Popcorn and movie magic

Unmei and Yuzu have a talk about Unmei's future, while watching movies.

Date: 2017-05-02
Pose Count: 19
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 21:32:00 75630
Unmei Tama was standing in front of the counter, staring at the big bowl of popcorn in front of her. She could do this. It was mostly dry, no butter. Tasted okay. She knew it did. She'd had it before. But she hadn't had it after being gluttony and --

No! She would be strong! Tonight was a date night and it was going to be sweet and romantic and they were going to SNUGGLE gosh darn it! She, timidly, reached out and picked up a single piece of popcorn. She stared at it like it was a cockroach, before closing her eyes and tossing it into her mouth. Nervously she chewed and swallowed. She then slowly opened her eyes, took a few deep breaths.

No bad reaction. She felt fine. Whew. Okay! She could do this! Yesss! Now she just had to wait for Yuzu to get here! She'd gotten a dozen romantic movies, and they were going to watch them and snuggle and eat pop corn and it was going to be ROMANTIC!

And then she was going to ask Yuzu if she could teach her self defense because, well, she was bad at asking things at the right time.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 21:52:27 75631
Yuzuki Amemori is once again visiting the ECFH after an extended amount of both crunch time, working with a few shows and artists and in general being super busy. She feels kind of bad about her lack of availability lately, but it happens. Knocking on the door, she waits quietly, having dressed up just a touch with an actual dress, which is a rarity for her. What, it's warm enough! She's gone with a sun dress. Sure it's kind of chilly out, but that isn't going to stop her from doign it from time to time!

Waiting quietly, she shifts from foot to foot, being just a touch on the tired side. She's not one for romantic movies persay, but she didn't pick them, doesn't know and won't complain either!
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 22:09:43 75632
Unmei Tama ran to the door and opened it. "Yuzu, I--" And froze. She just stared, her eyes going wide as she looked the girl up and down, just staring. "Wow," she whispered.

Then yelped when she realized that she was staring. She quickly turned around and blushed. "ummm, it's all ready. Let's, err. Go. You look really nice, today. I mean, you normally look nice. But today you look extra nice. If that's okay. Sorry. Err, come on in." She then motioned her inside.

Of course, once on the couch, Unmei was all kinds of snuggly, laying her head on her shoulder, gently squeezing her hand. And then giving a giggle as the silly people on the show did something stupid. Ah, rom coms. So good.

"How's everything been? I ummm, I know you've been busy with shows and stuff. I... I saw a few. Did you notice me in the crowd? Right, sorry, you were pretty busy... ummmmm... how have classes been?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 22:20:02 75633
Yuzuki Amemori rubs the back of her head and looks somewhat self-conscious as she's stared at. She breaks this by just stepping forward to hug the other girl. Then she takes a careful step back and asks, "Is it that out of the ordinary? I do at least wear skirts sometimes.." She shakes her head quickly, smiles and uses the hug as leverage to spin at the offer to come inside. "Are you staying here then? Or are you going to be going somewhere else? I can try to help out either way."

Then there's the time on the couch, to which she doesn't raise a single bit of protest. She does look somewhat sleepy, in a content way as she curls up and gets comfortable. Yawning, she kind of tunes out the movies.

Glancing from the corner of her eyes to Unmei, she says, "It's been busy busy busy, non-stop. I am all caught up on schoolwork, tests and even work though so I should... probably take a break for a while right?"
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 22:27:01 75634
Unmei Tama eeped as she was spun a bit. She then blushed and grinned. "Y-yeah. I ummm... I think I like you in a dress," she mumbled. "I think you look really cute..." She then tugged on her arm bands a bit. She offered some popcorn, too.

Then nodded. "A break is always good. Sorry if I keep taking up too much of your time. I just kind of... miss you. You know. We're always so... and then... I...." She blushed and then nuzzled. "I'm happy you had time for me today, though. I just... like being around you. Yuzu. You're my girlfriend and all..."
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 22:36:50 75635
Yuzuki Amemori pulls her legs in and glances over at Unmei, hesitating for a moment then says, "You know you can come back stage and talk between sets right? I'll see if I can get a pass if you want something more concrete than that." She was thinking she should have said something else, but she's not as sure it was the right thing. Right?

Yuzu squeezes her girlfriend carefully and rests her head against the girl's shoulder while reaching for some popcorn. "I've missed you too. Sorry I've been buried lately. I'll try to make more time for you, I promise, alright?"
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 22:40:02 75636
Unmei Tama nodded. "It's fine. You've got your career to worry about. I can be as patient as I need to be. After all. You... you accept all my flaws, right? Accepting yours is the least I can do..." She then leaned in and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

"Besides, ummmm... you got magical girl stuff to do too, right? I don't have to worry about that kind of stuff so... at least I can still... be there for you. R-right? When you need it?" she said with a weak smile. "That's what the love interest does. Right?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 22:56:13 75637
Yuzuki Amemori shakes her head and holds her hands up, "It was school and work, not just one or the other, I'd always try otherwise!" She then shifts and squirms on the couch until she can lounge and be lazy while leaning on Unmei. "I could see through it even then, that's why I kept trying to get you to ask for help." She returns the kiss before closing her eyes and seeming to half-drift off.

"I haven't done that in a while either." She says, still sleepy. "Haven't had a call on it, haven't gone out looking for trouble. I took it as a chance to get caught back up." Then she glances over and says, "I appreciate the support, but I want you to be careful even then."
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 23:13:16 75638
Unmei Tama nods and nuzzles her a bit more. Then giggles. "Yeah, school has been pretty interesting. I uhhh.... haven't had any accidents or anything. Lately. I mean, i've had... I've gotten a lot of weird looks. But I apologized for my mistakes and... I think people have forgiven me. Mostly. I made a lot of mistakes but... but I've gotten better. You know?"

She then giggled. "I've been expecting problems from my new family but... like, I haven't even seen my sister. You know? There haven't been any issues or anything."
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 23:14:49 75639
Yuzuki Amemori tilts her head head and asks, "New family?" Not having been privy to this part! Or she's being dense, either way. "What weird looks have you been getting?" Beat, "You didn't... from other magical sorts or something else?"

She just shaeks her head either way and squeezes Unmei again, sneaking in a bite or two of popcorn. "I'm sure they'll eventually forgive you. Seems to be a common problem in this community."
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 23:26:42 75640
Unmei Tama shakes her head. "No! No magical things, I swear. You know. My... adoptive family. Heh." She then sighed. "You know, I've been thinking about talking to mamo about getting my own place. I mean, they're nice and all but... I basically live with four guys. Magical guys. Kun is great, Mamo too. But the others? My gosh..." She shook her head.

"I feel more stable now. And mamo is loaded, so he might like the idea of me living on my own. Can't hurt to ask, you know?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 23:35:31 75641
Yuzuki Amemori rubs the back of her head at that and says, "I uh, if you want? I don't know if I'd be comfortable asking for that kind of thing myself, but if they want to help out? I can help out too of course! Get you up and going on your feet right?" She scowls though, "You'd need a permit from the school for that too. Well, a permit saying it's allowed. That shouldn't be hard to forge at least."

After a moment, she nudges and asks, "Could go to work with me, I told you then that we could probably get some help backstage moving things around and doing technical right?"
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 23:38:23 75642
Unmei Tama blinked a few times. "W-what? Wait, you do? Shit. I didn't even think of that. And I don't know. I mean, at this point, I think Mamo is probably sick of me. He'd probably be happy to..." And then paused. "Is... that selfish? I mean, I just thought they might... like some alone time again but... I mean, I do like living here and... and I don't wanna cause them problems... am I causing them problems if I do something like that?"

She then nodded. "R-right! I'll help whenever I can! I ummm..." She trailed off and sighed. "You know, I still don't know what I want to do with my life. Before I never had any real... choice in what I could do. Now I feel like I have too many..."
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-02 23:47:40 75643
Yuzuki Amemori tilts her head from one side to the other in consideration. "I think you do, yeah. They don't want yo ufocusing on having to pay rent and work when you're supposed to be learning." She drums her fingers on her thigh before adding, "Could probably get something set up that way at least." She hesitates at the other question though. "I... maybe? I'm not in the same situation though, so I can't really... it's not my place to pass judgement I think."

Then she stops and falls silent. "What do you like doing? What would you enjoy seeing yourself doing for the next bunch of years?"
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-02 23:56:59 75644
Unmei Tama nodded and grinned. "Thanks. I ummm... I know I... I think I'll talk with Kun about it. He's so... nice about all this. Everything. I know he wants me to take extra steps to improve myself. And I think this would. Thanks," she said with a smile.

"I want to ummm... I want to help people. I think. Like... like they helped me. And... something that can help... you. I mean. I wanna make enough money so... you don't need to worry, you know? I mean, you have magical girl things to do and... I don't so... you might need help sometimes and ummmm..." Poked her fingers together.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-03 00:40:23 75645
Yuzuki Amemori runs her fingers through her hair and glances to Unmei, eyes opening for just a moment. "I'll go with you if you want. I'm sure we can figure something out to help out right?" She does offer a quick nod though, "He is nice yeah, I just, I wouldn't be able to ask for that kind of help myself. But uh, I'm also hard headed."

She rubs her chin and thinks quietly before asking, "What about something like being a nurse or getting social work experience?"
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-03 00:47:18 75646
Unmei Tama sighed. "Y-yeah. So was I, but..." She closed her eyes and laid her head on the other girl, nestling up. "I... couldn't ask for help back home. If I did, I'd just get... mom would... and then things would... I just... stopped. You know? I gave up. I didn't think it would... get better. Ever. I thought I'd..." She sighed.

"Then Pin came and gave me help. And I came here. If I'd just been... smart. If I'd just asked you guys for help, I could be like this. Now. Instead of being... so miserable. So I... I want to ask for help when... when I can. Now. Because I... I get it. I think? And Kun has been helping me a lot..."

She blinked then.... "I.... actually thought about becoming a nurse. It might be fun. I'm not really that smart but... maybe?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-03 01:31:26 75647
Yuzuki Amemori looks over and isn't honestly sure what to say at that point. She squeezes the other girl to try and comfort her before saying, "I... don't know the story as to why you couldn't ask for help. I know that you can ask me for help and I know others would help too though." She then shakes her head and sighs, "Sorry though."

At the mention of Pin, she scowls and asks, "So is that thing gone gone, or is there something else going on with that thing?"

Finally she smiles and says, "I'd happily help out. Bet my parents could help too."
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-05-03 01:35:01 75648
Unmei Tama nodded and gave a soft yawn. "I think... I'm happy like this, though. Asking for help," she mumbled gently. "And they do help now. And I don't ever have to go back to how things were. so... it's all okay..."

She nodded. "I haven't seen Pin. I'm sure he's gone forever. Probably." She then blinked. "Help out? Oh! I don't think that'll be needed! I figure I might do what Kyo does and like, just get a room in the building or something. I'll be honest, I think mamo owns this building or something."