Acts of Desperation

Ao Karina is taken by a Witch atop Mitakihara General Hospital. Miss White tries to free her alongside Tokyo's magical defenders. With tensions high and the Witch strong, Miss White resorts to an untested weapon.

Date: 2015-08-03
Pose Count: 58
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-03 23:56:20 6266
It's late at night in Mitakihara General. For the past few days, Ao Karina has been particularly sick. To perhaps no one's surprise who know the pair, Hannah Sharpe has spent much of those days with her dearest friend, trying to keep her flagging spirits up. There's a few cards on the table from various classmates and relatives. Boris lays down in a corner of the room, and Hannah is busy dosing off in a chair beside the girl.

Hannah had long ago convinced staff here that letting her stay overnight was good for both her own and Ao's health.

So deep in an exhausted sleep is Hannah that she doesn't recognize the burst of power as a new Witch rises atop Mitakihara General's roof. Three patients die almost immediately. One slowly gets out of her bed, leaves the room quietly, and heads for the rooftop.

Hannah doesn't notice, but her Familiar opens an eye. The service dog follows the girl to the rooftop stealthily, growing alarm in Boris' heart and mind.

Then Ao dissappears into the Witch's Labyrinth before Boris can grab her and drag her back. A mental bark into Hannah's mind, and she jolts awake. Fear grips her heart as her senses come alive. A quick henshin later, and she's rushing to the rooftop, phone in hand.

The Witch's sudden emergence is extremely odd. But that's hardly on Hannah's mind as she rings up Homura Akemi and Tuxedo Kamen, all but screaming at them in a voice they've likely never heard from her. Complete hysterical terror.

"Mitakihara General, now! Rooftop! It's Ao-chan, she...she went into a Witch's Barrier! Get down here!" She equally pleads and demands, before hanging up just as quickly.

Miss White bursts into the barrier. The Labyrinth is almost fitting for the area: floors and walls made of medicine cabinets, leading upwards with stairways of twisted gurneys and tiles leading upwards to a massive round area. Atop sits a number of small buildings, miniature hospitals. Screams echo from inside the tents as Ao Karina slowly lumbers towards a center building, the power of a Witch emanating from it.

Stuffed animals clad in nurses uniforms holding hack-saws, bone saws, scalpels, and syringes happily bounce around, waving their instruments as they try to 'treat' the incoming magical girl. Miss White's fists tear through the horde, the woman beyond words as she screams in fury. Her emerald-green magic darkens at the edges as she unleashes pure terror and hatred, tearing them apart in a berserker rage as she tries to get towards Ao Karina. But even for her, the horde is massive.

The little brunette walks, slowly, inexorably to her doom. One of the fluffy nurses has a gurney, and the girl is already being strapped down into it.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-04 00:05:36 6267
    What a shitty couple of weeks Kyouko Sakura has had. First the horrible experimentation at the hands of a madwoman, then a failed kidnapping, then a Witch fight which was really gross and tough and she didn't even get the Grief Seed out of it. She expended a lot of magic, and she hasn't yet gotten desperate enough to crawl back to Mami for help, so she's out hunting. Take down a Witch or two, get some Seeds.. no problem.

    This is why she's bee-lining towards the Labyrinth which spawns atop the hospital. She knows competition is fierce in this town, and she needs to get there fast if she wants any reasonable chance of getting the Witch before somebody else does. Alighting on the rooftop after a jump from a nearby building, the redhead glances around, gnawing idly on the pocky stick hanging out of her mouth, spear over her shoulder. Seems quite enough so far.. she steps forward and slips into the Barrier.

    Immidiately she's faced with a horde of medical-instrument-wielding Minions.. and.. is that Miss White, already fighting them? The words Kyouko says at this point cannot be repeated, but they're probably enough to make a more innocent Puella Witch on the spot just from hearing them. She knows she isn't in condition to take on Miss White right now. Her eyes narrow though, taking in the frenzied way the woman is behaving..sensing perhaps that something is unusual here. She leaps up on top of some cabinets, trying to figure out what's happening, without getting too close to Miss White, though her red outfit stands out against the white of the Labyrinth so it won't be too hard to notice she's there.
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-04 00:05:59 6268
Flying practice. Reiko has been doing this a lot. Learning to fly better. It was, her bad flying, afterall- that led to her almost literarly being killed by Griselda. She doesn't want this to happen again. She needs to get better. Way better. She needs to be the most elegant butterfly! But right now, she's more of a drunk moth. She makes an unsteady line through the sky when the Chroma Crystal on her wand reacts to to. Something? Something.

She stops and looks around. There's nobody up here but her at the moment. No flying Shade. No Griselda. No weird Griselda drawn storm clouds.

But she does look down. First she sees a sickly girl on a hospital roof dissapear! And then soon after, another white haired magical girl charges in after her. " Is something going wrong down there?" she asks to herself. She spirals down towards the roof and manages to land on her feet instead of her butt for once. Though, the landing is still a little rough as she has to swing her arms forward to steady herself. Woah!

There's nothing but a blank space in front of her. The two others she saw dissapear just... dissapeared when they went forward? She walks forward and----

Oh god what is this, this is horrible, it's everything she fricken /HATES ABOUT HOSPITALS/ and it looks weird and freaky and ridicolous and dancing nurses and needles and syringes and hacksaws are suddenly trying to jab her. She manages to buzz around like a drunk moth again- though it sereves it's purposes of not being stabbed by needled nurses.

With no apparent way out--- she just kind of bolts forward. "Ahhh---hah this place is horrible!" she cries out.
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-04 00:06:23 6269
Runealy had been visiting the hospital, at ground level and outside of transformation, when the Witch emerged. Rune was outside and only noticed the sudden flash of energy from what spilled past the roof edge. "Hn?" Suddenly the area just... feels awful. "This is...?" She recognizes the feeling. Not this precise one, as every Witch's emergence has felt a little different to her in their own way, but the basic feeling of something deeply wrong is there nonetheless. "Here? Of all places... this isn't good!" She can imagine the result if a Witch is allowed to rampage unchecked at a /hospital./

So tonight's patrol for people to hurt and monsters to hunt ends in the latter. She ducks out of view to hide and transform! It's odd, having to find somewhere to hide shouting "Summoning Princess' Tiara! The Line of Succession... transform!" and placing the jewelry upon her head. Somewhere to hide the red light. Back home, people knew about all this and it was the basis of their government. Here it is something to conceal and that's so odd to her.

Nonetheless, Princess Runealy emerges with wand in hand and runs up the stairs - a /lot/ of stairs, as she does not know how to operate elevators or what exactly they do - and gets to the roof. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she then follows in and notices... Miss White? Already in battle, at that. Taking careful aim, Runealy uses her wand to unleash a few thin red beams. They're aimed to go beside Miss White, aiming at anyone that might hit White from the sides... even as she raises an eye at unrecognized new faces.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-04 00:16:28 6270
Homura Akemi doesn't need to be asked twice. Killing Witches is her business, and business has been... well mabye not /good/, exactly, but it's been busy! Ao Karina is Hannah's most important person, so Homura understands Hannah's urgency.

Homura is there quickly. Mitakihara General isn't far from where she lives, so it doesn't take her long to arrive. She feels her way towards the Witch's Labyrinth, and when she crosses the barrier her eyes widen in anger.

Letting Ao Karina die would be inexcusable.

The horde of familiars is huge, and Homura would be equipped to disperse the crowd, but right now the priority is keeping Ao alive. Time stops for the violet-eyed Puella, and she crosses over the frozen crowd, super jumping from one fluffy head to the next. When she reaches the gurny, Homura lifts a shotgun at the gurny nurse's head and unleashes a nightmare of shrapnel.

"Come on, Karina-san. Snap out of it."
Takashi Agera 2015-08-04 00:21:27 6271
You'd be surprised what kind of time you can make from an Eclipse Lab to Mitakihara general when you jump between spaces using the network of stacked spaces. Takashi Agera henshins mid-shift, and now Riventon opens a door that should lead to within Mitakihara General, but instead opens to a witch barrier.

"Wasn't Hannah with Ao today?" he asks to nobody in particular. That's either very good or very bad, depending on how capable she is of fighting the Witch today. But regardless, it has in a deep down place given him a cause for very real concern.

<<BARRIER BREAK!>> calls out Axion, and after a few slams, he manages to punch a hole big enough for him to slip through.

It took more effort than the art witch's barrier - which means either he's still weakened from the previous fight, or this witch is stronger. Neither of those bode well. He dashes inside looking specifically for Miss White as soon as possible.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-04 00:23:48 6272
'I actually need to yell a lot,' he'd texted. 'I still want to help you protect your friend,' he'd texted.

Even if Tuxedo Kamen is unspeakably angry with Miss White, disappointed in Homura, and pissed as all hell that a Witch would attack a hospital on today of all days -- in fact, personally outraged -- actually in fact coldly furious because not only is it a hospital, it's the Witch dragged someone who's precious to someone he has extremely complicated feelings about--

--forget it, it's all complicated, it's all horrible, and the black and red and white blur of rocketing aerial leaps makes it from Zoushigaya to Mitakihara General in unbelievable time, speed fuelled by his almost zen rage, a tower of ice.

And there's the roof, and there's the barrier, and for once, he slams through it instead of having to find an entrance.

The mystery boy's mind is open, dismissing the despair and depression, the bleak emotional landscape of oppressive hospital exaggeration, and searching for the overwhelming burning passion of Miss White's berserker rage. In seconds he's there beside her, stabbing Familiars through with a cane that speaks of swordplay, punching them when they get too close or try to come up behind them, ignoring the hell out of the needles. "Where is she?" he demands without preamble, face set and the lenses of his mask opaqued.
Mami Tomoe 2015-08-04 00:25:31 6273
The hospital is one of those places Mami circles twice on her walkthrough of Mitakihara City, and for absolute good reason. Witches seem to be made up of bad things, and hospitals are where bad things happen, she knows this from experience. That's why, the second time around, she knows something bad is about to happen, and thusly isn't surprised when a barrier/labyrinth pops up.

A henshin later, and Mami joins the chaos inside-

- and seeing everyone that's there has her say a word that'd make a more innocent magical girl go Eclipse, pretty much quoting Kyouko in a quick movement. Really, they've been around each other for too long -- Mami considers just /turning around and going home/.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-04 00:26:01 6274
    Only a few hours ago, Sayaka had been introduced to the magical world, through both Kyubey - who had a particular interest in her, and Ikuto and his familiar. Although she'd recently had a knack for seeing all sorts of strange things, never before did she even consider she might be a part of the magical world herself.

    After Ikuto agreed to accompany her, Sayaka had followed both of them to see all the dangers of the magical world that apparently required more magical girls - like herself, in theory - to protect it..

    What she didn't expect was to be led to a seemingly ordinary hospital, except of course, when the walls and floor beneath her very feet suddenly shifted and changed, quickly transforming into a...What was it that Kyubey called it? A 'witch's labrynth.' "Kyubey-san, Neko-Kun (Yes, she still doesn't know Ikuto's name, and so has randomly decided to name him that - for now), what do we do?"

    It seems her companions are not the only magical beings here, as more and more quickly arrive on the scene..
Mint Chip 2015-08-04 00:31:57 6275
Kyubey is perched on Sayaka's shoulder, tail wrapped around her neck for support. He's very warm and very fluffy. "Be careful, Sayaka Miki and..." he struggles. "Cat. This place is even more dangerous than it might seem."

"A hospital is one of the very worst places for a Witch like this to take up residence. I can sense some of the others here - magical girls and such. We should go to them. Stay close and stay quiet and the monsters here shouldn't notice you."

He literally points the way to Miss White, Homura, Mami, and company via his ears.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2015-08-04 00:36:25 6276
    Following Kyubey proves an easier way into the labyrinth than punching or kicking his way through. But as soon as things start to go screwy, Yoru is clinging to his shoulder. And suddenly Ikuto pops cat ears atop his head, and a tail from his backside! Just like that. Pop. No fanfare or preamble. Seems Sayaka's nickname for him isn't wholly inaccurate!

    But this... this is something else. He feels it immediately. But it's not until Yoru reacts to the horrible feelings emanating from around the place that it really hits home just how not-right all this is. Clinging to his shoulder, Yoru sniffles sadly. "Ikutoooo... I don't like this, nyaaaaa...!" His voice is unusually tearful, as if he's about to burst into tears. Ikuto pauses, looking to yoru. And sure enough, the little cat-fairy's eyes are filling with tears. He's clutching Ikuto's shoulder tightly-- which actually kind of hurts because OW OW OW CLAWS!-- and he looks for all the world like he's struggling not to cry.

    Ikuto narrows his eyes No, this is not something to screw around with. He doesn't want Yoru getting hurt-- who knows if these things can target the Guardian Character? And this looks like something he's going to need to be as lethal as possible for.

    "Ore no kokoro: UNLOCK!"

    Yoru disappears into a black-and-white egg as thw two halves of the egg appear and close around him, and the egg floats down to about chest-level to Ikuto, his chest rippling as the egg passes through. His body glows, tail appearing from the glow first, then the ears upon his head.

    The rest of the glow resolves into a black cropped top and pants with a long strap tied between the knees. And not just that. A long, wickedly-curved set of three claws on his right wrist. Clearly, this henshin is meant to do damage... and is not meant to be non-lethal.


    Once all this is done, he looks to Kyubey, wrapped as the little creature is around Sayaka's neck. "Show me. I'll take point." Him intercepting attacks first is probably the better idea, even if Ikuto's kind of squishy.
Madoka Akemi 2015-08-04 00:42:48 6278
To say that Madoka is a sleep-deprived mess right now would be a massive understatement. It's been two days since the Witch, and two terrifying nights of racing thoughts and dreams that wake her up in a cold sweat. Charitable estimates are that she's gotten five hours of sleep since landing in that sea of paint, and it *shows*. The normally bright and cheerful hospital volunteer has been shambling about in her pink scrubs all day, nodding off at her work and managing only the most fragile of smiles for her patients. Honestly, she shouldn't even be here if she's not helping -- but what else would she do? Stare at the ceiling in her room and think?

Her thoughts have been her own worst enemy lately.

She doesn't notice the eerie voice in the back of her head as it gets louder. 'Helpless. Useless. Worthless.' Madoka's so utterly exhausted that she doesn't even question these things, continuing her dull administrative work with a blank face and tired eyes. Never mind that, in her darkest hour, she has never condemned herself so harshly. Never mind that her desk is slowly fading away into nothing, replaced by the absurd half-reality she should probably recognize. Never mind that she feels her body rise as if on strings, stumbling forward to a voice that tells her she should die--

No. No, this isn't right!

With a gasp, Madoka startles herself out of the Witch's curse, the ghostly mark fading from her neck as she sees the world around her with new eyes. Oh. Oh no. It couldn't be, not now. Not so soon after the last one. Not...not at a *hospital*. Whimpering, she acts on instinct and grabs for a scalpel from the nearby supply before it vanishes, pulled back into the real world. It's not much -- barely more than a butter knife, and these monsters are so awful -- but it's better than nothing. It will have to be.

"H-Hello?" Madoka calls out, scanning the area around her. She can pick out a few humanoid shapes in the distance, near the center of the hellish world. Maybe they're friendly? "Is anyone else in here?"
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-04 00:43:29 6279
    Nagisa is on her way home at night, and finds herself stopping and looking up at the hospital. She hasn't stepped inside the place for over a month, but still she can remember the exact layout of almost the entire building- or at least several wards of it. To her it isn't so much a place of healing, but a place of sadness, suffering, and death. And so perhaps it shouldn't be such a great surprise that the evil being of despair known as the Witch appears in such a location.

    As soon as she realizes what those horrible feelings are her eyes widen and immediately drop a few tears, the knowledge of what a witch is and how very vulnerable the people inside are almost knocking the wind out of the girl. It takes her a moment to realize that she can actually do something about it.

    Then there's a quick, bright flare of white light and the young girl leaps up, finding someplace to grab on jerk herself further upwards, scaling the side of the tall building faster than she would have thought possible. She really wishes she had Reiko's wings right now.

    A moment later and she's through the barrier, her Soul Gem easily admitting her entrance; leaving it open without thinking about it and perhaps granting entrance to anyone behind her.

    And then she's inside the Labrynth, and the girls blood runs cold. If she were paying attention to it she might swear her heart just stopped for a moment.

    A Hosptial Witch?

    There is nothing that could be more horrifying to the girl. "No! No, no, no! This is too horrible! This is wrong. Patients don't deserve to die like this!"

    She holds her hand up and grabs her trumpet, newly formed, out of the air, running quickly deeper into the Labrynth. Many of the people here she'd rather not see, but right now she has one purpose: cleansing the world of this abomination of a Witch. She hops up and then lands on one of the larger stuffed animals, which gives off a loud, adorable squeak, and uses it to springboard higher.

    And then she plays her note; a high, loud one that resonates through the Labrynth, and from up high rains destruction down, pouring energy into the attack and sending an enormous swath of bubbles down onto the familiars below. No thought is given to holding back like normal- the explosions from each bubble is impressive, and there are many of them.

    She may not be berserking quite like Hannah, but she's not far from it.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 00:49:44 6280
Kyouko Sakura remains oddly unmolested by the many creatures within the Witch's Barrier. These ones seem mostly defensive in nature, ignoring those utterly who don't attack. Instead, their primary focus seems to currently be Miss White.

Syringes shatter, hack-saws go flying, and pure shrieks of rage exit her mouth. The various weapons of the Familiars scratch and put small rents into her Barrier Jacket where her shielding doesn't catch them, but she hardly seems to care. The flurry of wind, fists, and feet marches towards a singular goal, but even her own hate can't get her all the way there.

Runealy's sudden slicing red lasers blow holes through several Familiars. The big crowd parts a bit, Miss White making far swifter progress with Runealy's barrage! The woman doesn't even look back.

Unfortunately, this gets Runealy attention. The crowd of Familiars closes behind Miss White, and then a foursome of stuffed bunnies are hopping with /far/ too much speed towards her! Two bone saws, one scalpel, and a bunny with a large gurney held up like a shield with its restraints flailing as if they were alive come for Runealy!

The flying-drunk form of Prism Keeper Orange only gets the occasional miss-fire from a Familiar or two, the creatures mostly aimed at those actively attacking. But with herself in the air, she could easily use her fish to pick off a few!

With her powers, Homura makes it to Ao! Her shotgun shreds the creature using the gourney. Up close, the Witch's Kiss is obvious on her neck. She struggles, even without being led, towards that main 'Hospital' room.

It likely doesn't help as the gourney too comes alive, and begins to wrap its restraints around the girl!

Eyes appear in the gourney's arm-things, and from beneath it, arms reach out. Six blunderbusses filled with used hospital needles easily the size of an arm each are shot towards Homura as the thing starts to trundle towards that building! From inside, more gurneys start wheeling out.

As Riventon busts his way in, one of those gurneys aims high, and shoots those horrid needles into a a spread shot, raining down on the crowd indiscriminately. A particularly dense group of needles comes flying down at Mami, Sayaka and Ikuto (And kyubey by proxy!) as they arrive in the barrier!

Tuxedo Kamen, alongside Miss White, is far less in danger of Needles, but far more in danger of being cut! And yet, his cane smashes through metal and fluff alike, rending apart Familiars with as much ease as Hannah herself! Between the pair, there's actual headway being made.

"See that big building up there? She's going that way. Probably where the Witch is." She doesn't need to explain why that can't happen.

Miss White ducks a bonesaw, then raises her leg, and forces magic and her fury alike into her kick.

"Violent Raging Arc Kick!" The blast slices a good fourth of the Familiars apart, but more keep streaming out from the adjacent two ramshackle buildings.

Just in time for Nagisa to make her arrival. Her massive blast of bubbles seeps into the 'cuddly' Familiars. Miss White's torrent of wind meets Nagisa's many bubbles, carrying them aloft into the crowd. They land perfectly, many of the Familiars streaming back to replace their former compatriots exploding into pieces, and soon enough, there's very nearly a complete path towards the Witch. But the Familiars keep coming. This is no ordinary Witch. Could it be feeding from all the death and despair in the hospital?

Madoka's voice oddly carries in this place.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Miss White howls back towards Madoka upon hearing that young, fearful voice before going back to pummeling her way towards the center!
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-04 00:55:16 6281
So many people to keep track of, suddenly. Some are unknown to Runealy, like Kyouko who stands atop cabinets, a figure in red. Or Prism Keeper Orange, whose visage lives up to the name but Rune has no idea who she is. Others are relatively 'neutral' sights; she is wary of Homura, wincing as she hears one of the Puella Magi's shotgun shells go off. Yet she has no reason to /immediately/ distrust Homura, and imagines that cooperation here will go well enough.

There's Mami, whose arrival visibly brightens the alien princess' spirits a little and prompts her to make sure to keep track of where Mami is if she opts to stay in this battle. These thoughts are immediately contrasted by Riventon's arrival, one that puts her on edge; she interprets this as there now being two 'forces' out to kill her in this battle... him if he gets her wand, and the Witch plus familiars. It's enough to make Rune stay toward the 'rear lines' of this fight.

There's Tuxedo Kamen, whose visage reminds her she intends to speak with him soon... but now is obviously the worst possible time to do that. Ikuto and Sayaka are unknown to her; she gives them quick glances, but leaves them alone otherwise. Even if Kyubey - also an unknown to her, as she only knows the creature's name but not that the incredibly cute thing guiding them /is/ the 'Kyubey' others have spoken of - is there too. Madoka - also a stranger to her - is noted and Rune will keep some eye on her, but the fight's a little busy to spare words her way at the moment.

Or perhaps this fight is more terrifying, as Nagisa lashes out wildly with those bubbles... something Rune is glad she's staying back somewhat to avoid the thickest of them. Rather, it gives her an idea as four familiars rush the princess. Instead of retreating, or firing at the 'gurney shield', Rune advances! A few red rays fire from her wand once again, aimed at one of the saw-wielders... but her real goal is to get them /chasing/ her. Once close to them, her boot wings light up with silvery energy and launch her over the attackers! ...Mostly over. The scalpel one does manage to glance her leg with a cut, drawing a hiss from the princess. And one of the gurney straps manages to wrap an arm, but a wand-ray blasts it off and lets her continue her ascent to go over and past them.

Her real goal is to then run toward Nagisa's bubble-rain, trying to dodge them while hoping the familiars chase her into it! It's a risk, but one she thinks might work better than trying to directly fire at a readied 'shield.'
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-04 00:56:42 6282
    Kyouko crouches atop the stack of cabinets she is currently occupying, her red eyes darting about the hellish landscape as she attempts to decide what to do. The enemy seems largely unconcerned with her, which is strange and concering in and of itself, but she's grateful for it regardless of the reason, as she spots.. bascially everyone in the world she hates, entering the Labyrinth at the same time.

    Homura and Miss White.. ohh, if only there was a way to strike at them here, she would take it in a moment. She squints at the girl on the gurney.. oh. It's her. Kyouko lets out a tiny sigh. Even she wouldn't go that far.. not again.

    Her eyes are drawn to Mami when the yellow-haired Puella makes her entrance to the scene. They haven't quite reconciled yet after the Whale Witch, but she's certainly a friendlier face than the others. "Hey Mami, over he-" She starts to yell, waving her spear, when she suddenly notices Ikuto (now with kitty bits), Sayaka, and Kyubey over to one side.. and about to be Needled at!

    The girl from the ice cream shop? Oh god Kyubey, you jerk. She launches herself off of the cabinets, hitting the ground and sliding to a stop in front of the small group, her spear whipping around, fragmenting into a swirling vortex of wood bits connected by chains. Each segment smashes a needle out of the way, but there are so many, she can't possibly deflect them all unless Ikuto helps as well..

    Assuming that happens, she then rounds on Kyubey (still on Sayaka's shoulders) and shouts, "Kyubey you little cretin, are you out of your damned mind?! Why did you bring her here?"
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-04 01:01:03 6283
Prism Keeper Orange manages to fly upwards, and finds herself pleasently out of range. Oh god, thank gods for tiny fairy butterfly wings. She raises her chroma wand to begin firing an array of koi down at them---instead. Something else happens. Nagsia enters the labyrinth and just beings trumpet bubbling things in a rage. Her eyes go wide. Woah! Nagisa is ridicolously powerful! But she also seems very angry. Saying 'Hi!' right now feels like a bad idea in any event. Besides. Now she's dodging needles. Airspin! ;_;.

Regardless, she raises her wand and summons a vertiable swarm of koi. They all turn to targets below and begin flying downwards leaving orange trails in thier wake as they fly into familiars.

She continues forward into the fray. She has no idea what this weird horrid world is. But she's going to find out. Everyones going deeper in! That's where she's going then!
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-04 01:01:17 6284
    Wow, so many magical girls! "Hey, Kyubey-san, it looks like they've got this place well-covered!" Sayaka's a little thankful for that, not yet aware of the whole territorial thing, or the many tensions between the various magical girls. Hey, they're all here fighting a common enemy...Right!?

    Glancing at Ikuto, she nods, stepping in behind him, although she does glance around quickly, grabbing a random BAT in order to protect herself. Hey, she's not magical - yet! She needs something to defend herself, right?

    And they slowly make their way towards Miss White, Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe, people Sayaka knows nothing about but undoubtedly their fates are intertwined. "Hey, I wonder if Sakura-san is here too?" Sayaka still has that napkin for her, and she keeps an eye out for her.

    But once they're in the thick of things, the scene become more violent, more..Frightenning, disturbing even. All these innocent people, seem to be possessed, being led by the creepy animal-nurses who seem hellbent on killing them! Sayaka feels suddenly helpless as a barrage of needles fly towards her. And then.....Kyouko comes and saves them! "Sakura-san! Thank you!" she smiles, happy to see a familiar face, even if she did seem grumpy at the ice cream shop.

    She yells at Kyubey and Sayaka hesitates. For a moment she wonders if she belongs here..
Mami Tomoe 2015-08-04 01:01:44 6285
"Oooooh, this is a Bad Bad Thing."

Mami flicks her ribbons out - they're actually just as effective as her rifles as doing things like trapping up the needle-orientated familiars, keeping them wriggling to get out of her ribbons rather than aggressing her or any of the other various magical girls, magical princesses, magical boys, magical catboys, potential magical girls, potential magical goddesses, best friends, enemies, and senpais or kohais.

She uses her ribbons to smash the needles familiars into the walls. "Where are all these people coming from?" She demands of no one in particular.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-04 01:10:48 6286
Homura doesn't notice Madoka as she enters, but she picks her voice out of a crowd. "Madoka?!" No, no, no, no nononono! Homura wants to rush to save her, but... she's made promises. Miss White seems to be aware of her, so maybe she'll be safe for the moment.

Fortunately the Familiars don't seem to be attacking anyone who isn't fighting, and /wow/ there are a lot of people here. Madoka, Riventon, Runealy, Kyouko, Orange, Kamen, White-san, Mami, Nagisa, Catperson she doesn't know, Sayaka, Kyubey...

Wait, wait... Sayaka?

"Why does everything terrible have to happen /all at once/?"

Homura growls as she turns back to the living gurney, which has wrapped Ao up and is currently shooting needles at her. Homura holds up her shield, and a shell of purple surrounds her, deflecting the shots.

For someone whose wish was based upon protection, Homura sure is bad at hostage situations. A fact which she's been reminded of a lot recently.

Shooting or exploding the gurney while Ao is on it isn't an option. Blunt weapons like golf clubs wont work either, or at least they wont do what Homura intends. Fortunately she's been able to adapt to the bizzare world she's found herself in.

Homura pulls a short, sharp knife out of her shield. She strikes multiple times in an instant, slicing at the gurney straps with impossible speed. Once Ao is free, Homura tries to shove the familiar away from her before blasting it with a shotgun a few more times.

The Witch's Kiss means that Homura can't just pull Ao out. Not without struggling against her the whole time. Ao is a bit frail and probably couldn't beat Homura, but she'd still have to worry about hurting her. Fortunately(?) she works for a seedy, well connected organization and they supply her with... the kinds of things she sorta occasionally needs but isn't proud to admit that she owns.

"Alright. Time to see if chloroform works on Kissed targets."

Homura's weapons are gone, and she's dabbing a bit of liquid onto a rag. The Puella steps around in front of Ao, blocking her path, trying to grab her arm. "I'm really sorry about this." She shoves the rag in her face. That's usually how this works, right?
Takashi Agera 2015-08-04 01:13:14 6287
Riventon is immediately forced to take stock of the situation after smashing his way through the barrier. Good news: Lots of folks here who aren't fond of this wish. Bad news: A lot of them are not fond of him either. Worst news: This witch brought a LOT of familiars.

<<GEWIMMEL FORMEN!>> his device announces as he tries to close the distance between himself and Miss White. The gauntlet dissolves until only his fingers are coated by the black metal of his device - but now, in the air, are 12 small orbs of the same color as the two he usually has. As he shifts to catch up with Miss White, these small orbs shoot the syringes out of the air with pinpoint energy blasts - the two larger orbs firing them, while the ten smaller orbs create lines of dark energy between them.

They do a good job of clearing a path until he can catch up to Miss White. <<KABEL FORMEN!>> announces his device again, and most of those orbs dissapear, his full gauntlets returning. From them he begins to unleash lashes of dark energy that whip through the air, trying to keep the familiars at bay.

"Is she trapped in here?" is all he asks as he runs alongside her as best he can - she meaning Ao, obviously. He's not even giving the rest of the group here much of a look until the immediate danger is cleared, this time. Then, he adds to Miss White "And hey, if you're going to make an attempt to die in a place like this would you at least call me so I can retrive your corpse?" Caring is hard sometimes.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-04 01:23:02 6289
    Nagisa Momoe is in a state the likes of which she's never been in before. She's incredibly angry, but that anger isn't being directly channeled. As her immediate frustration is vented in a mass of bubbly explosions that anger turns into a seething ferocity. All she has to do is look around at the saws and syringes, and she can imagine them being stuck into patients, and hacking them up.

    Patients like her mother was, only two months ago, suffering in agonizing misery with nothing to do but wait for the end, torn between wanting to spend time with her family and wanting to stop hurting.

    She comes down from her high jump, sailing past Reiko as she does so, doing a double take with widening eyes at the beautifully orange Prism Keeper. That kind girl is trapped in this horror show as well? "I won't allow this..!"
She looks around now, frantically trying to find the others she know can bring a quick end to this. She sees Homura- attending Ao. She sees Kyouko- attending Sayaka. She sees Mami- attending Needles.

    And she just about blows a gasket. Her trumpet shifts shape, into that of a giant magical bullhorn. It's not super effective, but she all but /screams/ into it.

    "We are /PUELLA MAGI/! We exist to /FIGHT/ /WITCHES/! What are you doing?! The Witch /RIGHT THERE/!!!

    And then as dramatically as she can she whips her arm around and points at the largest hospital.



        There are tons of familiars around- literal hoardes of them. And as much as this Witch is the most horrible thing she could imagine up if she put her mind to it, it's also the type she's best at fighting- and boy is she angry.

    Her hands go to her face and draw away, and gone is her cute expression. It is replaced with the stark white face of a clown, an impossibly wide purple grin plastered on it's face, her eyes concentric circles of varying colors and each different from the other.

    She holds her hand up above her head and produces a very large silver platter with a matching silver lid covering it, and charges into the sea of Familiars. In ones, twos, and threes they're scooped up, shrinking into tiny miniatures of themselves, somehow clearly visible inside the lidded platter despite it's solid nature. She fills it to the brim and then tosses it up in the air, opens her mouth impossibly wide, and slams it shut around the platter.

    There's even an embellished swallow.

    And then her mouth gapes once more and spews bubbles towards that large hospital situated at the center of the Labyrinth. It puts to shame even those she fired off before, an almost unending torrent of them to match the sea foam produced by a speeding ship.

    If she can, she wants to destroy the Witch in a single, deceive, incredibly powerful attack. And even as the last bubbles are flying out she reaches her hand into her pocket and pulls out a grief seed, all but jamming it against the tiny not-so-white Soul Gem on her belt, her hand trembling with fury.
Mint Chip 2015-08-04 01:25:40 6290
Kyubey keeps his perch on Sayaka despite all of the incoming madness - after all, his body might be in danger but he's not himself. And he can't really do anything to prevent incoming attacks anyways. He responds back to Kyouko, calmly. "She wanted to know why we needed magical girls. So I'm showing her. I wasn't expecting such a large group though."

Then he turns to Sayaka. "But see how much trouble this is, even with so many people here? Now imagine what it would be like for all of the poor sick people if there were fewer girls here, or maybe even none at all! That's why I want you to become a magical girl. And Madoka Kaname too! Plus... I can grant you anything your heart desires in exchange for the contract!" Kyubey puts used car sales tactics to shame.

Then, belatedly, he points out Nagisa. "Just like her!" Uh, Kyubey? Maybe Nagisa's not the best representative of the positive effects of your wishes, hastily made.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2015-08-04 01:27:56 6291
    Suddenly NEEDLES! Ikuto's leaping in front of Sayaka even as he cringes, knowing this is gonna hurt. And then suddenly Kyouko is there. The girl from the ice cream shop? Thankfully she deflects a large part of the needles! What her spinning spear doesn't get, Ikuto draws his right arm back-- the arm with the large claws on it-- and then swings it forward, sending an arc of slashing energy off his claws! That should get what Kyouko missed!

    Kyouko's question gets a nonchalant response, added to Kyubey's. "He wanted to show her what she'd be protecting the world against." In other words, twisting her arm to take the contract. This may do nothing but tick Kyouko off even more! But Ikuto's not privy to any of the secrets of the Puella Magi.

    He sees Sayaka's hesitation, and turns fully to her. "Do you want to stay?" he inquires, as quietly as the goings-on will allow. He extends his left hand, the one that doesn't have the claws. "I'll protect you if you do." She's a link to this Madoka girl, who just might have the Embryo. He needs to maintain that connection at all costs. He's not even aware that she's here, right now...
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-04 01:30:54 6292
"Great," says Tuxedo Kamen, words sharp and breath sharper, as he presses on and everything happens at once because everyone arrives-- and he actually literally snarls at a sharp thing that gets in his face, whacking it away with his cane and shielding himself and Miss White and Nagisa with his cape from something that shoots sharp things-- which stick in it then rattle out. A kick through the fluffy solar plexus of something and Riventon's there, and the blank white lenses of his mask briefly turn to the jerkwad who Nanoha-blasted Mei at her first henshin.

"I heard Madoka," he tells Miss White quickly, parrying something that almost cuts his head off without looking, "and you and your /friend/ have this covered. Since Akemi also has your back, I'm going after /her/. If there's time to get everyone out of this <expletive deleted> then that's what I'm <expletive deleted> handling."

All that and in a rush of black and red silk, he's shot straight upward and overhead, somersaulting in his tattered cape and doubling back toward the small pink-haired girl.
Madoka Akemi 2015-08-04 01:36:10 6293
Okay, people are here. People are definitely here. Though she's a bit farther away from the action, Madoka can clearly see the bursts of colorful magic from her corner of the Labyrinth, crouched as she is behind a syringe jammed into the ground like some bizarre tree. The hiding place has served its purpose; so far, none of the smaller monsters have noticed her. The scalpel stays clutched in her hands, knuckles white around its tiny handle.

The little blade isn't much more than a security blanket in the hospital Labyrinth, but she puts her faith in it all the same.

There's the sound of feet marching inexorably toward the Witch, and Madoka finally tears her eyes away from the battle several dozen yards away to see a crowd of patients, hospital gowns and all, shambling dead-eyed into danger. She recoils instinctively, scared to draw attention to herself in a place like this, but then visions of blood and shark's teeth and limbs rent from bodies dance in front of her closed eyes --

Miss White's cry falls on deaf ears as she shoots from safety, thrusting herself between the crushing tide of people and their lethal destination.

"Stop! Please!" Madoka cries, her own voice disappearing as someone's shouts of fury echo across the Labyrinth. "You don't want to be here, it isn't safe for you!" No good. The patients push past her like she's nothing, swallowing her up, the only pink in a sea of light blue scrubs. Frantic, she grabs the nearest sleeve and digs her feet in the ground. "Turn around, plea--"

Madoka's silenced as the brainwashed man *decks* her across the face, lighting up her world with stars and setting her ears to ringing. With a grunt, she collapses, thankfully a few feet away from the victims so she isn't crushed by their march.

So much for that, then.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 01:51:10 6295
Runealy deals with her Familiar opponents handily, reducing them to scrap. Many of those below start to chase after the flying Princess, the woman mostly safe aside from the occasional needle blast. It results in more explosions as they bunch up, Nagisa's already powerful bubbles tearing through droves of the creatures.

Similarly, PK-Orange's wave of Koi weak their way through the other Familiars to the left flank! It cuts swathes, as magical cute fishes turn the creatures into dust! Some Koi slam into one of the adjcent 'buildings, blowing holes through them. It gives those observant a peak inside, and perhaps an explaination for their numbers.

Inside, strange nurse-dress wearing creatures with thread and needles for hands are sewing the remains of the Familiars back together. The stream of the Familiars becomes weaker over time and they grow more patchworked: different parts of Familiar stitch together.

Kyouko's spear rips into the offending needles, and a vast majority of them are deflected! But Ikuto's up to bat here as the girl focuses on Kyubey!

For now, Sayaka and Kyubey don't seem to be harmed. No Needles again, as the remaining gurneys seem to be reloading or wheeling their fallen compatriots in stacks towards the two other buildings!

Only to be intercepted by Mami Tomoe. Stacks of Familiar go flying into the air as ribbons crush gurney and Familiar alike, the stream of the things slowing, and then fading. There's only a good two dozen left of the weak Familiars, and nothing to haul them off!

Homura's knife cuts away the gurney, and then it's shotgunned into oblivion! Ao-chan is safe...but struggling with enough force to where even the weak girl might be a problem. Worst still, that much exertion would likely do damage to the frail girl.

She struggles a bit, vainly trying to choke and scratch at Homura like a rabid animal, before she finally goes to sleep. She falls limp.

Homura Akemi might just pick up a /sound/ from Miss White as her magic lets her kno what's just happened. There's both relief, a 'really!?', and a lot of general irritation at the whole thing.

Homura's going to get a hug, a beer, and then likely a swat on the back of the head for this.

"GET HER SOMEWHERE OUT OF THE WAY!" Orders Miss White. No time for a radio here.

Then Riventon is on the scene! His dark magic similarly rends the few re-stitched creatures that hobble about, their numbers soon down to a handful.

Wait, is that Ikuto!?

"HEY, PART-TIMER! KEEP THE GIRLS SAFE, GOT IT? PARTICULARLY THE ONE BACK THERE!" More orders. Apparently you're on the clock now, Ikuto! She gives a general direction towards Madoka and Sayaka.

She asides to her compatriot too!

"Yeah, yeah, spare me right now! You are on speed dial 3, and I had time for two okay? Next time I will put out the Black-Signal for you!" Comes Miss White with venom in her voice. Not at him, of course. She's just hating the world right now.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 01:51:37 6296
Tuxedo Kamen doesn't get any arguments here.

"...Madoka it. Keep her safe." A small nod. Seems despite their current troubles, she has faith in the man.

And then turns around to wind-kick several more familiars out of the man's way.

Right as Madoka Kaname gets slugged in the face by the potential victims in the back.

And then there's a wind boost right behind Tuxedo Kamen courtesy of Hannah.

"And do it quickly!" Never let it be said she's never helped in a Madoka-protection-attempt.

And then Nagisa screams out her words, flies into the remaining familiars, and eats them all. Miss White stops, briefly stunned by the bizzare feeling of her magic. And the fact she just /ATE FAMILIARS/. Only to then pour out a stream of bubbles that annhilates not only the main hospital, but the two adjacent ones as several enter the main hospital...and are sent flying out.

All three hospitals explode at once. Miss White cares little for the shrapnel, leaping into the air and summoning wind into her feet. It's a high, boosted arc, and she slams down her heel mid-air.

"I LIKE YOUR STYLE, KID! DIE, WITCH, NO ONE TAKES AWAY THE PEOPLE I LOVE AND LIVES!" She follows up, adding her own fury and hatred into the mix.

The creature within meets the torrent of explosions, the wind that slams them all down in a tornado of pain, and then shrugs its burning doctor's coat.

Those very same wind and bubbles burst to the side as seemingly hundreds of arms come from within the lab coat, each one with a scalpel, a saw, a syringe, and other various bits of medical technology, like some of cthulian Doctor Octopus. There's nothing but gleaming surgical steel for a body. The powerful blows from Miss White and Nagisa have tons of metal crashing down from it...and yet the debris doesn't hit the ground. Immediately, those arms begin to slam it back in place, cutting, and seemingly healing itself on the fly.

The metal is smoked, lascerated. More bubbles land, and the process repeats, though it's lower parts show damage that it hasn't quite gotten to. Even with two enraged magical girls, it isn't enough. The creature towers over everything, a massive statue of arms and pointed objects. One of those arms slams down, fast, hitting Miss White in the shoulder as she goes plummeting down to the ground. The floor below cracks, and she /screams/ as a scalpel keeps her pinned like a fly.

Nagisa is met by eight seperate arms going after her, seeking to cut, stab, and slash her out of the sky! Seems she's it's priority target with Hannah pinned and writhing!

The rest of the group would find countless needles being fired at them in volleys like arrows, blackening out the 'sky'.

Many of those needles head for the victims, as well as Madoka!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-04 01:58:56 6297
    Kyouko is mostly blind to all the rest of the crap going on around her. It's just as well- there's too much for anyone to process successfully (except Hannah, it seems!) She's focused on Kyubey and the fact that he brought a dumb blue-haired innocent into this /mess/. She's not even sure why she cares so much- had Sayaka already been a Puella, she likely would have been trying to kill her. It's just.. she was already mad at Kyubey for being a little ass earlier, she was already feeling bad for nailing Sayaka in the face with ice cream, and the girl /isn't/ a Puella, she's just a girl, and bringing her here was /tantamount to murder/.

    "You wanted to show her why the world needs magical girls?" She asks, laughing, that hint of the unstable in her laugh again as has been becoming more and more frequent in recent days. "Well good /effing/ job, fluff-for-brains, you brought her to a place that's just going to get her straight-up killed! Somehow I don't think that's the same thing!"

    The sky darkens as another volley of needles are launched at just about everybody. "Mother/effer/," Kyouko swears, her language getting worse the more she has to put up with crap like this in quick succession. "Hey Whiskers," She snaps at Ikuto, "Watch my back." Then she reaches out and grabs Sayaka by the hand, turning and towing the bat-wielding girl towards where she can sense the edge of the Labyrinth is. "Come on, we're getting the hell out of here." She'll just have to trust that Homura and Mami, not to mention /everyone else/, can handle this Witch. They're pros, after all. Of course, she still hasn't gotten a grief seed, and she keeps using more magic..
Mami Tomoe 2015-08-04 02:00:14 6298
~ a litia dista, somelite esta dia.... ~

Mami dives through the rest of the needles, the creatures pricking her as she pretty much bodily rolls over them, really uncaring though. There's at least one non-magical girl in here, and gods help her if she finds out Madoka is in here as well. Mami finishes bolting through the familiars, before she sets her sight on the witches.

She doesn't say a word, instead breathing heavily through her noise. Her emotion is not as raw as Nagisas, but it's still there, deep inher heart. She's never liked hopsitals since after the accident, and it shows in the vicious, unthinking movements as she loses her head a little bit, her matchlock rifles whirling through the air as she slams through them, unrelentlessly pressing her attack against the witch.
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-04 02:00:24 6299
"I think we all...!" Runealy speaks to Mami between dodging leaps, "...have our own reasons to be here! I can't let...!" Another leap away from Nagisa's bubbles and monsters' needles (though a few find purchase in her, hastily pulled out and thrown away as she recalls what happened when a snake-bite hit another Puella Magi... it was lethal in one blow, eventually, so she wants to give these things no time at all to inject her if she can help it!). Rune finishes, "...a place where healers work be destroyed!" Any further thoughts are interrupted by... Nagisa's outburst, not any further bubbles. Unaware of the link between the Puella Magi Nagisa and the 'normal' Nagisa she met in the parking lot two months ago, she can't quite piece together why Nagisa would be acting like this... in ways that are unnatural even if one factors magic into the equation, ways that draw wide eyes as Rune struggles to comprehend. This situation has become quite insane, and the mess unfolding over in Madoka's direction only adds to it... but she's in no position to respond to that.

Instead, her focus stays on Nagisa. Nagisa, who is surging ahead and has been seen accompanying Mami... Runealy isn't sure, but she strongly suspects Nagisa is a Puella Magi. Homura's explanations in turn suggest Puella Magi come closer to death with each attack, and Nagisa has been attacking a lot. So she chases after Nagisa, calling out, "Slow down! You're right, this is something we have to do, but slow down! You're being reckless! Stay with me and we'll do this the right way, together!" Runealy encases herself in a red forcefield bubble as debris from all around falls, then she lowers this defense for just a moment...

...In order to begin launching wand orbs at the 'arms' attacking Nagisa! A trio of shots fly out, each orb intending to strike and burst into emerald sparkles on impact. Hit or miss, they're all Rune has time for; her shield comes back up to defend against incoming needles, reminding herself that some familiars have proven to be able to kill in a single hit. She's not sure if these ones can, but she doesn't want to chance it any more than she already has with the few blows she took earlier!
Homura Akemi 2015-08-04 02:09:38 6301
Homura winces as Nagisa yells, while tending to Ao. She shouts back, "I've got other priorities. The first one is scared but isn't in immediate danger. The second one /is/. The third one, the Witch, I'll get to. Four and Five aren't being pains in my butt right now."

Someone could probably guess who 'Four' and 'Five' refers to.

Nagisa's following attack and the damage it deals is outright impressive, though. Homura's opinion of Nagisa's magical girl potential goes up a few notches.

Homura happens to be paying attention to her at the moment, and recognizes the Grief Seed. Basu's soul. Should Homura cling to a dead girl, who can't be saved? Well, no harm in just getting the seed, right?

"Hey, Nagisa! That seed you've got! I'll trade you! Not now! After!"

Homura tanks whatever hits she has to tank as Ao resists. She's a tough girl. She can take it. Ao falls into Homura arms, and the young Puella Magi scoops up the frail girl. Mission accomplished.

Homura appears beside Hannah only for a brief moment, long enough to say, "Sorry for drugging your friend," and vanish. Some of the swarms of Familiars trying to close in on Hannah find mines around their feet. The mines are spaced out widely, to prevent damage to Hannah, but the blasts should thin out the crowd at least for a moment.

Too bad she left before Hannah could get pinned, but Homura's hands are pretty full as is.

Then Homura reappears next to Madoka, angry at the fact that she was punched. "Sorry I wasn't there to stop them, Madoka. Are you going to be alright?"

Mamoru approaches, and Homura says, "Hi, Kamen-san... Hey are you okay?"

Homura's not used to seeing Mamoru in this kind of mood.

Hannah Sharpe gets pinned down. Homura's eyes go right back to her. "What the-!" No, she can't afford to let Sharpe die. Not like this.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2015-08-04 02:14:49 6302
    Hannah's voice cuts through the chaos, and he nods. Though it seems Kyouko has Sayaka and the man in the Tuxedo has Madoka. With Kyouko retreating with Sayaka, someone needs to help her. Thusly, at Kyouko's request, he remains in his place, trying to deflect as many needles as he can from the retreating Kyouko and Sayaka.

    Not all of them are going to be deflected via claws, either. Some are going to be deflected by hitting him! But better they hit him than Sayaka, right? There are heart's eggs that need protecting... until he can steal them, anyway.
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-04 02:17:31 6303
Prism Keeper Orange watches Koi crash into familars and hospital windows and she beams! Yes! She's helping somehow! But... this is really ghastly and disturbing on a lot of levels. She stays out of the way as everyone suddenly looks to Miss White being pinned to something. "!?" the look of surprise on Prism Keeper Orange's face is pretty obvious. Who was that woman? She feels familar. Maybe it's something Mei told her about. Or maybe something else.

OH... !? What that black masked jerk is there /too!?/.

Regardless, she helps out best she can by shooting orange color energy beams into familars. It's all she can do. She barely knows anybody here. And Nagsia is...



Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-04 02:18:05 6304
NEEDLES. Why the hell does it have to be NEEDLES. It's not bad enough that it's his birthday. It's not bad enough that this is a hospital. It's not bad enough that it's a Witch. It's not bad enough that he's angry with all the people he's here doing favors for today. No.


Mid-aerial-somersault, the things begin to shoot out at everyone who's made themselves a target by trying to interfere, at everyone who's just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and at-- "Kuso!" grits Tuxedo Mask as he sees Madoka jump out in front of the crowd and get decked in short order. He literally jumps off a flying needle-barrel before coming down, redirecting both himself upward and the needle downward into another familiar, then twisting midair to avoid another three, getting another two through the cape, and landing in front of Madoka and...

...Homura. The blank eyes of his mask stare at her for a second before he spins on his heel and whips his cape off, letting the last of the barrage of needles sink through it and tear it to shreds, keeping them from hitting any of the three of them.

"No," he says flatly. "Let me get them away from the fight. You go kill that thing and help keep the others alive." He holds out his arms for Ao, glancing down with his opaque mask at Madoka. "Climb on my back again. Let's let the people who can handle this handle it as fast as possible, right? That's not either of us."
Takashi Agera 2015-08-04 02:28:15 6305
Riventon makes a noise of furious disgust. He dashes over to the scalpel that's impaling Miss White, and rapidly wraps a mass of his thin, dark energy cables around the arm. The cables flare up with energy before carving into the scalpel and arm, carving them into scraps quickly. But he's not blind, and he can see the way the creature is peicing itself back together. Miss White is still wounded.

He leans down and whispers. "Three things. One: If I pass out take me back to the lab. Two: Don't let your employee, or anyuone else, kill me today. Three: Kill this damned thing dead, if I don't." He raises his hand and there's another form change. <<STRAHL FORMEN!>> His gauntlets return to a single, heavy blue-black gauntlet on his right hand with a massive dark gem on the upper hand. He looks back. "Besides, my familiar would be really upset if I let you die."

The ground around Riventon begins to shake as his secondary line of protection, the swirling mass of shadows, begins to be drawn up into his device. The device glows in an eerie manner, emitting a light source that is also the color of pure black. A giant runic circle begins to form in the air at the end of his gauntlet. More and more visible motes of dark energy collect in an orb in his hand, reality shuddering under the weight of the collection.

There's a moment of brief, eerie, otherworldly silence around him, broken by his device's announcement. <<ZERSTORER ALPTRAUM SCHOCKWELLE!!>> There's another gleam of that 'black light' that erupts in a massive, twinkle - and then the implausibly massive burst of negative energy erupts out of the channeled orb, a blast aimed right at the Witch, so large and powerful it dwarfs Miss White and Riventon (and seems mildly oversized even compared to the witch.) It bursts forth and tears into the air and into the witch, ripping its way through everything in it's path.

Once the beam is over, Riventon tips over sideways, out cold. His barrier jacket even seems a little faded and half-there, though he reserved enough power to keep his identity secret.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-04 02:31:15 6306
    Kyouko tows Sayaka by the hand towards the edge of the barrier, doing her best to keep any additional needles or Familiars away from the (relatively) helpless girl. She's not too gentle about it though. If all goes well, she'll keep Sayaka safe until things are done, and then just leave without a word to the girl (though she'll have plenty for Kyubey later).
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-04 02:32:11 6307
    Nagisa may have a bone to pick with Miss White, but the Puella Magi is not going to turn down help in destroying a Witch- especially not this one. It's also at this moment that she realizes that if the Magical Girl is getting her hands dirty and fighting the Witch, she might have some claim to it's spoils as well. Maybe not as much as Puella Magi, but some.

    Together they seem able to put a serious hurting on the Hospital Witch, but just when it seems ready to crumble it begins rapidly reassembling itself. Then things get dangerous, as arms start flying towards her. She does her best to dodge and weave away from them, even trying to duck behind some so the long arms clang against each other. Runealy's blasts are a godsend here, driving off nearly half of them. "There's no slowing down against a monster like this!" she shouts back in reply, "We need to hit it with everything we can, as fast as we can, all at the same time. I can blow away most of it's protections, but I can't hit the Witch itself!"

    Those explosive bubbles pop far too easily by pieces of exploding building.

    She hears Homura's reply, and sees muzzle flashes from Mami's muskets and is glad at least -some- people were listening to her. The comment about the grief seed catches her a little off guard, and she turns her head towards Homura, "You want this one?"

    Be careful, Nagisa- it's dangerous to get distracted so close to a Witch.

    "Then finish up with One and Two and come deal with Three! If we defeat this I'll be glad to- KyaaAAA!" A shriek interrupts her as an unnoticed arm cuts into her leg and brings her dodging to a sudden and dramatic end, a second one whipping in and taking her through the arm, jerking her over and slamming her against the blasted rubble of one of the secondary hospital buildings.

    In comes a third, slashing her deep through the side and blowing away the concrete remnants. Her world is suddenly naught but pain, and once the tumbling stops she scrambles to gain distance from the Witch with one useless leg and one broken arm. Realizing this is getting her nowhere she turns onto her back and holds her hand up, a platter forming in her hand just in time to get speared through by another of those nasty arms. But the makeshift shield holds, for now.

    She's pretty bad off- but at least her Soul Gem didn't take a hit.

    A sudden flare of darkness so intense that it almost seems to make her Soul Gem ache.

    Is she going to be saved by the timely intervention of, in her own words, a 'monster'?
Madoka Akemi 2015-08-04 02:39:05 6308
Madoka's not unconscious. The world may be spinning out of control, her hearing may not be so hot, and she may be in for one awful headache in a few hours -- but she's still around, and still aware enough to make out the barrage of needles shooting her way. The double vision makes it look twice as terrifying, even.

Hazily, she tries to scramble away, but finds that her arms and legs aren't quite on the same page yet, flailing this way and that. By the time the needle swarm is upon her, she's only managed to move a few inches. Madoka somehow ends up on her back, pupils contracting to pinpoints as she sees her death about to rain down on her.

But, luckily for her, there's a black and red blur come to her rescue.

"Mam -- Mamo --" she tries to spit out as the two illusory Tuxedo Kamens solidify in front of her eyes, which are finally centering back in on reality. Something's odd about him today, something harsher about his demeanor, and the way he furiously struck away those needle spikes. Even through the fog in her mind, it sets her on edge. Is he...mad at her, for putting herself in danger?

Akemi-san's there a second later, and with the reaction time of pouring cement, Madoka shifts her attention that way. "I'm okay...I tried to stop them," she explains, gesturing to the crowd of sky blue hospital gowns in the distance. "Please, Akemi-san. Don't let them die." In a moment, she's on her feet -- then careening into Tuxedo Kamen, grasping at his shoulders in a vague attempt at following his instructions.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 02:47:31 6309
Hannah's brow twitches to her employee.

"Settle up later. Get the job done." She huffs at the other girl.

Kyouko and Ikuto run interference! Thanks to the pair, Sayaka and company have an excellent moment to escape...or at least find cover! They're in far less danger now. AT least, as much as one can ever be in such a place. There /are/ a few well stacked Familiar bits to hide behind if necessary.

Mami's emotions as much as her guns are at play here, and every single shot blows a hole through the horrifically tall and powerful Witch. But from within the seemingly hollow body, more arms sprout, desperately grabbing bits and welding them back from inside. Every blow from the gathered magical girls and boys would be fatal at this point to a lesser Witch, nevermind combined.

Despite the blinding pain, the futility of the situation eats at Miss White's heart. Part of her feels like giving up, knowing that Ao and Madoka are going to be safe thanks to Tuxedo Kamen. She's done enough, good and ill. Why shouldn't she just go to sleep and let all the pain and suffering, the anger and the hurt just end?

Runealy's trio of magical orbs are hardly wasted, blasting aside three arms just as they seek to impale poor Nagisa! They fall to the ground, retrieved, and slowly are brought back upwards. They don't get repaired immediately, but between guns and orbs, there's some progress being made. Prism Keeper Orange's own lines of burning hot laser slice through even more arms. For as much as they all make them fall, they're dragged up. It's progress.

Slow progress. Time the group probably doesn't have. And given so many Puella, a valid threat to soul gems. Maybe Kyouko had the right idea.

Orange beams lance into the arms that were pulling up other arms, further stalling the relentless machine that is the Witch.

Tuxedo Kamen's acrobatics and Dapper Cape of Rage easily shield the girls from the onslaught. A rain of needles are tossed from the man's clothing through pure force of anger, slamming into several others. Needles rain...around them, but not one under Tuxedo's protection is touched. Truly, his anger makes him strong.

No more needles seem to assault the area, the Witch's efforts turned to the magical folk assaulting it. For now, victim, Mado, and Ao are briefly safe.

Riventon whispers to her, and slowly brings her back to her senses. That momentary despair lifts as that scalpel is sliced from her arm. Slowly, she breathes, trying to get herself under control.

"....You are going to live. And that thing is going to die." She promises between gasping breaths.

As Riventon gathers his power, ground shaking, she smirks.

"...Too cute to see her pout, right?" She comes, giggling almost madly as pain and anger and suffering assault her as much as magic does.

She shakily reaches for her jacket, and pulls out a syringe of her own, stabbing herself full of painkillers. Something else winks out of her jacket, small and black. And /odd/.

The blast is let go by her partner, huge and terrible, and she laughs as she sits up. The medicine makes her slightly tippy, and it's the magic that doesn't help.

Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 03:29:16 6310
Her words die in her throat as the smoke from the blast fades. The right arm of the creature falls to the ground. And despite the power of Black-san's laser of pure darkness, the creature merely staggers. The blow doesn't slow it down, seemingly hundreds of arms erupting from it's rent shoulder to begin to drag that arm back up, relentless as the rising sun. The creature simply refuses to die, much like its minions.

Miss White catches her partner, and slowly pulls him into her arms. She peers at those fighting on. Nagisa. Runealy. Mami Tomoe. Tuxedo Kamen. Homura. The unconscious Riventon. Ikuto. Even Kyouko Sakura, in her own way, has fought for those trapped by this horrid abomination. The creature that tried to take her Ao Karina.

Miss White is no fool, and she can already see the outcome. Many of the Puella gathered here today would use up their magic, or otherwise die from the creature. Particularly little Nagisa, so young and angry right now. Tuxedo Kamen, with his surprising power, would no doubt try to save everyone he could...and probably give his life to get others out. Even that Bandit, Runealy, here trying to save innocent people despite what she's done.

Miss White stands up, her voice clear for the first time this night.

"...More than one person will die today if we keep fighting like this." She calls to the others. Her face is a line, serious and certain.

"Mami-san, Nagisa-san. Both of you, back down, play defensive. You are going to use too much magic and die here. Use your range to your advantage. You too Princess. Form up with the other girl with fish lasers." There's no malice in her voice here. No, she has to be calm, analyze the situation.

Her foot hits something familiar. Slowly, she smiles. It's a malicious, almost evil one.

Sling her partner over a shoulder, leaping back, she kicks the small object into her hand. Is that....a Grief Seed? Something seems off about it to a swift observer.

Then, she addresses Tuxedo Kamen and Homura.

"No one dies today, got it!? Not to this wretch that DARED hurt Ao, that DARED hurt the people who tried to save her!" Hatred leaks into her voice as she peers to the wounded Nagisa. Wind rushes into her legs, and then she's there, a single kick knocking aside enough of the arms to keep her from being impaled twice by the creature. The girl too is slung along, and with several leaps, she'll leap back atop a pile of the shredded familiars. Nagisa is tossed a Grief Seed from Miss Wite's earnings as of late, as well as a syringe of her own then set down with Riventon.

"Just hold this thing off. Heh!" She grips her Device, and as she wills it, barrier after barrier surrounds the trio. Miss White leaps from one stack of defeated Familiars to another, and then seals herself off from the wounded-slash-unconscious duo with one final barrier.

"Raging Tempest! Disengage all linker core safety protocols!"

The Device hesitates, trembles, and then complies. It knows what's coming.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 03:29:51 6311
Miss White pulls out a Grief Seed. An unusual one. Rather than the odd monochrome colorings, this one glows a brilliant emerald green not unlike her own magic. She holds it aloft in one hand, holding the spike gingerly. To any Puella paying attention, and particularly to the Incubater in the crowd, it feels completely different.

This is a Grief Seed corrupted by a foreign magic. As Hannah holds it up, it roils inside furiously. The magic, so well mixed, seeks to escape the black confines. Miss White's linker core shines in her chest just as brilliantly.

The arms of the Witch batter against her barriers, but for every one it takes down, another appears. Miss White ins't holding back.

"Oh rotten Queen upon a throne of lies! Oh fallen monarch whose only law is death! Here do I stand before you alone upon the corpses of your loyal knights!" Come her words, strong and meaningful. Magic flows unchecked now from within her body. She breathes heavily even now, visibly strained by this work of magic. Power, barely contained within her barrier, rages unchecked in a howling tempest.

The Witch screams. Fear rather than rage exits its shapeless mouth.

"A rebel, a slayer, a witch of crimes most foul, she whom would not tolerate your continued crimes upon this salted earth! Behind me stands the vanguard of the tormented, vagabonds and murderers and pious alike, sent to make your end! In the name of my strength, and the will of those who stand behind me, I CLAIM THEE AND THINE!"

The Seed in her hand glows all the more. It shudders, the magic within swirling, and causing it to vibrate. Cracks appear in the black lattice protecting it. And then, it shatters.

The magic of the Grief Seed swirls, black and green and emotion itself mixing before lines of pure white magic begin to wrap up Miss White in their power. She doesn't falter as she's slowly wrapped up, consumed by the magic, seeking her innermost emotional gem within.


The cocoon enveloping her is gripped with a hand, and she /squeezes/ just before she's utterly consumed. Her barriers break all at once.

For a moment, everything is stillness. Then that cocoon cracks, and a burst of white magic fills the area to consume everything and everyone, Magical, Witch, and mundane alike.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 03:30:04 6312
As the light dims, the horrid Hospital is gone. In its place, the group would find themselves upon a sea of lillies. The sky and much of the horizon is pure white, and yet not blinding. The color is strange, as if one were looking at the mere concept of white rather than its actual form. To turn to the right is to see the indistinct skyline of Tokyo. Behind, the victims lay collapsed, the Witch Kisses utterly gone. And yet, the Witch remains, its arm re-attached. None of its dead Familiars remain either, and the creature seems small despite not being physically any shorter.

It's rage and pain is drowned out by something else. A glowing white cocoon of power hovers in the air. Those around would definitely feel as if they were in the lair of a Witch...and yet, it's far too orderly. The feelings of hope, of ambition, and anger, loathing, and yet a inexorable feeling of confidence and even warmth fill the area. It all seems to /fit/, even the conflicting emotions.

This isn't the construct of a Witch, but a human. The Witch moves, smashing against the cocoon, and it cracks. Golden light mixes with pure white, and down floats a figure from within.

A seemingly ethereal form of a woman floats down, with white hair, and a bandage across her eyes. A ripped, torn bride's dress floats about her, flecked with gold even as her hands are adorned with spikes of living wind. Breath comes from her throat, alive and seemingly anew.

Miss White breathes in slowly, and exhales just as an arm comes for her in her new form, radiant and filled with power and purpose.

The mere breath turns to a slicing tornado, the arm slashed to bits from the unconscious motion alone. The Witch staggers.

Miss White howls in laughter, like a banshee, and the act pushes the Witch back. It's right arm, again, falls to the ground. It doesn't rise, as the tornado of nearly uncontrollable, oppressive power slashes it to shreds, and then less than that.

"It worked! Oh God, at this very hour, it really worked! AHHH HAH HAH HAH! It was not for nothing after all! Power! /Real/ power is in my grasp!" She yells out, delirious, and voice full of victory. The Witch's many arms come for her, and mere motions of her hands turn them to shrapnel. Though the creature slowly repairs, it's definitely wounded by the sudden emergence of the being.

Then she remembers the others.

"...Kill it!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-04 03:48:24 6313
Runealy shouts back to Nagisa, "There has to be! You have to slow down! Even if some of us have to pick up the pace to make up for it! If you don't know why, I'll tell you later, but you absolutely have to bring yourself down or else...!" She can't finish that thought, startled by Riventon's blast. It's sick to watch, scary to watch... and briefly tempting. If he's capable of that kind of power but he's down now, then it's an opportunity to take out someone who she is convinced is effectively out to kill her entire world; if he takes her wand, the entire purpose in coming to Earth will be a waste!

Yet unlike last time, she's not subject to dark whispers in her head. It's a side effect of using a demon's crystalized energy, and thanks to not having used one recently her thoughts are free of influences... and the idea of outright finishing him off seems a little hard to commit to. He may use monstrous power, but on some level he's a person and it's hard for the princess in fully her right mind to get onboard with the idea of straight-up killing him. He's different from Witches and Demons, and this makes her too... 'scared'(?) to really carry it out now. Even when Miss White 'sweetens' the deal by going to him... Rune could potentially take out two threats in one go. She instead listens to White's words.

Words she only partially cooperates with. "Don't tell me how to fight. There are only sev... hn?" She's cut off by noticing White is up to something. "What are you...? Is that...?"

'Up to something' ends up putting it mildly. Runealy stares around, trying to comprehend how they've gone from an intensely awful twisted mockery of hospitals, to... flowers and 'white' and a swirling array of feelings. And someone new emerges. Someone who laughs and speaks of things 'working'. "Wh... what did you just do?!" The princess isn't sure whether to be inspired or frightened, or both at the same time.

'Kill it', the shout was. Against a Witch, something she can't associate with 'person' like she can with the others here, it's easier to do. Runealy lowers her defenses, taking aim at the witch. "Wardliiigh... no," she suddenly remembers that her family's anti-demon magic /doesn't work/ against Witches, for whatever unknown reason. Instead, a set of orbs detach from her wand and take up a star pattern. Once in place, she shouts and all of them fly forth and then burst into a wide spray of emerald sparkles! Pellet after pellet of tiny magical energy rushes forth, hoping to pepper the Witch!
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-04 03:57:55 6314
    The very young Puella Magi isn't exactly what you'd call a glass cannon, but this Witch seems to be of an extraordinary strength. This is also her first time experiencing extreme physical pain rather than that garnered from a magical blast, and while it's not worse per-se, it's entirely unexpected. Perhaps a more veteran Puella, or one better suited to ignoring pain and damage, would merely be slowed down by the slicing blows Nagisa takes, but the young girl is very nearly struck down by them.

    It's only by the strength of Riventon and Miss White that she's saved from being cut to pieces and killed by the massively regenerating witch. Miss White is for a short while going to be Miss White and Red by her action of scooping the girl up, and a soft 'Thank you.' is muttered. as she's brought out of danger, voice straining from the pain.

    As she's set down she can hear and almost feel Hannah's raging emotions, so alike her own only moments ago, but stronger and more violent still. If Runealy warned Nagisa of the danger of fighting like that, she must be about ready to shout her head off at Miss White, the girl imagines.

    Then two things are placed down beside her. The first will help keep her alive as she recovers from the mess she's been made into- a grief seed. The other is...

    She knows what that is. Maybe not exactly what it is, but she's seen it used on her Mother often enough to know that syringe is full of the stuff that makes pain go away. She scoops up both, and stores the grief seed for later.

    It's maybe shocking how she knows -exactly- what to do with that needle, but anyone who knows the intelligent girl has spent the better part of a year beside her mothers bedside might know why that is. The syringe is used, and soon the girl is finding out there are... other effects of the drugs.

    Her eyes unfocus and things start sounding far away, the pain is there but dull, as if it's happening to a body not her own. She looks in the direction of Miss White, but has a hard time focusing.

    It gets even harder when the world turns into piercing white.

    Jarring as it may be she is, after all, in a Labyrinth, where the unreal becomes reality and insanity becomes normalcy. Why shouldn't the world suddenly burst into pure brightness?

    Then a visage of perfect gorgeous beauty. A shining vision of white and gold, mixing together to form utter perfection.

    The tiny Puella reaches her arm up towards Hannah, and giggles a little. "C-chedder. Ehe... Colby-Jack... Munster..." She giggles more and flops onto her back, head lulling back and forth in the lillies. It's right about now that her Henshin vanishes, the girl utterly incapable of controlling her magic in such a state, instead riding waves of wonderful happiness and bliss, staring up at what can only be her one true savior.

    The Perfect Cheese.

    She may be drooling a little.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-04 04:01:24 6315
"You're a good friend, Kamen-san," says Homura, as she hands the sleeping form of Ao to Mamoru. "I'm glad I can depend on you. If you'll excuse me, I've got a fight to finish."

Madoka is delirious. Not good. Well, she's as safe as she can be at the moment. Homura says, "You tried to do the right thing, but that doesn't always work. You're a kind person, Kaname-san, but kindness can sometimes lead to an even greater tragedy."

You knew that line was coming sooner or later.

"Sorry I still haven't been able to explain things to you, yet. I'll try to save them, but the best way to do that is to bring a swift death to the Witch. Stay safe, Madoka. I'll resolve this quickly."

Homura moves into action, occasionally vanishing only to reappear elsewhere. The crowd that Madoka tried to stop gets flash grenaded. By the time their eyes clear, many of them are cable tied like crazy. They're just humans, after all, and Homura tends to not mess around.

She really needs to work on the whole 'rescuing people' thing, though. She's really clumsy and rough at it. Maybe WPS can develop something to knock out Witch Kissed humans, or maybe she can start taking cues from Tuxedo Kamen.

Homura watches as Riventon starts showing his real power to a Witch. Maybe the fact that his ally is in danger causes him to actually take some action. Homura remembers promising to kill him, but not now. She wont strike down someone who is helping her, no matter how indirect the help is or how she feels about him. Besides that, it would cause infighting. Remember what happened the last time there was Puella Magi infighting during a Witch? Yeah.

Nagisa continues to prove herself to be a credit to the Puella Magi. Homura smiles in her direction as she races by. Mami attacks with full force, and Homura gets nostalgic over times that never happened. To Homura, they have died nearly a hundred times, and Homura wont forgive the universe for murdering them or turning them into monsters.

Well, maybe this time will be better, in spite of all appearances to the contrary. Hope is what keeps a Puella Magi alive, after all.

Hope is exactly what happens. Homura stops in her tracks as she sees the strange Grief Seed in Hannah's hand. Is this the anti-Witch weapon that Hannah promised? She waits in anticipation.

Homura did underhanded, even cruel things to get to this point. She witheld information, even from Hannah. She overlooked, she collaborated, she schemed...

... and she trusted. She trusted the kind of people that most others would never trust. She did all of this in the hopes that it would pay off...

Now, Homura gets to see the results. She gets to see what comes from the organization that she put so much faith in. Homura stands by and watches as everything unfolds. A new labyrinth, odd and strange. A cocoon, containing a Witch... but it's a different kind of Witch from the others. The cocoon opens, and Homura can barely believe what she sees.


She's not displeased. She's very impressed.

Hannah gives an order. Homura follows. It's what her job is, both as a Puella Magi and as an employee of WPS.

Black hair trails behind her as she races around the hospital witch. Rocket and RPG launchers land on the ground in front of her, and she picks up each one and fires it in turn, before discarding it and moving to the next one. Each one is aimed at the enemy Witch, each one filled with explosive power, and Homura has a ton of them.

Something good happened for once. She's allowed to be happy about it.
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-04 04:04:37 6316
Prism Keeper Orange blinks. What just happend? First it's this bizzare hospital landscape---- and now.....

It feels like she's a tiny fish in a botanical garden pond, with lillies and everything. The feeling is different. She can feel it inside. It's really weird, like a lot of anxiety just dissapeared. Also.

That white haired girl is now dressed like some sort of ghost bride? What's going on here. What just happened to Nagsia? What ----!?

'Kill it?'.

Prism Keeper Orange unleashes a torrent of color energy at the witch- which comes as streaking koi led blasts of light into the thing.

She is incredibly lost.
Mami Tomoe 2015-08-04 04:09:55 6317
Mami steps back, ready to do a Tiro Finale, but...

Things go weird.

That's a understatement, actually. The yellow-haired/gemmed Puella Magi sits down and whimpers faintly, her gaze dazed.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-04 04:24:51 6318
Back away from the others, Tuxedo Kamen's taken Ao Karina from Homura, and crouches to make it easier for Madoka to loopily clamber up on his back, and his face is set. But-- oh so very briefly, his opaque mask flickers transparent and he glances sidelong at Madoka's face over his shoulder: it's so clear from that split-second glimpse of his eyes that his heart hurts, and that is the root of all his rage.

For a moment, he watches Homura through the renewed blankness of his mask, face as hard to read as her own, and then he's off: back further into the darkness of ill-lit witch halls, cloaking them all in the shadows of don't notice, don't see, even as Miss White is yelling back in his direction. The best thing he can do for them both is make sure they can hide until the barrier comes down.

Lowering again so Madoka can get off his back and he can prop Ao up, still half cradling her, he gets down on a knee and reaches up for Madoka's hand.

Grounding: helping. Madoka is real, is true, is honest -- something he can't be, no matter how hard he tries. No matter how much he gives, he can't give what he doesn't have. He can give belief, he can give hope, he can give trust and have it broken again and again, but he can't give reality, he can't give himself. But that's what the small pink-haired middle-schooler gives, and it reminds him that not everything is anger and hurt and loss.

Things are happening-- terrifying things, wondrous things, and he watches. "Steady," he says to both Madoka and himself, the edge bleeding off, blunted and muted... and then they're in a field of lilies, white and bright and shadowless, and his mask is barely a glimmer hiding his identity, blue eyes wide behind it. Slowly, as he watches, the wonder's replaced with caution, then worry. When the being that Miss White has become starts laughing, when she visibly begins turning inward enough to almost forget the others are there, he has to fiercely suppress the icy spike of actual fear that stabs through his heart and chills him to his core.

"What have you done?" he whispers.

Coming to himself, he looks up at Madoka, trying not to look as completely unsettled as he feels. "As soon as the barrier comes down, we need to get Karina-san back to her room. You're going to be best at that, you know the real layout of this place."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2015-08-04 04:35:22 6319
    Ikuto tries to pull the syringes out whenever they hit him. But there are too many to get immediately. Several end up piercing him, and left long enough for them to deliver their payload. Hopefully none of them hit him with anything lethal. That'd be unpleasant...

    But he forgets all about that then Hannah... does something. Changes into something... else. His eyes go wide in surprise... and then suddenly flowers. A field of lilies?

    It's about then that he starts to feel the effects of his /own/ little run-in with syringes-- the bad ones. He wobbles on his feet, but manages to stay standing. Though he doesn't know how much longer that's going to be the case. He hears Hannah's words to kill the Witch, and forces himself to stand straight. He doesn't have much left in him, thanks to whatever was in those damn Witch syringes. But still, he obeys Hannah's order as much as he can.

    He leaps towards the Witch, using his agility and speed to try and stay out of the way of the others' attacks. And as soon as he finds an opening-- not easy in all this confusion-- he snaps his right arm forwards with a grunt of effort, flinging those energy slashes at the Witch. Not just once. He stays on the move, running and leaping, landing crouched like a cat, and then exploding into motion like a wild beast. Again and again, whenever he can find an opening, whenever there is a lull in attacks, however short.

    But not to worry. He won't be able to keep up forever. A rush of adrenaline will only last so long. And soon enough, Ikuto lands... and doesn't jump again. To his credit, though, it looks like he's about to leap into the air again. But he just... can't. His scowl abruptly eases, he wobbles... and then he topples over onto his face into the flowers.

    And as he does, he glows briefly... and all his magical finery disappears, leaving him in the outfit he wore at the ice cream shop. And not only that, atop his back is the little cat fairy who had disappeared into the egg. Immediately he's pulling at the back of the unconscious boy's shirt. "Ikuto. Ikuto, wake up, nya." There is no response.

    Yoru moves to the boy's shoulder and shakes it. "...Ikuto!" Now there's worry in his voice. "Please wake up, nya!" Pull pull, shake shake. "...Ikuto!" And now Yoru's starting to get upset. Even if the Witch's barrier isn't making him sad, now he has something /else/ to upset him... he can't wake Ikuto up...
Madoka Akemi 2015-08-04 04:55:41 6320
Madoka knows she doesn't have a place here. The punch to her face -- and her wobbly, unimpressive reaction to it -- serves as an ugly reminder of that, one that becomes all the more obvious as she returns more to reality. Homura seems to agree. She's kind, always kind, even in the face of great danger. But as she's learned, and as Homura said, kindness will not get her very far when lives are on the line.

If it could, maybe she wouldn't always be the one who needs protecting.

She leaves the black-haired girl with that wordless apology for her weakness as Tuxedo Kamen spirits her away, only breaking eye contact when she can no longer distinguish those sad purple eyes from the purple of her henshin. With a sigh, Madoka turns her head forward once more, only to see (for the first time tonight) underneath Mamoru's mask. Pain, exhaustion, sadness: no anger for anger's sake. That glimpse is so potent that she feels his emotions as surely as if they were connected by empathy. It wipes away her fear that he is angry with her; in fact, it wipes away most of the concern for her own safety.

Madoka tightens her hand around his when they land, eyes softening at the opaque mask that looks back at her. She's helping him this time, she can feel it, and that might be more comforting to her than all the calm in the world that he could give her.

"Mamoru-kun...I'm sorry." She's consoling -- not apologizing -- and a small, somber smile lights her face after a brief pause. "It'll be okay."

Then the world is erupted into gold and white and artificial lillies, and she's returned to her all too familiar state of confusion, doing a double take to face the two magnificent beings about to do battle.

"What's going on?" Her eyes flit to the collapsed girl that he mentioned, the one that they have to save. "Can we still get out?!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 04:59:16 6321
Runealy speaks, and the floating, golden ethereal bride answers.

Her arms spread almost joyously, her smile that of a proud teacher to a child.

"I told you before, Bandit-chan. Relying on a mere crutch? Useless, even if it works once. /THIS/ is the difference between a mere crutch, and what a person gains from reaping of the fruits of their own labor. Or in my case? Research. Burn that into your mind if you ever want to accomplish your own goals. Stagnation. Is. Weakness!" She hisses out, another breath devouring an arm sent towards Runealy.

Homura speaks. The transformed Miss White smirks.

"...I'll spare you the details for now Akemi-san. Meet you back at the office with a beer after this. Tell you everything." Her words are a little choked. Odd.

Runealy lets loose with a starburst of orbs, and Homura offers dozens of rocket launchers. Not one to let her allies go it alone, she merely lifts her hands. Golden energy, swirling winds, surrounds orbs and rockets alike. Their already powerful forms redouble in strength, and the resulting explosions from both drive deep, powerful rents, supported by Miss White's own newfound power. The explosions leave gusts that rend the very repairing arms themselves into dust.

The floating little cheese worshipper floats towards Miss White, and in a fit of pure worry that can be physically felt, she kneels! The Goddess of Golden white-and-yellow holds Nagisa close. Close enough to take a chunk out of her with tiny teeth.

"Rest now, little warrior. You have done far too much already." She'll press the fallen grief seed to her, just in case she didn't use it earlier, then tucks it into her pocket.

Even if Nagisa decides to bite, she doesn't get put down. There's mild Fake-Witch Annoyance if so though.

Someone get that girl some pepper jack rations!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 05:00:05 6322
Mami Tomoe goes unharmed during this whole ordeal. The water that they all seem to oddly be /standing/ (or sitting) on, bubbles around Mami. White-suited creatures stand around her. Familiars to a glance, with blank humanoid bodies and various weapons: knives, pistols, crude clubs. These ones dont' seek to devour. They stand protectively around Mami.

More boil up, standing before the fallen victims, Madoka, Riventon, and Ao. A whole vanguard of the things, not unthreatening, but definitely controlled.

Miss White twitches, then shudders. The astute might notice a line of red dripping from beneath the cloth over her right eye. Her 'breath' quickens. She looks strained, and in pure pain for a moment before she forces herself to calm.

An untested weapon has flaws, but she'll endure this much for the people present, enemy and ally alike.

'What have you done?'

Tuxedo Kamen's words reach her, even in that whisper, and she turns about to peer sightlessly to the man. She can feel so much more than before. Power courses in her veins intoxicatingly, and she giggles like one so drunk.

"I saw the power of one of my enemies, and I took it for myself. Nothing more, nothing less. Power is the only thing that matters in this filthy, rotten world, Tuxedo Kamen. If you have power, then, and only then, may you actually start to move this hill of agony and suffering that we call a planet. Consider it sparking the smallest of movements." There's a small, briefly warm smile as she for once seems purely radiant in purpose. It's some small part of herself offered to the core without her usual mask around.

But twisted with the darkness within the soul gem. There's something rotten at the edge of her ideals, both from so many excuses to do ill, and from the fell magic poured within herself from that single Seed. Both eyes behind that cloth bleed, staining her dress. And then she falls to a knee just as sudden.

She coughs, heaves bodily, and spits out blackened blood. It feels utterly foreign, and pure evil mixed with this girl's life's blood. Whatever she's done, it's not helping her physically.

Miss White puts down Nagisa, and pushes herself up.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-04 05:00:59 6323
Ikuto's energy slashes hack into the weakened Witch, sending it's left arm crashing ot the ground. Each slash, each cut, produces another rent...and more swirling winds as Miss White offers her glowing power to her fellow Eclipse member. His claws slice through previously near-impervious metal like butter, and the true Witch screams. Not in anger. But in pure fear of the forces arrayed against it.

Little Yoru and Ikuto alike are guarded by those silent Familiar sentinels. The Witch shudders, on its last legs, and expels the remaining arms within its body wildy towards the group.

"...Come to me, oh brave guardians."

More water boils, and dozens of Familiars arrive. Dozens of magical bullets let fly from silver pistols, shattering the seemingly infinite approach of the Witch's innards. Then, it's all silent. Miss White lets out a sigh of relief. A choke. More blood is spat out.

In an instant, she's before the Witch, and raises a single hand.

"This is for Ao-chan! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE HUMANS, DEMON!" She whispers, her voice carrying, the realm turning to pure hate for a single moment as she slices through the creature effortlessly. It's cut in half, the combined efforts of all involved resulting in a bleeding, falling witch.

Turning aside, conjuring a white parasol, she remains only touched by her own blood. The Witch dies. Miss White lets out a breath, and then the strange world of lillies shatters around them.

Madoka's words hang in the air, and Miss White snaps her fingers.

"Of course you can, Madoka Kaname. I simply will not allow your life to be snuffed out or imprisoned so. Thus do I will it so."

The world grows blinding, and then dims as the sound of glass shattering fills the air.

When the light fades, they're all on the rooftop. Down below, the living victims relax in their beds. Dozens of hospital workers are hospitalized, but only three deaths are reported in total.

Up on the rooftop, Miss White (back in her normal henshin), tosses aside a mundane umbrella. Then, she collapses, screaming as she clutches at her chest, curling up into a ball as she howls in pure agony as the magical feedback from such an untested weapon assaults her body. One more syringe rolls from out of her barrier jacket. It might be wise to hold her down and use it before she tears her throat and veins apart.
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-04 05:10:16 6324
Runealy jumps backward from the arm, but it proves unnecessary as White intercepts it. Perhaps just as well; while Rune does a pretty good job moving and avoiding hits, she is not perfect at it and for all she knows that could well have connected... and it could have been fatal. That thought has a minor grip on her thoughts. White's rebuke has a moderate one, the words sinking in yet Runealy is unable to work up much of a retort. Instead, the princess says something seemingly unrelated to the topic. Once the battle is in hand, she says in a near-breathless, stunned tone, "You look kind of like... like..."

Her throat tightens, unable to finish the sentence for unknown reasons. The visual horrors that follow from White's body only compound it, causing the princess to stare with wide-eyed shock. Shock that remains even as the area shifts seemingly in response to Hannah's efforts. Shock that remains even as they're returned to the real, proper hospital.

Attempts to calm Nagisa are forgotten. Instead... Runealy spins and /runs/ for the stairs, and keeps running. She will head down floor after floor if allowed to do so, tears streaming as she just... runs. Runs away from all of this, unable to put her reactions into words now as a mass of thoughts slam through her consciousness.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-04 05:22:33 6326
Homura, the consumate professional she is, sees the syringe roll away and knows exactly what to do with it. She wouldn't trust Hannah if she didn't know how she thought, after all.

"Don't you die on me. You promised me a beer." It's a firm statement. It's the way they talk to each other. It's the kind of thing Homura thinks Hannah would get.

Homura rushes to Hannah's side, dropping to one knee. She takes the syringe in hand and looks down on Hannah.

"Mami? Kamen-san? I need her pinned down!"

Homura struggles with the flailing Miss White, trying to pin her with one hand, then a knee, then another. She's just a 14 year old girl vs. the 16 year old Sharpe, and even though she has her henshin so does Miss White. That doesn't stop Homura from trying to save her friend, however.

She wouldn't really be a magical girl if she did.

The moment Homura gets a good opening, that needle is going straight for a major artery, and once she's confirmed the hit she pushes down the plunger.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-04 05:43:16 6327
Mamoru's breath hitches almost inaudibly as Madoka addresses everything at once with six words, and his hand tightens around hers, too. A little squeeze of acknowledgement, of thanks. She can feel it because it's true. The two of them understand a lot more things than anyone should have to, sometimes, and sometimes nothing at all--

"I think we can," he finally manages to get out, uncertain, but then Kamihannah hears him, hears them both, addresses them, and he takes no comfort from her words. The faintest relief that she's still in there, the her he's caught glimpses of--

--people are falling left and right, pouring their energy into killing the Witch, passing out; they'll all have to be helped, seen to. But Miss White herself--

Tuxedo Kamen glances to Madoka in alarm, and then Homura's calling him and Mami over, and he hoists Ao up again, unwilling to leave her just lying there, and lets go Madoka's hand to place it back of her shoulder and encourage, but not push: "I need your help, candy-striper, come on!"

Off and away, Ao carefully put down close by, and then he helps hold Hannah down where he can. It's not long before the stuff's administered, or before an abandoned grief seed close-by is pilfered with the most sly of sleights of hand, or before hospital crew's moments away from coming up the stairs to the roof.

Madoka actually legit gets a Tuxedo Kamen hug, and he whispers something to her.

It might have something to do with 'please help the fighters keep their secrets.' It might be something like 'please tell Homura the seed is going where it's needed.' It might even be the original recipe for Coca-Cola, or a download code for the super ultra secret expensive new single by the most up-and-coming idol band.

It could be a combination of all these things! (Okay not the last two.)

And then he takes a flying leap off the roof of the hospital and disappears into the nighttime play of light and shadow.
Madoka Akemi 2015-08-04 05:58:12 6328
The hospital Labyrinth had been an awful place, it's true. Madoka would have thought anywhere preferable -- certainly a bright field of lillies would have fit the bill. But now they're here, and despite their savior being bedecked in gold and rippling with power, everything feels *wrong*. The girl is bleeding, so many people are sad, exhausted, injured...maybe even dead. And she's saying such horrible, sad things, trying to pass them off as reality.

It's enough to make her do something very rash.

Summoning all her courage, Madoka takes a deep breath and opens her mouth, unintimidated (almost) by the surreal vanguard surrounding them.

"You're wrong!" she shouts, stepping forward until she's inches behind the artificial Familiars. "The world is so much more than suffering. There are good, beautiful things out there that mean so much more than power. More than magic!" More of the faceless Familiars bubble up around her -- Madoka shrieks as one forms and pushes her back, closer to her companions. Still, she continues, "Love, family, friends. They're all part of the world, and they're all wonderful. They're worth more than...than this horrible power you want. I know they are!"

Miss White continues her battle heedless of her words. She probably can't even hear from this distance, and it's enough to taint her resolve with doubt. But it's not enough to make her stop.

"You have people important to you, don't you?" she says, quiet, eyes sparkling with sincerity. "They wouldn't ever want to see you hurt like this. Not for anything."

But there's a feeling of hatred great enough to knock her off her feet, and a millisecond later, they've returned to reality, one and all.

The next few seconds are a blur. Tuxedo Kamen asks for her help -- Homura is asking for *his* help -- the girl in white is dying, *dying* -- the girl they've been watching over is still one great mystery to her --

In a moment, however, it's all resolved, and she's quickly wrapped up in a warm hug, which she returns after her senses finally register what's happening. That whisper of his gets a silent reaction, her pink eyes widening, her mouth dropping open in realization. But then he's gone, and she can't do a thing other than stare after him as he runs.

...It *will* be okay.

Sighing in resignation, Madoka turns around, ready to assist the oncoming hospital crews and whoever else might need her assistance. Here, in this world, she has a place. And for now, it's enough.