Blood Promise

Miku, Sakura and Sayaka seek out and face off against the frenzying Alex.

Date: 2017-04-18
Pose Count: 49
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-18 23:51:50 74770
Sakura Kinomoto was sitting at a local candy shop, tapping on her phone and waiting. Tomoyo was still out. Hospital. Her mom was really, really protective. Making sure her little girl was COMPLETELY okay before letting her out. So Sakura was all alone and...

Still a bit worried. Her friend had almost been hurt. No. Her friend had been hurt. It could have been permanent. Was this it? Was this the time they'd have to stop? Maybe it wasn't okay for her to keep letting Tomoyo come on her adventures.

Her mind was focused on this, but she looked as happy and cheerful as ever as she waited for Sayaka and Miku to arrive. Well, they'd asked to meet, sorta. Sayaka was a really, really big heavy hitter! She broke shield! So Sakura was sure Sayaka would be of great use to Miku.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-18 23:59:11 74772
    Sayaka was pretty under the weather lately. It's not that she was feeling sick, just tired. Maybe she was taking on too much stuff on her own, but sometimes, being a hero made her feel better too.

    Not long ago, she had saved Seth from a witch, now it was time to save Alex from himself. At least, she hoped she could save him, but after Sakura's latest report of him, she was feeling a little uncertain.

    All the same, Saya was curious to meet this friend of Sakura's and possible exchange information with her.

    She arrives at the candy shop a little after Sakura gets there, smiling and waving at the younger girl as she joins her.

    "Sakura-chan! Hey! Got your message! How're you doing? How's your friend?"
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 00:09:48 74774
Candy shops are not Miku's scene. If any of the girls from Section 2 would go to a place like this, it's Hibiki. But at the very least, she's been to this place a few times, thanks to her g--ood friend, and finds it easy enough.

Lacking superjump and flight, however, Miku has to take busses, which means she arrives a little behind Sayaka and Sakura. The poor girls are left waiting perhaps longer than either might like.

Eventually, however, the grunette makes her way in through the door, customary backpack over one shoulder, with a big white bow in her hair, dressed in a pink hoodie and black shorts over hose. She's got practical sneakers on her feet; good for running. She's probably going to wind up doing that, before all is said and done today.

"Kinomoto-chan?" she calls, as she makes her way towards the younger girl. "Hey, sorry I took so long."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 00:54:46 74777
Sakura Kinomoto glanced up and gave a smile. "H-hey. Um, help yourself." She'd ordered a medium cheese cake. "Oh, but leave four slices, please. Ones for daddy, Touya and... Yukito-kun..." she said breathlessly, wiggling in her seat a little. She then eeped, shook her head. "O-oh. And Tomoyo-chan," she said, looking a little sad now.

"Err, right. Sayaka-chan, this is Miku-chan. Miku-chan, this is Sayaka-chan. Sayaka-chan is really super duper strong! She helped me get the shield card! Miku-chan is really, really smart! She goes to this fancy school and everything!" she said with a big grin.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 00:59:11 74779
    "Mmm, looks good!" Sayaka grins as she takes a seat, peering hungrily at the cake. She should really eat more healthily, but right now she's starving, and there's nothing wrong with indulging once in a while, right?

    "Thanks, these look great! You're really thoughtful, Sakura-chan!" She cuts herself a slice of cake, slipping it into a plate and is about to dig in, when Miku makes an entrance.

    Peering up at her, she arches a brow, and smiles, "Oh, I see. You must be Miku-san! Yes, Sakura-chan told me about you! Nice to meet you, I'm Sayaka Miki." she smirks at Sakura, "Hehe, thanks! I guess I am pretty strong, but I guess it really comes with the hero territory!" she nods to Miku, "So, you a genius like Ami Mizuno-san? That's pretty cool.."
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 01:02:23 74781
"Kohinata Miku," Miku introduces herself, putting a little bit of an emphasis on her family name. "It's a pleasure to meet you ..." she trails off, unsure what to call Sayaka, since she was only given a far-too-familiar name. Nevertheless, she bows, then glances at the cake, then at the other two.

"Ah," she mumbles, "Sorry, I don't really know Mizuno Ami except by reputation. And I'm not a genius. I'm just a singer," she says quietly. "You're um ..." she trails off, looking at Sayaka, then she glances around nervously. "You're a magical girl?" she asks.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 01:08:15 74782
Sakura Kinomoto nodded. "Uh huh! Sayaka-chan is the coolest! She has this giant sword and she can summon other swords and she goes all slice and dice on things!" She gestured with her fork wildly, a big grin on her face. Then her cheeks turned red.

"I-I mean, well, s-she's really strong! A lot stronger than me. If anyone can help you catch Alexis-kun, she can."
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 01:12:31 74783
    Sayaka chuckles at Sakura's flattery, but doesnt deny it either. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being proud of your efforts afterall! "Heh, yeah..That's me!" she looks at Miku, and smiles, "Wow, and you're a singer? That's awesome, I wish I could sing. I love music, but I suck at playing the violin, and not much of a singer either.."

    However, she trails off, realizing Miku is here for something specific, something more serious. Her expression stiffens a bit at mention of Alexis. "Hmm..Yeah, I'm a magical girl. So, you're lookin' for Alex too, huh? Do you have any ideas on how to save him? I'm sure you've already heard what happened with Sakura-chan and her friend.."
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 01:14:38 74784
"Mmm," Miku replies quietly, "I play piano, too. But not as well." A pause, then she considers, "I'm getting better at it." A shrug, then she explains, "I attend the Lydian Academy at Ver--" a pause, then she shakes her head. "Sorry, that's not important right now. Anyways, I don't know how to stop him, but I can find him, with perfect accuracy. Once we know where he is ... well, then it'll be up to you to figure out how to calm him down. I'm not ... like you," she explains. "I haven't got any powers."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 01:17:39 74785
Sakura Kinomoto frowned, then shook her head. "T-that's not true, Miku-chan!" she said quickly, huffing up and clenching her fists. "J-just because you don't have magic doesn't mean you don't have powers! Y-you're really cool and pretty and have a wonderful voice and-and that makes you super awesome and powerful too! Just in different ways! And you're great at encouragement and making people feel better when they fight!"

She nodded rapidly. "And I'm sure you'll be just as needed as Sayaka-chan! You're his friend too, right? And I bet right now he really, really needs a friend!"
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 01:19:49 74786
    Sayaka sighs, "I dunno if I can calm him down..I dunno if I'd have any such effect on him, really. But..I'll give it a try. I HAVE to, I cant let anymore of my friends, or anyone else get hurt because of him. I just hope I can find a way to save him from himself.."

    She nods to Sakura and smiles, "She's right you know. Not everyone fights with magic. Or fists. If you can locate him, that'd be a great help! So, where do we start? I'm anxious to get this over with!"
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 01:24:06 74787
Miku rolls her eyes just a little at the reinforcement, then reaches into her backpack. She pulls out a small leather wallet-like thing, etched with strange characters. "Can you carry me over the rooftops?" Miku asks quietly of Sayaka, not even looking at Sakura. No way she's asking a 9-year-old to carry her. "This compass can locate him," she promises, as she flips open the wallet to reveal a golden compass with a shining silver needle. It spins around once, wildly, and then begins pointing in a direction that is very much not North. "It points right to him, as long as I keep focusing on it," she promises.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 01:37:15 74790
Sakura Kinomoto nodded. "Wow. Okay! So, ummm, let's go!" She paused. "I'll meet you guys up there." She then got the cheese cake to go, for her family and friends. She even got a small strawberry pastry for Kero-chan because she loves him and he is sick.

Once all done, she'd use jump to get up there and meet with them, a bag in hand of delicious foods.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 01:43:05 74791
    Sayaka blinks at the compass, "Wow, a magic compass? Where'd you get this from, and how come it's attuned to him?" but enough of that, they're running out of time! She nods, climbing to her feet, "Of course, i'll take you wherever you need to go.." Mm, that cake was sure yummy, but now Sayaka's anxious to be off, to find Alex and get this over with.

    "You girls ready? Let's save Alex!" She rubs the jewel on her ring, as she heads for the exit, getting ready for another transformation, another battle..Phew, she's fought so long and so hard lately..This had better be worth it!

    Once they're outside, Sayaka has already transformed and she beckons to Miku, "Here, climb on my back. I'll take you wherever you need to go.."
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 01:59:40 74792
Miku orients herself with the compass briefly, then nods and climbs on Sayaka's back. "I'll explain it all later," she says, as she wraps one arm around Sayaka's chest and leans tightly into her back. "I'm sorry for being so familiar, but this is the only way I know to find him. He's that way," she says, pointing the compass forward.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 02:12:37 74793
The compass needle wobbles and shakes here and there, but it ultimately directs the girls to the direction of the mostly-empty docks district of the night, close to where the closed-for-winter amusement park lays.

Fastforward a few minutes and kilometers.

In the shadows of the amusement park, dangled along the support beams of the ferris wheel, a figure has perched up to survey over the docks further out-- Alex. Normally recognizable easily enough, the frenzy-state having changed the color of his eyes and hair alike to a dark purple has lead to the metaphysical effect of his identity being inexplicably that much harder to perceive, but Sakura has seen him like this already. The fact that his hoodie has disappeared and he's left to wearing just a tank top over his torso has nothing to do with it now.

The shadows around him shimmer faintly, almost with life of their own, while his gaze sweeps through the grounds below, seeking for someone to feed on, in the middle of his grander search for... something else.

But then. Something else catches his attention, and feral eyes widen out and snap up towards the rooftops of the buildings beyond the park.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 02:15:21 74794
Sakura Kinomoto nodded and, once the direction was set... She blinked. "Float card! Jump! Make Miku light as a feather!" Welp, now miku would be super easy to carry. And then leaping and running and transition phase!

Then they saw him. She landed and... went straight to it. "Create card!" she yelled, drawing the card. "Create a cag to bind him!" Over her head, the book formed.

An all-too-familiar book. Words sprung across it and then, a moment later, a steel cage formed around him. Now, how long it would hold was anyone's guess. But it would hopefully be long enough.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 02:20:37 74795
    Sayaka leaps swiftly over rooftops, effortlessly carrying Miku on her back. It's a good thing she recovered that grief seed the other day, adding it to her collection of grief cubes and what not. At least this time she wont be caught off-guard, and the way things are going, she's gonna need every ounce of strength she can muster.

    When they finally reach the park, she spies Alex almost immediately. "Woah..His hair..His face..." He's...Not himself. Not at all. She narrows her eyes, "Up there!" and she leaps towards the rooftop, chasing after him, though a bit slower than she might have been without Miku on her back. "Alright, Miku-san, can i let you down here? You should be safe here. Let me handle this.."

    And she lowers her onto the rooftop before attempting to approach Alex. "Alex..." she raises her voice as she nears the cage that Sakura constructs. "It's me..Sayaka! Do you remember me? We're your friends..We're here to help you!"
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 02:28:10 74797
Even before Sakura lightened her weight, Miku was never very heavy. She's in extremely good physical condition, and a little small for her age, which makes her practically nothing to the super-strong Sayaka. As a featherweight, it's like she's not even there!

When they reach the amusement park, Miku glances at the compass, then smiles just briefly. It actually worked. Snapping it shut, she tucks the compass back into her bag, then slides down from Sayaka's back. "Go, go, I'll be fine," she promises, as she runs to the edge of the roof and peers down at Alexis worriedly.

She spots the cage, then arches her brows curiously, waiting to see what the vampire will do about it.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 02:35:39 74798
Cue frenzy-Alex leaping down from the ferris wheel to the roof of one of the buildings lining the amusement park...

Just in time for a collection of dirt and rocks to form around him and create a cage. Well.

Confusion hits in there, first. Like a suddenly-captured animal, Alex turns this way and that and paces through the suddenly-presented form of imprisonment, pushing at the walls and bars-- until Sayaka comes nearby. Nearby enough to talk to him. Nearby enough for him to turn and look at the bluenette.

And he stares at her for a solid ten seconds, with those purple, faintly-glowing eyes, blankly. Blank, until suddenly they widen out and their pupils dilate--

And darkness bursts forth.

A faint aura like flowing shadows of faint purple tint vibrates along the figure of Alex, and in nearly an instant, dozens upon dozens of tendrils extend out from the cage, slipping past the bars and any other gaps towards both Sayaka and Sakura-- some forming sharp points at their ends to thrust out like spears, others whipping towards the girls like tentacles trying to make for a grab.

Oh *good*.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 02:55:13 74799
Sakura Kinomoto had her staff ready, relaxed and waiting as the others tried talking to him. She used earthy to bind him, all she had to do was wait for--

And then tentacles. She let out a yelp, hit one with her wand. Bad move. The wand was grabbed and then, suddenly, she was yanked forward with a shriek, holding onto her wand and... slamming into the bars.

She was disoriented, confused and a bit stunned, eyes wavering.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 02:59:02 74800
    Sayaka's eyes widen as Alex shoots out those tentacles. "Wha...? Since when could you..?" but she has no time to discuss this, summoning seven swords which sing and dance around her, swiftly cutting down his tentacles.

    Unfortunately, Sakura gets snagged and dragged towards the cage as a tentacle wraps around her. "Sakura-chan!" she yells, concern in her voice as she rushes towards the younger girl, hacking at the tentacle..But is she too late?
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 03:09:30 74801
'Here is fine', she'd said, but now Miku is regretting those words. As Sakura takes a sudden overwhelming drain, the girl curses under her breath and rushes to the edge of the roof. She doesn't even hesitate to jump over the edge. She pulls a grapple from her bag at the last minute and secures a rope to the lip of the roof. It holds.

Miku swings back against the side of the building and starts rapelling down. It's dangerous, with how fragile her grapple is up above, but she doesn't have time to wait for someone to get her, or to take the stairs. Within moments, Miku is on the ground, and rushing away from her rope to try andg get to Sakukra. Moments too long; even Sayaka is there before her.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 03:16:51 74802
A hand bursts out from between the bars, then, even while Saya is working to get the tentacle off of Sakura-- and grabs the young girl by her head.

And for just a moment, the purple-blackness that shrouds Alex's figure seems even more vibrant-- it lasts barely two seconds before Saya's finally cut the tentacle down, but at that point, when the hand lets go of Sakura, the drain has already been enough to take her consciousness away, leaving the girl collapsing down.

Promptly following in kind, the card-formed cage crumbles, and then collapses. Amongst the dust, then, Alex takes a single step forward to make himself visible, dark-purple flowing along him visibly as if leaking actively from within his body. And his eyes, now gloving even more, look down at the fallen-down figure of Sakura. The girl that he'd made an effort of looking after evne after he'd become a vampire. The girl, who's getting hurt had made him get so angry, now just drained and tossed aside like some snack.

Perhaps this is where it clicks in to Saya and Miku alike that there is not much of Alex in control there, anymore. Even before his purple eyes move up to take the girls of blue and green hair in-- and stare on at them with what can only amount to outright *hunger*. For the energy they can give him.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-04-19 03:20:09 74803
Sakura Kinomoto let out a scream when she was grabbed. Her eyes widened... then closed. As she collapsed, the cage crumbled to dust before her. Her wand fell from her hand, turning back to a key as it landed. One of the others might catch her in time, but...

She was out. The child was barely moving, her body limp and unresponsive. But she was breathing, thank heavens. Even in her sleep, she gave a weak, pathetic little whimper. The poor thing...
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 03:29:16 74804
    "Sakura-chan!!!!" Sayaka yells, rushing to her side as she loses consciousness. "Miku-san, please take care of Sakura-chan! I have to finish this..." She grits her teeth, quickly stepping in between Alex and Sakura, arms held out to prevent him from coming any further.

    Clenching her hands as she stares at the ground, Sayaka remembers well the promise she made to Alex once..Should things ever get bad, she had promised that she would end things, but she never realized she would be forced to actually do it, believing that there must be another way..

    She grits her teeth as she slowly raises her eyes to face his, a few tears welling in her eyes.."Alex-kun...You were my friend, and..I really liked you, but..I cannot allow this violence to continue!" Her eyes narrow, hardenning now as she summons her swords to dance around her once more, holding the main cutlass in front of her, twisting it in expert circles and slashes in the air before pointing the razored tip towards him.

    "Whoever or whatever you are, you are no longer Alexis Raskoph. But in his memory, I will end this.."

    With a snarl, she rushes at him, swords dancing around her, slashing at him in tandem, trying to cut down the tentacles before they can build again, trying to weaken him, tire him out..Is there any of the old Alex left in there to talk to, reason with..?
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 03:30:54 74805
Miku catches Sakura, strong arms and absolute certainty in what she's doing. She clutches the little girl to her chest, then glares up at Alexis. He's still in there. She's sure of it. Sure as she is that Hibiki is alive.

Because the alternative is too painful to contemplate.

Kneeling, Miku picks up Sakura's wand, then carries the girl and her device out of the open area, towards somewhere safe where they can watch and be neither in the way, nor hiding.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 03:39:07 74806
It doesn't look as if though any of the words are recognized on Alex's part. There's just that feral, hungry stare.

And the tentacles. Bursting and lashing out, clashing against and into the flying swords, shattering into several pieces upon contact.

All of a sudden, from amidst the fray of tentacles, a fist flies forward, coated up in a more solid mass of the same dark-purple. Somehow, in nearly an instant, with a mad, beastial howl, Alex had crossed the space between himself and the blue-haired Puella in a motion so fast it barely leaves him visible, without any regard for the threat of the sword she wields within her hands, and directing a lightning-fast punch to the direction of her face.

Is there still Alex left in there? If there is, wahtever is left there isn't able to stop the dark energy -created instinct from taking over. To fight. To feed.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 04:02:03 74807
    Sayaka grits her teeth, fighting with all her heart and all her strength, but still, he's fast; He's grown in strength and speed by leaps and bounds. "Dammit, but you're tough.." she smirks, trying to search his eyes for any sign of the old Alex, the Alex she once knew and liked.

    "Dont you remember your dream? You wanted to be a hero, you wanted to help people, dammit, Alex! Dont lose yourself!" She stumbles back as he breaks through her defences, slamming a fist in her face.

    "Ack!" she yelps in pain, stumbling back, breathing heavily..Looks like she's gonna have to take this up a notch or two. "Alright, that's it...Tempestuoso...Typhoon!" she yells, spreading her arms out and spinning rapidly towards him, generating a powerful whirlwind of energy and swords as she rushes towards him.
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 04:03:57 74808
As the fight starts to heat up, Miku keeps Sakura well away from it. Yes, Sayaka is exactly the sort of person she was looking for. Strong, brave, caring, but willing to do what needs doing. As she watches, Miku's eyes wander only a little from the battle; unfocusing as she overlays Sayaka's blue hair for orange. A faint sigh of longing emerges from her lips, and then Miku forces herself to focus once again.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 04:17:36 74809
The vampire chases after Sayaka still-- but the sudden spinning of pure energy and swords comes up to hinder him. Initially, he comes upon it blind, but even a beast knows to back off from pain. His darkness-coated arms come up to try and shield himself at the last second instead of continuing to assault the Puella, swords rebounding off them with sparks - the ones that don't manage to reach around them to slash cuts upon his shoulders, that is - and he's leaping back to create distance between the two.

Just enough distance and room for the tentacles to burst out towards them-- spears upon spears of dark energy thrusting through the air towards her. But-- no. They're not going towards her, actually. The aim themselves to the swords forming the whirlwind, knocking them aside one after another even as more come along to replace themselves.

And as for Alex himself? He's lowering down to all fours, growling-- and then pounces forward in a pounce even faster than the previous, with enough force in the kick of his feet that sends him forward to break apart the ground underneath. And he goes flying through the smallest of openings created by the barrage of tentacles.

It's only brief. And even with the swords out of the way, the pure blast of energy is something he couldn't push away anyway. So when his whole body slams against the still-spinning Sayaka to grab onto her and send both himself and her plummeting towards the ferris wheel, blood trails behind him from several dozen slashes formed in just that fraction of a second he spent within the whirlwind. But those are getting filled with Dark Energy now, too, to close them.

All of it rapidly burning through his energy reserves. Sakura was the only decent meal he'd had in a few hours.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 04:26:08 74810
    Sayaka doesnt even glance back towards Miku and Sakura, trusting that the older girl had spirited the younger away to safety somewhere. AT the back of her mind, she's worried of the extent of energy drainage upon the younger girl, but with any luck, Miku will take her to a hospital, or somewhere safe to recover.

    She might berate herself later for allowing Sakura to accompany her in this deadly mission in the first place. But for now, she's totally focused upon the battle at hand, totally determined to bring down Alexis one way or the other. But so far they seem pretty evenly matched, and she grits her teeth as he slashes through her attack with his tentacles, sending most of her swords flying, some even bouncing back towards her, hacking and slashing at her body.

    She cries out and flinches, bringing her arms up to defend herself, although numerous cuts slice up her body. Fortunately, Saya's passive healing powers instantly kick in, quickly healing the most superficial of wounds, but how much longer can she keep this up? She is a fierce fighter, but not much for endurance, usually one to strike hard and fast, burning up energy rather quickly.

    "Dammit, Alex..Is there no way to get through to you!? You really are a pain, y'know that!?"

    And then suddenly he's dragging her through the ground, and she's flying off the edge, towards the ferris wheel. Her eyes widen. "No! What are you doing!?" Then suddenly they're plummeting downwards..
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 04:31:01 74811
Miku watches the fight from the sidelines, utterly helpless to intervene. As Sayaka's swords rip into him, she grimaces for both of them--it can't be easy to hurt a friend like this. When the pair start plummeting towards the ferris wheel, she gasps, but what is she going to do? There's nothing she can do except watch and pray.

Even if she thought to write a song rihgt now, it's unlikely the words would come. It's too hectic, to terrifying, too deadly for her to put words to paper in this horrible moment.

"SAYAKA-CHAN!" she yells, as they near collision. "Come on," she mumbles to herself. "You can do this. You can beat him. You've got to beat him."
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 04:40:28 74812
It's as if though a shooting star of purple and blue is flying through the air for that brief moment before they crash into the ferris wheel with enough force to bend the metal beams where they hit into them-- and for the supports below to snap and send the structure slowly toppling over.

In contrast to Sayaka, in his current state Alex doesn't even have any room in his mind to consider any damage or pain incurred-- so rather than recoiling upon the crash into one of the park's attractions, there's only a sharp, wild howl borne of the same beast that has taken control of him, and with a few more tentacles attaching into the wheel to keep both himself and Sayaka pressed into it rather than letting them fall down, both his arms set into a rapid series of punches directed into the Puella girl. Punch after punch after punch after punch after--

And then blood spurts out of his mouth suddenly.

Had Alex been under the control of his normal mental acumen, he would have realized this was coming, would have recognized the cause of it-- but the beast in control recoils from it finally from sheer surprise and confusion, enough that he's leaning back and the unrelenting assault pauses long enough for Saya to respond.

Of course, they're still riding the process of the ferris wheel toppling over, too.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 04:48:58 74813
    Sayaka's eyes widen as she feels the winds rushing around them, as they fall closer and closer to the deadly network of metal that makes up the ferris wheel. And they crash into it, causing it to bend, to wobble precariously..

    Fortunately, Sayaka's pretty tough, tough enough to take a severe beating and barely flinch, but as he punches her over and over again, Saya knows that she cant take this forever. She narrows her eyes, reaching up to try and grab one of his wrists, trying to stop him, when suddenly..

    Blood spurts from his mouth..? Her eyes widen, briefly concerned "Alex..Kun..?" But now's her chance. If she's gonna put him out, now's the time. "I'm sorry, but..You leave me no choice!"

    With a yell, she attempts to grab him by the shoulders, and slam his head hard against the metal beneath them, not enough to break his neck, but enough to knock him out, probably cause some major concussion. If worse comes to worse, she can always heal any severe damage afterwards.

    But there's another immediate threat as the steel structure starts to whine and creek..They're both gonna get flattenned at this rate! With a yell, summoning the last reserves of her strength, Sayaka grabs Alex and leaps, taking him with her, aiming for a clump of nearby bushes, that look somewhat softish, enough to cushion their fall if only a little.
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 04:51:32 74814
"Oh ... oh shit," Miku says, eyes widening as the structure starts to come down. She and Sakura aren't in the direct path of danger, but she is far too close. Debris and detritus are bound to get blown they're way. "Sorry, Sakura-chan," she mumbles, as she lifts the girl like a sack of potatoes and throws her over her shoulder.

And then, Miku does what Mikus do best. She runs, carrying Sakura away from the innevitable destruction as fast as her legs can carry her, hoping to keep Sakura and her little staff safe from harm.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 04:59:38 74815
"Wrrryyy?!" Alex howls out when he's suddenly grabbed off-guard, right prior to his head getting slammed hard enough into the metal beam for the metallic sound of skull meeting steel echoing far enough for even Miku to hear. And then he's getting jostled along with her through the air again, this time away from the falling amusement park attraction.

The ferris wheel finally hits the ground, and the structure falls apart completely from the impact-- metal beams sent scattering and flying through the air, smaller buildings and stalls crushed underneath all the weight and dust spreading through the whole block. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Saya and Alex bounce off the bush-and-foliage covered ground a few times before finally stopping and landing into a slump.

...But even then, Alex brings himself moving again. Much slower now-- the darkness shrouding him has faded considerably, and there are no tendrils of energy fluttering about anymore. And he's not so much pouncing after Sayaka either, as he is crawling over her, reaching with his hand towards her head. He needs to feed. He's so hungry.

But he stops. Imposed nearly directly over her, he holds perfectly still and just stares down at her, while... drops of crimson red drip through the fabric of his tank top and fall down against her, one after another. He didn't get hit there, did he? And even if he did, he should have self-healed, right...?

Either way. He doesn't drain. He doesn't move. He doesn't howl. Nothing. He just stares.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 05:08:56 74816
    Sayaka's eyes flutter shut briefly as she hits the brush. It's not really soft, but spiky, pokey, with little sharp thorns sticking out. But fortunately, most of them are covered up by large flat leaves that make the landing at least a bit more bearable than hard solid ground.

    But her own energy reserves are getting critically low, and she flops to the ground, tired, bruised and scratched all over, only barely aware of Alex hovering over her.

    "Alex-kun..." she murmurs, "Please...Remember who you are..." One hand reaches for the grief seed she had won, not that long ago, hidden in her skirt pocket. If she can just reach it, before she completely drains herself, perhaps she can save Alex, save herself. Save everyone.

Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 05:12:27 74817
Miku stumbles as the debris comes rushing towards her. She twists and lands on her butt, cradling Sakura to her chest protectively.

When the dust finally settles, she raises her head, squinting back towards the amusement park.

"Crap," she mumbles, then pulls out her cell phone and puts it to her ear, hitting a button on quick dial.

"Yes, this is special agent Kohinata Miku," she says, "please divert authorities from the accident and place Section 2 assets on call. This is a class C magical battle. It's still dangerous for civilians."

A grimace as she spots the pair moving in the rubble. Hanging up her phone, she gently places Sakura in an alcove of a building, along with her own backpack and Sakura's wand. "I'll be right back, little one," she promises, then turns to start sprinting back towards the fight.

She has to know they're okay.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 05:16:30 74818
Alex doesn't answer Sayaka. The only sound she is met with is the telltale drip, drip, drip of his blood pattering in an uneven rhytm against her.

And Miku comes along just in time to see the german's hand finally reaching down. But it doesn't go for her head. It goes for her free hand, instead-- and even then, there's no drain. Instead, the hand is drawn up, and directed to press against his forehead. Just so that if she were to summon up her sword there, it'd pierce straight through his head.

"Pr..." He manages to sound out, throat shaking and voice strained, as if it was some great effort to bring out any vaguely human sound. ""
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 05:31:24 74819
    Sayaka grits her teeth, blinking up at him..She manages to grasp the grief seed with her free hand, squeezing it just enough to purify her soulgem a little, give her a little more energy, letting go as he pulls her hand to his head.

    Yes, she did promise to end things, to put him out of his misery. She...Should do it now, show him mercy, but she hesitates, there's still a part of him in there.

    "Alex.....?" her gaze softens. "Please...It cant end this way..!" but if she does nothing, he may just revert back to his monster self. "I didnt want it to end this way...I'm sorry...Dammit..!" gritting her teeth, if she were to severely wound him but not mortally so...Would it be enough..?

    "Ugh...Fine..Here goes..!" She's not sure if this would even work, but..Summoning her sword, Sayaka leans forward, plunging the sword it into his chest and dealing a potentially fatal stab that he could easily bleed to death from, perhaps even puncturing a lung, but careful not to hit any vitals like his heart that might cause instant death.

    If the darkness in him reacts to his life force, perhaps...She can force it out with a near-death experience? It's a gamble, and she's not sure she can heal him from this, but there might be a sliver of hope there somewhere..
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 05:36:14 74820
Miku comes to a skidding halt as Alexis puts Sayaka's hand to his forehead. She can't hear the words from this distance, but she can read the intention. Her eyes widen. "No," she breathes.

No, she can't lose another friend. Hibiki's gone who knows where. Tsubasa never speaks to her. Yumi, Shiori, and Kuriyo are too far removed from all the truth in the world; they never understand.

But Alex understood.

Frozen on the spot, the green-haired girl's eyes widen as Sayaka pulls her sword. She gasps as the sword is raised, and lets out a stifled squeak of disapproval when it's thrust into his chest.

Miku sinks to her knees. "Raskoph-san," she whimpers, well out of the picture. Too weak to take action. Too mortal to do anything except protect the other mortals from this horrible pain.

It's happening again, and she can't do anything about it.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 05:43:13 74821
Alex doesn't even try to stop it. Doesn't try to resist. The sword pierces him in a place he had not intended, but it pierces him nonethless.

In that moment, everything seems to freeze-- and for the next second that he's still staring down at Sayaka, that single second seems to stretch on forever. A second in which the purple within his eyes reverts itself back to the original bright green, followed by his hair turning back to the familiar brown.

His eyes close, and all the strenght leaves his body with that, slumping down along the length of that blade until his weight falls upon Sayaka, his head bumping against her shoulder-- and he's left completely unmoving, save for the small, impulsive twitches of his muscles along his torso, where Dark Energy automonously moves through the stab wound and along the sword, working rapidly to close it and try to keep any more blood from spilling out of him.

However else he turns from there-- for the time being Alex is left unconscious.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 05:45:09 74822
    Sayaka's eyes open wide as the old Alex returns. "A-Alex...!" she gasps, resting his head gently in her lap, getting ready to heal him but wary of the dark energy that moves through his body still. No, wait..Just a bit longer. Let it leave his body, move on to something else..

    "Hang in there....!"
Miku Kohinata 2017-04-19 06:14:24 74823
Miku's too far away to see what's really happening. She reaches up to wipe at her face, then hugs herself and pushes back to her feet slowly. No more running, now; Kohinata doesn't have any more running in her. Picking through the debris and the detritus, she starts making her way back to Sakura. At least she can save one little girl, today.
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 06:21:31 74824
There's not a lot of energy left within Alex's reserves at this point. The solid mass reforming the parts of his body that were destroyed before he was turned into a vampire, however, vibrate slightly, just barely holding together-- some of it starting to get redirected to the newly-created wound to regenerate the destroyed tissue there.

Somehow, Sayaka might get the sense that something utterly irreversible might happen if that wound isn't healed now.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 06:29:37 74825
    Sayaka has almost forgotten about Sakura and Miku at the moment as she concentrates on Alex. "C'mon, Sayaka..Think! Do I try and purify him with the grief seed..Or do I heal the wounds with my magic?"

    She bites her lip, trying to remember what he once said. Purifying energy was..Deadly, he'd said, it could kill him even. But..If she heals his wounds..Perhaps she could fill in the spaces before the dark matter can..!

    "I think..That might work!" she lays her hands on his chest, over the bleeding wounds and closes her eyes, pouring all her energy and being into his wounds. "C'mon Alex, dont you dare die on me now..Stay with me!"

     Her hands start to glow, radiating warm healing energy as she does her best to heal his wounds, to stop the bleeding and seal the gash she caused. It's a potentially deadly wound, but thankfully she missed any vitals, now it's just a matter of stopping the bleeding..
Stahlritter 2017-04-19 06:36:10 74826
Thankfully for everyone involved, Alex isn't actually immune to healing magic. Purifying-based healing would be a matter entirely, but Sayaka's isn't prone to that kind of thing.

The magic she directs into the wound causes the wound to reknit itself closed rapidly, and the dark energy to flow back into it's original place within him, replacing the parts that were never quite healed when he first healed.

He still doesn't move, afterwards. He doesn't wake up. But-- the slow rise and fall of his chest at least points to him still breathing. Still heavily injured otherwise and without enough energy left to automatically heal all of it, but alive.

It took a heavy beating on both his and Saya's side, a destroyed ferris wheel and Miku thinking he's dead, but Alex's frenzy has been stopped.

Even if he is probably going to require attending to.
Sayaka Miki 2017-04-19 06:40:57 74827
    Sayaka is exhausted by now, but she may have just enough energy to take him somewhere to recover..But where can she take him that wont put others at risk or himself? The hospital is out of the question, and she can really take him home.

    "Earth Court..Frat House.." she murmurs softly as she gently picks Alex up in her arms, pressing an ear to his chest. "You're heart is beating..Good. Then there's still hope for you.." She laughs weakly, "Geez, you're a real handful, y'know that..?" And she leaps away, carrying him as quickly as she can to ECFH.

    Probably the next morning, Kunzite or Mamoru may find an unconscious Alex laying asleep on the sofa, a note literally pinned to his shirt, with messy Sayaka writing that says 'Sorry, he went berserk, had to heal him, resting now, plz take care of him..Thx, BBS! - Sayaka.'