Flower Power Hour

Rashmi Terios is a target. Nanoha intervenes... and so does Rashmi's pet monkey. This doesn't go well. Something needs to happen -- now.

Date: 2017-04-21
Pose Count: 21
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 07:50:14 74893
It's not at all easy, being a newbie magical girl.

There's the new balance to work out between sleep, study, school, and patrol, with sleep *always* getting the rough end of the pineapple, the new spells you have to learn, and unless you were the sporty type well before receiving your newfound powers, there's the learning to run halfway across Tokyo on foot in the middle of the night. And there's learning how to consult your Boost Device ina clear voice despite the exhaustion threatening to steal your voice away.

And if you're Rashmi, you have to do all this while wrangling the pet monkey that decided he *had* to ride into danger in his human. Honestly...

"Okay so... run that... by me... again... Nicomacheus?" she pants, in the general direction of the oversized, closed tome tucked under one arm. "<Readings indicate temporal instability,>" the book chirps, heedless of its carrier's suffering. "<Energy patterns consistent with a device of Belkan origin, possibly malfunctioning. Caution advised.>"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 08:01:24 74894
Nanoha Takamachi had been spending most of her time recovering from 'having her linker core stolen from the woman she keeps warning everyone about and no one seems to take the threat seriously' and 'The sudden change in Fate's demeanor and actions'. This is enough to drive her deep down into the cake shop and not come out for long whiles and even her friends know something is up because she isn't playing keep away with herself recently!

Yuuno is a small ferret riding on her shoulder. Yuuno is doing his best to be encouraging because Nanoha looks down in the dumps still.

Nanoha sighs. "Yuuno-kun. What do you think happened with Fate? Did she just change her mind? I don't think she's being... Mind Controlled? Brainwashed? She remembers things and she seems upset about it..." she says quietly.

Yuuno shakes his head. "Nanoha-chan. If Fate doesn't actually want to be doing this, then she'll stop eventually. We'll figure it out. Maybe we can go find that fellow she used to work with?"

"You mean 'Riventon'?" she asks curiously.

She's about to ponder this some more when Yuuno suddenly looks somewhere off in the same direction that Rashmi's device points her. "Nanoha-chan. I think something is happening." he says. "I'm not sure it isn't a Jewel Seed. We should go."

Nanoha nods. "Right...! and if it is! Then maybe...." Fate will be there.

She begins jogging in that direction. "Raising Heart, Standby Mode, okay?" she asks as she holds out her hands. Indeed, the Magenta colored staff appears in her hands in it's 'rounded tip' form with an affirmative noise of a bling.

She cuts through a short alleyway, in between a resturant and a touristy souviner shop.
Chandra 2017-04-21 08:13:49 74895
The pet monkey is on Rashmi's shoulder, picking at her hair cautiously. The little monkey is oblivious to the book being odd, to the world being scary, and to Rashmi's magical powers. All the little monkey knows is, this is his human, and right now her hair smells of flowers, which smell nice. This is probably due to her proper hygiene, but little monkeys know nothing of such topics.

Nichomacheus (and Yuuno) is not wrong. A brilliant energy suddenly bursts into existence, bright and scintillating with colour. When it vanishes, a tall, floral creature stands where the brilliance once was, a sly grin on his face, his hair all done up with roses, and a thorn-laced whip in his hand.

"Ah, you might have just found the right when, this time, Rosenpeitsche."

The whip in his hand growls out angrily, "<Positive. Die zeitliche Signature wurde bestaetigt.>"

"Good, good," he says, then raises his chin just a little. "Hmmm. Well, there's certainly one way to draw him out. Assault mode."

"<Angriffsmodus!>" replies the angry Belkan device. The weapon reconfigures itself instantly, from a whip into a mace. The man raises it over his head and declares, "Blossom!"

"<Bluehen>," the device replies, and another brilliance of colour explodes atop the mace. He slams it into the street, which cracks into a hundred pieces. Whole sections of asphault raise into the air, cars are sent toppling upside down, flying towards the harbour.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 08:19:57 74896
Poor timing, to round the corner *just* as the device craters a good chunk of the street. Well off balance already, the sudden shockwave sends Rashmi careening, to fetch up hard against a nearby lamppost. Shaking off the impact, she stares for a moment at the attacker, eyes wide. "...Yeah okay," she says to her book as she draws in a deep breath. "Caution advised... Sounds good..." Adjusting her glasses, she steps away from the street, swallowing down the fear and exhaustion, at least enough to speak entire sentences.

"Hey!" Eloquence under pressure does not, at the moment, seem to be one of Rashmi's strong suits. "What are you even *doing* here? Did you just... travel through time to break some *cars?*"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 08:31:15 74897
Nanoha can hear the crack of pavement. It's probably a little unnerving that she knows what that sounds like, intamatly, at her age. She stops at just the end of the alleyway to peak out. She slips back in toward's the alleyway and mutters... "Raising Heart, Setup."

< Affrimative, Master! Please be careful. >. There's a circle of power that forms under her as she goes about the shift into her barrier jacket. Yuuno remains on her shoulder the whole time and frowns a little on his adorable space ferret face. "Nanoha-chan. Be careful. That's a Belkan device. There's also someone else there." he says.

Nanoha nods curtly. The first thing she does- when she decides to make herself known--- is to cast a barrier. The spell circles form up under her as she cast it without much fanfare--- seperating the magical from the mundane and isolating it from the other.

"Hey! That's enough of that!" she calls out.

She leans her head toward's Yuuno and she whispers. "Yuuno, is this person the source of the commotion you detected?" she asks. She isn't seeing a Jewel Seed anywhere, nor is Raising Heart declaring there is one.
Chandra 2017-04-21 08:40:59 74898
The little monkey squeals as he and Rashmi are thrown back. He hops off her shoulder and lands on four feet next to her, eyes wide in confusion. "EEh! Eeh!" he screams at the man, emphasising Rashmi's 'Hey'.

The mace-toting rose-man turns to peer at Rashmi curiously, then tilts his head just a little. He looks down at the monkey, then up at Rashmi, then arches his brows in uncertainty. "Cars? Is that what these carriages are called?" he asks, then turns to slam an occupied car with his mace.

Nanoha's barrier, however, rapidly forms, and although the car utterly crumples under his assault, the occupants have vanished; kept out of this region of subspace by the powerful spell.

The rose-man glances around him again, then glances at the device querryingly. "<Die Wand schafft Trennung vom Normalraum.>"

"Ah!" replies the man, then turns to smile in Nanoha's direction. "Well, you're absolutely no fun," he informs her. "Seriously, I was trying to lure someone out, here. And now you've gone and separates us from normal space. Kindly, could you un-separate us? I have important business to attend to. Cartridge load."

The mace hisses, and a strange grill mechanism in the side rotates and ejects a shell. There's a hissing noise as the device loads the cartridge, and then the device becomes engulfed in resonating waves of sonic power. A low hum emerges from the device not unlike the sound of a lightsaber. "If you don't," he says, then turns to point the device at Rashmi.


A visible lance of sonic energy ripples through the air towards Rashmi with devestating force, scintillating with colour.

Chandra shrieks in concern, even as Rashmi's own device likely warns her of the impending attack. The little monkey--oh so brave--leaps up into the onrushing energy.

An attack meant to harm the magical girl hits the poor monkey square in the chest.

"Well," says the plant-man, as the monkey skips along the concrete in agony. "That's not what I intended."
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 08:48:22 74899
Oh, this is far from good... A mace that can flatten an entire car in one swing, held by a man who doesn't even seem to belong in this half of the last millennium. But when the mace starts to act like a cannon as well... Rashmi tenses up, the calculations that would power a Barrier beginning to form in her mind and its corresponding circle beneath her feet...

Only to scatter, as her poor, brave, beloved rhesus takes the hit for her. "CHANDRA!" she shrieks, the circle shattering as she turns, pelting down the lane after her wounded pet. "WHAT IS *WRONG* WITH YOU?!" she cries at the uncaring intruder, tears flowing freely down her cheeks.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 08:57:06 74900
Yuuno narrows his eyes a bit. Cars? Even a midchildan knows what a car is. What is this? Who is this person? Nanoha-chan watches as a monkey gets blasted in an apparent desire to protect Rashmi, who also seems to be a device user of some sort. She blinks a bit and looks back to the man. "Yuuno. Go see what you can do to go help the older girl and her monkey, okay?" she smiles. Yuuno looks to Nanoha and frowns and then back up at the man- as he leaps from Nanoha's shoulder and scurries across the ground towards Rashmi and the Monkey.

Nanoha looks back at the man as she frowns, flier fin casting itself as she floats upwards and forwards as she swings her device downwards. "Raising Heart, Cannon Mode." < Cannon Mode. >.

The device activates into it's cannon form, a pointed tip with vibrant angelic white wings flowing from the tip.

"Breaking things isn't the way to get someone's attention! I'm almost ten and even **I** know that!" she frowns.

"So why don't you leave?...." she asks. "Setup. Divine Shoot." she mutters to Raising Heart, an array of magenta orbs appearing around her in a hovering circle. She doesn't start firing yet. "Besides. I think you've gotten enough attention tonight." she frowns.
Chandra 2017-04-21 09:07:57 74901
"Well, the list of things wrong with me is rather extensive," replies the plant-man to Rashmi, clearly unphased by her anger or her pain. He smiles at her quaintly, then twists the mace in his hand.

As Nanoha starts to rant against him, he turns to regard her, and the smile melts into a scowl. After all, she's the one who took away his ability to do actual damage. "Breaking things seems to have gotten your attention," he points out. "I'm quite sure the King would come, too, if I broke enough things."

"<Vorsicht. Hohe Leistungsstufe erkannt.>"

The rose-haired man looks down at his device in some surprise. "Really? Her?"


"Huh," he says, eyeing Nanoha with a renewed respect. "I would not have expected that from a pipsqueak. Cartridge Load," he says.

Once more, the device twists and hisses as it loads another magical cartridge. And then he declares, "Control mode."

The device warps and twists, transforming from a mace to a whip in an instant. He leaps forward, cracking the whip in the air and sending a burst of sonic energy towards Nanoha.

Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 09:20:33 74902
Sadly, Rashmi isn't entirely giving the rose-haired man the attention he feels he deserves. No, the bulk of her attention is on the monkey lying on the pavement, injured by magic he should have never had to take for her. "Nicomacheus," she sobs, "isn't there anything we can *do* for him?"

"<Yes,>" the Device says almost immediately. "<Though the Knight's removal remains top priority. The ritual will require time and concentration.>"

For a moment, it seems like the red-haired girl wants to argue... But a flurry of motion grabs her attention, and a half-heartbeat behind the German incantation, comes one in english. <Defend, Summertide Shield!>

A circle of complicated lines and glyphs drawn in golden light springs into existence beneath Nanoha, revolving gently as the spell builds a shimmering, yellow-tinted dome of frozen sunlight around the younger mage. "NO!" Rashmi cries, rising to her feet. "You do *not* get to come here, smash up the city, *hurt my pet,* and act like you own this place!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 09:26:40 74903
Nanoha mostly accomplishes her goal of making herself a target, though thorough no particular action of her own she said or did it seems. She frowns and hears the command to load the cartridge. She's fought cartridge users. She understands what they do. Raising Heart doesn't have a cartridge system yet though.

Nanoha throws her hand forwad, summoning a round shield to try to absorbs the impact. It won't block it. She knows this. She's only trying to shock absorb most of the impact.

Then there's some new shield around her-- which seems enough to absorb the impact in full, as she draws her arm up across her head. She lowers her arm as both shields most likely collapses from the hit.

< Divine Shoot! > calls out Raising Heart as Nanoha draws her device upwards. Those magenta orbs begin to arc off into a series of rapid, fast and spammmy magical laser blasts, one after another- an orb replacing another everytime it's shot out.

Yuuno arrives somewhere to the side of Rashmi he waves a paw. "Hello. My name is Yuuno Scrya. Nanoha-chan sent me over to help you, if you needed it. Is there anything I can do?" he asks, looking from Rashmi , down to the monkey. He frowns and then looks back up at the man. A Belkan Device. Not uncommon. But not common either.

"Do you know who this person is?" he asks. "He acts odd."
Chandra 2017-04-21 09:34:19 74904
Rashmi's shield doesn't hold. Not on its own, anyways. GThe cracks and fractures in that golden light are like a hammer smashed against tempered glass. They spread quickly, little fractures,slowly tearing the shield apart until it eventually cracks.

But so m uch of the energy from the sonic wave is diverted into Rashmi's shield that Nanoha's one-handed barrier is more than sufficient to absorb the rest of the energy.

And then Raising Heart begins directing Nanoha's own energy. Those balls of power streak through the sky, little beams of pink energy that slam into the plant-man left, right, and center. His body rocks back and forth as the kinetic energy knocks him back. One shot after the next, he goes reeling backwards until he fetches up against a car. There he remains, blinking in surprise for a few moments, as he tries to regain his senses.

"Wh..." he asks, confusedly, looking around himself. "The heck?" he asks, then suddenly pushes off and rushes towards Nanoha.


Once again the whip transforms into a mace, flanged with sharp metal thorns. He rushes towards Nanoha, grimmacing in anger as he tries to smash the ten-year-old with his device.

At least his attacks are relatively straightforward, lacking in the finesse and speed that Fate usually demonstrates. But it's pretty clear that if he connects even one blow, Nanoha's going to be hurting. Raw strength, rather than precision, seems to be this strange person's modus operandi.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 09:39:46 74905
"Nicomacheus said something about temporal instability," Rashmi says, glancing down at Yuuno. "Can you help him, please? He's my friend." Her voice breaks on the last word, and a new look of determination crawls over her face. Straightening, she flips her Device open, holding one hand out toward the German-speaking mace.

A series of magic circles fade into being around her forearm, slowly revolving opposite each other. Each larger than the one before it, the circle in front of her hand seems roughly half as tall as Rashmi herself, with a trio of satellite circles at its edge. Three mana globes appear in the smaller circles, humming with power, and as Rashmi speaks the incantation they rush to the center, the entire structure collapsing outward to turn the golden-colored mana into a coruscating beam of magical energy. < SOLAR STORM! >
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 09:50:55 74906
Yuuno is not a medic, but he does know some basic stablizing and healing magic. He frowns a little grimly as his tiny paws wave over the monkey. This is bad. Very bad. He's doing his best, circles of magic appearing around his wrists as he tries to heal, but the damage is too severe, what he's doing is just being undone the moment he lets up and he can't keep the healing up indefinitly.

Nanoha Takamachi, meanwhile, is used to dodging Fate. Someone who strikes with speed and accuracy. Dodging this man's giant mace as he unweildly swings it around is a smaller task as she keeps moving backwards and weaving when she has to.

Nanoha mutters something under her breath. < Chain Bind! > calls out Raising Heart as chains fly out from four different small portals around the man, trying to grab each limb to keep him from easily moving.

Regardless of wether this succeeds or not she draws Raising Heart upwards as a build up of energy happens...


< Divine... >


< ..Buster! >

A brillant purple beam lances out from the build up of energy as she fires off the blast from the cannon she's holding in her hands.

Yuuno meanwhile, is used to Nanoha handling stuff while he sidelines. He does look up to watch the Divine Buster lance out. "You said he's your friend. Is he your familiar?" he asks. "...you're a mage. Right?" he asks. "That's an intelligent device. Right?"
Chandra 2017-04-21 09:57:15 74907
The Chain Bind is almost shaken off. The first chain to grasp the plant-like man simply shatters under his raw strength. The second holds him down for long enough for the third and fourth to join in. All three are strained by his strength as he tries to continue rushing at Nanoha.

But a few moments is all the pair of mages need.

The three solar storm rips through the plant-man, blasting him with more energy than chlorophill can absorb.

Divine Buster slams into him from the opposite side, intensifying the sunburn dramatically.

When the scream of the energy fades, the scream of his pain picks up. "AHHHH!!!!" he's yelling at the top of his lungs, angry, and hurt, and frustrated, and not handling this well at all.

Eventually he stops screaming. He shudders and takes a heavy breath, then declares, "Return."

"<Zeitliche Sprung.>"

A rip in reality opens before Nanoha, revealing a place long out of time: Tokyo is not a city of skyscrapers and concrete, but of paper and wood homes, brilliant red and brown everywhere.

The powerful plant-man simply rips himself free of the chain bind's remaining three links, then hisses in pain and points his mace at Nanoha. "This isn't over," he declares, before jumping through the portal. It closes behind him instantly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 10:02:48 74908
Rashmi Terios sinks to her knees as the plant-man makes his escape, lifting her glasses and scrubbing at her eyes with one forearm. For a moment, she simply sits in silence, as Yuuno asks his questions. "....He's my friend," she repeats, reaching down to touch the poor monkey's cheek. "I'm a mage, yes... And... Nicomacheus calls himself a Support Device? But I don't know what a familiar is?"

Which is when the book decides to chime in. "< A familiar is born of the soul of an animal and the heart of a mage, >" It chirps, someone less clever-sounding than a proper Intelligent Device.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 10:13:39 74909
Nanoha Takamachi watches as the man leaves. 'this isn't over'. Is something she hears a lot. She sighs a bit and shakes her head as she looks toward's Yuuno and the other girl. She glides on over and lands onto the ground as the wings on feet blink away in a flash of magenta light.

"Yuuno. Is the monkey going to be okay?" she asks with concern. Yuuno shakes his head. "I don't know. It's bad. Nanoha." he says with grave concern. She frowns and looks to the older girl. She tries to smile. "Hello. My names Nanoha Takamachi. This is Raising Heart." she says, raising her device. Which beeps a < Greetings. >.

"That's Yuuno. He's a space archeologist." Yuuno rolls his eyes. "I'm an archeologist studying the Belkan civilivation." he says as he keeps the healng up.

Yuuno frowns up at the girl. "I can't do any more for him." he says. "I'm sorry."
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 10:19:55 74910
Rashmi Terios looks from ferret to girl, then to staff, and back down to the monkey. "You can't.... you mean he's going to die?" She slumps a bit further, utter devastation written on her face. After a moment, she shakes her head. "I... sorry. I'm Rashmi Terios, Takamachi-san, Yuuno-sensei. This is Nicomacheus." She holds up the book, which gives an answering chime.

"< The assesment is correct, >" the book says. " < He will die soon, unless urgent medical attention is received, or you perform the rite of the Familiar. The process is involved, but I am capable of performing the necessary channeling. >"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 10:27:50 74911
Yuuno nods a little as he sighs. "Yes. I am not a healer. What I know isn't enough. Anything I'm healing is just ... not healing enough. Too severe." he says. "And Nanoha-chan isn't a healer at all." he says.

Nanoha frowns. "I'm sorry." she says. "I don't like to fight. But I need to. Because things like that happen." she says, sort of fidgeting her foot.

"Terios-san then." she says. "I haven't seen you around. Are you new or have you been keeping a low profile?" she asks curiously. The familiar spell. "Someone I know did that too. To a small leopard kitten..." she says.

"It worked out really well for them. I think." she says.

"Oh. Right. Yuuno isn't my familiar. He's a friend. He's his own ferret!" she says nodding matter of factly. Yuuno rolls his eyes again lightly despite the situation.

"That's your decision of course." he says as he looks up to Rashmi.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-21 10:32:26 74912
"I'm... sort of new," Rashmi murmurs, carefully smoothing down the monkey's head, biting her lower lip. "I don't like to fight, either. I'm not really that suited to it, to be honest... but... Chandra, he... someone in Mom's family gave him to her as a wedding gift, he's... I grew up with him, you know? I..." Closing her eyes for a moment, she nods to herself.

"All right," she says, trying *very* hard to keep her voice something like steady. "I'll do everything I can to save him. He did the same for me, so..." Drawing in a deep breath, she opens her Device and lays it flat next to the monkey in the street.

"Show me how to make a Familiar."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-04-21 10:43:50 74913
Yuuno steps aside and hops back up to Nanoha's shoulder as Nanoha also steps back. This isn't her bussiness to say anything in. She just stands back, not wanting to get in the way of either of them for the moment as she purses her lips a little. She's seen this before.

She wonders if it's going to be the same.