Just a few nights

Nades comes to stay at Amu's. And meets her parents. Poor thing.

Date: 2017-03-04
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Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:04:39 72537
Amu Hinamori groaned inwardly, but tried to keep a smile on her face. She could do this. She would do this. "Na-chan, just... just a warning. My parents can be a bit..."

"... They're a little... odd. Just don't worry about it, okay?" she said with a nervous gulp, before knocking on the door and... instantly...

"Ohhhhh, you must be Nadeshiko-chan!" her mother said. "We've been so excited to meet you! Amu-chan told us all about you, but she never, ever brings her friends over!" And then hug.

"Yeah, mom, we're gonna head up to my room, okay? Is dad home?"

"He won't be home for a few hours, Amu-chan. What would you girls like to eat?" Still... hugging her.

"Just... just whatever, mom. Come on, Na-chan!" Grabbing the girl's hand and hauling her off, her face burning.

"So cool and spicy!" her mom could be heard saying from below.

Amu was up in her room, panting, a moment later, face on fire. Well, that hadn't been SO bad. Surely there was nothing to worry about, right?
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:09:00 72539
To be fair, Nadeshiko is currently without her filter. In some ways it can be a bad thing. In others, it can be a good thing.

She laughs a little at the hug, then her arms sort of flop around because still hugging. "Well, she probably thinks its safe because I'm not quite myself right now."

Hah! See? She can joke about things!

"It's nice to meet you, Hinamori-saaWAAUGH!"

Getting hauled off is definitely something she should be used to with Amu.

She laughs again and leans against the wall. "She's sweet. You worry too much. It's a parent's job to embarass their offspring." She taps her chin in thought. "All through primary school, my teachers had no idea my father wasn't my mother."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:16:55 72541
Amu Hinamori groaned and blushed. "Y-yeah. I guess. So, ummm, what do you want to--"

And then a knock on the door, before it barged open.

"AMU-CHI!" Ami yelled, running inside and hugged Nades. "Momma said you had a friend overrrrr! But I'm your best friend! Amu-chiiiii!" And started pounding on Nade's tummy with all the force of a small child.

Amu cringed and scooped up her sister. "Ami-chan, this is my friend, Na-chan. You've met her, remember?"

The child nodded.

"She's just here for the night. So... ummm... as my best little sister in the world, can you do a very, very special task for us?"

The child's eyes sparkled.

"Can you go ask mom if she can make us some apple slices?"

"Okay!" and the child was released and ran off. Amu sighed and held a hand to her forehead. "I am so sorry..."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:24:50 72542
Once again Nadeshiko is hugged. This time at about knee height. Thigh height? Somewhere around there. Fortunately the barreling child doesn't knock her to her second cushiest area. Her hand pats through the young girl's hair. And then there are tiny fists intent on crushing her uterus. "Hey, watch it, squirt."

She does tense at the reminder that Ami has met her before. A relieved sweatdrop is almost visible when the child doesn't comment on the physical changes. Maybe she's just been that good passing off as a girl?

She's almost exhausted when Ami runs off to acquire apple slices. She plops back on Amu's bed with a huff. "And yet somehow, I still envy you having a sibling. What's wrong with my brain?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:30:20 72543
Amu Hinamori sat by her, giving a sigh. "Yeah. That's a little weird," she said with a sigh. Well, at least her bed was big. "So, will these blankets be thick enough?" she asked, motioning to them. "I can bring some more pillows and blankets over. And you know if you need anything, just ask, okay? You're a guest!" That and she really, really, really wanted to make sure Na-chan had a good time. Because this really was the first friend she ever had over here. And she was scared her parents would ruin it... Or Ami. gosh.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:33:16 72544
She sticks her tongue out at Amu for a moment.

Then she picks at the blankets on the bed and makes a humming noise. "Are you a blanket hog? I don't know if I am. Does it get cold at night in your room?"

And really, well, Nadeshiko is used to having a weird family. Heck, she's used to being seen as weird, period. Odds were good Amu's parents would be considered normal compared to the Fujisakis.
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:37:22 72545
Amu Hinamori shook her head. "N-no! I'm not!" Well, she is a little. But she didn't know that. Well, okay, maybe a little. Because Tadase had cuddled and held her when she hadn't been feeling well. and then she got him sick. The dorks.

And then the door burst open and it was her dad. And suddenly he was over nades, arms on either side of her, and just STARING into her eyes. Shit shit shit and--

"It's true! Our little girl finally brought home a friend! Yay! Yay! Yay!" ... Why in the world did Amu's parents have celebration fans? And, also, oh my gosh why did they have 'Amu has a friend' dance?!!

Amu wanted to die.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:40:31 72546
There is a moment of 'oh god personal space invaded by unknown male' and it's a very good thing there are fans and a dance.

Nadeshiko sits up with a huff and just sort of glares at the guy. "Warning for next time, sir? I wouldn't recommend doing that to other female friends of your daughter's. You could end up with knees in very uncomfortable places."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:42:56 72547
Amu Hinamori blinked a little. Then her dad ran off crying about her scary new friend. Her mom tried to comfort him. Amu just groaned and then gave a weak smile. "I'm sorry. My dad can be a little... intense." Oh, poor Nades, this was just the beginning. "We should be good until dinner, though. They'll... probably give me a bit of privacy. Eh... heh heh...." Please don't be offended please don't be offended pleeeeeease.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:44:52 72548
"No wait, it was just...friendly advice..." Well, she can mark 'make a grown man cry' off her bucket list.

She just sort of gapes at Amu for a moment.

Then her grin turns evil and sly. "Maybe they'll leave us alone because I'm scary."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:46:44 72549
Amu Hinamori blinked. Right. As if she'd be so lucky. "I... wouldn't count on it," she said with a sigh, a hand to her forehead. "I'm so sorry, Na-chan. So, ummmm... what do you wanna do?"

Honestly, her room was a bit plain. She didn't seem to have anything massively girly or anti-girly. No games, no toys, nothing to really play with. What did she tend to do with ehr free time, anyway?
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:49:12 72551
Nadeshiko shrugs and rolls over onto her stomach. "I don't know. Normally I'd be practicing dance or annoying Kukai. What do you usually do after school? Homework?" This is, of course, asked seriously. Because, well, Nadeshiko kind of likes school.
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:50:52 72552
Amu Hinamori nodded. "R-right, homework! We can do that! I ummm... I guess... practicing dance works too. Err, I-I could move some of my things out of the way so you have lots of space? Maybe you can teach me a few movements as well?" she asked sheepishly, giving a weak grin. Please don't be bored please don't be bored pleae don't be bored...
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:52:41 72553
She raises an eyebrow. "I mean, if you want, but...I actually don't have to dance for once." She taps her chin again. "Although I do like it. So if you wanted I could show you some basic things. And I wouldn't have to dance for hours."

And then she gives Amu a Look. "Right? I won't have to dance for hours, right?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-04 23:55:06 72555
Amu Hinamori shook her head, hands going out in her open palm quick shake as she shook her head. "No no no no! You don't have to dance or anything like that unless you wanted to! You don't have to do anything you don't want to! You're my friend, you're a guest, I'm here to make sure you stay happy!"

The charas were giggling and of course gossiping with Nade's charas. After all, Amu was obviously trying so hard to keep er friend happy.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-04 23:59:38 72556
Nadeshiko suddenly bursts into giggles. After a moment, when she can breathe, she gently shoves Amu's shoulder. "Relax, would ya? I'm already having fun. This is nice."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:01:44 72557
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times and nodded. "O-oh, right. So, ummmm..." She gulped and then... "Oh! I know!" She ran into her closet, pushing things aside until... pulling out a candyland board game. "Wanna play this? I haven't played it in years, but my parents and i used to play it all the time!"

"I wanna be red!" Ami said. Wait, when did SHE get here?! The door hadn't even opened! WTF?!
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:06:27 72558
Nadeshiko blinks a couple times and stares at the board. "I've never played it. Is it hard?"

Temari looks up from her corner of the Chara Gossip Squad. Hard? Could this be a challenge?

Nadeshiko jumps a little at the sound of Ami's voice. She studies the young girl with a suspicious eye. "I don't know...are you gonna beat me up again?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:09:02 72559
Amu Hinamori paled. Why, Ami? Why? Not now?

"It's the hardest! you'll never beat me!" Ami said, pointing a finger at Nades accusingly. "Amu is MY big sister and you'll NEVER steal her from me!"

Amu, meanwhile, wanted to die. She just paled and held a hand to her face. "I'm so sorry. No, it's not hard, it's basically just dice rolling."

"After I beat you in this, I won't have to beat you up!" And then Ami grabbed Amu's arm and hugged it, glaring at the other girl.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:12:04 72560
A challenge has been issued.

Temari shoots above the over charas as Nadeshiko's eyes glint. Suddenly she's standing, one fist held up as a foot rests on the edge of the bed. "There's not a game yet that has bested me! Bring it on, Little Hinamori! Your challenge is accepted!"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:18:10 72562
Amu Hinamori stared and tried not to give into despair. "HA!" Ami said, pointing a finger defiantly up at the girl. Before she ran up, jumped on the bed and pointed down. "I won't lose to you or anything! Amu-chi is MY big sister! And you'll never take her from me!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:24:13 72564
Nadeshiko uses the foot already on the bed for leverage and stands all the way up on the mattress. "HA!" She points down at Ami. "I'm older than she is, so I won't be stealin' her from no one!"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:27:12 72565
Amu Hinamori held a hand to her forehead, before chewing an apple slice. It was like watching a train wreck. You wanted to look away, but couldn't. Instead, Ami started setting up the board and then... "I'll go first!" And dice roll.

Amu decided to just watch for now. Her secret was out. Her family was dorks.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:30:01 72566
Nadeshiko's eyes are sharp on Ami as she sets up the board and goes first. She goes back and forth between the rules and the young girl's actions.

She will win this!

(News flash, Amu, your friend is a dork, too.)
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:33:38 72569
Ami had experience. She had the know how. But... she also had parents who often let her win soooo... she really wasn't the best. But gosh darn it if she didn't do her best. "I get the lollipop guild!" she yelled. Amu just ate another slice. Ugh. Whyyyyy?
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:36:01 72570
Nadeshiko hrrrrmed and harrumphed a little. And really, if she knew the rule about letting young kids win, she probably would have followed it. But she doesn't, so she isn't giving the girl any breaks.

She pulls out her next card and cheers in victory. "HAH! Double purple!"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:39:45 72571
Ami harumphed, and by mid game... "You're a... decent opponent. But you cannot steal my sister! And..." Roll and... "DOUBLES! HA! I take two reds! You'll never catch up to my lead!" she was like... one point ahead.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:42:49 72572
She looks smug at the praise. And then her eyes widen at the sudden lead! What! How can this be!

She spins the wheel and pulls up a card.

"AUGH! Yellow!" She eyeballs Ami. "You didn't stack the cards, did you?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:47:22 72573
Ami smirked. "No, you're just bad at this game." She spun the wheel and... "Purple! HA! I--" Pause. "NO! Not the swamp!" She lost her next turn.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:52:00 72574
Outrage! "I am a savant at this game and you know it!" Fume!

She takes both turns! Somehow...she ends up only one space further ahead than she had been.
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 00:54:56 72575
Ami grrrrrred. Okay. It. Was. ON! She spun the spinner with a righteous fury! "AH HAH! RED BLUE! I get to--" And landed on the same space as Nades. And scowled. She would DESTROY HER! And they were almost to the end!
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 00:59:21 72576
The glinting in her eyes spark! Sizzle crackle of electricity!

With a great amouth of ferocity she spins again, and as it does she uses her voice to urge it along! "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

And then a card! And then she moves again! Not quite at the end but she can taste victory!
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:00:59 72577
Ami harumphed. "THIS IS IT!" She spun. "YAHHHHHH!" ... She got yellow. She went forward one space.

She was going to lose. And... Nades could see the tears already beginning to well up. Amu blinked. Oh shit. "Hey, ummm, Ami-chan, how about an apple slice?" "NO! MAKE YOUR MOVE!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 01:03:30 72578
If she did see the tears, you wouldn't know it!

Nadeshiko spins again! She draws a card!

Her eye twitches.

"Go back..." She picks up her piece and moves it. "Go back ten spaces."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:05:02 72579
Ami blinked, then... She spun and... "YES!" She smirked. One square away. "Any last words, sister stealer?" she asked with a snort, glowering at her.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 01:07:46 72580
Spin! Card! Two spaces! Ug!

Her eyes glint at Ami. "Yes. Whoever wins gets tickled until they pee."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:08:54 72581
Ami reached for the spinner. Then blinked. Then paled and started sweating. "W-what?" she asked, squeaking.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 01:09:42 72582
Nadeshiko doesn't say anything else. Her smile grows wide and devious. Almost evil. Very scary, most like.
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:15:08 72583
Ami whimpered, spun it... and won. And then tried to flee the room!
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 01:15:58 72584
The grin widens...

And then when Ami goes to leave, Nadeshiko moves as though she's gonna give chase, fingers stretched for tickling! "BAHAHAHAHA!"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:19:53 72585
Ami shrieks and tackles Amu. "Amu-chi! Save me!" she screamed loud enough to almost shatter glass. Making Amu rock back and forth, @.@ for eyes. "Y-yeah. Just... g-go to your... room. I-I'll s-save you..." Ow. Her ears. Her charas werte on the ground, @.@.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 01:21:32 72586
Instead of tickling her, Nadeshiko just shrugs. "Good game, squirt."

Then she flops back on the bed, trying very hard to not let it show that her ears are ringing from that screach.
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:23:42 72587
Amu Hinamori flops besides her a moment later. "Sorry about that," she said a bit too loudly, deaf and all. "Are you okay? I hope my family isn't upsetting you too much!" she said, closing her eyes and trying to let the pain in her ears die down.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 01:29:21 72588
Ringringring. It takes her a moment to hear what Amu says because of the ring. "Hmm?"

Then she waves a hand. "Nah. Like I said, my family isn't exactly normal."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 01:50:49 72589
Amu Hinamori nodded and then... "Sorry. So, um, what'd you like to do now? We could watch some tv, if you want. Nobuki Saeki's show is on soon." Pause. "N-not that I put any belief into fortunes or anything like that," she said quickly.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:00:39 72590
She snorts. "Right. Because us being magical girls isn't weird." She rolls on her stomach and hums in thought. "Sure. We could watch her. Totally obviously just for the lulz and not because you believe in it or anything."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:03:21 72591
Amu Hinamori nodded. "Exactly." And then...

"Ladies, today is the day to call your boy friends. The lucky stars are in the sky and those who make an effort to tell their boy friends they love them, will have good luck and an increased chance of being married!"

Amu's hand was twitching. Wanting to reach for her phone. So. Bad.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:04:30 72592
Nadeshiko huffs and rolls her eyes. "I've already told Kukai that like five thousand times, Television."

She glances at Amu out of the corner of her eye, amused. "You can text him if you want."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:05:15 72593
Amu Hinamori yelped and blushed. "W-w-w-what? No, I don't need to! i mean, he knows it... and... err... W-well I guess it wouldn't hurt to let him know. Maybe. A little." And quickly texted him, her cheeks burning the whole while.

She was sooooo easy.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:07:17 72594
Nadeshiko snorts again!

Then she thinks. "And I think I basically told him he's about the only thing Nagihiko and I agree on. Did I? I think so."

She strokes her chin. "Hmmm."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:09:11 72596
Amu Hinamori nodded and then... held out her phone. "Here. If you wanna text Kukai-kun, go ahead." She smiled to her. Then blinked. "O-oh. And ummm, my parents don't know I'm dating anyone so... don't tell them, okay?" she said with a sheepish smile. "If my parents found out..." thought they were weird now...
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:16:44 72598
Nadeshiko looks at the phone and sighs. "I'd better not. I need to get my own phone or something."

She gives a sly grin. "Besides. They might make you blush."

Her eyebrows raise. "Oh reeeeeeally?" Interesting information! Not that she would use it, of course, or tell her parents.
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:18:47 72600
Amu Hinamori blinked and then blushed. "Y-you and... Kukai-kun s-say things like that?" she asked, her cheeks burning.

Then she squeaked again. "Y-yeah! Please don't say anything. My dad gets worked up enough as it is. You should have seen him when that prince sent me an elephant. I thought he was never going to stop crying in the bathroom..."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:24:03 72601
Nadeshiko breaks out into a fit of giggles. "You'd blush if it was just a bunch of 'I miss you'!"

Then she rolls her eyes. "Of course I won't tell. It's it some sort of girl code or something?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:25:40 72602
Amu Hinamori eeped and then harumphed. "W-what? N-no I wouldn't! I-I'm just... not into stuff like that, that's all!" she lied, crossing her arms.

"Girl code? That's a thing? I don't think i ever learned it."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:28:00 72604
"Mmmmm hmmmmm." More amused eyes from Nadeshiko.

Then she's shrugging. "How should I know? I've only been a girl for like...not long at all. Is there a girl code?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:38:01 72606
Amu Hinamori stared at her. "Not been a girl for long at..." Then blinked some more. "OH! You meant... Oh. Right. i guess technically but... I mean, even when you weren't a girl, you were still mroe girl than almost every other girl I knew." Paused. "Okay, more a girl than EVERY girl I knew."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:45:07 72608
Nadeshiko flips her hair and does not hide the smug look. "I've always been an amazing actress. What can I say."

Then she shrugs. "But since I never invited many girls over, or went to many sleep overs, for obvious reasons, I don't really know what all...there is. On those things."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:47:47 72609
Amu Hinamori nodded. "I never really went to anything like that, either. Honestly, you were the first girl I ever had a sleep over with." She paused. "Which... was really nice, you know? A shame we don't do that more often. I-I mean, not that I'm really into those kinds of things, normally. but with you, they're fine."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:49:11 72610
She thinks back. "Yep. You were my first, too." Her grin widens. "I'd love to do them more, too. But I think Nagihiko was worried his tiny crush on you would make you feel awkward."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:52:27 72611
Amu Hinamori blinked and then blushed. "W-well, as long as he doesn't let my crush on him get on the way, I won't let his crush on me get in the way." She then reached out and took her friend. "Besides. You're... my friend. No matter what. Nade-chan, Nagi-kun, or something else entirely. You're my best friend. Okay? So... you never have to feel awkward with me."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 02:57:00 72612
Nadeshiko's grin turns more warm. "Well, that's good to know. And he wouldn't. Doesn't. Something. But, well, apparenly Nagihiko is very worried about offending people."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 02:59:51 72613
Amu Hinamori blinked. "Wait, really? Has he ever offended anyone?" She'd certainly never been offended by him.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 03:01:13 72614
Nadeshiko shrugs. "I don't even know. But he's the filter of us, so maybe he's just overly cautious with that now."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 03:11:40 72616
Amu Hinamori nodded. "Really? Huh. I wonder what I'd be like without a filter." ... Her cool and spicy would die. In fire.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 03:15:50 72619
"Not sure. But I do know I basically had Nagihiko wanting to crawl under a rock and die when we went to go see Kunzite." Her grin turns sly again. "All I said was 'Hello Gorgeous.'"
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 03:25:11 72621
Amu Hinamori blinked and then turned red. "O-oh. I... I see." Yes, yes he was gorgeous. So, so gorgeous.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-05 03:31:35 72623
Nadeshiko heaves a long sigh. "See? It's not normal. So, woe is me, I am doomed with an eternal case of foot-in-mouthitis."
Amu Hinamori 2017-03-05 03:34:36 72624
Amu Hinamori snickered and then.... "Amu-chan! Nadeshiko-chan! It's time for dinner!" her mother called.

She grabbed Nade's hand and sighed. "Back into the belly of the beast. Right?" Before slowly drawing her down...