Hope From All The Wrong Places.

Twilight keeps her promise and it's everything Sachiko imagined and more.

Date: 2017-03-23
Pose Count: 23
Twilight 2017-03-23 21:51:47 74018
    Twilight had said that she would be back in a few weeks to see if Sachiko Hayakawa has improved enough to move on her own. Thusly, the keyhole shaped portal she arrives and departs in appears on the third floor balcony as she steps in, opening the door. She doesn't seem to particularly care what she's walking into. Normal, everyday people like a 'Nanny' do not concern her.
    She does not have her mask on, because Sachiko has it. This also does not concern her.
    "Memory of Sachiko?" she asks, eyes scanning the room, from left to right in a smooth motion. Same mostly expressionless face for the moment, she always wears.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-23 22:06:44 74019
Sachiko took Twilight's suggestion seriously. She really didn't have that far to go on the subject of recover. She was simply making her own life more difficult by avoiding the matter. Since receiving the mask, however, she has truly dedicated herself to regaining the ability to walk.

Her nanny certainly wasn't about to complain; indeed, she was glowing with praises to her fellows about how her little charge was improving so quickly. She might have sang another tune if she'd known the truth of why Sachiko was so dedicated to this new goal.

When Twilight comes back to visit, Sachiko is not in the third floor bedroom. There is music on, however, blaring loudly from the boombox near the open doorway into the rest of the house. It's a beautiful piano piece, the specifics are difficult to discern. But to the well-trained ear it is Chopin's Opus 64, no 1.

And just out in the hall, at the landing, Sachiko can be seen prancing up on her toes, left arm then right arm up into the air as she dances along to the music in her stocking feet and a many-layered green gown.

And there is Twilight's mask, resting on Sachiko's nose, held in place by the slim elastic band she's tied to the wings.
Twilight 2017-03-24 00:20:12 74020
    Twilight doesn't see Sachiko in the room. She can hear music though. She doesn't listen to music from Earth, let alone that the Hope Kingdom doesn't exactly have records or music stations or anything of the sort. You make your own music or you listen to the music others make. Such as herself. That being, she can't quite name the artist or the music piece itself. It is nice sounding to her ears however.
    She steps out and sees Sachiko on the landing, dancing. She just watches, she doesn't say anything at first, chosing to remain quiet.
    She notices she's wearing the mask, albeit crudely as she gives just little bit of a smile that doesn't quite reach her ears. It's just a tad creepy perhaps. Maybe she didn't expect her to try to wear it in such a fashion.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 00:31:48 74021
The piece isn't terribly long; just a few minutes in total, and Twilight came in in the middle of it all. When she's finished, Sachiko takes a deep breath, then turns to head towards her room, and the boom box ... only to startle at the unexpected sight of Twilight.

She doesn't fall over when she briefly stumbles.

It takes a moment, but Sachiko regains her balance, then smiles at Twilight from behind the mask. Then, her eyes widen, and she dips into a bit of a curtsey. "Your Highness," she greets happily. "I have learned to walk again."
Twilight 2017-03-24 01:06:25 74022
    Twilight stops smiling as she gets down to work, as it were. She walks over. "I see." she says. "That's good. Maybe you're not as weak as I thought you were." she says. Not that she thought she was weak, just that- well. What good is a girl who cannot walk to her? She cannot carry this girl everywhere.
    "Because it's important you are able to kneel when we meet my mother." she says softly. "Because. I am here to keep my promise. But first..."
    "May I please have my mask back?" she asks as she lowers her hand to recieve it.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 01:08:21 74023
"Oh, she would prefer me to kneel, rather than curtsey?" Sachiko asks, scrunching up her nose a little. "Well, okay, I can probably do that." Reaching up, the girl touches the mask, hesitates only a moment, then pulls it from her face and offers it to Twilight.

"I had to put the elastic on it, cause it wouldn't stay otherwise," Sachiko explains. "My nanny says older girls would use spirit glue to keep it on, but I didn't want to put glue on your mask. You can just cut the elastic off, though, it'll be fine! Should I go get my shoes on?"
Twilight 2017-03-24 01:26:51 74024
    Twilight nods. "Yes. I'm a Princess, so I may bow and stand. But. You are not. You need to kneel down, perhaps a deep curtsey would do." she says with an expositionary tone. When she takes the mask back, she merely waves her hand over the back and fire sweeps and burns away the elastic into nothing. She then places the mask back on her face. She doesn't need glue for it to stay in place.
    "Yes. Get your shoes on, and what you wish to wear. Then we will go." she says. "I suggest something you'd consider wearing in front of a queen." she says softly.
    She looks back towards the room where she begins walking.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 01:29:47 74025
Sachiko glances down at her dress. It's one of the many lolita-fashion outfits she's got tucked away. But is it good enough for a queen? It's not purple; that's a queen's color! "Is this good enough?" she asks, quick-stepping after Twilight into the bedroom. "I-i-if it's not, maybe you can help me pick something out? I don't want to offend the Queen! But I don't really know what's good to wear, I've never met one before."

Shoes, however, are easy to find: a pair of Mary Janes resting just inside the walk-in closet, waiting to be worn.
Twilight 2017-03-24 01:58:37 74026
    Twilight looks at Sachiko's dress and and purses her lips. It's good. Good enough, she thinks. She seems to be in thought a moment, inquisitive look on her face as she places her hands together and then spreads them, unwrapping a silver tiara with black accents and a single crimson red gem in the middle. She purses her lips. When Sachiko gets her shoes on she places it on Sachiko's head and fusses with it, just a little. "There." she says.
    "Let me know when you are ready to leave." she says. "I do intend. To keep my promise." she says, a sly smile of sorts.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 02:38:25 74027
Sachiko straightens up from putting the shoes on, then startles as the tiara is placed on her head. "Oh," she says quietly, waiting until Twilight is done fussing with it. Immediately, the girl tears off to her dresser, to look at herself in the large vanity mirror above it.

Turning this way and that, Sachiko observes herself keenly. A bright smile crosses her features, and she turns to dip into an even deeper curtsey than before. "I look so pretty," she breathes. "Thank you. I'm ready. I'm ready!"
Twilight 2017-03-24 03:05:39 74028
    Twilight nods and motions Sachiko to come stand next to her. She gently takes Sachiko's hand. "A deep breath." she says. The why is clear when that keyhole shapped portal appeares around them and engulfs them both. It's like being shrouded in black and dark for a second before it reopens. This probably feels odd to Sachiko. Twilight's been used to it since she was very little.
    The air feels different. It isn't stagnant, but it doesn't smell crisp and fresh. They appear to be on a balcony of some sort, with thorny brambles that creep up and around the walls and enshrine an archway. They cover nearly what seems to be a castle if one where to look straight up. Like out of a fairy tale- except this is the evil witches castle.
    Over the balcony is what seems to have once been a village or a city below, overgrown and cosumed in the same bramble. Looking off into other directions reveals the same thing. Sachiko can make out the points of other castles in the far off distance, very very far away to the north, east and west. The south is obscrbed by the castle itself- but surprisingly- there is not a castle to the south if you could see it.
    There is a boy here with red hair that seems to cover his eyes, wearing a large ridicolous jacket with a hoodie that has eyes. He is short and looks maybe just a few years above Sachiko's age. He is playing a video game. He looks absoutlely bored. He looks up and the eye on the right side of the coat seems to raise as if it was raising it's brow. "Twilight-sama. A visitor?" he says. "That's new. I guess." he says as he yawns and leans his hands back against his head and seems to lean in midair. "...where are you taking her? Is she a hostage? That doesn't seem like you."
    "Lock." says Twilight, in regards to the boy. "This is my guest. We are going to see mother. Is she busy?" she asks.
    Lock shakes his head. The eyes close when he does this and reopen. "Nah. But Close and Shut are off arguing somewhere in the East Wing so if you don't want to deal with that, well. You know." he shrugs. He goes back to playing his game.
    Twilight softly guides Sachiko along by the hand, she begins to walk her towards the doors inside. "That is Lock. He is one of my mother's servants." she says. "We shouldn't see the others if they're that far away."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 03:14:54 74029
It's all the cinnamon-haired girl can do to contain her giddiness when Twilight takes her hand. The instruction to hold her breath is met with a big intake of air--probably more than she needs. In the darkness of the space between, Sachiko's eyes search this way and that, hunting for some sign of where they're going.

And then they're through, into another world. A real other world. The little girl lets out all of her air at once in an explosive exclamation, then sucks it all back in as she gasps in surprise. "Oh my gosh," she says quietly to herself. Even as Lock and Twilight are talking, her free hand is curiously reaching for the edge of the balcony, gently touching where the thorns are least present.

But then she's introduced as a guest, and Sachiko turns to wave at Lock. "Hi," she says, bearing a brighter smile than most here have likely seen.

And then they're off, walking into the castle proper. Sachiko allows her eyes to wander everywhere, but she stays close at Twilight's side, gladly holding her elder's hand. She knows this role. She knows it well. If you do as big sister wants, you get rewarded with special treats. And so what if it's not actually Anshi; Twilight has done more to fill that role than anyone has since Anshi's death, all in the span of three meetings.

So she does her best to constrain her wandering eyes and wandering hands. Sachiko clutches gently at the skirt of her dress to keep her hands to herself. She bites the inside of her cheek gently to help keep her mind focused on behaving. She even manages to avoid fidgeting too much where she's holding onto the princess.

But she can't stop her eyes from wandering everywhere they can see.

"It's so beautiful," Sachiko breathes quietly as they wander through. "It's like this amazing castle out of a fairy tale, except Nature has come to reclaim it. You said that this used to be the Hope Kingdom, but your mom invaded and took it. So that makes your mom--the queen!--like nature itself!"
Twilight 2017-03-24 03:26:41 74030
    Lock is left behind. This isn't intresting enough for him to follow along and snoop on. His time right now is better spent trying to get to Level Ten. There's the sound of a game over and a game restart in the distance as the door closes.
    The interor of the castle seems to be decorated. There is large stained glass depicting purple hearts, though the dourness of the outside world and the grey sky make them more black looking. There is old tapestries with similar designs and markings- and the same bramble inside.
    "That is an apt description." she says with a slight smile. This little girl does get it. She walks along what seems to be an old and worn red carpet towards a bigger door. Twilight stops here.
    "Mother can be..." she searches for words. "Intimidating. You'll be fine. As long as you're respectful." she says. "Are you ready?" she asks.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 03:31:11 74031
It's hard, being eight, in a magical castle, with a real princess, and not touching anything. It's hard, and the tapestries are just too much for her to bear. She takes just one extra step away from Twilight when they pass them, stretching her arm, and lets her skirt go. With her now freed hand, she reaches up to gently let her fingers slide along the fabric, then giggles to herself.

When they reach the red carpet, Sachiko's eyes widen in surprise, and her whole attention goes down to the opulence beneath her feet. "Wow," she exclaims, then raises her chin in time to make sure she's keeping up with her host.

When at long last they stop in front of the big door, Sachiko looks up at it in wonder. Intimidating? She's been devoured by a vampire, faced a murderous father, lived her life with a drunken mother, and battled the Denizens of her own distorted imagination.

Nothing could be as bad as her own imagination.

"I think so," Sachiko says quietly, then looks to Twilight. "Curtsey really low?" she asks for confirmation.
Twilight 2017-03-24 03:53:14 74032
    Twilight nods. "Curtsey low. That should work. But don't overdo it that you fall." she says. She demonstrates, a low curtsey. Because this is part of being a princess. She says. "Like that." she says.
    She gently pushes open the door when Sachiko confirms she thinks she is ready. The mask dissapears from her face in a flash of blue-black fire as she does so. She doesn't meet her mother in a mask.
    The Throne room is large. There are tables to either side. Once upon a time grand galas and even normal everyday people would come here to gather in the prescene of the king and queen. they are overgrown now too. The bramble gets thicker towards the far end of the room. There is a large throne there, which sits a woman in a large, feathered mask, similar to Twilight's but not quite. Her skin is a sickly parlor of pale grey and is wearing an elaborate dress with a clevage split down the middle. There is a big keyhole on her chest, surrounded by some sort of jagged red mark tracing it. She has both arms and hands reseted on the big throne as she regards the two figures. Twilight doesn't get a chance to speak first.
    "Twlight. Who is this?" she asks. The tone isn't accusatory. It's more curious. Perhaps she senses the same thing Twilight does.
    Twilight bows, but nothing more before she speaks. "This is The Memory of Sachiko." she says. Because that is still the name she knows Sachiko by. It has not occured to her that this is an odd name.
    "She is someone from Earth who intrests me." she says.
    She lets Sachiko say something now. If she is able.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 03:58:16 74033
Sachiko watches the curtsey, and even mimics it, then nods her head. "Okay, I've got it," she agrees. And then, very quiet and very careful, she enters the room beside her newfound friend.

As they approach the queen, Sachiko allows herself to fall behind, using both hands now to hold her dress still. She falls behind until she is introduced, at which point she comes forward beside Twilight once again, and curtseys as low as she is able.

She's still recovering from her time spent in the hospital, but dancing is like riding a bycicle, and Sachiko was once a very talented dancer for her age. And so she curtseys low--lower even than Twilight demonstrated--and waits for her time to speak.

When it comes, she doesn't rise from the curtsey; no no, a good guest of the queen remains subservient until instructed! But she does introduce herself as, "Hayakawa Sachiko, your majesty. My sister was Hayakawa Anshi, and she was a Puella Magi. Now, she's dead, and I thought I wanted to be, too. But then Princess Twilight found me, and promised to bring me here to meet you. I'm so excited to be here!" She should so probably shut up!
Twilight 2017-03-24 04:39:35 74034
    Twlight helps Sachiko up from the curtsey, trying to do so in a manner that suggests it's okay to come up. Dyspsear also makes a similar 'up' motion with her right hand before it's placed back down against the arm of the throne.
    Dyspear is quiet. She looks to Twilight and Twilight merely looks back and gives something of a nod. Dyspear seems to let Sachiko's talking drown out. She has Shut as a subordinate- she is used to this.
    "Hayakawa-san." she was listening, kind of. "Why do you think my daughter brought you here?" she asks, as she rests a hand against her cheek. There's something about this she finds amusing.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 04:46:55 74035
Sachiko rises at the motion, and from Twilight's instruction. She rises, but doesn't look up towards the queen's face. Instead, she looks more at her chest--and that fanciful lock there. But it's when Dyspear asks the question that she looks up to meet her gaze, eyes widening.

"W--well," Sachiko starts to reply, but she honestly hadn't thought about it. "Um. Because um. Well, she said she understood my story. Why things were so bad. And she and I ... we see things the same way. And well. I guess. Maybe if I'm very lucky, she'll ... she'll let me be a lady in waiting for her?"
Twilight 2017-03-24 04:59:55 74036
    Dyspear still seems amused. Twilight still doesn't speak, but Dyspear tilts her head at Twilight. This is a gesture that Twilight knows very well. So she begins to talk.
    "Doesn't she remind you of me, mother, when I was younger? Surely you can sense the potential too?" she asks. She means that darkness. Power. Hiding underneath the surface so well even Sachiko doesn't seem to know about it or realize it.
    Dyspear can of course feel it, but she also knows more about this feeling. It's only slightly familiar to her. This girl has magic and potential but it's from a different place. Twilight also of course, references her 'younger self', something that gives Dyspear a delightful, wicked feeling inside, the kind that really only comes from stealing your most powerful enemie's daughter, brainwashing her and raising her as your own all out of spite.
    "Yes." Dyspear finally says. "I can see that." she says. "I... approve. Of your friend here Twilight." she says.
    "Approach." she says, motioning Twilight closer. Twilight looks down to Sachiko and nods a little in a 'this will be a moment' manner and walks forward closer to Dyspear. Dyspear leans down in an unearthly impossible way and it seems Twilight and her are having something of a private conversation for a moment.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 05:05:41 74037
The little girl beams brightly at the comparison between herself and her friend. She has potential?! That's not a word that's been used for her, except by the little white rat-bunny. No one's said such nice things to her before.

And more, the queen approves! A tiny little squeal escapes, but Sachiko is hasty to cover her mouth with both hands, hoping no one gets mad at her.

As Twilight and Dyspear go to speak, Sachiko bites her lip and stands waiting. Th is is already more than her wildest dreams. She can't imagine what comes next.
Twilight 2017-03-24 05:28:39 74038
    Twilight and Dyspear talk to one another. Dyspear is sharing what she knows. Twilight is sharing what she knows. Twilight understands some things now. The two seem to stop for a moment, as conversation continues.
    It isn't loud enough for Sachiko to hear. Eventually, Dyspear materalizes a locket of some sort. It has the same style of lock that Sachiko might remember Lock wearing on his person. It has a dark obsidian chain and the lock itself is gleaming obsidian. Twilight examines it and nods.
    Twilight turns around and walks back to Sachiko. Dyspear talks. "This is the symbol of DysDark. This is a gift to you, Hayakawa-san. Consider it a validation of my approval." she says. This is a truth. She actually is intrested in this girl. She wants to see what she may become. She imagines something dark and beautiful.
    Twilight gently grins, it's the same kind of grin as before, never reaching her ears. Short. Something wrong about it to probably people that are more well. "I think it's pretty. Do you want me to put it on? Or can you do it?" she asks, holding it out.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-03-24 05:34:53 74039
A tiara and a pretty necklace!? Sachiko is starting to wonder whether she's still in a coma, dreaming. Except none of her dreams have ever been this beautiful. "Ah," she cries out quietly, "I didn't bring a gift from earth in return. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll bring you something next time, Your Majesty," she promises.

But nevertheless, she reaches out carefully for the necklace. "Thank you so much. I'll take very good care of it, and I'll cherish it always," she promises. Taking the necklace in hand, Sachiko lifts the chain to inspect it, then smiles and fits it over her head.
Twilight 2017-03-24 05:53:53 74040
    Dyspear seems almost bemused. There's nothing on Earth she wants except Earth. And to also see Prince Kanata dead. And to see the current iteration of the Princess Pretty Cure dead. "Oh. Don't worry about that." she says. "Your visit has been quite intresting enough as it is." she says.
    Twilight nods in agreement. "Come. We can leave now." she says. "I'll show you my room." she says. "Then maybe see if Close and Shut have stopped messing around so you can meet them. Not the friendliest people. Of course." she says. Understatement.
    So off they go, towards the east wing and up a short spiral staircase.