Another Jewel Seed has been detected! ... someone already has it. ... it's Umino.

Date: 2017-03-19
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Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 17:59:24 73663
"Don't worry, everyone, there's plenty of Umino to go around!" The shrill, slightly squeaky voice of Umino cuts through the crowd like a knife through butter. And it is a crowd, all gathered around attempting to touch him, see him, talk with him.

Gurio Umino.

And what makes him stand apart from any other nerdy boy his age? Nothing, really. Yet for the past hour, people have been walking out of their shops, leaving their running cars unattended in the middle of the street, and abandoning all sense and reason, just for a glimpse of him!

"Umino," calls a gaggle of girls all together. "Umino! We love you Umino!"

Somehow, the entire Uminari ward seems to have gone gaga for Umino. And it's spreading.
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 18:20:05 73664
~A Few Blocks Away~

Rei is currently in a clothing store, pouring over a few dresses. Red for a classic look, or maybe something more purple? She sighs a bit.

"I should have invited the others..." Her indecision is quickly erased by the tug of feelings on her brain, the prelude to her psychic senses tipping her off. With a gasp, she drops the dresses and runs out despite the yells of a proprieter.

One quick duck into an alleyway, and Sailor Mars is leaping from rooftop to rooftop! Keen senses and that little tug on her mind has her vaguely heading towards where a certain Umino-kun is flaunting his newfound swagger!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-03-19 18:21:41 73665
Nanoha Takamachi is out and about, because Yunno detected an active Jewel Seed. So, off Nanoha went in search of the Jewel Seed. She was mostly keeping an eye out for a horrible monster. A horrible monster is what she expects when a Jewel Seed comes out. Something unimaginable and horrible.

There is a rukus down below and she blinks once. Umino is someone that she is generally familar with. The 'You didn't know!?' guy that people sometimes call a nerd. Nanoha doesn't call people nerds. HOWEVER, while Nanoha believes in miracles she sure believes there is a limit to miracles and this is surely the limit.

She makes a landing on a nearby building and whispers to Raising Heart. "Raising Heart, is he the source of the Jewel Seed reading?" she asks.

< Affirmative >

Nanoha frowns a bit. She just can't... beam spam Umino. Can she?

Ugh she needs to start bringing Yunno on these things or something. She wonders what to do about the crowd. Oh. Right.

She casts a barrier. This should hopefully displace the people and hopefully isolate Umino. Maybe she talk him into giving it over. Unless his ego is like a billion feet in size now. It probably is.

She'll wait a moment to make sure the barrier works as intended though. Other people have been pulled in before, afterall.
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 18:28:05 73667
    The solemn buzzing male voice is all it takes to pull Fate Testarossa from her internal world. Scarley eyes flick to the dark bladed axe in her hand as her faithful Device, golden gem gleaming back in turn with his report.
    [LOST LOGIA DETECTED.] Bardiche informs her, not mincing words. Always direct and to the point, the taciturn AI telling her precisely what she needs to know.
    A slow breath and she closes her eyes.
    On hearing that, there's no doubt in her mind, she will not be the only one seeking it out, as she looks down from a higher rooftop, scarlet eyes half-lidded with a soulful fatigue that is deeper than any lack of sleep. And she has been getting rest, since Takashi very pointedly told her to do so.
    She watches, eyes focusing on Umino, and then sucking a slow breath through her teeth as the barrier rises. Someone else is here for the Lost Logia. Fate had always preferred to work alone, or just with Arf, but that shell slowly wore down. Necessity facillitates concession, and she had also been told that help would be available when she needs it.
    It's a long distance, directed, mental ping. And just like her Device, Fate does not mince her words.
    <<It's a Jewel Seed.>>
Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 18:32:02 73668
Nanoha's barrier spreads outwards swiftly, excluding man, woman, and child alike. Poor Umino, that includes also his gaggle of loving girls. Umino stumbles as he's suddenly no longer half-supported by his crowd of admirers.

The boy glances around himself confused, then reaches up to adjust his thin-rimmed glasses. "Uh. H-hello?" he asks, confusedly. The power of popularity doesn't do much when you're the only one present, but even Nanoha can sense that tug towards him; an affection growing stronger and unbidden in her heart. Surely this boy deserves her adoration. Doesn't he?
Takashi Agera 2017-03-19 18:37:44 73669
Takashi Agera is not currently salivating over Umino. He is not actually in the Uminari ward when all of this is going on. He is within the confines of Sunset Tower, explaining some things to the Eclipse Council - one of the few places where even his energy signature alert system is not active. So he's walking out of the massive doubledoors, looking quite the worse for wear, a set of documents under his arm. The time for reflection, however, is limited.

    <<TESTAROSSA REPORTS JEWEL SEED SIGNATURE.>> Axion calls in its Midchildan voice, to be followed up by the other Belkan voice. <<UNSERE AUSRUSTUNG BESTATIGT.>>

And it's a moment before Takashi reacts, but he does so quickly, ducking into the Dusk Zone, depositing his documents back at his own lab, and henshining into Riventon. He'd tell Fate he was coming, but.

There's a shuddering of reality as Riventon steps out of the Dusk Zone right next to Fate's energy signature. He's already bleeding out negative energy, already ready to fight, and probably visible to anyone nearby with any feeling. He nods to the barrier. "Not ours. You want to break in, or shall I?"
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 18:48:12 73670
Down off of a light post, and Rei very nearly skips completely past Umino. The young man isn't someone she'd think as being involved in magic, and it's only a combination of a psychic tug, that tug at her heart, and finally that appearance of a barrier that tips her off.

"Umino-kun? Is something wrong?" Comes the Miko, smiling lightly. Then she blinks. Leaping back a few paces, she notices Nanoha within the barrier. Something feels /strange/ about the boy. And the blush creeping up her cheeks doesn't help matters.

No justice speeches today. She glances back to Nanoha.

"Do you know what's going on here?" Her stomach churns just a little bit. Something /horrible/ will happen here if they don't help, but she doesn't know /what/!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-03-19 18:48:55 73671
Nanoha has excluded the other people. This is good! This means, perhaps, that she can reason with Umino. She hops down off the building and lands deftly, onto the ground. She is about to say something when...

Unmio suddenly gains a rose border and sparkles in her vision for no particular reason and she blinks and has to literarily hold her head and shake it. She's going to need a moment to resist Umino's now inherent hotness it seems. She isn't completely pulled in but it's TRYING VERY HARD to deny Umino's /masculine wiles/ and she's mostly succeeding. Mostly.

"H--hey! Umino-san, right?" yeah that's a blush! "You have something on you right now that's dangerous." she manages to stammer out.

She looks at Rei and blinks. "Jewel Seed." she says. "Dangerous. We need to seal it." she says.
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 19:11:58 73672
    Fate apparently doesn't need to wait long. Though she does not turn when Riventon arrives at her side, and showes no sign of it, inwardly, she is quietly thankful. He is correct though, the barrier was erected by niether of them, nor Arf, who is out searching the city elsewhere right now.
    "I'll do it." She replies, right to the point.
    [GLAIVE FORM.] Bardiche buzzes, as though sensing her intent. A golden runic circle spreads out before her, several guidance rings forming in the air to serve as an aiming array.
    That Girl is probably in there. It would be best to deal with the issue quickly. And maybe with her, before Riventon decides to intervene on that front. This is why she calculates her target to fire right on top of the Jewel Seed.
    Her intent is fairly simple and pragmatic.
    To try and blast through the barrier and force open an entry.
    With a heavy narrage of an immense golden electrical laser.
Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 19:15:32 73673
Umino looks sharply between Rei and Nanoha. His power of popularity is strong, but their ability to resist is stronger still. "What? Sailor Mars?! Hah! Of course, I can tame the fires of the heart of even Sailor Mars!" He raises his chin, apparently proud at this.

He turns and grins at Nanoha, eyes swirling with power as he explains, "Of course what I have is dangerous. For I, Gurio Umino, am the most popular man alive! There is a great danger in being this popular, but .. I'll live," he says.

"Now, which one of you ladies would like to escort me to dinner?"
Takashi Agera 2017-03-19 19:23:09 73674
Riventon follows behind the surge of thunderous power, a black surge that follows the much brighter yellow energy from his 'employee'. And then he stops dead. Umino Gurio. He doesn't know the kid, and he can sense the jewel seed inside him from so close now... but there's other problems in the world.

"Alright, back away from the geniu- wha?" he asks himself, catching his own words. It takes a little bit of effort to push back the compelling nature of the Jewel Seed. "The geek!" He raises a hand and begins to gather negative energy into an orb.

"Back away from him right now, so I can fix whatever strange sorcery this is and take m-" he looks subconsciously back in Fate's direction "-Precia's jewel seed!" He's got control of himself now he's watching for that compelling power.

"Clearly these things aren't meant for normal people."
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 19:27:49 73675
Rei smacks her cheeks, trying to ignore the scent of roses and how those massive glasses accentuate Umino's face! She gives a nod to Nanoha, and she pulls out two Ofuda!

"Then we can't wait and let Umino-kun be taken in for his handsome ways by this Jewel Seed! Handsome men in glasses should be shared by everyone, not charmed by a simple jewel! In the name of Mars, I'll punish you!"

There's a sudden gasp from Rei as her Justice Speech ends, and she's staring at the man in a mixture of anger, and a bit of starstruck awe.

This results in her raising her ofuda, leaping forward, in a dramatic leap to save Umino (and herself!) from this jewel seed's compulsion!

"AKURYO TAISA...ahhhh!"

That's when a bright lightning bolt smashes right into her. Her thrown ofuda aren't on fire, thank goodness, but they might now be more prone to try to stick to Umino rather than the Seed! They're still charged with the power of Mars, either way!

Rei goes tumbling from the unexpected impact, sending her tumbling a few times and to smack against a wall within the barrier! Her fuku's torn at the shoulders down, and she's smoking lightly! With a grunt, she angrily pushes herself to her feet, gasping a little as she tries to make the world stop spinning.

"Y...you! You would just use that Seed to do evil things! Nothing good ever comes from you!" Snarls Rei towards Riventon. Oh yes. There's Ami-related anger in here.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-03-19 19:41:31 73676
Nanoha Takamachi is still fighting the Jewel Seed's effect. This is easy enough for her to resist, even if she has to consciously try. "No, you have something on you that's dangerous that's making people act weird around you!" she tries to correct. Then Sailor Mars goes in for the seal and then....

Well there's a bright golden lightning bolt that smashes through the barrier and she knows this lighting well by now.

She looks skywards and frowns...

"Fate-chan..." she says with a sad frown. Then. "Riventon." she says with a more harder less sad and more angry frown.

"You can't be allowed to get this jewel seed. You'll only let be used for bad things." she says.

She looks to Sailor Mars and then back up. "Sailor Mars... right?" she asks. She's seen the crane game toys! "Um- try to get the Jewel Seed. I'll try to handle this." she says as she activates her Flier Fin spell, taking to the air as she frowns, "Cannon Mode." she says.

< Cannon Mode > says Raising Heart as it shifts designs to it's more miniature cannon-like form.

She frowns, as she summons up orbs of magenta light around her. "Divine Shoot!" she calls out.

< Divine Shoot! > calls out Raising Heart immediatly after as she begins to blast an array of bright fast beams towards the other two intruders.
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 19:48:37 73677
    Having forced entry into the barrier, Fate is hot on Riventon's coat tails once able to proceed, and... She pauses stone dead in her tracks, hovering in the air. There's that girl... There is Sailor Mars. The Jewel Seed signature is coming from that incredibly popular young man Fate now wants to know much more about.
    Wait a moment. A brief flutter of confusion breaks the icy expression on the blonde's face, especially when Riventon can't decide between Umino's status of genius or geek. It is in this moment that she regains her momentum. Scarlet eyes narrow by a fraction at her employer however she says nothing, leveling her Device. She can not let some popular young man get in her way. To Fate Testarossa; Gurio Umino's intense grizzled manly stubble and impeccable physique is eclipsed by but one other person in her life. Popularity among mortals is one thing, yet...
    Mother is God in the eyes of a child.
    And those mournful eyes fall half lidded as she regains a sight on her goals and focus. "It's not for him." She calmly informs the senshi of fire and passion. "My mother needs it."
    This is all the explanation she will ever give. It is the only one she has time for when the streaking pink bursts of energy come blazing for her and Riventon. She does not remain in place for them, weaving among the fusillade, streaking down towards Nanoha as they graze her and her Barrier Jacket, intent to close the distance with a hard and fast press and slash.
Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 19:52:00 73678
"Aiy!" Umino cries out, raising both hands to cover his face as the ofuda flies his way. Popularity is not reflexes, and the little piece of paper strikes him dead on, contouring to his the very manly curvature of his nose.

He blinks once, twice, behind his thick glasses. The ofuda does nothing. But the sight of a woman being harmed in front of him is enough to rouse some misguided sense of chauvanism in the young boy.

"H-hey! You leave her alone!" calls Umino towards Riventon and Fate, as he rushes towards Sailor Mars. "Mars, mars, oh mars," he cries, "say you're okay! I, Gurio Umino, am here to protect you!"
Takashi Agera 2017-03-19 19:56:18 73679
Riventon glares at Rei as she gets to her feet. "Stand clear and you'll walk away. That's the deal, that's your warning." And then those pink surges of energy streak through the air. Riventon's response is different to Fate's, though - raising a palm and creating a Round Shield of blue energy to absorb the first few shots, then ducking back into the Dusk Zone to evade the rest and arrive in front of Mars - and thus, also, in front of Umino.

"Pretty sure she's capable of defending herself. But it's not really necessary. We aren't after her." Riventon says to the boy. Huh. Maybe Takashi should wear his glasses more often. It's working for this gu- "Stupid magic seed!" Riventon says out loud, to a snarl, before he raises his left hand - that still has the orb of energy in it - and it blasts outwards towards Umino (and Mars, if she doesn't move.)
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 20:05:22 73680
"Right! If we work together, we can do this. Good luck, and don't get hurt, alright?" Encourages Rei to Nanoha, offering a bright smile.

Of course everything kinda breaks down as Umino is running for /her/. And part of her wants to rush towards him, frolicking in the fields of flowers while sunlight pours down upon them. Then they leap into each other's arms, and...

And thus it is that Rei pivots, tries to throw Umino to the ground with her body as an orb of energy blasts towards them! It's Rei's turn to act, and so, one hand comes up with an ofuda to try to bat away the blast. It goes...well, only partially poorly, the scrap of now straight paper taking most of the blow as ti burns up, but she's sent skidding back by the impact! Her other hand, though, sends a trio of the strips of paper aimed right for Riventon!

"There's no deal in the world I would take from you! All you do is leave broken promises and broken hearts! You should be punished for your evil!"

Then, with any luck, she's trying to haul Umino into her arms!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-03-19 20:21:26 73681
Nanoha is now concentrating on handling Riventon and Fate. Well. Now just Fate because Riventon disappeared and just sort of teleported in front of Mars. Mars can handle herself, right? She can just light Riventon on fire. That'd solve the problem really quick she'd imagine.

Fate attempts to close the distance and slash and Nanoha raises a Round Shield similar to what Riventon did preparing for that slash to come down. She frowns. "That doesn't change anything Fate-chan. I still can't let him or you get it." she says.

"They're dangerous and what your mother is doing with them can't be /good/." she says. "And what Riventon can learn off them can't be /good/." she says.

She attempts to shoot a 'Shot Barret' directly into Fate, a quick hard and fast orb of magenta energy on autocast- with her so close.

Melee fighting isn't her strong suit at all, nope. You have a cannon. It isn't a cannon and also a battering ram. Yet.
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 20:37:02 73682
    Fate trusts that Riventon is fully well and capable of handling himself in a fight. Perhaps he even has a better idea of how to tend to the Senshi than she does. It makes her decision to focus on Nanoha far easier. That girl still intends to stand in her path.
    The golden voltaic blade of her scythe strikes against the shield, her momentum held against the spell and forcing her to choke on the shaft of her Device and draw the blow back when met with resistance.
    "She must have a good reason..." Is her counter to Nanoha's rebuke, crimson eyes looking all the more mournful in the brief split second before the pigtailed girl slams her point blank in the chest with a staggeringly hard hitting pink orb.
    She makes no sound; not even a grunt as she jerks aside, refusing to show weakness as she whirls herself aside in a wide arc, cape fluttering in her wake as she tries to hook in at Nanoha's side with a lancing arc of voltaic surging mana.
Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 20:41:07 73683
Umino regrets his decision to attempt manliness almost immediately as that ball of dark energy comes flying towards him. "SAVE ME!" he begs Rei quickly, clutching the back of her skirt terrifyedly. But then she does just that, and Umino looks mildly relieved.

"What is even going on?!" he asks Sailor Mars confusedly. "One minute I'm out getting milkshakes and the next I'm being attacked by ... by ... a bad Kingdom Hearts villain!"

Umino glances down at his fist, closed over the jewel seed in question. "How could it be dangerous?" he asks. "It's a beautiful stone, but not particularly meaningful on its own!
Takashi Agera 2017-03-19 20:57:54 73684
Riventon tilts his head. "Look, you clearly don't have the smallest idea what you're talking about, but -" and then he's cut off, smaller shields coming into surge to block two of the ofuda, but the third - the third hits his hand instead, and the purifying energy of the ofuda and the negative energy of Being Riventon don't really mix well, and he's cut off into a shriek.

He's too powerful to be paralyzed, but it's like mixing an acid and a base, and he has to clutch at his hand and try to slowly rip the Ofuda away while it stuns him. And he's still yelling. "You have no idea about the things I'm gonna break now! LAST WARNING!" Yes, he still manages to try to sound dangerous and in control while still trying to yank bits of paper off his hand.
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 21:04:03 73685
Rei may not yet know Nanoha, but she does see that the girl knows what she's doing! Which gives her opportunity to focus on Riventon and Umino. She spares some time for the poor, confused young man now suddenly in her arms.

Saving an innocent feels good, and for once, her smile to Umino is utterly genuine. "That's because people with bad intentions are going to come after you, as long as you have it, Umino-kun. Because that thing makes people ignore the person holding it, and sees someone else. You're a good man, and you don't need something like this Jewel Seed for people to like you. You're smart, and you love your friends."

She might be exaggerating a little, but so too does she mean it. He hangs around Usagi, after all!

"So let me hold onto it, so that evil man won't hurt you, okay?"

Scowl! Rei gives Takashi the most furious, burning glare that she can muster!

"I won't let you break anything or anyone! And neither will my friends! We'd all call you a friend too if you would just stop /hurting/ people!"

Unfortunately with Umino in her arms, she can't quite attack too well. Instead, she sets the young man down.

"He's going to do something horrible. Let me take the Jewel Seed, please, Umino-kun. Then I can stop him from hurting you or anyone else." It's all up to the bespectacled man of the hour! Rei isn't about to just snatch it from him.

Meanwhile, her now freed hand sets a good five ofuda alight into the air, coming down like rain! Not /at/ Takashi, but there's a burning wall of mystical paper there acting as impromptu depth charges for negative energy beings!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-03-19 21:18:04 73686
Nanoha Takamachi is hit in the side with a voltaic slash of mana. This hurts a whole lot, of course, and she winces and recoils a bit, Raising Heart making a warning beep as she moves to turn quickly to face Fate. "Fate-chan...." she says with a similar sad tone.

"One time my momma made a mistake and got an order date wrong for a wedding cake and I tried very very hard to convince her otherwise- but she didn't listen to me because she was positive she got it right." she says with a frown. "So I stopped trying to get through to her." she says.

"She was late by two days. She delivered it and she was belittled and told how she ruined their special day and when she came back she said she wished she'd listened to me." she says.

"Fate-chan, don't let your mom be too late." she says. "Because Jewel Seeds aren't harmless cakes..." she says!

She fires off another series of Magenta orbs as she tries to dart backwards and upwards, away from Fate- trying to keep some distance now whenever possible. She's trying to get ready to weave, as she breathes a little raggedly from the prior hit.
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 21:40:48 73687
    There is no questioning it. Nanoha has improved. Though Fate may believe- may hope- that her own zeal and determination for success and seeing Precia Testarossa smile once more gives her an edge... Realistically, she knows she has to be more on her toes around the pigtailed girl in white.
    There is so much going on. That hussy in red is trying to hog Mister Cool Specs all to herself and-- And Fate shakes her head, forcibly etching the image of her mother's smile upon her mind's eye to shunt out the effects of the Jewel Seed's influence.
    That distraction is all it takes for Nanoha to get in another hailstorm of pink fire, and though Fate's speed and reflexes are nigh unfairly inhuman, the split second of faltering attention was all it took for her to miscalculate.
    Though she rallies well, dodging nimbly with an admirable last second recovery, another shot takes her in the shoulder, earning a stifled gasp. But... But Fate has not forgotten what she really came here for. Her aim shifts. Off of Nanoha. And towards Rei and Umino.
    "I'm sorry..." She says to Nanoha. "But I told you if you got in my way again I'd have to hurt you. ... Now you're giving me no choice but to hurt others..." Her voice is a whisper after Nanoha's anecdote of maternal fallibility. Could it be possible Precia could be wrong in some way?
    Her mothers methods may be bad... But the end result will be good right?
    "I'm sure she has a good reason... I believe in her again. She can't be wrong, like that."
    And maybe when it's all over she'll remove the Jewel Seed from Arf's collar as well, and they can all be happy together.
    It is on that command that Bardiche unleashes. Forming an array of lances and arrows formed from pure magical lightning that turn themselves upon the Senshi of Passion, and the bespectacled youth in possession of the Jewel Seed.
Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 21:45:38 73688
As the mass of beams streak towards Umino and Sailor Mars, the bespectacled young geni--geek shrieks like a child and throws up his hands, wrapping his arms around Rei's neck. "Oh no!" he calls worriedly.

And in the act, he loses his hold on the jewel seed, which soars into the air, a little glimmer of perfect beauty in the light of all those photons.

Umino was never cool. The poor boy couldn't ever draw the attention of a girl like Rei Hino, let alone earn Riventon's respect!

Poor Umino's wish fades as the seed arcs through the air. But still he clings to Sailor Mars, desperate for her protection, and that one little moment in the spotlight.
Takashi Agera 2017-03-19 21:51:57 73689
Riventon has had enough - enough insults, enough drama, and more than enough Umino. "You know if he gets hurt because you can't stop me, it'll be your fault for lying to him." he says, but then he has to stop, dodge, and make a quick jump back, tumbling away before rolling back to his feet. He grabs his jacket and tugs it out to straighten it, as the designs rolling across it change.

"Nice trick." he notes, but then there's just a scarce moment of warning - though maybe more for Sailor Mars due to her supernatural senses - before a sudden surge of negative energy rapidly builds up underneath Mars and Umino...

    <ERDBEBEN PLATZEN!> calls Axion.

...and a giant column of negative energy surges into the sky from beneath them. "Not playing around. Give up or you'll be lucky to crawl home."

But with all that taunting and attempts to seem threatening, and the mental focus of prepping for the attack, he's the last person to notice what's actually happening - that the Jewel Seed has broken free. "Fate!" he shouts, because he's just too far from it - and he has to keep control of his own attack so that energy doesn't just erupt of its own accord!
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 22:02:00 73690
Rei is forced to dance with Umino, thanks to a certain blonde haired girl's flurry of lance fire! Dance dance, tumble, spin, turn! Poor Umino might have his eyes in the back of his head by about now.

This keeps her nicely on the ground for the Seed to go flying. Riventon makes his wrath known, and there's no smart retort from Rei. No anger, no justice speech leveled as that column of darkness flares up. She's not fast enough to get herself out of the way. But she has more than enough time to send poor Umino tumbling out of her arms. Then, Darkness takes her.

Rei lands, groaning, fuku smoking from the impact as she bounces once. Rolling over, back of her uniform ruined, she gasps and pants.

One final ofuda floats down from that rain. With the last of her strength, REi puts her hands together, and prays.


And that's when a flaming pinwheel of a phoenix goes screeching through that ofuda, purifying energies covering it, zooming towards Takashi like a heat-seeking-purifying-bird missile!
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 22:13:51 73691
    There is perhaps, a shared pain between Nanoha and Fate. The two young girls so dead set on their paths. Nanoha forever reaching out. Fate silently yearning, hesitant and timid to accept and each time forced by her convictions to quietly reject the ever continuing offers of peace and friendship. She so desperately wants this silent and internalized nightmare to end. Yet she knows it is not something she can wake up from until she can see her mother happy. It is her duty as a good daughter.
    Riventon calls out to her. It's almost unnecessary, when scarlet eyes focus on the glimmering speck of perfect blue that flies from Umino's strong and manly grasp-- when the Jewel Seed flies from the hand of the scrawny, nondescript, bespectacled boy of minor note.
    She said she was sorry. Riventon is too far. Fate breaks her engagement, forsaking the fight with Nanoha to throw herself full speed after the Lost Logia, hand outstretched, fingers curling around it, mid-air...
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-03-19 22:45:26 73693
Nanoha Takamachi is more than happy to continue to take hits from Fate. She wants to be in the girl's way right now. Everytime she confronts Fate- she thinks- she can grow a little closer to finding out what happened between the last time she saw her peaceful and happy and then back to this. There's something she's missing.

But then she threatens the OTHER people here. She's less upset at the threating of Mars and the MORE upset at the threating of Unimo! The handsome and daring and--- then the jewel seed slips from his grasp and nerdy and busybody boy. This is kind of a weird feeling of her train of thought switching mid stream.

She's about to yell anger at Fate when Fate makes a lunge for the Jewel Seed. Her eyes go wide and and she swings Raising Heart upwards and rests it on her forearm as she grits her teeth...

"Raising Heart...." she says.

The device responds by beginning to charge and grab for the ambient floating energy of the barrier that's filled it since the battle began, gathering it into a ball in front of her-- another spell she's been working on- something between her two most powerful spells.

< Hyperion Smasher! >

"Hyperion Smasher!" calls out Nanoha as a brilliant, lancing beam of light- tipped by a large orb of energy fires out towards Fate, trying to catch her in a brilliant, localized explosion.

She doesn't say anything. This is the time to let her actions speak for her right now. Right this moment. She gets ready to zip down after the Jewel Seed right after--- which she does, Raising Heart shifts into it's standby mode as she slams the round tip against the Jewel Seed. "...Seal...!" she calls out to Raising Heart.
Precia Testarossa 2017-03-19 22:47:55 73694
The jewel seed glistens and shines as Nanoha's device touches it. In roman numerals, the number XVII flashes across the top.

Then it goes dormant, floating in a small barrier, waiting to be collected.
Takashi Agera 2017-03-19 22:53:51 73695
Riventon's face goes from sneering with vicious anger at Rei, to a smile at Fate's movement, worry at her concern - and then all of that means he's paying not nearly enough attention until the shirek of the firebird calls out too-close - a shield is raised, but it only holds back Rei's attack for a moment before the shield itself catches fire and shatters into magical bits.

Which leaves Riventon open, and for a moment in time, there's as much fire around him as Dark Energy, the two warring, a last ward that breaks and suddenly part of Riventon's labcoat barrier jacket is aflame too.

"The seed!" he manages to shout out, but he jumps into the Dusk Zone so that he doesn't become alternately purified and immolated - and he's gone from the field for the moment, leaving Fate outnumbered.
Fate Testarossa 2017-03-19 23:00:58 73696
    Fate has it... Its right in her grasp. Another step towards her mother's smile... And it is summarily taken from her.
    In her single minded zeal to acquire the seed, she has no chance to evade. Glancing over her shoulder in time to see a new spell come careening violently toward her.
    Scarlet eyes widen, and she tries to jink aside. Once again Fate's speed is her saving grace, managing to not take the full brunt of the explosion directly. But the splash and blast wave of pink mana to follow, still far too close for comfort flings her viciously off course. The seed is flung from her fingers. With a smashing sound of glass, Fate is put through the window of a nearby building, denied the Jewel Seed.
    She allows herself to slump back against a wall, sliding against to sit down and catch her breath. And buries her face in one palm.
    Mother will probably be displeased.
Rei Hino 2017-03-19 23:02:50 73697
Sailor Mars slowly gets to her feet, clutching her midsection as her eyes watch that jewel seed go flying high. She doesn't step away from Umino. To her, he's far more precious than that artifact could ever be.

"You...you can do this!" She offers to the floating Nanoha, the area around her lightly sizzling. She eyes Riventon briefly, then back to Nanoha...and Fate. Wince.

"Truth and justice...gasp...prevail in the end!" She once more encourages with a fiery fist-clench in the air.