This Is Not How This Caper Was Planned

WPS tries to steal another evil artifact! ... Tessen is not happy. Neither is Cure Gull. Especially since it's on White Day. AGAIN.

Date: 2017-03-15
Pose Count: 22
Hannah Sharpe 2017-03-15 01:12:18 73405
Another night, another miniature crises for Tokyo's magical girls. The Tokyo Museum's new display has been a hot thing with history buffs and students on field trips these last few days with the unveiling of a staff belonging to an ancient pharoah! But rumors of students coming back lethargic, and utterly obsessed to the point of collapsing has tainted the rush of good scholastic cheer surrounding it.

It wouldn't take long for those with magical senses to realize it's leaking Dark Energy, and the curse is...maybe real. Who knows if it's the effect of some youma's meddling, or an ancient ruler's wrath.

But more importantly, Eclipse wants the thing. And so, as midnight strikes, the single story building goes dark. Thunder strikes outside as it pours rain, and an emerald green Barrier engulphs the building. A curator and two night watchmen faint as the building is cut off from real space. Miss White jauntily makes her way down the walls towards the egyptian exibit: sarcauphogai lining the walls, ancient pots everywhere, and all largely free from any harm. In the shadows, dark things lurk, and a bracelet around her wrist has a shiney new black accessory.

Silver cane in hand, Hannah continues to whistle, leaning on it occasionally. Despite her declining health, she's the picture of confidence. Today, she has a backup plan as she finds herself before the object in question.

A leg rises, and then, bulletproof glass shatters as she kicks the thing down.

"C'mere, little evil artifact~"
Mara Brando 2017-03-15 01:16:34 73406
    Mara is following behind Hannah, and not too far behind either. She keeps her distance behind Hannah, waiting for someone to jump out at her as she stays in the shadows. Ambush the ambusher if there is any ambushers at all. Something has to happen to Hannah's plan, something always does, and that is why Mara is with her tonight.

    Mara stops outside of the room that Hannah is in, and hears the glass break.. Honestly, Mara doesn't want to go anywhere near that artifact due to the energy it has.. It would be a waste of a grief cube if she did. She sighs some hearing that laugh, and starts to grow bored quickly. She just has to stay back in a dark corner, and wait.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-03-15 01:24:11 73407
Mikoto - or Tessen, at the moment - is out testing some sensors she's jury-rigged together from the parts she - er, salvaged, a while back, when a would-be 'hero' (who is certainly not named Kukai) decided to blow up the WPS building. All part of her project, and with a little luck she'll be able to work out a few things she's been doing wrong in her latest Device project.

There's a brief fluctuation in the readings, and she eyes the sensor, then casts a look around the area. Not seeing anything, she checks with the expert. <~Carnwennan?~>

<~*Affirmative, Meister. Energy source detected. One kilometer directly ahead.*~>

"So that's what that is," she muses, and makes a mental note of the readings, then flies closer. After a few moments and some trial and error with the sensor, she identifies the museum, and then -

<~*WARNING! Dimensional barrier unfolding!*~>

"Wooooonderful timing," she mutters to herself, and zooms towards the roof just as the barrier washes over her.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-03-15 01:34:10 73408
SURPRISINGLY, Cure Gull is inside the Museum. Wait. What is Cure Gull doing in a museum. At midnight. When it's closed? Well. The open skylight above and the fact she's currently a /Ninja/ thanks to the Ninja Precard means she got here completely undetected. But. What was she doing here!? Did she foresee Hannah's attack and want to lay in wait to stop it!? IS SHE HERE TO STEAL SOMETHING HERSELF. /SHE DID IT ONCE BEFORE/. Corvus will tell you that much.

No. No. She's actually a few exhibits over in the Americas. She's standing before a display case of four tablets. One depicting a crow, a raccoon, a lynx and a bear. Haruna makes it a point to occasionally visit her friends. Well. Where her friends once lived, every other month or so.

"Okay, so. Hannah's doing this stupid garbage and I don't know what to do and Sakura-chan is upset and I keep trying to tell her that Hannah is a good person but... it's hard. Ya know? Like. She is. But... nrg. Oh! Right! I opened a coffee shop! I wish you could all see it...."

"Ugh I can already picture Procyon like. With his head directly under the hot chocolate just drinking it from the tap and I'd have to replace it every hour and------" she blinks and looks to the direction of the Egyptian area. "What was that..."

Cure Gull moves like a /Ninja/ and sneaks her way towards the currently cold night watchmen. Then hopping over to the Curator and--- it looks like whoever did this went /that/ way. She sneaks up along the display cases silently as she peeks over one and...

/Hannah/!? Hannah what are you /doing!?/. She ducks down and waits and listens for a moment, deciding not to scream out in anger, yet. Maybe there's a good reason for this!... in a parallel world.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-03-15 02:01:32 73409
Hannah is committing larceny. Also breaking and entering, Gull-chan! But at least the Curator and the watchmen are okay. Just out cold. They'll probably have a monster hangover from all the magic tomorrow morning though!

Hannah twirls the newfound staff in her hands. For such an old artifact, it's dreadfully solid. "Heh, I wonder if I can hang this on my wall back at work. Naaaah, better stick to the plan. Evil accessories later, White-san." She chastises herself. And then, with a smirk, she snaps her fingers. It's a teleport spell, but an exceedingly slow one. Really, it doesn't even have coordinates attached. A very loud, very obvious burst of energy. No, this is there to get people's attention and add plausible deniability. Because she knows magical girls will come flocking to stop her with that Barrier up. Why not lure them in?

For now, she doesn't notice Gull or Tessen up above on the roof. But that burst of magic is very /Hannah/.

A wink in Mara's direction. A few hand motions. 'Get ready', they say, even as Hannah grins.
Mara Brando 2017-03-15 02:05:58 73410
    Mara peeks around the corner to look to Hannah. She doesn't peek out too far so to not give her location away, even if Hannah has possibly already done so. She just waits for anyone to try to attack Hannah, and a toothy grin appears on her face.

    "Darn.. having one eye to peek around a corner is tough.." Mumbles Mara under her breath. That eye patch over her left eye is a pain, even if she doesn't really have anything there but scar tissue anymore. It hurts, but it's nothing she can't ignore. It's what she gets for trying to hunt down a little card-handler.

    Now, the patient Mara is just waiting there, waiting for a moment to attack someone. Keeping that one good eye open, she waits for prey to strike at her bait.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-03-15 02:15:05 73411
Landing on the roof, Tessen makes her way to the maintenance doorway there and into the building. She drops her flight spell - she's good at walking quietly, and the magic is too easily detected - but she does start forming a few flicker-darts, orbiting silently in the gloom.

The flare of power from Hannah is easy enough to notice - intentionally so, although she doesn't recognize this immediately. A scowl tugs at her lips as she recognizes the feel of it, however. Oh, kami, Hannah, what the heck are you doing now?

Down the stairs she hurries, towards the floor she can feel the gleam of magic from, and the intruders waiting there. It's time to make sure that 'Ms White' doesn't get away with this one.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-03-15 02:37:31 73412
Cure Gullninja waits in the dark on the upper displays and cases as she raises a hand and watches as Hannah explode out to cause a major mess. She has Mara with her. She frowns a little heavily as one thought goes through her head.

'Hannah, did you even remember what day it is. :c AND YOU'RE TRYING TO TOUCH ANOTHER EVIL ARTIFACT!? LIKE ALMOST TO THE YEAR!?'

She jumps off down the case and with another card replacing the Ninja card that was in there....

< C-ch-change! Blueberry Waltz! >

There's a flash of transformation as she lands down gracefully in the blue ballroom gown and she frowns. "So much for White Day..." she frowns heavily at Hannah saying it to her directly, /badly/.

"GULL SPARKLE FREEZING!" she calls out with a spin as a twister of wind begins to form, but not only that, makes hilariously ice cold in the room. Things begin to freeze over. More specifically, she's trying to freeze up Mara and Hannah if possible to make it harder for them to move and the enviroment more slippery.

"...considering it was ruined last year." she frowns.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-03-15 02:49:45 73413
Hannah /really/ should pay more attention to Japanese holidays. That's exactly the thought running through her head as she's coated in ice, only a quick Shield spell preventing her from being a Hannah-cicle. Breaking her arm free from some encasing ice as Gull turns the Egyptian exhibit into an ice skating rink, she goes tumbling back into another display, pot fragments falling and shattering everywhere.

Gasping a little, the look on Hannah's face is a bit taken aback, and just, shamed really. A deep, deep sigh.

"...Alright. Gull. I don't have a good explaination for this. I...I just..."

"Mara! Run interference! Listen, Gull-chan. You know I need to grease the wheels. Call me a stupid American idiot, but, just...go home, please. I'll let you punish me however you want. I'm sorry." Her voice wavers, fear, regret, and more than a little annoyance overall in it. This is a girlfriend caught with her pants down.

All perfect delays for Tessen to get in on the freezing scene!
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-03-15 02:54:45 73414
And indeed, the timing is perfect. Tessen hurtles down the stairs, sliding on the bannisters more than walking at times, and hurls herself out onto the floor where the magic emenations are strongest. So she comes skidding around the corner just as Hannah breaks free of the ice!

She doesn't spot the hidden Mara, yet, so she just zooms forward, straight at Hannah. "Not this time!" she calls out. "Drop the staff and step away from the artifacts!"
Mara Brando 2017-03-15 02:58:53 73415
    Mara ducks back behind the corner, and quickly materializes her great axe.. She looks at it for a moment as the blast of cold air seems to freeze most things on contact in the other room. "Interference is coming!" With that, she comes around the corner, and turns her body around allowing momentum to build up in the axe, then flings it at Gull. "Back off, Gull!" That one eye looking annoyed.

    Mara is awfully off balance after launching her axe at Gull, and well... Mix that up with ice, and she slips and falls on her back. Not to mention her footwear doesn't even make it in the slightest bit easy to keep her footing.

    It takes Mara a moment to regain her footing, but the cold is definitely slowing her down in this case. She isn't stopping, and there isn't too much that Gull can do with this cold tornado thingy in the room that can really stop her as she uses her own magic to keep herself going. "Ahhhh!" She slowly moves toward Gull on her own too feet, and that one eye starting to look rather annoyed with a bit of rage in it. Not to mention she sees someone else going after Hannah, and that does it. Adrenaline kicks in, that lovely Puella adrenaline... New target seeming to get close to Hannah, and berserk mode is on.. Still not as fast as she could be, she is still starting to run pretty fast, and somewhat able to catch herself each time she almost slips and falls. "Back off!" She says in an angered voice.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-03-15 03:08:01 73416
"Back off?" she says to Mara. "No." she says narrowing her eyes as she jumps into the air and then slides gracefully along the ice. She comes to a stop as she throws her hand down and a big eruption of ice comes up in front of her. She crashes a hand down into it and pulls out some resembling a sword of ice.

"Let me get this straight. A year ago..."

"White day was ruined because you were possessed by an evil artifact. Yeah. Okay. We didn't see that one coming..." she says seething, as she raises that sword against Mara... who seems to change course to the faster moving Tessen.

"-and now you're touching another stupid evil artifact and I SWEAR TO GOD I'M GOING TO BE SO PISSED IF YOU BECOME POSESSED BY LIKE MEGA SATAN OR SOMETHING!" she screams.


Yeah, definitely the couch tonight. "TALK LATER! FIGHT NOW! OKAY!?" she calls out as she leaps into the air in a spin and then throws the sword down somewhere in front of Hannah- rather than trying to aim at her directly. Yeah. Part of her doesn't actually want to fight her. Doesn't mean she isn't going to try her best.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-03-15 03:21:29 73417
Mara and her axe dart in, offering some cover for the young woman! But of course Tessen is there as well! But Mara redirects, and so, there's a Gull moving for her! That slamming sword hits the ground, and shatters some of the floor hard enough that she's sent flying back again! Mostly thanks to the slippery terraine.

And Gull is using her /full name/. Hannah visibly winces, before her face sets. "Alright then, Cure Gull! Fine! I'll kick your adorable tailfeathers right through the roof!" Her own leap is far less graceful, as she's still getting her ice bearings, but a quick kick off a sarcophogai has Hannah bouncing from ceiling, and then down in a hard axe-kick filled with emerald green!

From out of the shadows, Tessen too would find something striking! A long, scorpion-like tail of white bone-like covering whips out to try to sting her from behind! A flash of red eyes, and then the Thing skitters back into the darkness. All the while, that bracelet on Hannah's hand glows.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-03-15 03:33:18 73418
Cure Gull doesn't /mind/ fighting Hannah. This is a thing that they've both accepted is a part of the realtionship again and again. THAT isn't what's upsetting her. It's the time and the date and the exact specifics of what she's doing right now that's more than a little overwhelming for her.

If she was really actually upset, she's be screaming that it's over and demanding the ring back, right? Right!

That doesn't happen. It'll never happen.

Because lord love is stupid sometimes.

"FINE!" she yells as she has an axe kick down at her and she raises up a shield of ice to protect herself that causes her to touch back to the ground and slide backward. She huffs!

"GULL SPARKLE DUST!" calls out Gull as a spinning windy tornado of glittery ice bursts out from her location.


Somewhere in an UMBRA lab, Norie Okana is fussing over a computer giving her raw data from Hannah's bracelet. This will prove instrumental in refining the youma control process.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-03-15 03:46:00 73420
It's the axe that gets Tessen's attention away from Hannah first. Big and sharp and gleaming in the light. And in the hands of a magical girl, probably enough to cut through her Barrier Jacket. Rushing forward, she finds herself sliding on the ice, right towards the armored girl.

And too fast for her to even notice the chitinous scorpion-tail in the shadows. With a flare of energy as it pierces her barrier jacket, she's knocked off course and - perhaps fortunately - into a wall, halting her approach.

A flick of her hands, and - as one would expect from her name - she's suddenly holding a pair of fans, flicking open with a quick metallic sound. Instead of silk or paper, however, the surface is steel, lined with gleaming blue energy - likely to make it even sharper than a blade.

"Saa," she muses, "Come and play, Hatchet."
Mara Brando 2017-03-15 03:56:05 73421
    Mara had thrown her axe, and isn't holding onto it at the moment.. However the axe dematerializes from where it had gotten stuck in the wall on the opposite side of the room, when it really almost went through the wall. It starts to materialize in her right hand shortly after vanishing as she keeps her attention on Tessen.. "Well.. You might want to look at giant scorpion behind you as well.. I'll just say you can play with me after you take care of that over sized thing you should probably notice.." She doesn't say more than that before turning to look to Gull. Mara dosn't feel threatened by Tessen at all it would seem. Mara has a more dangerous target to focus on.

    "Miss White, you brought me here to help you out, and seeing what is the more dangerous target at the moment... I think you need more help than what the scorpion might need." She slams her foot down breaking up the ice beneath her feet each time she takes a step, and looks up to Gull. Now, Mara thinks how she is going to get an attack on Gull as she isn't that much of a magical presence as she is raw physical ability. Of course, Gull has seen her one attack that can wear her out, and it isn't good to use in this situation either..

    "Gull! It isn't like me to say this, but why not let her just have the darn artifact. If it possesses her, I will help you stop her." She grins a bit, not really minding the idea, but it may be a bit odd coming from Mara, "A possessed version of my employer is not one that I would want either."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-03-15 04:01:31 73422
Even so, love can be irrational. And not for the last time does some small dark corner of Hannah's mind worry. Will she one day cross a line they can't go back from? All of those small fears that have been building, even as the Witch corruption in her has burned stronger every day, a thick miasma soup just waiting to devour her from within.

Glittery ice stabs towards her, the blow softened by Raging Tempest throwing up another shield...which quickly shatters! That rod is tucked into Hannah's belt by now, giving her both hands to fight with, and she needs them! Already, she's looking winded even as pieces of her sleeve rip away from the impact of that blizzardy tornado!

"Hah...hah hah could I become this pathetic?" Mutters Hannah darkly, before wind gathers beneath her! Then, she's off like a shot back towards Gull! A roundhouse is followed by three jabs towards Gull's body as she gives the old wombo-combo! It's finally ended with a knee aimed to the gutt!

"But, sometimes, even an idiot like me learns to make a backup plan!"

For instance! As Mara switches back to Gull, Hannah backs off. "That's right. Earn your pay, Mara! Those things are expendable anyway."

Hannah still spits venomously at the youma, even as she uses them. Eyes close, and she concentrates! A good four more of the scorpion-like, boney creatures leap out from the darkness, two constantly hemming in Gull, while the other two flail with their spindly spiney-scorpion tails towards Tessen! Stab stab stab! They're weak, but sharp, and those tips are dripping!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-03-15 04:14:57 73423
Blueberry Waltz leaps into the air and narrows her eyes at Mara. "Go screw off. This is between me and Hannah-chan." she snaps. Well. Back to Hannah-chan, at least. She frowns quite hard as she huffs. She looks to Hannah as scorpions move in close--- but not after getting socked in the gut and flung backwards.

She frowns some more as her eyes look between the two and towards the scorpion. "Really Hannah? You forgetting Pretty Cure's excel at wiping out lots of small things at once in the form change?" she asks. "What kind of backup plan is that?" she asks. She doesn't actually do that. Why?

Because it gives her an excuse to maybe not fight Hannah at the moment directly as she moves to avoid stinging tips instead as she switches back to the standard 'Cure Gull' form, wings lighting up on the bow on her back as she takes to the area up above them as she frowns. She can at least fly in this form. Which puts her out of reach of most of the people down there. Right?

She huffs and throws her arms out. "GULL WINDY TEMPEST!" she calls out as she slams her hands forward, a burst of wind flying down at Mara this time, rather than Hannah. Also. A convenient target now besides Hannah. It's not her fault there's so mannnnny targets. Maybe she'll believe that if she keeps telling herself.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-03-15 04:20:26 73424
And just how encouraging it is. Blown off by axe-girl in favor of... well, okay, Gull is a bit more of an obvious danger to Hannah. And Tessen certainly understands why Hannah would want to avoid fighting Gull directly. Still. It's a little discouraging.

So she gets to dance with a couple of scorpion-youma, instead. They at least have the virtue of being somewhat cute, unlike so many of the monsters she's faced before. She twirls away from one, flicking a fan into place to block the other, as she looks for better footing. It's hard to find with so much ice on the floor. After a few moments of this she gives up and takes to the air - for all of an inch of altitude, enough that she controls her floating path, rather than the laws of momentum.

For the moment, she lets axe-girl go play with Gull, focusing on the scorpion-youma. She avoids several strikes, and lands a few of her own - but the movements of her left arm are noticeably slowing as time goes on. Toxin warnings are blaring in her mind, warnings from her Device about the loss of mobility, but there's no time to do anything about it yet. Just to cut her way through the scorpions and go after Hannah and the Relic.
Mara Brando 2017-03-15 04:32:44 73425
    Mara looks disappointed in what is going on here, and turns and walks off.. "This isn't any fun!" She goes back to the next room. "Once you are done with your lover's fight, then you can call for me. I'm not going to have any part of that kind of crap!" She rolls her eyes, and goes back to where she was hiding earlier..
Hannah Sharpe 2017-03-15 04:37:36 73426
"H...hey, this isn't a lover's qua..."

Hannah doesn't get to say much more, as her youma are getting a ton of wind burst at them. The ones near Gull seem pinned down, and are starting to break up from the impact!

"Oh c'mon, Gull-chan! Give me a little credit here! They're not the backup. They're the field test."

Tessen, meanwhile, gracefully cuts her way with those fans through the scorpions! They're decently tough, but soon, they too are laying in a heap. Somewhere along the way, that staff gets knocked out of Hannah's belt by Gull's wind, landing right near her!

"Fah. Yeah, you're right though, this has been a wash. Let's go Mara. Gull-chan! ...I'll put myself on the couch tonight. Love ya~!" She taunts, just a little, with a warm smile.

And then, she raises her hand. Magic flares. Suddenly, those scorpions are starting to expand. Then Hannah is running full tilt.

A second or two later? KABOOM! The scorpions blow up in a tornado of internal wind, and horrific paralysis gas filling the room from their demise. Our magical heroes might want to run.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-03-15 04:41:36 73428
Cure Gull sighs and blows a kiss. "Love ya Hannah-chan! Even if you're a dumb jerk..." she mutters.

Yeah, she's out of here before she's gassed. She gives a wave off to Tessen as she moves to fly out the window she'd come in from the Americas Exhibit.

She peeks back down in before she leaves. "Bye guys!" she says to the tablets before she closes the window. Off to Aki's for a bit. She needs sister snuggle time before she goes back home.