Just Another Coffee House Scene.

It's a Tuesday Night and with Gullwing Coffee being so close to Seishou Public School, it's a place for students to congregate, even those who aren't necessarily going to THAT school. Tonight is just supposed to be a night like any other.

Date: 2017-05-03
Pose Count: 25
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 01:56:15 75649
They say the world could end on a Tuesday. It's not really the most popular day in the week as it's right after Monday, so you're riding off the stress of going back to work or class. It's not Saturday, which means you're looking at a day off. It's just right there waiting for the rest of the week to happen. But the rest of the week isn't going to do your homework for you, which is why some students might use a coffee house as a place to do some late evening cramming away from the hustle and bustle of their house.

Which is why in one of the cornermost tables with books spread out over them and a phone sitting out being used as a music player to help cut down on the distractions is a face that some people have seen but never really stood out. He's one of those kids who's always there helping out in the background. But today he seems to be bucking at least one trend, his hair having gone from neatly cut short to being worn in a long braid. As he adjusts his glasses, and leans over his problem once more, he wriggles his fingers in the air like some kind of nervous habit.

Really, it's just a normal night, no ominous overtones, no pressure in the air.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 02:04:20 75650
Haruna Kurosawa will tell you that no night is truly normal. She remembers normal. She disliked it a lot. Being alone. And shy. And not wanting to reach out to anyone. She likes this much better. She's behind the counter, working the shop with a boy with stark white hair in a workers uniform manning the cash register. He's a little younger than Haruna. He doesn't seem to mind the work. Haruna is busy cleaning the coffee machines in back on an extierior level. They're sparkly! **Bing!**. She nods curtly to herself as she turns to face the sitting area and to the porch out back where people have also been setting since it's warmed up. She eyes the beach area behind the shop. She owns the area straight to eightfeet out in the water! She's pondering putting benches out there closer to the water sometimes soon- and an exterior stand that deals in purely cold and frozen drinks. But she has to get through her first year fine first!

"Hrmm.. Aki should be here soon." she says to the boy with white hair and he nods. "Yeah. Don't worry, I got it from here, Haruna." says the boy.

Haruna doesn't go to Seiyou, so she doesn't recognize Koji by face alone, but someone is doing school work!

"Ohohoho! I know the answer to that one. It's /eleventy!/." she says.

Corvus, the boy back at the register, and also secretly a seagull in human guise suddenly facepalms. He mumbles. 'There's no such number, featherbrain' to himself.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 02:08:50 75651
    Aki Kurosawa trods in with her backpack on and filled with her Dance Club clothes as she walks into the shop and peers around. She's always surprised by how clean the coffee shop is because she sees Haruna's room on a daily basis.
    She trods up to Haruna and waves. "Hey Haru-chan." she says. "Busy today it seems. You sure Corvus can handle it all?" she asks, eyes peering over to the boy as she gives a short wave. Corvus gives this little 'spin around the ear' motion to her. 'She's crazy today'.
    Aki shrugs back. 'When is she not crazy?'. She says shrugging helplessly with a smile.
    She looks back over to the two as she peeks over. "Ah. Are you helping your friend with math?" she asks. She's never seen this boy before around nor not-around Haruna. But Haruna seems to bug random people anyways.
    "Maybe you uh. Outta let someone that knows math help him." she says helpfully with a wide intentional smile.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 02:13:19 75652

The bane of every young man's existence.

So after the whole 'eleventy' comment is made, the other two can easily see how the pencil slips, and then the tip breaks off, flipping a couple times before landing on the paper. There's visible gulp before Koji turns his head to look up at Haruna, and he suddenly gets that blushing chuckle happens as he rubs the back of his neck and his glasses' reflection blocks out his eyes as he tries to say, "Oh, OH, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you."

The headphones are pulled out of his ears, and the phones MP3 player is paused as he then settles his hands in his lap, "I'm... What?" Having heard some of it through the music, but it was more extrapolating lip movement, "Oh... Oh no, we're not... I mean to say... that is..."

There's a quick bit of looking around, and maybe a little sweat before he looks over towards Corvus and then looks to his half-full drink, then back up to Haruna, as if to ask if she's the waitress!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 02:19:15 75654
Haruna Kurosawa smile, smile smile! She's all smiles! "Oh, it's okay!" she says. "I just saw you were working and tried to help! I still think it's eleventy but now I don't know if that's actually a real number." she asides.

She looks up at Corvus, then back down to Koji, then back to Corvus and points down at Koji while looking at Corvus and Corvus shrugs helplessly, oh. Not one of his friends. Okay. Well. Why would he? This guy isn't a seagull! That'd be absurb! Wait a minute...

She just shakes her head of all the internal chaotic thoughts as she head tilts. "Oh... OH." she says. "Um. I'll go refill that. I mean. I do own the shop! This is my Coffee shop! Do you like the coffee?" she asks as she skips off behind the counter to refill it, and then hops back after she's checked the ticket back there to make sure it's made right. She places it back down on the table. "There you go!" she says.

"AKI!." she sings out as she practically glomps the other girl. "Hi Aki! Aki-chan when you're coming to work hereeeeee." she complains.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 02:25:42 75656
Aki is beseiged by Haruna and she acks. Too tight, can't breathe! She however, weathers it for the sake of her sister and soon she is free and takes a hard breath after. She sighs and brushes her hair back. "Yup. Her shop." she confirms. "And you know I said I'd keep working for at least another year at the shop." she says with a wry smile.
    She looks down. "Don't mind Haruna-chan. She's just excited about everything all the time. I'm Aki, her older sister. I'm actually somewhat normal." she asides.    
"She is the normal one." asides Corvus, teasingly, from the cashier counter.
    "See~" she sings teasingly aswell to Haruna. Haruna knows she's just being silly.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 02:30:27 75657
Koji Silvia almost knocks the chair over as he stands up, and bows hard at the waist, "Sorry I forgot to say! My name is Koji Silvia! I go to Seiyou Public School and am in the Ninth Grade! My hobbies are Archery Club, and Baking, and I like Gundam! A pleasure to meet you!"

Overly loud, bowing at the beginning of each sentence, hiding his eyes... yup. Girls. But then he straights up a little to say something, before bowing once more, and staying down, "The coffee is good, but I think your grinder needs to have the minor adjustment, Miss Haruna, for a more even flavor. I apologize for speaking out of turn."

And of course... he just lingers there, kind of shivering as he stays there, as if stuck in wondering if he offended by speaking honestly to an older person, or he just insulted a girl over her place of work!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 02:45:49 75660
Haruna Kurosawa is suddenly taken aback by the ultra-traditional and formal greeting complete with bow and this is what puts her off. This is the way her dad would had wanted to greet people. This puts a sour taste in her head. She shakes it off because it isn't this boy's fault for being polite and formal afterall.

It's probably a good thing that Haruna isn't into boys and has a girlfriend. Else Koji might have another problem! Luckily it's just someone who is overtly friendly.

"Uh. Are you cold? You're kinda shaking. OH! Something is wrong with the coffee? It's okay! Just tell me what you think's wrong. Is it too fine? Not fine enough?" she asks.

"This is like the first shop I owned! So. If you think something is wrong...." she says. "I mean it's good to know! Honesty and stuff!" she insists.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 02:53:44 75661
    Aki Kurosawa also took a vow to not fall in love to a good who empowered her to fight a Phantom Empire, so there's no problems here from her. NOT THAT it isn't a vow to also look and window shop. Not that she is right now. Look. She's still kinda a girl. So there's that.
    She sighs. "Are you okay? You suddenly look like a mess." because Aki recognizes when people are nervous wrecks HARUNA. :IX.
    Aki is also more traditional for various reasons that also stem from her and Haruna's parents.
    "Sit back down, I'll go get you some cold water." she says as she steps back behind the counter and grabs a glass and beings filling it. She doesn't work here, but she's the sister of the owner. Right? So not like it matters at the moment. She returns with the cup of ice water and places it down on the table. "So what were you working on before Hurricaune Haruna happened?" she asks curiously. "Math, right?"
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 03:01:59 75662
"Yes Miss Aki." Koji replies, and then moves to quickly sit back down in his spot, looking back over his assorted homework.

Looking up at Aki, he has to adjust his glasses a moment, and then he adjusts his paperwork before saying as he looks at it, and not either of the girls, "Oh yes. My math grades aren't so good, and so I was going to take some extra time to work ahead of my class and bring my grade up before I'm moved to high school."

The glasses almost slip, and the light seems to obscure his eyes once more, "Again, I apologize for speaking out of turn to the owner of this fine place. But..." And he pauses for a moment to almost push his fingers together, then goes on, "I cook for my parents, so I have a sensitive palate... the coffee has some bitter notes that can happen when the grinder doesn't get the blend fine enough for the water to absorb the coffee bean properly. That's all."

It's after all that that he finally asks a question, "Is it allright that I'm here this late? My parents are out of town doing a soil and water survey."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 03:11:02 75663
Haruna Kurosawa taps her bottom lip. "OH! So you're saying it isn't fine enough, okay sure. I'll try grinding it a little finer." she says. "I kinda like my hot coffee a little bitter so I guess it's why that it's that way. I mean. It's coffee, yeah know? and if people want it sweet, and frozen they're destroying the biterness anyways.

She shakes her head. "Nu-uh! You're not talking out of turn! If something is wrong, it's good to know!" she insists. "Right Corvus!"

"Right!" says Corvus as he checks out another customer who's in a rush with a to-go cup of a frappachino.

"So no problems." she says with a grin.

"But seriously. The answer to that one is elevently." she says with dread seriousness. Wether she actually is serious or not is anyone's guess.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 03:17:17 75666
    Aki facepalms. "It isn't elevently Haruna-chan." she says softly. She sighs and gently looks down to the Math. Ugh. Is her friend really friends with Ami 'Super Genuis' Mizuno? You think some of that would had rubbed off or something by now.
    She sighs and sits on the opposite side of the table Koji is sitting at. "Here, Koji-san." she says, as she begins to rattle off some basic tricks and ideas related to math she's learned. Feel free to fill in the gaps of knowledge here with actual things. The player doesn't know Math. Aki does though!
    "Just keep on doing the work and you'll be fine. Just don't /miss/ any work. Which school do you go to, Koji-san?" she asks softly. "Me and Haruna go to Infinity." she says.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 03:24:42 75668
Looking back and forth between the two, the young man for a moment seems like he's stunned. But then he's just been told you both go to one of the most prestigious local private schools around. He gulps once, but even as he seems to be tongue-tied about it all, his hand with the pencil has already started moving and taking everything down, verbatum... though oddly the notes are all in German. In fact, the language on his notes seem to go back and forth between Japanese and German, with the occasional word of English here and there. At one point it looks like a written argument between the two languages.

But Koji does reply, "I go to Seiyou. My mother went to Seiyou and said for a public school it's actually one of the best in the district. Nothing compared to Infinity University, but then again, I'd never have the grades to go someplace like that." Quickly, he shifts his notes away and out of view, and since all these people are HERE, he puts his books all up and away, "I promise not to miss any work, Miss Aki. And thank you for the help, Miss Aki. And to your sister Miss Haruna. I'll bring you something as a thank you."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 03:37:27 75669
Haruna awwwws, he's leaving? Of course he is. He's busy, obviously. Not like she's insane and off putting or anything! Luckily this is a pay when you buy shop so it's not like he has a tab to worry about on the way out. "Well, see you again Koji-kun!" she says as she bows just a little softly.

Haruna doesn't know german. She doesn't seem to notice anyways. People talk all sorts of languages! Hannah's primary language is English afterall, and she bareeeeely gets that!

Hannah... nrg, just the thought makes her wince a little visibly. Stupid girlfriend doing stupid things to herself.

"Oh! Um..." she takes the rest of his cup, tops it off, then gets it put in a to-go cup as she hands it back. "Here! For later and on the way home!" she beams.

"Thanks for the suggestion!" she says with wider eyes!
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 03:39:13 75670
    Aki Kurosawa nods a series of moments. "Here, let me help you." she helps him along, squaring away notes and books an dhanding them over one by one. She nods a bit. "Attendence is just important. It shows intention to do your best than skipping school. And if you must skip, bring doctors notes. It'll hurt you less then." she offers helpfully.
    Haruna refills the cup and gives it in a to-go cup. Good. She nods at her with a smile and then turns back to Koji.
    "Safe travels home, Koji-san." she says.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 03:42:49 75671
Koji Silvia 's eyes go wide, "Oh... I..." And he looks at the to-go cup, and his expression goes from being attentive to slightly dejected. And he then takes a deep breath before holding the cup in both hands. Taking a deep breath, he then looks back up and back and forth, "I... was just packing my things away. My father says work can always wait when there's company." He then smiles and rubs the back of his neck, and for a moment you could swear that he's a little more like a girl. The features almost delicate, the expression like the shy girl with glasses at school (who's in every school. I think it's regulation.) giggling for the first time at making a friend.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 03:57:41 75673
Haruna huhs? then blushes a bit. "O--oh! I thought you were leaving because you looked around and started packing!" she says with wide worried eyes! "Honest mistake! S-sorry!" she says apologetically. She swallows a bit.

"Um, well, I can always refill that before you go!" she says. "Coffee always gets free refills. Normal coffee. I mean. Frozen fancy stuff is buy per refill n' stuff..." she says.

"Gotta make money somehow!" she grins nerovusly as she goes onto explaining supply and profit for some strange reason.

"If you're here not to do school work someday, the patio is getting popular." she says. "It'll be even more popular when it hits summer. THAT'S gonna be the busy season! We carry all sorts of frozen coffee and non-coffee drinks!" she says.

"Perfect place! Got the place for a song because it was storm damaged!" she says. "But a little work from some friends and we're all setup!" she says.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 04:09:18 75675
    Aki smirks to Haruna and looks back down to Koji. "Yes. Honest mistake." she says. "I made the mistake too." she suggests honestly. Wether that's just a lie to make Haruna feel better or not is unknown.
    "That sounds like a good policy. My father would had disagreed for various reasons." she says.
    She rests her head against a hand a moment as she looks over at Koji. "Do you like your school, Koji-san?" she asks. "Seiyou is a nice public school. Nicer than Seishou, at least." she says. "It's like a big castle, isn't it?" she asks. "I heard it used to be a private school...."
    She's feigning ignorance here. She USED to visit the school daily some three, four years ago. Before she ended up in a mirror for three years.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 04:19:14 75676
At the change in conversation, Koji takes the coffee and begins to sip at it, tilting his head before he reaches over and takes... oddly enough... some salt to add to the drink, followed by some honey. Once he's got it stirred, he takes a sip and nods to himself before putting it aside and then seeming to remember himself, the embarassment returning for a moment.

Eventually though, he says, "It's a beautiful school... every other high school is built the same. Same shape, same class sizes... there's a uniformity to it that we need, but something about Seiyou is... different. Part of me likes it." Almost seeming confused at his own response as he looks away, taking another breath, "On the roof on the west side, a nest of swallows was there when I came back to school from summer vacation. We went to Nakadori Island. My parents were there to do some longevity tests about the radiation from Nagasaki, but they do that every summer as an excuse to pretend it's for work..." Realizing he's babbling, he looks down a moment, takes a breath, and reels it back in, "Anyways, I started baking some extra birdseed cookies... with my lunch breads I make the night before... so I make sure every morning they have something to eat. I think if I do it long enough one of the younger birds might even eat from my hand."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 04:31:46 75677
Topics change to birds and this is something Haruna /knows/! "If one falls out of the nest, don't be afraid to put it back! It's an old wives tale that a momma won't touch a bird because you touched it! Mommas love thier babies!" she insists.

Corvus nods matter of factly at this for no particular reason.

"Oh! They might! But don't get them too comfortable around you. Then they won't be afraid of other humans like... mean boys with sticks and stuff." she says.

"Just once or twice, okay?" she says.

"I used to visit lots of cuddly baby seagulls in the small coast-side village me and Aki used to live in. They're so /cute/. I should introduce you to Co--- my pet seagull sometimes." she says. "Who is uh. By coincidence also named Corvus. He's at home. Doing bird things. In his cage." No. Corvus is right there at the cashier counter in human form. AND he's probably gonna be playing his free-to-play card game based MMO when he gets home again for the rest of the night being a lazy layabout seagull unless he senses a Terribad.

"Oh! I can get you some books on the subject! I know plenty of those!" she says.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 04:34:07 75678
    Aki nods again. "Haruna is kind of a birdbrain. She loves birds, but espically seagulls. It's why she's attracted to the beach a lot." she says. Nevermind she's pretty sure(?) Corvus was a raven once upon a time but isn't now. She still doesn't know the specifics. Haruna changes the topic whenever she brings it up. Like something hurts there. It's why she never pries too deep. Maybe it's time she does. But not here. IN private.
    "But that sounds cute, can you take pictures with a cellphone and bring them next time?" she asks curiously to Koji.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 04:45:56 75680
Being as excited as he is about the topic, he reaches into his pocket and touches his phone, the table and the pocket hiding the light glow as he connects with his own phone and downloads it directly from Tyrfing's/his memory directly to it. After that, Koji brings it out and holds it out in front of both the older girls, "Here."

And a video plays, looking like it's directly at eye level, turning and tilting as good as a pair of eyes, or if the boy might have been wearing one of those cameras people have in their cars or on their bikes. The video is of his hands holding out a seedcake cookie to the birds, and for the mother 'bird' to land on his thumb and peck at it, taking some to a nest and then back. There's a second adult bird who keeps watching as it happens. In the nest are four young birds looking a couple weeks away from being able to fly. The feeding goes on for a bit until finally the bell rings, and the view turns to leave. The only thing that seems off about the video is there is something like an error code that occasionally flashes in the bottom right hand side, and there's a couple other words in german, like the camera was programmed in it.

"Here you go. I kind of wish there were hummingbirds in Japan. Hummingbirds are the neatest birds on Earth. Then owls. But owls are just cats with feathers."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-03 04:56:23 75681
Haruna watches the video with practically her nose pressed against the screen. Almost. She isn't so rude, but she's watching as she 'eeeeees!'. "I didn't have a fancy phone when I lived at home and I left my photobook at home when ---- it isn't important! It just means I don't have a bunch of cute seagull pictures to show you." she says.

She does notice the weird language again. Then she suddenly taps her bottom lip. "Hrmmmm this kinda looks like Stormy's Space German...." she taps her bottom lip. She knows that's actually 'German' or looks like it now at least-- or rather than Belkan is based on German so she taps her bottom lip. This is when she wished she could interface with Unity Loop. But alas, she's a Pretty Cure, not a mage. Also, she'd be insane to bring a hyper friendly Lost Logia Device out regularly. This thing would be pinging like crazy by now.

"You have family from Europe or something Koji-kun?" she asks curiously.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-03 05:04:09 75683
    Aki purses her lips. "Stormy?..." she asks. Then a light bulb goes off. "Oh. Yes. It does, doesn't it?" she asks. Storm Knight. Suzu-chan. She shakes her head. Just because there's German in Tokoyo doesn't mean it's BELKAN. Though. Usually that seems to be the case, too. She can think of at least one actual non-space German german in Tokoyo though. Haruna's friend, Alexis, for one.
    She sighs. "Well. I gotta go you two, you two featherheads have fun!~" she sings teasingly as she looks over to Corvus and whispers something to him. He nods nods and then off she goes out the door.
    "OH. Right. Haruna-chan. Call me later. There's something I wanna talk about, okay? Not important. Important enough!" she says peeking back in before off she goes for good!
Koji Silvia 2017-05-03 05:07:14 75684
The video is turned off, and Koji puts the phone away, trying to chuckle a little before he says to Haruna, "Oh, it's some kind of weird virus I got in my phone. You know how it is around here, strange things always happening. I've tried to take it into the store, but they keep telling me nothing's wrong."

With Aki getting ready to leave, he picks up his cooled but still drinkable coffee and his backpack before saying, "I think I should get going too. Like I said, I will bring you something as a thank you. Both of you." And he bows a couple more times before he skirts around the table and begins for the door, moving at a quick job, "Good night, Miss Aki! Miss Haruno! It was a pleasure to meet you."

But the moment he's outside, he starts mumbling out, "Idiot, Idiot, Idiot... Space German? How could they know?! They're not... I mean they couldn't be..."