No More Masks

Minako's make-up round reaches Rei! There are Plans.

Date: 2017-03-13
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Minako Aino 2017-03-13 20:30:48 73361
    Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe. Minako Aino was with Artemis on her shoulder trying to get as close to the shrine as she could without being discovered or seen before hand. She bet Rei's weird fortune telling ability told her something like 'a weird girl will visit you today'. Artemis as usual, seems overexasperated. "Why are we being sneaky like this?" he asks.
    "Becuase I wanna surprise her!" says Minako. "I'll be all. RAWR! and she'll be all! Agh, Mina!" she says. Artemis raises his paws to head. facepaw.
    She is not doing a very good job of being particularly sneaky. You can see the blonde hair and red ribbon a MILE away.
Rei Hino 2017-03-13 20:43:04 73362
Rei is out and about today! Well, somewhat out and about: sweeping the stairs leading up to the shrine proper. The raven-haired beauty gently hums as she works, looking up as Phobos lands on her shoulder. With a smile, she gives the bird a gentle rub on the beak and a small snack before going back to work.

"Hi Minako-chan." The Miko calls out just as the sneaky blonde gets behind one of those small mailboxes. She doesn't even look up as she does it, either. Is it her precognition at work!?

Nah, she saw that blonde coming quite a ways back. Her smile is warm, mysterious, and she even lets the wind catch her hair in the perfect Glamorous Miko moment.

"And hi Artemis. It's...been a long time. I'm glad to see you both again." Reeeach. Artemis gets pets!
Minako Aino 2017-03-13 21:07:38 73363
    Artemis is pretty sure it's the big red bow and cat on the shoulder. Minako Aino thinks otherwise, as she peeks up from up and over the mailbox. "Awwww. I was going to sneak up on you and you were gonna yell at me and then probably sweep me away with the broom."
    "I don't know if any of the others told you yet." she suddenly says a little more seriously. "But I'm back in town. For good this time." she says.
    "I know I did a lot of stupid things last year." she says, scuffing her foot into the ground a moment. "-and I'm really sorry about that. I was just trying to protect you guys from having to do a lot of things I did as Sailor V and there's things I couldn't bring myself to do, again and just... look."
    When Artemis found me and I started doing the Sailor V- he gave me back some of my memories of the, you know, mists of time stuff." she says. "And I remember that I killed Zoisite and more bothering to me, Kunzite." she says. "And I know I'm not alone in that." she says. "But..."
    "When I was Sailor V? There was this boy in a mask, Phantom Ace. He was kind of like... how like Tuxedo Kamen helped Sailor Moon? It was like that. Sometimes I got in over my head and then a playing card would just 'thwip!' through the air and it'd give me the moment I needed to beat up the badguy. He said that he liked me and I sort of liked him and he then said he loved me later and I kinda liked him back." she says just a little blushing.
    "But... he was the leader of the Dark Agency, Danburite. He wasn't trying to trick me. I learned he was trying to protect me from the people he worked for, The Dark Kingdom. But. I had to kill him too."
    "So when you all handled Kunzite. I couldn't really bring myself to help with that. I couldn't do it for a third time I could remember. And had I talked about that you guys would had maybed understood a lot of why I wasn't helping out with things as heavily as I could." she slumps.
    "But. No more Sailor V. Sailor V's mission is done!" she says crossing her arms. "Sailor V was a lone wolf vigilante who fought the Dark Agency and the Dark Kingdom and played by her own rules instead of trying to work with her friends. That, and I took care of all the lose ends the Dark Kingdom had lying around. I'm Sailor Venus, someone who's supposed to be friends. And help. And Advise the Princess and not be too bossy!"
    "So I'm back for good! Artemis is even supposed to latch onto my face and not let go if I even step an inch out of Tokyo."
    Artemis enjoys pets. Yes he does. "Yup. She made me mooncat promise to do that. Which is basically just a normal promise, but to a talking cat." he says.
    Minako shakes her head. "Nuh-uh! It's a special promise!"
Rei Hino 2017-03-13 21:41:14 73364
Rei stays silent through much of it all. She remembers that horrible time, so much conflict, so much loss. But they're here, and the boys are free from that horrible influence. Beryl is gone. Everyone is safe, or at least as safe as things ever are.

But most importantly, Minako is here. And she knows exactly what it is to run away. Quietly, with a soft smile, she leans in and pulls Minako into a hug.

"Mina-chan, you're a friend and a Senshi. It was hard on all of us,'ve been through too much. It's okay. You're here now. And Usa-chan will cry on us if we didn't forgive you. I know. I hurt Usagi-chan and ran away from it, out of fear. And she still loves me. Still loves /you/ Minako-chan. So, let's be friends again, okay? I don't want to lose any of you. Not again." Squeeze. Then she lets go.

"Thank you Artemis. You have permission to face-scratch me if I do anything stupid again too." Good kitty!

"Do you want to come inside, Mina-chan? There's some leftover cookies from last night." Smile!
Minako Aino 2017-03-13 22:06:18 73365
    Minako Aino is pulled into the hug and she does hug back and she just sniffs. "Mamo-kun called it a mask that'd I wear. Like. The jerk persona. To try to protect tou guys and that stunk and just made me a jerk. So no more mask!" she says.
    Artemis squints. "We'll see." he says. Minako however, hears that there are leftover cookies. "Oh, cookies! Cookies sound super good. Let's go have cookies." she says with a smile.
    "I've spoken to Usagi and Ami and Makoto and now you and I'm making sure you all get a personal apology, and trying to reassure you guys I'm not running away again." she says.
    "Makoto's going to try to teach me how to make cardamom cookies, maybe. Usagi and I are gonna go shopping and I'm gonna take to the jerk Ami-chan was dating and see if I can't con him into seeing things Ami's way." she winks.
Rei Hino 2017-03-13 22:48:37 73368
Arms cross just a bit! "You are a lot more pretty without a mask on, Mina-chan. So throw it in the trash, we're going to get to know the real Mina better now. We can do this." A squeeze to a hand encouragingly, and then she's basically pulling Mina towards the house!

Inside the house portion of the shrine, the scent of inexpertly baked cookies fills it. It seems Rei too has been trying to increase her culinary skills, likely due to being in the vague presence of one Mako-chan. Not even mysterious mikos are free of that influence.

The cookies are a bit mis-shapen, but edible. And chocolate. Delicious chocolate.

Rei smiles though as she gets out a plate for Mina. "Good. We should all try to reconnect I think. Some of us, me included, have gotten too insulated. How about we go ice skating soon, Mina-chan?" She does pause though.

"Well, make sure you can contact us. I don't trust Takashi. He's a jerk. And evil."
Minako Aino 2017-03-13 23:14:22 73371
    Minako Aino gets complimented, ohohoho. She gets tugged along by the hand and Artemis comes along. Artemis jumps down and picks up a cookie to place one into his mouth. He's been eating a lot recently.
    Minako Aino soons follow. She doesn't seem to mind they are mishaped. She smiles. "I can ice skate!" she says.
    "No she can't." says Artemis.
    "SKATING ON MY BUTT IS STILL ICE SKATING!" Minako insists loudly.
    Artemis sighssssss. Minako looks up to Rei. "I'm not worried about Takashi. I can handle a grumpy boy. I handle them all the time! For some reason!"
    Artemis side whispers to Rei. "Maybe it's her winning personality."
Rei Hino 2017-03-13 23:30:29 73372
Smile. Smile smile. There's this awkward laugh from Rei! "I...I'm sure you can Mina-chan. Still. I don't want you to get kidnapped and turned into an evil Mina-zombie or something." Frown! That's definitely things that Takashi would do, yup!

Leeeean into Artemis. Whisper whisper! "Just...just keep an eye on her. We need our Minako in one piece."

She then gets some tea! And soda for Mina if she wants any. "So. I think we should organize a Senshi meetup. Regular things. So we can all connect more. Maybe at the Crown."
Minako Aino 2017-03-13 23:36:57 73373
    Minako Aino nods and gets more serious bussiness. "That's the plan. I need to speak to Kunzite..." oh no, what a horrible fate, talking to Kunzite. Surely they are no worse things, she thinks completely deadpan.
    "...first because I need to figure out what needs doing and present it out to you guys and Usagi and see what you guys think. Because that's what I'm supposed to be doing. Not Ami-chan." she says.
    She eats another cookie as Artemis nods, cat mouth full of cookie for the moment.
Rei Hino 2017-03-13 23:47:51 73375
Rei brightens considerably. "Great. Mmm. Kunzite is a good person to turn to. He's..." Ponder ponder. A tap to her chin as she thinks.

"An expert in herding an absurd amount of cats. That sometimes act like dogs." Sage nod.

"But I don't mean just for senshi business. I want us all to be together, and really get to know each other more. You know, so we don't end up, um, closing off again. Maybe I'm being a worrywart, but..." Sigh. There's a moment of depression in her face as she kinda gazes /through/ Minako for a moment.

Then she hides her face with tea. Sip. When she puts the cup down, she's smiling again. "I'm glad though. We need an organizer. And Senshi shouldn't be alone anyway. You've been missed."
Minako Aino 2017-03-14 00:16:58 73378
    Minako Aino nods a little bit. "Well yes of course! Maybe we should do that meeting before I have Artemis build me a mooncat whiteboard.". Artemis sighs. "Not everything we make is a 'mooncat' thing. Minako, can't you just by one of those project mats at the store?"
    "But that's nowhere near as cool!" she complains. "I want floaty holograms and spinny models and..." Artemis just raises a paw. "You're getting a big paper pad and a black marker."
    "Aw, you're no fun. Can I get more than one color?"
    Artemis just shakes his head in exasperation.
    She drinks her tea and shakes her head. "No, you can worry! Just don't let it eat you up like it did me." she offers.
    She smiles wide. "Yup! Like I said, I'm back. No running away! Under threat of my face becoming a scratching face."
Rei Hino 2017-03-14 01:10:06 73379
"Mooncat...whiteboard." Rei just kinda stares for a moment. Then the exchange between Artemis and Minako. From kitty, to blonde, back again. Her composure sizzles, and then, Rei finally breaks.

Thud! Right onto the couch. She starts laughing, long and giddily. Tension flows out of Rei as Mina is /Mina/! A good minute of solid laughter, and then she's gasping, this big smile on her face.

"We...ah...I'm so glad you're back Mina-chan. You and Usagi are a pair, you know? I...ah hah hah..." That's right, the mysterious Miko is beaming at Mina like she's the best thing in the world right now.

"And maybe the whiteboard can have little mooncat doodles on it."
Minako Aino 2017-03-14 01:26:22 73380
    Artemis just eats more cookies because when his mouth is full, he does'nt have to reply to this inanity.
    Minako is indeed, being Minako, and not Sailor V. This is probably better for everyone. Minako Aino looks on as she peeks over the couch at Rei and then giggles a bit. "I guess it is kind of silly to think there's a mooncat everything." she says.
    She smiles a bit. "But yes, we can go ice skating soon! Maybe we can make that the group activity." she says. "I mean. It's like mid March. Are the ponds even iced over. I suppose we could go to a rink..."
    She thinks on this too hard.
Rei Hino 2017-03-14 02:00:48 73381
"Mooncat things should be special. For instance, any bed that a mooncat sleeps in is a mooncat bed." Wise words from a Miko!

Rei is /definitely/ looking more radiant now. All of that depression is gone, and there's an excited glint in her eyes. "We'll have the best time ice skating! I can even teach you how to skate. I'm not an expert, though. I'll bet Mako-chan will do great." A clenched fist. Rei's getting fired up!

"Definitely a rink. I'll get us tickets." Don't let your brain overheat Mina-chan!

"You're welcome to stay over tonight if you want, Mina-chan. If grandpa is a pervert, I'll smack him for you." There's a sound of protest from somewhere in the house. Rei leans out into the hallway, and does a perfect raspberry before vcoming back. So dignified.
Minako Aino 2017-03-14 02:10:37 73382
    Minako Aino peeks down the hallway. She leans in. "I'm too much woman for him anyways." she whispers. Artemis chokes on the cookie. Begins flailing backwards. Cookie crumbs effectivly explode out of his mouth. "/MINAKO!/."
    Minako beams. "Sure I'll stay over!" she says. "As long as there's room for Artemis to sleep somewhere."
    "I'm a cat. I can sleep anywhere." Artemis insists.
    Minako stays over. It is time for a night of perhaps scary movie watching and then totally over-reacting at every small sound after for the rest of the night!