Reel Talk

Hannah brings Haruna over to the harbor for fishing! Hannah is a stubborn goat. Many a fish flop! And Corvus hates fish, totally.

Date: 2017-04-07
Pose Count: 15
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-07 01:35:53 74459
Hannah has been spending an unusually high amount of time in the lab, pouring over her captured Linker Cores like some kind of strange obsessive. Or like Queen Beryl and her Crystal Ball. Thankfully no one has been stabbed just yet.

Today, however, Boris finally forced her out before any more of that dark aura in the lab got /too/ deep into the troubled young Mage. So it is that Hannah Sharpe is out on the Harbor district, two fishing poles beside her, a bait board, knife, and tackle box beside her. She also has a straw hat on, because why not?

A line goes flying out, plunks in the water. Sigh. With a quick speed dial on her cell, she calls her favorite bird in the world.

Oh, and her second favorite is invited too.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-07 01:50:21 74460

Haruna Kurosawa grabs Corvus, plops him on her right shoulder, nods once and off they go! Haruna doesn't live too far from the beach. She'd probably shrivel and die if she got too far away from the ocean. It's the salt, you see.

She is wearing a /cowboy hat/. More specifically, she is wearing the cowboy hat that Hannah-chan got her for Valentines. She's pinched something looks like her usual feather headband into the inner rim. She beams and waves. "Hiiii Hannah-chan!" she sings. Corvus gives a little wing wave and looks around a bit. He's not looking forward to fish. Nope. Just a bird. Who doesn't like fish. And if you believe that, he has beachfront property in Idaho to sell you!

She peeks off into the water. She leans against Hannah's shoulder. "So whadda use for bait in the ocean anyways?" she asks. "Something tells me worms aren't gonna satisfy the appetite of an ocean fish." she says. "Right? Or. Are there like. Ocean worms?" she asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-07 02:04:58 74461
There's a smiling Hannah-chan that meets Haruna and Corvus! She hasn't done much of that recently, but how could she not with the greatest pair of avians at her side? (Sorry Phobos and Deimos!).

And so it is that there's a big hug as Hannah is leaned on! One armed, anyway, as she has a pole to control! Up she reaches, and then she meets...hat! A quiver. Hannah honestly almost tears up knowing that Gull is wearing that hat. And Corvus even gets a little head-rub!

"Thanks, Haruna. Heh. Squid! We're aiming for Striped Marlin and bluefin tuna. I've been hungry for fish lately. Nothing better than what you've caught yourself!"

A pat right beside her.

"...Sorry I haven't been visiting the shop much. Your idiot mage is almost done with her idiot research." By her tone, even /she/ is having problems stomaching the whole idea at this point.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-07 02:24:38 74462
Two Seagulls are always better than two crows, forget that one of he gulls was also a crow at one point. She smiles. Of course she's wearing the hat! She doesn't wear it /all/ the time. (Gullwing has a dress code! She heard that was important and no hats was part of it. Sad.) but she does grab a pole and eye squid. She begins trying to bait her hook and already goes 'ow' and draws her finger back and shakes it before sucking on it. "Can you help me?" she asks, holding the hook and line out at Hannah.

Corvus tries very hard not to droll at the mention of tuna.

She listens and frowns. "I'm sure you'll figure something out. And if you don't, please let me know? Let Mamoru-kun know. Let Mercury-chan know." she says. "I mean maybe you and Mercury could finish things out!" she says.

"She's super smart, you know." she asides.

When Hannah has baited the hook, she tosses it out.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-07 02:43:03 74463
Sadly, employee hats are always boring, so that wouldn't help anyway. Poor, poor Gullwing!

"Be careful!" Chides Hannah lightly, before she gently takes the line. She takes up the bait board, shows off slowly how to cut some up. Then, similarly slowly, she slides some octopus onto the hook straight through the middle! It takes a delicate touch! Or at least a careful one.

Ziiiip. Plunk! Right into the water goes the Gull-bait!

Arms cross as she balances her own pole. "Do you have /any/ idea what Mamoru would say if I went to him /now/? I'm not giving him the satisfaction. I wouldn't live it down! ...Kunzite. If I'm desperate." Snort. Yes, Hannah-chan is still a stubborn goat when it comes to these things.

She looks horrifically tempted about Mercury, though.

"...Ugh. It hurts to say this, but I'd like that. But getting senshi involved would be /bad/ right now. I have enough people in Eclipse looking for excuses to snatch up everything I own. Hmm."

Sigh. Hannah doesn't get to continue, though, as her line lurches forward! She 'eeeee's! And has to jump up to grab at it! This one's huge, and it's starting to pull her towards the water!

Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-07 02:48:45 74464
Haruna sort of smirks. "I'd tell you to tell Riven-kun but Riven-kun would probably call it a work of art and try to make it a source of power at the cost of being able to smile or taste sweet things or something and besides I'd be upset if we're doing that kinda thing." she gives a teasing warning.

"If you want I can talk to her for you?" she asks. "She may have a clue about how to purge the blech and she isn't gonna ask much from you I bet. She's the type that the experience and knowledge gained is enough, /I think/." she says.

"Also I'll beg her and give her wide puppy dog eyes!" she insists.

She then harumphs and looks to the water when the fish begins to pull Hannah's line and then her!? Woah! She wraps her arms around Hannah's waist and then tries to dig herself downwards. "Reeeeeel!" she insists. "Reel Reel Reel!"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-08 00:36:15 74514
Siiiigh. Curse thee cute Gull for being /right/! "Yeah, I was thinking about that. Knowing my luck, I'd end up some rage-monster that could only eat instant ramen or something! Sodium and despaiiiiiiir!" Hands wobble in the air 'frighteningly at Gull!

Conflict stirrs in Hannah's gaze. She wobbles this way and that, considering the possibility! There's suddenly another long, long noise of Hannah finally giving in to reality. "Alright. Just make sure it's /YOU/ asking and not me...EEEEE!"

Muscles lock, Hannah leans back against Gull, and the reeling contest begins! She too digs in, and forward goes the lure! that a fin beneath the waves!?
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-08 00:43:26 74515
Haruna Kurosawa helps Hannah reel in the catch! She can see a fish! Come on Hannah, fish fish fish I wish for a fish! Not a precure wish for a fish though. Just a normal self wish. She huffs and nods as she helps keep Hannah planted down and reel it in!

"Yup! I'll do it then!" she says. "She doesn't owe me any favors or anything. Actually. Vice versa. BUT I know she'd love to help if I ask." she says softly. "I'll have her poke you about things!" she beams.

She peeks over her shoulder. "Commmmee on! Reel it in Hannah-chan!" she beams.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-08 00:52:15 74516
PreCure and Mage unite! And what does their combined grit and power bring!?

Hannah falls back into Haruna's arms as gravity gives in, and up goes their catch! Flopping majestically in the air, the large sea-dwelling creature makes it's way to the pier!

Ker-THUNK! There's a wet slap as a giant bluefin tuna splashes between Hannah's ankles, and then she's trying to stuff the massive dinner-to-be into the cooler. That's a tall order. Thankfully she has ice.

Then, she's kinda just /leaning/ against Gull. A facimile of a hug, since she now has Fish Hands. Ugh! Someone give her a towel!

"...Thanks, Haruna. You're too good, you know that? In all the right ways. One of these days, you and I are going to show that idiot Phantom and his blowhard buddies what for together! ...Again!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-08 01:19:29 74519
Haruna watches Hannah wrestle the fish into the cooler and it begins flapping around and she shoves it into the cooler and then she beams! Corvus sort of licks his beak. Nevermind that Seagulls don't usually have proper tongues.

She then huffs and leans back as she grins and just kind of holds Hannah for a moment with a cheesy grin. "I'm not too good. Stop acting like you don't deserve me~" she insists. "Cuz you do! And I deserve you. Cuz. I DO!" she insists.

She smirks. "We'll deal with the jerks later. For now. We have a big fishy jerk in the cooler. Let me try to catch something..." she says looking out to her fishing pole and line out in the water. "Commmmme on. Fish fish fish fish!" she insists loudly.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-08 01:33:39 74521
"I'll make you a tuna sandwich, Corvus!" Promises Hannah! Such a nice mahou she is, when she's not being evil or punching people!

Hannah luxuriates in the Haruna hugs! Basks in them! For a brief moment, all is well, and she's warm and /happy/! When she pulls away, Hannah is blushing just a bit contentedly.

"Well that much we can agree on! Now let's get some fish!"

A little bit of bait later, a toss, and plunk! There's silence. And then goes the lure! Far less strongly, but this one zig-zags!

"Ah! If we don't straighten it out, it'll break the line! Haruna! Pull against it, but not /too/ hard! This is an endurance fish!" Pull! Pullllll!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-08 01:53:11 74524
Haruna Kurosawa will fix one of those problems! The evil that is. Eventually. Maybe. The punching? Not so much. SHE punches people, afterall!

She eeks! A fish!? She's still super blushing at all the love and hugs when she tugs back on the line and begins reeling, trying not to tug it or be TOO rough. She reels in when she can as she huffs. "Ugh! This isn't like the bass in the lake in Georgia when we went!" she huffs. Those were EASY compared to this!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-08 02:06:04 74527
Truly, the combined powers of the Punch-Love Duo will only flourish into the sky! Eventually. When there's less evil to be had.

FOR NOW there's fish to be had. That line tugs, zig-zags, and generally makes a nuisance of itself! "Well of course not! This isn't some wimpy bass, this is real salt water fishing!"

But the fish is almost up! Soooooo close! But Hannah's very nearly flopping over as she tries to hold up a Haruna-chan from the zig-zaggy fish! What monster is below!?

Why, it's a nice, fat mackeral!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-08 02:25:19 74528
Haruna Kurosawa reel, reel, reeeeeel she's trying her best to reel that sucker in hard. Haruna needs more help. Haruna's only been doing the workout thing for the past year. Hannah's trained in the art of kicking your butt for years.

She reels reels and---- with a large pulllllll!

The fish leaps out of the water and onto the pier. She eeks and sort of boggles at it as it begins flipping around the pier. "Oh god Hannah. What do I do, what do I do!?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-04-08 02:32:08 74529
Hannah falls right on her butt as Haruna finally reels it in! Just in time for that fish to flop around! After getting plenty of fish ooze on Haruna's sleeve, she scrambles to catch that fish! Flop! Flop! It wobbles, smacks Hannah in the face with a fin, and then!

"Hannah Ultimate Fish Zen Punch!"

Punch! Right on a fish!

Squint. Oh god. Right. Scales!

Gingerly, Hannah puts the fish in the now over-filled icechest.

"...I think that's enough fish for one day. How about we have some tuna at home?"