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Date: 2017-03-02
Pose Count: 2
Kukai Souma 2017-03-02 06:22:24 72317
Last night's rainy downpour had turned into a mild, cool drizzle, suitable for umbrellas and hats and thin jackets and the like. People were in steady patterns today on the street, buying things they wanted and needed with more rain scheduled on the way.

Still, though, even with such a cool, moist day, there were streaks of sunlight coming through the clouds, and people sound generally cheerful, especially inside the shopping centers of Tokyo.

For the most part, Kukai-N was not in a place where she could think about shopping and exploring for new items. Mostly because she didn't want to spend someone else's money, and mostly because she didn't feel the need. Food was plentiful in groups around her, even though she had to hunt out the right ones.

Straightening her dress and Norie disguise from where the man had grabbed her shoulder with intent, Kukai-N patted his unconscious head and exited one of the employees only rooms in the back halls of the center, walking back out to the main concourse and feeling quite a bit better. Well, as good as she could feel, anyway.
Kukai Souma 2017-03-02 06:47:51 72327
Kukai-N hears splashes nearby, as if some kid is jumping in puddles out of sight. If she could smile, she would, at the sound. She was mostly full, as well, so some of the stress of daily life right now was off her, and with a full stomach came the strength to brush off the dark whispering voice.

It's possibly the last thing she expected for someone else to approach her as she turns to face ... oh, well, that's Usagi. Oh dear. In the back of her mind that dark scratching grows hissy and somewhere between angry and... scared?

Kukai-N blinks at the unanticipated question in two parts and works through it. It is a lovely day, more or less, yes, in its own way, but lovely may be different for her than for most people. As for how she is, Kukai-N's face darkens. "... I'm miserable, and you should know it. .... I know Kunzite knows, so certainly Mamoru knows. How much did that puffed up pastry tell you?"