The Plants Are So Pretty This Time Of Night

Natsumi Ginga and Asclepius have a ... date. Ish. Thing.

Date: 2017-05-05
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Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 05:04:02 75809
    Natsumi had left a note with Daisuke a while ago, figuring he might have some connections with the sailor senshi.

    With any luck, and with assurances that Asclepius was looking fir her, Natsumi had arranged to meet him in the park in the middle of the night, So she could 'prooerly thank' him for saving him way back when.

    Of course, Natsumi had been 'sick' kately anx away from school for a long while. Would she still show up for the proposed meeting? Would Asclepius?!

    Well here she is sitting on a swing in the middle of the night. Waiting..
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-05 05:14:17 75811
Middle of the night. Botantical Garden is closed. Not that stops people from magically jumping the wall or teleporting in or slipping between the bars of the door that are just a little too wide in places.

Ascelpius is able to teleport in, so he does, just behind the gate as he looks behind at it and purses his lips with a soft cautious frown, before he looks forward again with as much as a smile as he can muster. THAT comes easy. It's harder for him to be suspicious.

He hears the creak of a swing in one of the smaller out of the way areas of the garden. It has weight behind it, so he follows that way. And thusly, low and behind. There's Natsumi. He takes a deep breath. She just wants to thank you. Nothing more. Right? So.

"Hello Natsumi-chan." he says with a short smile. "I got your note." he says. "This is the right night. Right?" he asks. "Well. Of course it is. You're here." he insists.
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 05:27:21 75815
Natsumi Ginga had just about given up on Asclepius showing up. Afterall, she didnt teally trust Daisuke who was kinda annoying and (as far as she was concerned) unreliable. Probably tore up her note or sonething!

    This is what she is thinking when she waits on the swings for Asclepius to join her, about to give up when suddenly he's there!

    "Ooh! youvmade it!" she smirks, jumping off the swing to join him, a silly smile on her face.

    "Um, it's been a while.." she bats her eye lashes, "How have you been?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-05 05:44:43 75818
Asclepius is walked towards, which saves him the trouble to walking to and sitting in the opposute swing and she's smiling silliy and... oh no. He knows this look. He knows it. He swallows just a bit. He keeps his cool. He can do that much right now.

"It has been! Have you been okay? No... monsters. Attacking you. Sticking around. Right?" he asks with genuine concern.

"I've been. Alright. A little confused. But. That's a personal matter." he smiles.

"How about you?" he asks softly.
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 05:53:48 75820
Oh no indeed. She's definitely swooning, eyes staring intently at him as she hops off the swing to peer more closely at him, perhaps too closely.

    "Ooh! You're even cuter up close!I hope you didnt miss me!" she smiles sweetly, still batting her long lashes.

    "No monsters after that crazy tree monster! But I've been pretty sick lately with the flu. Perhaps you can help me catch up with my studies?" oddly enough, she iis always sick at the same time as her 'brother'.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-05 06:03:18 75822
Asclepius doesn't know of Natsumi's relation to anyone else. Does she have a brother? He remembers something to that effect but never got a name. But still, yeah he gets the swoon, he gets the candor. He gets the athmosphere. Daisuke is not blind. This isn't the first time a girl has made 'eyes' at him. Albiet. It's usually when they find out he's on the wealthier side of things.

This is different. He isn't /used/ to this.

So he swallows again. "Well. Uh. Thanks!" he says. Ugh did he just thank her for calling him cute, way to go hot shot. He winces a bit at himself. "Uh...." Um. Uh. "You're cute too. When you're not barely able to stand because a crazy tree monster isn't eating you and what not?" he says. wince. Well. At least. It's better than just a thank you.

"Oh... you want help with studying. I can help with that." he says. "That much. I can do." he smiles. Yes. THAT he can do without issue. "We can have some study dates..."

Oh crap. He just used the d word. He didn't mean it!
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 06:08:43 75824
Oh, oh, did he just call her cute?! She practically sqeaks, her ears turning pink. "Oooh! you really think I'm cute!!? wow, I'm soo flattered!" totally nailed it!

    "Ooh, and we're going on a second date? I'm soo excited! I cant wait!" yeah, forget about studying!

    "Oh yea, I wanted to thank you for daving me the other day from crazy tree monster! I mean, where did that even come from? I wouldnt be aluve today if it werent for you!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-05 06:18:14 75827
Asclepius clears his throat. "There were others there too. Sailor Jupiter, for one. I just got you out of harms way and made sure you were okay." he says softly. And--- uh oh. Uh oh. What did he say> Did he say. 'Study Date'. Crap he did. Wince! Can't take it back. Can he?

"W-well yes. I mean. You're cute. Is that okay to say?" he asks. Oh god he stinks so much at this. He's flustered.

He's blushing for other reasons.

"Well. I'm glad you're okay." he says. "And--um. I guess. If you wanted to consider this a date. We could. It's not easy for me to go out like this. I suppose. I could change clothes. If you wanted a proper date, While like this." he offers. "And that'd work. But it'd be odd." he says.

"Afterall. Who I 'really' am is a secret. Right?" he asks with a short smile. At least that can't be taken from him right away!
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 06:23:54 75829
Natsumi Ginga makes a face. "Ugh..I *suppose* there were others, but they were busy fighting the monster and less concerned sbout getting me to safety!"

    Actually she's pretty peeved about that. "You're the only one who cared enough to heal me and make sure I was safe. " more swooning, "My hero!"

    Then she makes him blush some more and she grins almost wickedly. Wow, she's pretty good at this love thing if this is all it takes!

    "Oph, but dont you have a civilian identity? Cant you just walk around like that? I mean since we're dating and all, you can totally trust me right?" because shs's nothing more than an innocemt girl. Of course.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-05 18:32:10 75849
Daisuke Hansuke is really easy to make blush. Maybe it's just him rather than how love works! Still. He seems flustered over all this still. So that's a thing. He swallows. Yup.

" really isn't that simple Natsumi." he says softly. "I'm not just protecting myself, but others aswell, by trying to keep it a secret." he offers. Also. She doesn't get to find out she's Daisuke yet!

"Maybe someday soon, but not right now. Okay?" he offers.
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 18:41:44 75852
Natsumi Ginga frowns, looking a bit annoyed at that. "What?! You dont trust me?" now she is practically snapping at him.

    "What is so important that you need to protect? If you're a super hero, you csn just beat up any one who threatens you.."

    Then just as quickly, that sweet smile returns. "Okaaay..Then I hope you wont keep me waiting long!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-05 19:01:49 75857
Daisuke Hansuke frowns just a little at that. "My friends. My family." he says. "That's what's so important." he says gently. He sighs a bit as he shakes his head though with a short smile. "I'll try not to. I just need to make sure of some things." he adds.

He sighs a bit and runs a hand through his hair. "I'm not really a 'superhero'." he says. "My powers don't lie in... fighting. They lie in healing and helping." he adds. "Truth is, I'm not so much more powerful than I am out of this." he says.
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-05 19:13:51 75863
Natsumi Ginga blinks at the mention of friends and family. Its not something she's familiar with. Ail is her only friend and family.

    "So these friends and family can get hurt if your identity is revealed? Are they that important to you? Must be nice..I dont have family see, or any one close enough that I'd want to protect. Excepy my brother. But I wonder how far you'd go to protect people you care about?"

    She is genuinely curious and doesnt seem to understand the concept of caring or protecting.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-23 03:03:16 77019
Asclepius blinks. That's an odd question, coming from Natsumi. He begins to wonder if something happened in her childhood. Bad parents...? Something else? It's not really polite to ask and he's already dug himself into his hilarious 'called it a date' hole.

He'll have to be careful with that word. Ugh. Meeting. That's what he'll go with next time.

"Well. You have your brother. Don't you? You don't want anything to happen to him. Do you?" he asks curiously.

"I mean. He's your brother, right?"

"I mean. My family doesn't see eye to eye. But. They're still family. You know...?" he asks.
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-23 03:09:09 77020
Natsumi Ginga frowns, wondering if she said something wrong? But if she did, he doesnt mention it and so she continues to smile in that almostt creepy way of hers.
    "Yeah, I have my..Brother." though he's not really her brother but he is family. Kinda. "Yea..I guess my..Family doesnt always seem eye to eye, and my..Err..Mother? can be a bit demanding, but you gotta live right?"
    And of course that made noooo sense at all.
    "Say, Asclepious-kun, or shall I just call you Asclepi-chan?" she bats her eyes. "How about we go dancing later, hmm?"
    Odd, she hasnt even ordered dinner yet.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-23 03:26:20 77021
Oh god. How can he answer that matter of moniker without upsetting her."Uh--uh. Asclepi...chan is okay I guess." he says with a wide forced smile. Yes, yes. He can wether this for now until he can talk to someone about this and he'll ask Kunzite and he won't have anything helpful to say he bets because this isn't Kunzite's bag and he'll talk to Mamoru and he'll say something like 'be yourself' or something and he doesn't even know!

Dancing. Okay. That's more. Manageable. "Another night. But yes." he offers.
Natsumi Ginga 2017-05-23 03:40:38 77023
    "Ooh!" good grief, she has stars in her eyes. "I'm soooo happy, Asclepi-chan! I cant wait to show you off to all the annoying brats at school! Just wait til they see that I have a superhero boyfriend! They'll be sooo jealous!"
    "Why dont we take a romantic stroll through the gardens? The plants are so pretty at this time of night! Why, they almost look like they might jump out at you!"
    Yea, she's serious, "Maybe we can order some milkshake and do that romantic 'sharing a straw' thing!!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-05-23 03:51:16 77024
Asclepius fixes the collar of his robes. ehehehehe. He's gonna need to figure out how he can get into 'normal clothes' in henshin. Can he change clothes-like... just remove the robes and wear something else? Or is he stuck in weird robes and stuff now?

Nrg. That stuff Venus talked to him about seems suddenly more important when Natsumi talks about him gaining more experience an stuff.

What's sad is he doesn't want to mention An to Venus at all because SHE'LL GET INVOLVED AND HE WON'T SURVIVE THAT!

"Y--yeah. Let's walk for now. We'll get a milkshake another night. As well as dancing?...okay?" he offers, to explore the botanical gardens for the rest of the night before he has to go home. Even 'heroes' need sleep!