Hammer Time

Several magical mahou investigate rumors of a catasropohic cat youma. A new face comes to the fore to hammer the problem out with them. Everyone walks home with sand in their shoes.

Date: 2017-04-23
Pose Count: 40
Ariel Theodore 2017-04-23 23:13:54 75068
    Tonight's not a good night. The curious might have wandered out this way, or perhaps those duty bound to battle and fight against the forces of darkness. But it's probably a long train ride. It's a much more suburban sector of Tokyo; those do exist, believe it or not. But that's a side note.
    There have been rumors.
    The neighborhood peace disturbed at night by some kind of monster cat; one eye witness said it wad made of sand. Though they were dismissed as a result of such odd statements, those of Tokyo's more magically inclined populace might have a better understanding of what this means.
    Something isn't quite right as the sun starts to go down.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-23 23:23:55 75070
Haruna Kurosawa likes to keep her head to the ground for any rumors about things. The Phantom Empire has been quiet lately but more important, Phantom was back in town and that meant everything. Thusly. She decides to check it out. She's positive it's a dead lead. This isn't the Empire's style. She's taken a train. On her shoulder is Corvus, a seagull who is busy reading a tiny book as he wears tiny reading glasses.

"You know this is a waste of time, probably, right?" says the bird to Haruna lowly. Haruna shrugs. "Even if it isn't a lead, there's still something out there that needs beat up." she says.

Shes hoped out and began exploring the neighborhood. She's used to the night. The night isn't really scary when you think about it so hard.

She's taken walking down one of those suburban roads. "Do you feel anything, Corvus-kun?" she asks to the seagull. He shakes his head. "Not yet. Keep searching. If there's something here, we'll figure it out." Haruna sighs as she splays a hand through her long hair at the tips a moment.
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-23 23:27:13 75071
The Minase family pays close attention to rumors of ghosts and other gribblies. Hokuto is no less attentive, even if she tends to act dismissive of them when the 'scary stories' make the rounds at school. It's still not exactly much of a secret that her family are deeply into the weird.

So when the word comes around of a monster cat lurking in the night, she takes note of it. Equipping herself with her familiar peachwood bow and sword, both wrapped in a bolt of silk to keep from alarming passers-by, she adds an extra bundle of recently-penned ofuda to the pouch on her belt before heading out to have a look around the neighborhood in question.

As the sun dips below the Tokyo skyline, she debarks from a bus, pausing at the bus-stop bench to make sure her sneakers are securely tied before wandering down the dimming street.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-23 23:28:30 75072
When you're a newbie mahou... Every muttering of the strange and darkly mysterious feels like it could be a dire portent. While Rashmi's normal haunts are a good ways away from this particular suburb, train fare is a small price to pay to be able to sniff out darkness on a Sunday evening.

Clad in a simple skirt and shapeless top, Rashmi seems to be trying to look everywhere at once, occasionally offering a blueberry to the monkey riding on her shoulder.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-04-23 23:39:43 75077
Tsubasa Kazanari was in the area for entirely different reasons. The studio has a second branch near here, for more out of the way recordings and relaxation for the bigger stars. She doesn't want to be here, it keeps her out of the action. So when she hears about a monster cat, she insists she needs to destress and will be back after taking a ride to get her mind off of things.

Thus, the idol finds herself riding her motorbike in the rough direction of these rumours at the time the sun starts to go down, her eyes kept open as she looks around for anything that might reveal the rumours to be true.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-04-23 23:41:19 75078
Unlike most people, Alex hasn't really been... in the kind of place where he can listen to rumors. Or get this kind of intel in any other way either, truth be told.

He's not in the neighbourhood to look for ghost cats or whatever. He's not even here to hunt for any other kind of evil. Hell-- the fact that he's currently vampiric might place him as hunting for food, but he's not doing *that* either.

Rather, he's.... merely wandered. Blindly. Largely as a result of his recent developments, he needed to try to work some steam off, and lacking any better way to do such, he just *ran*. And ran. Kept running, and leaping from rooftop to rooftop, until eventually he just found himself somewhere he didn't recognize. He doesn't usually go to suburbian areas, but-- there you go. He's ended up perhcing within the shadows of one of the rooftops here as a result of it, with his knees drawn up and legs hugged. Hoodie drawn up.

Honestly he probably ends up looking just as out of place and mysterious as the fabled monster cat.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-23 23:43:24 75079
    Well there's something interesting. It's a little tough to see at a distance, but that looks like a woman out for an evening run.

    ...no, no, that's not right. There's too much effort going into that. It's not so much 'evening run' as 'running for her life'. To someone like a magical girl, the body language is unmistakable.

    She's tearing down the suburban street at a pretty fast clip, doing surprisingly little rubbernecking - must be some survival instincts on that one. The evening breeze has her messy brown hair looking tousled, her loose-fit red shirt and bluejeans billow as she runs, she's the very picture of 'someone calmly and strategically running the hell away'.
Ariel Theodore 2017-04-23 23:59:26 75082
    The sun sets. It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a gribbly. Well not exactly, but perhaps the sight of a figure wheeling out at a full tilt sprint may be cause for concern. Though as she goes barrelling by at her top speed, there is a lull and silence that follows her. As though she were runninf from nothing at all, and it seems to last for a long enough moment that her state of mind may come into question from a full on flight for life from... Absolutely nothing.
    Until a cool wind brings with it a few grains of sand. An abrasive brush against a cheek here or there, grains catching in the folds of clothing, the worst feeling of sand somehow getting into a shoe. At least before there's a heavy sliding sound. Like a dumpster full of fine grainy sand getting overturned and letting it all spill out, it slides into view from around the corner of a dilapidated and abandoned house- easily the kind tha could be found in any ghost story.
    Funny thing... How the sand slithers along the ground as though it had a mind of its own as it starts to take form and shape; loosely packing on itself to build upwards. The shape of menacingly clawed paws, four strong supple legs, a sleek body, and feline snout.
    And baleful glowing eyes with ill intent.
    And it's chasing her.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-24 00:10:10 75084
Spotting the girl running away, Rashmi's eyes move quickly to the direction the girl ran from. Well that's... worrying, she thinks at the monkey on her shoulder. Glancing about, she finds a handy alleyway to slip into, peeking around the corner to catch sight of the girl's pursuer, and absently brished a few grains of sand from her sleeve.

Looking back up, she catches the sound of a beach on the move, and her eyes widen as the trail slithers into view. "....Oh," she murmurs, voice faint.

Taking in a deep breath, she pulls a small charm from her pocket, a red glass bead set in a gold-painted sunburst, and closes her eyes. "Nichomachea -- Setup!"

One flurry of special effect later, the charm has become an armored book, and the girl, now a proper mahou in a green-and-gold armored dress, steps out from behind the alleyway, pointing her free hand at the onrushing mass of sand and claws. "STOP!"
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-24 00:21:27 75086
Sometimes you need to hunt down rumors. Sometimes rumors come to you. The drifting sand is noted as unusual, but perhaps not of immediate worry... at first. It is only when a girl runs in fright from it that Hokuto's notice sharpens and focuses on the swirling threat.

As the cat-beast takes shape, she reaches down to pluck a set of paper slips from her belt pouch, tossing them into the air with a flourish. The inked charaacters glow brightly, expanding into yard-wide floating images, then wash over her as she hurries past - and instead of jeans and windbreaker, the girl that emerges wears the crimson hakama and ribboned white blouse of a miko.

She reaches back over her shoulder, and the silken roll unfurls as she pulls out her bow and sets another ofuda against the string. As she draws it back, the paper bursts into flame, taking the form of a burning arrow ready to fire. She lets fly with a wordless yell, the arrow speeding past to burst just in front of the speeding cat.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-24 00:23:46 75088
Corvus huhs suddenly from Haruna's shoulder. "Okay. That's something." he says. "Come on Haruna!" he says.

Haruna looks over to where Corvus looks. She's not in view of it, yet as she nods. "Right!" she says as he pulls out her PrettyChange Mirror along with her card set. Cards get shoved into the top of the mirror.

<T-Time to Change! Rolling Mirror Change!> spouts the mirror.

There is a transformation sequence here involving a cloak. Lots of teal green hearts and with a flourish!

"The Wings of Hope, that Soar Across the Sea, Cure Gull!~ calls out Cure Gull. It's the introduction. You can't not yell it.

Wings from from the bow on the back of her waist and she takes to the sky in that direction, Corvus flapping his wings after him as she hovers somewhere overhead. "Woah! I'm gonna need like. A show the size of a dumpster to hold all that sand!" she says with wide eyes.

"What.. why--why a shoe?"

"You've never been to a beach with shoes on have you?" she asks Corvus.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-04-24 00:27:18 75090
As soon as she sees the cat, Tsubasa heads her motorbike off in an alley, takes of her helmet and opens her mouth.

    "Imyeteus Ame no Habakiri Tron~"

When she comes back out, she's wearing her symphogear and has a katana in her hand. She's also not doing anything like talk (aside from singing) but instead she simply jumps towards it, the blade in her hand growing to be something Cloud Strife might be jealous of, and aiming to cut its head off. She's a straightforward sort.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-04-24 00:32:32 75092
The girl running for her life from... nothing, catches Alex's attention fist, in the meantime. In that case, though, it's largely a coincidence-- she just happens to run past the vision of his gaze.


So he unwraps himself from his brooding sitting posture, and moves to follow, out of curiousity. Leaping from the shadows of one rooftop to the next. When the sand begins forming up to take the shape of a feline monster, for that brief moment he sets to leap down...

Before Rashmi comes yelling at the thing. And he stops just before the edge of the rooftop, and underneath the shade of his hood, his eyes blink rapidly in measures of both surprise and confusion. Did she just...?

If he was going to jump down *after that*, though, he gets delayed *again* by the fact that there's suddenly magic EVERYWHERE. Prayer sheets and the magic arrow suddenly bursting up before the beast urges him to back up half a step in his crouch and draw one arm up to shield his face with a confused grunt, and... Then his eyes turn to the speeding, sword-wielding Tsubassa. That one he at least *vaguely* recognizes.

So taking all that into account? He remains on the roof for now. There's about to be a clash he can't interfere in-- for now. So he watches.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-24 00:41:26 75093
    Behind her, someone yells 'stop', and the running woman slows for the first time. Just enough to turn herself around to look, and- whoa. There's a lot of hair hanging down in front of her face, but that's not an adult's face at all. But the instant she gets a look at several costumed weirdos converging on the sand beast, she turns and lunges into that flat-out run again. 'The hell with this' is apparently her decision. She doubles back in the direction of the dilapidated house - and vaults the pedestrian gate on a train crossing, just as a commuter train is on its way through. Well, if she wanted to lose a pursuer, that's sure not a bad way...?
Ariel Theodore 2017-04-24 01:04:31 75097
    The monstrous cat of terrible rumor is just about fully formed when it begins to truly give chase. Already bounding itself forward, clearly after the girl. At least until there is so much magic all around. Rashmi throws herself in its path and tries to halt it. It... Keeps going. Seemingly breaking up into dust and sand and flowing around the book-wielding mage before reforming on her other side.
    What finally brings it to a halt is the combined assault. Flaming arrow impacts and the cat craters, exploding in on itself before an eruption of sand comes blasting out its own back with the arrow, followed up by Tsubasa's great leap and cut taking its head off. Or seeming to.
    Wind swirls and howls, circling in on itself in a tiny tornado, with no sound beyond the soft rustle of sands on the wind as the cat beast reforms, staring for a beat after its original quarry as she puts a train between it and herself. Before turning on the others. Even as it bares fangs it makes little sound aside from the whisper of the winds as it bounds, trying to pounce Tsubasa, seemingly out of vengeful intent, lashing out at Hokuto on its path as well. It may be made of sand... But those claws look razor sharp.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-24 01:12:45 75100
Cure Gull eyes. Some people she doesn't know. That's okay though! Cure Gull spins the dial on her PreBrace a moment as it charges with a flash of green light as it begins to bound for Tsubasa. She raises her hand upwards. "GULL WIND BURST!" she calls out as she drags her hand back into a flash of sea-green tinted wind filled with white feathers, she makes a dash towards the ground as she makes to connect the wind infused punch, along with the cutting feathers to explode outward into the beast as she huffs.

Wait. Did that girl just try to yell Stop earlier. She squints a bit as she thinks over this just a moment.

"Corvus, do me a favor and see if there's any nearby fire hydrants. I think this things name is 'Mud' soon. Maybe." she says.

Corvus salutes and takes off. She frowns.

She needs to go out with Cure Tide more often. She does the water cannon thing. She's just wind and feathers.

"Hey everyone! Anyone know whats the Sand Cat is about!?" she calls out.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-24 01:17:32 75101
...Well that was disappointing. Slightly miffed at her complete shutdown, Rashmi turns to face the creature once again... And her eyes widen as it gathers itself to pounce on two more girls, for the crime of coming in to the rescue.

Flipping her book open, she summons a magical circle with Tsubasa at one edge, to give Hokuto the chance to dive inside it. Sadly, her sense of style hasn't *quite* developed enough to give her a distincy style to her magic, and this the basic "SHIELD!" incantation rings out, shielding swordswoman -- and archer, possibly -- in a transparent dome of yellow light, like sunlight turned to glass.

"I don't know!" she calls up to Cure Gull. "It was just chasing this girl, I think she went to the train tracks!"
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-24 01:21:33 75102
Hokuto leaps back from the charging sand-cat, its claws slicing through an ofuda she was about to set to her bow. Well, that won't do. "Watch it, kittycat!" she yells out as she fishes for another slip. This one she simply tosses into the air, watching as it affixes itself to the wall of a nearby shop.

"Hey blue!" she yells, as the cat seems to focus on Tsubasa for a moment. "Keep it busy for a minute!" She pulls out another slip that affixes itself to the shop wall across from the first, and energy begins to resonate between the two as she builds a binding.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-04-24 01:32:19 75103
Tsubasa flips backwards when the claws come her way, and thus only gets clipped in one of her legs. It hurts, but she's dealt with worse, and when she lands her hands, blades extend from her leg and she starts to spin rapidly. If it reforms upon getting hit, then just make sure it never stops getting hit long enough to reform, at least that's the thinking.

She doesn't answer anyone, but at least technically this counts as 'keeping it busy'
Alexis Raskoph 2017-04-24 01:33:48 75104
Meanwhile, up on the roof...

"...Yare yare..." Sighs out Alex while he brings himself rising up from a crouch, one hand tugging lightly at the edge of his hood to keep it low enough that his face remains shaded even if someone were to look up towards him. Lot of power thrown around down there. Attack and defense power both, the bird girl and the priestess both seem to be throwing plans on the fly. That thing won't stay together for long. Cut and run case. That is... Green eyes flicker off to the side. ...If there's nothing else to this. Even if my energy level stays stable enough to fight... *someone* should check.

So just like that, the vampire above backs himself into the shadows again-- and finds himself leaping off to the direction the girl from before ran off to, and bounding above and past the train speeding through the tracks.

Here's hoping he doesn't come across as another predator.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-24 01:40:09 75105
    Over on the other side of the tracks, there's a booming thunderclap. Alex vaults the train just in time to see a bolt of lightning out of the clear night sky, not a cloud in sight, right down into the ruins of the house. The train finishes passing by, and there's someone else way down there, stumbling out into the street in a mix of confusion and alarm. A tall girl in reds and metal, spiky crimson hair and violet eyes. And a great big hammer, elegant and powerful at the same time. A few tiny, residual arcs of electricity ripple across her form. She's got that all-too-familiar 'what on earth just happened to me' look in her face, continuing to glance between herself and the hammer. But hearing the fracas, no longer muted by the bulk of a passenger train, she looks up, and very quickly comes to a decision.

    All those weird girls in costumes are fighting it. She's got this big hammer. Might as well.

    The towering girl in red comes charging up the street, holding the hammer two-handed, bolting straight past Hokuto. She heaves the hammer around herself, spinning up into a momentum-building rotation that sets electricity crackling around the head of the weapon, and then - slipping smoothly past Tsubasa with impecabble timing - she heaves it upward and brings it down on the sand beast's head with a formless roar. "RAAAAAAAH!"
Ariel Theodore 2017-04-24 02:07:29 75108
    It's fast. For a monster made out of sand, and roughly the size of a car, it moves in a smooth flow; as though it were carried more by the wind than its own locomotion. Still, despite its flowing nature it still is physical to a degree. As Rashmi casts her shield spell those menacing claws are stopped short. It tries to batter the spell aside only to be caught in a miserable crossfire. The beginnings of Hokuto's bind spell and Tsubasa's vicious flurry of blows certainly keep it busy... Before the sky shatters with the sound of thunder, and the girl in red appears, hammer in hand, and bearing down.
    For all of one final valiant effort to lash out and take someone with it with snapping jaws and vicious claws, it soaks the blows like... Sand. And with one last explosive puff and hiss on the wind it loses all form, reduced to harmless fine grain dust that the local neighborhood will no doubt be confused about, come morning time.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-24 02:13:03 75110
Her shield dome empty of people, Rashmi dismisses the spell, eyes wide at the newcomer in their midst. "I.... are you okay?" is all she manages in the silence as the dust begins to settle.

Her expression is quite pleased, however; whether from seeing all the backup, or the existence of a mahou even newer to this job than she is.

"Was it you that thing was after?"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-04-24 02:17:29 75112
Tsubasa tsks when it's dead and she notices the clear newbie, "Some advice. Don't get yourself killed, and stay out of my way." She offers in some vague approximation of advice. And then the Symphogear user walks off, not sparing another glance to the people that are present. The problem has been dealt with, she is no longer needed here.
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-24 02:18:42 75114
With the beast vanquished, the ofuda-slips burn away, leaving no marks on the shop walls they had affixed themselves to. Hokuto waves another slip, and as it vanishes into sparkling lights, her clothing returns to her usual, more casual selection.

"Good hit," she calls over to the girl with the hammer. "Looks like that one won't be bothering anyone else again." She looks over at Tsubasa, about to compliment her, but shuts her mouth with a click of teeth when the latter speaks. A glare follows the Symphogear Samurai's departure, and she hmphs and returns her attention to hammer-girl. "Well, she's right about one thing. Rule one: Don't die."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-24 02:27:10 75115
Cure Gull leaps back to the ground as she watches the thing... get utterly destroyed. "Huh." she says.

"Corvus, come back!" she calls out. Corvus turns around mid flight and flies back to her shoulder. "It's done!" she beams to him. She turns back to the others. Then Tsubasa is this hilarously rude jerk and she huffs. "H--hey!" she calls out as she places her hands to her waist as she sighs.

She turns to the others. "Hello! I'm Cuuuuure Gull!" she says. "And this is Corvus." Corvus waves a wing. "Yo."

She looks to the new girl with a big hammer. "Woah that's a big hammer." she says. She looks back over to Rashmi and blinks.

"Hey. Uh. Are you new too? That's like two new in a night!" she beams.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-24 02:39:51 75120
    The girl's shoulders heave in the aftermath, her breathing ragged as much from the adrenaline as it is from the exertion. For a second or two, she doesn't even seem to notice the others around her, just sort of staring at the hammer as a bit of lingering electricity arcs across the head. Rashimi speaks up, though, and she quickly sweeps around, finally recognizing that yes, all those weirdos are here. "...uh." A very eloquent reply. "I..." There's some frowning, and after a second's pause, she lies through her teeth. "I dunno. I just got here." It's not convincing in the least.

    And there goes Queen Jerkamina Swordington. Her 'advice' earns a deep scowl, but the girl in crimson doesn't reply. Not one bit. No sir. That mumbled, 'nobody asked' was just your imagination. What nobody imagines is her giving Hokuto a more cautious look. "...that's obvious." she says finally, before swinging the hammer up onto her shoulder. There's an uncomfortable sort of shift to her stance; all three girls have now turned their attention on her. She clams up fast. "I... I don't... I didn't sign up for anything. I don't want in any fraternity or whatever." The tall girl takes a step or two back. "Don't even know what the hell's going on. I'm leaving."

    She turns to go, though it's at a brisk, irritable walk rather than anything quicker.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-24 02:57:06 75125
"Sort of?" Rashmi says in answer to Gull's question, smiling uncertainly. "I mean, I haven't been doing this very long, bu--" She's cut off by Kokoro's eloquence, and as the taller girl tries to brush off the group, glances back and forth, and coughs. "SorryI'mRashmiTeriosandmymonkey'snameisChandrahe'smyfamiliarsorryagain!" Dash.

Pelting after Kokoro, Rashmi's hand rises, waving back and forth. "Hang on, hang on!"
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-24 02:59:23 75126
Hokuto nods casually. "Well, welcome to town, then. Hope you like it here." She flashes a warm smile as she watches the girl.

Then the girl starts walking away, and the other new girl interjects her introduction. "Ah," Hokuto mutters as she tries to parse the rapid sentence, eventually picking names out of it. "Well, if we're doing introductions," she adds, casting a glance at Rashmi, "Hokuto Minase. A pleasure to meet you both."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-24 03:07:20 75128
Cure Gull blinks as the girl begins to leave. She looks to the others, blinks and then jogs backwards so she can look Kokoro in the face as she trudges off grumpily. "H-hey!" she says. "Some of us didn't ask for this stuff, sure." she says. "But that doesn't mean you gotta be upset at about it! I dunno what sword mcswordface's problem is, but we're not all like that! We were all kinda new one time." she says.

Corvus merely nods matter of factly.

Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-24 03:11:15 75129
    Kokoro keeps on walking, doing her absolute, resolute best to pretend that she can't hear Cure Gull. Can't hear her. Nope. Not noticing a thing. Just going to keep marching right down this street and... and...

    And there's Rashimi too.

    "I got enough going on in my life," the redhead finally grouses, turning her eyes towards Cure Gull briefly. "I don't need this... whatever this is, on top of it. This is insane, I- what is it," she finally says, slowing just enough to turn and look in Rashmi's direction. Slowing down with Gull right there will probably prove to have been a mistake. Now there's one on either side of her.
Rashmi Terios 2017-04-24 03:17:41 75132
"Look," Rashmi begins, slowing to a jog and trying not to show that she's a terrible sprinter. "Look... just... It was really weird for me, when this happened. Like... suddenly the world's a lot more dangerous, because oh my god there's *monsters* and they might *eat* people or just suck away anything that makes life worth living and you're probably going to go home and have like this *giant freakout* for a few hours, because apparently it's your job to *fight* them now. But just... when you're done freaking out, and you start wondering how you're going to deal with it long-term? Remember all of us, because it means you're not the only one."

With an earnest smile, the dark-skinned red-haired mahour passes over a slightly crumpled flyer, offering 15% off the Korma Chameleon, in one of the quieter Tokyo neighborhoods a short hop from Shinjuku. "Also if you get hungry, c'mon by. Mami makes the curry spices herself."

And with that, and a final wave, she dashes off into the night. Homework must be done, yet.
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-24 03:20:03 75133
Hokuto truly doesn't find anything strange about this sort of thing - but then, she's grown up expecting it, training for it, so it truly is normal to her. She nods along with Rashmi's rant about ohmygodmonsters, as if agreeing with everything, then shrugs.

"You did well enough against this one. I'd say you've got nothing to worry about. It's not like we're going to fight each other, after all." Well, probably not. Stuff happens.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-24 03:31:32 75136
Cure Gull smiles. "Hey this is a lot better introduction than I had. I met this crow and he tricked me into becoming this evil witch and stuff because he wanted to be free from this tablet and stuff." she says. "So you know. Rule #3. Crows are jerks."

Corvus crosses his arms and hrmphs.

"Except when they're seagulls now." she insists.

"Yeah it is dangerous, yeah?" she asks. "But.. that thing could had hurt a lot of people in this neighborhood." she says.

"And now it can't!" she beams.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-04-24 03:41:04 75138
From shadows to shadows, Alex was moving still. Though-- significantly delayed in further movements by the sheer, utter *surprise* of the lightning strike from clear skies and thunder-hammer-wielding redhead alike.

But now, still. He drops down from somewhere to return onto the edge of a rooftop, overlooking the girls down below, with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. Funny, that. Not costumed like the others in any manner. Just... dressed like a civilian. But there's still something *off* about him.

Below the hood, his eyes mostly focus on Kokoro there, in sheer curiousity, but... they drift towards Cure Gull. He's never seen Haruna like this before, so he doesn't come to actually recognize her, but... he still feels some strange bit of familiarit he can't quite put his finger on.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-24 03:43:50 75139
    Yep. Kokoro is now surrounded. Confirmed: Slowing down was a mistake.

    It's Rashmi that keeps her attention for the longest. As she listens, a deep scowl etches itself into her features. "...It ain't my job to do /anything/. I didn't ask for this or get called for this or- or anything, and I got my own problems to deal with, and all of a sudden this big sand monster just starts chasing me and- I don't got /room/ for this in my life." That's as much to Hokuto as it is Rashmi. She shifts to try and step around the group- oh and there's bird girl again. She stares, intently, with those violet eyes.

    "...you're weird."

    So let's try this again. Escape attempt number 2: Go. Brisk walking pace engaged. Completely oblivious to rooftop observation. Or much of anything, at the moment. She's trying to pretend she doesn't notice the weirdos again.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-04-24 03:52:17 75141
Cure Gull starts moving again. "Yup! Super weird! That's me!" she beams. "Actually I'm just trying to break the ice." she says.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll figure it out..." she says as she shoves her hand into her vest and pulls out a card. It says 'Gullwing Coffee!' 'Owner: Haruna Kurosawa' and a phone number and a little swirly seagull motif logo. "That's my coffee shop! Stop by and just tell the blonde girl that's the manager that you're ready to talk!" she says. Then she also shoves a card into Rashmi's hand. "Here! You too!" she says. "Oh and you!" she says shoving another card into Hokuto's hand.

"On your own time okay!?" she says.

"Okay I need to get outta here because I have a guy hunting me who specifically hunts my kind of magical girl? So I gotta run. Bye!" she says as the wings form from her back bow again and she leaps up wards and then begins taking off back towards the city when she gets high enough- in the form of a bright green energy beam.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-04-24 03:59:18 75144
And up above, Alex's eyes turn up for just a few seconds towards the CURE GULL LIFTOFF with a slow, steady blink.

For just a moment, he suddenly wishes he could fly too. Yes. He's jealous.

When his gaze drops downwards again, his nose wrinkles, and he takes a slow step backwards, to turn away-- and take off, himself, in a much less theatrical manner of running and leaping across rooftops.
Hokuto Minase 2017-04-24 04:08:57 75146
Hokuto, dressed normally and looking like nothing at all weird has happened, walks alongside the girl for a short time. "Well, if you want to insist, there's nothing we can do to keep you here. I'll wish you the best of luck in finding the peace you seek." She smiles lightly and continues walking, pausing as a passing car slows and comes to a stop at the street-side. She waves casually and gets into the car, which drives off.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-04-24 04:10:49 75148
    There's already one crumpled-up up flyer in her hand, and now the bird girl is trying to hand her a business card too. Kokoro shies away just a half-step, looking down at the card, then into Cure Gull's eyes, then down at the card again.

    And then five feet, five inches of thirteen-year-old girl declares, "I don't drink coffee. It stunts your growth."

    That leaves her alone with Hokuto, briefly. Long enough to receive some words that seem to darken her features. Her voice drops a couple notches in volume. "...people keep sayin' that. Keeps not happening." She doesn't even seem to notice when the girl gets into a car and drives off.

    She'll probably be walking for a while. Hope she figures out how to transform back soon.