Bike Returns and Running Away

Sayaka takes Alexis's motorcycle back to him. Alexis winds up telling her more about his history. Sayaka is not impressed by some of the conclusions Alexis draws from it. At all.

Date: 2017-05-11
Pose Count: 48
Stahlritter 2017-05-11 06:49:00 76298
To put it bluntly, the Raskoph household in Tokyo is... in the more upper-class portion of the city. Noticably so. In a suburbia of this sort, most houses are nearly akin to mansions on their own right. Each property a gated estate with more yard to work with than anyone living in the city should need and at least two stories to each house -- and each one probably has enough room to house a small apartment building's worth of people, too.

And it's just outside the gate to one of these estates where Alex stands, with his back leaned against a gatepost and leather-covered arms crossed over his chest. He seems... a little bothered. For whatever reason, he's not particularly proud of this aspect of his life, and he'd probably preferred not to show that off to anyone even on a surface level like this-- but Sayaka was probably pretty insistent on bringing the bike all the way here.
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-11 07:00:24 76299
    It had been a long night. A reaaally long night. And after tending to an overly drunk and hung-over Miku, Sayaka had tended to Alex's bike. She had grabbed it shortly after leaving Miku's place, bringing it to her own garage before crashing for the night - she was way too tired to bring it back to his place after everything that had happened, but didnt want it to get stolen either.

    It took the next day for her to bring it to his place, and in the end, riding it was a bit more practical than hauling it over her shoulder and leaping over rooftops. Fortunately, she didnt have to go far, because she'd never ridden a bike, and there was always a chance she might accidently trash it. Good thing she's a pro at regular bikes, and had even taken a spin a few times on her parents' car!

    So when she drives up to Alex's house, he may hear the familiar revving of his bike's engine, before he even spots her, dressed in her Puella garb, just incase she accidently crashed (at least she'd be able to heal herself, if not the bike!)
Stahlritter 2017-05-11 07:23:50 76300
The engine is, indeed, heard before the bike and the rider are spotted. The german boy remains leaning gainst the gate post for the time being, though-- and then his brows rise when Sayaka does show up with the bike.

...In her magic girl suit.

"...Saya?" He calls hesitantly, eyes blinking as he finally pushes himself away from that lean and unfolds his arms. A slow few steps taken towards the bike. "...Should you be... um. Looking like that here...?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 01:05:50 76304
    Sayaka is used to Alex's sudden appearances out of nowhere, but this time she actually sees him before he can catch her by surprise.

    Carefully she parks the bike, a bit wobbly, but pretty good considering she's never ridden one before (okay, maybe she rode a bike once, briefly, which helped!).

    She smirks wryly at his comment. "Nice to see you too. And I figured, it'd be safer if I fell off. At least, if I trashed the bike, I wouldn't become mush too!" she pipes rather cheerily, knowing he'd probably be more devastated about the trashed bike than her.

    "Plus, carrying it over rooftops is more precarious. At least I got it here in one piece, just like I promised. Safe and sound.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 01:09:17 76305
"...Well, I think I would prefer you un-mushed either way," Alex claims, with a slight sigh let out, with him now coming to a stop just besides the bike and her, slowly looking the blue-haired girl over. "...You should probably change back, though. Before someone sees and gets... you know... weird ideas."

His head turns to peek back towards the sprawling estate beyond the gate then-- and suddenly, he ends up looking incredibly akward. "...So, uh..." He mumbles while his eyes turn back towards her, hand rubbing lightly at the back of his head. "...This is, um... my parents' place..."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 01:17:04 76306
    Sayaka arches a brow as she slides easily off the bike, "Huh? what kinda weird ideas are we talking about?" she seems amused at that comment but quickly dehenshins in a subtle blur of blue energy. At least she got her school uniform back, which is good, "There, that better?" glancing towards the rather generous estate, Saya should be agape, but of course, she's used to such luxuries herself. Still, it's pretty nice.

    "Heh." she smiles, "Not bad, Alex-kun. Why so awkward? You should be proud. It's nice living in an expensive neighborhood, I know, I come from wealthy parents too...Although I guess that makes them pretty busy all the time too..." she sighs thoughtfully at that, wondering if he also experiences the same kind of neglect and loneliness.

    "So....." what now?
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 02:07:27 76307
"...I dunno, it's just..." Alex mumbles with that same akward tone, fingers still scratching at the back of his head. "...Doesn't feel like me, I guess. It's... complicated." Like a lot of things seem to be in general.

"...So..." He repeats after her then, and his shoulders slump faintly underneath the leather jacket. Another look gets tossed back towards the estate. And then to Saya. To the estate again. And-- you get the idea.

"...Do you wanna come inside?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 02:13:36 76308
Sayaka Miki smirks still, seemingly in a playful mood today, or else she might be a bit nervous about coming.

    "Hmm, is it really so bad, having everything you want? Better than the alternative, I think." she shrugs, "What would your ideal life be like?"

    She glances towards the estate, arching a curious brow at the boy. "Is it alright for you to have guests?"
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 02:23:56 76309
"Yeah, well, I've spent a lot of time with the sort of people who don't get to have anything," mutters Alex, with him moving on over to grab the bike by the steering poles (or whatever it is they are called that the player does not recall) for the purpose of being able to walk it towards the gate. "So I guess I feel guilty."

He stops, though, to look back at the blunette-- and promptly shrugs. "Probably not," he admits. "But my folks aren't home right now. It's the maids and butler right now. So do we really are?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 03:20:22 76310
Sayaka Miki nods slowly, walking alongside him, "Yea, I know how that feels, like youre the priviledged rich kid who has more than you need, and yet you cant help all those poor kids who really need the money and have to live on less.."

    She pauses to stare up at the estate, arching a brow when he mentions butlers and maids. "Wow, you got servants?? Guess youre way richer than me.." she chuckles, "Well just be grateful for what you have, I guess."

    As for not having guests, she chuckles nervously, "Dont worry, it'll be our little secret.." even so, Saya's looking a bit red, its not like she's ever been to a boy's house before, and not one she was crushing on..
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 03:38:42 76311
"My parents are the ones who are rich," Alex points out sheepishly. "I'm just kind of... Mooching off of them you know?"

A series of numbers are dialed on the keypad just besides the gate, and the electronic system sends the thing sliding open slowly-- just enough that he can walk the bike through, alongside Saya.

"Well, I mean," he says then. "I figure I might as well at least share in the food stash since you came all the way here, you know?"

"And, well," muttered more quietly then. "I guess we ought to talk anyway."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 03:50:47 76313
Sayaka Miki smiles, "Well, youre still in school, arent you?" she pauses, peering at him intently, Saya never really considered how old he is. Or if she's too young for him. Or if that was even a thing. Wait..How old is he, anyway?

    "Er...I mean..Like, that probably keeps you busy too, right? What grade are you in, anyway?" Her eyes slide back at that bike curiously. Wait, did his parents..Pay for that too?

    "Umm..." she bites her lip, laughing nervously, hoping she didnt say something dumb. "Well that's cool I guess...And sure, I guess I couldnt turn down food..You really dont have to though. I mean, youre probably still recovering from..Stuff.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 04:00:11 76314
The question about school brings Alex to a pause. ANd his eyes rapidly sweep over from left to right rapidly. "Uuuuuh... Well... I was studying in VErone, yeah..." He mumbles, sheepish. "But I miiiiiight have sorta maybe been kiiiiiinda suspended a while before I got turned into a vampire? And then I went off-grid with that and... yeah..."

The german clears his throat audibly. "I mean, my parents are trying to get me back there now that I'm back...? But for the time being I'm kinda just. Yeah..." He shifts himself back into step forward with that, letting out a brief akward laugh before peeking back to Saya's way. "Oh. Yeah. Grade ten. I'm turning seventeen next month, actually.

After getting the bike parked near the massive front door, he flashes a grin over towards the girl. "There's a *ton* of food to go around in our stores. We have our own meat locker and everything! So yeah. But I definitely got my appetite back like... thousand-fold after all that dark energy left me. Because of all the healing and such, and... Well." He pats his hand against his stomach before going to open the door for Saya. "...Also kinda not eating much at all for like... what? Four months?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 04:11:05 76315
Sayaka Miki blinks slooowly, peering at him curiously. "...Huh. Really?" she laughs nervously. Wow, he's even more of a trouble maker than she is!

    "Umm..Sooo..What did you do to get suspended?" she ventures, then quickly regrets saying it. "I mean, its okay..You had a rough life. Then becoming a vampire and all..I mean, I've been in detention plenty of times before, skipped school even.." never got suspended before though.

    Then he mentions his age and she lets out a little surprised gasp. "Ohhh..Really?" another nervous laugh, as she shakes her head. "I mean, I guess I myst like a kid to you.." nothing more than that. Siigh..
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 04:22:57 76316
"Wwwwwweeeeeeeeelllll........." Alex lets out, pausing with his hnd at the door's handle to look back at Sayaka all over again, sheepishly. "So there was this kind of rapey guy? I might have introduced his face to a sink. The funny thing about most rich kids that have just gotten everything they wanted? They're so used to not getting any consequences for shit they do that they never see it coming when someone rearranges their smug-ass faces. I always tended to prefer to solve problems like that myself rather than tossing lawyers or goons or whatever else at them."

"...WEll, anyway." The door is opened thusly, to permit both of them into a large foyer-- the decor all modern-like, sleek edges everywhere and such nonsense. There's several doors going off from there and two seperate hallways leading away-- and a spiral staircase at the very end of the foyer, too. "Welcome to the Raskoph Tokyo Estate," he offers, after stepping inside and crouching down to work his boots off. While he's doing that, he's eyeing Sayaka up and down, with a quirked eyebrow. "...Kid?" He repeats, in bemusement. "You're like... what? Two years younger than me, at best? I wouldn't call you a kid."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 04:35:56 76317
Sayaka Miki hmms, listening thoughtfully, nodding every so often in agreement. "Well, they kinda deserved it then didnt they? And that's pretty noble of you, to be the better guy, and not just another 'rich kid.'"

    Unfortunately, that just makes her respect for him grow all the more, her eyes practically sparkling with admiration.

    Finally she peels her gaze away, momentarily distracted by the massive interior of the house. "Um..Wow..This place is amazing! Do you have a big family? siblings or anything?"

    Though that last comment causes her to blush some more. "Hehe, really? I mean, you're probably in highschool and all." at least, when you're only 14 going on 15, even 2 or 3 years older seems like a lot.

    "Heh..." she grins sheepishly, "Well, guess a 'kid' couldnt kick your butt afterall.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 04:49:15 76318
"A 'better guy' probably would have talked it out instead of putting the other guy in a hospital," Alex points out with a sigh and a slow shake of his head. WIth his boots kicked off and away, he takes to leading Saya down one hall.

"It's just me and the folks," he goes on explaining on the way to the kitchen. "They just have more money than they know what to do with, you know? They're that kind of people."

Just before the door to the kitchen, he suddenly stops and turns himself around. One brow rises upwards, and he folds his arms together over his chest. "'Kick my butt', huh?" He echoes, weight turned back to set him leaning against the wall. "Now my memory might be hazy because I was in what amounts to a frenzy at the time, but I do very distinctly remember deliberately stopping to give you the time to *do* the butt kicking. I don't tend to go down so easy when I'm actually all there."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 05:04:31 76319
Sayaka Miki frowns, "I wouldnt know, I tend to talk better with my fists myself. Dont think 'talking it out' would do much good against thugs like that anyway." her gaze hardens briefly as she considera this.

    "I mean if he's been hurting other people on that level, he deserves to be taught a lesson."

    Then he pauses and Saya arches a brow, "What? You're saying you let me beat you?" she smirks, "Guess we'll have to have a rematch soon then..!"
Stahlritter 2017-05-12 05:19:58 76320
"I do very much remember straight trying to get you to put a sword through my head, so *kinda*." Alex's teeth are flashed out in a grin with that. "Maybe. But is that going to be with or without your magic nonsense? Because I don't have Dark Energy anymore. I just got my guts and every last trick I've learned fighting on the streets."

With a push of his weight to lean him away from the wall, he goes on to open the door to the dining room, though-- and continuing to walk towards the kitchen connected to it on the far end. "Nevermind that for now, though. WHat do you feel like eating?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-12 05:25:26 76322
Sayaka Miki smiles, "Yeah, I remember that..But I still had to beat the crap outta you to weaken you enough to even talk to me in the first place."

    She grins, "But arent you glad that I didnt..End it?" but now she's getting too serious again and nids slowly at his chalkenge.

    "But of course, that'd be cheating and I hate cheaters." she smiles, "Dunno hiw you fight but when I'm not a magical girl, I like to use my kendo sword. I'd love to spar you sometime, I'm sure we'd both learn something.."

    As for food, Saya has no idea. "Ummm how about some..Ice cream?"
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 01:31:29 76448
"...What, you mean like... the bamboo thing?" Alex asks with a briefly-bemused look sent back over to Sayaka's way. "I just kinda... do whatever works, you know?" One broad shoulder rolls around with that while he continues to guide her through the dining hall into the kitchen, which... is pretty large too. SO many counters. Three fridges. And a huge door that probably leads into a giant walk-in freezer, too. All the most modern of automated kitchen appliances and such.

None of which Alex probably knows how to use.

"...I *think* we have ice cream somewhere..." he mutters on the blunette's request. "Wasn't going to be my first choice but... um... hold on..." The first fridge is opened and eye-squinted at.
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 01:45:03 76454
Sayaka Miki smirks, "Yeah, the bamboo thing. I'm curious to see how you fight without powers myself.."

    She grins, and winks, "I'm sure it'll be fun! How about we make a bet?" for the moment though, she is distracted by the impressive furniture and massive rooms. "Gee, dont you ever get lost in here??"

    She settles in a chair, waiting expectantly.
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 02:12:44 76460
"I used to," admits Alex while he rifles through the fridge for a second longer before slamming it closed and moving on to the next one. "When we moved here. We've only been here for a year now. ... Kind of surprised it's been so long already, actually."

From the next one, he does finally find a container of ice cream - chocolate! - and draws it out before moving on to look for a bowl for Saya. "... I guess we're getting to the point where it's just going to be more likely for my parents to suddenly have to leave the country for someplace else. And drag me with them."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 02:27:04 76468
Sayaka Miki arches a brow, "Really? only a year? Your Japanese is pretty good, considering!"

    Then he mentions moving, possibly, and her smile quickly fades. "Would they do that to you? I mean..Just like that and you're gone?"
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 02:32:41 76471
"Well, it's not my first time in Japan, just in this house," ALex points out.

And then she asks... that question. And he winces. "...Yes," he answers with a heavy sigh. "It's... pretty much how my life has gone, you know? All over the place. Germany. England. Japan... Just travelling everywhere, because of their work. Since their company has these big branches... basically everywhere. And I'm just kind of along for the ride. It's probably why I've had such a hard time making friends or..." He eyes Sayaka over while he's setting ice cream into a bowl for her, and then quikly looks away again, biting at his lower lip. "...Anything else."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 02:44:00 76474
Sayaka Miki stares quietly at the icecream as she listens, feeling her spirits rapidly drop.

    "....Oh.." she says with a defeated sigh, playing with her spoon as she stares blankly at the ice cream. "I didnt realize. Is that why you're so...So..Distant..?"
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 02:58:18 76483
"...I guess," Alex murmurs quietly, now shifting to sit himself down next to Saya, with his hands steepling together over the surfae of the table. "I'm so used to... Only really knowing people for just a year at best."

The boy chews at his lower lip a bit more while looking away from her. "Even if that wasn't the case, I'm not really... A great person to be around, in the long run."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 03:08:21 76487
Sayaka Miki says, "Oh.." she swallows. "Um, dont you..Miss people? Havent you ever grown..Attached, to a place or..People? I mean, you're almost an adult now, cant you just live your own life?"

    And after that, she takes a couple scoops of ice cream just so she doesnt feel so self conscious and red.

    "I rather enjoyed your company, I learned a lot from you.." she murmurs, "..And I'd miss you too.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 03:25:03 76494
"oF course I miss people," Alex says with another sigh, his head now lowering a bit further to settle his eyes onto the table below him rather firmly. "Until I'm eighteen and graduated, though, I... Mh. I don't think I will get to really do anything of my own, you know? My parents are that sort of people. I don't do a lot they tell me to, but... I can't stop that."

When she says that last part, he does finally allow himself to peek towards her-- and smile ever so faintly. "...I know," he murmurs. "I... Yeah. I hurt you too, though. Probably am going to again, still."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 03:32:02 76497
Sayaka Miki makes a face. "Really? Mister tough guy's gotta do what his parents say, even if it means having no control iver your life? Your future?"

    She shrugs, "But I guess it's not my place to say.." Saya sighs, playing some more with her ice cream.

    "Forget it, you were infected by dark magic and you mearly lost yourself to it. That was who I was fighting, not you.."

    Another shrug, "If youre talking about my..Feelings, yeah, I have a knack for falling for the wrong guy. Should be used to it by now, really.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 03:42:04 76502
"Last time I tried staying behind in London," Alex says with a wrinkle of his nose. "THere were a lot of lawyers, german embassy and the police involved. SO, yeah-- when it comes to that stuff I don't really have a whole lot of choice about it."

He shakes his head with that, and akwardly turns his gaze away from her again. "...I'm sorry," he mumbles. "It's not like I don't... You know. I just... I don't think I'd be good for you."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 03:52:07 76505
    Well. That did it. She climbs to her feet, storming right up to him, glaring angrily at him, arms clenched at her side as if she were ready to punch him (Heck, knowing Saya, she's not above punching him!)

    "So..I have no say in the matter? What I feel or think means nothing?! How can you just...Run away?!"
Stahlritter 2017-05-14 04:14:53 76511
It's with that that Alex turns his eyes back to Sayaka again-- and they widen up for a moment when they look upwards at her as a result of him still staying sitting down.

"I..." he lets out in a breath, and then ends up having to force his eyes away from her, frowning sadly. "....It's not like I want to run away," he mutters, quietly. "I just... have to be a realist about it."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-14 04:19:14 76512
Sayaka Miki continues to glare angrily at him, not backing down. She's rather enjoying staring down at him for once.

    "You're running away! You're afraid if what might happen if.." she shakes her head, "So what if you didnt end uo moving and ended up mussing out on something good? Dont you at least want to know what might have hapoened? The future is not written in stone, you know?"
Stahlritter 2017-05-19 19:59:21 76811
With her continuing ot look down upon him, his eyes end up drifting away again, slowly-- to the side and downwards.

"I know it isn't," he murmurs quietly, after a few seconds of complete silence on his part. "I was born to the kind of life where I could have... anything I wanted. Except for... 'connections'. To other people. Every time I would try maintaining one, it's always ended badly for them. One way or another. I just..." His eyes close, slowly, and his head bows a bit further downwards. "I can't let that happen again."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-19 20:14:44 76812
Saya does not seem happy with that response at all..But at least she's backed off a bit, starting to pace now.
    "So what, you've given up? Sealed your heart to the world? You're nit the only person out there whose neen left heart broken or lost friends. What do you think Ive been dealing with all your life? Sometimes you just have to take a chance if you want to be happy!"
    She sighs, pausing by a window. "If you hadnt let me be your friend in the first place, or Miku-chan, we couldnt have helped you in the first place but now you're just shutting us out?!"
Stahlritter 2017-05-19 20:32:48 76815
"I'm not 'shutting anyone out'," Alex claims, but his voice remains the same quiet tone-- and his eyes remain unable to look over to Saya still, too. "I'm just..."

He shakes his head suddenly with that, and slowly turns on his chair so that he can rest his arms on the tabletop, folded over together. "...You're not going to believe me no matter what I say, are you?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-19 21:13:02 76817
Sayaka Miki glares back at him, clearly unconvinced of whatever he's trying to tell her. "If you're not shutting me out, then what are you trying to do? You say you got no contacts and you dont want to, but you've already established a connection with both me and Miku! What more is there to say? Clearly you dont want me in your life anymore. And after all I risked for you...." she clenches her fists, feeling ready to punch something as she continues to just stare out the window. why does she even bother? It's so hopeless. She's so stupid! "You know, maybe it was a mistake me coming here.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-19 21:54:49 76822
Now that is when Alex does turn his head up to look over at Sayaka- and his eyes widen out ever so little.

"...I didn't say I don't want you in my life," he states then, with his voice rising back up just a bit towards it's usual tonality, and he pushes himself up from the chair now, too. "So please don't put words in my mouth, Saya."

He takes a step towards her, but... stops right after that, and looks away again, with a hand going over to rub at his other arm. "...This is part of why I say I'm not good for you," he admits quietly. "I'm just... not good at this kind of... stuff."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-19 22:35:20 76827
Sayaka Miki frowns, turning around quickly then, glaring at him. "Geez, you're really messed up, arent you? Youre even worse than expressing yourself than I am!" she laughs, though there are tears in her eyes which she fiercely wipes away as she brushes past him. "I'm sorry, I didnt want to have these feelings, and maybe I was confused because I thought maybe you felt the same way, but obviously you dont. And even if maybe you did, you're too darn scared to try so just forget you ever met me!" And she storms off..Except this place is so huge, she's not exactly sure which way is out!
Stahlritter 2017-05-19 23:39:25 76831
"Wait--" Is all Alex has time to call after her before she's through the door. But he doesn't stay there to just stand and stare after her, though.

With a yell of "Wait!" he bolts off right after her-- trying to get close enough to her, even, to grab for her arm. To make her stop.
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-19 23:47:41 76834
Sayaka Miki frowns as she reaches a dead end. "Seriously? this is lame.." she sighs, peering around fir another exit when Alex calls after her.
    She grits her teeth, spinning around as he grasps her arm. "What do you want?" she snaps, "Theres nothing more to be said, I can take a hint, okay?! Dont make it any worse than it is..Just show me how to get out of here and I'll be on my way.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-20 00:08:36 76837
"The hint I'm giving is not that I want you gone completely, so no, you apparently can't!" Alex snaps back, drawing his hand away from her arm with that-- and he manages to kepe his eyes on her for all of three seconds before he's looking to the side again.

"So I *am* scared, okay?!" he growls out with that, wincing faintly over his own admission. "I-- I *want* you to be *happy* but I'm afraid I'm just going to leave you hurt and broken up by letting you too close, and I'm afraid I'm getting more than I deserve at the expense of you getting worse than you deserve! Alright?!"

A small step is taken backwards, and he spares a quick, sad look towards Saya before he starts turning away from her slowly, but without any actual sign of actually intending to move any further away from her. "That doesn't mean I don't care," he murmurs then by the time his back is turned to her, voice gone quieter again. "That doesn't mean I don't want..."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-20 00:12:48 76838
Sayaka Miki folds her arms, glaring back at him. "Does it matter? You've already made up your mind to keep me at arms length. And anyway, I dont believe you. Actions speak louder than words and if you're too scared to take a chance then there's nothing to talk about." she sighs, "I guess the only way I can avoid getting hurt is to firget everything that happened between us." she laughs, "Guess thats just my curse, To risk my life constantly helping people, but to forever be alone.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-20 00:43:23 76841
"So... what, you're going to assume I just hate you or something, and we're going to even stop being friends over this?" Asks Alex with a slow twist of his head guiding one green eye to look over his shoulder to the bluenette-- glistening ever-so-faintly with the trace of moisture there. "Now who's the one not letting what the other feels matter?"

The german lets out a heavy sigh and turns his eye away from her all over again. "I guess I can't stop you," he murmurs in a low tone, and lifts his hand up to point down the hall. "If you really feel that way, then... Third door on your left. The double-door one. Goes straight to the foyer."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-20 00:54:49 76844
Sayaka Miki shakes her head. "Dont be silly. I dont hate you. I cant control how you feel..I'm jyst stupid I guess.."
    She draws a deep breath, turning away fron him. "And...I just need some time to myself, to..Get over this. Disappointment. Embarrassment."
    She feels more tears coming and she tries to laugh it off. Stupid girl. "And you know if you're ever in trouble, I'll always be there to help you out.." her voice cracks. "Guess that's all I'm good for, afterall.."
Stahlritter 2017-05-20 01:02:22 76845
"You know that's not true," murmurs Alex quietly-- and he's turning the other way now, to take steps other way down the hall. "But I doubt you're going to want to listen to me much right now."
Sayaka Miki 2017-05-20 01:08:34 76847
Saya just smiles sadly and shakes her head. Third door on the right. Got it.
    "Dont try and make me feel better..Goodbye, Alex-kun.." and she hurries off...