Suzuki and Karin visit Togo at the Hero Club at the same time. Suzuki is polite. Karin is not.

Date: 2015-08-05
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Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-05 03:58:59 6357
    It's one of those days during the summer vacation that the school is open, and many of the clubs are getting together to discuss plans for the next term, including the all important Culture Festival. Students file in and out, some wearing their uniforms while others take the rare chance to wear whatever they like to school. One of those not wearing Seiyou's uniform is Karin Miyoshi, here to finalize the paperwork for her transfer into the 8th, and specifically the class of Mimori Togo and Yuna Yuki. Even here the Taisha's influence can be felt, and a nice donation can go a long way.

    Once she's done she heads out into the hallway, pulling out her phone and checking her email. No new messages from the Taisha since yesterday's status update request. She'd send it right now, but there's one more piece of business she wants to take care of first. She politely asks a student for the location of the Hero Club, getting a gushing reply about how wonderful it is to have people like them around to help out. This is responded to in a dismissive tone, the helper is politely thanked, and Karin proceeds down the hall.

    She'll make her way to the room the Hero Club meets in, reaching for the handle but suddenly pausing-

    Wait, would it be rude to just barge right in? A moment of hesitation crosses her features. She'd look like an idiot if no one was in there and it was locked. . .

    Instead she lifts a hand and raps the knuckles on the back of her hand against the door.

    First impressions are important.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-08-05 04:11:39 6360
     Suzuki was always the sort to help and go to club regardless of if summer was out, and her Kendo club had just gotten out of practice a little while ago. Soon enough, Suzuki is on her way to the Hero Club as well. As she approaches, she sees... Karin! Was she a new girl? Suzuki didn't recognize her. Hmm. Probably someone the Hero Club was helping. Suzuki slowly makes her way down towards the Hero Club. It had been a while since she visited, and that was actually somewhat planned. Because she was holding a small container. Home-made brownies, carefully arranged in the little tub. It was fudge brownies, so a bit chewier, the sort that would melt in your mouth, with some nuts sprinkled on top. And probably thoroughly stuck together.

     As Karin knocks, Suzuki moves up to stand next to her, giving a somewhat shy little smile, "...Here to visit, too?" She says softly towards Karin, offering a polite nod of her head towards her. After a few thoughtful moments, she carefully opens the tub of brownies. "...Brownie?" She offers, waiting next to Karin for someone to answer the knock on the door.
Mimori Togo 2015-08-05 04:14:17 6362
A knock? That means it's not Yuna, Fuu, or Itsuki. "Come in!" comes Togo's clear voice, though she doesn't move to open the door herself. Karin will probably see why when she steps into the room!

As the door opens, she backs her wheelchair up from behind the computer and wheels it around the desk. Of course, she's wearing her uniform today. It's right and proper, even if there are no classes! She's at school, isn't she?

Togo offers a warm smile to the visitor. "Welcome to the Hero Club's room. How can I help you?" But when she sees the taller girl behind Karin, Tobo clasps her hands together. "Ah, Natsume-senpai! I wasn't expecting you today."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-05 04:26:40 6365
    Karin looks over when she hears footsteps heading decidedly in her direction. Her head tilts upwards towards the taller girl and her eyes narrow a little bit. She places one hand on her hip and turns to half face the other girl, as her path appears to be taking her towards the door of the Hero Club. She gives Suzuki a fast, but detailed look over- the white haired teenagers muscle tone and poise are almost instantly recognized where it can be. Also recognized is the Naginata hanging from her bracelet. The person before her is in high physical condition.

    Perhaps there is hope for the Hero Club after all.

    The look over is a very noticeable sizing up to someone who practices Kendo, and doesn't take much of a look to notice that Karin herself is in impeccable condition. Surprisingly so, in fact- there's not an ounce of spare fat on the girl.

    The way she regards Suzuki almost instantly shifts the moment she speaks however. 'visit'. That is not a word a member of the club itself would use, and so her hand drops from her hip and she turns towards the door again. "Visit?" An affirmative sound is made, "something like that." A glance is sent down towards the brownie tub and she gives a dismissive flick of her wrist, "I don't want any." Not very polite at all!

    That's when there is a call from inside, and Karin opens the door and steps through. She gives a quick look around the room; no weapons, no training mat, no fighting materials whatsoever. Well, according to the sign this isn't the only use for the room.

    When her eyes find Togo there's a moment of surprise, and the girl looks completely shocked for a very brief moment. The face fits the profile for one 'Mimori Togo', but the picture on file revealed nothing about /a wheelchair/. She's off guard when questioned. "Who, me? I'm just here to check this place out."

    Okay, that sounded stupid.

    "I'm transferring to this school for the next term," she adds hastily.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-08-05 04:32:19 6367
     Suzuki gives a small smile towards Togo, bowing her head slightly towards her. "Hello, Togo-san. ...I decided to come visit after my club got out. It was only somewhat planned." Suzuki says, keeping that tub offered out towards Karin the whole time, though it's angled a bit more so that Mimori could take one as well. She begins to take a few slow steps into the room, light, practiced steps.

     She makes her way over to a table in the room to set them down, carefully sitting them there for the chocolatey smell to waft through the room. "I brought some brownies for you and the rest of the hero club, Togo-san." She murmurs towards her, bowing her head politely towards her.

     Suzuki had noted that lookover, giving a brief glance over her as well. She watches her for a few moments, taking note of her apparent level of training. Maybe there would be another person in the Kendo Club that she could train with... and get over the brief plateu that she's found herself on. "I see... not a fan of chocolate?" Suzuki says with a small smile towards Karin. Her gaze trails back towards Togo. "I hope you've been well, Togo-san."
Mimori Togo 2015-08-05 04:43:43 6370
It doesn't take more than a few moments of observing Karin's interactions to know she'll be a tough nut to crack. Well, Mimori Togo has yet to back down from that sort of challenge! ...though Yuna was a lot better at it than she was.

As Karin looks shocked, the girl merely smiles back sweetly. This girl is definitely new around here if she's that surprised, though it also means she probably knew Togo from somewhere... Mysterious! "Oh, you are? How lovely!" Hands press together as Togo gives the girl a cheerful smile. "Are you looking to join the Hero Club, then? I can print out a flyer, if you'd like." She backs her wheelchair around toward the computer and reaches a hand out to the keyboard.

Then she pauses for a moment, looking at the container. "Just a moment, Natsume-senpai." Togo tilts her head slightly, as if trying to listen for something... then nods once, a very serious expression on her face. "Fuu-senpai and Yuna-chan must be off campus, or you saying that would draw them back to the room in a stampeding herd." When offered herself, she reaches out to take the smallest one. Western sweets aren't as much to her tastes, but it would be rude to turn down something like that! "I've been very well, Natsume-senpai. How has the kendo club been doing?"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-05 04:55:49 6372

    Before the girl herself can even affirm it Karin's suspicions on who the girl is are proven correct. Shinju-sama chose a girl in a wheelchair to be a Yusha? Was the Taisha correct in the data she'd been given on the four Yusha already present at this school? Their information was almost always spot on, and she was relying on data she'd received to perfect her combat techniques. This is a troubling development, to be sure.

    "I'll joining the 8th grade," she responds, starting to get a better grip back on herself, and there's a slight hint of annoyance in her voice. Then she gets another surprise at the next question and snaps quickly, "What? No! Why would I-" she stops herself from going farther than that, and after a moment says, "I'll take the flyer."

    Normally she wouldn't be so quick to reign herself in, but there's only a certain level of rudeness she can offer towards a handicapped girl.

    Especially one that will probably be playing the 'bait' role to the Vertex if she really is a chosen of Shinju-sama. Karin, expecting to supervise the Yusha's combat activities, already begins thinking on how to incorporate an indestructible but otherwise helpless person into a combat situation.

    To Suzuki she looks over towards and replies simply, "I don't eat things that won't positively impact my training." That last word is deliberately chosen, and she watches to see if that gets a reaction- though if Suzuki is worth her salt as a fighter, she thinks, she'll already know Karin trains quite a lot.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-08-05 05:00:47 6374
     Togo is given a quiet smile as she takes one of the brownies, bowing her head slightly towards her. "Of course, Togo-san... you have someone visiting your club." Suzuki says softly, moving over towards a wall quietly. She listens to her quietly for a few moments, before she gives a smile and bow of her head. "Well, of course. I've been a bit restless since the kendo meetings are down to only twice a week now." Suzuki says with a soft sigh.

     "8th grade... you're one grade lower than me, then." Suzuki says, giving a small bow of her head towards the girl. "If you ever need any help with your homework, or you're struggling with anything, feel free to ask me." Suzuki offers politely towards Karin. She thinks a few moments, eyes half-lidding almost lazily.

     "...Ah? But sugar and such can positively impact your training by providing energy, if taken in moderation. Besides, even the most skilled of kendo practitioners need breaks and to treat themselves now and then." Suzuki says in response, it wasn't really aggressive, more a statement of fact in that quiet little tone of Suzuki's. She almost seems timid, but mostly she's just quiet. Which just combined with her height to make her intimidating to some of the other girls.
Mimori Togo 2015-08-05 05:16:49 6377
"Oh, you're the same age as me, then!" Togo looks quite pleased, despite getting at least a vague idea of what's going on in Karin's mind. "Maybe we'll even be in the same class together! That would be fun." The paused protest gets a tilted head and a soft, "Hmm?" before the girl nods, tapping a few keystrokes. A moment later, a fresh flyer comes out of the printer, and Togo hands it over to the visitor.

"If you don't like Western sweets, I'll be sure to bring some of my botamochi next time. Ah...!" The girl looks briefly embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Mimori Togo. The club president and the others are out right now, so I'm keeping watch over the home base, so to speak!"

Togo does at least take a little taste of the brownie to start, a very delicate nibble that barely requires her to open her mouth much at all. "These are good, Natsume-senpai. Did you make them yourself?" Her gaze flicks from Suzuki to Karin and back. "Mmm. I'm sure the kendo club will pick up practices more once classes begin again. Are there any tournaments coming up?" She glances at Karin again. "If you do a lot of training, then maybe you'll be able to help the sports teams! Fuu-senpai tries a lot, but she hasn't had much practice in a lot of sports."

As she talks, she breaks a piece off her brownie and holds it toward Suzuki. "Natsume-senpai, could you put this up there on a napkin? It's a bit out of my reach." The small shrine to Shinju-sama is indicated with a nod.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-05 05:32:42 6380
    Ah, so it's Kendo the taller girl practices. It can be a bit regimented, but it's still a good physical workout something that could help her continue training her reactions now that she's away from her Taisha Senseis, Karin thinks. Her interest in Suzuki returns a little, just in time to be spoken to. Though it's intended as being polite, Karin takes the offer as an insult. "I won't need help with anything this school could want to teach me," she comments, turning away from Suzuki and lifting her chin.

    She accepts the flyer with little fanfare, taking it with one hand and giving it only a quick scan- the antithesis of politeness once more! She mostly pays no attention to the talk about whether the brownies are good or not, though mention of potential kendo tournaments catches her ear. Her posture shifts a little, and she almost smirks. It'd be almost be unfair if she were to enter. But then Togo is talking to her again and she looks confused, "I told yo-"

    Oh right, she accepted the flyer. "I guess."

    Then Togo is talking about putting food some place high, and Karin immediately knows what this is about. "I'll do it." She walks over and all but /snatches/ a brownie out of the tub with complete irreverence. She doesn't bother with a napkin, instead simply ripping off a corner of the flyer that was just given to her, clearly not caring a whit about the thing.

    And that's when her demeanor changes. She carefully tears off a piece of brownie just large enough to fit on the shrine, reaching up delicately with perfect and practiced form to set it down without even a single crumble falling off the piece of flyer it's sitting on.

    She holds her hands up in front of herself and presses them together, closing her eyes and muttering a solemn, quiet offering to Shinju-sama. It's a long one, which Togo might recognize as being incredibly pious.

    When she's finished she opens her eyes slowly. She's committed- she has to eat the brownie now or the made offering wouldn't be proper. She picks the brownie back up and takes a small bite, almost as small as Togo's.

    Her eyes widen- it's an explosion of sugar and flavor in her mouth the likes of which she almost never gets.

    However almost immediately after her demeanor changes once more, and she swivels on her heel and points at Suzuki, "Is that so. And if your body becomes reliant on that sugar and you've none to give it before a fight? What then?" There's an intensity to her words, though they're not spoken outright aggressively per-se; she's speaking as if eating a little big of sugar were a matter of life or death.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-08-05 05:39:30 6381
     Suzuki's smile faded to a more neutral look as Togo handled things with Karin, her gaze shifting thoughtfully around the room, briefly resting on that shrine. She pauses though. "Ah, those aren't western. I made them the japanese way. I think my parents would throw me out if I used their kitchen to make a western treat. I didn't make the matcha too weak, I hope..." Suzuki says with a briefly worried look towards Togo, watching her quietly a few moments. "...Ah, thank you for the compliment -- I did make them myself." She says softly.

     "Mmm... none that I can think of off the top of my head, though I've been a bit distracted with summer ... stuff. My parents like to make sure I'm busy through the summer." She says, rubbing the back of her head. "Ah, of course." Suzuki says, reaching to take a napkin, then the piece of brownie. Carefully she sets it on the napkin, and begins to make her way over to the shrine. She politely bows her head, dipping down in a respectful motion as she lifts the offering up above her head, carefully sitting it on the shrine. She whispers a small prayer under her breath, before straightening up.

     Her gaze trails back towards Karin as she speaks, giving her a reserved smile. "I see, it's good to see that you're confident in your skills, then. Still; the offer is there if you ever need it." She says, letting the somewhat offended response roll off of her own back easily. Still, Karin's quick movement, treating the food, and the flyer with such irreverence. Suzuki gives her a disapproving look, her hands with the napkin and bit of brownie are lowered.

     "Then I fight regardless, and my performance is not impacted." Suzuki says calmly in response to that question of the sugar. "It is simply sugar, and the human body is reliant on it by default to begin with, many of our foods are converted into it. Even rice is sweet if you chew it long enough." Suzuki says, her gaze neutral as she speaks to Karin, though her tone is ever-so-slightly more firm than before. "As I said. If used in moderation, it is not an issue." She totally didn't eat sugar in moderation. She loved sweets, even if she did her best to resist! But she worked off all of the calories she put on. Hmph!
Mimori Togo 2015-08-05 06:02:17 6385
A giggle escapes the girl at the explanation. "I thought I tasted something familiar. But I'm sure they wouldn't throw you out. ...probably." Maybe tie her to a pole. That's how parenting worked, right?

It was a bit of a surprise to see Karin intercept the duty of offering food to Shinju-sama. Enough so that Togo doesn't even comment on her using a torn bit of flyer instead of a napkin. Ohwell. It's not like anyone is actually going to eat that. Except Gyuki, maybe, once it's around. Or Fuu. ...probably Fuu.

However, as she sees the prayer, Togo claps her hands together as well, lowering her head slightly. When she glances up, she offers an apologetic look to Suzuki. "Natsumi-senpai is a very important member of the kendo team. Maybe once you're officially a part of the Hero Club, you'll be able to go help them train!"

Sweets are very important. Very very important. Togo has a sweet tooth as well, though she prefers the sweetness of things like red bean paste and mochi to sugar. "Why don't you come by tomorrow as well?" is offered to Karin. "I can bring snacks and help find out what you're good at so we know which clubs you can help out."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-05 06:11:52 6387
    "Ahhh," comes from Karin, showing she understands while being vocalized to evoke skepticism, "well if it doesn't impact your performance." She turns her back again while shrugging her shoulders, completely blowing off the rest of what Suzuki had to say in a way that might be infuriating. She's smiling now, though. Not that it's in the usual, friendly manner. "I'm very confident in my skills. Are you?"

    For the very briefest moment her eyes dash down to the tiny naginata again, before she's simply giving a sidelong look towards Suzuki, "Either way, if you'd like to see what it really means to be in peak physical condition that could be arranged." The older girl never said anything of the sort, but the... invitation? threat? is given anyway.

    That self important smile stays on her face as Togo suggests her helping train the Kendo Club, "That's very correct, Togo-san. I -could- help them train." She turns again, stepping towards the door, pausing just before it, "The question is; could they handle my training?"

    Her head turns just far enough to send a small grin towards Suzuki, "She might."


    At once it's both an insult and a compliment. There's no doubt the girl considers herself superior, but there's also potential there. She'll have to mention the girl in her message to the Taisha.

    "I'm busy tomorrow," she replies, opening the door to the club room and disappearing through it with a simple, "Ja," and a perfunctory wave.

    Observant people might notice she's bringing the flyer and brownie with her.