Stealer of Starlight

Hannah Sharpe comes for Nanoha's Linker Core. She gets it. From various sources besides Nanoha and Raising Heart.

Date: 2017-02-03
Pose Count: 21
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 01:21:42 70133
Running. Nanoha Takamachi is doing her drilling and training in the evening because she didn't get to do it this morning because Yuuno had pushed her alarm clock over in his sleep and i broke and usually she is SO ON TIME but she wasn't this morning. But that's okay.

Drilling isn't so important that she can't do it later than usual. Running in the cool air down the sidewalk of the beach. She's dressed in sweatpants and a sweat shirt with Raising Heart on the necklace around her neck tucked into her shirt.

Pant pant you could see her breath as she ran. She wasn't tiring out or over-exerting herself but she still ran for a good clip.

Lots of things were on her mind though.

Everytime she thought 'I'd just go to Rune-chan's and see if I can't talk this out with Fate' she'd go 'oh. right.' to herself.

Why did things change so much suddenly?
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 01:29:13 70134
Hannah, too, has much on her mind. Between the wrath of her friends, and the necessity of her actions as of late (in her mind!)? The young woman has decided to take a walk. Notably, a walk rather than a run. Her usual boundless amounts of energy has been flagging, given the horrible effects of her own abuse and the Witch energy she'd stuffed into herself so long ago.

And so, it's Boris and Hannah out on a walk beside the beach. She's not out actively hunting. No, a simple walk to clear her head, take her mind off of her own sins and generally try to have a good day for once. Oh, why didn't she invite Gull out today?

She's dressed in a warm shirt, scarf, and jeans as she makes her way down the cold beachside. It's Boris that has her pausing, as the Familiar spies a very well known young mahou.

Hannah pauses, silent. A hand goes into her pocket, gripping a golden coin. Raging Tempest beeps comfortingly.

"....Huh. Fancy meeting you out here, Nanoha." Comes the somewhat forced greeting.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 01:38:52 70135
Gull is off with her sisters for a girl night. This probably involves a night club they're technically not supposed to be in, being delinquents just for a night. This may be part of Haruna's attempt to get Aki to let loose a little since night club infiltration isn't exactly high larceny on the delinquent scale. Besides who are they gonna tell? Their parents?


Nanoha Takamachi is however, jogging right now and she has her head down in thought- that she doesn't see Hannah in the distance and by the time she's made aware she's in speaking distance.

Nanoha doesn't want to talk to 'Hannah' or 'Miss White' but it's also kind of terribly impolite to ignore someone. But Hannah seems pretty content to 'be a jerk forever' of her own volition.

"Hannah-chan." she says softly. "Out for a jog, too?" she asks.

She just assumes every OTHER mage also jogs themselves to death regularly. That's a thing, right?
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 01:49:16 70136
A deep, deep sigh. For some reason, Hannah doesn't seem all that happy to end up meeting Nanoha. A small laugh, and Hannah stops. There's no humor in her voice.

"Eh, something like that, it's been..."

She goes quiet, and shudders. Falling back a step, her eyes close, and her breath falls heavier. When they open again, they're full of pain. This close, Nanoha might note the exhaustion in her, and just how pale she looks.

"Jeez, I really have been a real jerk to you, haven't I, Nanoha? Listen, I..."

Boris growls, and Hannah straightens. "Yeah, yeah, I got it. Shut up for once, Boris, I'm in a bad mood. I won't let her go."

Then, steeling her gaze, she flicks a coin high into the air. "Nothing personal, Nanoha. But you have something I really need right now."

A barrier bursts into existance, a magical circle forms under her, and swirling green winds bestow her suit and barrier jacket across her body and shoulders. She lands, knees buckling for just a minute as she catches her Device. The world is cast in emerald greens and greys.

"Come on, let's get this over with." Boris, for his part, is suddenly nowhere to be found.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 02:10:03 70138
Nanoha blinks at the barrier as it forms and she frowns. "Raising Heart...". < On it, Master. > says Raising Heart. Nanoha doesn't even need to ask as the circle forms behind her and sends her into her barrier jacket. She frowns a bit as she hefts Raising Heart as it forms into it's cannon mode, straight away. She's been blindsided too much by 'Miss White' in the past to not be ready immediately.

"I have something? No I don't. I don't have any Jewel Seeds or Lost Logia sealed so go somewhere else and look. If you're looking for Heart's Desire then I knew you'd want it." she scowls. Because of course she warned Yuuki about that.

That Hannah would just want it for herself rather than keep it away from people.

THAT'S what she thinks this is about.

Because what else could Hannah want?
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 02:18:43 70139
Hannah shakes her head, just a little bit. "Nanoha, I want that thing in /pieces/ for what it did for Haruna! I want to listen to it scream for hurting the people I care about!" Snarls out the violent magical girl, before taking up a fighting stance as Nanoha summons her Device. The wind around her thickens, and she feels the magic from Raising Heart. As powerful as always. Almost a perfect counter to her own abilities.


"No, I'm looking for something a little more...personal. So hold still I won't have to hurt you too much." Is her voice a little pleading? Certainly not this jerk!

'Gale Rush'

Her Device calls out, wind kicks up under her feet, and then she's all but /sliding/ towards Nanoha in a quick burst of speed. Her first strike is a roundhouse towards Nanoha's head! But it's just a /little/ slow, almost telegraphed. Which is when her right fist lashes out, trying to grab Nanoha by the neck!
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-02-03 02:24:48 70140
And then Hannah would hear probably the last thing she wanted to hear.

"Windy, stop this!" A fierce gale would form between the two, to try and shove Hannah back and away from the other girl.

There, standing just outside of a nearby alleyway, was Sakura. She was staring, her eyes wide.

At Hannah. The look on her face was obvious. This was a girl who was watching one of her heroes slowly become the villain.

"... Hannah... sempai. What... what are you doing?" she asked softly. Her tone said it all, though. The quiver, the shake. The desire to believe that Hannah was a good person... slowly caving in around her.

So yeah, it was a lil rough on the poor girl. If Hannah made a step towards her, though, she'd recoil and draw a new card. To defend *herself*.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 02:33:45 70141
Nanoha Takamachi listens to Hannah with a series of rapid blinks and she frowns. "Then I have absolutely nothing you /want/." she says. "--and you can pry my friend from my hands when I breathe my final breath!" she huffs, since Raising Heart would be the only thing she can think of.

< Divine Shoot! > calls out Raising Heart. "DIVINE SH----"

Before she can call out her own attack Sakura seems to come and try to stop Hannah's own wind- and honestly, Sakura appearing is surprising enough that it causes her to distract a little---- Hannah hesitates...


An array of bright magenta orbs hones in on Hannah trying to knock this off course.

"Sakura-san?" she calls out, in surprise finally. "Get away from her!" she says warningly about Miss White.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 02:42:21 70142
Nanoha has her smiling for just a moment. "Now those are words a Device User should say! They're more precious than our lives!"

Miss White is reaching, reaching as that kick is blocked, only for words to come to her ears that freeze her in place. Slowly, her body quivers as she gets that one. Thus, Nanoha's attack goes flying, and strikes her hard in the chest with that volley of orbs! She's sent tumbling, only to crash into a beachside bench. Slowly, she stands up, chest and one ruined sleeve smoking.

"Sakura. Get out of here. Now! I already told you, didn't I? I'll explain again later, just...please...please, Sakura...go." Begs Hannah. Tears, already, are falling down her cheeks. For now, it looks like Nanoha has an opening!
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-02-03 02:46:59 70143
Sakura Kinomoto stares at her. She quivered and then... slowly... lifted her staff up. "They were right, weren't they Hannah-sem... Hannah?" Oh. OH! Sakura took off the TITLE! "About you, w-weren't they? I tried so hard to believe in you. Even after... after everything that happened. They said you were responsible for that... Riventon stealing my cards, but I didn't want to believe them! I wanted to believe you were a good person. I... I wanted so... so bad..."

She was crying a little bit too. "... My friends are hurting. Kero-chan is sick. Because... because I let you use me. And... And I'm not doing it any more! Shadowy, bind her up!" she yelled, using the shadow card. The shadows under Hannah would lift up and try to bind her down to the ground. "You... you get out of here, Nanoha-chan. I... I'll deal with her!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 02:58:56 70144
Nanoha Takamachi listens and she purses her lips and looks back and forth with a concerned look as he keeps Raising Heart hefted in it's cannon form. She frowns. "Hannah..." she says. "If you're doing something to hurt Sakura-chan, too!? This stops now!" she calls out.

Yeah, she isn't backing off.

At least here's something to completely take her attention now and COMPLETELY focus it.

She raises her hands and gathers the energy--- then she shoots it in a simple, automatic cast Shot Barret. Just a burst of bright magenta energy directly into Hannah as Shadowy seems to aim to bind her up.

Yeah now she's upset.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 03:05:14 70145
"I...I didn't! I swear! I didn't have anything to do with what he did!" Calls out Hannah to Sakura, before she summons up Shadowy, and those dark arms bind her. She's crushed towards the ground, heart in shreds.

Within her, the black, devouring darkness grows worse, and her Linker Core cracks further. The barrier around it slowly starts to show cracks.

Around Hannah, whispers of something dark and hungry can be felt.

"But you won't believe me, will you, Sakura? No. No I don't blame you for that at all." Her laugh is bitter, and it tastes like ashes on her tongue. "They're right. I /am/ a terrible person. I really am. All it seems like I can hurt the people I love." She mutters lowly.

"Shut up, Nanoha! You don't know anything!" Suddenly howls Hannah as fresh anger pours into her. This girl has always gotten in the way, and if she'd just given herself up! With that irrational spark inside of her heart, magic gathers around her, tinged with a taste of darkness. Miss White flexes, and shadowy's holds slowly cracks, and as the air thickens into an emerald sheen around her?

'Wind Divination EX'.

Calls her Device, and then Hannah's a blurr of motion. A hard kick frees herself mostly, and she barely manages to rush aside. She leaves afterimages for a moment, before the spell wears off.

"It's a big sister's job to give harsh lessons when it comes down to it. Not everyone's a good person, Sakura, even if they do love you. You know what I'm up against. I'm going to live. For your sake, and everyone's. If you don't like that...then come stop me."

With a huff, and a spit of blood to the ground, she's leaping into the air! A shield forms around her even as her hand gathers magic. A punch in the air, and then there's a large burst of cutting, slicing wind aimed for Nanoha!
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-02-03 03:12:22 70146
Sakura Kinomoto stared at her, then she said those words. Those last, final words. Her eyes lowered. "... You're not... my big sister," she said softly. "H-Haruna-sempai, Haruka-sempai, Spark-sensai are. But you... you're not..." She gripped the wand. "Y-you're... You're not even my friend!" she screamed. She then drew a card. "Dash!"

She took off like a bolt, darting behind Hannah. Then she draws another card. "Jump!" She leaps up into the air, after Hannah, the attack going past her but it wasn't aimed at her yet. She then tried to smack Hannah in the face with her wand. "Hiya!" she yelled, before flipping back and drawing one more card. "Windy, bind her up!" Once again, the windy card shot out and attempted to bind Hannah up in its magic. She was still just trying to slow her down.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 03:27:09 70147
Hannah talks about 'living' and Sakura seems upset and not calling her friend anymore. Nanoha isn't Hannah Sharpe's friend either. Not anyone who'd operate like that. Not anyone who knows they're doing bad of their own free choice and won't change.

You would think someone who uses the wind would also be up for 'change'.

She widens her eyes and throws up an Auto-Protect- a round shield that tries to tank the cutting wind blasts. It catches a few before the shield shatters and she gets onto in the gut- sending her back as it rips up pieces of her barrier jacket. She frowns heavily as he levies Raising Heart again.

"You're right. I don't know. But I do know you're up to no /good/." she says stalwartly.

Good on Sakura, she thinks, standing up for herself!

See, people bounce back from seeing their illusionary and not real mom being blown up!


She's readying a divine buster. Hannah's probably gonna want to interupt that.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 03:32:25 70148
Hannah doesn't even register Sakura as she leaps, nor as those winds try to bind her up again. She ducks and dodges on instinct, half of the Card's power slowing her down. But her heart isn't in on it all.

No, her mind is replaying Sakura's words over and over again. No, she's barely paying attention over the feeling of horror and growing self-loathing. Despair slowly worms it's way into her heart once again.

But before she can respond, try to reply, there's a spell that finally gets her attention. She knows that spell, and how strong it is. She pivots on her heel, and then she's rushing at Nanoha in a wide zig-zag pattern. She aims a hard, thunderous kick charged with the force of a small tornado, aiming to bring it down on the back of Nanoha's head in an axe kick!

"N...nothing ever goes right when you're around, Nanoha Takamachi! I HATE YOU! I...I can't have a safe world, I can't have a little sister I've always prayed for....WHY!? Why do people like you always have to get in the way!?" And as always, with her heart on the verge of collapsing to darkness, she deflects blame for her own actions. Her magic is seeping darkness, and not the kind of Riventon.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-02-03 03:39:49 70149
Sakura Kinomoto landed with the aid of jump, then took off again. "Dash!" she yelled, flying through the air and racing at her.

Suddenly, she was between Hannah and Nanoha, lifting her wand up at the last second, shoving the other girl out of the way. "Sma--" But she misjudged. She'd arrived there at the last second. Her eyes went wide, then the kick slammed into her head. There was a sickening sound before the force of the blow drove sakura down to the ground, slamming her into it hard enough she bounces. Her wand flies off across the ground and she just... lays there.

Hannah might remember... Sakura doesn't have a protective henshin. She goes in there just as herself.

Oh dear.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 03:44:57 70150
Hannah doesn't interrupt Divine Buster because Sakura does, but pushing her out of the way. Her eyes go wide as she watches. "SAKURA-CHAN!?" she calls out. Eyes look back to Hannah. This is not the look of a pleased Nanoha Takamachi.

Not even a little. "Don't blame me because you make bad choices, Hannah Sharpe." she spits. "You were the nice person who used to come in all the time for coffee and a bagel or a donut!" she says. "But.. you're just a jerk." she says. "Another jerk who doesn't care and just wants and wants and wants!" she says.

She was going to charge Divine Buster and much of that is still charged in Raising Heart, but even Raising Heart can sense he rise in Nanoha's own emotional level.

She's upset. Seriously upset. Even before this- if Hannah wanted to disengage, she'd let it happen.

Not now.

That energy goes into another spell she'd been working on. Something stronger than Divine Buster, but more conventional than 'Starlight Breaker'---

She doesn't call it out because Raising Heart does.

< Hyperion Smasher! >

There is a bright collected magenta light- of her own energy--- swirling around two magical rings as it charges before the two rings form one--- and a bright magenta light streaks forward- much like Divine Buster- but a smaller quicker charge to it of the ambient magical energy- pinpointed straight for Hannah.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 04:17:22 70151
Sakura is like a rag doll, flying off and landing motionless. Nanoha's words don't even register. Not does the spell being charged behind her. No, Hannah's entire world is reduced to a girl who proclaimed she wasn't even a friend any more. Suddenly, things like power and life mean absolutely nothing against the broken heart of someone she cares for. For just a moment, that wall of self-deception crumbles to dust, and then she's over to the girl in an instance on flowing winds.

Raging Tempest, however, lays out an array of shields to Hannah's exposed back, now leaning over Sakura. Gently, she's trying to check the girl out for wounds, sobbing.

"Wh...what were you doing!? Sakura you /idiot/! You could've been...come on, wake up! You can hit me or whatever you like, just..."

A shadow looms behind Nanoha, quick as you please. There's a click-click, and something cold and metallic is pressed to Nanoha's back. The lumbering form of Boris, it seems, is almost as fast as his master, and twice as silent.

He pulls the trigger of The Gun without hesitation. Magic lights up, and the blue ray is shot right into the girl's back.

"White Kitten like fair fights. Boris not letting her hurt any more. Should have just given up." BLAM!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-02-03 04:22:32 70152
Nanoha watches as this goes on and she's about to say something when there's a voice from behind her.

Oh right... Boris.. disappeared. Boris. Who is Hannah's /familiar/. She doesn't have the time to react as the magical blast hits her square in the back without too much recourse she can do right now. It sends her flying to the ground, and at an angle, into the sand of the nearby beach, leaving a long skidded mark through the sand.

She just needs a moment to get back to her feet. Hopefully Boris is faster than that!
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-02-03 04:22:35 70153
Sakura Kinomoto doesn't move. Doesn't respond. She just lays there, motionless and still. The good news was it didn't hit in her in the head. The bad news was her left arm wasn't exactly... her should was moved in a bad angle. Something was so definitely broken.

Probably the only reason Sakura wasn't moving right now was that, well, she was unconscious. And needed medical attention. Pretty badly, to be honest. Likely to Hannah's horror, her wand turned back into a key, Sakura's magic no longer holding it.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-03 04:31:20 70154
Those big, chunky russian legs carry him over there in three strides. Once more, that Gun is leveled against Nanoha's chest. Another foot rises, tamping down towards Nanoha's shoulder as Boris tries to hold her down!

"Best not be moving. This will hurt." BLAM! BLAM BLAM! Three more shots, just to be sure. Unlike Hannah, Boris it seems is willing to kick someone when they're down.

As for the unconscious girl? Hannah is gently picking up Sakura. Her key goes into the girl's pocket, and she snaps her fingers. Finally, she turns her attention back.

"Boris, what did...we're going to have a long talk after this!" comes the low, wrathful voice of Miss White just as the teleport slowly sweeps Sakura and Hannah away.

Boris reaches, ready to pick up a small, brilliant orb. The Barrier, soon enough, is gone as well.