Tonight We Are Young

Drunken reincarnated Earth frat boys celebrating the anniversary of D-Point being the hell over. Guest-starring Jadeite's already passed-out pretty self. Featuring Nephrite drunk texting Mako, Mamoru threatening to drunk teleport and Zoisite kissing him as a distraction tactic, and Kunzite actually laughing audibly... and the mushiest foul-language toast to friendship ever spoken by anyone.

Date: 2017-03-12
Pose Count: 28
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 23:34:26 73237
"So-- when we get home, will you finally have another beer you can sit and nurse like it's contemplation coffee?" Mamoru asks Kunzite, latching on to his arm and almost tripping over the taller man's leg as they walk, not quite stumbling into him, but there is definitely a little bit more of a walking lean than he bargained for. He immediately tries to pretend it was on purpose, straightening up and straightening his jacket, then laughs when he glances at Nephrite.

"Saburo's drooling on you. First dibs on the Sharpie," he tells everyone, voice a little louder than necessary. "Also I am not anywhere near as drunk as I was that time I was texting you and Mako-chan at the same time with two different IDs. I want you to know that," he tells Neph, lightly punching him in the chest. "That I pulled that off while hardcore pregaming my seventeenth. I am very skilled."

They're almost to the highrise, and it's not bitingly cold, jackets will do; the moon's obscured by cloud cover, but the streetlights give off a fuzzy orange glow and traffic still passes with evening drivers, but the subways are, of course, a lot more crowded than the streets. It's maybe about ten o'clock, and there were Fancy Drinks already, and Jadeite's been introduced to the Long Island Iced Tea. Obviously. Mamoru, for once, is not completely overdressed, but he absolutely looks like he belonged in the upscale jerk bars they hopped.

"Izumiiii did you get the sake I found us?" the prince asks, throwing his arms around the shorter boy's shoulders and probably making it difficult for both of them to walk.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-12 23:51:10 73243
"You keep saying 'when.'" Kazuo half-catches Mamoru with his free hand, absorbing a little more of the impact of that stumble, but the straightening up part of the affair is all Mamoru's problem to deal with. "I think you mean 'if.' Don't worry. I'm sure we can find you a comfortable bit of gutter as necessary."

(The amount Kazuo has been drinking is 'more than zero, less than Endy.' The 'more than zero' part may entirely possibly be getting blocked out of Mamoru's consciousness as too deeply unlikely; the rule that at least one of them stayed sober at all times was sancrosanct, once, and that Kunzite's willing to relax that even a little says perhaps more than anything else about his estimation of the Senshi.)

(Also, the only way that Kazuo even possibly looks like he belongs in an upscale jerk bar is if Zoisite actually staged an intervention earlier. ... it's not impossible he did.)
Nephrite 2017-03-12 23:59:23 73245
Nephrite casts an amused glance at the pair of them. "If he's gonna stick to one beer all night, we can at least make sure it's a strong one. I've got a stout stashed away that should do the job." There is a certain kind of smug amusement that is reserved exclusively for the member of the party who is still sober enough to be aware of how much more drunk other people are, and Nephrite now has it in spades. There is only one person here who regularly pairs alcohol with his coffee (and his dinner and his homework and his star gazing and his ice cubes...) and it's going to take a lot more to move him beyond the buzz he is currently riding to actually catch up with Mamoru's level of disorderly. He shifts the blond lightweight on his shoulder to hopefully minimize the drool factor. "Sharpies'll go great with the photos. You did get one of him passed out on the table, right?"

He snickers at Mamoru's assertion. "That is impressive," he grants. "But what I am hearing is that you need like, way more alcohol. Lest you start doing math homework or something the moment we leave you unattended."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 00:47:53 73253
Mamoru completely forgets he was asking about the sake when Kunzite brings up gutters and Nephrite brings up math homework, and he lets go of Zoisite, gesticulating at Neph with one hand while holding up one finger at Kunzite like 'oh I am going to deal with YOU in a minute'. "I am literally not doing ANY MORE HOMEWORK for the rest of the term! God it's almost over, entrance exams are done, I know where I'm going to school next year, I don't WANT to do finals but I can ace 'em without studying at this point, if you even TALK to me about homework I'm gonna-- I'm going to--"

To give up on that threat, apparently, in order to rush across in front of Nephrite's path and shoulder-check Kunzite. "If you leave me in a gutter I'm dragging you right down with me!"

How did shoulder-checking turn into practically draping on his white-haired 'head of security' like how do you say 'boyfriend' especially when you just let go of the other one. "You'd carry me home," he says, apparently aiming on making them both stumble as he mashes his face shamelessly into Kazuo's sleeve. His voice is muffled. "My face is getting numb. Tell me when we're there."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-13 00:58:55 73256
It's hard to shoulder-check as a limp rag, true. Kunzite detours a couple of steps away from Nephrite's path, only dubiously connected to the actual impact, in order to make sure that Nephrite's momentum doesn't actually lead to his stepping on Mamoru. "Carrying them home is obviously insufficiently educational," he says aside to Nephrite who is already on that job. "We should leave them on the pavement and just chase off anyone who comes looking for their kidneys." Because that would somehow require less effort.

(Kunzite has a photo of Jadeite passed out on the table. Zoisite might or might not have fourteen. Or forty.)

Three more steps present a problem: Mamoru's face in Kazuo's sleeve means that Kazuo cannot himself keep walking normally. Because there is a dead weight dragging on his arm and side that also has feet attached, and those feet are intentionally adopting a rhythm that is the Opposite Of Helping. "-- or maybe not chase off. I'm sure he could regenerate one kidney as long as the other one was still functioning." Emptiest threat in the world, check.
Zoisite 2017-03-13 01:10:05 73258
Zoisite has stuck to wine, and a moderate amount. The last time he drank in any amount... well, it turned out more than okay, but Zoisite is generally not one who needs to learn the same lesson twice. Zoisite is, as a result, only very mildly tipsy, enough to deepen his schadenfreude at Jadeite's overindulgence. There may be pictures and judicious application of snapchat filters. The sun may also rise in the east tomorrow.

The strawberry blond's lips curl up in a fond and crooked manner at both Mamoru's antics and Kunzite's threats. "Could always just teleport both of you home," he lilts. Drinking and teleporting is probably still an idea on par with drinking and driving. And Zoisite may not be currently very good at balancing steadily, but there's a gyroscopic method of balance he has going on: as long as he is in motion, that motion seems to inevitably lead to him staying upright. It just doesn't look stable.
Nephrite 2017-03-13 01:23:17 73259
Nephrite meets Kazuo's gaze over the heads of their shorter companions. The expression he goes for is 'grave' but he's had too much to drink to even pretend to be serious. "Why stick around to chase people off? We'll just leave a note on top of them. 'No stealing kidneys, plz."

He chuckles at Mamoru's grand proclamation against homework. "You, not do any homework? Please. I could leave an unfinished math problem on the floor and you wouldn't be able to walk past it without completing it."

But now his nose wrinkles at Zoisite. "I am not teleporting home with a seasick-prone prince who has had any amount of booze. Not unless we're carrying him straight to the bathroom and dumping him in the shower."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 01:50:35 73268
It's impossible to tell what Mamoru says next because it is completely into Kazuo's sleeve, but the end of it is "--my phone," and sounds puzzled. Then he lifts a hand and scrubs at his face, other arm still linked through Kunzite's, although he's no longer impeding mobility.

And he listens to empty threats and mockery and starts patting his pockets. "I could teleport myself home," he says absently, then eyes Nephrite and nearly trips again, catching himself on Kunzite once more. Then he straightens, lets go of Kunzite, and rounds on Nephrite. "NO. HOMEWORK. Not until college! I'm going to do it. I'M-- GONNA-- TELEPORT."

The fact that he yells this can actually be chalked up by any accidentally eavesdropping innocent bystanders to the fact that he's drunk.

The fact that he stops in his tracks and squeezes his eyes shut and does a shonen manga pose like he's charging his lasers is probably a danger sign.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-13 01:56:45 73270
Catching himself on Kunzite means that Mamoru is still right by Kunzite when he makes his Great Declaration. Which in turn means that Kunzite lifts a hand and tugs sharply, twice, at a lock of Mamoru's hair. "Civilization invented elevators," he says gravely, "so they would not have to teleport."

Granted, he lets go afterward. Which means that the distraction may or may not actually stop Mamoru.

But hey, his kidneys are safe. Even if bystanders' sanity might not be. Maybe Zoi or Neph will do something more effective. Mayyyyybe.
Zoisite 2017-03-13 02:03:54 73272
Zoisite is honestly and immediately horrified. When he said teleporting home, he meant one of the more sober members of the party taking that over. Zoisite drops the act, walking over to grab Mamoru's other hand. The best distraction he can think of at the moment, to keep his Prince from an ill-advised attempt at teleporting himself home, while drunk, is to grab Mamoru's chin and kiss him on the mouth.

"No teleporting. No drunk teleporting."
Nephrite 2017-03-13 02:19:18 73276
Nephrite meets Mamoru's declaration with a wide-eyed stare. He's had way too much to drink to formulate any kind of plan to interfere with what is definitely a terrible idea. "Dude, what did I JUST SAY. Don't make me punch you in the face, I don't wanna carry you BOTH upstairs."

And then there's kissing. Well, it's probably better than punching. He relaxes, Jadeite slumping against his shoulder. "PDA! Get a room!"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 02:29:52 73279
"Ow HEY--" says the prince as he edges away from Kunzite with a stinkface and starts a-chargin' his teleport some more, and then Nephrite is looking horrified (he's not looking at Neph's horror but it's in his voice and it's so satisfying) and telling him what not to do and then abruptly he's got his chin grabbed and he can feel fire and fuzzy irritation and alarm and change and the sound of the palest of blues, and when Zoisite stops kissing him to tell him not to drunk teleport--

--and Nephrite's telling them to get a room--

--it's only Zoisite that can hear the answer sort of amusedly sloshing around in the back of Mamoru's mind: 'he can't tell me to get a room right after telling me not to teleport', because Mamoru's laced his fingers up through Zoisite's hair, between ponytail holder and the nape of his neck, and he's started insistently kissing Zoisite back.

Right in front of the apartment building. Yes.

What, he already got in to medical school.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-13 02:37:01 73282
There's something of a pause on Kunzite's part. In theory, he should be reminding Mamoru of certain factors that are still in effect, of his reputation, of ... blocking traffic, or something. In practice, there are certain drawbacks to his doing so, beginning with 'Mamoru is definitely not listening right now.'

His own hand goes up and into his hair, pulling it back away from his face so he can glance sidelong at Nephrite more effectively.

"Well," he says. "Shall I take Sleeping Beauty there upstairs so you can mock these two freely, or has the drool glued his face to your jacket by now?" Nevermind that Neph already took steps in that department.
Zoisite 2017-03-13 02:43:12 73286
Zoisite purrs, reaching up to scratch gently at Mamoru's scalp. He pulls away with a small smirk. "If you want more, we are close to the apartment." His tone is reasonable and amused in equal measure. Mission success: prince dissauded from teleporting while drunk. "Shall we go up?"

Nephrite's mockery is given the exact amount of attention it deserves: exactly none. Except for a casual middle finger pointed his way.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 02:54:01 73288
"..." this is some serious side-eye Mamoru's giving Zoisite all of a sudden, because... because reasons. He has the vague feeling he's been had by the Shitennou Espionage Squad. "One, no, not if you're mean like that. Two, that depends. Did you get that sake? Because Kunzite needs to drink some."

And then the Prince of Hipsters rubs at his face again and looks faintly irritated, and makes grabby-hands towards Nephrite. "I'll carry him," he says firmly, "since you won't let me teleport. I need some drunk zen. He is the zennest of drunks."

Grabby-hands turns into patting Nephrite on the face to cheat with a rush of 'here have some lovely gold Elysion-feeling as a chaser to your not-drinking-enough' in potentially getting him offbalance enough to drop Jadeite so Mamoru can steal him.
Nephrite 2017-03-13 03:04:29 73291
Nephrite shrugs down at said Sleeping Beauty. "Nah, we're almost there and he doesn't need to wreck both our jackets. I'll dump him in his bed when we get up there."

Zoisite's middle finger is met with an eyeroll. "Real classy." He shoulders the front door open, giving the front desk a grin as though strolling inside with an unconscious guy is entirely normal. Heck, in this building, maybe it is by now. "Come on, we're all getting thirsty hanging around down here!"

Suddenly there is a drunk prince pawing at his face, and shouldering through the doorway turns into stumbling against it. Jadeite doesn't get dropped, exactly, but he does get mashed against the door a bit. He may or may not feel that one in the morning. "Wha--hey, that's cheating! What is drunk zen? Is that drunk zen? That's like ten shots compounded into one!" With the introduction of Mamoru levels of inebriation, Nephrite's volume has increased exponentially. He may have forgotten what a normal indoor voice is.

"You know what? You want him so bad? You can have him." He deposits Jadeite on the floor in the middle of the lobby.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-13 03:10:09 73292
Sometimes, the better part of valor is bringing up the rear. Kunzite eyes Mamoru and Nephrite and Jadeite, and spares exactly one glance Zoisite's direction. Because now and then, one glance can convey volumes. He's looking back at Nephrite again -- and following the collision in -- by the time he mutters, not quite to himself but definitely not in competition with Nephrite's protests, "Last time I checked, that wasn't his bed. Who knows? I could be wrong."
Zoisite 2017-03-13 03:24:43 73295
Yes, yes Mamoru has been had by the Espionage Squad. "I do have the sake for Kunzite," Zoisite agrees mildly, grinning at Nephrite. Of course Zoisite is classy. And honestly, this building has probably seen worse than Mamoru and Zoisite kissing, and Jadeite passed out. The building has seen blood and gore. By comparison, this is tame. There's a snicker, hidden behind a hand, at Nephrite's sudden volume.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 03:38:13 73296
Mamoru's already laughing -- at Nephrite -- when Neph drops Jadeite more or less on purpose, and he doesn't even have the grace to give the beleaguered concierge an apologetic look as he dives to catch the insensate blond boy, only actually bumping his elbow and knee in the process. It's rude to let your friend's head actually crack against marble lobby floors even if you can heal it so well they'd never know. There's always security footage.

"No, no no, drunk zen is what's in his head, *I* can get at it-- I can share it if you want it but I want drunk zen--" the prince says as he unsteadily starts dragging Jadeite toward the elevators, then gives up and hauls him up in a princess carry because it's easier than trying to finagle an already-unconscious guy onto his shoulders. And also if Jadeite throws up it'll be down, not over the shoulder. Preferences all around.

"Neph's a caveman he thinks floors are beds!" he says once he's inside the elevator and leaning back against the wall with Jadeite cradled to his chest. "Zo--zu-- goddammit-- I want some of the sake too. Not just Kunzite. Even if he's pretty. You can't cut me off. If you cut me off I won't cure your hangover."
Nephrite 2017-03-13 03:47:16 73297
In Nephrite's defence, he did not, actually, drop Jadeite hard enough to crack his skull. He's drunk, not mean. That said, he makes no effort whatsoever to help Mamoru deal with the unconscious teenage boy that he has now designated as Not His Problem, other than to follow behind him and bellow unsolicited advice. "No you gotta--you gotta get him under the arms! Lift with your knees!"

The closed elevator does not actually help the volume issue. "Why the hell would you take drunk from his head? That's missing half the experience! You gotta experience the drinking part too! Drink your own drunk!"

He rounds on Kunzite defensively. "He wanted him! Am I supposed to disobey a direct order from my prince?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-13 03:56:28 73298
Zuisite. No, no. That's entirely unfair. Zoisite is not participating in the zoo portion of this evening's entertainment. Unlike, oh, say, everyone in the elevator who is not him or Kunzite, including the unconscious one.

"Far be it from me to remind you that the word 'no' exists," Kunzite agrees to Nephrite, pretending that he is not in the slightest considering the possibilities of (drunk) henshin to provide an external volume control. Also pretending that he's not keeping half an eye on the way Mamoru's walking -- or, presently, standing -- to make sure that the knee-floor impact did not have unfortunate consequences, because drunk healing might, for all Kunzite knows, leave Mamoru with an extra foot or something. Hangovers excluded. He knows full well that Mamoru can manage that without mishap. And that Endymion could. A lot. Often.

(This time, the glance that he gives Zoisite reads pretty plainly 'Mamoru drinking literal pretty-boy sake is going to be hilarious.')
Zoisite 2017-03-13 04:04:24 73300
Zoisite smirks at Kunzite's glance. "Well, yes, you're getting some of it, but some of us aren't likely to be hung over tomorrow." He's given up on the pretense of pretending to be more than mildly tipsy, at least. The strawberry blond smirks a little, forging on ahead to ensure the elevator is on its way.

"Someone has to be the purveyor of awful hangover food in the morning, after all!"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 04:26:41 73301
"I like his drunk it's nice," Mamoru insists, pressing his cheek against Jadeite's forehead defensively and half-turning the unlikely princess away from Neph, as if to shield him. "I'm not taking it from him. Though you seem to have taken some of mine. That's interesting. Is it sticking? How did I do that?"

He gives Kunzite a slightly red-rimmed overbright pleading look. "Kunzite how did I give him my drunk?"

And then Zoisite mentions hangover food and Mamoru completely misses the look Kunzite shoots Zoisite. "Oh man really? I could kiss you but I'm still annoyed."

Either the elevator's faster than it should be or some people's perception of time is off, because it's literally right then that the floor announces its arrival with a bing and a light.

Also Mamoru is crooning a lullabye to Jadeite in the corner.
Nephrite 2017-03-13 04:35:28 73302
"Because you're a /jerk/," Nephrite replies, as though that actually answers anything.

At the mention of hangover food, Nephrite grows wistful. "You know who makes the best hangover breakfasts? Mako." He's fumbling with his phone as he wanders out of the elevator. "I should tell her I miss her. And I want her cake."
Zoisite 2017-03-13 04:38:38 73303
There's a small snicker at Nephrite. "May your texting adventures go better than mine. Maybe." It's part of why he's relatively sober right now, after all. Zoisite smiles at Mamoru crooning at Jadeite. He beams at the elevator as it dings and opens. "My leige, your conveyance is here." He bows with a flourish, gesturing to the doors... before vanishing upstairs. Because of course that's what he does.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-03-13 04:42:47 73304
"That's an interesting attempt at a plural," Kunzite says to Zoisite, over that 'some of us,' before stifling a quiet laugh (yes, there is actual sound there) at Zoisite's tactical disappearance before Nephrite can notice he hasn't reached a suitable blood alcohol content yet. Speaking of whom. "I don't think you gave him your drunk, Mamoru. You'd have to have lost some for that." Lullabye. Singing in front of Nephrite. Fortunately, Nephrite is distracted. Or perhaps that's unfortunately. Oh, right.

"Nephrite, give me your phone." Since (a) Kazuo is not reaching for it, (b) Nephrite just wandered out of the elevator, (c) Nephrite is quite possibly deeply distracted by trying to remember how a touchscreen works, and (d) Kazuo did not actually say that very loudly, that doesn't even really count as checking off the ticky box of feigned responsibility.

Clearly this must be made up for by helping usher Mamoru and Jadeite out of the elevator before it goes back down. Otherwise he might have to warn Makoto.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-13 04:51:44 73305
"I'm not a jerk, you're a jerk if you're not sharing Makocake."

At least it makes him stop singing, because if Nephrite noticed he might make him do it again. Sober.

Mamoru is ushered out with Jadeite, and doesn't even stumble. He may knock into the doorframe, but at the moment he should have a Wide Load sign on him. So maybe it's Jadeite's feet that knock into the doorframe. It's probably a good thing that there's a couch right there that he can put Jadeite on because Kunzite is ushering him and Zoisite disappeared and knows where the sake is. "I was going to make everyone explain how pretty they were before they got some bishounen sake," he tells Kunzite mournfully as he leans more and more heavily, since Jadeite is safely on his side now, "except you because you'd never so I'd just explain it for you... maybe he'll come back. It's really good sake. I've had it before. It's really light and sweet and it kicks you in the face with like one shot, so I guess it's kind of more like the Senshi..."
Nephrite 2017-03-13 05:04:25 73306
Kazuo's attempt at phone confiscation does indeed go happily ignored. Mostly because Nephrite is intent on how many "o's" he can add to the word "love" as he sends off his gushy drunk-text. He obviously can't give up his phone. He has so many more texts to send.

He ambles into the kitchen in search of more drinks because obviously they are not finished. And lo, the sake is there. Mamoru is just finishing up his lament when Nephrite plops the bottle down on the living room table between them, and starts lining up little sake glasses. "I'm pretty," he begins, as he uncaps it and starts pouring, "because I've got killer abs and more luscious hair than any of you."

He hands the first cup to Kazuo--because if Mamoru gets it first, he might be too distracted by drinking to encourage Kazuo to partake. "But even though I am obviously the most beautiful person in this room, I couldn't ask for a better bunch of assholes to get shitfaced with." Probably some of the sap is leaking out of his texts and into his voice now. He hands Mamoru his own cup.

"So drink up, pretty boy. And a million more to come."