Second-Hand Kitchens

Nagihiko has been gently removed from his own kitchen. So he's borrowing Kukai's family's! This is completely not stress cooking.

Date: 2017-05-19
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Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-19 23:46:18 76833
He'd been kicked out of his own kitchen yesterday. Basically, with the main fridge full of curries and stir-fries and even a good part of the storage freezers, the Fujisaki household felt it would be better if Nagihiko went out and got some fresh air today. (And by 'the Fujisaki household,' this actually meant 'Aunty.' Considering it was just the two of them, really, with the schedule in Kyoto, food was going to be...plentiful for awhile.)

Officially, he was out somewhere with Kukai. Unofficially, that isn't a lie since his boyfriend's helping at the counter.

And it's more help than 'help,' which are really two different things, but even the times where Kukai is only able to 'help' it's still helpful.

Whether it's helping or 'helping' it also means Kukai is here and not off somewhere getting himself killed looking for the twins because someone is doing that and maybe this someone could do with half a freezer full of curry...

Maybe Amu, too, because she's been doing so well with the paper work while Nagihiko's been slacking off in that department.

There's a lull in this batch of curry as it simmers, and he already has the next phase taken care of. All he has to do is add things when the time is right. So he looks around, sees no peeking eyes, and quickly kisses Kukai's cheek.

"When are your brothers coming home?" His eyebrows furrow together. "Are some of them home? Did someone say hi when I wasn't looking?" Oh, that would be rude, if someone came home and greeted him and he said nothing.
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 00:02:50 76836
Kukai's brothers had been worried about him for the past few months. The unstoppable driving force that was their youngest brother had possibly been driving himself harder than even they were comfortable with him going, and when Nagihiko had come over to visit Kukai they had all agreed that the best thing they could do would be stay at home. And then Nagihiko had mentioned cooking and the lot of them had agreed it was a fantastic idea. The last time Nagihiko had cooked there had been a minor cold war over the last of the leftovers.

Kukai is standing at the counter, waiting for the next step in whatever cooking recipe comes up next, and blinks as Nagihiko leans in and kisses his cheek. "Aie? Oh... Uh, not too long. An hour or so, maybe. And... yeah Seishi's home, but he's in his room doing some late work on his computer or something. The rest of them haven't gotten back yet." He rubs his cheek and grins down at the shorter purple-haired dancer. It's almost like old times, like the shadow of fate wasn't hanging over the two of them...
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 00:39:37 76840
Well, fortunately for the Souma clan, a cold war over left overs wasn't very likely. Pretty much, everything he was making for dinner would also already be in the fridge and freezer. All they'd have to do is add rice and heat up.

(There were also several smaller containers for people to bring to various jobs. By the time he was done, if what he makes tonight is the only thing they ate, even this brood would have a couple days worth of meals.)

Rhythm tried 'helping' earlier, but his 'helping' wasn't nearly as helpful as Kukai's helping. So now he's trying to set up his own version of a tea party for Daichi and himself. He misses Temari. But since he doesn't know how to make tea, his teapot is full of fruity soft drink. And their tea snacks is actually pieces of a cookie he'd taken a tiny pick axe to.

An hour? Nagihiko looks around and worries his lip. Large bowls and pots are set out to cool before freezer distribution. The most previous batch of curry could be used instead for dinner while this one finished. "We can put rice on shortly before they get home."

Seishi's home? Nagihiko racks his brain. He doesn't recall, but maybe... For a moment he grabs Kukai's sleeve and tries to think. And of course he worries. Had he been rude?

There is, of course, that moment of panic. There is, of course, that moment when he calms down when he looks up at Kukai and smiles back.

It's almost like old times.
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 00:54:47 76843
Kukai had needed to switch the contents of one of those frozen containers twice and hide the food in a baggie underneath a box of freezer treats to avoid having Unkai wander off with it. Nagihiko just doesn't 'know'.

Daichi is helping Rhythm too with the tea party. Cookies and soda sounds pretty good, though.

Kukai nods. "It might be a little bit more. Don't worry, it'll be fine, even if they have to wait for a little bit. And I've been good, trying not to eat anything!"

Kukai starts as Nagihiko grasps his sleeve, and then leans over, pulling Nagihiko in close and smiles down, patting his shoulders. "It's ok, Nagi... everything's ok." It is very much almost like old times.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 01:17:24 76848
Nagihiko does pause to see what Kukai is doing the first time he switches containers and placement. After this, he doesn't give it much thought. After all, Kukai has a better understanding of how the apartment runs. After the first time, he makes sure the box of baggies is in easy reach.

He grins and stirs the simmering pot of curry. A quick taste of the sauce and he gets a bigger spoonful for Kukai. "Being the official taste tester helps with the stomach grumblies, I'm sure. Does this need more corriander? Maybe some ginger? But if you find yourself hungry enough, you can sneak a small bowl."

He settled against Kukai, returning the smile before resting his head on the taller boy's shoulder and nestling the bridge of his nose against his neck. Even now, with his brain as screwed up as it is, it's easy to believe Kukai when he says everything's going to be okay.

"Well, hey. If he is annoyed, a meat bun might help." He looked over at the steamer. His nose told him this batch wasn't ready yet.
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 01:42:46 76849
Kukai is... sort of standing there, watching Nagihiko, hands empty. He was cutting things earlier, but when that ended he sort of lost the chain of what he was doing. He is, however, on hand to do things.

Kukai watches Nagihiko minister to the pot of curry, then leans in to taste test as well. "Oooo. Well, hey, I can always eat." He tastes the curry and hmms. "Maybe a little bit more of something? And I can wait, it's ok."

Kukai blushes, hugging Nagihiko close and petting over his soft hair. "Mmm. Sure, I bet he'd like a meat bun, but I know he's not mad at you." His nose wiggles over towards the steamer as well, too. "They smell so good, though..."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 02:18:57 76850
At the moment, it's fine for Kukai to loiter. Things are either cooling or cooking, and so there's really not a whole lot that could be done. Aside from making sure the simmering curry is seasoned right, of course.

He hummed in thought and licked the spoon, tilting his head for a moment. After a pause, he added a pinch of ginger and a couple dashes of other spices and stirred to let it simmer.

And hey, who better to know a brother's mood than a brother, right? So, feeling better, Nagihiko pulls back slightly to lean into the hair pet and study the steamer. "Well, unfortunately, if you try to eat those now, you'll probably melt your face off. But, the other batch should be cooled enough. What do you think? Want to take him one as an apology from me and bring along one for yourself to fortify you for the journey?" His eyes twinkled.
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 02:44:26 76851
For right now, loitering seems to be right up Kukai's alley. Cooking is not his strong suit, but he's happy to help. If the helping's done, well...

Kukai watches Nagihiko lean away, practically dancing through the kitchen, before grinning as Nagi returns to his embrace. "I'm a big fan of my face. I don't want it to melt off! I'll just.. leave it there." He blinks. "Uh. When did you have the time to make another batch? I never noticed..." He scans the kitchen and dining room for this extra batch. "And... if you want me to, I can. I dunno if I wanna leave you alone here. Heaven knows what you'll whip up."

Kukai does however pull out a plate for Seishi's gift bun. He knows an opportunity to munch when he hears it.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 02:55:31 76852
"I'm a big fan of your face, too. No melting it off." He arches an amused eyebrow. "I promise not to make sushi while you're gone. Though admittedly, that's only because I left my sushi mat at home."

His eyes continue to twinkle. "I pulled the first batch out while you were slicing the meat. Did you know you get an adorable crease right here when you're concentrating?" He lightly brushes a nail at the top of the bridge of Kukai's nose, right between the eyebrows. "I'm surprised I didn't over steam them, watching you."

He hums a bit and pulls up two of the buns. His fingers grow instantly warm before he can fully get them to the plate. "They're still a bit warm, though. Break them open to let out the steam before you eat?"
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 03:06:31 76853
Kukai laughs and then coughs. "Um. There's one in the drawer, there, but... seriously, don't make sushi. We don't need sushi along with everything else, Nagi. Really, really." He's sort of panicking at this point. How does Nagi make so much food?

Kukai blinks and wiggles his nose, that crease popping into existance faintly for a moment as he does. "I don't, do I? And I was just making sure I did it right."

Kukai takes the plate with the two buns, then kisses Nagihiko on the forehead. "I'll be right back." He turns, breaking them both open as he goes, heading down the hallway towards Seishi's room.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 03:21:53 76854
He tries really hard to look both interested and excited about the sushi mat. "Oh really? But I could make five dozen rolls before anyone gets home!" And it's hard to maintain the facade because of how panicked Kukai looks. "Relax. Sushi doesn't keep as well as the other stuff. But maybe some day I'll make some just for you~."

And then the facade is completely lost as he snorts. "Yes. You do. But as I said, it's adorable, and you did amazingly well. Not too thick, not too thin." And because Kukai has been doing a good job, there's another peek around for curious eyeballs before he gives Kukai a quick but sweet kiss of thanks.

And there's even a playful swat as Kukai goes by, carrying goodies off. "And don't eat them both on the way there. If you want another one, there's plenty."

How does Nagihiko cook so much? The answer is really quite simple. Cooking helps him forget how stressed he is.

While Kukai's gone, Nagihiko starts the rice. He also tests the flavor of the recently respiced curry. Not bad. He'll want that second opinion, though.

And then, because this is also dinner, he starts to prepare some side dishes for the evening. They're not anything too fancy, but he does recall a few foods he knows some of the brothers adore, and a few others that the others adore.

After all, they're letting him use their kitchen.
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 03:40:17 76855
Kukai blinks at Nagihiko, then nods. "Yeah... we couldn't eat the sushi and the curry and the buns and whatever else.... Come on, you know!" He just doesn't know where Nagi gets it from. Maybe he should be a world class cook instead of a world class dancer.

Kukai blushes and then mmphs, returning the kiss on the lips for a moment, an involuntary but happy grin on his face. Then a small yelp at the swat as he heads off with the buns. "Oi!"

Kukai is gone for several minutes, talking to Shusui as they wait for and then devour the cooling buns. Kukai is quite happy to be home, all things considered, even if things are... nerve wracking, as it stands. So when Kukai re-enters the kitchen and sees several other dishes on, he tries not to grab Nagihiko by the shoulders and set him down, and instead watches him work, leaning on the door frame. "...Having fun?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 03:59:51 76856
Nagihiko jumps a little at the sudden voice. Fortunately, it's Kukai, and fortunately, even Nagihiko's stupid brain recognizes him for what he is. So he's able to be playful. He holds up a finger. "Before you begin, these are just side dishes for tonight's dinner. Knowing the brothers the way I do, these won't have any left overs. And as you can tell, no sushi. And no tempura, either, but only because there's no squid in my bags. Or the fridge. I may have checked."

There's a skipping step toward Kukai. "Did he like the bun? Did you like the bun? It's a rather acceptable apology, don't you think?"

And then he grabs Kukai's hands and scuttles back toward the stove. "The spices have simmered in, so you're forced to test the curry again."
Kukai Souma 2017-05-20 04:23:44 76857
Kukai blinks at Nagi's jump, then huhs, stepping into the kitchen. "Side dishes, huh? Yeah." He eyes Nagihiko, then grins. "Mostly because we don't have the materials for sushi or tempura."

"Shusui was a little slow to take the first bite because he was distracted, but then he sort of devoured the whole thing. It was amazing. I liked the bun a bunch. Thank you." He resists the most common joke about Nagihiko's buns.

Kukai's hands are grabbed and he's pulled back towards the curry. "OK, ok, I'll try it..." He grins in spite of himself. This is the best mood he's seen Nagihiko in for months...
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-05-20 04:48:56 76858
"Yeah, well...if you did I'd still wonder if I should or shouldn't, because of shelf life. So there."

And he's happy the buns were liked. And really, he wants to make bun jokes, too, but well, Kukai's brother just had one. That could potentially be awkward.

"I added a bit more ginger and some other spices. It seemed in the original tasting it was too strong in some areas, but."

And he is in a good mood. Apparently, cooking has not met the same fate as dancing. Cooking is still something he knows how to do, and whatever subconcious measures there are in cooking, as there are in dancing, he actually gets. For instance, he wants to take care of Kukai. In extension, taking care of the Souma brothers falls under this category. So making food that is both tasty and nutritious is a sure was to ensure a happy Nagihiko. Because he's doing something he's done before and not messing it up.

Is there a side dish made with the things I have out here that you like the mostest, what would it be?"

And again, it circles back to Kukai.