V is for Vampire and Venus

Venus thought vampires were supposed to be catty, not batty.

Date: 2017-03-29
Pose Count: 12
Lacrima 2017-03-29 03:26:38 74296
Lacrima needed to hunt tonight. So as usual, she's left her usual trail of drained alley victims. First seemed to be a salary man who was tricked in by a 'worried black haired, blue eye girl' into an alley, the second was some delinquent boys tagging dumpsters and the last was someone taking out restaurant garbage. She's moved back into shadows towards her next target, it's a girl who is taking an ill advised shortcut home though one of those alleys.

Lacrima appears behind the girl, ready to touch and drain, moving silently. The girl can just feel the chill and the deeper shadow come over her as she begins to look over her shoulder worriedly.

There isn't much time to stop this.
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 03:33:36 74297
    Sailor Venus wanted to track down one of those vampires. She knows they're 'Oblong' (Obligate! He said OBLIGATE!) energy eaters. So off she goes also to the rooftops with her Sailor V mask again. She finds the salary man first. This gives her a good trail. The way the man is pointing suggests... a few streets over she finds the boys. She frowns and throws the spray can in the tagged dumpster. The boys are laying in a south easternly direction...
    The resturant worker. Awwww. Poor guys he was just helping cook delicious foods! Which means...
    She lands behind Lacrima and calls out. "In the name of Love... I STEAK YOU!". This yell probably has the benefical side effect of also alerting the girl to danger as she attempts to a shove a genuinely frozen steak into the back of Lacrima. It isn't sharpened. It's still cold and mostly frozen. This probably is not going to have the effect she wants it to. Probably.
Lacrima 2017-03-29 03:40:31 74298
The girl, with eyes wide, runs away as she gasps. Someone was going to attack her and-- Sailor V!? saved her! Wo-wow! That will be a story no one believes as she runs to the other side of the alley and out of sight, quick like a rabbit.

The steak pushes into Lacrima in so far as it pushes against her and she gets shoved forward a bit from the attempt. She expects to look down and see a wooden pole through her chest and be annoyed. This is not what she sees. She turns to face her attacker.

Is. Is this Sailor V? From the video game? No.. no. The costumes a little wrong. It's orange but that's the mask and- the look is right. She looks down at Venus's hand and eyes the steak.

She is momentarily silent a moment as she suddenly seems completely and utterly baffled for a long moment. She will need this moment to try to gather this particular image in her head and process it. She has not felt this genuine confusion for a long, long, long time.
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 03:56:02 74301
    Sailor Venus also blinks as she looks at her steak, then up at the vampire. Then at her steak. Vampire. Vampire. Steak. Steak Vampire. She shoves it behind her back when she realizes the other girl isn't reacting to the attack in so much as look like she's having a completele mental shutdown.
    "Uh... Hi! You're a purple haired , purple eyed vampire! Is your name Lacrima? Kunzite said your name was Lacrima! Are you?" she asks.
    "Sorry I wanted to see if that'd actually fix you or something. You know. A steak for the heart?" she asks.
    "Ami says she's talked to you and the boy vampire!". Venus spreads her arms. "Oh. Right. I should probably. Warn you about those people you hurt. Yeah. Don't do that." she says, wagging a finger. She taps the steak on the other girl's head.
    "Bad vampire. Bad!"
Lacrima 2017-03-29 04:02:38 74302
Lacrima is still staring when she's practically broken out of it by the tapping of the steak on her head and calling her a 'bad vampire'. This is where she frowns and with a simple thwack knocks the steak out of Sailor Venus's hand with a smooth motion. It hits the dirt and probably becomes dirty and unusable from dirty alley filth. She didn't seem to appreciate any of that.

She's sure she heard something about her name, and Kunzite and Ami in there though. "I need to feed. You've clearly spoken to two people about me. So you should know why. If you don't. Let me enlighten you. I can eat these four people and they'll just wake up tired." she says sharply. "Or I can turn into a horrible starving monstrosity and hurt much more than four against my own will and desire." she snaps.

"Who even are you? You /look/ like Sailor V. But the costume is off and Sailor V is a game anyways." she says dismissively. "What do you want. You clearly didn't come to find me and tap me over the head with a steak while chiding me like I'm a bad dog." she says with a certain degree of ice to it.
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 04:09:59 74304
    Sailor Venus listens and nods the whole time with her eyes closed. "Well first. The 'V' is short for Venus. I am Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love!" she says. "Secondly. Kunzite mentioned you and Ami spoke about you, and said you are like how Kunzite used to be? Like. A soul attached to a... what was the word. Ami-chan used. Fatexactly! Yes, a Fatexactly." she jumps to sit perfectly down on a trash can lid as she leans forward, resting her chin on her hands a bit.
    "You see. Almost EVERYYYYONE I've met with powers like you asked for them or made a deal for them or sold thier souls for power or things like that." she says. "But it sounds like you got them against your will?" she asks.
    "Also, are you Taka-san's girl on the side?" she asks like it's no big deal at the end. She leans even more forward. "It's okay, you can tell me." she winks conspiratorly.
Lacrima 2017-03-29 04:18:33 74305
Fatexactly. Fat. Exactly. Fatexactly. This is a word that now repeats in Lacrima's head as she tries to figure out what she means. It occurs to her, after a good nearly two minutes of standing there and staring and blinking at the girl that she means her necklace, then she figures out the word she was actually aiming for. "Phylactery." she says. "That's the word you were looking for." she says. She has spent exactly ten minutes with this woman here and already she's mentally exhausted.

"Yes. I didn't ask for this." she finally answers. "I bought a necklace in a second hand shop. It was pretty. It did this to me over the course of two weeks. Though I wasn't aware at the time. It just appeared like I was intensely sick for two weeks until I just 'got better' one day. In that there was no longer a human body there to be hurt." she shrugs.

"But yes. I am similar to what Kunzite was I guess. A mass of dark energy that has intelligence and was human at some point in it's past." she says. "How much did. Kunzite and Ami tell you." she sighs. "I'd rather they not tell everyone things. Or if they do. Warn me if someone may be coming my way." she says a little more that frustrated.

Then. Then that last question. She just blinks. There is a blush tracing her cheeks for a moment. Just for a moment. "Wha-- what!?" she asks. "What, no." she says. "I know for a fact I'm not in love with him. I mean. I am.. 'fond' of him? But. More like a family member. Th-than that!" she huffs, like she has to defend herself.
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 04:25:27 74307
    Venus swings her legs on the trash can. "Well that. How you need to eat people. How you can feel a lot of things. How you've been trying to reclaim yourself. Stuff like that." she says. "Who you work for and that you're a monster ecologist. BY THE WAY."
    "If you can give me any info about the evil machinations of Greenpeace, that'd be great! I've been trying to prove this old police inspector wrong for the past two years!" she says.
    "Oh... so you don't love him? How do you even know if you can't feel love~" she says teasingly. "Maybe you do but unable to express it, you keep it buried deep deep down where it can never shine to the man who needs to see it most!~" she sings out spreading her arms out and forward. She is going to keep driving this point until she gets the answer she wants, obviously.
Lacrima 2017-03-29 04:33:04 74308
Lacrima frowns. "I spent some time in someone elses body. When that happened, I was unaffected by the effect given by my bodily make up." she says, trying to be as objective as possible given that last question. "I was able to feel love then. I knew who I loved, and how it felt. I didn't feel that for Riven-sama." she says. This seems to be a touchy subject for her, suddenly. "Can you please ask something else?" she asks.

Then that breaks down when she goes onto greenpeace. "What are you talking about?" she asks. "Ugh, you're so /weird/." she says as she throws her hands up. "Yes. I study monsters and creatures, fauna and flora in the Dusk Zone." she says. "If that's what you mean by 'monster ecologist'." she says.

"So that's it? You tracked me down just to try to kill me with butchered meat, and ask me odd questions?" she asks. "Why?"
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 04:56:14 74311
    Sailor Venus head listens and nods. "Oh. Well that makes more sense how you'd know then." she says. She leans back and more straight. "Well they told me you're trying really hard. Something about that made me feel sad." she says. "I remember how Kunzite was. When he was in that body? But he? He made a bargain for that power."
    "You didn't even ask for it. I guess I felt bad when I heard that." she says. She shrugs a bit.
    "That's all, really. Oh. And about the greenpeace thing but apparently you know nothing." she smirks every so softly. She winks. Like 'maybe Lacrima is being listened in on and she'll tell her later, surely.'.
Lacrima 2017-03-29 05:32:48 74314
Lacrima almost seems to take offense. "I don't need yours, or anyone else's, pity." she says more than a little coldly. "I've been learning to live with it. That's all I can /do/." she says. "I've come very well to terms with the fact that I can't be human again. she says. "Don't rub it in my face by 'feeling bad for me'." she says as she snaps at that last bit. "There's only one person that understands what it is like to be this thing, and you're not /him/." she spits.

"I'm done here if you're done patronizing." she says, as she turns to go somewhere clear across the city in a Dusk Zone step. Whatever Venus has to say, if she hears it, she doesn't respond.
Minako Aino 2017-03-29 05:36:18 74315
    Sailor Venus blinks. "Wait.. what that wasn't what I was... I was just..." and she's gone. She frowns as she crosses her arms across her chest. "How 'rude'." she says.
    "Whelp can't be helped." she says as she sighs and jumps up between walls to the rooftops again. "I thought vampires were supposed to be batty. Not catty." Venus laments as she begins to find her way across the rooftops in the moonlight.