Random Streetside Chat With The Vampire

Kokoro bumps into Norie. Norie survives, and turns it into a chat from one loner to another.

Date: 2017-05-16
Pose Count: 19
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 01:16:47 76620
    And thus, on this Monday night, the stormy girl goes storming out.

    She'd gone in for information. She'd gotten it, of course, but she'd also gotten a buckshot of 'you're a good person and we'll be your friend' to the face, and that's about the best way to send Kokoro Akakuma's mood into a nosedive. Someone got bumped on the way through, but she's not even thinking about that. Or the fact she left her food untouched. She's just taking a real stiff-legged walk down the sidewalk, glaring daggers at anyone unfortunate to get too close.

    She also finds herself, briefly, wondering just where she's actually going. It's sure not 'home'. She doesn't think she could stand to look at her current foster parents at the moment. But then she decides she doesn't care. She'll just walk for a while.
Lacrima 2017-05-16 01:27:30 76621
Norie Okana is currently more 'Lacrima' than Norie right now. She has the long purple hair and the purple eyes and the pale complexion, Also, she's in the exact same suit from the dream because she actually works at a job where that suit is required when you're visiting higher ups. You work for corporate evil, you look the part. She's actually buried into some sort of hilarously trashy vampire romance novel and isn't paying attention and the book is obscuring her face.

So it's no surprise that Kokoro bumps into her by accident due to Kokoro's storming out nature and her current inability to 'look where she is going'. She blinks and stops and lowers the book anbd frowns a little heavily, when she gets a better look at what bumped into her. She closes the book and begins to jog a little to catch up. It doesn't take her long. "....Hey." she says quietly.

"You're that girl that were in Ari-chan's dreams." she says. She doesn't ask 'weren't you' because she knows so. "Are you also one of Ariel's acquaintances?" she asks.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 01:35:40 76622
    Norie gets only the briefest glare in passing at first. Kokoro is quite happy to just keep right on going, but something in that flash of purple hair is enough to draw her attention back briefly, the flash of familiarity-

    -at the same time the girl calls out to her about dreams.

    Kokoro freezes like a deer in headlights. She stares for several long seconds in recognition, before her expression falls back into that scowl, with an added dose of suspicion. "...I don't know what you're talking about," she replies after a moment, in a guarded tone that's far too obvious to hide anything. "You got weird dreams." From one group of 'oh hey I just stumbled into magical girls' right into another one. This night is getting insane.
Lacrima 2017-05-16 01:43:49 76623
Norie blinks a bit. She raises a finger. "No one walks away from a performance like that in a courtroom. Even a dream one, unrecognized." she says frankly in her usual deadpan. "If you didn't want to be recognized, you need to learn to use your abilities to hide your identity. Transform. Or whatever it is you do. In the other person." she says frankly.

"I am Norie Okana. I am also 'La Crima' or. 'Lacrima'." she offers.

"I have trouble keeping the identities separate myself. But not for reasons that magical girls have." speaking about magical girls like she isn't one.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 01:51:51 76624
    A grumble of irritation slips out. "Look, I'm still new to all this crap. It's one more complication in my life I really didn't need. Forgive me if I forget to hide my identity in a dream." Kokoro looks around briefly, realizing her own voice is raising, then lowers it. "...it's Kokoro. And to answer your question, I only ever met Ariel once. On a subway ride. I just keep getting pulled into those dreams. But if someone's comin' after her, I ain't gonna just stand there and gape like a jerk."
Lacrima 2017-05-16 02:01:28 76625
Norie Okana raises a brow. "Another new one?" she asks. "Hrmmmm..." she crosses her arms and seems to search her thoughts. Is this a response to.....

No. No she'll think about work and Dusk Zone interactions with Earth another time. She focuses her attention back. "It'll become second nature soon then. Don't worry. Or you'll live to deal with most people knowing who you are. Either, or." she says.

"You sound like you don't want this." she says frankly. "I remember you saying something similar in one of those dreams." she says.

"I know what that's like. I didn't ask for what I am either. But it isn't anything I can change." she says. "When I fought against it... all it did was make me an irrational mess and ruined my life. My suggestion? Whatever you are now. Don't fight it. It won't end well. It'll complicate it further." she says flatly.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 02:14:27 76626
    Kokoro listens quietly, her expression sinking back to a more guarded look; but at least she is listening. She looks like she's taking a few moments to consider her reply, and when she finally speaks, her voice is quieter. "...I'm still on the fence. I ain't interested in happy fun magical girl clubs or putting my name in the superhero directory or whatever, and I got enough on my plate without risking my life." Finally, the girl turns and leans against a wall. "...but until I throw the stupid thing away, if I come across something that needs a good hammer to the face, I ain't gonna just walk by." Mutter. "...already tried that once. Couldn't make myself keep going."
Lacrima 2017-05-16 02:21:06 76627
Norie Okana head tilts. Norie isn't especially cherry or happy. She hasn't even used the word 'friend' once! She purses her lips. "Ah. I'm not a magical girl. I'm La Vampira. Vampire." she says frankly. "I need to attack people in alleys to keep myself rational and coherent by draining their energy." she says. "I'm more like those creatures, the dragsters, that attacked us in that dream. I don't have a human body anymore. That was taken when I became this thing." she says. "Along with the majority of my positive emotions and ability to understand things I used to."

"So. You won't... hear the usual spiel from me. Don't worry. I know it. I know it intricately because people keep trying to reach out to 'fix' me." she says a little icily, like she disdains it. "and unless they happen to have a spare, living body for me to inhabit, there's no even staring on 'fixing' me."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 02:39:04 76628
    'Oh, I'm a vampire, and I attack people in alleys.'

    Well, Kokoro's sure not standing against the wall now. In fact, her hand's in her pocket and she's looking awfully tense. "...Yeah. Yeah, that sounds about right. People reachin' out thinkin' they're the one's gonna drag you outta all the bad stuff that's happened in your life, then they learn it ain't just a stubbed toe and a crappy afternoon." She shifts where she stands a little. "But why you telling me all this? That ain't the kind of thing you just toss out at some random girl you just met."
Lacrima 2017-05-16 02:48:32 76629
Norie Okana head tilts. "Because you'll hear from other people who'll skew it. Sooner or later." she frowns.

"There's always.... the self righteous that don't take situation into account. 'I am a vampire so that means I need to be destroyed'." she says frankly.

"And quite frankly. Everyone I've met is... happy woth whatever has happened with them. Oh, I'm secretly some Moon Princess! Oh! I'm secretly a device user! Oh!... It's just like an anime! Oh I'm sooooo excited!" she says all that mockingly. "You..."

"You're different. You're the first I've met who said they didn't want it." she says.

"/You're Intresting/." she says.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 03:00:01 76630
    Well, there doesn't seem to be any sort of impending attack. So Kokoro relaxes... a little. "So a vampire thinks I'm interesting. What's that mean for me? I ain't interested in joining the dark side or whatever either. I been tossed out of more schools than most people ever go to, but I ain't that kind of person." But now there's a conundrum. The teen doesn't feel like she can just turn and walk off yet - but at the same time, she's not good at the whole 'standing and actually talking to people' thing. "...you at least try to keep the feeding to jerks if you can help it?"
Lacrima 2017-05-16 03:11:41 76631
Norie Okana frowns. "That's easier said than done, Akakuma-san. Everyone thinks it's so easy in their head." she says. "To find 'criminals' to drain. or 'bad people'." she says. "But the fact of the matter is there isn't a crime happening every second around my vincinity." she says flatly. "If the option is available to me. I take it. If it is not. Then. I need to take what I can." she says.

"Because what happens when I starve myself is that I become ravenous and unintelligent. Like any of those random monsters out there that scream their own names over and over again." she says. "Until I drain enough to regain my sense of self." she says.

"If I drain of my own free will. It is controlled. It hurts. But only for a second. The person falls down. They fall into a sleep and will wake up tired. That's it." she says. "When I've lost control, I've drained one of the very few people I actually care about into a coma that lasted nearly a year." she says softly.

"-oh. Don't get me wrong. There are people.... important...?" that sounds more like a question. "To me. Ariel-chan. I met her early on when I was this thing. She caught me feeding and I was ready for her to attack. That didn't come. She asked me.... why? I told her. She seemed to. Understand? No judge me? She was one of the first people to do that. Not judge me. For what I was-- while not saying she'd. Fix me. She just. Listened. Then she started coming to my dreams. She's part of the reason I became more 'stable'. I was a hot mess early on. I was starving myself. I didn't want to hurt people. I still don't. But... I know it's better than the alternative." she says.

"But that's not a very large list of people. You'll have people who call me their friend. But I'm not sure I feel the same way." she says silently.

"But that's why I'll help Ariel-chan, despite what I am." she says.

"It's confusing to me at times. But things often are." she says. A pause.

"What.... are you exactly. Akakuma-san? Most of the time. That kind of power comes with a story. What is it, you are fighting for?" she asks.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 03:27:58 76632
    Kokoro's scowl returns once again, but now it's more frustrated than anything. Norie's... she's right. There is no easy answer there. And for a moment, just a moment, the tall teen lowers her head and looks to one side, fist curling tightly. The fact there's no easy answer there, the fact that Norie's current solution is the best one, is quietly driving her nuts. But there's nothing she can do about it. "...I can't promise you and me ain't gonna have a bad time one of these days," she finally says. "...but if you're keeping a handle on it, that's better than things could be. I guess. And I guess we got one thing in common. I ain't interested in Ariel cozying up to me. But that ain't anything she's done. If someone's after her, I'm gonna break their face."

    So finally, the girl sees fit to relax. As relaxed as she ever gets, anyway. Her hand comes out of her pocket, hooks on the edge instead. And Norie asks the question that puts the brown-haired girl on the spot. She gives Norie a long look with the one eye not covered by her hair, and then seems to finally decide to at least be somewhat forthcoming. "Hell if I know. I've moved all over this stupid country, foster home to orphanage to foster home. I come back to Tokyo and my first week back, I find this hammer and all of a sudden I feel like my blood's lightning and I could pick up and throw a bus. Hasn't been any magical critters or spirits of the past or anything like that. I'm in the dark here."
Lacrima 2017-05-16 03:56:54 76635
Norie Okana frowns. "That's okay. I fight lots of people I'm otherwise civil with when they catch me doing something. It's nothing personal. I need to eat. Nothing changes that." she says frankly. "I'm not 'eating energy' to spite anyone or upset them. As long as you understand that. We're 'fine'." she says a little more cooly.

She blinks. "You don't know anything.... ? That's... odd too..." she purses her lips. "Ah."

"Tokyo is a magical vacuum." she says frankly. "Magic 'exists' other places in the world, but Tokyo has some sort of... pull." she says. "The 'Atmosphere' here is more chaotic. Things awaken that would had otherwise taken years and years and years other places on Earth." she says. "I'm a... researcher of sorts. I found it was in my best interests to learn about myself and things connected to myself." she says.

"So I've learned things like that." she says. "It's probably also why you meet lots of 'magical types'. Because there is. Not everyone of course. But ten to one, there's someone else in your class who is some sort of magical girl and you don't know it." she says.

She frowns. "But. Back to you. It's odd. Usually. There is... Something. Someone. Someway. That you're taught what you're about. Whether that's a 'Device' or a 'Little Furry Critter' or even just dreams." she says. "I have dreams about my power and where it came from. For example. That's how I learn abilities. Watching the prior owner do things in dreams that are like recordings." she says. "That's how I know the history of what I am."

Orphanage. Foster homes. "Ah..." she says quietly. "You... are... in a foster home currently?" she asks. "You sound like you were tossed around a lot." she says silently. "Like that." It's hard to gauge her tone here. Like she's stating it for herself more than you. "But. You are. From here. originally?" she asks.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 04:00:14 76636
    Well. That's a better understanding that Kokoro can hope for out of most people. 'I might have to kick your backside someday but it's not something either of us can really help'. So she's willing to let that be, and stop worrying about it for now. Instead, Norie has explanations for things she's actually been wondering, and... explanations that actually explain. Oh thank god. "So... so I'm probably gonna run into more of this crap," she realizes, reaching up to run fingers through her hair in quiet frustration. "Great." Sigh.

    The topic is brought back around to her, and Kokoro proves a quiet, able listener when she's not frustrated over something. In fact, finding someone she can actually talk to all this about without feeling smothered or annoyed is... kind of freeing. "Yeah... yeah, I was. I'm what they call a 'problem kid'. I got a temper a mile wide, and I don't take crap from other kids or adults. I been bounced out of schools for beating up bullies and bounced out of foster homes for calling the dips out on their crap. Or just when they find out I'm more than some girl who gets a little grumpy." She folds her arms, turning to lean against the wall again and stare out at the wall. "Hell if I know, I think I'm from Tokyo originally. I found my hammer in what's left of my parents' home. Died when I was real little, gas explosion or something. I'm gonna inherit the land when I'm old enough, but like I've got anything I can do with land." Shrug. "For all I know I could be some princess from planet X. But no one's showed up to tell me."
Lacrima 2017-05-16 04:08:57 76637
Norie Okana taps her foot. "That does sound like a lineage thing that.... probably died with your real parents." she admits. It's a matter of fact tone. Not so much sympathetic. "But that brings more questions into how you became an orphan. You can throw the official explanation out the window when it comes to this stuff... these people...." she motions. "I mean. 'Normal People'. 'Mundanes'..." she says.

"They don't see these things. A monster attacks and afterwards they go 'gas leak'." she snerks. "That sounds really familiar. Doesn't it?"

"Maybe some grand enemy thought they were getting rid of their foes for good." she offers.

She does frown. "I know what that's like. To be the problem child. Maybe not all my life. But I went from.... being a pretty standard kid. To a basket case overnight. My parents continually wonder 'what's wrong with me' now." she offers.

"This isn't so much an offer of... friendliness as it is... understanding someone like that. But. If you ever need a place to go. I have an old manor on Juuban street I fixed up, when I feel it's time for me to disappear from my home and just give up trying to be 'Norie'." she offers. "There's rooms and food there, if you ever feel the need to break in and have a place away from. That. For a bit." she offers. "The only rule I have is 'stay out of the basement' because that's 'my personal space'. I keep my coffin there." she says.

"Ah. Yes. Most tropes about 'Vampires' are hilariously wrong. But one of the few ones that is right is that we like coffins and similar spaces to rest." she offers.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 04:23:52 76638
    That brown eye closes. "Great. So I might not be human. Wonderful." The sigh this time is close to 'defeated'. But she opens that eye again, and turns her head slightly, just enough to look at Norie while the girl talks. But the more the vampire says, the more her expression becomes... hard to read. Complex. Almost like she's having a hard time deciding how she feels about what she's hearing. It's... it's the first time someone's said 'I know how you feel' where they might actually be somewhere in the neighborhood of right, so far as she knows. And she's offering help but also keeping a distance.

    "I..." The pause is awkward. "...I'll keep it in mind," she finally says, standing up straight. She looks like she's about to say something, but then stops herself, and lets it drop. There's an almost fidgety moment where she's adjusting her uniform, and then the tower of a teen turns to go... before stopping once again, as if remembering something. "...Say. You know anything about sand monsters? Like a great big tiger made of sand, doesn't make a noise of its own other than the sand moving around? Had one show up and start chasing me the night I found my hammer."
Lacrima 2017-05-16 04:36:48 76639
Norie Okana crosses her arms. "Sand monster?" she asks. "Throwing around sand...." she frowns and purses her lips. "That doesn't sound like any creatures in the Dusk Zone I've catalouged..." she says. "But I'd have to check my database." she says. "And you say it was a tiger?" she asks.

She nods. She rattles off the address, and also that there's a spare key hidden in a fake rock. A normal fake rock. She promises it won't try to bite hands off.

"How about this." she says. She removes her cellphone and rattles off her number. "The next time one shows up. Text me, along with your location. I move incredibly fast great distances thanks to travel through the Dusk Zone. Seconds, actually." she says.

"I can try to analyze it. Or get into it's head- if it's a 'darkness' powered creature, that is. Usually these things are. At the very least- I can try to determine if something else, or someone else, is controlling it."

"If you think it has something to do with you, you may want to go out of your way to entice it. Show it your pendant next time. If it goes right for you, ten to one it knows what that is. And why it's bad you have it." she says. "Which tells me a little more." she taps her foot. She nods.

"It looks like you were about to go." she says quietly. "Try to have a good evening. You look frustrated earlier." she says as she looks back down to her 'Trashy Vampire Romance Novel' (TM).
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-16 04:43:26 76640
    Oh god, Kokoro has to actually enter someone's number. She's never done that before! "W-wait, hold on, those middle two numbers... alright, and the last two were... hang on..." help how do i contacts list

    But it happens! And Kokoro pockets her phone. "I don't know if it was related to me or not, but the dumb thing sure did start chasing me before I even picked up the hammer. Followed me for blocks, too. People showed up and started beating the crap out of it, I ran down the street to my old home while they were, and that's where I found the thing." Shrug. "We'll see, I guess." The novel gets one last curious look, and then Kokoro gives a silent wave that's somewhere between lazy and awkward before wandering off.