Early Summer Spoilage!

Cures and Prism Keepers defend a Early Summer Children's Festival from an evil grasshopper man! >:I

Date: 2017-05-08
Pose Count: 19
Twilight 2017-05-09 00:23:24 76094
    It is the earlier days of summer. Heck it may not even technically be summer yet and just early spring for all people know. The park is a popular place for that and there's a little small festival going on. The festival seems to be primarily aimed at younger children but really, pastires, snow cones and cold drinks and a boat race on the pond with homemade paperboats really appeal to anyone that like those things.
    But such things are work!? Who the heck wants to put the time into a paperboat that'll sink!? Or take your time eating a snow cone because it's so cold and PASTERIES TAKE TOO MUCH TIME TO MAKE!
    Or so thinks the gentlemanly dressed gentleman in a top hat with grashopper antenna. Namakelder. He looks absoultely annoyed. Annoyed at all the work and hustle and bustle and busy!
    "You there." he says tapping a lady, who is currently overseeing some aspects of the small festival. "Why are you wasting your time with this? You could be lounging and relaxing." he says.
    The older woman blinks. "Well. For the children of course! It's a lovely spring day! Surely they deserve to have some fun?"
    Namakelder raises a brow. "Bah children. More trouble than they're worth. This whole thing is too busy and too pointless." he insists with a twinkle in his eye...

    "Let the Future Reflected in the Mirror Become Terrible!" he calls out, spreading his arms wide as the old woman becomes encased in a coffin shape mirror, red ribbons tying around it in a errie fashion. "Come on, Come on, Terribad!" calls out Namakelder as the mirror explodes, happiness turned into terribleness as a giant black bodied monster with a giant pencil, a clipboard that may also be a shield and white curly hair appears somewhere behind Namakelder.

    Namakelder yawns as the creature begins turning the general area into moldy overgrowth, he falls back upon a particular big mushroom that sprouts out of the ground, lounging on it.
    "That's much better." he yawns.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-09 00:30:38 76096
Corvus is out with Haruna today as Haruna Kurosawa walks along a path after school, walking home. Teenagers get out so much later. She can hear the younger kids and she's super jealous. She remembers being that young and out with Aki at these kind of things. Corvus is reading a book that seems to be about seagulls and he's reading the part about seagull courting for dating advice. Look. You're a bird, they don't exactly have self help books for these things.

Then Corvus squaks and nearly drops the book. "Haruna, Terribad!" he calls out as she shoves it somewhere into the magic pocket of his tail feathers. Haruna huhs and looks off into the distance. Woah. "That's... close." she frowns. No Aki today. Oh well! She can handle them on her own. Surely, theres others that'll come out of the woodwork, too! She dives into a bush past a jogger. "SORRY, OFFICAL BUSH BUSSINESS!" she insists as she dives into it.

Cure Gull flies back out of it along with Corvus as she rockets off into that general area, she frowns and stops somewhere midair. Ugh. Mold and... fungus. That's GOTTA be Namakelder. Yup. There he is, lounging on a toadstool of some sort like he owns the damn area. She frowns.

"What do you think Corvus?" she asks. "Sky high kick? Windy Torando?" she asks.

Corvus thinks. "Kick it in the head. Something tells me that clipboard is a shield, lets test that theory." he says. Cure Gull nods and spins in the air and then comes down with a fast hard kick towards the things face!
Prism Princess Yellow 2017-05-09 00:38:22 76097
As one of said children, Hoshi is here to enjoy things. She's brough a friend with her, with a promise of frogs and tasty things and fun and all those things, but especially frogs. ... Hoshi doesn't know most of her friends that well, she's got too many of them. Remembering key details and improvisation helps for these things. So she's sitting near the pond, folding a paper boat when Namekelder arrives.

"Oh no." She whispers to Kaeru, and she runs off to hide behind a nearby building, and then out comes her chroma crystal. "Chroma Prism Yellow, Transform! That crystal emits countless tiny stars, even the biggest ones barely more than a spec of dust, forming into a collection best termed a miniature galaxy. She grows a bit taller, and ends up wearing something in between a miko outfit and a princess dress, complete with tiara made out of stars.

The butterfly wings on her back flutter, and she lands on top of the building she was hiding behind. "There's nothing wrong with work, you lazy old fogey." She calls out to Namekelder, hand on her hips and face indignant, "You're just jealous."
Yuko Minami 2017-05-09 00:42:37 76098
     Festivals are always good places to get food, and Yuko's not one to shy away from a few extra calories to get at the good stuff. Sure, it's mostly just grease, sugar, and/or salt bombs, but who cares? It tastes good, and the girl's been working hard at the supermarket. Why not take a break?

     Because a Terribad is showing up, that's why. One that's turning things into mold and RUINING THE DELICIOUS FOOD. It's absolutely unforgivable!

     And so, a certain green-haired girl arrives not long after Cure Gull and Prism Princess Yellow, holding what looks like a stupidly huge tower shield above her head in one hand while finishing off a piece of funnel cake with the other.

     "Fiend! Even if lazing around feels good, that's no reason to force other people into it. Now call off your..." She squints slightly, peering at the novelty pencil-wielding monster and its... "... Is that supposed to be a shield? That's... Rather flimsy, isn't it?"
Kaeru Aokawa 2017-05-09 00:45:19 76099
Prism Keeper Blue was following along with Hoshi. "We should play near the pond after some gardening..." She wanders over towards the paper boat race, facinated by it - then... sees a monster. One she hasn't recognized. She sighs softly, rubbing her forehead. "Why is it that every time I get to play in muddy ponds this happens?" she asks as she gets out a tiny prism around her neck. "Chroma Prism Blue, Transform!" she cries out as a blue flare of light surrounds her. She is now garbed in a blue swimdress, an odd hat with googly frog eyes, webbed-finger gloves, and blue boots. And now butterfly wings. She glances at Hoshi. "You can go right to princess form?" she whispers to Yellow. "I should practice more..." she muses as a few blue frog constructs form around her. "So... what kind of monster is that?" she asks, frowning, pointing a toy trident at the thing.
Twilight 2017-05-09 00:52:42 76101
    Namakelder thinks this is going to go like this: He lounges. The terribad turns the area mold covered, he gets to relax in lush and musty mold for the next month. What actually happens is that Cure Gull rockets out of the sky and smacks the things square in the head knocking it back a few feet and stops it's mold spreading endeavours. This gets his attention which means he just opens one eye.
    "Bah. Precure."
    Then Cure Boost arrives and he opens his other eye. His previous statement still stands.
    Then Prism Princess Yellow and Prism Keeper Blue arrive and he has to actually sit up. "Bother, bother, , What A Bother.."
    "Festivals take too much work to arrange. This is much better! Don't you agree?" he says to the group at large.
    "Ahhh- young children should respect thier elders." he says to Yellow pointedly however when he is called an 'old fogey'. "Terribad. Destroy the Precures." he waves a hand dissmissivly and lays back and yawn. "Kindabads.... take care of the... smaller... girls..." he says, as Kindabads leap out of the mold- smaller versions of the bigger monster, child size- but there's a LOT more of them as they all scream 'Kindddaaa!'.
    The Terribad rears back that giant pencil and attempts to bring it down upon Cure Boost first, before swinging up to the right or left, in the direction of Cure Gull.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-09 00:59:33 76103
"Boost-chan!" exclaims Cure Gull. "Boost-chan! Hello! Um!... right. Pleasantries later, PUNCHING NOW!" she calls out, as she 'eeks!' as the pencil comes up towards her. It barely grazes her wings as she moves out of the way just in time. Corvus is covering his head protecting his head feathers for dear life!

"Hey! Why don't you go hop somewhere else jerk and leave these people alone!" she calls out.

"Hey Yellow!" she calls out. "You and your friend can handle those guys, right?" she asks. "Just start taking them on, if you need help, call out!" she says as she calls up wind around her right hand as she draws it back. "GULL WINDY PUNCH!" she calls out as she tries to hit the Terribad on it's right side. Though that's the side with the clipboard! She's still isn't sure it's a shield or not. She's hoping it isn't! But it may be!
Prism Princess Yellow 2017-05-09 01:05:53 76105
"On it!" Yellow answers Gull, and she smiles at Blue, glossing over the remark on being able to go straight to princess form, "A Terribad and some Kindabads, it's sorta bad if we let them keep going, but our Chroma Energy works well on them." She advices, and then to prove her point, she waves her staff and sends a couple of stars flying towards the Kindabads.
Yuko Minami 2017-05-09 01:09:19 76107
     Cure Boost lets out a quiet grunt as Namakelder explains his motivations, almost seeming swayed by them for a moment until she starts to speak. "Perhaps... But!" She drives a finger towards the sky dramatically now that her hand is freed of its food-holding prison, holding it there for a moment before bringing it down to point straight at the ringleader.

     "It's the hard work of everyone behind the scenes that makes it all worth it. That makes everything taste better than it should even if it's bad for you!" Another flourish of her arm to grab the shield in both hands, and Cure Boost stands firm as she slams the tower shield up against the encroaching pencil with a loud smashing noise.

     "The Defender of Snacks is here. Now face..." She pauses, glancing over at Cure Gull and giving her a less steady wave while the surprisingly painful impact from blocking that shield keeps her arms locked in place for a bit. "Ah, hello Gull-chan! Yes, let's crush this monster so we can get back to what really matters today!" Shaking off the rust in her everything, she eyes the Prism Keepers curiously and their... Stars and frogs motif? "Interesting... Ah, right."

     The fighting. Flicking the tower shield upwards, Cure Boost grabs the defensive implement at the bottom, rearing back, and flinging it right towards the secretarial creature!
Kaeru Aokawa 2017-05-09 01:09:39 76108
Prism Keeper Blue moves by the pond, and it with at her back she swishes her toy trident and conjures several blue glowing frogs which hop towards them. "What's a Terribad?" she asks. "I haven't heard of THAT type of youma..." She points and the frogs jump towards the kindabads, ribbing happily. "Yellow - will I need Princess power?" she asks, clicking her tongue.
Twilight 2017-05-09 01:30:36 76110
    Namakelder grabs the brim of his hat. "Defender of snacks? How boring." he exclaims. "How unbelieveably boring and such work for... things that dissapear when you shove them in your mouth." he says as he grabs a big fluff of mold off a nearby stalk and shoves it into his mouth. Chew chew, swallow.
    "Such a waste of time better spent lounging." he says, reopening his green eyes.
    The Terribad tanks Gull's hit with the clipboard, using it as a shield as Corvus surmised earlier. Boost throws a shield and it knocks it off balance and down to the ground it goes. "Terribad!" it calls out as it attempts to get back up.
    Kindabads flail about as frogs grasp on thier heads. THey're just flaililg trying to pull frogs off them as they are assaulted by purifying stars aswell, poofing into black smoke on contact with the star shower.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-09 01:41:41 76111
Cure Gull recoils from the hit and prepares to take one, though Boost's shield throw seems to knock the beast down to the ground. It's grounded as she grins. "Alright guys, let's work on finishing this!" she calls out.

She spins around in air as she raises her hand skyward! "Wings of Hope, become a sacred power!" she calls out as she spins the dial on the prebrace.

"Lovely PreBrace!".

She throws her hands down as she spins them around one another. "Hopeful Feather Shoot!" she calls out as she calls up a bright shining wing-like symbol above her before spinning around then punching it toward's the Terribad!

"Wings of Hope, Return to the Heavens!" she calls out as the purifying burst happens! Lets hope this helps finish this!
Prism Princess Yellow 2017-05-09 01:55:08 76113
"I think we got this." Yellow suggests to her friend, and then she points her staff towards the Terribad and calls out, "Prism Aegis Power!" A single somewhat large star is sent flying towards it, and she keeps pointing her staff at it, sending it a beam of Yellow light and more stars, making the star grow and grow, until it's getting to larger than even an elephant, "Yellow Chroma Starburst!" And another extra push of chroma energy, and then the massive five-pointed star lets out a tired puff, as though it's just had a long race.

And then it breaks apart, shattering into countless purifying stars that fly all over the place. Right next to the Terribad is where it's the most concentrated, but they spread far and wide with their little packets of chroma energy, "I'll respect my elders when they're not acting like they're younger than I am." She answers Namekelder.
Yuko Minami 2017-05-09 02:00:05 76114
     "There's more to food than just what you see. There's the texture! The aroma! The arrangement!" Each shout from Cure Boost is punctuated by alternating punches to her sides and the formation of larger shields on each hand. She doesn't seem to be slowing down as they get bigger and bigger, pistons extending from behind her elbows while marching towards the Terribad menacingly.

     Apparently, her time in America hasn't helped her speed up any. Then again, she was always rather slow to begin with. She's definitely not a speedster by any stretch of the word. "The technique! And the flavor! Heart of Steel, become a scred power!"

     Somehow, Boost manages to spin the dial on her own prebrace while still punching those shields into existence. It'd probably be more impressive if it was easier to actually see her doing that behind the shields.

     "Lovely PreBrace, bring us the protect!" Cure Boost shouts in mangled English, breaking into a still-slow run at the Terribad and rearing both arms back as the pistons reach their full length. "Boost! Driver! Impact!"

     Timing her attack with Cure Gull's, Prism Princess Yellow's, and Prism Keeper Blue's, the pistons slam forward with a double-fisted punch forward, slamming a pair of stakes through the shields right at the Terribad! There's not a lot of flash behind the attack, but it sure is loud.
Kaeru Aokawa 2017-05-09 02:00:55 76115
Prism Keeper Blue nods as she snapsh er fingers, the blue frogs attacking the Kindabads detonating in purifying energy. She glances at Yellow, and takes a deep breath. "Shine... With... Vibrance!" Blue light forms around her as she grows larger, taller, older. Now looking 14, with a tiara, and.... not just a toy trident, but a real one. She backflips into the water, blue light forming around her legs as they turn into a mermaid tail. She then dives down... and erupts upward out of the pond, hovering in midair with butterfly wings... and a mermaid tail. A blue circle of light forms under the water as she points at the Terribad. "Prism Aegis Power!" she calls out, as the water in the circle bubbles and roils, raising up. "Blue Elemental Smash!" The water jumps up.... and creates a colossal frog-shape shaped like water, as the mermaid Blue continues to fly. She gestures at the Terribad. "Attack!" she calls as the elemental makes jumps - and then smashes into the Terribad, attempting to crush it... and detonating into a large barrage of purifying light... and water. Blue sinks back intothe water, panting softly, her mermaid-tail threshing to keep her above the surface.
Twilight 2017-05-09 02:09:59 76117
    Cure attacks come in! Prism Keeper attacks come in! The Terribad is caught by the various attacks aswell as the Kindabads by proxy and target. Just like that, the Terribad is blasted away into purification and soon all that mold is undone, leaving Namakelder floating in midair for a second before he lands straight onto the ground as he gets up rapidly and quite grumpily. "Fine, you don't appreciate a fine do nothing all day." he says sourly. "I'll find relaxation elsewhere where Pretty Cures and Prism Keepers can't ruin it." he says as he pulls the brim of his hat down over his eyes as he leaps into the air and dissapers into the fade of some sort of ninja vanish.
    The woman falls free of the mirror onto her feet, blinking awake rapidly with a 'huh?', as people peek from hiding places. Is the danger pass!? It is!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-09 02:17:28 76119
---and it's done! She huffs. "Grasshopper. More like. Jerkhopper!" she huffs. She looks down to Cure Boost with a grin. "Boost, meet you later at the store with sis, okay!?" she calls out. "I have to hurry home! Date with Hannah-chan!~" she sings out. She looks back to Yellow and Blue. "Thanks for your help you, two!" she beams with a smile.

Corvus waves aswell as Cure Gull begins to talk off back into the sky, towards Uminari City! Home!~
Kaeru Aokawa 2017-05-09 02:24:01 76120
Prism Keeper Blue sighs softly as she slumps back into the pond, sighing softly as her eyes flutter. She reverts back into just Prism Keeper Blue - she can't hold princess form for long and just swims around in the pond, not wanting to get out yet, deciding to chase paper boats for a while.
Yuko Minami 2017-05-09 02:25:11 76121
     Dropping her shields and letting them dissipate into green light, Cure Boost lets out a long sigh as the adrenaline wears off. Her arms are even starting to hurt, and it's clear that she's really out of practice! Still, she manages a smile up at Cure Gull and even waves at her slowly.

     "Will do! Oh, is that sooo~?" She narrows her eyes briefly with a mischievous giggle, but abruptly shifts into a more serious clearing of her throat once it becomes apparent that civilians are emerging again. Ignoring the pain in her arms, she braces her hands on her hips while turning towards the Prisms with a confident smile. "Great work ,everyone! Everyone's safe, and we can get back to what really matters here."

     And then the shield-wielder makes a beeline for the food stands. It's not going to eat itself!