As Well As Can Be Expected

Eilam is back from dealing with some of the unpleasant side effects of immortality: embezzling estate managers. Lacrima is not looking forward to some other unpleasant side effects of immortality, herself.

Date: 2017-05-13
Pose Count: 8
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-05-13 07:41:54 76404
    It had been a fair bit since Eilam and Norie had last really had an opportunity to talk. Primarily because he was just... well, either incredibly busy or dealing with his own condition in some capacity. Earlier in the day he had finally sent a text that the business that had largely been taking up his time was over. And that was about the extent of the text, no real invitation to come or otherwise. Perhaps that was simply left up to her discretion. Or maybe he was simply still with his mind elsewhere.

    The night would find him still awake, seated in the large plush recliner of his that was in his office room, some J-pop of sorts playing idly in the background as he used a keyboard seated on his lap and a mouse on the nearby stand to navitage a pair of monitors hanging in front of him from a ceiling-held display. He appeared to have been relatively freshly showered, his long hair combed out and resting over a folded up towel behind his head over the back of the chair. His attire was the days clothes, just nothing in the form of odds and ends. Slacks, socks, no shoes belt or tie or any such, shirt on but unbuttoned and hanging slightly ajar.
Lacrima 2017-05-13 08:02:21 76405
Stepping out of the Dusk Zone. she appears in the main foyer or vestibule of Eilam's manor estate. She purses her lips and can hear the music. She follows it along. She can sense the humidity of a recent shower. She knocks on the door and peeks in. It first seems to be to make sure Eilam is decent, then she opens it all the way. She's dressed in her usual gown- and has the features associated with Lacrima- the long purple hair and similarly colored eyes and pale complexion out. She doesn't need to hide here.

She gently walks over and sits into the chair next to him. "I'm here. In case that wasn't clearly obvious." she says in her deadpan manner.

"Have you.... been okay?" she asks silently. She seems to be fiddly a bit. Like somethings wrong, but not quite with the person she's talking to. It's something else entirely.

"All my standing emergency situations have been resolved." she says quietly. "Thankfully." she says.

"I'm sorry. I know you've been not well. It's expected. Are you a little better than usual for the moment?" she asks, looking back up.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-05-13 08:11:48 76406
    At first he didn't seem to notice, though it was when she spoke he twitched a little and looked over. "Ah... hello." The contents of the screen was a series of spreadsheets among other myriad tabs and windows and such. While he did seem tired, that wasn't too unusual. Though the tiredness about him was more actually being tired than some terminal exhaustion. "As well as can be expected. Though it might not interest you, my affairs, someone I had left in charge of one of my estates elsewhere in another country started doing stupid things and I had to... find a way to deal with it quietly while getting everything back in order."

    The tone of his voice implied rather heavily he didn't enjoy this kind of thing. "I never understood the appeal of gambling, it ruins so many lives. The idiot had all the education and career choices he could ever want, funded by my grants that I left to the estate, but my accountants who oversee such noticed irregularities and yeah." A soft breath escapes him as he looks back to the spreadsheet, a fair bit of red, a bit of other colors, green, black, at a glance hard to say what all it means. It wasn't written in Japanese or Spanish at least. In fact it was written in some European language or another.

    "Which I will say to you... if you ever need money or come into problems, please do not steal or try and sell my possessions. Just... ask me, hm? This is not me thinking you will, but just making sure it is said ahead of time. I usually make it clear to all that it matters to in some way at some point anyways."
Lacrima 2017-05-13 08:36:33 76407
Norie Okana blinks at Eilam. "I'm sure you have a vast fortune, Eilam-kun." she says. "But I also work for people that keep me well in a low five figure bank account. Not vast. But if I want something. I buy it. No worries." she says quietly.

She does glance at the screen. She can't read the language. She needs to hear it to pick up on it. Besides, she's not trying to snoop as it is. Eilam's accounts are none of her business really.


She seems to grate her teeth, just a second. "I've really missed you." she says quietly. "Sometimes I just wanted to barge in. But. I know it's important you rest." she says quietly. "Just lonely."

"I don't even know how it's possible. Surrounded by people. And still feel. Lonely." she says. "Natsumi hasn't replied to any of my texts. I'm worried. I'm scared and just..." she wraps her arms around herself a little.

"Sorry. I know you have your own problems. I know you don't like doing that kind of thing. Sometimes it's nessacry. Keeping your secret is more important. Making sure you won't have problems in your endless future is important." she says softly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-05-13 08:44:45 76408
    "Well, I am back, if you want to stay a while with me? I normally do not have to deal with things like this, admittedly. I do a lot of work beforehand to make sure these problems do not arise. However, sometimes generational changes and... human error does come into play. Though it is as you said... you are right, it is important, to me, that I keep on top of these things. Things spiral out of control way too easily in this modern world, much more than they used to."

    He offered a hand out towards Norie, intending to guide her into the chair so he could well enough relax with her there with him. He took the keyboard that was on his lap in his other hand and raised it, hooking a loop on the back of it onto a nearby peg, likewise with the mouse.

    "I hope the best for the going ons with Natsumi. I had still hoped to meet her at some point, get to know her, since she seemed to mean so much to you."

    He did add softly, "I did miss you as well. I have a hard time letting go of things and having you about has become a bit of a comfort for me more than I expected it to be. I have my own problems letting go of things or worrying about things being lost due to lapse in judgment or time or such. And with you... well, you have your life here and while I can hardly try to manage you or anything like that, I do worry about you as well. Perhaps a bit soon to say I do not want to lose you, but it is true.
Lacrima 2017-05-13 09:00:57 76409
Norie Okana nods. "But likewise it's easier to handle them. I mean. You handled that situation from miles away. That wouldn't had been possible in say, the 1800's." she offers. She does accept the seat. Closeness. She wants that right now. she closes her eyes and just kind of leans against Eilam. She just doesn't say anything for a few long moments.

"I can't die like you." she says quietly. "I'm always going to be a constant in your life as it is." she says. "As long as you want me to be so at least." she says.

"Sometimes I daydream. I can still daydream as what I am. About maybe. Thirty years from now? Just going off exploring with you or going someplace new." she says.

"While when I daydream about Natsumi. It's like. About what happens. When she's physically fourty. and I'm just sixteen." she says. "That may be fine with me and her. But not to everyone else. That ruins jobs and futures in the right setting." she frowns.

"You know what. Maybe you should take me out shopping soon..." she says.

"Maybe it'll make me feel better. I could use a new dress anyways." she says.

"Maybe a shorter hair cut... do you like long or short hair?" she wonders.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-05-13 09:10:20 76410
    "I will say it's not really... a good thing to think like that. About what others will think of you. It will drive you crazy. I... I should know." He was happy enough to hug around Norie what he could and just be there. He got just as much out of it, perhaps a bit more even because he wasn't unable to feel certain things like she was. "You are still young. For all you know, you will grow. Or maybe with magic change how you look. I mean... you've mentioned in the past your body is not... it is different, right? So perhaps you just have to learn to apply yourself to it."

    Has he been thinking about magic? Well, yes, he has. Maybe it shows, not that he has much knowledge to think off other than things he's seen.

    "I like my hair long. Others... it is their choice. Whatever appeals to you will be good enough for me." he refrains from saying /why/ he likes his hair long. "And while I am happy to take you shopping and buy you whatever you want, I doubt it will make you feel better, right? I mean... what I know of your ability to feel makes me think it would not help?"
Lacrima 2017-05-13 16:47:19 76411
Norie Okana sighs and just sort of shakes her head. "If I could change my appearance. Like. Disguise myself. My life would be easier. I'm kind of stuck between the three forms. 'Norie', 'Lacrima' and 'Whatever I am when I starve myself'." she says.

"I know this sounds silly. But It's hard to be 'not critical' of myself. It's just part of the whole.... being a dark being thing. Doubting yourself. Heck. You're the only one I'd admit it to. Usually we don't bother talking about that kind of thing of others." she sighs.

She looks up. "Oh. I can feel. 'better'. You just need to understand my ceiling on that is just being more neutral than. Smiley and happy. Right now I'm just sad." she seems to wilt a bit. "If a normal person's ability to 'feel better' is up here...." she raises a hand. "And feeling bad is down here...." lowers really low. "Mine is about...." she puts her hand somewhere near a little below the middle would be. "There. Like the 'Neither Agree nor Disagree' choice on a survey maybe..." she offers.

She head tilts. "I'm thinking a little shorter. Maybe." she says. "For the hair I mean." she says.