Mistaken Vampdentity

UNFINISHED SCENE. Yuuki Oshiro confused Norie for Norie-K. Really it's a common mistake to make.

Date: 2017-03-19
Pose Count: 15
Lacrima 2017-03-19 07:02:59 73643
Lacrima walks down the sidewalk. It's nighttime. Just after dusk and right now she's following two girls who are talking to one another. They left a cafe up the road not too long ago and eventually, these two girls are going to need to split up- and when they do...

Well, there's going to be a perfect opportunity to feed.

She doesn't follow too closely, but it's clear she's stalking the girls, a soft billow of black smoke keeping her obscured in the darkness from the front, should they look behind them, they'd not see much- though the magically inclined could see through it easily enough. It was mostly fog for mundanes.

She kept a soft walk, pursing her lips. Being patient. She wasn't ravenous with hunger, but she would be tomorrow if she didn't feed tonight.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 07:23:59 73646
Yuuki Oshiro is out and about tonight. She has the the tracker with her and that is the name of the game for her. She is hunting for the lost Logia that has been causing so much trouble. After a month being distracted by her other life, she is very much determined to find the elusive, ruby necklace that has hurt several people already.

As she walks through the city, she is distracted at best. Her gaze is on the weird device that she is doing her best to keep hidden in her hands. She frowns, Another quiet night in Tokyo.
Lacrima 2017-03-19 07:38:20 73649
Lacrima is still following those two girls when another girl walks past them in her direction. She frowns a bit. That shade of fog gets dropped just a moment in the dark between street lights as not to come out of nowhere when she passes by. Her eyes trace the girl but she says nothing. She seems preoccupied. That's good.

She'll pass. Not say anything and she can go back to being hidden and following the two targets in front of her, right?

Nrg, what that's odd feeling from that girl though. Something that makes her twitch. Something that her body finds familiar, if not her mind. She in fact stops dead when it gets a little too much to outright ignore. She just needs to wait for her to pass.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 07:56:41 73650
Yuuki Oshiro continues walking. Her attention is on the hunt. She is barely aware of the vampire girl. Something though is messing with her. A growing darkness around her. It's something she's felt before but where? Is there a youma in the area? People aren't running or anything! It can't be that. Quietly she speaks telepathically to Shining Star, < Are you picking up anything. It feels like there is a lot of Dark energy around here. >

< Dark Energy detected in the Immediate Vicinity. >

The young girl blinks as she walks right past Lacrima. < I don't see anything. I mean there were only three girls that I've seen anywhere... > Then she stops, turns, and looks... really looks.
Lacrima 2017-03-19 08:06:41 73651
Lacrima is standing there, in her fancy dress and she's waiting for the girl to leave and walk by. This doesn't happen because the girl actually stops and looks back around. The other two girls are getting further and further away. She's standing there, just hands to her side as she frowns and turns around to the girl. Purple hair, purple eyes, slightly pale skin. She just rings all wrong to the senses easily for most magical people and just slightly off for mundanes.

"Yes?" she asks, as if she knew the girl was staring at her or looking at her.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 08:17:14 73652
Yuuki Oshiro blinks a few times. The person she met wasn't Lacrima. It was Norie. She just looks between the woman and the two girls stepping away. Things just don't add up. "Sorry I am just a little distracted." She frowns and just turns to continue moving.

Quietly she thinks to her Device, < I'm not seeing anything. I just wish I knew where this feelign was coming from. I know I've felt this before! >
Lacrima 2017-03-19 08:21:32 73653
Lacrima head tilts a little, when the girl turns to start moving again, she looks over her shoulder at the two girls who are leaving then back at Yuuki. Those are two girls she are waiting to watch part company so she can drain one of them. This girl here is alone.

This is an easier target she can get to easier. So she merely head tilts are waits for her to continue moving. Then she's following along suddenly, behind her.

Shining Star can probably detect that dark energy signature following now.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 08:32:07 73654
Yuuki Oshiro is just walking along now minding her own business. She just continues her scan as she hopes to find this darn thing. Something though is still bothering her. She doesn't hear the person behind her. Why would she? Her attention is completely on finding this darn thing.

< Dark Energy is closing. > Shining Star's words almost sound alarmed. Sadly that wouldn't be possible.

The young girl blinks a few times. She quickly turns around and sees. The girl again following her! "You! You're the source of this aren't you." She is watching the girl closely.
Lacrima 2017-03-19 08:40:52 73655
Lacrima stops as the girl turns around and confronts her with some vauge words she doesn't understand, she head tilts. "Source of what?" she asks as she looks around to the left and to the right. There's nothing around her. What is the girl talking about.

"Can't someone take a walk at night?" she asks, raising a brow, keeping her usual deadpan expression and tone.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 08:49:42 73656
Yuuki Oshiro blinks and does note that the girl is definitely following her. "OH umm! Nothing! Sorry." She turns around and keeps going. < Shining Star, Be ready to change. Something feels really off! The last time I felt like this was when my mom was checking me out at the hospital. >

The girl sighs and keeps moving. Why is that messing with her so much? This person wasn't even at the hospital that night. She wasn't at the concert, and she definitely wasn't involved in the fight with that piano youma. Was she? No way.
Lacrima 2017-03-19 08:57:36 73657
Lacrima pauses a moment. Head tilts again and continues moving when the other girl starts moving again. She's following and waiting and right between lights... she makes her move. The move is sharp and hard and fast- though Yuuki's device might be able to sense it just as she moves- as that dark energy spikes suddenly before the action.

She is attempting to place a hand on the girl, to drain her, and the feeling is very much exactly the same as she'd remembered off the other girl that drained her, for sure.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 09:10:03 73659
Time seems to stop as Lacrima's attack is made in the dark area between street lights. In that moment, everything falls into place. Yuuki blinks. <It's Her!> As Lacrima's hand touch her she calls out, "Shining Star, Set Up!"

< Setting Up. > Immediately things go violet as Yuuki's clothing vanishes only to be replaced by her barrier jacket. The bracelet flies off her wrist and changes from its cute little star shape and forms into a staff. She quickly grabs the staff as the light show fades.

She quickly turns to look at the girl. "You ARE the one! I thought you were one of the good Magical Girls! I thought that it was just some weird thing that you had dark magic. Then you attacked me and you attacked that poor innocent girl!" She glares.
Lacrima 2017-03-19 09:17:25 73660
Lacrima watches as the girl transforms. She backs off immediately, but... she doesn't feel the tingle of purification magic, so she grows more confident for the moment. She head tilts.

"No one can use dark magic for 'good'." she says with a frown. "You'd do well to remember that." she says.

She frowns a little more heavily. "What are you talki----"

It finally hits her.

"Ah. Kukai is an idiot." she says. "You'll have to excuse me. That wasn't me. It's a long story and a personal one I don't wish to discuss with you. I have no idea who you are. You're better off finding Kukai Souma and confronting him about that time." she frowns.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-03-19 09:28:05 73661
Yuuki Oshiro looks at Lacrima. She doesn't back down in the least. She may not have have purification magic but she is at least confident in her own abilities. "I won't soon forget that."

She doesn't quite get what happened. "So wait, You want me to go track this other person down to find out why I am sensing your dark magic?! You know how little sense you are making right now?" She frowns as she continues staring at the girl. "So you were just out for for an evening stroll. Not trying to drain anyone's energy?"
Lacrima 2017-03-19 09:35:42 73662
Lacrima head tilts again. "No. I'm telling you should track this other person to get an explanation for why you were attacked that night. It wasn't me. It was him." she frowns. "Fine. I'll tell you."

"Some stupid thing called a ... 'Clow Card' switch mine and his souls with our bodies. I was in his body, he was in mine. He was the one who attacked you." she says sourly.

"....of course I'm out trying to drain someone. I am..." "La Vampira." she says in Sapnish. "Vampire." she says.

"I can starve and become a horrible monster and drain indiscriminately and without abandon." she says. "Or I can make a conscious choice to hunt while I am lucid and in control and decide my targets and how much energy I take." she says plainly.