Sneks and Arcade Machines

A youma targets the Game Center Crown. This is totally not the worst idea for a youma ever.

Date: 2017-03-29
Pose Count: 21
Rei Hino 2017-03-29 01:22:40 74283
It's noon at the Game Center Crown. The place is decently bustling, mostly filled with a few delinquents, older arcade afficianados, and generally people who've somehow found a day off or excuse to get out of school. The atmosphere is friendly and lively as ever, with many a smile, and many a milkshake being given out.

Outside, in an alleyway, Darkness stirrs. A rippling, elongated snake-like being crawls out of the shadows cast by the building, looking oddly stretched, an accordion for a head with odd star-shaped eyes. Arms nearly the length of it's body end in nails the size of railroad spikes, and just as sharp and rusted looking. The youma slithers, gibbering, into the Game Center Crown. People begin to fall, passed out, as Energy is drawn from the small crowd's bodies into the thing. It raises back on it's snake-like black tail, and howls.

Not far away, Sailor Mars leaps from rooftop to rooftop, following her heart and the impressions her mind gives her. The Darkness can be felt by other magical girls and boys too, radiating with mad malice for the world and simple animal hunger. Inside, tail lashing, the creature takes out it's aggression on the furniture as well.
Seth Locke 2017-03-29 01:36:30 74284
It's been a long few weeks for Seth at the Hospital, but it looks like he's out of danger now; surprising and miraculously, his condition seems to have gotten better, in spite of prognosis. A miracle of the body, no doubt - well, and Sayaka might've had something to do with it.

But who cares? This is a second chance, so how can you go into the details of it when there's life outside the plain white walls of a hospital room, right?

And how do you go and enjoy life, when you're a teenager? Why, you go to places where you hang out, of course!

And one of such places would be the Game Center Crown, which happens to have a good number of other people, though none that Seth has come to become acquianted with since his coming to Japan. But again, who cares about that? He's here to get his mind off things, to have fun!

...And it looks like 'fun' might've just found him. The sense of dizziness, his observation people are experiencing the same thing, and passing out. Nonetheless, he's not passing out; maybe it's his force of will, some sense of optimism facing his brush with death, or call it 'anti-bodies' against dark energy, the fact remains he's up and about to witness the actions of this creature.

His jaw drops, eyes wide in a mix of horror and amazement, "You... gotta... be... kidding...!"
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 01:50:11 74286
    Minako Aino was carrying a bag of things she was sure would end up as cardamom cookies. She bought all the wrong things, but there's no matter there- Makoto will correct her and she'll go out and buy the actual things she needs later. She in fact runs by the screaming and rancor in the Game Crown because it's USUALLY busy and loud this time of day when school was ended for the term!
    She then jogs backwards and looks into the Game Crown and quickly loses that cheerful dumb smile as she makes for the alleyway when suddenly---
    SAILOR VENUS crashes through a skylight at the top of the arcade as she comes barreling down directly onto a table with a perfect light landing. She is wearing the Sailor V mask but otherwise has the Sailor Venus get up going on. She still likes the mask.
    She raises her arms dramatically, pointing hand on her forearm as she narrows her eyes. "Nobody gets eaten on my watch! BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY!"
    "Nobody. Touches. My. Arcade. Games. AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" she cries out!
    "In the name of love, I WILL PUNISH YOU!" she calls out at the snake.
    "Crescent beam!" she calls out as a bright orange laser lances out from her finger towards the snake, aiming to get it's attention away from the arcade ga--people. The people.
Rei Hino 2017-03-29 02:04:21 74287
The creature, as if in response to Seth's horror, amazement, and sheer dumbfounded look, turns to him. It pauses, as if unsure why the young man is still on his feet. A confused animal, tail tucking as if it's actually embarrassed. Fangs caught in the Energy jar look. There's a single moment of pure stillness. One could almost imagine the youma blushing if it were capable of it.

And then in crashes one Sailor Venus! A grand punishment meted out, that beam smashes into the youma, sending it tumbling back just as it rises up to try to devour the poor young man still up!

It crashes right into a Sailor V Arcade Machine. Casualties are already high.

And then, right behind her, in comes Sailor Mars!

"Arcades are places of joy and competition! No one should be forced to the ground in sadness here! In the name of Mars, I'll punish you!"

Point, and Mars strikes a valiant pose with heels to one side, finger out, and hair fluttering in magical wind. Out come the Ofuda as the snake recovers, one arm lashing towards Seth! Mars is already moving, aiming to put herself between the young man and the snake! The papers are flung!

Even as the thing does so, smoking from Venus' beam, it's other arm smashes like a whip towards Venus, aiming to take her out from the knees down!
Seth Locke 2017-03-29 02:19:40 74288
Seth Locke starts to back a few steps, eyes darting around for something that he may be able to throw at the creature to delay it.

That's when Sailor V/Venus comes im through the skylight, striking that pose and pulls her entry line. It's all fine and dandy, until the moment she puts the more important being the Sailor V games.

He blinks, "Really...? Those are your priorities...?"

And now it's Mars' entry, where she places herself between him and the youma; well, can't say he's not surprised by it. And just as he was grabbing an empty chair, that opportunity placed there for him to throw.

"And I'm just the human caught in the middle of all this, which is honestly becoming a habit." And, before anyone says anything, he shrugs. "What? I felt like I had to contribute with /something/..."
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 02:25:46 74289
    With a 'hiya!' Sailor Venus leaps into the air as the tail sweeps the table where she was standing a moment ago away. She lands on top of another one. Okay. That's enough of the theactrics. She grows serious.
    "Games are an important foundation of fun and relaxation! School has ended! HOW DARE IT!" she insists at Seth. "You should probably run. Or hide." she says seriously.
    Then. Sailor Mars!? SAILOR MARS. "Hi Mars!" she says. "Do you know what the big snake is about?" she asks as she leaps into the air and tries to come down at a kick right on it's snoot. She's gonna boop that snoot. She's gonna boop that snek's snoot good.
Sayaka Miki 2017-03-29 02:35:26 74290
    Sayaka was hoping to get in some much needed rest and relaxation, after overexerting herself trying to help three different people, and trying to overdo the hero bit a little too much these past few months.

    Of course, she was overdue for another study session with Naru later tonight, but a quick stop at the crown game center couldnt hurt..Right?

    Then again, it might just smart..But as she peers up at the giant snake youma and the people screaming and running for cover, and a couple of senshi ready to fight, and..."Seth? You're out of the hospital already?" she scratches her head, wondering if she should get involved. This thing doesn't look like a wraith or a witch, and right now, she really needs to conserve energy.

    While pondering (hey, surely the senshi have this under control!) she peers over at Sailor Mars and smirks, "Heh, Mars-chan, long time!" and, oh is that Sailor Venus? She only met her once, but the other girl was a bit...Odd, apparently pretending to be a cosplayer, or was this the real one? She just stares at her, scratching her head. But she's obviously Sailor Venus and the real one this time when she shoots out a Crescent beam at the youma.

    "Heh, so guess it's not just a cosplay costume, heh."
Rei Hino 2017-03-29 02:41:02 74291
There's a brief moment, a pause, and Mars sweat-drops as she looks back to Seth. A chuckle, long and a little nervous, exits that beautiful miko's throat like a slightly off tune melody.

"Venus-chan is very serious about her games."

She, too, sets her jaw though. "You're very brave. And unlucky. But don't worry, the Sailor Senshi will protect you and everyone here! Stay behind me, alright?"

A smile to Venus, soft and gentle, even as her eyes burn with passion. Ofuda lash onto that arm, and Mars puts up her dukes to take the blow! A backdraft of the impact, even lessened by those draining ofuda, sweeps towards Seth! He might want to duck, or get blown away!

Gritting her teeth, Mars stumbles back a few paces. "Hi Venus. Let's do this, and sweep away this fun-sapping monster!" Rawr!

Down comes the amazing Venus leg, and the floor of the Crown shatters into a small crater as the snake-youma is basically bounced off of the floor like some half-price bouncy-ball. Even as it leaks Dark Energy from the wound to it's snek-snootle, the thing rises. It's a tough creature, and with a shriek of anger, it's tail tries to slip around Venus' midsection, and draw her into a crushing, squeezing embrace that positively grates on the skin! Squeeeeeze!

Mars glares, barely avoids a shriek of worry for the other young woman, and this time she's rushing the creature! Taking a page from Seth's book, she grabs a chair in passing, and quite simply beans the thing on the head where Venus struck it! Dazed, it wobbles!

"Sayaka-chan! Please be careful, this creature is very dangerous! Run away if you have to!" Even so, ruining a nice chair, Mars flashes Sayaka a confident, fiery grin. She won't let Seth or Sayaka lose hope in them as the Sailor Senshi!
Seth Locke 2017-03-29 02:55:50 74292
"Uh... Don't people have to be, like, /alive/ to have fun...?", Seth replies in defense of his point of view. He shrugs a little further, with a leer at Venus, implying a 'duh!'.

He looks at Mars, blinks and frowns a little. "I'm sorry... Have we met before?", he asks. Now, there is a certain miko he's visited, but that magic is keeping him from getting it. "You seem oddly familiar."

And his train of thought is derailed by Sayaka's timely arrival. "Hey, Sayaka-chan", Seth replies. "I guess..."

And in turn, he's interrupted by the youma's attack at Sailor Venus, at which he spontaneously bells out a "LOOK OUT!!"

But Mars' quick-thinking has him look at her once again. "I can't shake the feeling I've kinda seen you before..."
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 03:00:29 74293
    Minako Aino sometimes cosplays as herself beause it feeds her ego! But that's a normal costume. This is Sailor Venus! Not Minako Aino in a Sailor Venus cosplay. You can tell! Because Magic!
    She gives a 'V' sign with her fingers at Sayaka as she looks back over to Mars and grins. "Person who gets in the final hit wins!"
    Seth calls out the look out which actually distracts her for a moment as she looks to him and--- she gets coiled around and thrown around back and forth into the ground with termenous force for a bit before being throws to the back of the arcade somewhere. This is going to be a moment.
    She jumps up and over the cabinets as she huffs. "I SAID RUN AND HIDE!" she snaps as she fires off a quick array of Crescent Beams. Numerous of them. Like some sort of Crescent Beam machine gun! Phew pew phew phoom!
Sayaka Miki 2017-03-29 03:06:36 74294
    Sayaka smirks, "Heh, I guess it's been that long huh? Actually I'm a Puella Magi now, but..." But, she should help them, but on the other hand, she's really low on energy reserves. Instead, Sayaka glances around the game room. It seems most people have fled by now, although one girl hides cowering under a chair, and then there's Seth.

    "Umm, we should probably let them do their stuff. I'm afraid I'm too tapped out right now to help." She flashes him a warm smile however, "Good to see you're doing better. We should catch up! Ummm..Maybe later?"

    And while the snake is busy getting it's butt (tail?) kicked, Sayaka rushes off to help the cowering girl to her feet, "C'mon, let's get you out of here!"
Rei Hino 2017-03-31 22:46:13 74344
Mars sweat-drops! She glances to Seth. "M...maybe you've seen Sailor V! Or one of those crane games?" She tries to play off. Nope, never met you before, SEth!

Mars gives a wide smile at Minako's challenge! "Winner buys ice cream!" She offers in turn, before leaping into the air! Minako's Beams smash into the creature, as it finally lets go and writhes around! More burning ofuda head for it courtesy of Mars, until it's both smoking from lasers and lightly on fire! With a roar that would split ear-drums, the entire Arcade's windows are blasted out. And then the creature slithers up the wall, hanging there, and finally starting to spit out dark flames towards Minako, and then, at Seth at it leans in towards the young man!

Sayaka, meanwhile, is escorting the girl! She cries as she suddenly grips Sayaka's arms! She's not getting up!

"Don't push yourself, Sayaka!" She at least knows what a Puella is, this Rei!
Seth Locke 2017-03-31 23:22:01 74346
Seth Locke huhs. "If Sailor V had dark hair, I'd might buy it", he directs to Rei. "But a), she doesn't, and b)...", he points to Sailor Venus, who happens to be /wearing the Sailor V mask/. Nope, that book is staying on the shelf!

But anyways, back to subject at hand, Seth now has to find himself dodging the dark flames spat out at him. He manages to dodge one, appealing to the skill he once had when he was in perfect health; the second, it's really not that skillful, as it makes him topple and trip, with a loud 'oomph!'.

So now he finds himself dragging away from the fireball path, the third being thrown and he just manages to dodge it just in the nick of time, but with fragments and debris being sprayed everywhere, and knocking him over against a wall!

"I swear... This is getting repetitive...", stammers a woozy Seth.
Minako Aino 2017-03-31 23:37:26 74347
    Venus covers for Mars. "Well we're all Sailor Senshi so we all kid of have the same motif and that's probably why! Look, there's like dolls in the crane game over there!" she says.
    Dark flames are not really fun for her. Which is why she choses to not deal with them and do a leap, a little somersault in the air and then slam her foot against a support and she hands upside down a moment from it, swinging just a bit. She uses the moment to aim another Crescent Beam at the snake from this new angle, upside down. Luckily magical beam blasts don't produce recoil that would cause her to swing too wildly.
    "I'd say we need to put this thing on ice but Mercury isn't here! Also I dunno if dark energy snakes follow the rules of snakes liking warm." she admits out loud.
    Now is a good a time as any to poposit stuff, right? RIGHT.
Sayaka Miki 2017-03-31 23:54:44 74348
Sayaka Miki frowns as the girl refuses to budge, "C'mon, you're in danger as long as you stay here!" in the end she is forced to pick up the girl abd leap towards the door, shoving her towards the exit, "Get going!"
    Oeering around, she sees that Seth just git hit and her eyes widen, rushing to his side, "Hey are you ok? hang in there!" she checks him over for any injuries, peering around. Fire is flying everywhere now, they will have to be careful, "can you stand?"
Rei Hino 2017-04-01 00:20:05 74349
Saved by Mina! At least in the identity sense. She sends Venus a wink!

But Seth manages to dodge the first volley, only to get thrown to the wall. Indeed, the life of a civilian is rough!

Venus' extra beam'ing ends with the creature wobbling upon the ceiling, barely able to keep it's hold! It rears back, ready to pounce instead of throw more fireballs!

"Then I guess the only thing we can do is..."

Two hand fulls of Ofuda, and she's making handseals!

Then she's throwing them all at the creature! Suddenly, they erupt into a bursting fireball of a phoenix-like bird, flying right for the thing as it leaps out!

Smoking from laser fire, and now opening it's jaw just as that bird comes for it! It swallows the bird and lands into a slithery roll, right in front of Seth!

Sayaka shoves the girl out of the door, and checks on Seth, but now they /both/ have a giant snake about to spit up fire, both Mars' and it's own, against them both!

"Sayaka, Seth, run!"

Venus, it seems, is their only hope! Or is she?
Seth Locke 2017-04-01 00:42:21 74350
The downed Seth struggles to keep himself from passing out. At that point, for a moment - as in, split-second timing -, something seems to... In lack of a better word, surface, or maybe just a stir at the water's surface, the moment Seth is looking at the creature that would be his demise. The stir of something otherworldly. To the particularly sensitive ones, it'd be like some new player had just stepped into the scene.

Breathing heavily, he smirks almost in a defiant chuckle to it. "I don't think... I was ever more of a sitting duck than now..."

Painfully moving a hand around, he struggles to find something that he can jab at the youma. If he goes down, it won't be without a fight!
Minako Aino 2017-04-01 00:58:44 74352
    Did Mars buring attack just get eaten!? Sailor Venus frowns a little at this. Okay. Maybe it would had been REALLY NICE to have Mercury on this one because ice has gotta be like anamethea to this snake.
    But Ami isn't here and is probably thinking too hard about the Ami/\Taka/\Lacrima love triange that she is very very positive exists no matter how hard that vampire denied it!
    She flips down before the snake can pounce down to the ground as she grabs at the chain around her waist and more seriously moves to close in on the snake as she raises the chain high! It glows a lovely golden orange as it flips and flits about her as it spirals around her a moment as she smiles.
    No pithy words or dramatics this time, just fling the golden chain (which is also clearly made out of heart links now.) out like a whip as it glows with an awesome might!
    "Venus Love-Me Chain!"
Rei Hino 2017-04-01 01:29:57 74354
Yes Venus, yes that jerk did. Seems Mars more fiery power isn't too useful here! A true tragedy their Bluenette the Greatest isn't here!

There's nothing to jab, even with all the debris. And yet, the creature halts. It seems to /stare/ at Seth for just a moment. And rather than let go with it's fire, it turns away.

Right into the golden chain that lashes down towards the creature! That magical whip-chain catches it just right, and it's struggles grow weaker! Mars shoves one final ofuda at the thing's forehead, and then it's a sitting duck! Now wrapped up, and being carried along by that lash, it goes flying out the door! Breaking up into motes of blackness, there's only dust that hits the ground.

And then, quick as a blink, everything seems normal. There's little damage done, even as dazed and confused people are slowly waking up.

"We did it, Venus!" She strikes a valiant pose. She'll save the hug for the young woman when they're not being heroic victors!
Seth Locke 2017-04-01 01:48:51 74355
Well, the people who passed out are getting up, but the people who didn't get to pass out still have to pick themselves up; and this is the case of Seth, whose vision blurs for just a moment after the creature goes away...

And comes back, gasping for air, like someone who had just reached the water's surface. He gets up, coughing, "What happened?" Another cough, "...How long was I out?" He wasn't even out at all...
Minako Aino 2017-04-01 01:55:19 74356
    Venus lands right next to Mars, wraps an arm around her shoulder, raises her smartphone and with a 'click'. "Selfie!" she says, to probably a confused Mars as she grins. That's going up on the V-blog. Yup. #beatupmonster #hotin2ways #WhipItGood
    She looks over to Sayaka and Seth. Okay. Those two are fine and can handle each other. She looks to Mars. "Well. I'm running away now because I have things to get home" she says quickly. She makes a leap over the cabinets and makes a dash for the back door. She left her bags in the alley somewhere, yes.