Lemon Tarts and Broken Hearts

So eating one of Haruna's awful lemon tarts isn't the WORST thing to happen this week to Hannah Sharpe!

Date: 2017-02-04
Pose Count: 14
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-04 21:59:53 70171
Haruna Kurosawa was busily baking. She was trying something new, to make /fresh/ for the Coffee Shop. Smells of Lemony zest filled the apartment and wafted out through the door's seams. She was making Lemon Tarts! Little pie-like molds filled with lemon-creme dolloped with whipped cream and a candied green cherry on top. She beamed a bit as she sat back and admired the tarts. Oh they looked so good and so fresh and she bit into one and!------

Immediatly spit it back out. "Oh god that's /awful/..." she says as she frowns and looks at the recipie. Flour.. Baking Powder.. Wait.. no. Baking...Soda...."

She sort of facepalms. She swears to herself as she sighs and leaves the tarts on the counter as she begins making a new batch, being sure to put the Baking Powder away and pickup the Baking Soda.

Grumble grumble, stupid similar sounding baking products.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-04 22:16:56 70172
To say the last few days have been a disaster would be an understatement. And finally, Hannah Sharpe has finally just run out of the ability to keep going. Depression and self-loathing have even passed to a desperate kind of need for someone who accepts her, no matter what.

And so it's a very tired Hannah that shows up at Haruna's front door. Pomp pomp pomp! Her knock isn't nearly as vigorous as usual, but perhaps that's to be expected at this point. "Haruna...?" Calls out Hannah weakly. A shudder runs through her body. She is so very simply /done/!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-04 22:24:56 70173
Tiny Tart Shells go back into the oven as she begins making new lemon filling. Ugh. Lemon Zest. Cream. Whip whip pomp pomp pomp. She blinks and stops and squints at her bowl. pomp pomp pomp. OH! It's the door! That's a weak knock. Who's there she wonders? Oh. It's Hannah!? Hannah usually knocks much louder!>..or just walks in on her own accord.

She walks to the door and opens it.

"Hi Hannah-chan!" a blink. "I'm baking!".

She still hasn't thrown out the bad tarts. They're still there on the counter.

A pause. "Is.. is everything okay?" she asks softly as she pauses before she goes back to mixing lemon cream.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-04 22:34:01 70174
Dangit. She can't help but smile at the sound of Haruna's voice. "Hey. Wait, you are? Okay, I need to try this." Sniff sniff. Sniiiiff sniff! She's immediately led over to the tarts via her snoz.

"It's been an awful few days, and I'm just /done/." Slow frown. "Therefore, I demand hugs!" She tries to inject some chipper in her voice. It helps that haruna is right here!

Reeeeach. Yoink. And then she pops /three/ of those bad tarts in her mouth. Munch Munch. Swallow.

Her eyes slowly bulge in her head, her hands go to her throat, and then she's spinning in place! Her face is this horrible shade of green.

Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-04 22:36:42 70175
Haruna Kurosawa mmmhhmmmhhhs! "I'm baking Lemon Tarts!" she says. "They're gonna be super lemony and super...."

'Argggggghhh'. "Noooo! Not super Augggghhhhhh silly!" she says as she turns around and--- "OH! You uh. Yeah. Sorry." she says as she suddenly yoinks the tray and dumps them out. "Ahahah--s--sorry! I used. Baking Powder. Instead of Baking Soda. In those ones." she says meekly. "So--sorry! Um!..." she scrambles. A glass of milk is being slide across the table.

"Hugs?" she asks. "Well. I guess I can give those~" she says teasingly as she slides on over and gives Hannah a hug, but only after she's downed milk and stopped dying from her horrible baking attempt.

"Okay. So what happened?" she asks softly.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-04 22:44:01 70176
That milk dissappears in about two seconds flat. Then, she finally lands in a hug. And she doesn't let go for a good three minutes. Hannah quivers the entire time, and only the warmth of a certain Gull keeps her from having a breakdown right then and there.

"Sakura...caught me while I was having a fight with Nanoha Takamachi. She...she said."

"She said I'm not even her friend anymore. And then she just...throw herself between us, and..." Leaning against Haruna, she's so very near to just collapsing. "That /idiot/! Why did she have to do something that stupid?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-04 22:57:38 70177
Haruna Kurosawa is happy to sit there and be hugged and warm and she has the over on a ding timer so it's not like things will accidently burn and she's learned to set it for juuust a few minutes prior! This way she has time to deal with other things. like hugs!

Then Hannah goes on and she listens and---

Oh... oh.

"Is that why...she's in the hospital?" she frowns a bit. She doesn't like hearing this at all.

"Sakura is upset, you know. About all this." she says quietly. "She didn't... accuse you of working with Riventon, did she?" she asks.

"I spoke to her about that, assured her that wasn't the case. I know it still isn't." she says.

"I know you are many things. But. We both know you wouldn't outright lie to me like that." she says quietly with a frown.

"I think... she'll be okay. I'll talk to her, okay? But...No..miracle promising just. Kinda. Part of what you're doing I guess." she sighs. Disappointment? A little. But not entirely as the over dings. "Ah.. a moment!" she says as she suddenly tiptoes toward's the oven. After making sure Hannah won't collapse onto the floor.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-04 23:10:40 70178
"Yeah. I know. She..." Well, she isn't wrong, either. Even by now? Hannah knows what she's doing is wrong, and probably even stupid. Can she really abandon it now, though? A shudder. And a slow, dead nod.

"She...not directly." A shake of the head. "I think I shocked her. I just...was she really putting me up on a pedestal like that?" Sigh. She's just not /used/ to someone thinking she's a good person.

"Obviously. Alright. Thank you, Haruna. Jeez, I'm the worst girlfriend. Sorry. I keep having you run damage control. Just don't...risk yourself when I'm being an idiot, okay?"

She's reaching just as Haruna is off after the oven!

"I don't want to lose you."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-04 23:20:10 70179
Haruna Kurosawa thinks out loud. "Maybe I should had saved one of the bad tarts for Kami-sama." she muses out loud. She giggles a bit to herself at that. Oh man she could see the face. But maybe feeding 'might actually be 'god'' bad lemon tarts isn't a good idea. She sighs and places the tart shells there as she begins to start mixing Lemon Creme again.

Zesting more lemons into heavy cream. squeezing lemon into it. Adding sugar and---

"We call her little sister, Hannah-chan. Of course she does." she says quietly. "She knows I hurt her brother before. Badly. And she still looks up to me." she says quietly.

"But I also. Kinda behave nowadays and don't steal people's souls because I think it's a great idea to bring my sister back somehow." she says wryly.

'I don't want to lose you.'. This makes Haruna pause a moment as she stops and puts the tools down and slips back over and gives Hannah a /very/ tight hug.

"You won't, Hannah-chan." she says quietly.

"I might get very very upset and angry sometimes. But as long as you're truthful with me and I"m able to have time to sort my feelings out..." she says quietly.

"I'll be fine. You'll be fine. Just." she sighs a bit.

"Like I'm not happy about this whole Linker Core thing. but you also told me the truth and you're telling me the truth now and I'd rather that than... you making up some story about being possessed when you're not." she says. "Right?" she asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-04 23:41:59 70180
"Oh man I'd pay to be a fly on the wall if you did that!" Okay, now Hannah's laughing.

Hannah slumps as she finds a nearby couch. Whump! "You...it's not...ugh. I hate it when you're right." Pout! Pouuuuuut!

Gull hugs, however, are the best. And she returns it just as tightly. Warmth of a lover is a balm to the soul.

"I guess if I have one virtue, honesty is it." Sigh. Double sigh. Hannah then just lays out on the couch like a proper, lazy, depressed mahou.

"If I was possessed, there'd be a lot more stabbing involved and screaming. No one's been screaming, have they?" Huff! Huff! Hannah rolls over.

"How's the cafe going?" She's quick to latch onto other subjects.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-05 00:16:40 70181
Haruna Kurosawa sighs a bit as she gets back to mixing lemon creme and beating it to death with an eggbeater. Whiiiiirrrrrr! Peaks form. It's done. She redollops tarts and a green cherry each again. She's back where she was. She gently breaks off a piece of the crust and eats it as she smiles and nods to herself. "Perfect." she says. Well. It's not perfect. But it's edible. She isn't exactly Makoto here.

Edible is an ACHIVEMENT for Haruna.

She walks back over to Hannah with one. "Here. Try this. This one shouldn't kill you." she insists.

She beams. "Wonderful actually!" she says happy to take the change of topic. "I need to find out if there's some late night traffic but otherwise it looks like we'll be closing a little earlier. No point in being open till eight if no one comes between 7 and 8." she says!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-05 00:31:25 70182
Hmmmm! Open Hannah maw, like a little hannerz-birb! In goes the tart, and nom nom nom nom!

Hannah taps her chin, food being one thing that easily brings her out of her funk. A slooow pause, and gulp. Well, she's not looking like she's about to die, at least.

"Too much lemon, not enough sugar. And you overcooked the actual tarts." Comes Hannah's harsh criticism. And then she's over there, leaning in, and smooching.

"But it's a good start. We'll do the next batch together."

Mmmm. "You should buy a tv ad. You're competing with Tiny Pink Idiot after all." Grumble grumble /Nanoha/!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-02-05 00:51:35 70183
Haruna Kurosawa pouts. "Ugh! I baked the last batch perfectly were it not for the baking soda." she mutters. She huffs. THAT much is true. She frumps and sighs and continues to eat her own tart. "I need to get it right because I want these in the store by Spring!" she says. "Fresh Lemon Spring Tart!" she insists. "I dunno how lemon and mint go? Cuz I'm thinking of some mint leaves to sort of garnish it off. Ugh I need to talk to Mako-chan about baking." she says.

She head tilts. "Huh?"

"You mean Midori-ya? I'll get on just fine. I don't actually.. do a full bakery thing? But I have more drinks than they do." she says matter of factly nodding.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-02-05 01:10:30 70185
"And that's why you triple check your recipies, Haruna!"

Smug Hannah-chan look! Smuuuug!

"Then just keep on trying, Haruna, you'll get it. Hmmm. I'd keep the mint to a minimum." Bleh! Spoilers, Hannah just doesn't like mint!

ARms slowly cross, and she nods. "And you're going to absolutely crush them, drive them under, and hear the lamentations of their former customers!" Brags Hannah happily. Ahhh, this feels so much better.

"That's true. Your coffee is the best! I love the Double Windy Gullchan mocha!"

And then, she's suddenly dragging Haruna to the couch. "But now, it's time to pay the Cure Tax." The cure tax, it seems, is snuggles on the couch!