a moment to focus and resumes once more her martial arts stance, steadying her breathing and starting to flow, ducking, striking with a mix of attack nad magic to put the familiars down. "Are you two okay?" the bloodied girl asks, not worrying too much about herself. It's not the worst she's had!

"Witches? Like Wu witches or like Western ones or like uh... what kind?" She sounds honestly confused. "You two are okay right?" She sounds like she's trying very hard again.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 07:56:46 69711
    It seems that most of the jackals have been dealt with. Only about three remain. Sayaka's breathing only lightly, even though she's quite bloody from numerous cuts and scratches herself.

    "Hmm, interesting, these familiars are stronger than the usual ones. But that's more interesting that the witches have returned. Dunno if I should be relieved about that or concerned.."

    Even as she speaks, many of her wounds seem to heal almost instantly. She doesnt seem terribly concerned about the remaining jackals, although she tosses a sword at them, which splits into five glowing swords which seem to dance through the air as they whistle towards them, making short work of them.

    Finally, between the three of them, all of the jackals have fallen.

    "Sorry.." she stretches a bit, looking good as new." Was a bit distracted there. I'm Sayaka Miki. And you are?" she focuses upon Jiaying first, although she is aware of the other girl and nods to her with a slight smirk, "Interesting moves there, and looks like you've met a witch before too?" Looking back at Jiaying, she tries to explain.

    "Hmm, I dunno what a Wu witch is, but the kind I'm talking about are usually invisible to normal, non-magical eyes, preying on vulnerable people and drawing them into their labrynths where they torture and eventually destroy them in seemingly natural ways. Some of them create minor monsters to assist them, like those familiars."

    She frowns, "Which suggests either a witch was destroyed recently, or there is a witch nearby.." Glancing down at her soulgem however, it seems likely the former is true.
Unmei Tama 2017-01-29 08:03:53 69712
Magical Girl Clotho nodded, letting the bow disappear before she kind of... drifted back to the ground. She did love that aspect of the peacock. The lightly being able to glide thing was cool. "Yeah, a few weeks back. There was this really nasty one, sucked me in and was all 'Gonna eat you!'. Scary as heck. But, i ended up meeting with a bunch of other girls, even saved the blue sailor moon, that was pretty cool."

She gave a shrug. "I finally got a stab in, killed it off. I almost took the lil black thing it left behind, but... well... Kyouko was dying and apparently she really needed it so... I let her have it."

"You should have just finished her off, then and there," Pin snapped. "She's an enemy."

"Hey, a truce was a truce. I don't do the whole back stabbing thing. Besides, she could have killed me the time I tried to turn her all sinned and all, but she didn't. So like, we're even." She stepped forward, holding out a hand. "My name's Clotho. I... have no idea who either of you two are supposed to be. Sorry. I normally try to keep up on the fan sites but sometimes I guess even I fall behind."
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 08:10:23 69713
Jiaying Maki tilts her head and says, "Well I date the one that called herself a shadow witch, that's over now though. That's why I'm confused why you're confused about there being witches? I mean I use Wu as a joke name... uh, nuwu anyway, but you can lazily translate that as witch. Google's weird that way." She stops, realizing she's rambling. "I'm Jiaying Maki." As she talks, she works her robes free, using a tag to hang the robes there for a moment in a hint that she's better with some practical magic than her somewhat sloppy spellwork.

"The blue Sailor Moon?" She tilts her head and murmurs, "I'll have to ask cape guy about that. Maybe there's clones running around." Then she looks over her shoulder at Clotho to ask, "Little black thing?" while looking at her arm, poking at it with what looks more like a claw than a nail. With a sharp intake of breath she mutters something about hating dogs.

"Fan... sites?" then she pauses and asks, "Wait seriously?" Seeming surprised, though after a moment those fox ears twitch. "I guess that makes sense." Which is then concluded with a shrug.
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 08:13:09 69714
    Sayaka listens to Clotho's story, eyes widenned, jaw about to drop off as she describes a powerful sounding witch. But when she mentions Kyouko dying, her eyes just about fall out.

    "What? Ky...Kyou...." She shakes her head. It shouldn't concern her anymore..Except Saya still feels concerned. "Well, I guess she got a good grief seed so it shouldn't bother me." The corners of her lips twitch although she manages to keep her expression and her voice more or less steady.

    "Hmph. This witch however, that's a real concern. Dammit, why'd my parents have to send me to cram school? I feel like I've been living under a rock for the past year or so. I should have been more vigilant or I would have noticed the witches returning....Oh..Yeah.."

    Sayaka finally notices Clotho's hand and shakes it with a firm handshake. "Nice to meet you, sorry, these days I'm a little..Preoccupied."

    Glancing back at Jiaying, she nods, "Well..At one point, all the witches had suddenly vanished which of course meant there were no grief seeds for us Puella Magi. Then they were seemingly replaced by their weaker, less bountiful cousins, Wraiths. Although you had to collect a lot more grief cubes to accumulate as much purifying energy as grief seeds. It's a big complicated thing...I wonder what brought 'em back..? Wonder if it has to do with less Puella Magi in town...?"

    She'd continue to ponder aloud, lost in her own thoughts again, before something Jiaying says brings her back to the present, "Blue..Sailor Moon?" she echoes, before falling silent again.
Unmei Tama 2017-01-29 08:20:25 69715
Magical Girl Clotho nods. "W=what? What's wrong with the fan sites? I read them all the time. Well, used to, back before I was one. But they're still pretty cool. Oh, yeah. Kyouko? You should have seen her. She had like, dozens of broken bones, was bleeding everywhere, her girl friend was there I think, I think she might have died if I hadn't given her the black seed thing."

"You should have stabbed her."

"Oh shut up, Pin. We've talked about this. And nah, it's cool. Really? That all seems pretty rough. Why don't you guys just go to the other magic girls if you need purifying? Seems pretty harmless otherwise," she said with a shrug. "Only seen the one witch, but I know Han... Miss White is collecting the seeds and stuff for now. She's making me get them for her.

"Yeah, you know, the water one? Blue hair? You know. You got thunder sailor moon, blue sailor moon, fire sailor moon, sailor moon the leader, I can only assume the last one is kinky sailor moon."
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 08:27:04 69716
Jiaying Maki shrugs and says, "I just never considered fan sites. It's making me want to keep my tail hidden now though. Uuuugh I don't think I'm enough of a screwup to get more than a few mentions if that, but I hope there's no pictures." Then she scowls, "Oh I really hope there's no photos, that would be weeiiird."

She watches Clotho talk to herself and says, "Ah... Miss White. I still need to stick a coworker of hers with something holy for hwat he did." She then glances to Sayaka, "I think the witch I knew was different. She dropped a book, not a black thingy." Then it kind of clicks and she asks, "Someone beat up Kyouko that bad?" Beat, "Uh, anyway, I don't know about the witches you're talking about" and she makes a gesture and says something over her shoulder in Chinese where the ghost of an ancient Chinese peasant girl waves to the two from behind her, hovering there. As soon as Jia looks to the two, she pulls a face and starts teasing Jia while she's not looking. "Not these kinds of wraiths right?" She doesn't turn around as she waves her arm through the ghost with a hint of magic. She knows what Meifeng is doing! "I mean she's a poltergeist not a wraith, but still."
Sayaka Miki 2017-01-29 08:33:44 69718
    The conversation darts back to Kyouko, and the mention of her 'girlfriend' causes Sayaka to cringe. Visibly. But the part about her body being all broken and near death..Causes her to cringe even more. Heck, even her face has turned a sickly shade of pale. "She....Almost died? But...Kyou-cha..Kyouko-san is one of the strongest Puella Magi, if not the strongest. Who could possibly have hurt her so badly? Is she...Okay..Now?"

    Dammit, this should not concern her anymore. Inspite of what they had been through together in the past, Sayaka must forget it all, forget her, not concern herself with all that baggage. "I mean...I guess it's not really my business anymore but..." She turns away so they cant see her tortured expression, and begins to busy herself with cleaning her sword with her cloak.

    "Hmph. There's no 'blue' sailormoon. There's Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, I believe. And Moon of course." She rolls her eyes.

    Wait, did she just say she should have stabbed her? Sayaka stares intently, eyes narrowed at Clotho's..Peacock? But right now, she's more concerned about Kyouko...Should she go and see her or..Should she just leave it be? Afterall, it's not her life, her world anymore..Perhaps she can talk to Mamoru, or Kunzite, not like she's close to either of them, but...Dammit..

    "Listen, uh...I gotta go. This place should be safe now, I dont detect any witches nearby. Nice meeting you both. Take care!" and with another flutter of her cloak, she leaps skywards, soon vanishing from view.
Unmei Tama 2017-01-29 08:36:07 69719
Magical Girl Clotho blinked. "Yeah, but she-- oh. Okay then. I ummmmm... yeah. I should probably head out, too. I was mostly here because I wanted privacy. I'm... not really... yeah. It was nice meeting both of you. I guess. So, errr, bye then," she said, watching the other girl go, before turning and heading out as well. She could be heard as she went. "Is this going to be the thing, now? Every time I meet another girl, you're all 'Listen, she's evil, rawr!'

"Yes, it totally is. If you'd just do as I say..."

"I am not stabbing the other girls. Besides, last time I tried fighting some of them I almost DIED. I do not want to repeat that!"

"Almost dying isn't dying!"

"It's close enough! My gosh, you suck!"
Jiaying Maki 2017-01-29 08:38:38 69720
Jiaying Maki looks between the two and shrugs, grabbing her floating robe to pull it around her shoulders at least while asking to no one in particular, "Why do I keep running into so many bad guys?" As she turns to walk towards the entry. "Your chatty familiar's lack of subtlety is fun." She adds, playfully before turning the corner. She really doesn't seem concerned about bad magical girls.