I Need Your Company

UNFINISHED SCENE. Norie is back in her own body. Wants to visit with Eilam. Things are still not good.

Date: 2017-03-05
Pose Count: 3
Lacrima 2017-03-05 05:57:40 72645
Noire Okana has one day back in this horrid mockery of a 'body' and she hates it again already. Her movements are weird and odds. Like a puppeteer getting used to a new puppet at times. She's at least stopped spontaneously crying and thusly has put on proper clothes again. She went to the safe and retrieved the ring she put away for safe keeping and she draws it back out and puts it back on. This is like a mental bandage to her and it helps.

She turns around and she sends a text to Eilam.

TXT: Back in own body. Feel hideous. Need company. Visit. Please? Manor.

She then looks around. Alexis. She sends a Alexis a text to his burner phone.

TXT: Something happened. Fixed now. Need to talk. Manor when you get a chance.

Her texts are draining to type as she sits down in the couch in the vestibule and sort of stares blankly ahead. There's twelve dozen donut boxes. Three are empty around her in the worse trashy manner. There is one open on the coffee table. She decides to eat another donut.

It helps her a little as she waits. She knows either person may take a moment to arrive.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-03-05 06:11:14 72646
    Eilam offered a relatively simple response. 'OK' That was largely about it. What else was there to say about that anyways? His own day had been fairly benign in comparison, having been largely just at home taking care of business. Business all around the world, managing a few accounts here and there, dealing with others that he was kind of forced to trust, generic things that he just had to do from time to time. As a result, when he was dropped off at the manor, he was still dressed much as he ever was, only no jacket today, or tie or anything fancy. Just a nice fancy expensive outfit in the form of a silk shirt that was slightly unbuttoned at the top and likewise silk pants, dress shoes and all that.
    And while he was tired, he was still managing to get along on his own legs for the time being, the towncar dropping him off as he approached with the stave he had.

    He actually paused at the doorway to the manor to knock, not really entering without permission despite probably having permission from such. It just wasn't him.
Lacrima 2017-03-05 06:37:48 72647
There is a knock. She shoots up and her arms sort of swing for a moment. Ugh. She feels like a walking corpse. Ignoring the fact she kind of is. She flexes her fingers and gathers her wherewitall and walks to the door and opens it. Purple eyes search Eilam up and down as she opens the door further. "Come in Eilam-kun." she says. She doesn't mention the knock. She has a vague idea of how Eilam is by now.

She lets him come inside and she closes the door. She takes a step forward and ugh.

"S-sorry. I'm getting used to this body again." she says quietly. Deadpan as ever.

She drags her feet just a bit as she walks back to the couch. Please sit down. I have donuts. A pause. "A moment."

She trudges into the kitchen and she comes back with two glass plates. Two forks. And two knives.

She places them down on the table the donuts are on and sits down finally. "There are donuts." she says.

"A friend brought them by." she says quietly.

"I meant. What I said. When I was in that body." she says. She gently holds her hand up, to show the ring. She puts it back it down.

"I feel tired like you probably feel tired right now." she says.

"I'm sorry. That happened. I'm sorry you were confused. Those cards can go. Do something unpleasant to themselves for all I care right now." she says with a touch of annoyance.

"I stopped crying for twelve hours about an hour and a half ago. I'm glad the floors are hardwood." she says.