Knives Are Not For Throwing at Girlfriends

Kyouko had a fight with Naru. Mamoru lectures her on appropriate conflict resolution.

Date: 2017-05-31
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Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-31 01:20:03 77519
    So it's like, a little after dinner time, and Mamoru's Shitennou-sense probably has given him the idea that Kyouko is downstairs in her apartment. This is pretty normal, and nothing to be concerned about. What is something to be concerned about, potentially, is the sudden spike of anger which builds over a few minutes into what can only be described as incandescent rage. This transforms, rather suddenly, into sullen regret, which is probably a lot less noticable unless Mamoru happens to be paying closer attention in the wake of said incandescent rage.

    10 floors is probably too much of a distance to hear any telltale screaming, thumps, or crashes. But a while later, the door to the ECFH itself opens, and Kyouko comes in. She doesn't look terribly happy. In fact, the expression on her face looks downright sullen, and she's got her hands in the pockets of her hoodie like a moody teenager (which is exactly what she is). There's a faint bruise on one of her cheeks, but given the Puella penchant for rapid healing, its already fading and will probably be completely gone within half an hour.

    "Hey, um.. anybody home?" She asks, from inside the door, despite the fact that her own Shitennou-sense is telling her that Mamoru is nearby.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-31 01:26:19 77521
After a flare of incandescent rage, yeah, generally Mamoru pays considerably closer attention to its source-- but he also doesn't especially see the things that tend to go with incandescent rage, like fear or protectiveness or fight-or-flight, so he doesn't interfere or intrude, he just waits. Gingerly. While essay-writing for a literature class he had to take that was better than some of the alternatives. It's a little hard to concentrate.

By the time Kyouko's on her way up, he's given up on the essay and has gone to make tea for picky picky Kyouko-mouth. No boiled dirt, no matter its quality. So:

"Yeah," calls Mamoru from the kitchen. "What'd you blow up, are you hurt, is anyone else hurt, and do you want some of this leftover fish fry and rice from breakfast this morning? There's also still pancakes, that Silvia kid made like, twelve hundred."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-31 01:31:05 77522
    Kyouko is already coming into the room as she hears Mamoru's voice. She looks sulky. Did I say that already? It's true. Sulky Kyouko, but tea for her picky mouth will definitely help. And so will food. She's opening her mouth to say something else when Mamoru asks if anyone is hurt, and it shuts again with a faint click as she pauses in the doorway, her eyes darting to one side.

    "Uh.. question one, possibly my relationshop. Question two, yes but it's fine. Question three.." She pauses again, and sucks in a breath. "I um.. might have stabbed Naru. A little. Just a little. It's not serious." This is said defensively.. and then suddenly there's an abrupt gear-change.

    A renewed flare of anger. "She threw soup at me! At my head! In a mug! She threw a full mug of boiling soup at my head!" She points to the bruise on her cheek.

    Then abruptly, subsides, and its back to sulky. "Anyway.. well, she left. I think she was going home but she didn't exactly tell me, in the moment."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-31 01:41:20 77525
Mamoru pauses, then leans against the counter. "Tea is steeping, fish and rice are in the oven on low, pancakes are in the fridge," he says, taking his phone out and basically immediately texting Naru.

    Mamoru TXT Naru: Are you okay?
    Naru TXT Mamoru: Sort of. Ish. Yes.
    Mamoru TXT Naru: Do you need heals
    Naru TXT Mamoru: No. It's already scabbed over.. I was going to ask if you were talking to Kyouko or Kunzite.
    Mamoru TXT Naru: Kunzite's on a date. Kyouko just came sulking upstairs. I will check in with you in a bit if Kunzite doesn't first.

Texting with Naru, that is. There are answering buzzes. He talks between typing. "I take it I don't have to tell you that violence is not something that belongs in a romantic relationship unless there's mutual consent. And I literally don't care if she started it. She threw a hard mug of boiling soup at you, okay. Sure. Is that when you completely lost your temper?"

He doesn't sound amused.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-31 01:50:17 77527
    Kyouko looks somewhat like a kicked puppy, but then again, sometimes puppies deserve to be kicked. Or at least whapped with a rolled-up newspaper. She watches Mamoru take out his phone and start texting with something like trepidation, but then moves past him to get to the tea. She ignores the food for the moment, which might say something about her emotional state, opting instead to just hold the tea in her hands for a few moments.

    "I know, I didn't.." She starts, her tone defensive.. then stops again, and sighs. Words have always been difficult for Kyouko- expressing herself in a way that jives with what she wants to say, but doesn't know how. She works for a moment to assemble a response, the process visible on her face.

    "It's like.. when it comes to Naru, it feels like all my switches turn to 'on'. And that's usually a good thing but.. I guess sometimes it's also a bad thing." Kyouko doesn't sound amused either, or like she's trying to make excuses. She sounds like she is trying to understand herself, and using Mamoru as a convinient excuse. That is, perhaps, entirely the reason she's here. Well, there's also the guilt, which is becoming more pronounced as time goes by.

    She abruptly takes a sip of tea, wincing because it's too hot, then says, "She's been real stressed since school started. You know.. High School and all. I guess its tough. And she was in a bad mood and we started snapping at each other and then.. I dunno, I guess I said something dumb, and then she just threw the whole thing of soup out of me out of nowhere and I just reacted and grabbed a knife off the table and swung it at her before I even really thought about what I was doing."

    She scuffs her foot lightly on the floor, looking down. "It was just a kitchen knife, not even really sharp, probably could have hit her in the face and not done any serious damage, but as it was it just scraped her shoulder. I mean, I wasn't trying to hurt her, even as mad as I was, but.. I dunno." She sighs.

    "I suppose it's not exactly conduct becoming of a Knight, is it?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-31 02:02:12 77532
"Nope," says Mamoru matter-of-factly, still looking at his phone. "Yeah she says she's all right, she's not bleeding much anymore."

Then he pockets it and crosses his arms, still leaning casually. "I'm not even that pissy about 'conduct unbecoming', Kyouko. I'm really concerned that knives are your gut reaction to violence. I'm pretty concerned that her gut reaction to shitty things being said is to throw mugs of hot soup, but knives are kind of beyond the pale when not in actual combat."

Full name. No diminutive.

"First advice is, if you're in a bad mood and she's in a bad mood, immediately create space between you instead of sniping. Come back later when you're not a powderkeg. I'll tell her the same thing. Second advice is, work on restraining your temper when among people you love. What if it were sharper? What if it had more weight to it? What if I weren't around and she got an infection on top of it? What if you hit her someplace vital?" He points to the oven. "Food. Eat."

Finally he pushes himself off the counter and goes to pour his own tea. "I'm sorry you had an argument. I'm sorry she snapped and threw a thing. She needs to work on her temper too. But you're the one with significant combat skills."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-31 02:13:12 77536
    Kyouko's head hangs a little bit more at each point that Mamoru makes, and by the time he orders her to get food and eat it, she might actually be sniffling a little bit. Thing is, even without using the bond that would let him peek at her true emotions if he chose to do so, he can tell that it's not because she feels sorry for herself. It's because she knows what he's saying is the truth and probably knew it already.

    She does her best to hide the sniffles. Kyouko Godamned Sakura doesn't cry, even when she might have (once again) caused a shitload of trouble for herself. She goes to the oven and gets the food, not saying anything else while it gets put on a plate. But when she puts it on the counter, she doesn't start eating it, instead just kind of poking it with her chopsticks for a minute.

    "I know," She finally says. "I know that, and I can't even begin to tell you how awful I feel now. My emotions.. they always run strong. But with Naru its just like even stronger. Its like I'm used to lowering my defenses with her.. which makes it easier to lose control. I guess.. it just never really happened like that before tonight."

    She sniffs again, a more determined one, reigning herself in, before looking up. "Y'know I come a long way in the past couple years, Mamoru, but not far enough. That girl who slept in alleyways and overreacted to every threat because doing anything else was dumb, she's still in there. I dunno if I'll ever be able to get rid of her, completely."

    "Maybe.." Chopsticks stirring food, "I dunno, maybe it's too soon. Maybe I ain't tame enough yet to pretend I'm a normal person."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-31 02:19:15 77539
He's keeping a running tab on the surface of her emotions, yeah. It might be that, or it might be the last thing she says, that makes him finally gentle and reach over to put one hand over hers. There's warmth, there's encouragement, there's the knowledge that her place with him is still safe-- and that she doesn't need his forgiveness, she needs Naru's. And Naru will need hers.

"This is," he says quietly, "a household of people who aren't tame enough, but who put their all into trying. Into learning. What's made you who you are won't change, but you can train your reactions. You can train yourself to cope with triggers, to cope with overwhelming anger-- and to recognise that you're not fighting an enemy. These are things to work on. They're not dealbreakers."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-31 02:30:12 77543
    That hand on top of her own, giving that encouragement, it does help. It does make her relax, a little bit. Maybe she had actually meant what she had said- maybe part of her thought that Mamoru would revoke her Name and throw her back out onto the street. Not the rational part of her. She knows him better than that. But the rational part of her hasn't been playing a dominant role in her actions the past hour or two.

    She glances up at him from under her lashes, and she's more of a distraught Kyouko than he's seen probably since that night on the rooftop ages and ages ago. "I don't want to hurt anybody." She says, almost earnestly.. then has to pause, and amend. "I don't want to hurt anybody who doesn't deserve it. I mean in a world-destroying sort of way. I don't want to hurt anybody who's innocent and especially not somebody I love. And I do love her, Mamoru. I' m so fucking pissed at her, and at myself, right now but half of me still wants to run after her right fucking now and grab her hand and beg her not to leave."

    Her eyes dart to the side, faintly embarassed to say that even given the circumstances, but not enough to keep from saying it. "I'm sorry." She says, at last. "And I know you think I don't need your forgiveness, but I'm still sorry. I want to be worthy of the Name you gave me, and shit like this.." She sighs and shakes her head. "I think I still got a lot of work to do."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-31 18:26:07 77564
"Yeah-- well, text her in a little while, once you figure out what you want to say," says Mamoru to the first part, and then he moves around his tea and hers, letting go her hand in order to put an arm around her shoulders. "And being sorry is a good start, and being sorry for all the right reasons is a better start-- and being aware of potential consequences aside from The Right Reasons is better still. But..."

Here the prince's voice sounds terribly amused. "I think you should also talk to Kunzite and Zoisite. They both have different methods of dealing with temper problems -- because they've both got incredible tempers. I mean so do I, but I've got a really long fuse. One of their methods might work for you."

There's a quick squeeze of Kyouko's shoulders. "I'm not mad at you anymore. Benefit to having a prince who's an empath: I can tell when you're really sorry." He lets go and straightens up, then nudges her plate closer. "You wanna actually sit down and eat that? If not I'm gonna eat your food in a minute. While it's hot."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-01 03:15:40 77594
    Kyouko leans into the arm around her shoulder, seeming to take comfort from it. Knowing her general disdain for physical contact (with a few exceptions), it speaks a lot to her mood, and the way the evening's events have effected her. She stays there for a few moments, seeming to absorb what Mamoru is saying to her.. then blinks when he nudges her plate, as if only just then noticing it despite having been fiddling with her food with her chopsticks for the past few minutes.

    As Mamoru lets her go, she scoops up some food and shoves it in her mouth. Chewing for a moment before swallowing and saying, "Yeah.. um.. yeah. I'm gonna text her. Like I said, I kinda wanted to run after her as soon as she left but.." A faint sigh, then another mouthful of food. "I just.. well. You know how it is with me. I'm bad with figuring out what to say. Other than sorry, but I have a feeling that alone ain't gonna cut it."

    She eats in silence for a few more moments. Then she shoots a glance at Mamoru. "Kunzite has a temper problem?" She pauses, chopstick against her lip. "I.. guess I can see it. Except I ain't ever actually seen it. I suppose I should be grateful for that." She doesn't question Zoisite having a temper, that's pretty obvious. "I'll talk to them. I really.. well. I think anger can be strength. But I need to make sure I channel it in the right direction."