Launch Logia

A Lost Logia likes to pick things up and launch them at dangerously high speeds like a railgun. Nanoha, Rashmi, Mikoto, Tsubasa, Koji and Jin all stop it. THEN GO OUT FOR FOOD.

Date: 2017-05-13
Pose Count: 51
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-13 22:38:18 76424
It's a quiet evening. It's a clear, if somewhat cool early summer night. There's a bright, nearly full moon out. Nanoha is staring out her window in thought, as she often does when Yuuno bothers her. A Lost Logia signal! He doesn't know if it is or isn't a Jewel Seed and even if it isn't- well. It's a dangerous Lost Logia to keep out of someone's hands that either use it for bad things- or do something else horrible. She remembers The Heart's Desire. That was pretty awful.

So off, Nanoha goes from the Midori-ya's rooftop and into the air with flier fin after a transformation and getting into her barrier jacket. She's narrowed down the location to the harbor district. That much is clear. But...

There's nothing happening right now. It's quiet. She can hear the wind in her ears. She can see the twinkling lights of some cars. No bright explosions. Or odd bursts of colors.

A similar signal could easily be picked up by others devices or mascots or what have you aswell. Something was out here. It just wasn't clear what was yet. Or it's nature.

This is the kind of thing that worried Nanoha the most. It's just. Uncertain right now. Something bad? Something good? Will there a giant explosion? or another transformed monster? What then?
Koji Silvia 2017-05-13 22:51:05 76425

The young man in question is in the middle of doing his homework from school today, hip deep in listening to some funkified jazz, and not paying attention to much than numbers and letter. <<KOJI.>>

The voice is louder in his head, but then the music is warring for it's attention. <<ANOMALOUS SIGNAL DETECTED!>>

That goes right into Koji's vision, interrupting any sort of thought he was having towards Algebra, and causes him to look up in a bit of alarm, "What? Oh... Oh sorry, Tyrfing. What's happening?"

The words repeat in his vision, and it causes him to close up his books as he blinks in surprise, "Okay. Ummm..."

<<Wir haben keine Zeit zu verzoegern. Das koennte ein gefaehrlicher Gegenstand sein.>>

That finally wakes the young man up, and he checks the clock before he goes to his window and says, "We really need to get you fixed so you and I can talk in Japanese. Okay... point me to it." As he speaks he shifts to his Knight Cloth, removing his glasses and shifting form into Tyrfing so that as he moves to jump out into the night air, twin three-point diagrams appear under his boot-soles and he starts to fly slowly towards the source... only to almost crash as one of them disrupts and fails, putting him into a spin and landing him on a roof.

"Ow... okay... try that again."
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-05-13 22:54:46 76426
Over at Section 2 HQ picks up a strong magical signal, and thus dispatches one of their agents to investigate. Tsubasa gets in the chopper as it heads over to fly that way, still wearing the clothes she was wearing at the shoot for her new single's video clip. She sits there quiet as the chopper approaches the area of the signal, using a pair of binoculars to get a better look at what's going on.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-13 22:56:23 76427
"Come on, neesama, you need to get out of the lab more often!" Hikari the Guardian Beast - Mikoto's younger sister to most of the nonmagical world - has been rather insistent of late that her Master/Sister/whatever stop moping about and burying herself in her lab, and try to Get A Life. Maybe even meet a new boyfriend. Girlfriend. Whatever it takes.

Sometimes it takes a tag-team lecture from Hikari, Reese, and even her parents. Sometimes it takes chocolate ice cream. It's been rumored to take worse than that. Tonight all it takes is a bit of nagging. Which finds Mikoto out walking through the warehouse district, looking perhaps for a convenience store she can pick up some sushi and soda from.

<<~Anomalous energy signal detected~>>, speaks the silent voice of her Device, Carnwennan. Just as she was about to actually go into the convenience store.

"... Oh, fnark. Somebody up there really hates me." She considers for a moment, then shrugs and pauses in an alleyway, a Belkan spell-glyph rotating at her feet and rising over her to leave her clad in her barrier jacket. "Might as well at least take a look."

<<~Fliegerblitz~>> And with that, she rises into the air, taking flight across the dockside.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-13 22:59:43 76428
When you're a newbie magical girl...

Study priorities literally become a matter of life and death. Which is why Rashmi is already mentally rearranging hers, as she jogs down the street near the Harbors. Need... to learn... that flight spell...

Ducking into an alley, she transforms in a muffled burst of magical energy, and ducks back out again. "Nicomachea, where's that signal coming from again?" she asks the lavishly armored book tucked under one arm.

*BING* << NO SIGNAL DETECTED. COMMAND INPUT READY, >> the book replies, in the voice of a wise, aging man.
Tin Soldier 2017-05-13 23:18:21 76429
"What do you mean, 'magical disaster'?" a guy with a limp, delivering someone's takeaway meal, whispers to his wristwatch. "Are people going to get hurt?"

<<Yes, Jin Meiyou. Sometimes being heroic means fighting magic things,>> comes the whispered voice of Osiemnastka, exaggeratedly patient and faintly annoyed. <<Change and go.>>

"But this takeaway--"

<<Is your job more important?>>

"Of course not! But what if they're really hungry?"

<<Then eat it for them,>> the wristwatch says flatly. No: not flatly, mockingly.

"Uncalled for," Jin hisses, then starts running-- and he hands the meal to the first hungry kid he sees, then leaps into the air and transforms on the way, a glittering flash changing his clothes into a shining white and silver version of an old-fashioned army uniform with the rank of Private, First Class displayed proudly on the arms. The wristwatch shifts as he does, turning into a black armband that runs a metal joint down his arm and terminates in a glove.

He lands on a rooftop overlooking the source of the signal, squinting.

"Well, uh..." he says uncertainly. "Maybe I should just concentrate on getting people away from here...?"

<<Wait until someone else shows up. Follow their lead. You're good at that.>>
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-13 23:31:05 76430
Right now. The 'magical disaster' is underwhelming at best. Nothing is happening, yet, there's a signal that is clearly Lost Logia, and also Belkan in nature. Nanoha can see a helicopter? There's others nearby. She thinks she just saw a transformation or two. Those flashes can be very obvious from up here. Sometimes.

She frowns. "Well." she says. "I'm going to---" she says as she begins to talk with Raising Heart. That is. Until some random dumpster just kind of floats upwards. Then it immediately blasts off towards Tsuabas's helicopter like a railgun. It can probably be avoided if they noticed the aerial trash container.

Nanoha blinks and is about to jet back down towards the area the dumpster came from when from behind her- well. An empty car floats up in the same manner, from it's spot parked in front of a store- and likewise, shoots off like a railgun. Nanoha isn't so lucky to dodge this thanks to the sneak attack.

Right now the thing seems to be sticking to obvious targets- those it can see and clear in the air. Nanoha didn't get a chance to cast the barrier spell either. SOMEONE ELSE may wanna do that before these things hit an actual 'real' world.

Maybe that'll also actually isolate the device itself. Wherever and whatever it is.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-05-13 23:35:54 76431
Tsubasa sees that dumpster come float upwards, and her reaction is immediate. She jumps out of the chopper, no chute, no wings, nothing. She just dives down towards it, recklessly and not yet transformed. A little red cracked crystal on a string escapes from her neckline as she falls, and then she sings in a clear voice.

    "Imyeteus Ame no Habakiri Tron~"

Moments later, her Symphogear has activated and she is in full protecting magical gear, her sword growing to be buster sword sized as she swings it downwards towards the dumpster, an arcing wave of blue magic coming forth from it to essentially obliterate the thing, far before it can reach the chopper.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-13 23:41:45 76432
Well... flying isn't an option, but Koji can at least leap, and leap well, each time landing a foot on another Belkan diagram to acting like a stepping stone to keep him airborne. But it's not until the dumpster goes flying off towards what looks to be a news helicopter that he's really seeing something is happening.

And then Tsubasa happens.

Wincing one eye shut, and bringing his sword arm up to block the glare of the energy, he gives off a soft 'Tch', looking away in time to see that car come flying towards someone else... someone with a Mid-childian made Device in their hand. Instinct kicks in before anything else, and mid-leap, Koji takes the sword-and-scabbard off his back, the device transforming with a shifting of tech and some glowing parts as the swordgrip turns into the centerpiece of a bow! The string ignites in silver-blue as he draws back, and as the arrow manifests and ignites, he intones <<Splitter Barret.>> in an oddly calm done despite the danger. The loosed arrow flies towards the car, and then goes from a single shaft of solid light into almost a dozen smaller slivers of light that intend to strike and explode the vehicle before it can hit Nanoha!
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-13 23:47:49 76433
Tessen is simply enjoying the chance to fly - it's one of her few true pleasures, these days - but her time is short, as she rapidly approaches the source of the disturbance. And then there are Explosions, as someone swords a dumpster. And the night was going so well.

"Siiiiigh," she mutters to herself, sliding her blade from its sheathe, the slender rapier gleaming softly in the starlight. Light seems to swirl along its edge, then fade into nothingness as it slides off to take up orbit about her head, like a sliver of glass, nearly invisible in the darkness. Another follows it as she speeds towards the disruption, and then another, and another.

"Best do something about that," she mutters, and swings her course down towards where the flying objects seem to have been launched from. Most likely there's at least a clue, there. "Full scan, partner."

<<~Affirmative, Meister. Do you wish to enact an Isolation Barrier?~>>

"There's at least three mages down there and nobody's done that yet? Alright, go ahead." A wave of energy spans outwards, forming a dome nearly a mile wide, isolating anything magically-active in a subdimension a few milliseconds out of phase with the real world. Just enough to keep the collateral damage down.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-13 23:57:30 76434

"...Thank you Nicomachea, that's very helpful," Rashmi sighs. Flipping through the pages of the Device, she glances around at her surroundings. "A-all right... Is there anyone else in the areACK!!" Thrown helicopters tend to sharply jar one's train of thought; luckily, Devices are very nearly purpose-built to keep on track.




A runed ribbon of golden light slithers out from between the pages of the book, darting toward Nanoha and coiling around her ankle, dramatically raising her speed and response time.
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 00:21:11 76435
"There's a kid being a-- being a hero and--" And there's a dumpster flying at a helicopter and a car flying at the kid and Jin-- excuse me, PFC KOUBOKU-- almost panics, diving bodily in Nanoha's direction before he sees Koji shooting at it and Rashmi trying to get her out of the way, and then he can feel as much as see the barrier going up and he pulls up short in the air, finally seeing what's going on with Nanoha, and seeing the remnants of dumpster raining down, and--

--the car is exploding. Kouboku's eyes widen and he dives again, dodging a trashcan and a dirtbike and a giant planter with a tree in it. Shrapnel-- all he can think of is dumpster shrapnel and car shrapnel and falling giant items shrapnel and what big things can do to soft squishy people--

So Kouboku's dive gets purposeful; he saw that golden ribbon. As he flies, pouring on the speed, some of the exploded metal jagged pieces follow behind him, then speed up, merging messily together with raw compression marks, and what's rapidly turning into a shield finally precedes him down.

Streetlights bend toward Rashmi: four of them, trained toward each other. The disc of ragged scrap metal settles on top of them with a clang, like a pavilion above the girl's head, and then PFC Kouboku lands heavily just outside it, looking up and audibly yelping. "No no no no NO--" he strangles out, rushing out to at least try and break Tsubasa's fall. From that distance, it probably won't do much other than also hurt him, and she's already low enough that he's honestly too late, but it's not like that stops him from trying-- he knows he's tough-- maybe she is too. "I GOT YOU!" he yells.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 00:34:31 76436
While the car is exploded in mid air--- Nanoha is still really close enough to the blast to catch it and despite the barrier jacket- being near explosions still hurt and she's still falling. She can't react that quick to save herself. She's hit dirt before, she'll be alright. It'll hurt. She'll be alright.

Then Rashmi casts a boost spell and it lets her move fast enough to right herself AND recast Flier Fin, those little winglets appearing out from her shoes again as she stops just shot of hitting one of the buildings. She takes a deep breath.

"Raising Heart."

< Master? >.

"Wide Area Search."

The device does as asked. And really, anyone else that does, or has done will find the source of the odd signal! It's two- blindingly fast balls that are rotating around an antenna. It would had been REALLY easy to mistake it for a wind speed measurement device on some buildings, or a part of some communications system. Sometimes, they crackle with energy.

Multiple items get lifted high in the sky. Another car. Another dumpster. A tree-- that spills dirt from it's roots, the large fountain at a nearby park-- and launches them in a similar manner. Tsubasa- and by proxy, also Kouboku, will find the stone fountain flung at them. Tyrfing will have the dumpster thrown at them. Tessen has the car spiked downwards on hers and Rashmi gets the tree thrown down at her.

This thing seems to like lift things weightlessly then shove a ton of railgun like force behind it.

Nanoha begins to move toward's the device, but a bench just flies up directly up under her and knocks her off course. Everything she moves towards it. That happens. She frowns.

"H-hey Rashmi is that you!?" she calls out, as she waves back to Tyrfing, a thanks for the help with the car.

"Rashmi! How fast can you make me. You did that. Right?"

< She did. > replies Raising Heart.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-05-14 00:40:06 76437
Tsubasa lands on both her feet, near Kouboko, and almost immediately points that huge two-handed sword at him, "Stay out of my way if you want to live." She sounds harsh, but not like she intends to be mean or like she wants the excuse, and then the large fountain is sent flying their way and she tries to make sure to put herself in between Kouboko and the incoming fountain.

Then she swings that blade once more, another arc of blue intended to shatter the fountain, making her silhouette as big as possible so any shrapnel that would hit Koubuko will hit her instead. Wincing slightly at the shrapnel, but not really seeming to be too concerned by the damage she's taking.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 00:44:38 76438
<<Isolationsbarriere erkannt. Belkan-Diagramm-Effekt im Einsatz.>>


<<Someone. Erect. Wall.>>

Koji sighs, and while he understands on a connected level what the Unison Device means, his brain still doesn't quite grok Belkan well enough to really have a credible conversation. <<Belkan Geraet erkannt ... Scan-Datenbank fur Konfiguration und Bezeichnung.>>

Again, Koji understands and then looks up at the two spinning balls and replies, "What, Those?!"

All of this unfortunately puts him in a position where the dumpster flying towards him gets a bit more of a headstart than is really comfortable. Nanoha's waving to him doesn't help either... but Tyrfing's direct link means HE can act even if Koji is kind of out of it from being overwhelmed in the second actual battle of his life.

The bow reconfigures back into the sheathed-sword base, and then he presses the swordgrip into the sheathe. It is seperating just in time for the young form clad in black to take the dumpster right to the... all of him... and get sent flying into a wall, his fate relatively obscured by the metal bin and the crater of what used to be brick!
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 00:46:21 76439
The bending inward of lamp-posts and piling of scrapmetal is worrying enough on its own, without a readily apparently source. Thus, Rashmi is already diving out from underneath... which is handy, as the force imparted by the tree is enough to turn the wood into splinters, and the pavilion into a people-flattener when the bent supports give way.

Coughing and waving away the dust of pulverized wood and rock, she looks up. "Pretty fast, for a bit? I'm not *really* sure, bu--"

And Tyrfing gets, literally, bricked. "...This is *seriously* dangerous!" she yells, pelting toward the crater. "Where even *is* this thing?!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 00:52:35 76441
Tessen ordinarily would be flying up to check on the widget at the center of it all. She's been curious about Devices ever since she found she had one. Especially since she started meeting other Device wielders. But, well. Having a car railgunned at you is not the time for it.

A few slivers of light, some of her collected Flicker Shots, whicker out from their orbit about her head, slamming into the car in an effort to divert its course. Unfortunately it's a ton-plus of metal, and while they do divert it a little, it isn't much. And so she just barely pushes herself out of its way, a tire bursting from the impact point and slamming into her anyway as she tries to get out of the way. The girl is carried across the sidewalk and into a storefront window, and then through it and the display behind as well.

(Mikoto's dialogue at this point has been redacted for ratings purposes. Rest assured that it is Belkan and less than polite.)
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 01:16:04 76444
"Yes, sir," says Kouboku, taking a stumbling half-step back, and initially looking a combination of irritated and impressed-- and then increasingly kind of horrified. "No don't shield me!" he says in a near panic, and every plan he has-- every plan is coming out wrong--

He gets the hell away from Tsubasa and moves away from the thing everyone's pointing at, and he takes a breath, and he tells Osiemnastka with a forced calm, "Following a lead to do nothing leads to nothing. Acting without knowing the strengths of your allies is foolish. No one here needs saving, just backup--"

<<Well, the fellow in black just got dumpstered into a wall,>> Osiemnastka tells Jin helpfully. <<He could probably have used backup.>>

"You can shut up. You never tell me anything helpful. Just let me go full throttle okay? Maybe I can hold off the attacks from one person getting close, or from a bunch of people together if they're going to, I don't know, Voltron or something.>>

He really doesn't know how this works.

<<Fight its will,>> the armband-and-glove tells him, finally, something like a smirk in its voice.

"OH," says Kouboku suddenly as it clicks, and he smiles, and he lifts both hands and says firmly, "IRON DETERMINATE!"

No, he's not making a shield, this time. He's been moving metal around with his spells, more flinging things together without thinking overmuch, splashing magic willy-nilly without forethought or focus-- but now he pours his magic into trying to take control of the things that lift up before they railgun. He can't see them all. He can't fight them all. But he can make an opening. He can debuff. He can fight this thing's will with his own, and with the magic of his, so attuned to the otherwise inanimate.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 01:28:43 76447
"Ah...!" exclaims Nanoha as the dumpster slams into the boy there. She winces and frowns. Well. He'll be okay, she thinks. He had a barrier jacket up, right? He'll be okay. She hopes at least. Right now she can't get close to this thing. It keeps... making the area it's own Pop-O-Matic Trouble Bubble.

Anyone else going for it gets the same effect-- just. Things. Anything pops up in your way or tries to hit you.

Tsubasa smashes the fountain coming from her general area. Things go up. Then try to come down on her.

"Nrg. Rashmi, just concentrate on helping that boy!" she yells. "Please? The thing. We see it from here!" so it sounds less like a command. "I'll figure. Something out...." her eyes look over to Tessen and she blinks! Mikoto-chan!

"Tessen... this thing really doesn't want us getting near it." she says.

How are they going to beat this thing.

Nanoha is about to be hit by another flying object when it stops and gets draggggggged down by Kourobo's ability. She blinks and looks over to the boy. "Wow!" she says. "Okay! That's a start!" she says. She begins trying to head to those devices again. Tessen is over there too. "Tessen, can you get closer to it?" she frowns.

Those two balls begin to glow a little bit. It's perhaps getting /angry/ now that it's being thwarted.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-05-14 01:34:06 76449
"I'm not taking up another rookie, so don't talk to me like I'm your boss." Tsubasa answers Koubuko with the same harsh tone, ignoring the request not to shield him, but he's now out of her reach and she was never going to go too much out of her way to protect him. Instead, she notices that thing behind this really does not appear to like people getting close to it.

So she keeps her distance, but blue energy collects in the air, forming swords one after another. It's the exact same shade of blue that her previous energy wave had, and they're all pointed right the source of the problem. There's hundreds of the things by the time they start to fly over to it with a rapidfire barrage.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 01:39:22 76452
Within the wrecked storefront, there is yet another crash, as of a display tumbling to the floor and spilling all its goods across the store. One more crash, as of the display in question being hurled forcefully aside. And then she's at the shattered window, and Nanoha is yelling at her.

"I can try. Tell you what, you blow away the meteor showers, I'll get in and see if I can seal it."

She adds a few Flicker darts to replace those expended earlier, while she awaits the younger girl's answer. Then she starts pacing over towards the building the target lies atop. She's going to have to make this a blitz rush....
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 01:39:31 76453
The dumpster is knocked away a few feet as Tyrfing's hand, and the magic infusing it, push it away with a minor burst of energy to bring himself free. While Nanoha's thoughts are right, at the Knight Cloth is enough to block him from most harm, something most people don't SEE with a device is happening. The Knight Cloth is flickering... revealing the school uniform underneath for a few moments, as multiple error messages flash in the air just before his eyes.

Tyrfing, are you okay?

<<Mir geht es gut, Koji. Umgehen von Mana, um Tuch zu verstaerken und Kampffunktionen zu aktivieren.>>

Though he is unaware that the communications are being broadcast on an open channel, where any other device can hear it.

Looking over at Rashmi, the ebon-clad young man smiles faintly at her, and brushes some of the long locks out of his eyes as he gets back to a standing position from the crater in the wall, wobbling a moment and holding one hand over his bicep for amoment, "I'll be okay. If someone can buy me a few moments, maybe Tyrfing can... I think he says analyze the pattern of the stuff being thrown... and find us an opening."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 01:45:12 76455
"That's great, Silvia-san," Rashmi says, bobbing her head as a revolving circle spreads out beneath the both of them. "But first let's get you walking in a straight line again, okay?"

*bing* << Soothing Light >>

From below, a warm, golden light shines below the pair, easing the aches and bruising that come with taking the hard knocks. Not enough to actually *repair* the damage, but enough to rally and get back in the fight.
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 01:54:29 76457
"Hey--" calls PFC Kouboku to the two by the cratered dumpster wall, not looking away from his task for long, "--tell your device to take what I'm doing to the pattern into account, okay?"

He winces as one of the things wrenches free and shoots out toward where Nanoha was when the thing started moving (which isn't where she is now), and redoubles his efforts. The silvery sheen to his hair and eyes glints along with the uniform he wears and the gauntlet on one hand, and it's pretty clear he's going all out. He gasps out, "I'm trying-- to make-- openings-- sorry this stuff is weird--"

He plants his feet firmly again and stops talking, and his face gets implacable, going expressionless as he pours all effort into fighting this thing's angry will.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 02:08:27 76458
Nanoha is getting closer and closer with Koubokus help in dragging down or slowing down of various objects. She keeps going and going as Rasing Heart chimes out. < We're in range >.

Nanoha nods. "Tessen!" she calls out. "I'm going to weaken it. A lot. You seal it, okay!" she calls out.

Nanoha draws up Raising Heart, which is already in it's cannon mode, looking like she's holding some sort of ridicolous small cannon with a flare of angel wings at the tip. "Divine Buster!" she calls out as the device charges up.

< Divine Buster! > calls out Raising Heart as a brilliant, wide magenta beam of energy lances out at the twin orb-like Lost Logia. This thing isn't super mobile. It'll have to take the hit- which seems to be at the max of Nanoha's range at the moment. Which is still a far distance.

Now it's up to Tessen to seal it!

The device continues it's assault. Only this time it's figured out who's causing the problem. It attempts to lift VARIOUS small objects now and just begins concentrating on Kourobo now! Of course. This thing may be defeated soon. He'll just need to weather just a bit longer...

OR someone else is going to have to protect him while he works!
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 02:16:23 76461
Mikoto flashes Nanoha one of her rare (these days, at least) grins. "Don't miss!" she calls to the brunette, then focuses on the building in front of her. More and more flickers spiral along her blade, flitting out into orbit around her. The moment Nanoha fires...

<<~Blitz Rush!~>>

And she starts to run straight up the wall, towards the device, swinging her blade to bash any debris it might throw at her out of the way. Flicker darts pluck larger projectiles out of her way as she races towards the target. "Get ready!" she calls to the others as she nears the top. "Sealing mode!"

Then she's up and over the edge, her blade's tip tracing a triangle around the device that quickly expands into a familiar Belkan spell-glyph. "Seal!"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-05-14 02:16:32 76462
When Tsubasa notices Nanoha pull out the big guns, and hoping that the thing is distracted by giant pink beams of magic, she just flings her sword in in its general direction, with pretty good speed behind it, it seems to be aimed a little high for whatever reason.

Then she starts running behind her sword, rushing up walls and dodging what it throws at her until she starts getting pretty close.

Then she starts taking the opportunity provided by those things to jump and gain height. At the same time, her sword starts to grow, it ends up shaped roughly like a longsword, and by the time she catches up to it, the hilt is larger than she is. With a kick and some magic to help her push it, that sword changes course for the Lost Logia, and picks up speed while it does that.
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 02:18:54 76463
Rolling his arm in relief to the discomfort, Koji gives a nod of thanks to Rashmi, but then as the blast goes off, Nanoha's energy blast causing him to wince one eye shut once more as he moves to cover the other newbie reflexively, his Knight Cloth flickering again. The good mood seems to wane a little, but he then says, "Rashmi, I'm sorry you had to get involved." Sounding a lot more confident than he does in his civilian identity, but then goes on, "Sounds like they have the plan and experience. Tyrfing says we should back up this Tessen. Says that Tessen has rank."

All that being said he moves forwards and gets in front of Kouboku, reaching up and back to grip the short-sword styled sheathe on his back.

<<Sabelhaken Eklipse>>

At the same time as Tyrfing says it in his mind, Koji himself calls out, "SABER FANG ECLIPSE!"

The crossguard of the sword snaps free from the sheathe, and the blade is drawn, the sword-like core blazes outwards into a sword the size of Tsubasa. The silver-blue blade crackles and sears the air as he swings it around once, and then brings it in for a vicious horizontal slash.

The air where the slash went through ignites into a crescent-shaped beam construct that flies out to intercept all the shrapnel coming for the ground-team!
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 02:24:29 76467
Kouboku starts getting hit-- and it hurts, but a little pain like this is nothing compared to not being able to save someone because you didn't try hard enough--

--and just before the really sharp smaller things, jagged pieces of the shield he'd tried to make earlier, chunks of rebar and concrete, a parking meter broken off mid-stand, nearly hit him? There's a slashing brilliant light that shreds them, knocks them away, cuts them to pieces.

Abruptly there's a fierce grin on the silver-haired boy's face, and he yells out, "Thanks! I'll thank you better later!"

Because right now? He has to keep that thing from flinging more cars and planters and pieces of building and sidewalk and dumpsters and streetlights at the people trying to take it out. Just a little longer-- a little longer--
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 02:32:34 76470
"Got *me* into it?" Rashmi asks, laughing... but anything else she'd say is cut off as the attack begins in earnest. Locking onto Tessen, she lifts her book, turning it to face the Belkan. "Okay, Nicomacheus... let's add a little oomph to that sealing, okay?"


It's a small thing, among all the magical energy being hurled around; a runed, golden ribbon that eels through the air, coiling around Tessen's forearm and hanging there, revolving, radiating energy like warm sunlight...

...And augmenting the already-considerable power of a Belkan's magical mystical melee attack.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 02:45:42 76475
A giant awesome sword flies through the air at the Lost Logia, along with the Divine Buster that both smack hard into the Lost Logia. There's a loud sound of static. The thing 'screaming' so to speak as it takes the hit- unable to bring up items into it's defense in a reasonable manner with it's abilities.

Tessen, along with Rashmi's boost, easily seal the device, the two orbs ceasing to spark and stop glowing before falling to the ground with a ting and a short roll before stopping.

At the same time, various things fall out of the air that were already mid air, right where they were as the device is no longer active and holding things up.

Nanoha Takamachi looks around then takes a deep breath and with that sigh out begins to let herself hover downward.

She lands with a step and looks around. The barrier is still up. No worries about random normal people showing up.

"Is everyone alright?" she calls out. "Anyone need any help?" she asks.

"Rashmi, are you okay? Are these your friends?" she asks more cheerily! "Oh. Right."

"Tessen you can keep that thing safe, right?" she asks. Tessen is a friend, afterall!
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 02:49:43 76476
<<Einstieg in den Konservierungsmodus>>

Koji is just sheathing the now not-glowing short sword back on his back, and the crossguard is locking back in place as those words scroll across his vision, "Oh n-."


The air where Koji Silvia was inhabiting is sucked in in a small vacuum, and the form of the young man that was fighting to protect the others has been replaced with the mass of a 15 lb Siberian Cat. That beastie lands on all-fours and then looses a feline huff before saying in the familiar voice of the young man, "I guess we used too much power."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 02:52:09 76478
"We've got some bruises here, Takamachi-san," Rashmi calls up at Nanoha, "but I think we're all ri-- oh no he's a cat now. ... .....Yeah we're okay! I, um.... don't think I know anyone else though, everyone all right? Hey who was that guy that cratered in the road, how's he doing?"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2017-05-14 02:53:54 76479
Tsubasa doesn't head back towards the group, she merely looks at them and headshakes in the manner of someone who is clearly annoyed. She picks her sword back up, now the size of a katana, and jumps to grab hold of a rope ladder that got extended from the chopper by which she came in, then starts climbing it as the thing flies off.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 02:55:05 76480
Tessen draws her blade around the wild Device one last time, and the spell-glyph shrinks down around it until it goes dim, inert. Finally, the device seems to be sealed. She smiles and reaches down to pick it up.

"Just a few bruises, Nanoha-chan. Are you okay? Do I need to call Reese for a ride?"

She walks back to the edge of the roof, waving casually to the departing Tsubasa, and jumps from the edge, landing easily on her feet with a brief burst of flight magic. "I see we have some new people here that I haven't met..."
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 02:56:12 76482
Kouboku drops his arms to his sides, letting out a deep breath as it seems to have worked-- and frankly in awe of the amount of power he just saw flying around. He looks down at his gauntleted hand, then closes it into a fist briefly, getting a satisfied look on his face.

Osiemnastka starts saying something, but it's drowned out -- thankfully, Jin thinks -- by the voices of the others, and he drops his henshin almost diffidently. "I'm okay. You guys were all amazing...! Only, who are you?"

A beat. "Oh. I'm Jin-- but call me Kouboku if there's civilians around and we're doing magic stuff, right? Are you all-- do you all have Devices, too? This thing said it was an Intelligent Device, but it says a lot of pretty dumb stuff, so I don't know--" A beat, and he stares at Koji. "You turned into a cat."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 03:05:03 76485
Nanoha Takamachi nods a moment. "Yeah I'm alright." she says. "I'll be fine!" she says. Yeah she has bruises. Being close to an explosion is kinda bad. She sighs. "I'm fine Tessen!" she says. "Thanks for that!" she says. She looks back down. "Oh...?" she blinks. She looks over to Tsubasa. She blinks. "Who.. was that?" she says. That girl is cold. But not in the way Fate-chan is. She purses her lips and walks on over, a she waves at Jin.

"I'm Nanoha Takamachi. Always Nanoha Takamachi! This is my intelligence device, Raising Heart." it beeps approvingly.

"That was a Lost Logia. My friend sent me out after." she says. "We thought it was something else potentially though." she says. "Thanks for helping!" she beams at Jin. "I couldn't get close enough until you started stopping those things." she says!

She blinks and peeks from behind Rashmi. "....turned into a cat?" she blinks. "Wait..."

"Mages can become animals?" she asks with narrowed eyes.

Somewhere. Yuuno thinks. 'why do I feel my doom coming?'
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 03:09:34 76488
Unlike some people, Yuuno has at least one point invested in Common Sense, that's why.

Mikoto, on the other hand, seems to have invested most of hers in Frak The Rules, I Have Money. "... turned into a cat? My Hikari can do that, sort of, but she's a cat that turns into a girl, not a girl that turns into a cat."

Then her smile falters and she looks away, briefly, as she remembers the last cat-boy to make an impression on her. Once again ruinuing her chance to crawl out of the slump of depression.

"Hi," she says, somewhat listlessly. "Call me Tessen, for now. Good to meet you all." Continuing on autopilot, she adds, "There's a pretty good okonomiyaki place a block over, anyone in the mood for a snack? On me?"
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 03:11:08 76489
A Siberian cat flips his tail a couple times in a purely feline gesture as the cat has to look up at everyone else, and really REALLY up at Tessen as she jumps down. Then the small form gets up and does the feline nose to tail stretches. Paws out, back rolled, butt up... and then forwards once more before he huffs once, "He's telling me to tell you that his designation is Unity Knight Tyrfing of Shutra." Letting that sink in for the DEVICES before he goes on, "We're... permanently stuck. We merged to fight a big monster that was threatening my parents, and afterwards... we couldn't seperate. We understand each other, we can talk... sort of."

He then looks up at Tessen, "Tyrfing says he's honored to meet one of his progenitors. Your mana channel processes, he says, were the groundwork for the Tyrfing model."

The mention of food makes the cat's ears flatten, but then his little tummy gives a growl.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 03:13:24 76491
"I... well he can, sort of..." Trailing off, Rashmi just decides it wisest to let Koji make the call if he wants to unspool his life story on the street, shifted a touch in time. "...Anyway," she says, shaking her head, "I was glad to help."

Turning to Jin, the dark-skinned redhead beams a sunny smile at him, bowing in greeting. "And I'm Terios Rashmi, and this," she says, hefting the armored book, "is Nicomacheus. Pleased to meet you! Oh... And Silvia-san forgot to introduce himself too, Silvia Koji when he's on two legs."

Tessen's shift from happy to depressed with no discernible reason has her tilting her head, however. "Um... That sounds like a good idea... I'd invite you all to my parents' restaurant, but it's at least one train stop away from here, so..."
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 03:22:42 76493
"I'd-- I'd like to go with you, wherever you all are going! I think I probably just got fired, so I'm free for a while, aheh," Jin says, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck and looking sheepish. "Oh! Right. Meiyou Jin. And this," he points at his sullen wristwatch, "is Osiemnastka." He glances uncertainly at Koji. "Well-- at least you saved your parents, right? And being a cat sometimes can't be that bad. People like cats. I like cats. I think. But I don't know if they're served in restaurants-- maybe we should get takeaway and eat in a park."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 03:32:26 76498
Nanoha Takamachi nods. "Food sounds good....Oh!"

"Your family owns a restaurant! That's right! My family owns the Midori-Ya Cafe!" she says. "You should drop by sometimes! Oh! I can stop by your place!" she says. She looks back to Tessen and then to Koji and Jin as she nods. "I just kind of bring Yuuno anywhere I got but people always kind of like an adorable ferret." she says. "Also. He isn't my familiar, he's a friend!" she insists.

She blinks and frowns. "Oh... why. Did you just get fired? Did this interrupt something important." she says a little guiltily. Like it's her fault. So says the mind of a young girl.

"Well. You helped people at least!" she smiles. "If that was allowed to run rampant it'd had started attacking people if we didn't arrive in time. And we really needed that help keeping the projectiles in check." she says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 03:47:22 76504
Tessen was about to say something further about the cat, but the mention of Shutra brings her to a rapid halt. "... Tyrfing of Shutra, you said? Now, there's a name to bring back memories." She pats the hilt of her blade. "My Carnwennan was there, so she was." She doesn't mention exactly what role the Device played in the incorporation of Shutra into what would eventually be remembered as the Belkan Empire... probably because she doesn't want to scare the kids off.

"If we were near the Midori-ya I'd say go there, they have incredibly good cakes, but, well. I guess we'll have to get take out. What does Neko-san like on his okonomiyaki?"

She paces along the side of the road towards the corner, presumably in the direction of the shop she mentioned. "Wait, fired? You think?" She whirls around to look at Jin. "For what? Helping to save the city?"
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 03:55:30 76506
The cat hangs his head and folds his hears, "Apologies for being rude. Tyrfing was talking to me, and it takes a moment for what he says to make sense." But then he's up and moving, trotting over towards Tessen at a fast pace, tail high and the tip curled as he adds, "PLEASE don't call me Neko-san, Miss Tessen? I'll change back as soon as my reserves are up again."

But then he pauses and looks back at the others, and it's almost like a conflict for a moment, like he's 'meeting an idol'. After that passes, he scampers back to the others, and adds, "Pleased to meet you Miss Nanoha. Mister Meiyou. Miss Tessen. Like Miss Rashmi said, I'm Silvia Koji, I'm in the 9th Grade at Seiyou Public School, and I'm in the Cooking and Archery Clubs."

Curling around Rashmi's legs a moment, some of the feline form infecting his actions, "I'd really love to see your family restaurant, Miss Nanoha. Especially if you make cakes. Tyrfing likes baking."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 03:59:05 76508
"We'll definitely have to go sometime, but it's sounding like okonomiyaki tonight. Which is good! And you're all definitely welcome to stop my our place... It's the Korma Chameleon, over on Juuban? Papi makes sure there's Japanese curry on the menu, but mostly it's Indian curry, and especially the Bengali food from where my Mami came from."

And, yes, Rashmi seems pleased at meeting folk of a wide range of ages that may end up be possible friends... certainly enough that she absently leans down and gives Koji a scritching between the ears.
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 04:00:01 76509
Jin laughs, waving a hand. "I don't have a career," he says honestly, and starts following; his limp becomes apparent. "I enlisted when I couldn't pass the entrance exams to the officers' academy, and then I was injured and couldn't serve-- I'm not really smart enough to handle the other jobs I could have transferred to. So I answer help wanted ads; I get by. This was a terrible job, though, and I'm glad to have been able to help-- helping out like this, making sure people don't get hurt, that's all I ever wanted to do. I'll just pick up another delivery job or something, it'll be fine."

He sounds-- he looks-- like this is completely true. He's so earnest. In fact, he puts his fist over his heart and says with grave seriousness. "I want to save people more than anything. It'll always be more important than a job."

And then thank god, Koji's talking about baking and stuff, and also calling Jin 'Mister Meiyou', and the older boy's distracted away from his painfully raw emotional gravity. "Oh just Jin is fine! Also, I'm so impressed your families have restaurants, Terios-san, Takamachi-san-- and I love cakes, and I've never had curry, I'm excited to try some!" There's a pause. "... your family's not hiring delivery guys, are they?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-14 04:11:29 76510
Nanoha Takamachi beams. "Sometimes I help with the baking and some things around the shop after school!" she says. "I can't go near the hot ovens." she says. "But I do handle some mixing and decorating baked cakes." she says. "I'm not very good." she admits. "But I do my best!" she says.

She nods. "I think that way too. Sometimes it upsets my parents." she admits. "When I disappear in the middle of something." she says. "But I need to help contain these things." she says.

"If I know about them." she says. "Lost Logia that aren't sealed are just out of control, really." she says.

She smiles at Cat!Koji. "You can come by whenever you like! It's a shop! Not a house!" a pause.

"I mean. We live above it. But that's it!" she giggles.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-05-14 04:32:03 76514
Tessen nods to the cat-fellow. "Very well, Silvia-san. And we'll have to make sure the next one of these happens near that place, korma sounds excellent too." She manages a grin. "So, a soldier," she adds, asessing Jin. "Good on you, at least you'll be ready to listen and learn from those of us who've been around this ride a few times, hm?"

She pauses for a moment, then hmms. "I can put in a good word for you at a few places... send me a resume?" She has Carnwennan ping Jin's device with an email address to send it to. "Shouldn't be too far now... I can smell Kairou-san's sauce...."
Koji Silvia 2017-05-14 04:37:29 76515
The cat leans up into the scritches despite the fact that HE knows he's not a cat... some things are apparently ingrained to being in the form of one. But then about a minute later, there's another *POP* sound as he resolves back into being just himself, complete in his school uniform.

Koji sighs in relief, and then waves to the others before he says, "I'd be happy to learn anything I can too. And maybe... sometime... you could help Tyrfing? He was damaged a long time ago... and doesn't know how to fix the damage?" The young man sounding almost a little sad as he says it, unable to help the being that helped save his family's life. He walks next to Rashmi now, his hands going into his pockets, and says to her softly, "Please don't say anything about my parents... yet? I don't want to worry anyone else."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-14 04:47:44 76517
Rashmi Terios simply bobs her head in answer to Koji's request, smiling gently. To Jin, she shakes her head. "We don't actually do quite enough business to really afford delivery over takeout, honestly. So, no delivery hires, sorry."

At Nanoha, the redhead grins. "I think I've heard of the Midori-ya, but I've never visited. I'm definitely going to have to, now!"
Tin Soldier 2017-05-14 05:02:31 76519
Jin doesn't look put out-- he just snaps his fingers. "Oh well!" And then he gestures ahead. "Onward to other food I haven't tried yet! There's so many flavors of everything in the city--! You guys'll have to tell me what to try first~!"

Come to think of it, his accent's a little provincial...

But lots of planets have a North.