Shade of the Titan

An utterly massive Nightmare threatens to break through to the waking world. It must be stopped at all costs.

Date: 2017-05-30
Pose Count: 47
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-30 23:19:15 77487
    Sleep has not been coming easily to the denizens of Tokyo. Something has been stirring in dreams, something has been wreaking havoc among the mundane citizens and sapping their strength. Something has been making everyone tired.
    So far the magical population has not been hit hard, if at all. But it's becoming obvious that something... Is up. Something is not right. While most of these surreal 'shared' dreams have taken up nights and forced magical heroes to work together, there's usually a pattern. Arrival, enough time to get bearings, then forging forth to handle the matter.
    Tonight, as soon as people start drifting off for sleep, the chaos is instant.
    Ariel can't even explain why she's here. Lucky is nowhere to be seen, and the tiny unicorn is holding on for dear life in a storm. The skies are grey, wind howling as the ground rocks and pitches. Except it's not ground, and the reason it's so slippery becomes apparent VERY fast when others begin to find themselves on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Except something is off.
    The entire ship is full sized, yet, not... Real. It's a toy, a 1:1 scale carrier with 1:1 scale toy planes on the deck. On either side of the ship are others like it, destoyers, frigates, boats of all kinds to form a child's fleet in murky storm tossed waters; a white ledge visible off on the horizon forming the lip of the utterly gigantic bathtub this stormy sea is located, the Tokyo skyline visible beyond in a blurry haze that says this is all a dream.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-30 23:24:50 77489
This time, it's Tyrfing's turn to be left behind... sort of. With two consciousness linked together like they are, it can lead to some strange dissonances. Each time before, because the Unity Knight was inside his Lord's subconscious, he was drawn in and acted as a buffer for the boy's mind when he was awake late doing the million and one things he needs to do living on his own like he has.

Tonight is very different.

Instead of the large and rangy Shutran beastman form appearing on the deck of the toy aircraft carrier... it's a young man with short cropped black hair, blue eyes, and currently snugged down into a Gundam Build Fighters! T-shirt and green pajama pants that have grasshoppers on them.

As he lands on his backside and skids a few inches from the cold water blasting away at him, he looks around in confusion, and then up towards Ariel in surprise... Getting his bearings and his balance, he adjusts his glasses, and one Koji Silvia looks at the Skyline before saying, "He didn't say anything about this..."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-30 23:26:09 77490
When you're a newbie magical girl...

Even if you're half-expecting that tonight your dreams will be more ludicrous than usual, and *shared* insanity atop that, some things still come as a complete surprise. Things like suddenly standing atop a storm-tossed -- and possibly lightly soapy -- aircraft carrier.

Almost immediately, Rashmi's feet fly out from under her with a high-pitched "Waugh!" that may or may not carry over the weather. For a good few meters she slides, until she collects herself enough to shout a high, panicked << FLIER FIN! >> and be rescued by yellow wings of light that sprout from her ankles.

The moment she has her bearings again, the redhead assumes her Barrier Jacket in a brief flash of special effects, and swoops toward Ariel, intent on providing a less precarious handhold for the poor, scared unicorn. "Are you all right? What's going on here?!"

"....Oh hi Silvia-san!" she finishes, distracted by the need to wave at the Gundam fan.
Lacrima 2017-05-30 23:32:20 77491
Lacrima sits up from a coffin. The coffin is actually there. In the dream. It is black. With a purple crucifix on the top, and some sort of golden rosen elements on the edges. She frowns a bit, then looks down at the coffin and stands up and out of it. "I hope this is not my physical coffin. I will be upset if I need to find a new one." she says sourly.

She looks around and--- there is a aircraft carrier. But a toy one. In water. A bathtub. She frowns a bit heavily as she looks back over to the others. She looks back to her coffin and---

It's mysteriously not there anymore. There is only a look of slight relief as she looks back.

"Rub a Dub Dub. Some confused people in a tub." she scoffs.
Seishi Tamashige 2017-05-30 23:39:01 77493
"--what the fff--?"

The startled, distinctly aggrieved yelp of protest is swallowed by the whistling wind and the hiss of windblown spray, muted by an equine squeal and the clashing of iron-shod hooves on wet... plastic?

This setting is very not suited to being on horseback.

The big dark horse crowhops and rears, its eyes white-ringed in unusual agitation while Akashimaru fights to keep her balance in the saddle amidst the wind and the pitching of the ground beneath them. "Whoa there, whoa..." It's only a few seconds before she gives this up as a bad job and kicks a leg over the saddle to hastily slide down the horse's shoulder, keeping a grip on the reins with one hand while she reaches for her tessen with the other. "You've got to be kidding me."

Spoilers: no, nobody is kidding at all.
Sora Hisakata 2017-05-30 23:40:17 77494
The storm, the wind. Sora is increasingly feeling comfortable with them, both in the waking world and the world of dreams. So when she finds herself in this particular nightmare, she feels strangely comfortable. There's something a bit different about her, like she's someone else and yet she's not. The wind still impacts her, but more akin to a stiff breeze while on unsteady footing than the storm it is. She approaches Ariel and spreads her arms, providing herself as a shield from the storm and allowing Ariel some respite. "Be calm, child of dreams, for we need your strength."
Hokuto Minase 2017-05-30 23:44:54 77495
It's been a terribly busy day for Hokuto Minase. Between classes, Family Drama(tm), a lengthy archery workout, and more Drama(tm), she hasn't gotten to her homework yet. It's very late by the time she sits down with the mathematics problem set. Still, it's due tomorrow, so she might as well get it done before she goes to bed. She finishes a problem, puts the pencil down to rub her eyes, then...

Why is she dangling from a parachute? And why is it bright orange and white and shiny like plastic? That... oh, there's her math homework. All over the parachute's surface. Well, that'll make handing it in annoyingly difficult. Maybe she could tell them her dog ate it?

Coming in for a landing... wait, oh crap, how do they do it in the movies... flex your knees, roll with the impact, repeat the Shepard's Prayer...

She lands with a solid *thud* on the deck, rolling over and over until she's fetched up against the island. "Ow. Ow. Ow."

As she stands up and manages to disentangle herself from the parachute shrouds, it can be seen that she seems to have transformed into her familiar miko outfit while rolling around on the deck. At least she isn't in her pajamas anymore.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-30 23:45:52 77496
Wasn't doing the horse thing, she's not a horse person! And the mechanical dream horse that she occasionally shows up on, isn't around. She's not a boat person. Not a boat person in the slightest. Matter of fact, she's not even a water person, being on the other side of the elemental spectrum. What this kind of means for her is that she looks miserable, rocking back and forth. She's got the gigantic black sword buried into the deck and seem sto be clutching to it to stay steady. Seishi's given a wave from the heavily armored woman, her mask looking like a dust filter more than a menpo.

She then glares down at the plastic, stomps a foot to no effect and grumbles to herself. Hefting the sword free, she takes a step forward, finds the ship turning the other way and plants it right back down after a step. She'll figure something out to stay stable. maybe she can do... it's a dream. She'll figure it out from there, right?

The others are given curious glances, mostly because she's not used to so many new faces in weird dream midnight wandering.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-30 23:47:10 77497
    The howling wind, the driving rain, they don't even seem to faze Kokoro. The swaying and rocking of a boat in a storm causes her more difficulty, at first, but she quickly finds her footing; if anything, as she looks up into the dreamscape's stormy skies, she almost seems... more awake, somehow. "Another dream, huh..." she muses.

    The thunder that splits the sky seems to ring out in direct response to her transformation.

    The magical girl with a hammer tromps across the deck, approaching where Ariel, Rashmi and Sora are, and... well, where Rashmi is trying to help her up, Kokoro just sets her hammer down and steps right in between both girls. The thunderous magical girl reaches up with one hand to steady Rashmi, and reaches down with the other to haul Ariel onto her feet. "Here, you two hold on to me if you gotta. Ain't letting anyone go sliding off," she adds with a look to Rashmi and Sora. Then, her eyes sweep out over the water. "...dream world's getting pretty bad, it seems like."
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-31 00:02:32 77499
    It's not so much that Ariel is scared... The storm is intense. Despite the size of the ship, it's rocking far more than a carrier should, the toy planes on the deck sliding back and forth dangerously. This, by no means, makes Ariel any less grateful when Rashmi grabs for her. Her metal boots give terrible traction and so she takes offered hands with a bleat, just looking happy to see a familiar face. "I have no clue!" Is her first reply right off the cuff as everyone starts to gather up, given some respite by Sora's presence, buffering the rage of the storm. Though the carrier is still rocking like a toy in a tub tossed around by an angry child.
    By now Ariel is drenched, but it's not what she's paying attention to. "More of you... More every time..." Murmured as she looks to Koji. Unfortunately she does not recognize him, and there is little time to make pleasantries. She's at least RELIEVED she's not here alone. There's Lacrima. And Akashimaru alone makes the unicorn's shoulder's heave with relief, but Hokuto's landing and Hakuomaru actually seem to have her on edge when Kokoro not only says the obvious but brings a new thought to Ariel's mind.
    "... Why so many strong people in one dream...?"
    It's worse than bad though, when the waters slowly begin to calm. The raging tempest above dials back from an eleven to just heavy rain and howling winds. When the 'bath' waters go placid and still, there... May not be any relief. No, instead the feeling that might start surfacing is an old one. A primal sense of dread. The same animal feeling that makes wild animals flee en masse from an oncoming natural disaster.
    Reality seems to warp visibly when looking toward the lip of the tub. The skyline in the distance becomes more distinct, right down to the lights in every building for an impressive shore view... Of the waking world.
    "That's..." Ariel starts to speak as the vessel suddenly JERKS. Anyone looking over the side will see it. An immense dark shadow passing under the ship before it arises; only a toy fleet and a squad of magical heroes between it and the shore beyond.
    Water sloughs off the immense inky black bulk in a torrential flow and spray that almost puts the prior storm to shame as an oblong shape opens countless red eyes. And then opens its mouth.
    A mouth big enough to fir the entire carrier inside it.
    Which it is starting to do.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-31 00:12:54 77500
"Ummm... Hi." Koji replies to Rashmi as he looks up at the looming shadow, and the sense of foreboding that hits him... and then begin to feel the carrier shifting weight. He shakes his head and then pushes it off for a moment, adjusting his glasses as he looks out at the fleet.

Ignoring the other girls for the moment, he pushes himself up to standing, and then reaches into his pocket... where a cellphone comes out. He looks down at it, and the digital image of his Unity Knight appears there.

"Tyrfing, can you get me over there?!"

<<Ja Wohl! Schritt Steigern!>>

Before anyone else can stop him, Belkan diagrams have appeared under Koji's naked feet, and he's leapt across the water to land on a submarine that by scale is a quarter mile away. Landing atop, he opens the plastic match and crawls down inside of it, going right for the CIC chamber. Once there, he's into the captain's seat, and almost cannot help but say with a little smile, "Tyrfing! DREAM MERGE MODE!"

<<JA WOHL!>>

The submarine suddenly glows blue-silver and transforms for anyone who's watching... the lines grow blockier, it grows in technology levels until it looks more like something from a futuristic anime than the normal sized vessel it was maintaining earlier. And then, this new vessel prepares to dive... but not before the new name of the vessel appears on the side.

IJN Ikazuchi.

One of the doors on the aircraft carrier opens suddenly, and from out of it several toy soldiers in navy uniforms come running out, each carrying a little box with them. Each approaches one of the girls, and says in unison, with Tyrfing's usual gruff voice, "Ma'am. Here's your communication device. With Captain Silvia's regards!"

On the newly christened Ikazuchi, Koji now sits in the uniform of Captain Silvia, and digital clones of Tyrfing man all the other stations, "Bring all support systems online! Prepare for battle operations!"

Seishi Tamashige 2017-05-31 00:14:01 77501
"Haku!" Akashimaru's shout to Hakuomaru takes a lower, rougher pitch than most present are used to hearing out of her, an edge of something else bleeding into her voice. "Hokuto!" The wild-eyed look she throws around her is enough to suggest that she's reaching much the same conclusion that Ariel has: lots of faces, more than ever, and it cannot mean anything good. "Shit's escalating - get your guns on!"

No sooner has she said it than she's proven horribly, horribly right. The horse - the extension of Seishi's will that carries her across dreams - rears up onto its hind legs with a hard jerk against the reins and screams, shrill and piercing in equine panic, drowning out the profanity that spits from Akashimaru's lips.

"It's trying to break through!" Without a thought, Akashimaru lets go of the reins and raises the Shinken, the tessen already transforming into the curve of a bow. The head of the arrow she draws back scintillates with bright crimson light, hissing and spitting in the water spray like a red-hot ember. "No matter what, we can't let it past!"

Hair and sleeves lashing frantically in the wind, she takes aim at one of those myriad eyes and lets loose.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-31 00:16:58 77502
Happily, Rashmi isn't quite *standing* on the deck now, but floating about a foot off its surface. Best cure for standing on a listing ship, after all...

"Okay so if last time it was a racetrack wha--" Her question is cut off as the ship all but *convulses,* and with her free hand she hauls out Nicomachea -- or at least a good simulacrum thereof -- and looses another panicked command, to which her armored book responds, much more calmly.

*bing!* << Rainbow Road >>

As a wide, shimmering ribbon of yellow light winds through the air away from the pages of her book, she sets Ariel down upon it, and gestures to the others to get up.

....Which point Ensign Tyrfing appears to hand her a communicator. Wide-eyed, she takes it, nodding wordless thanks as she fits it into her ear. ".....Yeah um.... hello? ... ........ ....Over?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-31 00:23:02 77504
    The vessel jerks- and without skipping a beat, Kokoro reaches out to steady Ariel briefly. Her other hand, however, grabs for that hammer, hefting it up again and shouldering it. She watches the storm settle out, she narrows her eyes at the skyline in the distance... and then utters a quiet noise of shock. Oh god. That's the real world. Somehow, on sheer instinct, she can tell. And then there's that beast. That giant beast. One that surges forward with clear intent to breach the real world, but doesn't mind stopping to crush all of them in its jaws, first.

    The Device-users have their fancy tricks, Akashimaru has transforming weapon, but Kokoro... Kokoro has only herself. But hey. That's fine. She's all she needs. One boot in front of the other. One step forward, followed by one more. The tall girl hefts up her hammer into a two-handed grip, and walks, and walks - until with no warning she's running, a flat-out charge across the deck that ends in a sudden, hurtling leap.

    The hammer crackles with thunder as she swings it for anything that might possibly pass for a nose. Or maybe at one of the nearest eyes if she can reach it.
Lacrima 2017-05-31 00:25:39 77505
Lacrima feels the sea begin to calm as she peers over the edge. Okay. What happened? First she looks back at the others with a blink when there's a sudden shape that passes under the ship and suddenly it jerks and there's a giant creature trying to eat the ship AND from what others say, break into the waking world. Someone offers her a communicator. She blinks and accepts it. "Uh. Thanks..." she says as she fits it to her ear a moment, before looking back down to the creature with a great many eyes.

She throws her arm outwards with a swing--- bolts of dark energy rocking forward towards some of those eyes as she frowns. She's not afraid of being consumed. SHE is afraid of this thing getting loose in Tokyo. HER STUFF IS THERE. Also. You know. Her friends. And Riventon-sama. Yeah!
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-31 00:31:05 77507
Hakuomaru looks relieved, sort of, despite the mask when the waters calm. She draws her sword from the deck once more, slinging it across her shoulders to sprint over to Akashimaru, taking advantage of the steady deck to catch up! "What have I been missing while I was out?" she starts to ask, right until the leviathan surfaces. She gestures to it, asks, "This many people. That big a thing. What's going on?" Though one gets the feeling she doesn't expect an answer right away. The blade is once more planted in the deck, though this time she reaches behind her, drawing one of two flintlocks slung across her back, resting the sawed off, though ornate wewapon on the hilt of her sword, she lines up a shot for the other eye. She takes longer to do so, what with having fewer chances to correct for mistakes, despite the magical ammo and all.

With a sharp crack and a flash, the dart of fire soars off towards the terror from the deep.

"If this is a two turn dream I'm leaving Akashimaru." Which is probably too obscure a joke even for the nerdy girl. "Sorry." She offers ot no one in particular, or everyone that heard the joke at least. It's after the shot and the bad joke that she tries to check for anyone she might need to keep an eye on. Not for threats, though there's that too, but to keep safe! She likes that role after all! Maybe she'll start inching towards the dream unicorn. Is this related maybe?

There are a few distractions about, particularly someone summoning the naval Worst Company, various other magical sorts and the like! But they're something for later. Right?
Hokuto Minase 2017-05-31 00:34:26 77508
Hokuto slips across the deck as it tilts, grabbing hold of a hatchway to keep from falling further and pulling herself erect with a sharp word or three. Fortunately under her breath, to avoid further insult to the ratings gods.

Once she's caught her balance she seems a bit steadier, sprinting up towards the front of the island to place herself with her back against the solid - well, plastic.

"Sempai!" she yells over at Seishi, taking note of the others present now that she has a moment to look around. The peachwood bow slung over her shoulder is in her hand a moment later, the silk wrapping tossed aside as she readies it. "I'm with you!"

She plucks an ofuda from her belt, the inked characters instantly flaring to life. As the paper touches the bowstring, it ripples and twists, until an arrow wrapped in blazing runes rests in its place, drawn back along with the bowstring.

She narrows her gaze, trying to get a glimpse of the monster, but it's too indistinct for her to make out. Maybe a little fire will burn away the fog.... or is that steam? Either way.... time to let fly!
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-31 00:43:32 77509
    Reacihng for Ariel is a nice gesture. Under normal circumstances she would allow it but these aren ot normal circumstances. It might be a good idea to get off the carrier.
    No seriously now might be a REALLY good time to get the carrier as the immense jaws come down on the back half of the vessel, making it rock and toss with the groan and snap of plastic put under violent strain, compression, and then crushing forces and jaws. This is why Ariel is more than happy to be set down on the solidified magic of Rashmi's spell-invoked road and... Starts BOLTING for the Ikazuki at her top speed, throwing herself inside the hatch before it submerges and... "Ah...?"
    Tyrfing is everywhere.
    But for those NOT on board the sub, a series of things happen.
    The Nightmare starts to open its mouth again, ready to finish the carrier off in a second bite as attacks begin to flow without hesitation. Kokoro's leap carries her onto its face, featureless save for for those so many eyes. Eyes eyes, far too many to count, smashed shut by that crackling hammer, Akashimaru's arrow striking true and blinding one of hundreds, each larger than a car, further pelted by dark energy, gunfire and holy arrow striking next.
    But for as strong as they all are, the leviathan slowly swims itself towards the lip of the bath, every attack like mosquitos biting an elephant as the mist clears. Making it easier to tell that...
    There is more of this monster under the water than there is above the surface.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-31 00:55:53 77512
First Mate Tyrfing greets Ariel on her way into the Ikazuchi before she makes her dive, and says to her without breaking stride, "Miss Ariel... if you'll follow me? We can go to CIC to meet with Captain Silvia, or we can go straight to the Dream Core. The Captain has been briefed on the situation."

Meanwhile... on the bridge...

Koji looks at the monitors. His men on the carrier are still waiting to deliver their communicators to everyone else but Rashmi and Lacrima, so he decides to put a more practical application of his dream-state to use. Tapping in commands on the console in front of him, he says, "Bring up the Force Booster."

On the screen in front of him, what looks like half a mecha appears. It has no head, not legs... mainly just a skirt and back with an odd rectangular slot at the belt-line.

Back on comms, where only two can hear right now, Koji says, "This is the Ikazuchi. We'll support you as best we can, but we need your help. If you believe in what we provide, it can make you stronger. Let me demonstrate. Rashmi, when it arrives, just install your Device into the slot to activate."

Back to all the crew he says, "Load Missile Tube 1 with Force Booster Chandra."

The screens show ready to fire.


From under the water, an actually, honest to goodness, perfect plastic model missile launches out and starts flying over the aircraft carrier. Instead of hitting the monster however, instead it opens up it's bay and a set of golden armor falls down, fires retro-thrusters, and lands behind her.

If-when Rashmi connects and merges with Booster Chandra, she gains a metal Shield-skirt that can be launched to defend her by her dream-Device, or to fly, there's a booster on the back for maneuverabilty, and the elongated shoulders that fit over her own will allow her to amplify her magic. Gauntlets will lock over her forearms to display her controls. The entire effect can be done in seconds if she so desires, making her into Boost-Striker Rashmi!

(And just like before, everyone will know because there's a subtitle that appears under her, declaring her new status for all.

The comm comes back on, and Koji goes on, "I can't help those who aren't on comms. So please, if they'll put them on, we can fight together!"

The next command comes from Captain Silvia, "Allright, preload Tubes 2 and 3. I want the Thunder Goddess and the Chrome Samurai units ready to go!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-31 00:59:16 77514
    Eyes are being closed, bit by bit. They're having SOME kind of effect. But it's not enough. It's not nearly enough.

    Before Kokoro can go tumbling down, she swings her hammer again, this time aiming to dig it into the skin - to effectively hook herself, and haul herself upward. With her own tremendous strength, she turns this into a launch, hurling herself up the great nightmare's body, and then again, and again. Until she can stand. Until she can get both hands on her hammer.

    The sky rumbles above, thunder dancing through the clouds, as if in echo to the crackle of lighting that starts to dance across the hammer. The electrical girl breaks into a dead run, headed for the nearest eye, full well intending to swing that hammer down into it and blind another... and then move on to the next. And the one after that.
Lacrima 2017-05-31 01:02:30 77515
Lacrima hrmmmms things seem to be sinking really fast. Literarily. Lacrima is VERY glad that was a dream coffin now. Else it'd be in the belly of some dream huge giga sea monster. She sighs and shakes her head. She huffs and begins running towards the creature and does something incredibly stupid. She jumps inside the mouth. She doesn't care. She is not invicible, but she is well close as long as purification. Positive energy... light magic. A nightmare is none of these things is what she knows.

ONCE she's no longer seen, she does something she doesn't like doing. She lets herself resort to her most basic form. A swirl of black mass, with two glowing purple eyes and vaugely just humanoid shape- floating. Wisp like.

She's gonna go deeper into this thing. Occasionally she lets one of her hands shape into a large hideous claw and she scrapppppes along the inside, leaving large garish swipes in her wake on the things throat.

Then it occurs to her she has a comms because she can hear over it. "Don't worry. I'll be fine." says her currently raspy and weird voice.
Hokuto Minase 2017-05-31 01:07:48 77516
Hokuto watches her arrow slam into the thing, putting out one of its (far too many) eyes. And she shakes her head. It just isn't enough. She needs to be able to do more. To fight smarter, not... hey. This is an aircraft carrier, isn't it? Or what's left of one? The monster might have chomped down on the rear, but that just means...

A dead sprint carries her along the deck, a communicator snatched out of the hands of Petty Officer Tyrfing as she closes in on the front of the ship. Yes, there it is, just where she saw it as she was coming down. A helicopter. Simple, black, unadorned. She reaches for her pouch of ofuda, throwing a good three dozen of the prayer slips at the toy aircraft. The papers float around it, forming an ornate hexagram, several spinning along with the rotors and more running along the skin as it takes on the sheen of painted metal, rather than colored plastic.

Then the door opens with a hiss, and she slides inside, jamming her bow into the empty spot where the control stick would be. Someone paying attention might catch a brief glimps, as the door closes, her miko's robes transforming into a stark blue-grey flight suit.

Then the helicopter takes off, leaping into the air as if driven by rockets rather than rotors. Panels on the stubby wings flip open to reveal machinery of some sort... and she sends it in a quick glide along the height of the monster, stitching its skin and eyes with machine-gun-fired ofuda.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-31 01:10:47 77517
Dreams are weird, okay?

But this has to be the first dream Rashmi has ever had, that sees her wearing golden mecha armor and a jetpack. A moment is spent, because Boost Striker Rashmi is occasionally bad at focusing, just examining her new duds in a sort of bemused wonder.

But only a moment; We Got Stuff To Do.

First order of business, angle toward Kokoro, tuck in, and rocket toward the hammer-wielding mahou, snatching the communicator from the Tyrfing-clone that had been trying to present it to her on the way. As there's little time for formalities or politeness, Rashmi simply settles for timing so that when Kokoro is in mid-leap from one ruined eye to the next soon-to-be-ruined eye, Rashmi has an arm hooked around Kokoro's abdomen, and momentum does the rest. When the pair are a short distance away from the monster, Boost Striker Rashmi essentially shoves the communicator into Kokoro's face. "NO TIME TO EXPLAIN. PUT IT ON, ARMOR IS COMING, THEN YOU CAN HIT IT *REALLY SUPER HARD* OKAY."
Seishi Tamashige 2017-05-31 01:14:42 77518
Akashimaru's bow vanishes into sparks a scant second after her arrow makes impact, reverting to the iron fan - it's not enough, a shortbow doesn't have the power to do more than annoy this thing, even a magic shortbow empowered by dreams and will. It frees a hand to snatch up the comm unit the toy soldier has offered her, with a curt nod of acknowledgement; as she sets the earpiece in place she looks toward Hakuomaru, and the many questions her partner has.

"Too much to explain right now," she says, with only a flicker of apology across her face to offset the bluntness. "I'll catch you up later--"

With these words, she catches the pommel of her horse's saddle and heaves herself astride, tessen still gripped in her hand. the others are taking action, using the dream to their advantage. Time for her to do the same, but her power is the power of the past--

Mental note: something for she and her past incarnation to work on together. If, you know, they live through this.

"Gonna have to get in closer," she says aloud to no one in particular, and gathering the reins in hand she nudges the horse's sides with her calves and brings it wheeling around, hooves clattering and clacking a syncopated beat against the hard plastic deck. For a moment the big dark horse's body bunches, hindquarters tucking up underneath him as his head tosses --

--then Akashimaru lets loose the reins and the horse launches forward, stretching out into a gallop that takes it right to the edge of the carrier and over it in a single massive leap.

Straight towards the monster's head.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-31 01:21:58 77520
Hakuomaru is a bit of a mix of both still too new to this sort of thing, past-self experience aside and out of practice! However, there's a nagging voice in the back of her head that she's being too literal in a dream. Which means it helps to not think of the bath tub as the ocean with stuff she's not able to manipulate and instead just.. you know, manipulate it anyway. She takes a running leap from the deck with a thumbs up to Akashimaru and just before she splashes into the water, lands on a suddenly erupting pillar of earth, the sort she normally uses to make up for a lack of flight. The momentum carries her into the air to the next, the previous collapsing into dust, scattered by the storm. Maintaining her balance this time, she tries to make sure everyone is either off the deck, or not floundering in the water.

Sword raised, she leaps forward, once more landing on a pillar that throws her further forward until she's on a dive, point down towards the creature. She's doing her best lancer impersonation, with a gigantic magic sword. That counts right? Right?
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-31 01:39:23 77524
    Well it's another familiar face. ... A lot more familiar face as Ariel flashes Tyrfing a slightly awkward smile considering the moment, on the way to the CIC. "So um. You know Tyrfing?" That's to Koji as she watches the hectic action of a bridge in full swing. Outside though...
    It is commendable. That the sheer size of the Nightmare does not put off the others from throwing themselves into the fight whole heartedly. They have to. If it makes landfall in the waking world... It would be disastrous. And that's why thunder cracks the skies. For the time being the eyes seem like the only logical weakpoint, despite their sheer number, but for everyone slammed shut by hammer, commandeered chopper peppers it with gunfire, a samurai in red rides onto the abomination and pillars of earth rise from the water for another reborn warrior of the past to get within blade's range...
    Within the beast's gullet may not be what Lacrima expects, the ionic tang of ozone scent lingers in the air as she travels down, trying to tear it apart from within...
    Somewhere along the way... Someone made it mad. The leviathan screams. Like a whalesong carrying through the air instead of under the water, the sheer volume is like a violent pressure wave shoving outwards from the beast... As it...
    It starts to stand.
    Water sloughs off with a waterfall's roar as the head rises. Then shoulders breach the surface, and a trunk like torso with long tendrils for arms as whatever is below the waves starts to carry it faster towards Tokyo.
    It's now that Ariel spots something. A console that instantly has her attention. She starts tapping it, the screen focusing on the beast from several angles. "There... There and there..."
    Several points light up. And she snatches the nearest communicator.
    "Guys! Go for the spots I'm about to light up!"
    She concentrates. She concentrates HARD, horn glowing faintly wihle gritting her teeth, forming several points of light on the Nightmare, painting weak points on each shoulder, the back of the neck, and one deep, deep within the Nightmare's core. Inside it.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-31 02:00:27 77530
The Bridge of the Ikazuchi bustles with activity of many clones, and one little unicorn girl who suddenly finds herself in the skirt-uniform of an ensign in the Japanese Navy...

"Sir, Marking Chopper One as friendly."

"Feeding Targetting data from the tactical console to all Heads-Up Displays."

"Implosion Torpedos, Barrier Missiles, and all Barret Cannons ready, Sir!"

Koji sits back in his chair, the shadow of his Captain's hat covering one eye of his glasses as the light glints evilly off of them. One gloved finger comes up, and he pushes them back into place before looking up, "Ensign!"

This command to Ariel directly, "The Ikazuchi's offensive systems are at your discretion. Target and fire as you see fit."

Then he turns to the Tyrfing manning the ICBM station, and commands, "LAUNCH TUBES 2 AND 3!"

Lieutenant Tyrfing responds, "SIR! YES SIR! LAUNCHING!"

Once more the water erupts as this time, two more of those missile pods hit the sky.

While everyone watches the screen, Midshipman Tyrfing leans over and whispers to the girl, "He's my Lord, Miss. Sorry... he's really focused right now. Putting himself into it. Just like when he plays those online games." The big beastman chuckles a bit.


Pod #2 flies over Kokoro's location, and then it just pops the thrusters and the cap of the missile off, causing the body to drop... and the BURST open, causing pieces to go everywhere. But now what's falling from the skies is a 10 foot tall version of the Thunder Goddess Armor from the Dungeons and Dragons Dream, complete with a hammer that would make Reinhardt complain that it's not about the size. Once she boards, inside will be the controls for her new Hammer, flight controls, a harpoon system off to hold on tight, and a big red button that has the word 'THUNDERSTRIKE' on it.

Pod #3 flies directly up behind Akashimaru, and for some reason, there's Kanji painted on it's side.


The front opens up, and then the rest does as it flies forwards, and begins to lock the Enhance Package Chrome Samurai into place. She will recognize it from the race dream, save that now there are flight thrusters hooked to the shoulders and hips of the horse, so it can literally run in air, and instead of a sword, she has a massive mecha-like bow. To the side of the horse, hooked there is a No-Dachi to be drawn if she wants to change weapons.

"2 and 3 On Target, Sir! Orders?"

Koji looks back at the board, and then frowns a moment before saying, "Reposition us between the monster and the shoreline. We're the last line. Make it count."

But after a moment he adds, "Mark Her..." Pointing at Hakuomari on one of the screen, "Target Four. Load Tube 4 with A Chrome Samurai X with Blade Buster."

"SIR YES SIR!" Then the Captain grins, "Launch on intercept course."

And so one last booster heads off for the lone Samurai with the big sword, one last gift to help the Mahou defend against the Nightmare.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-31 02:06:53 77534
    Kokoro does not go gently.

    Kokoro, in fact, flails and fights when she's grabbed. Aside from the simple fact that, between her own solid build, that hammer, and the armor of het transformation, she's heavy, Rashmi will have to deal with the fact that the instant she has her arm around Kokoro, the crimson magical girl is struggling as hard as she can, and damn it, she's *strong*. It's only when she realizes who or what it is that's grabbed her that she stops, and even then-

    Oh, Kokoro's given some dirty looks before, but right now she looks downright furious with the mage.

    She takes the communitcator. She puts it in her ear. And then she wrenches herself out of Rashmi's grip in one sharp movement, with absolutely all the strength she can muster, letting herself fall towards the deck of the carrier heedlessly. It's not until Kokoro slams into the deck - probably rocking the ship noticeably in the process - that she speaks over comms. "The hell is wrong with you, Terios?!" Terios. Not Rashmi. "How hard is 'Here, catch'? Or diving in and handing it to me? You trying to get us both killed?!" She's up to her feet by the time she's finished her tirade, but that's about when the colossal nightmare begins to rise... and rise, and rise. She watches it go, her expression growing more and more sour by the moment; were she less livid at the moment, she might be intimidated. But in this particular instant she's too angry to be anything else.

    Until a mecha begins descending towards her from an aerial supply drop.

    Kokoro looks out over the water, then up - and then leaps with all her strength, hurtling upward to meet the Thunder Goddess in mid-air. It doesn't even have time to hit the ground before she's locked in, and that harpoon fires off. But rather than reel in all the way, the lighting-charged magical mecha pilot uses it to swing herself around, to come up behind the massive beast.

    She's got a clear shot at it's neck. She's descending in a perfect arc. That huge hammer is ready to swing.

    Kokoro slams her fist into the button.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-31 02:17:34 77538
"I'M SORRY I PANICKED OKAY? I'LL MAKE IT UP LATER I PROMISE!" is all Rashmi can answer with as Kokoro falls back to the deck. Hovering in place for a moment, she watches the hammer-mahou leap to her armor, then looks to the helicopter, and the two Chrome Samurai... Drawing in a deep breath, she nods to herself.

"Nicomachea: Sealing Mode Engage," she says quietly. THere's an answering *bing!* from the sun-shaped charm on her shield skirts, which detach from her armor in a burst of mana-steam. The entire setup glows, panels on the shoulders ratcheting open, heatsink valves sprouting in triple rows over the gauntlets' bracers, six wing-shaped fans of golden light emanating from her back. The armor-skirt plates separate, becoming a revolving wheel of golden, mirror-poished rectangles of metal, and Boost Strike Rashmi claps her hands together, closing her eyes. "I summon the light of the sun to the aid of my allies," she intones, the plates becoming the cardinal points of a magical circle a full thirty feet across. "Stars, shine, and become the light that burns away the darkness! Comfort my friends, help them to cast away the shadows that threaten the world!"

Her eyes snap open, and the plates freeze in midair. << GRAND BOOST! >>

Before, it was ribbons, little mana-woven charms made to remind her friends that they don't fight alone. Now? Now, it's sheer *power,* golden light that arrows straight at all of her armored allies, filling their batteries and allowing for truly horrendous displays of power.

Yes, even the helicopter. Because Japanese helicopters have mana-conversion systems, right?

...Well that one ought to, at least...
Lacrima 2017-05-31 02:19:47 77540
Lacrima is still keeping her horrible form because it's mostly immaterial and resistant to things like 'horrible dark gastric acid' and other horrible things that probably might exist within the confines of a nightmare's gut. Right now she's just continuing onward when her coms light up and Ariel lights an area up.

"I got the one inside." she says on the comms, in that still weird rasp.

"Keep on the outside."

She is glad she is down here. She is not conducive to dreams. Hers are never good. Hers are never clean.

If she had to dream something up, it'd probably join this nightmare in destruction. Better she leaves that up to the others.

She makes it to the point, Ariel had motioned to over comms and then she frowns and merely throws her arms back, both which form into two hidious black spikes as she just jabs them both forward and begin feeding a horrible dark aftershock through them.

She wants to give this thing the kind of feeling Alexis has after eating at the Korma Chameleon that first time.

Hokuto Minase 2017-05-31 02:25:01 77541
Flying is so much fun. Hokuto has to ask herself why she hasn't tried this before. Dancing about the sky in a rocket-powered helicopter has got to be one of the more unusual ways to exorcise a monster. Stitching the monster with streams of 30mm and .50-caliber ofuda-fire is just an added bonus. She zooms along, nimbly sideslipping, ducking, and twisting about to dodge its attempts at counterattack.

"Well well well, look what popped in," comes a voice from the back seat, an older male, a touch of northeastern American accent and a hint of Italian. "Somebody's got us a sensor feed. All sorts of hot targets on that big ugly."

With a light smile, Hokuto presses a tab on the side of her helmet - that a minute or two ago was the communicator Tyrfing passed to her. "Show me, Dom." A dark visor slides down over her eyes, displaying the sensor feed relayed from the submarine, and she picks out a few that look accessible. It doesn't take long to line up on the first one.

"Give me a Maverick, Dom." Hokuto steadies on course as the three-barrelled pod flips out from the belly of the chopper, shining golden rune-circles sliding up and down the center tube.

"Whoooo-eee, look at those energy boosts. That oughta make the sun shine outta this guy's - "

"Language in front of the Lady, Dom," Hokuto interrupts, teasing and playful, even as she lines up to take the shot. The glowing missile leaps from the tube, slamming into the point that Koji and Tyrfing directed her to, even as the helicopter barely ducks aside from a lashing tendril.
Seishi Tamashige 2017-05-31 02:28:43 77542
It couldn't be timed better if it had been purposely choreographed in advance. Akashimaru hurtles through the air on horseback, hanging in the air as though suspended between heartbeats at the highest point of the arc of that impossible leap. The pod launched from the submarine catches up from behind, opening to lock into place around horse and rider.

In scarcely more than a moment, she is transformed, armed and armored in bright chrome decorated with splashes of scarlet spider lilies, astride a sleek horse-headed vehicle that's something between a motorcycle and a rocket.

The tall red banner flying from the back of the saddle has the character for 'Perseverance' blazoned upon it.

Guns: ON.

Ariel's instructions come loud and clear through the headset that's now seamlessly incorporated into her helmet; behind the scowling oni face of the mask, Akashimaru grins sharply and she raises a hand in salute. "Roger, Ariel!" she replies, hefting the heavy mecha-bow from the side of the saddle as the mask's HUD pops up additional tracking information to augment the targets that Ariel's power has highlighted. "Let's party."

And then Rashmi's power hits her in a bolt of golden light and the scream of rocket engines shifts into high gear, the bow lighting up with blazing lines of crimson and gold that race up her arms and along the surface of her armor.

This time when she releases, it's no mere arrow. No, it's a whole Macross massacre of bright red lines of light snaking through the air on a homing course for the target spot on one of the creature's shoulders.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-31 02:35:00 77544
Hakuomaru had been ready to just power dive into the sea creature, what better way to go! Besides, it's a dream, a dangerous one, but she could... figure, you know, something out. Right? Then there's suddenly a mech launched at her. When she lands on top of it, caught at the last second like she'd called it in from space... you know, in reverse, the thing begins to shift, much like the other Samurai's. The mech is orange, trimmed in red peony flowers while wearing a long coat layered in armor. The head is mechanical in nature, almost looking vaguely sinister (Like any good menpo), but with pipes and wires escaping from where the mouth would be, looping back around. The sword is scooped up and splits, forming into a pair of short barrel flintlocks, heavy duty looking and angled in a way that makes them a useful pair of clubs after they've been fired!

"It's not a Centurion, but this is neat~" She offers to no one in particular, probably forgetting abotu the whole communication network thing.

Before anyone can yell Nerd at her though, she starts to try to walk the thing forward. Or fly it forward, or whichever. She may or may not be trying things at random. Which is why there's a startled yelp when it flies forward! "No one heard that' Is all she offers there. Hers lacks the banner, but there is the faint glow visible beneath the armored covering hinting at the kanji for honor.

She works her fingers, adjusts the mech's grips on the flintlocks and then strikes what she hopes is a dynamic gunner's pose! She then suddenly takes on a much more practical pose after, like someone either laughed at her or yelled at her to stop goofing off. Or both maybe.
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-31 02:55:14 77547
    Ariel bleats when she realizes that was directed to her, floppy ears perking straight up like antennae as she turns her head to look at Koji like a deer in the headlights. All of the offensive systems are transferred to her?
    For Atiel, right now, this moment becomes intensely awkward.
    But things outside the sub are only growing in intensity... As appropriate dream combat mounted armor units are dispensed like the sweet delicious candy that they are, the dark colossus trudges on, indomitable and refusing to be denied in its lumbering stride. By now... It has crossed over half the distance to make landfall. It will reach the distorted and broken barrier in mere minutes.
    And then it staggers.
    The sheer impact- the titanic amount of force brought down on the back of its neck from Kokoro /breaking tht button/ and bringing the Tunder Goddess' fury down in the form of a rabbit punch with a giant sledgehammer's worth of force nearly forces the goliath back under the water then and there, the blow further enhanced by Nichomachea so dutifully dispensing power as needed..
    From within there is no digestive system per se, and the point Lacrima finds is just above where a human heart would be. But those dark spikes strike true, embedding deep and unleshing a flow of pitch black ichor from the internal wound that makes the Nightmare scream that hideous distorted whalesong again...
    But it's not done. As that chopper buzzes around it, the size comparison is plainly evident. It's a fly against a man, and yet that fly has more than enough sting to tear into one of the marked targets, eventually chewing through enough ammunition to mulch a shoulder entirely and make the tendril fall to the see with a calamitous splash. And the guns are on. Seishi goes all out in a display fitting of Jesus-- Yamato, joined by MECH SIZED FLINTLOCK fire to remove tha other limb.
    It seems to halt, going still and dormant for a few hopeful moments as the water beneath it begins to go stil, every eye closing and giving every indication of a job well done.
    Before it rises off its knees.
    With a roaring wail, the Nightmare gives one final push, making the waters below churn as it stands to full height, the water level sloshing around its knees by the time it stands, looming, a menacing shadow in the sky. A shadow so big it blots out the light behind it and all of its eyes close.
    And in their place one immense red eye glowers down, a horrifying moon looming far too close in the sky overhead as it begins to take a giant stride.
    Ariel SMASHES a button on her console. All targetting information is instantly relayed as the final weak point is revealed.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-31 03:11:48 77548
    The hammer slams home with a thunderous report. Quite literally thunderous, the hammer cracking the sky with the deafening report only a lightning strike can make. She swings herself back around, landing on the remains of the carrier in a skid, and waits... and watches, as it finally, truly stands up. And opens one vast eye, glaring down its hate at them. All that firepower they rained down on it wasn't able to stop it.

    " just keep making me hit you harder," Kokoro grouses.

    Her body crackles. The Thunder Goddess crackles. Electricity arcs. A charge starts to build in that hammer. As if it were Kokoro herself, she easily shifts the hammer to one hand, using the other to swing that harpoon gun up and fire off a spear. Up it flies, up, up, up until it snags the monstrous Nightmare near its head.

    The "pilot" engages the harpoon at maximum speed, and the mecha goes hurtling upward.

    Not even straight at the thing's face, but right past it, flinging herself high up into the air. Straight at the clouds. All the while, arcs of plasma dance across the Thunder Goddess, flowing into that hammer, flooding it with magical lightning, setting it alight with the bright glow of lightning. And right as she reaches the top of her arc, there's a deafening rumble as an actual, honest-to-goodness bolt of lightning leaps from the clouds into the mecha itself.

    And then, down she goes. Ball lightning in the shape of a mechanical warrior, issuing a mighty roar as she swings that hammer a second time. But the button is broken. So this time, Kokoro just drives her fist right into the shattered control, and lights it up with a burst of her own lightning.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-31 03:16:01 77549
Meanwhile, Aboard the IJN Ikazuchi...

Koji stands up from his spot and walks over to put a hand on Ariel's shoulder. The smile under it is youthful and kind as he says in a less stern voice, "No, I get it. I don't like hurting anyone either. If I could sit down with this monster and cook it a nice meal, maybe things would go better. But this isn't the world that allows for that. That's why they fight... all of these. Each for their own reasons... but in the end, they fight to preserve the things they love and a world they care for. Just like you. So we'll fight for both worlds..."

The camera focuses just on his mouth then as he says, "Together."

Backing up and away, he straightens up, and settles his cap once more so his glasses are half-obscured but gleaming. If he had a pipe he'd be smoking it right now, but as this is not that kind of show, the most it would do is make bubbles. Then comes the devil's grin as he snags the handset from the comm system.

"This is Captain Koji Silvia of the Ikazuchi."

Yep. It's that time again.

"We're it. The last line of defense against dreams and reality. But it's more than that. We're the last light oh hope for one girl's dream. Honor. Courage. Duty. Determination. Love. Friendship. Hope. Those are our weapons. That thing out there? It's a one-hit wonder, and it just realized it's out of time. What happens now is in all your hands, but I salute all of you."

Then comes the orders, "Allright. I need some of you to clear the road! Chopper One, Chrome Samurai X... Hit it at the knees. Take it off balance. Strike Booster, Binders. Every Binder you can. Hold this thing down."

Then finally he clicks it off, takes a grin, "Chrome Samurai Akashimaru... take your shot."

Hanging the handset up, he adjusts his cap, turns his head to look up at the screen, and then says in a casual voice, "Fire Barrier Missiles."

The side hatches of the Ikazuchi open up and a flurry of smaller missiles fly up into the air, all lancing over the ocean close to the shore behind the submarine. Every one that detonates leaves a silver-blue Belkan shield Tri-gram, and they begin to interlock... it spreads like a fence, working it's way to hundreds of feet tall and down the shoreline to form a defense for reality to not receive the the backblast from dreamland, but also in case they fall... one last thing to stall it in case a more desperate plan is required.
Lacrima 2017-05-31 03:19:49 77550
Lacrima keeps those spikes embeeded until she's exhausted most of her current charged power into it. She's fried... whatever that was. It no doubt hurt the monster a lot. But the thing is still present and moving. She can feel it. She frowns and--- she huffs and looks upwards. Towards that spot on the exteriors. The big red glowing eye that she can't see. At least from the inside.

But she gets an idea of where it is.

She uses those dark-sharp spiked shaped limbs to just zoom towards it's location. Maybe she'll come up and out through the eye with how strong she's going after stabbig it from the otherside. Stab. Stab. Dark Charge through the spikes.

Nowhere near impressive, but she'd be out of her element in a giant robot. Or a military uniform for that matter. Ugh.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-31 03:27:19 77551
Oh god it's huge.



These are the thoughts that flash though Rashmi's mind as she watches the titanic monster rise off its knees and blot out the sun. And then the gloves come off for all the others. Drawing in a deep breath, Rashmi orients on the target, and a trio of targeting circles flare to life in front of her, orienting on the targeting info handed out by Ariel. Mana gathers into an ever-growing ball at the center of the final circle, and with a wave of her hand, Rashmi cries out << SOLAR BUSTER! >>

The ball shrinks back down, the circles shatter outwards, and a screaming two-meter-tall beam of concentrated sunlight spears out toward the weak point.
Seishi Tamashige 2017-05-31 03:33:59 77552
The monster looms over everything, that single eye glaring down like a hideous moon. Astride her rocket-horse, Akashimaru tips her head back - back - back, and over the comms her voice can be heard breathing a single horrified word.


But even now, the others are fighting on - the Thunder Goddess launching for the sky, Captain Silvia's words over the commlink, Ariel's targeting data lighting up her HUD. Akashimaru clenches her jaw tightly, steeling herself, and flipping the bow in her hands she brings it down to snap into place across the pommel of her saddle and reaches for the holt of the mecha-nodachi that's been waiting in its place along the side of the saddle.

"Acknowledged," she says over the comms, far more composed than anyone should be in this situation. Her feet kick out of the stirrup-wells; with a little hop, she's standing at full height upon the saddle, the bow that she secured into place giving her chrome-plated boots a little extra stability. "...and godspeed."

With that last word the rocket-horse's jets kick in at full blast, launching it upwards towards that massive eye. Akashimaru stands braced atop the saddle, gripping the nodachi with both hands and leaning forward against the thrust.

As she gains speed and altitude, the massive blade ignites in red light the color of a flaming sunrise - and then it's not just the blade, as the light spreads to engulf the girl and the rockethorse and all, until Akashimaru is a streak of red lancing upwards and straight for that giant eye.

When her voice rings out, it's not just over the comms, it's echoing through the air, resonating out across the bathtub sea like the tolling of a bell.

Hokuto Minase 2017-05-31 03:39:58 77553
"Watch out for - " and the helicopter darts aside just in time to avoid the falling monstrous arm, the tips of the rotors hacking gashes in the monster's flesh as she pulls it aside with less than inches to spare. More of those Midchildan rune-circles flare around the machine-guns as she continues firing, burning through the mana dump Rashmi provided as the fire lashes the beast.

"Okay, Dom, get me another target before we run out of boost." The black helmet tilts to one side, observing the others briefly, and the helicopter pulls away from the beast to whirl through a quick immelman turn and line up on the knee, ofuda-gunfire slamming into it along with another prayer-missile.

"Hang on, boss-lady... scanning... hey! Got another data-dump coming in. Looks like the squiddies found it for us."

Another screaming turn, the jets roaring with a wolf-like howl, as the chopper makes another turn. "Got it. Hellfire," the pilot murmurs, "And make it count."

The missile pod opens once again, the remainder of the mana-boost dumped into the mass of ofuda spiraling within the tube, rune-circles sliding out to form a railgun-like barrel as the missile launches.

"Gogyou, zettai horobosu!" The gold-gleaming projectile slashes through the air towards the target, even as Hokuto twists the chopper around once more, rockets flaring as she hits the turbos once more to get out from under the likely fall-zone...
Ariel Theodore 2017-05-31 04:13:27 77555
    That's all it takes to get Ariel's head back in the game, the tiny unicorn managing a brighter smile before returning to her station. She doesn't hit the weapons systems. But maintains a flow of targeting data in real time, morale significantly bolstered.
    It's an impressive speech.
    All that's left is to pull through. As the barriers rise to form that final line of defense, Ariel can only watch, glued to her screen. The colossus takes another step. Each gigantic stride brings it horrifyingly closer and closer in such little time. One more step will hit the belkan wall...
    But it does not get to TAKE that step. Not when facing the final coordinated assault. That last push to keep it at bay. For as Lacrima tears her way back UP from within, the combined might from without is withering.
    Sunlight, bright and glaring flashes, cutting the darkness of the behemoth's shade as Rashmi refuses to let its raw size intimidate her. It does keep making Kokoro hit it harder... And she finds the solution to this problem...
    In hitting it harder.
    That goliath hammer force brought down, making its head jerk, ofuda tearing across its dark hide and peppering that giant eye to make it howl and flail when the missile impacts...
    Before the nightmare is broken.
    Akashimaru's voice cuts through the gloom as she blazes towards that glowering eye sword first. And punches through the pupil. And then in. And then out the back of the gigantic head.
    This time, as the Nightmare's head jerks back with one final dark whale-like, cry it stops part way into toppling backwards, going stone still as a statue. Where it remains, staring as though forlorn at the cityscape it never managed to reach, before it begins to lose cohesion.
    Little more than a black cloud is all that's left as it falls apart upon itself, a passing wind spreading it across the water where the dark energy dissipates and eventually fades, whalesong replaced by something else entirely. Whispers. Voices. Many as one...

    It happened again, it happened again...
    The Prince of Dreams was filled with love so great.
    But more and more something dark, their dreams did eat.
    He tried so hard, he did his best. To find a dreamer with whom he could rest.
    But again and again, it was not to be. And love soon gave way to apathy.
    From great apathy came pain then rage. To stop the pain his heart he locked in a cage.
    With the good in him locked away..."
The darkness soon his soul did decay.''
A Siberian cat 2017-05-31 04:25:41 77556
Hanging his head a little bit, Captain Silvia seems to shrink a little, and then the hat comes off as he hangs it on the back of the captain's chair... and looks down to where Tyrfing's face is sitting in it's screen, with the occasional staticy flare or pop to the image, "I think that'll do it. How are you doing?"

From inside the phone, the image of the big beastman replies, <<You're gonna wake up as a cat again. But no bloody nose this time. Good job kid. Real good job.>>

As the pair speak, the dream constructs begin to fade.

The Strike Booster collapses around Rashmi until it's just a toy, a doll-model that looks far less magicky or impressive than what it became when attached to her.

Chrome Samurai and X both fall away towards the sun, leaving their wielders behind as they just become action figures... Akashimaru's some kind of french-like rider on a horse, and Hakuomaru's another 'rider', but this one in an almost wild-rest attire with a six-gun.

Lastly falls away from Kokoro, leaving the image of a Hammer-wielding female giant robot from some lost old anime, the dust and dings on it showing it was probably someone's dad's piece that they inherited. All those toys begin to glimmer and vanish away while the submarine begins to slowly turn back into a plastic toy once more.

Disconnecting the phone from the captain's chair, the boy's naval uniform, and Ariel's cute little skirt outfit both fade away...

And as he leads her out of the submarine, the Belkan barriers slowly fall, delivering an odd sort of false sunrise from 'Reality', skyline of Tokyo oddly magnified for a moment like magic to put the brightness to everyone's backs.

Koji reaches up to wave to Rashmi and the others. He even reaches down to help Ariel up onto the deck so she can see it, and says to her, "Nice friends you've got, huh?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-31 04:30:10 77557
Too exhausted to be panicked when the armor fades away, Rashmi doesn't notice at first that she's still hovering in midair. Once she does, however, there're a couple moments of flailing panic before she remembers that, magic or armor or no, a dream is still a dream. Floating down to the deck of the submarine, she leans over for a moment, elbows on her knees. "Sorry about that, Silvia-san," she puffs. "I panicked. Kinda. Talk about that later. Anyway." Rearing back, she sucks in a double lungful of air to steady herself, then turns to face Ariel, a bright and sunny smile on her face. "I'm glad we could help! But.... what was that poem there, at the end...?"
Seishi Tamashige 2017-05-31 04:31:41 77558
Against the radiance of the false-dawn of the fading barriers, a small shape falls on a long, long, impossibly long trajectory toward the ocean's surface, shedding a last few sparkles of silver and red. Crimson sleeves flutter gently in the rush of air, a long tail of sleek black hair trailing like the tail of a falling kite.

Clutching a tattered book to her chest, Akashimaru falls.
Lacrima 2017-05-31 04:34:20 77559
Lacrima feels the monster goes still. And the explosions outside the beast, however muffled. Then the beast begins to lose cohesion. Then there she is. As this awful weird monster as she blinks once, then sours a bit. She waves her hand and she shifts into nothingness for a moment before she reappears on the deck of Koji's submarine there.

"It's done." she says quietly, as she settles down, floating there.

"It's a story. About the Prince of Nightmares. And his fall." she says. Her voice is a little more raspy like, like this. "I came to the same conclusion Kunzite did." she says.

"It suggests he always wasn't that. But it's hard to tell if it's a metaphor, or actual events." she says. "We'll need to find out." she says, as she crosses her arms. Those purple eyes narrow. She doesn't quite have a mouth in this form.

"You weren't there for the last one. But we found a book. It had a similar set of 'poems'." she says.
Hokuto Minase 2017-05-31 04:36:08 77560
Rocketing along, the helicopter makes one final pass, twisting under the falling samurai to slide a door open for her to fall into. That mission accomplished, it dives for the deck, settling atop the submarine as everything fades back into its toy form. The doors slide open, and Hokuto debarks, reaching up to offer Seishi a hand down.

"Hey, Sempai. Good to see you again. We should get together like this more often..."
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-05-31 04:39:59 77561
Hakuomaru had been kind of ranged support, nothing special, she's fine being out of that spotlight! However, as things begin to run forward even as the silver samurai (Not that one) begins to fade around her. Pillars of earth following her and fading away, step by step, she pushes herself harder to leap toward Seishi, trying to catch her! What, she's a guardian, what kind would she be not catching a friend, right?

There's the fact that she didn't consider the landing, rotating in the air so that she's below, checking over her shoulder, angling the plates of her armor and making a few minute adjustments, she lands with a thud, then a skidding screech of armor on rock, done at a gentle angle that would have hurt had she not been armored, but at least prevents real injury! Even though it's a dream... sort of.

Successful or not, she ends up laying on her back, staring up at the sky and muttering, "I need to work on new tricks."

The others, they're given curious looks, waves and calls out, "Hey! You guys, contact me on the other side? Should be fun!" followed by that wheezing laugh of someone that's had the breath all, but knocked out of them.