Dark Royalty

The Prince of Nightmares and Princess of DysDark form a terrible alliance.

Date: 2017-05-01
Pose Count: 9
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-01 02:08:15 75514
    A journey into the realm of nightmares is usually fraught with peril and horror. The very worst of the human subconscious is brought to the fore, every ounce of negativity, violence, and horror, swirled into one chaotic morass of the worst that can lurk in one's mind and more.
    But this particular nightmare is surprisingly calm. A dreary land devoid of color, the world a monochrome kaleidoscope of white, grey, and black. A literal landscape of nihilism given nebulous form, supporting a dreary gothic castle of jet black stone as dark as the night.
    It is rare that the Nightmare Prince receives visitors at all, and the last time he had done so, he was met with jeers, insult, and threats. Not one of which particularly moved him in any form save further into his own silent and inconsolable misery. But the gates are thrown open. And he sits waiting upon his dark throne, the young, masked, man in black waiting with an almost palpable sense of ennui.
Twilight 2017-05-01 02:31:12 75519
    Twilight is used to this kind of world. The Hope Kingdom isn't bright or vibrant anymore, nor has been- along as she can personally remembered. It's always been dark gloomy gothic and also covered in an unimaginable amount of thorned bramble. She is arriving at a castle much like her own, but now she notices how much it opens up the area without the thorns. Maybe she'll bring it up to mother sometimes soon.
    Twilight is The Princess of Despair, The Princess of DysDark and she's here with her mother, Dyspear's, blessing, to try to make some sort of alliance or if such a word is too strong, at least a rapport of convience. Quid-Pro-Quo and all that, afterall.
    She has brought Sachiko, or, Memoria really, along because she is perhaps some sort of 'lady in waiting' or a 'friend' as far as she's willing to extend the term here. She also knows she has a connection to the Prince in some form. This will help. She's a common tie.
    She walks along the many sparse halls. If she has things to note about the castle or it's occupant in the throne room it isn't readily apparent on her face and she's keeping them internal. Her face is respectfully straight as she enters.

She's used to large, empty throne rooms too.
    Evil doesn't interior decorate well apparently.
    She gives a respectful curtsey. It's prim and proper. "Greetings, your emenance." this is not her realm. This is not anyone she obeys. But there is a certain amount of respect given when both those things are true and they are not inherently an enemy. Decorum DEMANDS it.
    "I am Princess Twilight, Princess of Despair, Heir to DysDark." she says softly. "This is Memoria. She is a friend of mine. But. I understand. You may already know one another." she says softly.
    "I understand you've been having some small problems as of late. Is this correct?" she asks with a bit, just a bit, of sympathy in her voice.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-05-01 02:41:23 75520
"It's this way," Memoria says, as she guides Twilight through the halls. The young girl is dressed in an overly gothic gown; many layers of skirts one atop the other until it floofs out to nearly three times her own width. In her hand, she bears a wicked looking scythe with a comical jester's face. On her brow, Memoria bears the tiara that Twilight gave to Sachiko, and at her throat: the lock pendant that DysPear gave to the girl as well.

When they make their way to the throne room, Memoria steps away from Twilight, almost skipping as she rushes towards tthe Prince's arms. "Your Grace," says Memoria with a little titter of excitement in her voice. She ducks into a curtsey, then moves to be at his side, flanking her master as Twilight introduces herself.
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-01 02:59:04 75522
    And so he has a visitor. Though he was aware well in advance thanks to Memoria, it is still a long beat before the Prince shifts in his seat. There is... A sigh; weary perhaps, as the doors all opene for Twilight all on their own, leading into the spacious chamber of his throne room; and he allows her approach in patient silence, letting her be the first to speak, as Memoria takes to his side.
    The prince rises, a hand setting atop the scythe-bearing girl's head lightly in passing, as he makes his way toward the princess of DysDark. Though it may be his thronw room, decorum is quite important, and as host, he takes to a knee, gently clasping her hand for a kiss of chill lips upon knuckles.
    "I know who she is." HE says simply; that tired ennui heavy in his youthful yet deepening voice. "In fact it was Memoria who told me to expect your company tonight." The prince states candidly.
    "I am the prince of what goes bump in the night. And I apologize, but I'm not much of a good host in terms of entertainment, but." He speaks, "how can I help you, Princess Twilight?"
    He gets his answer fast though. The girl is down to business just like that, and it earns something of a wan smile. "Small problems. That is one manner of putting it, yes."
Twilight 2017-05-01 03:21:12 75524
    Tiny Unicorns are indeed small problems probably. Very small tiny problems.
    But problems netherless.
    She gently keeps a straight face. She doesn't smile, but she isn't quite frowning either. It's that neutral expression of 'nothing'.
    Decorum is everything. These are things a princess must know, these are things Flora and others don't know. This is why they are not princesses to her.
    "Yes. I have problems too." she says. "Upstarts. Want-to-be Princesses and a Former Prince who thinks he still has the right to chose a Princess." she says icily. "-and thier friends of course." she says.
    "Surely this sounds familiar to you." she says. "What I'm proposing. For now." she says raising a finger and placing it to the underside of her chin "An alliance of convience. We help you when you have trouble." she says. "And perhaps, you provide help when we have trouble. Help one another..."
    "Afterall..." she says.
    "'Friendship' and 'Teamwork' can't only work in thier advantage. Can it?" she asks.
    "Surely. It works both ways." she offers.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-05-01 03:48:54 75530
Memoria's little grin is all-too-wicked as she explains, to the prince, "They treated me really nicely when I went to visit the Kingdom of Dyspear. It was pretty, like yours, except there were more plants. And they gave me this," she says, reaching up to adjust her tiara, "and this," she touches the locket, "and one of them gave me the prettiest black flower I've ever seen. Can we give Princess Twilight something for coming here, to show that she's our friend, too?"
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-01 04:01:52 75533
    The Prince's problems go beyond little unicorns, but yes that happens to be among the more pressing ones. Yet still, once the proper greetings are settled, he returns to his throne. Though a wave of his hand summons a comfortable chair from gossamer nothingness and the fleeting stuff dreams are made out of. As comfortable and ornate as could be expected for a guest and princess, should Twilight desire.
    "This... Seems like a reasonable offer, yes." He muses. After all, it would put both of them in positions of advantage during times of need. "I will put thought to it. Though I believe I agree it would benefit us both." That seems mostly settled, before Memoria calls to his attention the tiara, locket, and flower.
    "Did they? Well; I think a gift in return would be a proper gesture." Murmured as he taps the nightmare-child gently under the chin. "I will let you decide among anything in my castle, what that may be." He says, settling the matter.
Twilight 2017-05-01 04:08:26 75537
    Oh. A gift? Yes, anything in the massive empty castle. She will take the. Uh. Air.
    Yes. "That is most gracious of you." she says. "Please take your time." there's not exactly a rush here. But time is a friend to no one except alcholol and cheese.
    She looks to Memoria and gives a soft, short smile of sorts. It's not wide. But it's there. She's sure she'll pick something pleasent if there is anything at all. She's not worried if it isn't anything at all. Really. It's the thought of the action that matters most in this deocrum. The offer. Sometimes you're supposed to refuse it out of respect because it's given in respect.
    When this is done and ready, she'll leave. Memoria is of course, welcome to come with her- to wherever it is she choses to go after this.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2017-05-01 04:11:01 75538
What, no lavish gift!? Tch, not cool. Memoria glances at the Prince of Nightmares with a frown, but then stows it immediately. He'd probably take away even her dreams of Anshi if she really protested.

Once the meeting is concluded, Memoria sketches another quick curtsey for her prince, then quick-steps after Twilight, guiding her back out to the halls. "Come on," she says withg a grin, "Let's find something amazing. I think we've got some monsters in the basement you might like."