Dark Promises

Sometimes hoeplessness is the answer.

Date: 2017-03-03
Pose Count: 20
Twilight 2017-03-03 04:53:19 72402
    Twilight has obtained a cellphone. Shut was all too happy to please his princess, and indeed, she was pleased. At the cellphone. Not Shut. She had to call this thing called 'Customer Support'. Then she just got annoyed by the fourth prompt and somehow just dark energy'ed her way into activing it. This is perhaps, the true power of IT.
    So she put in the number she was given. A meeting was arranged.
    It is midnight, or close to it on Earth. A keyhole portal opens on the balcony and out steps Twilight as it closes behind her. She should be expected. She pushes her way through the door.
    "Memory of Sachiko." she asks out. As if to make sure she's here. "I am here."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-03 05:01:51 72404
Climbing up to the top floor is not easy for Sachiko. It involves a lot of crawling, mostly, up a great many steps. But when she wants to go somewhere she won't be found, her bedroom--mostly abandoned these days for the difficulty she has in getting to it--is the perfect place to hide.

On the third floor, the massive room is still as spartan as ever: a huge fluffy bed made up with sheets, hardly any toys to speak of, and nothing on any of the walls. Utilitarians would find the room perfectly functional.

The balcony's double doorway is left open, allowing Twilight ease of access. And within, she finds the exhausted Sachiko just waking up, lying on the floor with the covers from her massive bed draped over her. The cinnamon-haired girl looks up sleepily towards the doorway, then smiles a little when Twilight enters. "Hello, Twilight-senpai," she calls out quietly. "I'm sorry I fell asleep while I was waiting. The stairs are hard for me, still."
Twilight 2017-03-03 05:17:28 72407
    It is a familiar sight. A bed. Bare walls. Very little of anything friviolous. Her room has very little in it aswell, in Castle 'Hope'. Books her mother made her read. About dark things. Ancient and old and forebidden perhaps. She'd not been out until fairly recently in her life. Mother wanted her 'ready'.
    She walks over at the blankets and looks down. Her hand twitches in a manner that suggests she was about to offer a hand up. She doesn't. Not yet.
    "I understand Earth people need a lot of sleep." she says.
    "Memoria." she says.
    "There's certainly an air about you. Do you know where this power comes from?" she asks.
    She does offer a hand down, at this point. "You seemed unsure last time we met. Perhaps, just tell me what you do know."
    Another pause. "Have you thought any on what we discussed last time?" she asks with slightly raised brows.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-03 05:24:50 72408
Twilight's sudden approach, earns wide-eyes from Sachiko, not out of fear but wonder. She peers up ... and up and up and up at the taller girl from her position on the floor until she nearly falls over, back against the side of her bed. Beneath the blanket, she has on a simple pink nightgown, with long ruffled sleeves, and bare feet beneath that.

Sachiko smiles a little, then admits, "I need more than most. I'm still recovering from my coma," she admits quietly, "and sometimes I wish I wasn't. At least when I'm asleep, I can see An-chi," she explains quietly. "Here inthe real world she's dead, now, so it's not very fun."

The small, cinnamon-haired girl tilts her head at the next question asked of her. "Power?" she returns the question with another. "I don't think I have any power. I thought I did, once. I thought I was a magical girl, and that I could defeat all of the clockwork lord and his minions." Reaching up, Sachiko accepts Twilight's hand. She starts to pull herself up, but Twilight will quickly find that without actually quite a bit of help, it's a very difficult endeavour for the cinnamon-haired girl. "But I'm not a magical girl. I know a few of them, and they're always cheery and hopeful and annoying. Except Momo-chan. She's angry and grumpy. But I'm just Sachiko, the one An-chi left behind." A sigh, then she asks, "What was I supposed to think about?"
Twilight 2017-03-03 05:37:22 72410
    Twilight listens to this story. She doesn't show any emotion while listening. People die all the time. Why worry about it? Sometimes she wishes Close, Lock or Shut would die. Twilight doesn't seem to think very nice things about people.
    "About the nature of hope and dreams." she says.
    "Truly, you do not?" she asks. "I'm not quite sure of this. Perhaps I should take you to see my mother soon. She may be able to discern what I can not. Perhaps you will also see the three buffons my mother employs."
    Clockwork Lord? She's heard of no such thing. "Who is the Clockwork Lord?" she asks curiously. "Why fight him?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-03 05:49:44 72414
Sachiko leans a little against Twilight, once she's standing, her body trembling and unable to support itself at the moment. "Oh. No, not really," she admits quietly. "I don't really think about hope or dreams, much, except that I wish I was dreaming all the time. That's where An-chi is," she explains. "Or at least that's where I find her." She sighs a little, then says, "I don't really have any hope, except that I hope I can go back to dreaming."

She shrugs a little, then explains, "There is no clockwork lord. He's just a bad guy I made up to expolain why An-chi was missing. But it was just a lie I made up. Who's your mother? Is she nice? Does she have butterflies like the pretty one on your dress?"
Twilight 2017-03-03 06:10:15 72415
Twilight is able to support Sachiko without issue, and she allows it for now. "Having hope is for fools, Memoria. It's good you realize that much. Because you and I aren't fools." she says with perfect confidence.
    "Ah." she says. "Sometimes people lie to themselves when they have hope. It makes them feel better. Supposedly."
    "My mother is Queen Dyspear. She is the leader of DysDark. She understands these things too. That's why she brought the truth to the Hope Kingdom and that's why she wants to bring the truth of Hope and Dreams here." she says.
    Yes, this is a very kind thing to do in Twilight's eyes.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-04 21:53:49 72532
"So you're a real princess, then?" Sachiko asks, eyes widening just a little as she looks up at the older girl. "With a real queen for a mother? All the other princesses I know don't have a queen for a mother. They're just ... princesses. What's a DysDark? Is that the kingdom you're from?"
Twilight 2017-03-04 22:08:40 72533
    Twilight answers, as she watches Sachiko's eyes widen. "Yes. I do. DysDark is the name of the kingdom my mother commands, yes." she says, softly- with just a little bit of a smile that borders on a smirk.
    She frowns. "Princesses like that, as you describe, are false princesses. Fake girls just pretending, Like 'Cure Flora' and the small girl she's training." she says a little more coldly.
    "I am a real princess. From a real kingdom." she says with more pomp and grace.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-04 22:15:34 72534
Sachiko bows her head a little, then frowns and tries to figure out what to do next. "That means I'm supposed to bow before you. But I don't think I can do that without falling over. I'm sorry," she says quietly, looking back up at Twilight.

"Who's Cure Flora? And who is she training?" Sachiko asks curiously. "And can I see DysDark sometime?"
Twilight 2017-03-04 22:41:45 72535
    She just wears that smug smile. "You'll just have to do it extra often, when you are able." she says curtly. If she was on less than friendly terms on the girl, she might actually be so unforgiving about such a small thing.
    "Cure Flora is a 'so called' Princess of Flowers. She thinks the weak prince of the world my mother took from him can make her a princess I guess." she says like this thought was confusing to her to no end.
    "Of course. But right now you can barely stand." she says with another soft smile. "I wonder. Are you even trying?" she asks. The tone is almost accusative, but stops short as if she was trying to tone it down and of course, she still wears the smile even as she says this.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-04 22:44:24 72536
Sachiko considers that question for a moment, not answering it. She looks down at her own bare feet, wiggles her toes a little, then admits, "No, I'm not really. I mean, what's the point?" she asks curiously. "It's not like standing is going to get me anywhere worth going. It will just make me want to dance, and there's no point in wanting to dance. I can't have that; and I especially can't give it to An-chi."
Twilight 2017-03-04 23:08:40 72538
    Twilight almost seems confused. "Yet, you wish to see DysDark. Yet, you say there's nowhere worth going. Either one is true or the other- but not both.".
    Back to the dead sister again. She still doesn't care for this explanation. People dissapear.
    This despair is still so perfect in it's beauty, however. It's like examining a perfect painting, or an art piece or the perfect melody to her.
    "Tell me everything you can about your sister." she suddenly asks. "Something seems off to me." she claims.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-04 23:14:44 72540
"Well ..." Sachiko says quietly, "I didn't want to get my hopes up that you'd take me," she says quietly. "But ... I guess if you promise to take me, I can work on learning to walk." She frowns a little, thinking it over. "Yeah, that seems reasonable. I used to be good at running. I had ... Heely's," she says, smiling a little at the memory. "They were fun. Maybe I'll learn to do that again.

"But An-chi ..." Sachiko says, trailing off a moment in memory and thought. "An-chi. Sorry, her name was Anshi. Anshi Hayakawa. I called her An-chi. She was my big sis, and she protected me from all the bad things in the world. She'd give up her lunch so I could eat. Or she'd sew the patches in my clothes when they got bad. She read me bedtime stories and sang me to sleep. When Momma was angry because she drank bad stuff, An-chi would take me out to the park and we'd play on the swings. She took me to the park a lot. And then ... somehow she became a magical girl. She got powers from the cat-bunny and then her wish was a bad wish and daddy came home and killed momma and tried to kill me, but I ran away before he could get me. But ... there was a really really big storm that night, and while I was running from daddy, An-chi was fighting against a really scary monster. Kukai-niisan said she died fighting the monster, but that she saved us from it."
Twilight 2017-03-04 23:46:46 72550
Twlight listens to this story and pays attention. Red eyes emotionless, face mostly unmoving as she listens. She is clearly listening however. She takes all this information in. This is delightful to her. A wish gone wrong? Dying defending a city? Leaving the girl to fend herself from her father? No wonder why she is like this. Things make a little more sense. She tsks, just lightly under her breath.
    A cat-bunny? She's heard rumors about this from others in this group her mother decided to join with. This Obsidian Pact. She doesn't care for it much. But it does give her a frame of reference so she doesn't have to ask about that. She wonders a bit. She sees a few avenues- some of them are most assuredly dead ends. This girl seems to... love her sister. Trying to make her hate her would probably be a losing battle. At least right now. There are loose hanging threads to grasp onto. A 'Kukai-niisan'. A brother? She looks around. "You have a brother?" she asks. "Where is he right now?".
    "-and your father?" she asks. "He tried to kill you. Surely you've killed him by now?" she asks. Because certainly, when someone tries to kill you, you kill them first.
    She leans down and gently picks up the girl, perhaps finally and helps her up onto the bed. It's probably more comfortable up here than trying to stand, or leaning against her. Maybe she's gotten tired of being used as a leaning post.
    "A wish. Tsk. Wishes never work out. Wishes are just as bad as dreams and hope. They just exist to break and go wrong, Memory of Sachiko." she says waving a hand off to her right as if to bat the very notion of a wish away out the window.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-04 23:53:36 72554
"Brother?" Sachiko asks, then here eyes widen. "Oh! Kukai-niisan," she says. "No, he's not my brother. Not realliy. Just ... he acts like a big brother to me, sometimes," she explains, then wrinkles her nose. "Except he doesn't let me do things at all and he keeps trying to protect me as if he were An-chi. He's not An-chi, though.. He can't protect her!"

She sighs and says, "As for my father, I dunno where he is. Greta-chan says the police took him away because he's a bad man, and so maybe they did. I haven't got the ability to kill him. Anyways, now I live here, with the Senator. He made me his daughter, now, even though he's never really around."
Twilight 2017-03-05 00:17:13 72561
    Twilight listens. Her father was taken away. In a dungeon perhaps in her eyes. That's close, right? The tall silver haired girl listens. "Oh. So he merely acts like one." she says. "--and couldn't even protect your sister it sounds like." she says as she clicks her tounge in a 'tsk'.
    Brothers. Brothers are utterly useless. Brothers tell you lies and tell you bad things. She doesn't know where this thought comes from. Before she can even connect it to anything it's practically already out of her head.
    "How can you call anyone who can't even protect your sister a brother?" she asks genuinely confused-- not out of hope to break the girl further.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-05 00:19:12 72563
Sachiko blinks at that question, then tilts her head in thought. "I dunno, I didn't ... think it was his job. I dun think he knew An-chi very well. Maybe not at all. I don't think he could protect her because he didn't ever meet her. I met him after she died," she explains. "After the storm."
Twilight 2017-03-05 00:30:36 72567
    Twilight seems even more confused. It's genuine confusion of something someone shouldn't be confused over. Caring and wanting to see someone safe isn't anything she can grasp easily. It's not the ways her mother taught her.
    She believes she's learned enough this night. She's found these things intresting. The princess reaches up and removes the ballroom mask from around her eyes and gently places it on Sachiko's face. It's probably a little oversized and probably does not stick. Her face is soft and beautiful as a princesses' face should be. She appears to have some red marks peeking up from the eyes, like makeup of a sort that can't be seen under the mask.
    "That is a promise." she says. "That I will come back for that. When I do. If you are able to walk, I will take you to DysDark, as I promised." she says.
    Because a princess always keeps a promise. Her promises just typically are promises of despair is all.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-05 00:32:49 72568
Sachiko reaches up to grasp the mask before it can slip. In the process, she lets go of Twilight, and wobbles on her own two feet. Unbalanced, she tilts backwards until she's leaning on the bed. Wide-eyed behind the mask, she stares at Twilight's face for only a moment before mumbling, "Pretty."

Then she nods her head, once, twice. "okay! Okay! I'll learn to walk again," she promises Twilight. Because DysDark sounds amazing, to an eight year old in love with hopelessness.