Coffee Would Be Detrimental

Some days Sky Jack really, really needs some time with Beat Jumper. And vice versa.

Date: 2017-03-23
Pose Count: 18
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 05:50:26 74000
It is evening, with the moon rising over Tokyo, the electric city bright and well-lit even in the darkness of night. Thankfully, there are still places where a henshined hero could land in a public park without drawing attention. It's a bonus that one of those places happens to be near a cafe he likes a lot.

Sky Jack sets down behind a thick line of trees hiding a small patch of grass, set in behind a maintenance building. He sighs and looks up at the sky, trying to fight back a yawn and for now succeeding. There's a lot to be said for being tired even in the endless stamina of his henshined form.

Jack's eyes scan the skyline. He's sort of expecting someone else who's been scouring the city too, although he doesn't exactly know who he's looking for...
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 06:00:42 74001
It's better being Beat Jumper. Rhythm's inherent optimism and naive enthusiasm is a far cry better than Nagihiko's as of late standard pessimism. But there's a limit to even the cheerful chara.

He jumps and bounds over rooftops and alleys in search of clowns that just refuse to be found. It's break time, though, and hopefully his boyfriend kept the time in mind.

He lands not far from Sky Jack, a warm thermos in hand and a hug mete out with borrow enthusiasm.

"Good, you're here!" He smiles, and he can mostly feel it. But he can also feel the bags under his own eyes as surely as he feels the costume beneath the henshin. He'd tried to return to a norm earlier, digging into Nadeshiko's closet for the first time since the incident. Unfortunately he feels as though he's playing dress up in his father's clothes rather than feeling anything like himself.

He pours the contents of the thermos into a cup. It's a broth, really, but it has some form of nutrients. Better than nothing and it's warm.

After he hands it over, his fist socks against Sky Jack's shoulder. "Two for one is better than a three-fer, you jerk."

Yes. He's read the HeartNET.
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 06:16:39 74002
Sky Jack sees Beat Jumper bouncing over the rooftops towards him, and grins, approaching the purple-haired cheer bubble. "Yup! I even made it on time, which is weird, because I'm usually late."

Jack grins back, not quite baggy-eyed just yet, but close enough. It was a bit of a drain in itself but it still provided enormous benefits.

He reaches out, taking the offered cup, and wraps his hands around the cup - and then nearly drops it as his shoulder twinges and throbs at that punch. "Ow. ...Ah..." He looks down at it, not quite sure how to deal with things. "I mean, I don't want anything to happen to you..."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 06:31:09 74003
His shoulders droop a little and his expression softens. "I know."

He places a gentle hand on Kukai's cheek. "But I don't want anything happening to you. If you don't live to be a wrinkly old prune, I don't want to be the cause of it."

As if on cue, Kukai's phone blows up with about ten texts from the same number. "I think Nadeshiko feels the same. Only she's probably calling you some choice names as well, so you may want to not look at those right now..."

And that's pretty much the gist of it. Somewhere Maihime is beating up a youma with one hand and texting with the other. The poor youma probably should have been dusted five minutes ago.

Beat Jumper sighs and shifts so he could lean against Sky Jack. His hand sneaks down so he could lace their fingers together. "No sign of the clowns. Nadeshiko hasn't said if she has or hasn't."
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 06:36:51 74004
Sky Jack leans in, one hand reaching up to wrap his fingers around Beat's hand, smiling softly at him. "Well. I don't want anything happening to me either. And probably it wouldn't kill me. But it would destroy me. I'd be a very cranky wrinkly old prune with very little joy in my life."

Jack's bomber jacket pocket practically pulls away from his side as it vibrates and chirps and shakes. He stares down at it for a moment, shocked and aghast, before letting out a laugh. "Oh man. I hadn't even... I'll have to talk to her at some point. And suffer."

He blinks as Beat leans in, their fingers linked together, careful not to spill the broth cup in his other hand on Beat's back or anything. "Mmm. Well, crap. We'll find them at some point." He sighs and then hugs Beat close to him. "I worry about her. I mean, what'll happen when we do find the clowns and the spell ends... I worry about you too, though, so.."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 06:52:05 74005
"She'll yell at you for two seconds then kiss you until you forget your name. And you know it." He snorts. "I worry about her, too. But more in the now than in the later. She's a bit psychotic, you know." Which means he himself has a bit of psycopathy in him, but who doesn't?

"Well, you know. There's always the chance that the second worst case scenario happens. I may just end up a drooling crazy vegetable." Which is...terrifying, really. And he's bad at hiding things, but he's good at focusing on other things. Or at least on parts of the same thing he's more worried about. "If that happens, I mean, well, the me of now says yes to little Kukai-lings running around. In case you get it in your head to feel guilty for thinking about it in future what-ifs."
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 07:09:36 74006
Jack laughs and then shrugs, blushing faintly. That didn't sound so bad. Nadeshiko kisses are a force unto themselves. "Yeah maybe. I ... ah. Well. I guess I'll leave her some secrets for now. So."

Jack cocks his head and then pulls Beat close, staring into those big purple eyes. "No. You won't. I refuse to lose you like that. Even if she vanishes and you go into a coma or whatever, I will find a way to drag her back from whatever she falls into, and wake you up, if it takes the rest of my forever. It will happen." Sky Jack is not usually a forceful speaker, but those words have some serious push behind them.

He sighs and then shrugs, cuddling in with Beat and taking a sip of the broth. "Y'know we'll burn that bridge if we get to it. For now we'll be ok. As long as we find those stupid clowns, soon."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 07:20:09 74007
It's true, they are. And they used to be Nagihiko kisses. Still are, in a way. If you tilt your head. Where Nadeshiko's are like a hurricane, fast and now, Nagihiko's more like a rainstorm that goes on for days.

He melts a little, because how can he not? Once again his hand is against Kukai's cheek. "Well, if anyone can figure that out, it's you. Even if its through sheer stubborn will." But he also knows that sheer stubborn will isn't always enough. But as Kukai says, that bridge will be burned when they get to it.

And this is probably a good time for a distraction of sorts. "In the mean time. Do you want to see what happens when I try to dress as Nadeshiko without being Nadeshiko? I'm wearing a skirt under this. It feels quite weird."
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 07:53:32 74008
Jack hmms and snuggles in against Beat, holding him close, resting in that warm embrace, that soft touch. It's a wonderful panacea for the exhaustion in his heart. "Hah. You say that, but I wouldn't even know where to start. I'd get there. Eventually. You'd come back to a broken little old man with weird smells, but I'd introduce you to somebody nice and be ok." He grins ruefully and kisses Beat's cheek.

He hmms and then nods. "Yeah, sure. I think if I spend too much longer as Sky Jack I'm going to suddenly poof back and collapse. So, both of us, then? Do we... turn our backs? Is this like changing clothes in front of one another?" He's found some levity in the situation, at least.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 08:09:43 74009
Nagihiko snorts and hides his grin against Kukai's shoulder. "Well, the smell of mothballs can be very alluring when you get used to it. We could be two crazy birds together at the end of it all, how's that sound?"

He laughs a little. It's a soft sound, and he steps back. "Well, maybe the charas could bogart our broth. And I think we're a bit past turning our backs. Unless you want to. In which case, I'm changing now."

Whether or not Kukai turns around, Nagihiko changes back. He's dressed as Nadeshiko as best he could. His hair is up, but there's a lack of the makeup he usually wears as her. Some lipgloss, maybe a bit of eyeshadow, but he felt weird contouring and highlighting. He fidgets a little and shrugs, wringing his hands. He doesn't look horrible, but it's a bit unlike how he usually looked before all this. "I feel like I'm playing dress up."
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 08:18:16 74010
Jack lets out a little blech at the thought of the scent of mothballs. "Eugh. No. nonono. Nope. And we may already be crazy. It's a thing."

He chuckles, and then shakes his head, narrowing his eyes a bit at the shimmer that comes with de-henshining, both Nagihiko's and his own, and then lets out a long breath, his own clothes simple and light - tshirt, loose cargo pants, sneakers - as Daichi plops onto Kukai's head, letting out a long breath. "Phew..."

Kukai looks up at Nagihiko, then huhs, standing up slowly and examining him. Finally he leans in and kisses Nagi's cheek. "It doesn't look the same, but it isn't bad. It..." He rubs his chin. "I guess you could say it looks like you forgot a thing or two, here and there. That may just be something Nadeshiko hung onto. And I bet there's a lot of things she's not able to do that you can. Like not flip out all the time. Is that bad to say?"

Kukai blinks and winces. "Speaking of not flipping out, I should maybe text her back and see if she's ok, since my jacket isn't bouncing around from my phone anymore." He reaches down, picking the phone out of one pocket and turning it on. "Battery's low.."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 08:23:48 74011
Rhythm bounds over to tackle against Daichi. Yay, friends!

Nagihiko beams at Kukai. It's perfect that there were no platitudes of 'no no you look the same' because Nagihiko knows he doesn't. He leans into the cheek kiss. "Well, I spent a fraction of the time on makeup, so I know a lot of its there. And no, it's not bad. She tends to flip."

He sighs and just feels...better. Less insecure.

He tips up on his toes to peek at the phone. "She text you that much? If it dies before you send it out, you could use mine." And he very much...probably would read the texts later. And agonize over them. Because, well, he still feels that in a lot of ways Nadeshiko is the better person.
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 08:30:58 74012
Daichi giggles and hugs Rhythm tightly, patting his head and snuggling in. Yay, friends!

Kukai grins and nods, hugging Nagihiko close. "Yeah. Well it's not even the time, it's the.. I dunno. I watched her put makeup on once. She just sort of slapped at her face with the brush and it looked like she'd been working at it for an hour. It's part of her." He wrinkles his nose. "It's ... kinda cute when she flips when she's focused on me. It's sort of terrifying when she flips on somebody else."

Kukai examines the text list, scanning through them. "No, I've just had it on all day and haven't charged it while I've been searching. ...and I've been doing that all day and I think I'm exhausted. Can we find some place to sit down? Or lie down? I'm gonna have to take a bus home - if I try to fly back I will fall outta the sky unconscious or crash into a rooftop."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 08:37:37 74013
Nagihiko snorts. "Well, years of practice has a hand in it. I mean, you try being an eleven year old boy seeing signs of a more angular jawline and remembering that oh crap, supposed to be girl. You learn on the go." Which, apparently, when you split in two it sort of goes away. For one of the two, at least.

He blushes a bit. "I'll um...keep that in mind." Because if Kukai could see him as cute in flip-out mode? Bonus. "But...yes. She's...intense."

He guides Kukai toward a bench. "We can sit! Not sure where to have a lay down. Unless you're not sick of all the impromptu hotel visits...or there's my place. Father's been asking about you. The media room is up for naps."
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 09:02:54 74014
Kukai laughs and then shakes his head. "I guess I can relate. I've been trying to practice curving kicked goals in the right way for years and years and I'm getting there, so.. anything you spend that much time doing is probably good. And you still look nice, even with a slightly angular jaw." He grins.

Kukai nods, then shrugs. He always saw Nagihiko as cute. Sort of helpless right now, but cute. "Yeah, she is. But I mean, so are you when you get really wound up. When you think it's important and it gets in your heart, you get there too."

Kukai happily sprawls out on the bench and stretches. "Man why am I so tired all the time recently? Oh wait. Imminent doom, from multiple angles. Yeah." He chuckles faintly. "This is fine. And sure, your place would be nice. I could call home, say I'm spending the night over." He glances at Nagihiko. "I mean, if you wanted me there that long. I can sleep at home just as easy."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 09:10:01 74015
He blushes again because, well, cute. "To be fair, you've done them fairly well for just about ever now. You're just perfecting it."

And then he blushes more. "Well. If something's worth getting riled know." Usually, he's pretty sure those moments have revolved around Kukai, good and bad alike.

He sits near Kukai, close enough to brush his fingers through his hair. "Hmmm. Could have to do with trying to take on everything, too. Or not sleeping well. Have you been?" He remembers a few weeks ago. He hopes this isn't a repeat of that... He still feels guilty for the first time.

His smile is soft. "Of course. You could stay the whole week if you wanted and I wouldn't mind. Mother may give you some odd looks, but she's probably going out of town in a few days anyway."
Kukai Souma 2017-03-23 09:17:21 74016
Kukai shrugs. "It's a sham, I tell ya. Long days spent kicking balls at painted versions of nets from all sorts of angles. I'm just putting it into practice."

Kukai grins and then sits up, hugging Nagihiko close and cuddling into him. "Well... I guess so. I feel the same." He sighs and leans into the hair strokes, nodding. "Maybe. And.. not really. I gotta do what I've got to do. I can rest when things slow down again. Maybe." He yawns again, holding the purple-haired dancer close and nuzzling. "You do look good."

Kukai nods, then grins. "Well... maybe not the whole week, but a night's rest would be good." He hmphs. "It's getting to where the only time I sleep any more is when you or Na-chan hold me down long enough to collapse. That's bad for me. I'm sorry." He blinks, then shrugs. "She's never said anything before now, so... she may be late to the party. Or the dance, all things considered."

Kukai stretches, then swings his legs onto the ground. "I was gonna say coffee earlier, but let's skip it for now. I think I should get to sleep early. I can call Kaido on the way, if you're ready?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-03-23 09:20:05 74017
Nagihiko clicks his tongue. "You should sleep more. I'll even come pin you down until you pass out if you want. Probably be more fun that way."

He smiles. "Mother likes you. So does Father. And, well, apparently I've been worrying them lately, so maybe you being there would put their minds at ease." He stands and holds out his hand. "That sounds good. Coffee may be detrimental at the moment. Tomorrow, though. We could get some tomorrow."