Job Satisfaction

Madison Perry attacks the TSAB Remnant facility in which she was held prisoner. But is this purely a revenge attack, or is something more going on? Nanoha and Koji respond and find out.

Date: 2017-05-27
Pose Count: 35
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 21:04:40 77250
    A saturday evening. It's been a quiet day- most of Tokyo is going on about its business as one normally would on a weekend. But that peaceful bustle is broken by the sudden triggering of a general distress signal. It goes out first on TSAB bands, and then through Virtue. A facility administrated by the TSAB Remnant is under attack.

    The facility in question is house in a rather nondescript looking warehouse in an industrial section of the city. It's a place nobody often has much business with, but some may remember regardless- among other things, it houses a prison that the TSAB Remnant uses to keep dangerous magical prisoners it has captured. It was the prison in which Madison Perry languished for almost a year before breaking out last summer.

    Generally, one does not return to the prison one broke out of. Then again, Madison Perry has never been the most reasonable person. Upon approach to the facility, it's easy to see there is a problem- one of the outer walls lies crumbled in a broken ruin. Smoke rises from the building. There are several still forms wearing TSAB uniforms laying sprawled on the ground nearby. There is noticable blood, though whether they are alive or dead is not apparent from a distance- given Madison's reputation, either could be true depending on how capricious she is feeling today.

    However, any thought that this is perhaps a meaningless revenge-driven rampage is quashed by the fact that Madison isn't alone. Swarming over and around the building are a veritable horde of small, human-like figures that appear to be made of animated shadow and squiggly lines. They don't appear to act very intelligently, but swarm over anything that gets in their way, trying to simply overwhelm them with numbers and swinging, shadowy fists. To those with the knowledge, they are very obviously Witch Familiars.

    There are plenty of them still in the yard of the building, but no sign of Madison herself. A smoking hole in the side of the brick wall leading into the facility gives a good clue as to where she went, though.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-27 21:16:26 77251
Nanoha Takamachi still isn't quite a member of Virtue, but she can pick up the TSAB emergency bands. She was in school and she's thusly snuck off under the guise of 'I have to reall use the bathroom'. This always tends to work. Mainly, Yuuno makes really good emergency sick notes. Look. You can either go and help people and be in trouble or you can help people and then not be in trouble.

Thusly, Nanoha has transformed into her barrier jacket and taken off towards the industrial district. She arrives to see.... well. She has never met Madison. But she's aware she's the problem. And there's currently squiggly-like shadow monsters about. She frowns a bit and looks around as she mutters. "Raising Heart, cannon mode." she mutters. The device obeys, moving into cannon mode, as she levies down at the monsters. Monsters are usually monsters. You can't befriend them. Thusly, she has no problem firing off a volly of Divine Shoots-- small fast little balls of energy that streak like lasers towards them in rapid succession in beam spam. She'll need to get her way to Madison in a moment. Maybe she can be reasoned with.

Poor, poor hopeful Nanoha.
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 21:27:54 77252
    It doesn't take much to destroy the Familiars. Although they are scary simply because of their number, able to overwhelm single, surprised adversaries, individually they are weak. Nanoha's bolts of bright pink energy disintegrate them, sometimes more than one at once. It makes a dent in their numbers, but not enough to remove them from consideration. In fact, as those bunch melt away, the others turn with a chittering sound and begin swarming towards Nanoha.

    She's flying, but the creatures actually leap and climb on top of each other, almost like a moving, sentient wave, building up to try and reach her with swinging arms and fists. In some other parts of the yard, a few remaining TSAB members can be seen battling the things as well, with flashes of different-colored light. They had been in some danger of being run-over, but now that the majority of the Familiars have turned to try and attack Nanoha, they are having an easier time, able to fight off and wipe out the small groups of Familiars still around them.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-27 21:39:46 77254

That is the recurring word that Koji gets from Tyrfing as he's running towards the sounds of the conflict and following the signal that is blazing along the edge of his eyeline. Despite his not having been very athletic for most of his life, the young Silvia boy's pace is strong thanks to the merge with his Unison Device.

<<Halt. Das ist zu gefaehrlich fur dich!>>

The young man continues to ignore his Device as it tries to warn him off from the rampage happening now. But for him there might be people in trouble. And while for the moment he's being denied use of even his Knight Cloth, he comes around into the area to find it's the industrial district and mostly abandoned. It's a sigh of relief until he sees the small horde of creatures there.

<<Das sind Familien. Raus hier, jetzt Koji.>>

To which the young man replies, "Tyrfing... whatever's wrong, fine. But I'm not letting her fight alone!" Pointing towards where Nanoha is airborne. And lacking anything else to use since his Device won't give him access to his small magical talent, he picks up a steel pipe to use as a staff, and begins banging it on a fence to get the Familiars' attention!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-27 21:47:54 77255
Nanoha Takamachi becomes a big fat target and she's fine with this if it means it's lessening the load on the other guys down there. The giant, huge wave comes for her and she begins to back backwards a high speed. If there's one thing Nanoha is good at, it's fancy flying footwork. She'd be at a disadvantage if she was on the ground. So right now she's sort of racing this literal human wave tactic. Nanoha isn't good at close combat like this.

Luckily she's been practicing. She lays out her hand and calls out. "Cross Smasher!"

Combined with Raising Heart. < Cross Smasher > afterwards, as a brillaint burst of magenta energy fires out in a cone, trying to disperse the creatures in front of her, or at least give her a hole to slide through the massive construct in close quarters.

Then Raising Heart pings. There's new device on the field? Where.

She looks down regardless, Koji....? Why isn't he transformed and What is he doing!?
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 21:51:45 77256
    Nanoha's tactic is pretty sound, if only because the Familiars are, as stated, not very smart and are clearly not designed for aerial combat. They race towards her in a living wave, but before they can crash over her she fires out that cone of energy which blows the wave apart. A good number of Familiars are melted away, the rest raining down to the ground where they scrabble around trying to re-organize.

    Meanwhile, Koji has arrived on the scene. He has taken up the perhaps-unwise tactic of attempting to draw some of the Familiars away from Nanoha. This does seem to have some effect, for better or worse, as a few of the Familiars which had fallen after Nanoha broke their wave apart turn at the sound of his pipe hitting the fence. They don't make any sound.. they don't seem to have mouths of any sort. But after a moment a few of them race right towards him, squiggling and moving in ways that clearly war with the reality we all know and love.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-27 21:57:52 77257
Still Tyrfing will not go into Combat Mode... but despite all of this, the young man who still looks scared about all of this sets a grim line to his expression and grips the pipe a bit harder. Setting his stance, he takes a couple of shaky breaths, and then begins to sweep it back and forth hard, putting all the strength in his body towards smacking the creatures around and away.

For Nanoha, in the middle of it all, a communication request comes from Koji's device, trying to connect with Raising Heart.

They're going to be relentless, and Koji lacks the real skill with this kind of conflict, but still he continues to try in his own way... Despite it all this is going to be a losing battle, and as the first one of them takes a slash out of his school uniform's sleeve, and leaves a light claw-swipe on his forearm, he winces, almost begging, "Tyrfing... please... why aren't you helping?! We're partners!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-27 22:04:14 77258
Nanoha Takamachi's manuever works good enough to get her a moment to stare down at Koji and she is about to yell out when Raising Heart begins beeping with a communication request. She lets it open, but she gets the first word in. "Tyrfing! You need to help Koji-kun! These things aren't good news and there's a lot of them!" she yells out.

With that she levies Raising Heart back down and fires off more magenta divine shots, streaking laser spam down at some of the creatures going for Koji.

"Besides, there's like a serial killer in there we need to stop somehow!" she says.

Yeah, Nanoha just said that. There's a serial killer in there. That's her understanding of what Madison is anyways. Crazy criminal, etc.
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 22:08:04 77259
    Well. Nanoha's description of Madison isn't wrong, it's just incomplete.

    Still, time is passing by and Madison is no doubt up to something inside the building. Yet, one can hardly blame Nanoha for wanting to make sure her friend is safe before pursuing her within the facility. The creatures attacking Koji are quick, though he's able to keep them at bay with his pipe, even thumping one hard enough to cause it to shatter into fragments and dissolve away. That doesn't stop the others from slashing at him though, and it's clear that without help he'll be in trouble.

    Luckily Nanoha fires off some more shots, each of which dissolves one of the Familiars easily. The others are still milling about, perhaps gathering for another attempt at the flying mage, which gives the two at least a few seconds of pause before they come under attack again.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-27 22:16:16 77260
In English, Nanoha hears through Raising Heart, <<You have to get him to leave, please. This is too dangerous for him! He doesn't understand! The TSAB will take me from him, and that might->>

He's cut off as some of the pain echoes through their close bond while Koji continues to struggle with his enemies, ducking reflexively when the magical fire rains down from above. As bravely as he can muster right now, he waves up at Nanoha and tries to mouth a thanks to her, but ends up just getting the pipe into position manages to slam two more of them hard enough to shatter them. Looking around for a moment, he then decides to make a run for the building, using the pole to vault over a cluster of them if possible... and then his father's hiking boots pound on the pavement regardless as he attempts his race for the closest service entrance.

Nanoha hears directly at the same time as the boy does, <<KOJI! NO! STOP!>>

To which Koji just keeps moving hard, not responding.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-27 22:35:45 77261
Nanoha Takamachi is kind of upset now. Not even at the creature, but at Koji's device. "THE TSAB ISN'T GOING TO TAKE YOU FROM HIM NOW HELP!" she calls out. It's a yell, but not a scream. A command more than a request. It's not her usual tone of voice. This is stressful.

Familiars are gathering for another attack and Nanoha doesn't want a moments rest, no. She gathers up her energy as the wings on her device fan out equally. She's going to finish off these familiars. She begins to charge energy for a second, before she fires off a charged, powerful blast beam- no name, just a common charged shot barret in an attempt to wipe out as many as she can without also touching Koji at the same time.
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 22:42:40 77262
    Nanoha's attack does a good job of clearing out the Familiars- it's clear they were never intended to defeat an opponent of her ability, but rather were more of a distraction and a way to deal with the grunts manning the station. In that capacity they have done very well, as Nanoha is forced to stop and deal with them before heading into the building.

    Koji, however, is under no such compunction, or perhaps is simply behaving in a way pretty much everybody thinks is unwise, which tends to defeat the best-laid plans. He dashes towards one of the service doors, Nanoha's attack destroying the Familiars which might have chased him, leaving him with a clear path to the door...

    Except that just before he reaches it, that door swings open. And instead of hitting the door, Koji intersects a young blonde woman who was exiting from it. There's a faint 'oof' at the collision, as Madison Perry turns her pretty blue eyes down at the shorter young man who had just run into her. She is in her Barrier Jacket, of course, the distinctive ankle-length overcoat of ash-black with rust-red highlights, and she has her Device, Heartrazor, in the form of two foot-long, curved knives in her hands. One of the knives had blood on it.

    More out of instinct than anything else, her hand reaches out and grabs Koji by the shoulder, though it's just a grab and not a stab. "Whoa whoa whoa.. what've we got here?" She asks, sounding vaugely amused. "Ain't nothin' in there you want to see kid.. trust me on that one." She doesn't let him go though- Heartrazor informing her silently of the Device in his posession, able to detect it as easily as Raising Heart could.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-27 22:51:54 77263
"You... you killed them... didn't you..." Koji says softly, obviously trembling in Madison's grip as he looks back up at her, meeting her eyes for a moment. He scared, it's in his voice, but at the same time he's fighting it as much as anything else. Both Devices can detect that his is Belkan, and damaged to a degree that it can't self-repair. Right now it's his glasses, and they gleam for a moment, hiding his teal irises, and he then gulps once before going on, "I don't know who these people are, or what's going on, but they asked for help... why did you hurt them..."

As he talks, Nanoha does receive a response message from Tyrfing, <<Quick. Use a Chain Bind to pull us free so you can attack.>>

<<I'll engage.>>
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-27 23:03:33 77264
Nanoha Takamachi begins to descend after Koji because Koji is doing not so good things like trying to go into a place she just said a serial killer was without transforming and then he actually runs into the serial killer. She bites her lip a moment when she gets a response from Tyrfing. Chain Binding isn't her specialty, usually Yuuno handles that for her. BUT SHE does know the spell.

"Chain Bind!" she calls out as chains latch out around Koji, specfically, from a magic circle, before she waves a hand- the chains expelling backwards trying to pull him away.

Tyrfing better engage like it he said he would, she thinks!
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 23:15:40 77265
    Madison blinks down at the kid as he speaks to her, looking genuinely surprised. "Killed who, kid? I killed a lotta pople." She says, almost offhandedly. "If you mean the people in there," She jerks her head at the door behind her, indicating the facility. "They had it comin' to 'em for the way they treated me last year. Even so, some of 'em might still be alive. I don't know." Her cavalier carelessness about human life is writ plain on her face.

    "But if you think-" She starts to say something else, but then Nanoha's spell reaches out, trying to yank Koji away. She racts on instinct, probably assuming the incoming magic is an attack rather than an attempt to free Koji. Heartrazor speaks up in its deep male baritone, <<Mistress, incoming spell.>> Viper-quick, she spins, slashing with one of the daggers at the chains which spring into existence. She manages to cut through a few of them, severing the glowing links, but some still remain, pulling Koji back though probably not as far as Nanoha originally intended.

    Her eyes dart up to find Nanoha in the sky, and they narrow as she steps forward and rises up into the air as well. "What is this, daycare?" She snarls. "I came here to do a job, and it ain't looking after kids. So why don't you two run home and let the adults handle their business, huh?"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-27 23:24:15 77266
If nothing else, those words finally do it for Tyrfing, even where Koji was already committed despite his being unprepared to face... this. So as he flies backwards, his free arm flies up and grips at his glasses, drawing them off his face like he's slashing a sword in the air.

The transformation is instantaneous, the air around him flashing and giving off motes of dark blue raven-feather-like energy that flutter and then vanish, leaving him in his Knight Cloth, and his Device's sheathed sword form in his hand. His hair whips in the wind some as he floats there. He presses the grip of the sword into the sheathe, gripping the top and bottom, which causes them to separate and become a pair of gladius-styled energy blades of teal to match his eyes.

"It's never about how someone treats you. It's about how you treat them. People are people... even the person who hurts you is still a person. They deserve every attempt to be helped."

His stance and his demeanor have changed, as the skills of his Device sync up with him, and then two Belkan diagrams appear under his feet, and launch him... but not AT Madison, down towards the ground to keep him clear for a moment, so that Nanoha can open fire.

To Nanoha, Tyrfing sends, <<Thank you.>>
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-27 23:42:27 77267
Nanoha Takamachi gets Koji free enough to at least give him space to transform. Getting him all the way to her wasn't the goal. As long as that happened, she's content with the outcome regardless, as chains are cut through. She frowns a bit as she releases the spell, the circle disappearing when it's served it's purpose. She frowns and sours a little. Which is hard to do to Nanoha really. Maybe Madison is bringing something out in her.

"You were a criminal and so they locked you up! Jail and Prison isn't supposed to be a vacation and even I know that!" she says.

She's had about enough of this however. She charges up Raising Heart a little.

< Hyperion Impact. > chimes Raising Heart. It begins to gather some of the expelled energy in the area. Hers. Some from those familiars that were around en masse before. From the other TSAB agents that were fighting around. Hyperion Impact sits between Divine Buster and Starlight Breaker. Using some of Starlight Breakers Techniques, which making it more focused like Diving Buster. Not nearly as strong as the strongest, but more than the first.

"HYPERION IMPACT!" calls out Nanoha, as she launches a sizeable ball blast of energy down into Madison's general location- now that she's in the open- and Tyrfing has setup Koji!
Madison Perry 2017-05-27 23:55:37 77268
    Madison glances over towards Koji as he transforms. She eyes him, but only rolls her eyes slightly at his speech. "You're making a fundamental mistake in the first place, kid," She says. "Which is to assume I think people are any more special than sacks of meat which occasionally get in my way."

    She doesn't have time to say any more though, because Nanoha is charging up. Her eyes flick back to the girl, and her brows raise- it's an impressive amount of power, especially for someone so young. Even she can feel that. "Heartrazor." She says, calmly.

<<Yes, mistress?>>

    "Cut through it." Madison is powerful. The TSAB database lists her as an S-class Combat Mage. One day, Nanoha will far surpass her. But at the moment she has strength and experience on her side. The blast of energy fires down at her, and as it reaches her, Madison spins, slamming out one of her daggers to meet it almost like a baseball star hitting a ball. There's a flare of red energy, and her knife cuts through the blast as if it were solid.. sending two smaller balls of energy spiralling away from her in either direction to impact the ground nearby with showers of rock.

    Even so, she glances at her sleeve afterwards.. the fabric of her barrier jacket is singed and smoking. "Not bad, kid." She says, sounding amused.. before spinning both daggers and launching herself up into the sky. "But you're still outta your league! Heartrazor! Lifeseeker!"

    <<Yes, mistress.>> A mid-childan magic circle in deep red forms around her feet as the gems set into the hilts of both daggers glow. Suddenly a barrage of red lasers spray from her daggers, one aimed at Nanoha, and the other at Koji. The lasers bend at right-angles in the air, leaving geometric trails as they home in on their targets.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 00:07:22 77270
The truth is that Koji himself is a lackluster mage. He will never be on the level of Nanoha, maybe at his height he might rank as a B by TSAB ranking and standards. But the amplification factor of Tyrfing, filtering and enhancing that trickle of magic from the boy, despite it's own damaged and slightly unstable Linker Core into something a bit more formidable... at least for the time being. As the lasers come around towards him, the blade shift their shape.

Now, instead of two energy swords, each is now a moderately sized magical shield. He spins and and flexes his arms to catch the lasers as they attempt to slice or strike at him. A couple get through, putting a scoring slice through the trail of his Knight Cloth, and another burns away a lock of hair as it almost leaves a sorchmark on his cheek.

Clearing the assault, the shields change back into blades and he's there with a flurry of blows... blue against red, the speed of Tyrfing done via small, precise pulses of mana through his body to enhance moments of strength and speed to try and give him the edge that may be needed in this fight. Right now, he's not attempting to fight to hurt Madison however, he's trying to fight to keep her contained for Nanoha's next move.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-28 00:27:36 77272
Nanoha Takamachi watches as the beam just split into two. Then Madison also counter attacks. Luckily, one of the features of the attack she just launched as a barrier screen in front of her exactly for that purpose of counter attacks.

They impact the barrier screen, sending waves of reverb through the air in front of her- as she makes to move out of the path of the attacks, dropping the screen as she frowns and begins to fire back with more Divine Shoots in rapid succession. Lots of low powered attacks at once.

"Ty-kun if you have anything that can hold her down in there, use it!" she calls out.
Madison Perry 2017-05-28 00:33:31 77273
    Madison half-expected her attack to cut down both younger mages- overconfidence is clearly a weak point of hers. She looks minorly surprised as both Tyrfing and Nanoah manages to deflect them. "Huh.. you kids really ain't bad." She calls. "You ever think about-" Whatever offer she was going to make, however, is cut off as Tyrfing attacks her with his dual swords.

    There's a rapid succession of clangs, metal on metal, as her dual knives come into play to block the attacks. Melee fighting is Madison's strong point.. or perhaps her passion, you could say. It's so much more satisfying to stab people at close range. As such, she's able to parry his attacks, but he is effectively keeping her from launching any other offensives of her own, so long as he can keep the pressure on.

    Then Nanoha starts shooting at her as well. The individual attacks are low-power, but there's a lot of them, and she's already engaged fending off Tyrfing. Either one likely wouldn't be a problem for her, but both at once taxes her mental abilities simply in keeping up with them.

    She throws out one hand to put up a standard round shield to block Nanoha's attacks, but has to take one knife away from blocking Koji to do it. As a result, some of Nanoha's shots impact her, singing holes in her Barrier Jacket, and at least one of Tyrfing's slashes gets through, scoring a red slash across her forearm.

    "Both of you need to back off!" She snarls, and suddenly starts to drop down towards the ground, aiming to open up some space so she can counterattack... though if Tyrfing acts quickly he might be able to do as Nanoha requests before she gets too far away!
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 00:45:13 77277
Belkan magic wasn't one to include Binding Spells, and Tyrfing was purpose-built for the exact kind of thing that's going on here. One on one combat. So when Nanoha asks if the pair has anything that can hold her down, he replies, "I'll see what I can do!"

The exchange between the two has not left him unscathed, a rent in the breastplate of his Knight Cloth from one of those strikes that still burns with red energy, while there's another cut on his forearm, weeping just a little. But he's got this rock-solid determination in his eyes, something that was there in the middle of the fear when he was being held by her, and almost able to sense what's in her eyes. Regardless of this, he tries something.

Two more bursts of energy come off the heels of his boots as he flies directly into Madison, attempting to stop short so that both hands come forwards as the blades extinguish and he presses the halves together. The Device manually morphs itself into Bow Mode, and he calls out "Hammer Barret!"

The arrow that he launches from the bow is nothing but kinetic force, an attempt to ram Madison into the ground and stun her for a few seconds, but the time to transform and draw leaves him just as vulnerable as the red-clad woman was when attempting to drop to the earth. No risk, no reward.
Madison Perry 2017-05-28 00:49:34 77278
    Madison is retreating downward, and clearly did not expect Tyrfing to pursue her. She had been getting the better of him one-on-one, so she thought he would retreat to gain some space as well- as such he takes her by surprise when he gets after her.. then fires a force-arrow right at her.

    She grits her teeth as she brings up both daggers, crossing them in front of her to block the attack as she continues downward. It strikes her crossed knives, and there's a crackle of energy as the two forces war. It looks like she'll be able to block the attack, but it pushes her down into the yard, and does succeed in making her a stationary target for at least a few precious seconds..
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-28 00:58:26 77282
Nanoha Takamachi is told to back off. Nanoha isn't really the kind of person to 'back off' when she's told to by someone like Madison who CLEARLY doesn't have her best intrest in anyone's heart except herself.

Nanoha keeps up with the barrage of quick energy shots while she can. A lot of lower power shots instead of a big one like before.

Then Tyrfing knocks her to the ground and she does something else.

She drags a nearby shipping container, one of those big trailer types from a nearby area in the industrial distict, lifting it with her own magic--- then attempting to just casually land the heavy trailer on Madison which is filled with tools, materials, maybe a few forklifts and cement bags. Then she yells! "STARDUST FALL!" she calls out.

Raising Heart wonders why she did this because it isn't a spell, it's just picking up something and dropping it on them.
Madison Perry 2017-05-28 01:04:23 77284
    Madison slashes her daggers apart after several seconds of warrning energy, which sends the force arrow spinning off to the side. She snarls in triumph, but just about this time, a shadow falls over her...

    She looks up to see an entire trailer hovering over her head. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me." She mutters to herself. She just has time to throw her arms up, another red magic circle bursting into existence over them..

    But then the trailer falls and she disappears under it with a huge crash. There's a crackled of red energy from underneath- she's clearly still alive under there. But she's just as clearly trapped. Because it's an entire trailer full of crap and it's all she can do to stop it from smashing her into paste.
Hana Shiroi 2017-05-28 01:21:12 77288
    At some point during the fight, Madison sent out a message. It's unclear if it was before she started tangling with Nanoha and Tyrfing, or after. BUt that really doesn't matter.

    What does matter is the strange sense of.. unreality that suddenly descends over the whole area. For those with the experience, it feels like being inside a Witch's Labyrinth.. the feeling of everything around you being a dream, of somehow not quite being solid. But unlike a Witch's Labyrinth, the terrain doesn't change. It's still the same world, the same warehouse.

    Except now there's a hole. A black, wavering thing which opens right in the middle of the yard. And out of it steps a short, dark-haired woman dressed all in white, her doll-like features set in an expression of cool impassivity. Her eyes swirl with every color of the rainbow, like someone were constantly turning a kaleidoscope behind her irises. Those eyes turn to regard the trailer.

    Then she looks up at Nanoha and Tyrfing. "It seems," She says, her voice calm- not emotionless, but removed, as if considering everything here of little importance, "That I should know better than to send Madison on important errands by herself." A faint sigh, then she glances towards the trailer again. "Did you at least manage to secure the energy sensor array? Oh, never mind. I'll do it myself."

    And then she's walking up to the wall of the building. And it just.. melts in front of her, the bricks dissolving away as if they were made of wet paint, exposing an interior full of equipment and machines and slumped bodies, though whether they are dead or just unconcious is hard to say.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 01:24:38 77289

What Koji hears is, <<I don't know what she is. Don't do any-...>>

The bow is shifted by hand back to the base Device form of a sheathed sword. The handle is gripped and he draws the Energy Blade form of his Unity Knight, the short-sword styled weapon expanding a plane of sword-shaped force that turns it into a bastard sword. More tri-gram incantations appear at his boots, shoulders, elbows, and hands, pulsing mana into his limbs. Pushing off from the air, the diagrams supporting him vanishing as the minute amounts of power are expended... he brings the blade back and calls out, "Sabre Fang Eclipse!"

<<...Sabelhaken Eklipse.>>

The blade extends and blazes into full power as he attempts his second strongest attack, the only one he can manage right now without breaking either Linker Core, a giant sword-slash to the back of the newcomer to try and take her down... or at least stop her in one blow!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-28 01:34:41 77293
What's that old adage?

'If you want something done, do it yourself?'.

When that feeling sets in, she's felt it before. At that weird wedding situation where a Witch got a Jewel Seed. She frowns a bit and then there's this odd woman here.

She watches her just melt through the wall and she responds by shooting off more Divine Shoots. More of those bright magenta lasers. Raising Heart is giving her a warning. About a general atmosphere AND the power of this person.

But she also can't just let her walk into this without a response.
Madison Perry 2017-05-28 01:37:27 77295
    Madison is still trapped under a truck. As Hana doesn't seem inclined to help her for the moment, there she remains.
Hana Shiroi 2017-05-28 01:44:38 77298
    Tyrfing winds up and unleashes a powerful, flashy attack. Nanoha fires off more of her own energy bolts. Hana doesn't even turn around.

    It's not that the bolts hit her and have no effect.. nor is it that she deflects like, like Madison would. Rather, something very odd happens. When both Tyrfing's blade and the Divine Shoots reach Hana, they simply... miss. She doesn't move, and both other mages would be sure they shot at the right spot. But, in a way that defies comprehension, both attacks slam harmlessly into wall and stone in a shower of fragments, several feet from their intended target. As if reality itself had curved and guided them away.

    Hana doesn't even look. She doesn't swat flies.. they are beneath her notice. Her eyes are on her goal- a sufficiently high-techy looking machine which has a glowing red magic circle slowly rotating beneath it. She makes a soft tsking sound. "Oh Madison. Whatever shall I do with you? You even set up the transport spell, you just neglected to trigger it." She seems to be talking to the woman beneath the truck, even though it's unclear if Madison can hear her at all, though her words do seem to carry as if she is amplifying them somehow. "I suppose you let your love of a good fight get the better of you. Mission first, my dear. You know how important this sensor array is to my research."

    She glances back over her shoulders.. eyes sweeping over Tyrfing and Nanoha one last time. Then she simply vanishes.

    The feeling of othrworldliness goes with her. So does the machine. So, it seems, does Madison, because the crackling energy from underneath the trailer suddenly stops. So do any remaining Familiars.

    Just like that, quiet descends on the warehouse again, aside from the crackling of some flames from the destroyed walls.

    Investigation after the fact will find all of the TSAB agents still alive, though some are badly hurt and will need medical treatment soon if they are going to stay that way.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 01:49:42 77301
Whatever Koji or Tyrfing might have been about to ask is lost in the LURCH of the world shifting once more, leaving him feeling momentarily nauseous... and then there's a sudden *POP* sound as the Knight Cloth... and Koji... both vanish, leaving in place that 15 lb Siberian Cat that is their Conservation Form. Landing lightly on his paws, Koji looks up towards Nanoha, and then his ears fold back some before he says, "Ummm... What was that? I just felt like I've been to the dentist, and they had to put the mask on my face." Even going to the point of rubbing at his muzzle and nose with a forepaw.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-28 01:55:12 77302
Nanoha Takamachi frowns and lands as Hana leaves, apparently with Madison. Hopefully she feels more flat footed now at least. Nanoha feels no remorse of thinking that pun to herself. This is perhaps her darkside. Maybe.

She frowns at Koji. Who is now a tiny cat again. She sighs and leans down and picks him up. :I. She does this with a straight face. TOO BAD KITTY.

"That was a Witches Labyrinth. Those were familiars. But That doesn't make sense because there wasn't a Witch." she says. "Those are monster types. Anyways. They can mold reality around them. But usually. The world changes too. It didn't change much either..." she frowns a bit.

"Come on, we better go make sure people are okay. And I wanna know what they were after!" she says.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 01:59:39 77304
The cat in question would hardly call himself Tiny. He's one of the biggest breeds out there... if a little bit exotic. So being carried by the 9 year old Mage is almost an indignity... but one he suffers with a few wavy-paws and just a bit of tail-flicking. But he does look up at her for a moment, and asks, "What did Tyrfing say to you? He's not really talking to me..."

Puffing out a sigh, he starts looking around at all the damage, and then looses a feline huff as his tail curls once more before he adds, "I'm not going to be much use until my mana reserves are back enough that I can shift back. At least... that's how it was explained to me. Ever since Mister Kunzite and Miss Norie helped my parents from being drained, things are working better. Are you allright?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-05-28 02:06:00 77306
Nanoha Takamachi likes picking up kittys! Koji is just a very big one right now. She can carry him though! Huff! "He was afraid of the TSAB taking him away but I know that isn't going to happen because if it was they'd had taken Raising Heart from me and stuff." she says.

She sighs. "I wish Yuuno was here. He'd be able to help. But he's back at home and I had to skip out on school to get here." she says.

She sighs a bit. She places the cat down by the entrance. "I'm going to go in and find out what happened. Then I'm gonna go home. Do you need taken anywhere?" she asks. "When I get out?"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 02:11:04 77308
Rubbing at Nanoha's legs in thanks, Kojicat looks up at her with bright feline eyes of pleasure that lid and then close for a long moment... and then open back once more, the kitty sign of trust, "I'll be okay. As soon as I'm okay, I'm going to take what happened here to people I know who apparently can do more. There's a whole bunch of them in this really fancy skyrise that are all people like us... but different. I didn't get to see what it was, but I heard the name. Maybe It'll mean something to them."

Looking back inside for a moment, once more he presses to that leg again, and turns to scamper around inside and use his feline nose to check on people, and trying to help get people back up who were not too hurt so they can help others. Something that at least a cat and a young girl can do... together.