Come At Me, Hannah Sharpe

Cure Tide calls out Hannah Sharpe for being an idiot. Two strong fighters clash. But feelings are mightier than fists.

Date: 2017-05-26
Pose Count: 11
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-26 00:18:45 77127
~WPS Tower, The Lab~

Hannah Sharpe is face down at a desk, snoring away. She has a pillow thanks to Boris, a blanket draped over her. Several documents are all around her, and a magical piece of equipment is scanning her last Linker Core she'd nabbed.

Hannah has been working way too late. But, at least she has her cell phone right next to her ear. And it's on speaker mode at that. Volume, 11.

Hannah Sharpe has no idea what's about to occur, dreaming away happily as she is.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-26 00:25:06 77128
    Hannah Sharpe gets a phone call. On speaker mode. On auto answer. While sleeping. This is all sorts of bad idea when one is trying to sleep. "Hello?"
    "Hannah Sharpe?" a pause. Is that snoring she hears. "Wake up." the voice says annoyedly. "It's Aki Kurosawa. Haruna's sister. Remember?"
    "Me and you need to talk." she says. In the manner that suggests it's a talk neither will enjoy having!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-26 00:36:56 77130
At first, there's nothing. Just snores. Perhaps even dreaming of better days. Then, 'Wake up'.

A yell, there's a sound of falling and a chair going skittering. Two hands pull up Hannah Sharpe. "Who....what...!?" Sputters Hannah. Then her brain kicks in with a mental jolt from Raging Tempest. Hannah scowls. She knows that voice. And it sounds upset.

"H...Hey, Aki-chan! How'd you get my numb...Haruna. Right. Got it. Uhh. Hold up."

The sounds of walking and feeling around, then a carafe is picked up. The sound of glugging can be heard in terrible detail as she walks back over. Ahhhhh! She throws it over her shoulder. Crash!

Whump! Hannah's hands are around the phone, looming like some kind of gargoyle. The jerk keeps her tone conversational and light. But there's a ragged hint in her voice. Exhaustion and stress can't be kept out of it.

"Now what can I do for you, my second favorite bird?" Is she mocking Aki? Probably.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-26 01:08:35 77135
    Aki has asked Hannah down to a pier. Open on the end. Over the ocean- her element. Just in case. So Hannah comes and asks something mockling and she rolls her eyes. "Ya know." she says.
    "I actually though things were getting decent with you when you went and helped 'Runa go and patch things up with mom and dad." she says. "Cuz I'd been trying that for years with no luck." she says.
    "But see."
    "Then I go and hear you've been doing stupid shit, like stealing people's Linker Cores and doing stupid shit to yourself." she says.
    "And then I'm right back to wondering if you're any good for my sister." she says, crossing her arms.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-26 01:33:06 77142
Hannah is walking into a trap. She knows it. Call it arrogance, call it stubborn pride, she walks into it anyway. Part of it might be respect for Aki, as much as she might antagonize the woman. Part of it might be her love for the Kurosawa family in general.

Let's be honest, it's mostly arrogance.

And so, here she is, a few feet away from Aki Kurosawa. Hannah's come in henshin, Raging Tempest in one hand. She has no illusions about what's going to happen. Her eyes look strange, even aside from the dark circles under them. They're darker than normal, the corruption already seeping into her being.

"Well, you're not wrong. On me doing stupid things. But you see, Aki, people can get desperate. I don't like this much either. But, I can't die. And I can't get weaker, either. There's too many people I want to save. It isn't like anyone else is qualified to bring this terrible world to heel."

A deep breath, and she sighs.

"But, bluntly, I don't care what you think about whether I'm 'good' for Haruna. Because I love her, with all of my heart and soul. If there's a single person I'd die for, it's her. SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT HER!" Howls Hannah, hard enough that the water around the peer is thrust back in a wave, as darkness flows from her as she unleashes that negative emotion. It quickly recedes. Hannah's shield over her Linker Core is degraded horribly despite her best efforts. There's not much left in her.

"Besides. Are you going to do anything about it if you really think that?" A long, smug smirk.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-26 01:59:24 77149
    Aki listens, and she takes the yelling, and she cracks her fingers a bit then as she uncrosses her arms from her chest as she listens. Her expression doesn't change much. Really. You can only be yelled in the face by so many Phantom Generals that you get immune to it in tense situations.
    Tense situations like this one.
    "You see. This is why Kami-sama has us take that vow." she says.
    "'Pretty Cure Are Not Allowed To Fall In Love.'" she says.
    "No. Not. 'I can't die'. It's. 'I dnn't want to die'." she says. "Ansd tell me Hannah Sharpe. What happens if you do die?"
    "What happens to Haruna then?"
    "I wasn't around for what happened the last time she wanted 'someone else who was dead back.'." she says.
    "But I understand she was something like a very bad mess." she says.
    "Because the way Kami-sama says it that the only reason she was able to save herself was with your guys help combined with the wish I made way back when I collected all my precards." she says sourly.
    "Because I know what happens if you die. or come close to it." she says. "Haruna wastes her wish on bringing you back so you can do all this stupid dumb shit all over again while she suffers with whatever consequences may or may not exist for wishing someone back from the dead." she says.
    "I know your type. They never learn and continue to hurt themselves AND the people around them." she pulls out a little mirror with a heart shape, trimmed in blue. Her PrettyChangeMirror. Rolling Mirror Change.

    "The joy, that ripples across the coean... Cure Tide!" she calls out with the fancy transformation which may also involve plenty of blue hearts.

    "Fine, you know what's coming. Let's see if sense can't be beat into you." she says with a sour grimacing smirk.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-26 02:25:50 77157
Hannah has a whole litany of things she could throw at Aki, as the other Kurosawa surgically rips into her. Some part of Hannah finds that much more respect for the other girl, as much as she's always been a jerk to her. She cares. But doesn't know quite how to show it, when their natures clash and are similar in just the right ways to make her that much more mad, and that much more vulnerable.

All of those things are dashed to the ground in an instant as Aki speaks. For a brief moment, she seems unfocused. For once in her life, she takes a step back. A stumble. Aki voices the logical conclusion that she herself has hid from in her own reckless pursuit of power. That she would hurt the one she loves more than any other.

Maybe if she were in a better state of mind, it might have worked perfectly, too. The better part of her heart takes those words within. But this isn't a clear hearted Hannah Sharpe. No, this is truly Miss White. She pushes herself back up from the knee she didn't realize she'd taken.

"I...don't compare me to some idiot! I would never hurt her! NOT EVER! Do you have any idea how hard we worked to bring her out of that stupid bird's clutches!? How many people I fought on both sides to make it happen!? I have people wanting me /DEAD/ for what I did! Just...stop talking you idiot Pretty Cure! Who cares about what some love-hating 'Kami' thinks!"

And then, Hannah is very simply gone. There's broken pier planks where she once stood. Already, there's a thin trail of blood from the corner of her lip. She's not holding back like she should, as she falls down in a wind-boosted arc. No attack calling. This is a brute-force punch aimed at Tide's jaw with gale force behind it. Subtlety isn't on the menu today.

Cure Gull is going to kill them no doubt.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-26 02:51:10 77161
    Oh, Aki is already sure she's gonna get an ear full and a kick in the shins, repeatedly from Haruna when she finds out- and she will. Probably. She can already hear the high pitched whining and the begging not to do and to try to get along and remind her of all the good things Hannah has done for her too.
    - and reminder her that the only reason she is even free is because of Hannah.
    She doesn't say anything back, because she's not the kind of person that likes to put out clever quips. That's Haruna's gig. When Hannah comes down attempting to come for her jaw, she raises her hands to cross them in front of her and take the brunt of that hit, as she gets pushed across the pier, picking up splinters along the way as she pushes back to try to push Hannah away from her. She follows up by punching forward with a more proper punch. No water magic or trick to it- she's just trying to punch and jab into Hannah's torso with a straight.
    "Kami-sama doesn't hate love." she says more boldly. "But he knows it's a two edged sword." she says a little more coldly. "Love can nuture. But it can also hurt more than anything."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-26 03:07:57 77165
Hannah might have left herself a little overextended with that dramatic leap and punch! In comes Aki's fist, and she gets it right in the body! She too goes sliding back, more and more splinters of wood and emerald green tinged by black shattering off into the water. She ends up standing on a piling of the pier, one hand steadying herself.

"So what you're saying is that love can be a weapon too? That's fine. I'll just use my love for Haruna to make this world exactly as I envision! If you don't like that, then try and stop me! I'll surpass Blue-san, and make this world perfect as it's rightful ruler!" Adds Hannah, once more rushing for the other young woman in a zig-zagging pattern from piling to piling!

Already gasping hard, she puts all of her magic into a brutal incoming kick! The air around her gets sucked in, turning blacker and blacker as her emotions pile up into a collision with themselves. Then, she lashes out, trying to blow Tide right into the sea itself!
Aki Kurosawa 2017-05-26 03:17:40 77167
    Cure Tide frowns a bit as she eyes Hannah as she goes off on some world domination speech. She seethes. "'I'll make Blue dissapear... I'll make this world perfect for Mirage-sama.'." she says in a kind of mocking voice. "Do you even know who you sound like right now? Phantom. You sound like fricken Phantom." she says.
    Cure Tide does get punched. Right into the ocean with a sound of frustration that comes with being knocked into the air splashing into cold ocean water.
    You could say Cure Tide goes out with the tide! Except she splashes upwards and out into the air- wings formed from the bow on her back. She frowns.
    "You'rr a mess, Hannah Sharpe. I hope you figure out how to fix your damn self before Haruna does something stupid." she mutters. She thinks she's made her point with enough punching. She'll begin to jet off somewhere towards the city. She's gonna have to deal with an earful from Haruna tonight too of course after this.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-26 03:28:48 77171
There's a flying Tide right into the sea! The Tide might go out indeed, but she sends something out far more powerful than any attack. Hannah pauses on the end of the pier, half ruined by the two clashing. She's fallen once more to a knee, hand on her chest, breathing hard.

Before she can even reply, Tide is gone. And she's left yelling at the air itself.

"I...I'm not..." She falls flat out on her back. Tears well up, and she's sobbing into a cold night sky.

"I'm not like that. I'm not like him. No, no, no, no, NO! I'm not some monster like him!"

Eventually, an unmarked car driven by a large russian man will come drag her unconscious body back to her home. Until then, there's a broken mess of a magical girl at the end of a pier. There will be no joy for her tonight.