Better Company

Venus and Kunzite know one another, more or less. Minako and Kazuo ... don't. Maybe they can start doing something about that.

Date: 2017-05-28
Pose Count: 8
Minako Aino 2017-05-28 23:51:07 77407
    Things have finally calmed down enough that Minako Aino is able to sneak Kazuo away from the boys for a day. This is good. She spent all yesterday trying to find a place. She stopped in front of the Hotel Augusta. No. Too fancy and too soon. A burger stand! No. Too casual. Thusly, she settles on the Korma Chamleon.
    It's a sit down resturant, it's exotic, but it also doesn't reek of fanciness. It's juuuuuust right!
    She is waiting in front of the shop and looking in dressed in a white t-shirt, a somewhat purple mini-skirt and a blue jacket. Casual clothes! She's not doing much besides waiting.
    She's also trying to pronounce the Indian words on the menu she can see and she's butchering them.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-29 00:10:42 77409
Since he's been resident with Mamoru and the other boys, Minako hasn't seen Kazuo vary from a specific outfit -- always clean, but always the same: jeans, and a white shirt worn open at the throat and with sleeves rolled up. As if he'd adopted it as a new uniform.

When he approaches, though, he looks ... respectable. Dark slacks instead of jeans. White shirt, yes, but actually worn properly. There is even a tie, a blue that may or may not match her jacket, but that definitely matches the bow on Sailor Venus's fuku.

(No jacket. Thankfully. He's still in the same range as Minako's choice of casual, even if he's chosen to switch which end of it he's on.)

Somehow, he manages not to wince, or even blink twice, at the mangling he hears on the approach. "Have you been taking lessons?" he asks instead. He's never been good at the greetings, not in either life. Not unless he's using formality as a way to keep distance.
Minako Aino 2017-05-29 00:52:31 77411
    Minako Aino leans back up as she hears Kazuo Takeba and he talks. She doesn't expect normal greetings. It's not like she gives normal greetings. His are for people you don't know and politeness! "Nope! I'm just trying to figure out what sounds the most funniest then I'm gonna order that." she says.
    "Adventureeeee. I've never had curry before! Real curry. I mean. The stuff we have here is weaksauce I understand."
    She looks around. "Ohhh!" she says as she decides on a place to sit, which is a booth of sorts.
    "So. How was your morning?" she asks. "I slept in. Because Sundays are when I catch up on all the sleep on many late nights." she says.
    "Even though I'm pretty sure sleep doesn't work like that." she shrugs. She looks over a tableside menu. Nope. Still not knowing how to pronounce names.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-29 01:03:17 77412
For a split second, Kazuo considers warning her about the curry ratings. Then it occurs to him that warning her might actually urge disaster onward faster, and he says instead, "There are worse ways of choosing your dinner."

He escorts her to her chosen booth -- this is achieved more by intent than practicality, really, but intent is often enough -- and seats himself opposite her, taking a menu to glance at in his turn. "You had a better morning than I did," he assures her. "I went running -- Usagi's friend Naru is practicing for a triathlon, and the day she does one of those without company is inevitably going to be the day something unpleasant decides to make its home at the finish line -- and then went to meet with my father." Gray eyes gleam for a moment, and he adds, "Mamoru's insistent that we should reconnect with our lives here. I suspect my father is making him think twice about that policy. It did, at least, make this evening twice as pleasant by contrast."
Minako Aino 2017-05-29 01:30:10 77413
    Minako Aino picks some sort of chicken curry that has a medium spice level. Probably she can handle this. Kazuo's general good sense is correct. Minako would had started to escalate perhaps in some vain attempt to impress with 'how totally tough she is!'.
    She then listens. "Oh, so basically making sure she isn't a target like she used to be? But doesn't she have magic now? She can take care of herself. Or-- or...." she raises a finger. "Her girlfriend can go running with her! It'd be sweet!" she says.
    Then Kazuo says he's been visitng with his father and the goofiness kind of just vanishes for a moment. That goofiness is clearly just as act to put guard down anyways.
    "Really?" she asks. "How has that been going. If this is twice as pleasent. I mean."
    "Not that I'm complaining about that subtle compliment." she flashes her eyelashes. "But is it going okay?" she asks.
    Minako tries to imagine how Kunzite's dad might look. A straight faced grey haired man-- short because he clearly got that from mom, being all grouchy stoic. She doesn't ask to confirm her suspicions. That's rude. Instead she asks "What is he like?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-29 01:59:32 77414
Kazuo adds lamb rogan josh to their order, spiced to match Minako's choice rather than risk starting that competition, and adds a sweet lassi less out of his own interest than to have it available in case sudden intervention is needed.

"I believe Kyouko's training for it, yes," he agrees. "So is Mamoru. So she'll have company. And she does have magic now, yes. But so far her magic's better used enhancing others' abilities than in a direct fight. Particularly in situations where there's a crowd of civilians, since her default attack is pulling a flamethrower out of one of her drawings."

It is not impossible that he structured that entire line of conversation to work it around into dangling 'you could have flamethrowers /on tap/' in front of Minako, just to see whether or not her eyes lit up a little.

At Minako's questions, Kazuo shrugs a little. "He's ... dutiful." That from Kazuo. "He has a highly structured view of the universe, and relatively little ability to cope when the actual universe doesn't conform to that structure. He does try to do the right thing by his lights. Unfortunately, what he thinks of as the right thing usually ... isn't. It's gotten a little better since Nephrite pulled out the Sanjouin act on him -- that's the first time I've seen or heard of Nephrite doing that in a year; I'm not sure it was good for him. But it worked. I only thought about committing therapeutic murder eight times in an hour this morning, instead of every two minutes or so. Mamoru's trying another route, bribing him with Makoto-made sweets. I'm not sure what he expects that to accomplish, but Makoto seems to be going along with it."

He hesitates for a moment. Then leaves that moment be, because neither Minako nor anyone else has ever mentioned her family in his hearing. So he doesn't ask. "All in all, though, talking with him still makes me appreciate better company all the more."
Minako Aino 2017-05-29 02:22:57 77416
    In the new Sailor V game, which is renamed 'Sailor V: THE FLAME OF JUSTICE' later tonight before it hit stores in two months, Sailor V uses a flamethrower to fight an alien invasion and it is all Kunzite's fault now.
    She purses her lips. "My dad is a lazy layabout do nothing good for not"hing. According to my mom anyways." she says. "Because I never hear the end of it! 'Don't be like your father! You better do good in school!'." she says, waving a finger. "Put on clean clothes! Take your elbows off the table." she says, still mocking her mother in voice tone with that.
    She leans forward. Yes. Elbows on the table. "Well thats good that the other guys are helping you out, and Makoto-chan." she says. "I'm sure its hard for all you guys trying to get back in touch with your familiies." she says.
    "Though I'm welcome to be a fun distraction." she grins. Then she whispers. "How hot is this stuff anyways?" she asks.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-29 02:51:23 77417
Kazuo joins in, although the voice he's mocking is certainly not Minako's mother's. "'What is this I hear about your taking up kendo after school? How do you expect ever to hold a respectable position if you don't focus properly on English?' 'How do you expect your teachers to take your studies seriously if you talk with people like that boy?' 'I told you to dye your hair a proper color last week.'"

And when she leans in -- there's a little echo of it in Kazuo's body language, angling toward her in turn. Asymmetrical. Which means only one elbow on the table. That might be a good thing, though; it keeps his height from playing unfortunate and potentially skull-cracking tricks on them. And he lowers his voice to match her whisper. "Don't know," he murmurs back. "One of our guests brought some of the two-star over, though, and Usagi ate some of the leftovers and didn't breathe fire or whimper or try to drown herself, so what you picked should be all right. And if it isn't, then we'll just have the terrible fate of having to get ice cream afterward."