Fist-chan and the Overgrown Battle Goldfish

Another day at the Crown.

Date: 2017-01-30
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Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 15:48:39 69820
Outside, it is a brilliantly sunny afternoon, with something approximating spring like weather. Still cool enough for coats and a lack of bare legs, but warm enough that walking from place to place isn't full of the potential for frostbite.

Which of course means that a healthy proportion of Tokyo's teenagers are inside, ensuring that they do not get too much fresh air or sunshine. Instead there's the steady bing and clack of video games going a full tilt, with the occaisional cry of accomplishment and inappropriate holler of frustration.

There are also those who have found a table to ensure that their have met the daily recommended requirement for ice cream and grease. Naru is one of the later, having sketchbook out on the table in front of her, with a basket of fries well buried under unhealthy toppings and a lychee milkshake.

It's medicinal. Clearly.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 15:54:40 69821
    Kyouko had come here to meet Naru after the other girl had gotten free of the clutches of school. She herself had been doing some shopping, and there's a bag from some clothing store on the bench next to Naru, left there to be guarded. This is because Kyouko herself has gone off to enforce her dominion over the DDR machines. Clad in jeans and a white-and-red t-shirt (her coat left in the booth as well), she has worked up a small sweat by demolishing the high score of the last person to hold it- she hadn't been here in a while. Someone else had claimed the top spot. She has just re-claimed her rightful title.

     Entering "APA" as her initials in the high-score system, she jumps down off the machine and pads back to the booth Naru occupies, panting a little and tossing her head to clear a few red bangs out of her eyes as she grins a toothy grin. "There. Told ya it wouldn't take a minute. Let's see someone beat that score, even if I ain't here for another six months. Not gonna happen."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-30 16:00:05 69822
"Well, when Vee comes back..." starts a familiar third voice, who hopes against hope that the sense that drew him in is reflected in Apatite and he doesnt end up reflexively stabbed when he puts his hands on her shoulders, "...she probably still won't beat it. I'm pretty sure she has to actually practice to keep her skills up."

And then Endy leans over and around Kyouko to steal a few of Naru's fries. "Usa have detention?" he asks Naru resignedly.
Unmei Tama 2017-01-30 16:02:30 69823
Unmei Tama was over indulging as well. She was at one of the game stations, her hands little blurs as she used the skills that, well, far better gamers than her had once used, to cheat her way to the top. She'd already had about four milkshakes, three orders of over greased fries, four burgers, a bucket of chicken and... frankly, some of the staff were wagering if she was either related to usagi or yukito, or was going to keel over.

But nope, magic! Gotta love it. Getting out of Gluttony was going to be a female dog unlike any other. She was playing the sailor V game and, after finally getting in second place, she put in the initials UN. She then walked to the counter and... "A bacon cheese fries, large, and a large chocolate milk shake." She then held out her card. She was wondering if Pin was coming around, though. He even convinced her handlers to give her a snack card, to let her indulge herself. She wondered if it was because she'd actually been handling herself decently well lately. She was sure it had nothing to do with the way Pin kept ominously laughing in the distance.

Then her eyes fell on the two and she grinned, walking up and... "Hey, Kyouko. I never would have figured you for someone hanging out in a arcade of all places. Hey Naru, Mamo, what's up?" Siiiiiiiiiip.

She looked a little... different than normal. Her eyes were a bit blood shot, her shirt was a little stained, her make up wasn't... there. Her hair was all frazzled.
Ano Onna 2017-01-30 16:07:57 69825
    "The path of the fist it long and difficult, but with proper combinations, stick sweeps, and timed application of supers you may attain victory..." Ano Onna's left arm says.
    From te fighting games section, the crunch of bones, screams of pain, and wails of the defeated call out, a testament to a bloody and violent victory that is too gruesom and-- "Will you two stop backseat gaming." That Girl grumps as she plinks away at an Alley Brawler Gamma 3, 3rd edition.
    "Now apply what you have learned to--
    With a grunt, a beep, and a 'YOU LOSE' from the game, Ano Onna's expression darkens considerably. Just who she was talking to is a mystery considering she seemed alone, but her fists clench.
    "This game doesn't even have fatalities-- it's not even that violent and-- oh dear I think she's angry."
    "What? I was just trying to hel-mdmdlflrmtnrmn!"
    The two voices are summarily muffled angrily as That Girl throws on her jacket with a huff and ditches the games for a bit. A snack sounds good about now-- maybe a milkshake to help ignore her annoying talking yakuza tattoo problem. Thusly she finds a seat and plonks down with a huff of annoyance. One order for sustenance later, and she glances up. Of the assembled, Mamoru is the only person she sort of vaguely recognizes. Cue up one nod of greeting for the lot of them as she settles in, like. One table away for convenience sake.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 16:16:07 69826
"Is it a day that ends in y?" Naru replies to Endymion with a twist of a rueful smile and she ineffectively swats at his hand to keep him out of her fries, not making all /that/ much of an attempt at it. She has no illusions about sharing.

"The one and only time I've played DDR, I nearly fell off the machine and decided that my dignity was not up for that sort of challenge." Naru notes to Kyouko with an amused smile. "Glad to see you are upholding your honour." She reaches for her own milkshake, before someone gets into /that/ and takes a sip.

The call of her name, and of her companions prompt Naru to turn towards the voice and there's a quirk of her head, thoughtful as she considers Unmei. "Good afternoon. How are you?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 16:17:18 69827
    Even if she isn't entirely aware of having it yet, the fact that Apatite does share the sense of Endymion's presence is evidenced by the fact that as his hands land on her shoulders, there isn't even so much as a startle, let alone a stabbing. Instead, her head turns to look back (and up) and give him a bright, mildly-fanged smile. "That's because I'm the best." She says, smugly, and preens just a little bit, leaning back against him for a moment.

    Then she grins at Naru, as the girl recounts her abortive attempt at DDR. "Aw, c'mon. I'm sure you'd be good with some practice. It's a great workout too. 'Least, if you play it the way I do." She laughs softly.. and does steal a fry, because girlfriend perogative. She leaves the milkshake alone for the time being, though, chewing the fry.

    Hearing her name, as well as the others, causes her to blink and turn her head. Her eyes narrow as she spots Unmei, and Mamoru, at least, can feel the way she stiffens warily. "What do you want?" She asks, her tone a mix of mild wariness and testy annoyance.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-30 16:33:37 69829
"...Unmei-san," Mamoru greets back quietly, after stiffening slightly-- then relaxing again once he realizes it's her, it's probably just a thing she does, it's not a slight or a presumed level of intimacy. He gets his hand swatted for his fry efforts, then gives Naru a brief shiteating grin as he stuffs the stolen fries in his mouth.

He glances down at Kyouko and fry-face grins at her, eyes crinkling at the corners as she leans her head back against him. He nods in firm, resolute affirmation at her claim to being the best-- and is about to ask about the red and gold he just saw down the back of her shirt collar, but --

One hand squeezes Kyouko's shoulder at her own stiffening and then fairly rude greeting to Unmei, and he ruffles her hair in what looks to all the world like an annoying-brother action, but comes with an unspoken mental 'easy, tiger'. It should be noted that he does not take her to task out loud for the rudeness; he remembers Unmei nearly destroying Kyouko's cool completely back at the frat house. Then he swings around her and drops himself in a seat halfway between the two tables, a little closer to that of his friends than Ano's, but carefully positioned to allow her access to the conversation. "You," he tells her cheerfully, "seem really familiar. You're welcome to scoot your chair over here."

It might be weird to Ano that his eyes aren't quite focused on her, and fall on her arms, whether or not she's wearing sleeves, but his expression is pleasant enough.
Reiko Touyama 2017-01-30 16:39:02 69830
Reiko Touyama is kind of beside herself with worry, ever since Sumire walked back into Tokyo. She was busy talking to the red cardinal on her right shoulder. "What are we gonna do Roy...?" she asks quietly. "I mean. It's just a matter of time until like. A Shade turns into a boot or something and starts traipsing all over her apartment block or concerts or something." she mutters. Roy nods a bit as he taps his lower beak in thought and she looks over to the crown.

"...yeah. A milkshake." she says matter of factly.

She walks inside and!--- there's Naru! And Mamoru! And... a girl with red hair she doesn't know! and a stranger girl she doesn't know! and a girl! That looks familiar but she can't recall the name.

"Oh! Hi!" she says with a big wave!

A koi appears and gives another big wave next to her, to emphasis the 'how happy she is to see people'.
Unmei Tama 2017-01-30 16:43:05 69831
Unmei Tama let out a low whistle. "Wow, testy today, huh Koko?" Oh yes, poke the bear. That's wise. "I just wanted to thank you, for you know. Keeping it between us. Don't worry, I'm not here to start anything, I already did my job and stuff today," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. She'd been finding that her new plan of 'stop targeting girls of magical girl age' had been working quite well. And stop broadcasting it, too.

She then glanced to Naru. "Been doing pretty good. Told Yuzu. We're still cool. She... mostly understands," she said with a shrug, before drinking from her shake. The sound of her hitting the bottom air pocket soon filled the air, the shake now empty.

"You know, I figured you'd be a bit more grateful. Last time I saw you, you were totally fucked up. I could have kept that whole... black seed thing, you know. I didn't have to give it to you. I could have just left you to die." She paused. "Granted, you also didn't tell Yuzu, so I guess we're like... even and stuff. But don't worry, I've found my job is a lot easier if I don't involve you girls and, frankly... there's really not much point to it? Cause like, some of you are cool. I mean, you're kind of mean. But most of you are pretty cool." She then glanced to Mamo. "Oh, right. I work for..." She hummed. "Bad people. I'm really surprised she didn't tell you. But don't worry! I'm not planning to fight you guys or anything. I'm not dumb enough to mess with the whole... neutrality thing any. Besides, having a place I can chill at next time my parents throw a fit is pretty nice, you know? So like, I'm not going to throw anything at the people who make that happen."

She then blinked. "Oh, and I think I met a friend of yours the other day. Weird girl. Kinda blue hair... had a sword. She seemed nice."

Then turned to Reiko and stared. At the koi. "Ummmm... err... is... is anyone else seeing that? IS that a..." Her eyes went wide. "No... way." She leaned down. "Oh my gosh there's no way you're... no way. Goldfish girl?" What? "Ah man, i was worried something bad had happened to you." She paused. "Cause, you know. Little kid. Fighting monsters. And stuff." The sound of her trying to drain an empty milk shake soon filled the air.
Ano Onna 2017-01-30 16:45:09 69832
    Whelp, time to meet some new people. It's all well and good Ano's shake arrives just seconds before she's called out. She IS wearing sleeves- a light leather jacket in fact, flagrantly disregarding the temperature outside the arcade. Thankfully said sleeves are thick enough to muffle her odd mascots, and prevent embarrassment from their capricious fist-related antics.
    Burgundy eyes flick up from slurping at her drink, and she's as cool as a cucumber when Mamoru's gaze seems to home in on her arms.
    As long as lefty and righty don't say anything stupid, it's cool.
    "I hear that a lot. Guess I have one of those faces." That's her initial reply, before getting up and hoisting her chair. She does, in fact, plonk it down and settle herself in much closer to join the crew, a polite nod to Naru and Kyouko- then the freshly arrived Reiko, and even Unmei; before she picks up on that prior note, "Though last time we met was pretty brief. And hazy. Circumstances were kind of rough too. So hi."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 17:05:47 69833
"Oh yes. Because I /so/ don't get enough of a workout in the rest of my life." Naru comments dryly to Kyouko as she flips open her sketchbook. "I am /totally/ a couch potato." She snickers softly and shakes her head, reaching to get some of her fries before Endy and Kyouko mow through all of them.

A distinct lack of nightmare demons on the page today, but rather a mythological beast. A phoenix sprawls across the page and it might, just possibly, occaisionally flick its tail if watched for long enough.

Naru looks over to where Ano sits as Mamoru notes her as familiar and her smile is warm. "Hi."

Naru considers Unmei and her extensive explinations about the details of her magical career and she takes a moment to parse it, and consider it. "There generally /are/ better choices of target than magical girls, yes. Some of them mess with the neutrality as well, but those are exceptions rather than the rule." Because Naru of all people, is quite aware that there are some mundanes who are exceptions.

Naru lifts a hand to wave to Reiko as she arrives as well. "Hey Reiko."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 17:07:38 69834
    Kyouko is fairly bristling in Unmei's direction- there's not only that whole Witch Fight thing, in which the girl nearly stole the prize while endangering her and Naru and Kunzite, there's also the time Unmei tried something at her job. Though that honestly wasn't very threatening. And now she's calling her 'Koko' and saying she's not here to start anything while seemingly doing everything in her power to make Kyouko haul off and punch her in the jaw.

    But Endymion ruffles her hair, and sends her a bit of mental soothing. It's enough ,at least, to prevent imminant physical violence. "You should be grateful." She mutters, but under her breath, "That I don't feed you through the milkshake machine." As Endymion moves to sit between the table she and Naru occupy and the others, acting as a sort of physical (and emotional) buffer, Kyouko plops herself down on a chair next to Naru, leaning back and crossing her arms.

    Naru's comment does get her to grin again a little bit, with a mild shake of her head as if to rebuke the couch potato comment, but she doesn't say anything aloud. Though she does filch another fry, perhaps to keep her from adding any comments to the other girl's reply to Unmei.

    Reiko and Ano both get curious looks and perhaps a polite nod, though she isn't familiar with either of them.
Ano Onna 2017-01-30 17:20:29 69835
    Once settled and as comfy as she's going to get, that girl whittles away at her shake. Shakes are good- the creamy lifeblood of young teens in need of a quick sugary pickup after losing miserably in Alley Brawler games.
    The whole situation with Unmei sails clean over her head, having been out of many loops for a while now. Moot point; everything is cool chill, just like her shake.
    "Yo." That's to Naru, in fact, all casual. Though this is about where most people would introduce themselves.
    She kind of doesn't.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-30 17:25:39 69836
"Reiko-chan!" Mamoru calls out cheerfully, waving back-- then making some more room at the table by scootching his own chair over a little more. When they're closer, he adds an equally cheery "Hi Roy!"

He'll eventually get some food of his own. He also doesn't fail to notice the phoenix in the sketchbook, nor its similarity to the bit of design he saw at the top of Kyouko's back, and an eyebrow lifts in interest to be filed away for later. For now, he's perfectly willing to act as buffer.

Then Unmei keeps... going... and Endymion's frown becomes pronounced (which for him, in this sort of situation, means it becomes visible at all). "Unmei-san," he chides gently, "being rude is a terrible way to try to avoid animosity. And I know who you work for; Kunzite told me. You should know that it saved you considerable trouble, and even did you some good in your employment situation, to hand over the grief seed."

He sighs a little, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. "You're still free to come over if you need help, if you're injured, or if there's an open party -- but if you continue to antagonize my guardians, you're not welcome to consider it a place to come and... chill. It's my home, above all else, and I protect my family as much as they protect me, including from casual exposure to people who make it a point to act like bullies."

That said, he glances sidelong to Ano, and the corner of his mouth twitches up. "Endymion," he says, actually offering his hand like a Westerner, "or Chiba Mamoru, take your pick. You can give a fake name, whatever you like, so long as we have something to call you."
Reiko Touyama 2017-01-30 17:29:59 69837
Reiko Touyama sees Naru is drawing and she's about to go see /what/ she's drawing when...



"GOLDFISH!?" she calls out. "KOI ARE NOT GOLDFISH!" she says. "WHILE IT'S TRUE THEY ARE IN THE SAME SPECIES OF FISH, KOI ARE NOT JUST /GOLDFISH/." she says loudly. Uh oh. Someone's found the sensitive button.


"/SGT FINS./" she calls out. A tiny koi in an army helmet appears and salutes, then turns to Unemi.


The koi swiftly darts over in front of her face, and then sticks out it's tounge and goes...


Then it dissapears.

"I'M ALSO NOT 'JUST A KID'." she huffs.

She stews as she storms to the counter and obtains a fudge milkshake and storms back and then turns to Mamoru and then says sweetly. "Hi, Mamoru-kun!" she beams. "How are you?" she asks softly.

Roy gives a wingwave.

She peeks finally at Naru's book. "Ohhh! That's nice!" she says. Wait. Did it's tail just move. She squints.

Then she looks at Ano and blinks. A name? Anyname. Wha?
Unmei Tama 2017-01-30 17:32:20 69838
Unmei Tama sighs and then leans on the booth, crossing her arms before tossing some more of her cheesy bacon fries into her mouth. "Hey, I think I might get a pizza. You guys want some? I'm kind of bored and stuff. Also, really? Milk shake machine? Such violence. You know, just because I'm a bad guy doesn't mean we can't be friends, Koko! I mean like, you're pretty cool, you know? You got the whole... bad girl gonna punch you out thing, and it's pretty ra--" Then froze. "Oh my gosh I almost said rad. Wow. That's... man I feel old today. Heh. I must be watching too many old sit coms."

Then mamo went off on her. "W-what? Oh. I thought they'd..." Then her eyes went wide. "I've been acting like a bully? I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean that..." Her eyes twitched slightly and she looked... upset. Sad, even. "I just was... sorry."

And then... Reiko. Just Reiko. She stared blankly. She tried to process what happened. SOMETHING happened. She just wasn't sure what. "... It's... a fish. It's a golden fish. What's the big deal? "And isn't filet minon just a type of steak?" She got to her feet and shook her head. "I'm gonna go get a pizza." And they said SHE was unbalanced.
Ano Onna 2017-01-30 17:40:21 69839
    Aw crap called on her social bluff.
    Introductions have become the most awkward moments of that girl's life, since her first entry into the magical world. It's kind of a Problem, expecially in a society so reliant on politeness nad proper manners. Though she side-eyes Unmei, Mamoru has her well enough in hand.
    So this leaves her pursing her lips, a big bead of sweat rolling down the side of her brow. Reiko is looking right at her.
    But she reaches over, taking the offered hand for a shake. Mamoru gets a squeeze; her grip is firm, but controlled- not overbearing, but it's no limp-wristed wobble shake either.
    "This is never not-awkward." She decides to flat out admit, shoulders lifting in a shrug. "Hoshi and Ikiko kind of just call me 'Fist-chan' so that's it I guess."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 17:43:02 69840
"While the apartment is neutral ground as needed, generally out in public is more of a tenuous cease fire. Deliberately poking at people about things that irritate them or are sore spots is not the way to keep that cease fire in good repair." Naru points out quietly, calmly even. "Conflict is fairly inevitable, but most of us make the attempt to save it for more interesting circumstances than sitting around over ice cream smoothies and fries."

Naru considers Ano as she's asked for a name and it's a challenge. "Do you like Fist-chan?" She asks curiously. "Although often nicknames like that stick no matter what your opinion is on it. Pleasure to meet you. I'm Naru."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 17:51:55 69842
    "Actually," Kyouko says testily to Unmei over her shoulder, "It means exactly that we can't be friends. Out of respect for my Prince and my girlfriend and the other people here with bigger hearts and less sense, I will refrain from feeding you your own shoes, but I recommend that you stop calling me 'Koko', because if I hear it one more time we may get to test exactly how strong my oaths are."

    That seems to be all she's willing to say to the girl, and she gives a soft 'hmph' as she turns her head back around with a whip of short red hair and a scowl on her face- letting Mamoru and Naru explain in more even-toned words exactly why it's such poor form.

    She eyes Reiko and her magical fish. She probably knows who this girl is, even if they haven't ever really spoken, though Ano is more of an enigma. A faint smirk replaces her scowl. "Fist-chan, huh? I kinda like that." Well, Mamoru knows her and Naru introduced herself, so after a moment she follows up with, "I'm Kyouko. Nice ta meetcha."

    A moment later, she pulls out her cellphone and types out a quick text. The fact that Naru's phone 'bings' an instant later rather cuts donw on the suspense of who that was to.
Reiko Touyama 2017-01-30 18:20:53 69843
Reiko Touyama head tilts. "So what are you drawing, Naru-chan?" she asks softly as she head tilts. She sighs and leans back and flops into the chair as she begins to sip at her fudge shake. She smiles and waves at Kyouko a little. She sighs a bit and looks at Unmei with a frown. "You're a jerk. I remember you now." she says with a hard frown. "Seems some people here don't like you either."

It's a statement of fact. "You mess someone else up?" she asks.

She then sighs to Mamoru and Naru.

"So... Sumire-chan. Is back in town." she mutters. "She was. Part of the game, too? So. Kinda only really a matter of time before the one of the last two Prisms activate. Ugh." she mutters.

"The Purple one." she says.

She sighs and sips her milkshake and Roy nods again. He doesn't talk. Not right now.

"Then that just leaves... Green." she says.

"Ugh..." she mutters.

"This stinks." she says quietly.

She rubs a hand up across her face.

"H-hey! Mamoru-kun! Do you still have the picture I drew for you? Do you need a new one?" she asks. She knows stuff went down many many months back. Almost a year back, afterall!
Unmei Tama 2017-01-30 18:26:42 69844
Unmei Tama returned a few moments later with a pizza. Canadian bacon, pineapple, yup, hawaiian. She then glanced to Reiko. "Messed some... I never messed anyone up. Well, I mean, I guess the youma thing... but that only lasts until they drain some magic. It's not like it's permanent or anything like that. I'm not cruel."

She glanced to the drawing of Naru's that she really should have noticed a while ago. "That's... err... nice. I uhhhhh... yeah." She took one of the slices of pizza and just chowed down. "If... you guys want any, just... go ahead. I'm gonna go play some more games. I'll see you guys around." She quickly made her escape... going about three tables away to the nearest game system. Totally not listening in on the conversation or anything.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 18:28:55 69846
"It's a phoenix." Naru explains to Reiko as she looks at the drawing and she tips her sketchbook over to let the other girl look more closely. "I'm not happy with how the head is working, so it needs some tweaking."

"Why does it stink?" Naru asks, a little furrow of a frown. "Do all the colours not necessarily get along?"

Naru digs out her phone a few moments after that entirely surprising 'bing' and she looks over to Kyouko with just a touch of a smirk before replying, by text, while still eyeing her girlfriend.

Her attention watches Unmei slip just a few tables away, but she doesn't comment on it, exactly, just a quiet note before returning back to her fries, before they get eaten entirely by 'not her'.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-30 18:37:28 69847
"Fist-chan if that's what you want. Or you can borrow one--" Mamoru is saying, distracted as he shakes Ano's hand; there's a warmth she'll feel there that has nothing to do with body temperature, a charge, and it's mixed in with gratitude and a strange, reverent stillness. He lets go and smiles, an oddly crooked little one. "The person it belonged to won't mind. Chiyoko." Then he flips a hand, grinning. "Or not. Up to you."

One hand lands on Kyouko's arm; there's more reassurance there. He won't hold her back if she starts a fight, so long as it's deserved right then and it's not actually in the Crown.

Then Endymion gives Unmei a brief shrug. "If you don't mean to be one, take more care in what you say and why you say it, and how others might feel." He starts to get up, and pauses when Reiko addresses him -- a blink and he smiles. "It's still on my fridge, but I'd love a new one, too. I do have to go -- I was hoping Usa would show, but I think I'll go meet her at school. Sorry, everyone--!"
Reiko Touyama 2017-01-30 18:40:24 69849
Reiko Touyama frowns a little at Naru. "More... 'you know your friend is going to become a magical girl and you're not sure whether you want to subject your friend to that.'" she says quietly.

"I mean. It's going to happen probably whether I want it to or not. It's just a matter of when." she says.

"Do I preempt that and give it to her on my own terms? Or do I just wait for the inevitable Shade to appear and attack her like it's gone so far?" she asks.

"Then there's... Griselda. I haven't seen Hiroko since..."

"That stuff a few months back." she says quietly. "But if Hiroko comes out and tries to approach her? I've tried to vaguely warn her about that- but well. You know. There's only so much you can say that doesn't sound crazy." she admits.

"Sumire-chan is a little rough around the edges? She's an idol. 'Indigo Angel Tenshi'." she says.

"But she was our friend too and she liked the game when we played." she says softly.

She looks to Mamoru and beams! "I'll do a new one and get it framed this time!" she says.
Ano Onna 2017-01-30 18:54:50 69854
    That's right, Fist-chan. It's the best she's got and Ano Onna is sticking to it. In fact her hand is offered to Kyouko next after texting shenanigans occur, with the same firm grip and everything.
    But she does glance down at her palm. Specifically right after Mamoru had released her. That warmth didn't go unnoticed. Something stirs beneath her sleeve. When she does look up the expression on her face is somewhere between somber and placid, lips tugging into a wan smile. "That's not my name." She replies at first. "But. If she doesn't mind, then I guess I don't either if that's what you want to call me." She leaves it at that as she finishes off her milkshake and stands. "I'd better go. I've killed enough time old Master will break me like a practice board if I'm not back in time for practice."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 18:56:14 69855
    Kyouko returns Naru's smirk with a little eyeroll, some form of communication passing between them which has nothing to do with the texts, but it shall remain inscrutable. She does smile a bit more broadly as Naru talks about the phoenix she's drawing, though the reasons for that are equally unclear, other than perhaps pride in the girl's ability.

    She notable does not take a slice of the pizza offered by Unmei, which should speak volumes of her feelings for the girl, although she also doesn't make any other moves to respond to the previous antagonism. Indeed, as Mamoru's hand lays briefly on her arm, she seems to relax a bit more, accepting his reassurance. She offers him a fleeting smile even as he prepares to go and find Usagi. "Catch ya later, bro."

    Reiko gets a bit more of a considering glance as she talks about friends and becoming magical girls and etc. The situation isn't one she's familiar with (the Prism Keepers in particular, I mean), and she doesn't offer comment.

    She does shake Ano's hand though- her own grip is pretty firm, too, and her hands are calloused in the way the other girl may acknowledge to be that of a fellow scrapper. But then Ano is leaving too, and she just shrugs and offers a lopsided smile as a farewell.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 18:59:33 69857
"Well." Naru listens to Reiko and leans back in her seat a moment, thoughtful. "Speaking personally, I found it much easier to know once I started having hints, than to not know." She lifts a hand to Endymion as he comments about going to meet Usagi. "Later."

There's a glance to Ano as she accepts an alternate name to Fist-chan and she smiles. "Nice to have met you.. Fist-chan, or Chiyoko, either way."

The numbers are dropping and she pauses to take a sip of milkshake as people move about and she leans in to touch Kyouko's shoulder lightly with her own before returning to her comments to Reiko.

"I pretty much always think it is better done on your own terms than on a random schedule, especially with potential complications. If she's ready to hear it, she'll not think you're completely nuts. If she's not, then she's unlikely to remember it very well and you've some time yet."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 19:22:20 69866
    Kyouko listens to Naru talking to Reiko, with some mild interest. She's been a dweller in the magical realm so long, she hardly remembers what it's like to not be in the know. And considering how much of her daily life is involved with it, it's fair to say that she has come to regard the magical portion of the world as more the 'regular' world, and the part in which people don't know about all this stuff the bizarro one.

    Naru leans towards her to brush shoulders, and Kyouko smiles, leaning back briefly, then scootching her chair a bit closer to Naru's as she leans back again. She appears fairly relaxed once more, with Unmei at least a few tables away, though she isn't about to get back up and go DDR again quite yet. Mamo's gone, but there's something mildly territorial about the way she sticks close to Naru's side- perhaps the encounter with someone she considers an enemy provoked her guardian instincts.

    Her eyes wander to the phoenix in the sketch book as the conversation with Reiko trails off. "You're changin' the head?" She asks curiously, leaning over for a closer look.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 19:30:35 69869
"Mmmm." Naru confirms as Kyouko settles closer to her. Protective instincts or not, she doesn't seem to mind having the puella in her personal space. "It's fine when its flat, but the perspective goes wrong when it bends." She nudges the page a touch, bending it over her fingers to try and illustrate what she means.

"It's one of those cases where it's alright, but I'm not especially happy with just leaving it at alright, especially when there's no time pressure." Naru watches the drawing flick its tail at them. "So I'm experimenting."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 19:36:30 69872
    Kyouko thoughtfully clicks her tongue against the back of her teeth, a gesture which products a slightly more pronounced 'click' than one might expect as she watches Naru bending the page, trying to demonstrate her issue with the perspective of the drawing. "Mm.. I think I see what you mean. Dunno if I can offer you any advice on how to fix it though. More your arena than mine."

    She laughs then, leaning back again.. and stealing another fry, of which there are still a few left. "No time pressure. Experiment away." She seems to consider for a moment. "You wanna go by that new store down by the station on the way home? I was thinking of looking at the earrings they have there."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 19:43:05 69873
"It's alright, it's an interesting puzzle to work through. I ran into a few of these sorts of quirks in the mural too, trying to keep the perspective looking right whiel going around corners, for example." Naru smoothes the page out, the gesture almost as if she's smoothing the firey feathers of the bird on the page. Silly. It's just a sketch.

"The one that's all like funky vintage stuff, or the one across the street from it that I think everything in it is made from acrylic?" Naru asks, and honestly the answer could be either. "I want to add metallics, but I'm pretty sure that stuff is really not good to wear long term." She muses a little, considering. "Perhaps just accents would be fine. I should do more reading."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 19:46:47 69876
    "I'm glad you think it's interesting." Kyouko replies wryly, if fondly. "To me, it makes my head start to spin just trying to figure out how to change it. But I guess that's why your the artist and I'm the.. artee?" She laughs, realizing that is probably the incorrect term.

    "Acrylic. Vintage isn't really my style, for the most part." Kyouko says, with regards to the store and potential earring-shopping. "Not that there's anythin' wrong with it in general, just more interested in the other sort."

    She blinks at the mention of 'metallics' before putting together what Naru is talking about. "Ooh. That'd be cool. Maybe you can like.." She gestures with her hand vaugely. "Magic it to be shiny even if it isn't normally."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 20:00:55 69883
"You are my canvas." Naru replies with a smile. "And yeah.. art geek. The conversation on perspective over a curve would probably sound very much like the conversation about the practicalities with different spears that made /my/ head spin."

"Vintage could be.. but it would be trying on a different skin." Naru has to agree as she goes back to adjusting the sketch, just layering more lines on top of what she's already drawn for the time being.

"You have WAY more faith in my skills of that sort of control at that sort of distance than I do. Still, could be really interesting to try." Naru mmms softly. "Add it to the long and extensive experimentation list. I should actually /try/ some of those,r ather than just talk about trying them."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 20:05:23 69886
    "Part time, only." Kyouko smirks absently, "As this canvas has to actually go to work and stuff, and can't just lazy about for you to experiment on any time you get a whim to do so. So you'll have to rely on sketchbook-chan for the experimenting." Then she laughs. "It's not like I have extensive knowledge of different spear-types. I made mine our of my imagination."

    "I do like trying on a different skin, so to speak, now and again. Like in Paris." Kyouko muses. "But I think I'd like to get some for my regular skin, first, since I'm more likely to use those on a much more regular basis."

    She grins. "Faith in your skills is part of my job description as girlfriend, I think. But yes, I heartily agree with your proposal to actually try things instead of just talking about them. You wanna pick a day for our trip out to the country to do said trying?"
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 20:15:46 69892
"Part time only." Naru agrees with a longsuffering sigh that's edged with amusement. "Someday, you'll laze around.. and go not so quietly insane and be a /terrible/ canvas, so yeah. Part time." She teases with a wink.

"Good to know. I really should look over that job description, see what bits of it I'm falling down on." Naru notes with a little bit of a laugh and then she nods. "This week? Before something /new/ goes crazy stupid and I'm caught in a situation going 'uhhh.. y'know what would have been smart /before/ now? Practicing.'"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 20:20:38 69895
    "This week." Kyouko confirms with a firm nod. "Maybe this weekend, though. I mean, I intend for this to be an all-day excursion, if we are going far enough out into the countryside to do it without witnesses, which was the plan. Unless you wanna skip school. Which would be fine with me, but I figured you wouldn't want to." A mild shrug.

    Then she laughs. "No, I think you have the faith in my abilities part down pretty pat, although it hasn't been terribly relevant yet. As for lazing around.. well, maybe. I'm mildly more inclined towards that after that DDR session earlier." She pauses, then leans forward to whisper something.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 20:34:54 69898
"I really shouldnt skip school." Naru confirms with a nod. "So this weekend perhaps, that would work." She grins. "Picnic /and/ attempting not to blow anythign up that I didn't intend to blow up. Sounds like a plan." She pauses. "I'm not sure I /can/ blow things up, so that might be a really easy marker to acheive."

Naru leans in at the whisper and then leans out just a smidge before serrupticiously taking the edge of Kyouko's t-shirt and holding it out just a smidge to peer down her back. Just a quick peek, lest other people in the cafe think that they have lost their minds. More than they generally think that /already/.

"Hunh. I'm impressed. You're good." Naru sounds vaguely surprised as she reaches for her milkshake. "Apparently sometimes you /can/ believe what you read on the internet."
Kukai Souma 2017-01-30 20:36:02 69899
It's been a long week. Kukai Souma has not exactly had the best time of it, and so today he's made the decision to get out of his normal places and normal mindset. The Fruits Parlor Crown wasn't his usual hang out, but hey, it was cheerful and loud and happy. So he'd come to visit and poke around. Maybe even play a video game later if anything caught his attention. Daichi was flitting around, looking over the arcade again - he loved the flashy lights, even if the idea of standing in one place for so long didn't attract him.

Of course, another benefit of visiting the Crown was that most of the time there was someone with a magical affectation there to talk to. Today it seemed Kukai was in good luck, as he walked over towards the table where Naru and Kyouko were sitting. "Hello! Am I interrupting anything?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 20:40:33 69901
    "Alright. Weekend it is, then." Kyouko confirms, with a smile. "Picnic and only minor blowing things up. I'm sure we can figure out a way for you to blow things up." She says this reassuringly, as if thinking that the lack of exploding-things was a complaint from Naru rather than an observation.

    She peers over her shoulder as Naru attempts to peer down the back of her t-shirt, then grins slightly at the positive result once that surreptitious inspection is complete. "Really? Sweet. I mean, it's probably not gonna last through the evening anyway, since I intend to shower later, but it's cool that it doesn't come off that easily. Good to know."

    She glances up as Kukai approaches the table, offering him a lopsided smile. "Hey. Not really. Just finding out that sometimes the internet is actually correct."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 20:45:14 69903
"I don't /need/ to blow things up!" Naru protests lightly, with a laugh and she looks up as Kukai approaches the table.

"Kukai!" Naru sounds pleased to see him. "How are you doing? Pull up a chair, no you're not inturrupting at all." She has just about finished her milkshake and she gestures. "I'm getting myself another, what can I get you two? You two /do/ know each other, right? How are you doing?" She asks of him.
Kukai Souma 2017-01-30 21:08:16 69906
Kukai blinks at Kyouko, then sits down. "Ooh. Ok. I thought the internet was always wrong about everything. It's good to know there are some things they're right about. I guess." He shrugs. "I don't spend a lot of time on my phone. What were they right about?"

Kukai looks over at Naru and grins. "Well. A chocolate milkshake sounds really good, if you don't mind. And then when you get back I wanna know what you're trying to blow up. And yeah, I sort of know Kyouko. We've never actually sat and talked." He grins at Kyouko, then offers her a hand. "Hi. I'm Kukai Souma, Jack of Guardians at Seiyou Public School. It's nice to meet you miss Kyouko."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 21:19:51 69908
Naru nods at the milkshake requests, standing and just giving Kyouko's shoulder a gentle brush with her hand. She smiles. "How to get paint to set so that it doesnt rub off too easily. I was skeptical, but it seems to work pretty well."

Naru moves over to order and collect a trio of milkshakes and an extra order of fries, because it's certianly not about to go to waste at her table.

"I'm still trying to get a handle on my magic." Naru explains as she returns. "So I'm not /specifically/ trying to blow things up, but I'm not sure if I /can/. I don't think so, but knowing where some of my edges are would be really handy. It's just not exactly the wisest thing to do say.. in my living room." She quirks a grin.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 21:25:28 69909
    Kyouko glances up as Naru moves off to the counter, calling after her, "Just get me something I'd like." This is an easy order- there isn't much edible that Kyouko doesn't like, though Naru would have a greater insight into her preferances than many others would.

    Meanwhile, she quirks a smile at Kukai. Seems like it's a day for handshakes, but she doesn't hesitate, shaking his with a firm grip. "I know who you are. We have met before.. even if we've never sat and talked, like you say. Kyouko Sakura, at your service." She pauses, then adds, "Not literally, I'm sworn to another, but y'know. Metaphorically."

    Naru returns and Kyouko beams at her. "I'm sure you can. I mean, you draw a flame thrower and it functions, right? Worse comes to worse, draw a bomb and chuck it at the youma." She pauses, then adds, "Though that's not the most efficient way to deal with magical bad guys. Seems to work for Homura, though."
Kukai Souma 2017-01-30 21:48:47 69911
Kukai arches an eyebrow. Paint? They were painting? Wait. Naru. Rub. Paint. A glimmer of the concept runs through Kukai's head, and he makes an 'oh' sound, leaning on the table. No reason to bring it up, though. And oooh, fries. He picks one up and munches. "Thank you!"

Kukai nods at Kyouko. "I know. We just seem to pass. What's the phrase, ships in the night? And... yeah." He chuckles. "I'm sort of sworn to somebody else. I don't think it's quite as binding as yours, though." He nods, then rubs his chin, listening to Kyouko and Naru. "Well you could maybe paint timed explosives? Or magical ones? If you can make things that you paint then you've got a lot of range. Heck, do what Amulet Spade does. Paint yourself a giant magical paintbrush and whack things with it."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 21:55:55 69912
    Kyouko sees Kukai's expression, and she grins a little. "It's nothin' too salacious." She assures him. "Basically, tattoo practice. Naru painted a cool design on my back, because she's a good painter and I was pondering getting a tattoo someday and wanted to see what it would look like. The paint is washable, so I was concerned it had started to come off while I was playin' DDR, but apparently it's as good as advertised. I'd show you, but pulling my shirt up in an arcade, even just in back, might get us kicked out, sooo."

    She laughs softly. "I just think it would be more efficient to find a way to smite the monster with magic directly.. but I dunno. We're not sure what, exactly, Naru is capable of yet. Hence the training we were talkin' about." She snickers slightly, at the idea of painting a paintbrush to whack the monsters with, which seems amusingly meta.
Seth Locke 2017-01-30 22:09:22 69914
As the after school hours bring about more students onto the streets, and shops, and the arcades, it's not much of a surprise that Seth walks in, this being one of his usual places of passage before going home. He heads to the cafe area, climbing the steps tiredly, and looks around for a comfy spot to sit at.

It's then that in his view a number of familiar faces. Smiling some, he approaches. "Good afternoon."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 22:13:54 69915
Naru nudges her sketchbook closer to Kukai as Kyouko explains, the drawing of a phoenix spread over the page. Watched long enough, it looks like it moves on the page. A flick of its tail, a little ripple of a wing. "This version is way less likely to get us kicked out."

Naru laughs softly. "If I'm beating things with things, I'm just going to grab the flamethrower. An oldie but a goodie, to be sure. Still, I'm not a terrible effective front line combatant, flamethrower or no, so having some options seems like a really good idea. Exploring those options /before/ I have Hannah's goons shooting at me again, or a witch breathing down my neck seems like an even better plan."

Naru looks over as she hears a familiar voice and lifts her hand in a polite wave. "Afternoon, Seth."
Kukai Souma 2017-01-30 22:21:54 69916
Kukai aaahs and then nods. "That's cool. And... yeah, it's fine, let's not get you into trouble." He grins. "And also let's not get me into trouble with Nadeshiko when she hears about some girl pulling her shirt up at me." He nods at Kyouko and Naru, thinking, then sits up as.. what's his name. Seth! Seth walks up. "Hey Seth! How're you?"

Kukai looks at the sketchbook, examining the phoenix, then grins. "Flamethrower, huh?" Kukai rubs his chin again, thinking. The germ of an idea is bubbling up in his head, but right now he can't quite put it together. Something about drawing things. "We talked about you being in the front line, though. You're fine where you're at."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 22:26:26 69917
    Kyouko rolls her eyes a little bit. "This girl is not interested in you like that," She says, wryly, then adds, "No offense." She glances up as Seth approaches the table. Not being on first-name terms with him, but recognizing him from at least one visit to the ECFH, she raises a hand in a casual wave, but says nothing to him for the moment.

    She shakes her head slightly at Naru's speaking of being on the front line. "If you're not suited for front line combat, then that's fine, babe. It doesn't make you useless. But I agree that havin' some options when you don't really have a choice is a good plan. Again.. hence the field trip. Flamethrower is neat and effective but.. probably not suited for all instances. What if we get attacked in a fireworks factory?" She grins and raises a brow.
Seth Locke 2017-01-30 22:38:18 69918
Seth Locke hoped this might be a casual day; one of those days where he'd have a nice talk with people he knows. But alas!, that might not be meant to be. Because as he approaches, he gets within earshot to hear about combat, flamethrowers, goons, and the name of a close friend of his.

Chances of non-magical conversation, now: zero. Talk about magical stuff, engage!

"What's all this I hear about fighting, and flamethrowers, and Hannah's... Goons?", he asks looking between everyone gathered.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 22:42:10 69919
"I had a mundane flamethrower in the fight with Fiore, and well.. it sort of stuck." Naru admits with a smile that says the generally non-combatant is actually rather alright with a flamethrower when she /has/ to fight face to face.

"Generally I'm pretty sure that I could be doing something better, but it's obvious and useful and straightforward. I mean.. I have a lot of versitility available to me." Naru shakes her head a little. "It's a trick that works, I suppose. Generally I do not /go/ to the front line, but it seems to be really /good/ at coming to me." There's just a little pause and then she offers Kyouko a sheepish look and then laughs. "If we get attacked in a fireworks factory, I'll totally damsel and hide behind you, waiting for my valient girlfriend to save me." The smirk says that she's not even a little bit serious about this plan.

"Mostly theoretical at the moment, Seth." Naru comments to him with an easy smile. "How are you?"
Kukai Souma 2017-01-30 22:50:30 69920
Kukai laughs and nods at Kyouko, grinning. "I figured. None taken." He takes a sip of his milkshake, then looks back over to Seth. "Naru's been trying to figure out how to improve her art." He shrugs at Naru and leans back in his chair. "Can you only make things you've seen before and that you know are real, or can you make things that are..." The idea that he was thinking about earlier pops and he ohs, sitting up. "..imaginary. Sorry! I just had an idea, a thought. A couple of thoughts, actually, that are all coming at once."

Kukai digs in his pocket for his phone. "Ok, so. You're doing designs and drawings on people. Can you draw... for instance, armor? Or, if, say, someone's going into a hot place, draw ice on them? Or..." He sets down his phone. It's a picture of Nadeshiko, holding up a red hanging charm, drawn in yellow ink on red paper. "Could you draw, say, protection charms on people to grant them some kinda defense?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-30 22:54:57 69921
    Kyouko glances at Seth, a hint of a frown touching her lips, but as Naru and Kukai play it off, she just shrugs and echoes their sentiments. "Yeah. Just talkin' theories right now, dude- nobody's actually fightin' anybody."

    Then she grins to Naru. "Babe, you can damsel behind me at any time you need to, but I don't think it suits you. I'd much prefer to have you at my back than behind it." A bright smile at that, before she turns her eyes back to Kukai.

    "There's been talk of her drawin' shields, at least. The charm idea has some merit though, I think." She glances to Naru for confirmation. "At least worth experimenting with."
Seth Locke 2017-01-30 23:23:19 69923
"Oh, just sort of having to deal with the fact that my long-time but disappeared friend that I got lucky enough to find here in Japan, is actually tantamount to a junkie", Seth replies, just laying it on the table. "Except, instead of drugs, it's magic and thrill-seeking through magical fighting. Hurt three people, before being landed on the hospital herself." He sighs, "And I find this out when I went to visit her."

He shrugs, repeatedly, chuckling. "I got... Absolutely no words to describe what I was feeling, at that point."

He rubs the bridge of his nose. "I guess I gave her the 'mahou drugs are bad, you shouldn't do drugs' speech, and she took off out of her own room." He shrugs. "People change, and I guess not all for the better."

A sound pause.

"But I'm sure my life pales in comparison to yours, guys, so move on." He looks at Kukai, "And I know about her craft, yes." He looks at Naru, "I actually had a few ideas I was going to ask you about, when next I'd see you."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-30 23:30:17 69924
"I can draw things both from memory and from imagination." Naru explains to Kukai. "I've mostly drawn weapons, mostly for other people honestly, when I've been in a fight. Not entirely, I've also drawn things specific to what we needed /right then/, but by and large, I've found fights move too quickly for me to draw. I draw fast, but not quite /that/ fast if its something completely new."

"Painting on people is new." Naru points out. "And I'm a little hesitant to infuse it with magic, because .. well.. I don't quite know how that's going to /work/. I am looking forward to trying out the shields, because at this point in my life, if I never get shot again, I would be alright with that. It bloody well /hurts/."

At Seth's words, Naru turns to look at him and she quirks her head. "I had wondered who the other lecture was, when she mentioned it." Naru mmms softly. "More than three, but the point stands. She's.." there's just a moment of pause, thoughtful. "Really not in a good head space right now. It's hard to know how to help her, she's pretty solidly against accepting help."

There's a curious look as Seth says he wished to ask her about things. "Oh? What sort of things?"
Kukai Souma 2017-01-30 23:40:33 69925
Kukai nods. "Yeah. Things are sort of ok on that front right now. Heck, I thought I was gonna get into a fight yesterday but all that happened was that I got my pants soaked in ocean water." He nods at Kyouko, then turns to look at Seth, blinking. "Good grief. That's kinda awful. Maybe you can get her straightened out, I hope?" He shakes his head. "Nah. One of the things I've learned is that everybody's lives are equally interesting in their own way. I wouldn't say what I do is any more or less important in the long run."

"Hmm. Well, maybe you could work up like a big sketchbook of concepts and ideas and then when something pops up, pick one, infuse it, and see how it goes?" Kukai shrugs. "I'm sure you've had that idea before me. As for the shields and tattoos and things, that could be fun. Heck, we'll find some of that transferable ink paper so we can carry stuff around for instant use. If we could find something resistant to dark energy I bet that'd put Riventon and Lacrima's heads in a vice." He grins, maybe a little bit more than he should, at the idea of Riventon being in trouble.

Kukai looks back and forth between Naru and Seth. There's something there, but it's a side conversation. Which is fine. He coughs after a moment. "While I'm thinking about it, does anyone happen to know about a specific magical critter I'm looking for? Looks like a pair of twin clowns? Maybe?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-30 23:43:06 69926
Sakura Kinomoto came walking in, pushing the door open and walking inside, stretching. "Ughhhhh," she groaned. Today had been a tough day. She held a hand up to her mouth and gave a little yawn.

She glanced over and... "Oh! Hey!" she called out, her eyes lighting up at the sign of all her friends! Well, mostly. She didn't know Seth that well. Or Kyouko, really. But like... Kyouko was one of those people who just seemed so nice and friendly and whenever Sakura was near her she felt kind of safe. Not like she did around Yukito, Mamo or kukai, but a different kind of safe.

So of course, everyone got a hug! Even Seth, even though she didn't know him very well. He was her friend by proxy. It spread, like some kind of adorable diseases, spread by good feeling sneezes and hidden cuddle bacteria in the air.

"I'll be right back and then I'll join you!"

She and Tomoyo made their way to the counter and soon, two small strawberry shakes in tow, they made their way to the table behind the groups and sat down, happily sipping as they relaxed in their seats.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-31 00:00:13 69928
    Kyouko eyes Seth as he suddenly decides to spill his life's story at them, despite her (at least) barely knowing who he is. She figures out who he's talking about, partly from the context and partly from Naru's reaction, and just rolls her eyes.. but wisely keeps her mouth shut. Anything she has to say about Hannah is likely not going to help keep this civil at this table.

    "I keep telling her it's okay to use me as a guinea pig," Kyouko tells Kukai, as Naru talks about painting on people being new and therefore and unknown quantity. "It's really rather distressingly hard to do permenant damage to me. But then she says all this stuff about /caring/ about me and not wanting to accidentally lop one of my arms off or something." She grins. "Girls, right?" She winks, then nudges Naru teasingly with her elbow.

    She eyes Kukai as he mentions a pair of clowns, and shrugs her shoulders. "Can't help ya, sorry."

    Then Sakura arrives and hugs her out of nowhere. Kyouko looks mildly distressed by this, though she doesn't actually protest.
Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 00:16:56 69932
Its after work. But it's a walking day! Mostly because Dog followed her to work.

And then she spots her sister! And Naru! Both are sitting with some people! And the guy who bought her ramen a billion months ago! (He's very nice!)

She looks down at Dog and hums. It's too cold to just leave him here! She spots an alley...

A few minutes later, Momo's coming in, a pretty but used ballgown that's about three sizes too big on over her street clothes. She shuffles forward, thinking she's the sneakiest person ever. However, there's a tail wagging from out of the poof of the skirt...

"Kyou-nee!" She hugs on her sister once it's her turn!
Seth Locke 2017-01-31 00:25:20 69934
"Yup", Seth reaffirms after Naru says Hannah doesn't want to accept help. "Pretty much like a junkie." He moves on from that, "But anyways..."

That's when Sakura comes, and gives everyone a hug, him included, it seems. He doesn't show signs of being ill-at-ease about it. No, recent events have shown that there's some tragic concidence bringing Sakura and Seth together - they both lost their mothers. "Good afternoon, Saku-chan. How're you?" He'll wait for her to come back.

Now, it's the tidbit about Lacrima and some guy named Riventon that catches his attention. "...Please, please, /please/ tell me Lacrima didn't decide to unleash a hellhound through the streets of Tokyo again?"

He looks at the arriving Momo, and gives her a polite wave; his attention, however, is now focused on the Lacrima subject.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-31 00:27:17 69935
"So far, my fight quota is mercifully low, but based on the extensive and wide ranging list of issues, that's not going to last." Naru shakes her head a little to Kukai. "It's a nice thought though, and one I will happily cling to." She shakes her head on the question about clowns. "That is on my list.. but I'm sorry.. no insights." She wrinkles up her nose, apologetic.

"Honestly, I have been considering what to put in the sketchbook, but there's little enough there yet, for a variety of reasons. Some good, some not so good reasons." Naru comments to Kukai. "I don't yet know of anything resistant to dark energy. My art isn't, that's for certain."

Sakura is there, invading personal space all over the place and Naru hugs briefly before reminding the younger girl. "Not everyone is keen on being hugged willy nilly, Sakura." and then Momo and Dog arrive. With ballgowns and 'hidden' Dogs and more hugs and she looks over to Kyouko. "Our life is ridiculous. Just for the record." She laughs and shakes her head.

"To the best of my knowledge, Seth, Lacrima's been pretty mellow the last little while. Certainly if she's making new trouble, /I/ haven't heard about it." Naru shakes her head at Seth's question, accepting that whatever he was going to ask her, apparently he's not going to here and now.
Kukai Souma 2017-01-31 00:36:20 69937
Kukai acks and then is wearing a Sakura. He grins, giving her a hug back, then blinks, staring at her friend, Tomoyo. It's a 'I am confused and you look familiar and what in the hell' sort of stare that lingers for several moments. Finally when they return Kukai nods to the two of them. "Sakura, your friend Tomoyo looks almost exactly like my friend Nadeshiko, only younger. I'm kinda shocked."

Kukai looks back to Kyouko and then nods. "Well I would think that Naru wouldn't want to be responsible for, I dunno, making you blow up. I have seen some sort of horrifying things the Puella have lived through, but I don't think she'd like that."

Kukai just... blinks at Momo as she enters. "Momo. When'd you get a tail? And what's with the puffy dress? Did you get out of dance class?"

Kukai sniffs a bit and looks over at Seth. "I might've... punched her. A few times. Recently. How's she doing? And no, Lacrima's fine, she hasn't been doing anything awful. She was actually of some use recently helping me keep an eye on somebody."

Finally, to Naru. "Well, that's a shame. I'm sure you'll figure out something that is uniquely you. You're awesome, you know."

Kukai looks around the table, then gets his pointy nose grin. He leans in close to Naru and whispers. "Watch this." Suddenly he reaches out, slamming his hands on the table. "SAKURA!"
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-31 00:40:46 69939
Sakura Kinomoto nodded. "Yeah. Doing a lot better. Has uhhhh... has anyone... seen Hannah-sempai? I... I really need to talk to her but I haven''t been able to find her in a while and... ummmm... for reasons." Pause. She looked nervous, ill at ease was this lying? Was she lying right now? Was it a lie to not tell them the full truth? OH GOSH SHE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! "I-I need to ask her about Riventon!"

And then... was that... that was a dog, wasn't it? But, wait, what if... what if the girl had a dog TAIL? It was possible, Ayana and others had adorable puppy ears? What if this girl had dog tail? Oh gosh she wanted to pet it soooooo baaaaaaad. No. Don't look at it. Don't. Look at it.

"Sakura-chan, you're so cute when you're trying to make decisions," Tomoyo said with a chuckle. "Miss, can my friend pet your dog?"

"T-tomoyo-chan!" Pause. "Can I?"

And then... he says -that-. She stared at him, with a look of shock. Tomoyo looked horrified. And then he slammed his hands down and she jumped and... and she started to cry. And then ran out the door. "Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo called after her, before sighing and turning to Kukai. "That was extremely cruel of you, Kukai-kun was it? Sakura-chan told me you were supposed to be nice, why would you bring up her mother like that? And if you're wondering why I look like her, it's because she was my mother's cousin." And her mother had a weird fascination with her cousin that led her to grooming her daughter up to be like her listen Tomoyo had a weird, weird life. Then she ran out after Sakura. "Sakura-chan!"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-31 00:48:43 69941
    There's an awful lot going on at the table now, between Sakura and Tomoyo, and Seth and Kukai and now Momo is coming in with a fancy dress over her clothes and a not-so-hidden Dog under the back. Kyouko facepalms, then drags her hand down her face as she shares a look with Naru that basically says, 'Aren't you glad we can't have kids?' without actually saying anything.

    She stands up, just in time to get hugged-on by Momo, returning it, because even if she's about to be driven insane, Momo is still her sister whom she adores. There's just various levels of adoring, and 'sneaking a pet into the arcade while dressed as a homeless lady' is somewhat lower on the scale. "Momo." She says, laying her hands on her sister's shoulders and staring into her eyes. "Take the dog. Outside. Then you may come back in, if you want." Mama Kyouko, laying down the law.

    Then she glances around.. blinking as Sakura suddenly flees in tears, but just shrugging. "Alright. I think I'm about at my limit for today. I'm gonna head home and get that shower I mentioned earlier." She offers Kukai and Seth a polite smile. "Nice ta meet both of you.. well, re-meet. I'll take Dog home, Momo, if you wanna stay." She then amends her earlier statement.

    She gives Naru a glance, to determine if her girlfriend is going to come with her or stick it out here a bit longer, then makes her way towards the entrance.
Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 00:52:20 69942
Momo swishes with the dress. "Nope! I got it at work! I'm gonna make something pretty with it!" It reminds her a bit of Naru, the colors do!

And then there's a table slap and her last name is called. She jumps a bit! "What! No! I didn't do anything!"

There's a woof of agreement coming from her thigh.

And that doesn't help her sudden nervous laughter. "Dog? What Dog? He's part of the dress! I mean tail!"

But then! Oooo how rude! "Kukai-kun is nice! He bought me ramen! Don't be mean to him!" She shakes her fist after Tomoyo!

But then!! Momo's eyes grow large and threaten to spill over with tears! She kneels down and hugs Dog through the skirt. "But, but, Kyou-nee! It's cold outside! What if he freezes to death?"

Ignore the fact that scruffy though he is, the dog still has a thick coat of fur.

But then! "Oh could you? And make sure his bed had that blanket on it so he can snuggle under it if its cold at home?"

She slides the over-sized dress down her body and hands it over. "And can you put this on my bed? Not the floor? Please?"

Hugs for Kyou-nee! And hugs for Naru, if she's leaving, too!
Seth Locke 2017-01-31 01:03:54 69945
"Ah, good", Seth replies with a sigh following afterwards. He goes to ask Naru about something, and that happens to be when Kukai makes the resemblance comment. Everything okay util then, but when he's about to ask Naru for something, the guy shouts, and he gets interrupted. /Again/.

Patiently, he looks at Kukai, and says: "Yes, the flowers are a sight to behold, but we're in the winter. It's not their time yet." It impacts like a dampener for the joke.

Then, lecture time to Kukai, and he remains quiet, watching the word exchange. "...Damn", he mutters under his breath.

So, as a mood-breaker, he just chuckles as friendly as possible, "I could go for a drink, right now. Yes, I need one." It'll wash away the awkward moment he found himself in, hopefully.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-31 01:11:23 69948
"I don't care how well she heals, no injuring my girlfriend." Naru agrees on the topic of experimenting on Kyouko. She is standing, however, and stretching as she does, getting the kinks from sitting too long out.

"If you don't find him in the next couple of days, Sakura.." And then the girl is fleeing in tears and Naru is blinking. "What.. the devil is /that/ one about?" And then Tomoyo explains and there's an arch of Naru's brow. "For a huge metropolis, Tokyo is really /really/ small."

"Seth? Whatever you're trying to ask me.. just text me." Naru offers with an apologetic smile. "Either ask that way, or we can set up another meeting. Later everyone."

Apparently she has a girlfriend and a Dog to walk home with, and that wins over more social time.
Kukai Souma 2017-01-31 01:19:14 69949
And then the table frigging empties. Kukai is left sitting at the table with Momo and Seth, blinking. "....There were three Sakuras here, I was kinda thinking they'd all look at me. Good grief. Give... gimme a minute. Sakura!" Kukai scoops up his phone on the table, still with the picture of Nadeshiko holding the red charm he'd bought her, and runs out after Sakura and Tomoyo, taking a moment to hug Naru and wave goodbye to Kyouko. "Bye you two!"

He finds the two of them outside of the cafe and runs over to them. "Look! I didn't mean to be mean - stop, look, here!" He holds up his phone. "This is my friend Nadeshiko Fujisaki. Her brother, Nagihiko Fujisaki.. waitasec.." He flips through the phone, and holds up a picture of Nagihiko in wide brimmed hat and loose shirt and jeans. "Are.. we.. um. We're complicated. REALLY complicated right now. But see? She looks -a ton- like your friend, Sakura. I didn't know. Really. I'm sorry."

He pockets the phone, then puts his hands on his knees and bows his head deeply and formally. "Please forgive me Sakura-chan. Please stop crying.."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-31 01:26:29 69954
Sakura Kinomoto was outside, Tomoyo was holding her as she cried. Though, she looked up and just kind of... glared at Kukai. Then Kukai explained himself and... "Oh," Tomoyo said first. "Sakura-chan. I think..."

"I-it was an accident," the little girl said, wiping her eyes. "I-I'm sorry Kukai-kun. I just... it was... it was a bit shocking to the system," she mumbled weakly, glancing to the picture. "She... she looks really pretty," she said gently, giving a little grin. "S-sorry I didn't mean to... to cause a problem." She then paused as everyone was leaving. "They... they aren't leaving because of me, are they?" She wiped her eyes. "I-I didn't mean to start... I-I'm sorry... it's just... my mom and then... then you... I thought you were trying to be mean and... I-I didn't expect that from you... y-you're always so nice and... and nice...." She slowly walked back into the room, wiping her eyes, following Kukai. Also, they'd left their shakes so when she got back she grabbed it and started lightly sipping.

Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 01:33:30 69957
Suddenly, Momo is alone at the table with someone she doesn't know! Worse yet, she's left at the table with a boy she doesn't know!

She shifts awkwardly in her seat, where she'd plopped down. "Um, excuse me!" She scurries to order a shake and some yummy food. Motoki gently chastises her about bringing in animals before saying he'll bring her order along shortly.

When Momo sits back down, Sakura is back. "It's not you I'm mad at, lady, it's the other one!" Her nose is in the air and her arms are crossed. "He also gave his leftover ramen to Dog, so he's very much not mean. So there." She sticks her tongue out to Tomoyo, wherever she is!
Seth Locke 2017-01-31 01:51:51 69959
"Will do", he replies to Naru. "See you soon, hopefully." He dircts not only to her, but to the other ones leaving, as well.

And now at the table are Momo and Seth. He turns his attention to Momo. "Good afternoon. I'm Seth Katsumoto Locke. I'm a student from the United States, and I go to Infinity Academy." A formal presentation, no less.

Waiting to see the outcome of the Kukai/Sakura issue, he looks at the house specialties. "Maybe a chocolate smoothie...?", he wonders.
Kukai Souma 2017-01-31 01:57:20 69961
Kukai nods and then hugs both Sakura and Tomoyo. "She is. She's gorgeous. And no, they had to leave anyway. It's fine. Seth and Momo are still inside - let's go in, I can finish my milkshake and any of the fries Momo leaves us. Oh, honey." He kneels for a second and hugs Sakura again. "I would never be purposefully mean to you."

The three of them come back in, and Kukai reclaims his seat. "All good, I think. Even that burning wreck of a joke I made, too. So. Hello Momo, how're you doing? How's Dog?" Kukai picks up his milkshake and then shakes it. "...Momo, did you drink my milkshake?" He didn't think she did, but it's lighter than it was. Did he drink it?
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-31 02:02:02 69962
Sakura Kinomoto nodded, then blinked. "W-what? Why would you be mad at Tomoyo-chan?" Sakura asked, glancing to her friend. tomoyo was her BEST best friend. There was no possible way ANYONE could be mad at her. It just didn't make sense!

The girl merely smiled. "My apologies, Momo-chan. There was just a minor misunderstanding between Kukai-kun and I. No harm was done, I assure you," she said very kindly, before bowing her head politely. "My name is Daidouji Tomoyo, a pleasure to meet you." she said with a gentle smile.

"I'm Kinomoto Sakura! Nice to meet you!" She went back to drinking her shake.
Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 02:35:51 69968
Momo answers Seth's introduction with a shy one of her own. "Pleased to meet you. My name is Momo Sakura, and I don't go to school. America? Have you been to Disneyland or Disneyworld? Are they like Disneyland Tokyo? I haven't been there yet. Is it true you can drive hours and hours and not see a town?"

Yes, this is her being shy.

She sticks her tongue out at Kukai with a giggle. "I didn't! I ordered my own, you can ask Seth-kun!" And then, well, he asked! "I'm doing good! I found Kyou-nee shortly after we met, and she was suspcious at first and made me cry, but it made sense because I'd been dead and then I wasn't, but then she realized I was real, and Dog and I moved in with her, and I got a job, and then we moved into Mamo-nii's apartment and it was cheap because it was haunted but it isn't anymore, I miss the ghost she was super nice I hope Jia-chan's taking care of her, and Naru's been drawing me pictures to color and I've been learning how to sew! Dog's doing real good, he has his own bed, but he likes to share with me, and Mamo-nii doesn't like him lots because he prefers cats, but Aniki makes sure he's got lots of food." She nods. And finally remembers to breathe.

She turns to Sakura. "Because she said Kukai was mean but he isn't."

She tilts her head and hums in thought. "Okay, I forgive you. My name is Momo--"

She turns and gasps at Sakura! "Your name is my family name!"
Seth Locke 2017-01-31 02:45:37 69972
At all those questions Momo floods him with, Seth just scratches his head. "Well...", he begins to reply. "No, I never been to Disneyland, nor Disneyworld, so I can't really compare to Disneyland Tokyo. But yes, it's true that you can drive for hours with no cities in sight; just make sure you got extra gas to fill your car with, I'd say. Road checkpoints are at times scarce."

...And Kukai is back on the scene, with Sakura (and Tomoyo) alongside him. "Everything alright? Is the misunderstanding gone?"
Kukai Souma 2017-01-31 02:55:02 69975
Kukai shakes his now-empty milkshake cup and hmms, considering the values of a second one over a bottle of water. The idea of a late night search for the clowns pops into his mind, and he's up after a few minutes, going over to order another chocolate milkshake, just like the first. And another large plate of french fries for the table.

He sets the fries down on the table and looks over at Momo, listening to her story. "So... you moved in with Kyouko and there was a ghost and you can sew and color and stuff. So you're all right. That's good!" He grins at Momo and Sakura. "That. That right there. That was what the 'sakura!' thing from earlier was supposed to be. Man."

Kukai nods to Seth and stretches. "Yeah, I think so. I gotta finish this milkshake and fries and get back out on patrol. My legs are hurting some from all the walking and running I've been doing."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-31 02:59:38 69976
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and then frowned at Kukai. Then smiled to Momo. "That's right! It is! That's so cool, it's like... we're cousins or something!" Tomoyo just smiles. Totally not jealous or anything. "It's great to meet you, Momo-chan." She then looked to Kukai and frowned. "Kukai-kun?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.

She then reached out and lightly tugged on his sleeve. "How about you take tonight off, please? You look really, really tired. I can go and look for the twin clown, okay? That's what you're doing, right? You've been out all the time, haven't you? And... and it's not healthy. I doubt any of the other magical people would support you not getting any sleep, too..."
Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 03:04:03 69978
Momo's eyes widen. Gosh! Hours and hours between towns! She wonders what its like! Is it all country side? Lots of horsies in paddocks? Cows? Sheeps?


She nods at Kukai and her food and shake are brought over. She digs into the burger first, because she likes it when her shake is more gloopy!

"Yup! I'm having fun! ANd Mamo-nii's catching me up on stuff so if I go back to school, I won't hafta be in the same grade I was!"

She blinks at him before she giggles! "Oh! I was wondering why! Heehee, that's silly!"

She smiles at Sakura! "It's nice to meet you, too!"

At Sakura's pleas with Kukai, Momo turns her own eyes on the boy! Large and wide! She doesn't know what's going on, but oh dear!
Seth Locke 2017-01-31 03:15:11 69981
Seth Locke's cellphone rings, and he answers. The conversation is in english, and the tone of it must be a smooth one, because Seth shows no signs of distress.

Once he's done, he gathers his things. "Sorry, but I need to go. Got places to be, things to buy before I get home." He starts heading out. "See you guys soon, hopefully."
Kukai Souma 2017-01-31 03:33:58 69985
Kukai nods and then looks at Sakura for a moment, sucking on his milkshake. He sighs and then shakes his head, waving the drink at her. "No, it's ok. I got a good night's sleep with Nadeshiko and Nagihiko a few days ago. They practically dragged me home and insisted I rest. I just..." He sips the drink again, then shakes his head. "You don't understand. I have to find it. And I have to find one of the dream people. I've got things that have to happen. I can't stop till it's done."

He sighs, then rolls his shoulders. "I promise I'll sleep tomorrow night. Or something." He looks over to Momo and then smiles. "You're doing your schoolwork? That's good. I hope you do all right with it. And Mamoru's a good teacher. He's probably got better grades than me, at least." He sees those big eyes, then nods. "It's ok. I've just got some stuff going on."

Seth stands and Kukai listens. He knows some English, since sport is a universal thing and some of the best teams speak English (go Premier League), but he doesn't butt in or try to listen. "OK Seth. Take care, and have a good day. Come back around soon!"
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-31 03:44:28 69987
Sakura Kinomoto frowned and gave a little pout. "F-fine. But I want to come with you this time, then. If... if you're doing patrols and stuff, I-I should start doing them too! With people like... like Riventon running around, you'll need all the help you can get. And I'm getting a lot stronger. I can even kind of sense magic now a little bit. I can sense the cards! A-and I used two cards at the same time! And I carried all four of us across the water!"

She held up her little hands into fists, staring up at him defiantly. Give in to the adorable, Kukai. Surrender. Let the little one protect you.
Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 03:52:18 69989
Momo waves to Seth, shyness nearly gone. "By, Seth-kun, buy some pretty stuff!"

Mmm, mmm, mmm, yummy burger!

Then her shake was melty enough to sip. And she nods! "Yup! I go through it fast, too! And in between those he lets me borrow books!"

She's still enjoying her burger. She doesn't know exactly what they're looking for, but maybe she can help! "I have a giant gun lance that shoots lazers!"
Kukai Souma 2017-01-31 04:00:20 69992
Kukai blinks at Sakura for a moment, then nods. "Well, sure. If you wanna come on patrol with me, that's fine. Odds are we won't find anything - maybe a witch, which the two of us ~" He stops, looking over at Momo for a second. "... The three of us could deal with, easy. We'll go out and poke around, if you want. I don't actually mind. You two just stay behind me if something does come up, ok?" He stands up, his second milkshake finished, and there only a last few fries standing.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-01-31 04:04:26 69995
Sakura Kinomoto nodded rapidly. "Yes!!"

"Oh? If you three are going to form a team, I could make matching costumes," Tomoyo offered with a big grin, smiling between them before looking around. "Perhap blue, green and red... Or maybe..." She already had a pen and pad paper out as she began to plot.

Sakura just chuckled nervously. "T-Tomoyo-chan, I think they already have costumes of their own. I'm the only one without a default costume."

"Awww, are you sure? well, I suppose I can just dress you up, Sakura-chan, if the others aren't interested."
Momo Sakura 2017-01-31 04:10:32 69996
Momo makes a noise when Kukai stands up. She finishes her shake, her burger, stuffs the fries in napkins, and grabs the remaining fistful of fries from the community platter before standing. The napkin bundle, she shoves in a baggie in her purse. The rest, she stuffs in her mouth. "Okay!" Only, you know, muffled.

She blinks at Tomoyo. Does Momo even have a costume?