Life's a Beach!

Suuunnn won't you commmmeeee and wash away the rain!

Date: 2017-05-12
Pose Count: 12
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-12 23:04:13 76347
Absolutely no one promised anyone that it'd be a splendid day. It is in fact, a little overcast, a little windy, like a rainstorm is going to happen. The weather report confirms it. Rain. Not thunder or a major storm, but rain.

This has never ever ever kept Haruna from her favorite spot ever. She had invited Aki along. Aki warned 'you're gonna catch a cold'.

Aki is probably right. Maybe Aki will come find her later and demand she wear a rain poncho just in case. Otherwise she's staring up at the turbulent sky which she thinks looks like a big gray cotton candy machine churning away.

She's easy to find. Why? HER FACEBOOK STATUS which says 'At the Beach! Wow! Looks like a big 'un coming!' then there's a picture of the sky over the ocean and Corvus is perched on her foot.

Where is Corvus now? Well where are seagulls usually at a beach?

The trashcan. Eating like day old fries. But oh god they taste so good, he thinks. ;_;.


"Thhhhhat's disgusting Corvus, you're getting a beak cleaning when we get home~"

"Worth it!" he states.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-12 23:35:12 76349
Hannah, too, can feel it in her bones. That onrushing storm, the wind ready to blow in the rain. R.T. pings the mage in her head. What's she doing?

She's laid out on a beach chair, with a stake umbrella in the ground. Jeans and a tank top, she's grinning as she listens to Haruna and Corvus. All things considered, for now, she's managed to stave off her bouts of depression and feverish work.

"Haruna's right, Corvus! Have some /class/! What are you, a seagull or a pidgeon!?" Goes Hannah, before huffing.

"What do you think? Should I cut him off from leftover steak and gravy for the month?" Threatens Hannah.

Out in the water, Boris is jumping and splashing around happily! Woof woof! That is one wet, happy doggie!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-12 23:50:26 76352
Haruna sighhhhsss. "Disgusting seagulls and wet dogs~" she sings out in a good natured way as she lays back and then sits back up. "Ya know. I bet people are driving by and wondering if we're nuts for sitting out here." she giggles. "When it's about to rain soon."

"But I like the rain." she says. "And. It's a rainstorm. No thunder or lightning the news says. But. That could always be wrong." she says.

Corvus huffs and ignores the two girls and continues to shove old fries into an old greasy chicken basket. Like he's gonna SAVE THEM FOR LATER. He's utterly shameless right now.

She kind of sighs and continues staring for a moment as she huffs. "I haven't gotten a chance to talk to Mercury-chan yet. I'm sorry. She's been busy with another issue. I will soon." she says.

"...have you had any luck with yourself?" she asks. "At /all/?" she asks, still staring at the sky. Also she is wearing that cowboy hat. It's normal for her now!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-13 00:19:28 76356
Hannah snorts, and waves a hand in the air. "Who cares what they think? We're here, we're having fun, and no one's leaving with a cold! So, everything is fine!" One of them is /definitely/ getting a cold from this. Probably Corvus.

Arms cross. So too do her legs as she lounges happily. "Good. I hate lightning. It hurts the ears if it's too close!" Complains Hannah aloud.

With some trajectory input from Raging Tempest, Hannah takes up a spent can of coke. Then she's flinging it in the air. A perfect arc! Riiiight towards Covus' trash can!

"Incoming, trash-beak!"

But then Hannah gets a bit serious. A deep, deep sigh. "No. I have enough data to recreate a linker core, but I can't make anything actively functional. And nothing I could change so far about my own without...well, doing things that are too stupid even for me. But I'm using my contacts to see if I'm missing something obvious." A few people in Eclipse /do/ owe her favors.

Slump. "I really hope Mercury can think of something." Her confidence, is just a touch shaken these days.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 00:38:10 76359
It would be Corvus. That'd be his luck. Silly bird.

She purses her lips. "I'll try to get at her soon." she says softly. "Tomorrow. Even. Right now. Stormy. and I wanna spend time with you!" she huffs. "A girl is allowed to be selfish. Once in a while." she insists as she thuds her head back down to the towel.

Whoop! Here comes the storm, starting to sprinkle just a bit at first. It'll pick up fast though. She makes sure her umbrella is where it needs to be at least so she isn't in a proper mudbath soon.

Corvus evades being the target for a coke can.

She purses her lips more in thought. She hasn't mentioned her wish yet. Now she's debating splurting it out. No... not yet. She knows what'll Hannah'll say about it. ONLY if all other avenues have been exhausted. SURELY Ami can help, she thinks.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-13 00:50:14 76360
Hannah slowly nods in agreement, smiling softly. "Great. Because today is Gull day! And I'm all yours. No one else's!"

When that storm comes in and Haruna hits the towel, Hannah is quick to join. She'll offer a comfy lap to lay on in addition to that towel. She even has a hairbrush, ready to brush her hair! Truly, Hannah came prepared to pamper Gull!

Raging Tempest curses flighty birds! And her Master's aim.

"How's the cafe going, Haruna? No one tried to burn it down yet? If they do!" A fist clenches. Grrrr grrr.

Boris meanwhile does a doggy barrel roll in the water! He's slowly starting to pad back over to the pair, dripping wet!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 00:59:12 76361
Haruna Kurosawa smiles. she likes this right now. Head on lap as she sighs and removes the cowboy hat and places it on her stomach because it just gets in the way otherwise right now. "Nope. No one is trying to burn down the cafe! No Phantom Generals or Precure Hunters doing thier Kool-Aid impersonations through the wall." she says.

"Not to say there isn't problems..." she frowns.

"Speaking of which. When we fix your problem... me and you are on Sakura's problem full time." she says.

"She's weakening for some reason. Like something is draining her." she frowns.

"It's bad enough she wanted to go to /Riventon/ for help." she says. "I tried to tell her no. I told her I'd get someone else to look at her or help her."

"Not that I don't trust Riven-kun but..."

"I totallllly don't trust Riven-kun. At least with this when he already has some interest in what she's trying to do." she frowns.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-13 01:15:46 76362
Hannah herself looks quite happy with the situation. She gets the scalp, and every now and then, gently strokes Haruna's cheek affectionately. Right now, she's radiating love. Not even Witch-gunk can dampen that emotion.

"Good. I'm the only one allowed to make dramatic entrances! I am going to have to come up with some recipies for the shop. 'Authentic American Food'!"

The mage stiffens, hard enough that Haruna would be able to feel it in her shoulders. "Draining? Really? She's had way too much to deal with!" Including her. But Hannah doesn't say that. She shakes, angrily.

"Here's what we do. First, god love Riv-kun, no. Second, we find whoever's responsible, we punch them really, really, /really/ hard! And then we hug little sis extra hard! Understand!?" Grrrrr!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 01:26:02 76363
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "Yup. That's the plan." she says. "But we need you better first. The only reason I haven't bugged you about it is because. Well. I hate to say it Hannah-chan." she says. "But you need to get well first before we start going to cause trouble. Because that problem could be a liability dealing with whatever Sakura is if it can latch onto you." she frowns.

"And yeah." she says. "on Riven-kun." she says. "But she also seemed dead set. I'm kinda hoping she doesn't sneak a visit." she sighs.

"She says she has a dream. Where she's in a cage. And there's someone. She can sense someone but she can't see them. And then it goes 'dark'." she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-13 01:40:01 76364
Her teeth grit. Her mouth opens to protest, and then clamps shut. She tch's, and Hannah turns away. "I really hate it when you're right, sometimes, Haruna." She's clearly grating at the truth.

Sigh. "...Well, at least I'm not the only idiot in this little makeshift family. Just keep an eye on her, okay? She probably would try something like that. I'll stick an RFID tag on her shoe or something if I have to." Huff.

Mmmmm. "That...almost sounds like a Dark General. Kind of like the coffins and your favorite flavor of jerk."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 01:44:42 76365
Haruna Kurosawa sighs and shakes her head. "You can't help others when you can't help yourself." she says quietly. "Pfffbt. I'm always right. Even when I decided it was a good idea to follow the promises of some sort of crow... what was his name again...." she thinks.

"H-hey!" says Corvus.

"I'm just kidding Corvie-kun~" she sings out.

She grins and nods. "Yeah. I have some theories. One of them is that it is actually Riventon. He's after those cards too." she says. "Another is that Sakura says the 'fade out' feels very final. Like... you know. The kind. You don't wake up from." she says.

"I'm gonna point her to someone else about dreams too." she says as the rain picks up as she closes her eyes. "No worries, okay?" she asks. "I got this until you're better!" she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-13 01:48:42 76366
"Of course you're always right. Especially when it involves...the jerk tax!"

Reaaach! Hannah pulls Haruna into a nice, warm, comfy hug! Squeeze squeeze squeeze!

Gulp. Hannah frowns. "For once, I'm hoping it's Riventon. We're not letting anything like that happen to her." Stubborn Hannah is stubborn!

But then she lets go, and collapses back. She curls up around Haruna this time.

"Alright. I trust you, my love."

The sun peeks out to highlight the two, sparkles float in the air, and a rainbow illuminates the sky! A beautiful, romantic moment!

And then Boris bounds up, and begins shaking himself off right on Hannah and Haruna. Boris, at the end, wags his tail and looks way too proud of himself!