Foxy Foxes and Worried Reikos

Reiko finally tracks down Ayana! They talk, some things are cleared up, and Reiko promises fish next time she visits!

Date: 2017-05-31
Pose Count: 17
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 00:06:35 77583
Ikiko has suggested that she go talk to Ayana alone, without her. She knows where she's at now, at least. Or should be. Ikiko has let Kunzite know she might be along at least. She arrives via Prism Keeper fairy wing travel. She's gotten VERY good at flying. She pushes past the balcony curtains and peeks in. "H--hello?" she calls out as the transformation shifts off, for just regular old Reiko in a moderately dressy dress.

Not super fancy. But a little more than casual.

She doesn't get a reply, as she gently tugs a little on the necklace her chroma prism rests on, as she bites her lip.

No one around. Or at least. In this part of the large apartment she's chosen to land on the balcony of. At least it isn't Nephrite's. There be dragons. And a terrible pants shortage.

"Anyone here...?" she calls out softly. Not being too loud. What if everyone is sleeping! Even though it's only just late day and not dead of night.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 00:16:45 77584
The little fox has really lived the life of luxury since moving into Mamoru's apartment. She's fed regularly, doesn't really have to clean up after herself ever, and is never expected to do any chores or take care of other household duties except--periodically--to get cuddled.

Oh the horror.

Thus, when the voice calls out into the room, the little fox is busy snoozing on the couch, paws tucked under her snout and tails curled up over the same. Her ears twitch, registering the noise, but it takes the little fox a moment to actually start to wake up--long enough that Ikiko might wonder if she's come at a bad time.

The little fox stretches and licks her chops, then hops up onto the back of the couch she's been laying on to survey the doorway which Reiko has entered through. "Kon-kon?" comes the little fox curiously when she spots Reiko.
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 00:40:02 77585
That is probably the WORST. Wait, no, the other thing. It's probably the other thing. She frowns and is about to tap her chroma prism and summon a koi to go scout the apartment out when she wanders into the room and there is a /fox sound!/.

"Ayana-chan!" she says as she steps on over. She's quick, but not too quick. She flumps down on the couch softly as she huffs. "No one else seems around." she says.

"Or they're in another part of the apartment and can't hear me." she frowns. "Or maybe everyone is out having fun. Or doing school work." she says. "Isn't Mamoru-san in college now?" she asks, tapping her bottom lip.

"Um. Right. I didn't come for anyone of them though." she says. "I came here to talk to you!" she says with asweet a smile as she can gather. A koi pops up next to her and spreads it's fins out wide for a moment as if to emphasize this point before popping back into oblivion or wherever tiny magic koi come from.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 00:54:04 77586
The little fox watches Reiko--listening, no doubt--but it's questionable whether she understands. There's an almost feral air to her, as if she has forgotten exactly how to be a girl. She tilts her head a little at the question about Mamoru and college, then her face darts suddenly to look at the koi that appears. The little fox wrinkles its nose until the fish vanishes once again. At least she remembers that fish won't taste good.

There's a moment of hesitation before the fox looks back at Reiko, then drops down onto the carpetting behind the couch. Then, she creeps underneath the couch? And there she stays for a moment until, moments later, the girl emerges once again, wearing a teeshirt that's long enough to be called a dress, with a picture of ice cream and unicorns on the front. It's about 5 years too young in style for Ayana, but at least it fits her and provides modesty. "Ohaio, Reiko-chan," Ayana mumbles as she kneels onthe couch, peering at Reiko over the back. She rests her chin on her arms and stares at the girl, blue eyes focused, fox-like ears tilted towards the orange girl.

At least she has Ayana's attention.
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 01:28:36 77587
Reiko Touyama smiles! "Hi!" she says. She smooths out her dress a bit as she watches Ayana sit down as a girl. She sighs. "Ikiko-chan told me where you were." she says softly. "Cuz she said we should talk with out her here." she says quietly.

She rubs a hand across her lower arm. "Are.. are you upset at me Ayana-chan?" she asks quietly. "You disappeared. And no one would even tell me what happened until I even got that little bit after talking with Ikiko a lot." she says quietly.

"After that date. I mean." she says softly. "And it was my first date! and I stink at stuff like that. and I thought we'd all have fun..." she says.

She seems to shrink again. "And if this is all my fault, I'm sorry because I didn't meant to make anyone feel bad..." she says.

There's no koi along with this, but she does drag her legs up on the couch and sort of hunkers a little, resting her head against her knees a bit glumly.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 01:46:24 77588
Ayana's ears fold back at the question of being upset, then flicker forward again. She wrinkles her nose, then sighs and leans forward, dangling her arms over the back of the couch entirely. "Reiko-chan," she grumbles, tone annoyed.

The kitsune's ears flick again, forward, backward, forward. She sighs and rolls her eyes, t hen turns over on the couch, curling up with her feet crossed at the ankles, and her arms wrapped around the shirt, and the shirt pulled over her knees.

"It's not your fault," she mumbles, quiet enough that Reiko might miss it if she isn't listening closely. She's facing away, and her ears fold down a little as her thoughts turn introspective.
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 02:18:13 77589
Reiko Touyama blinks a little. "But... not my fault...?" she asks as she hunkers a little. Yeah she heard it. She settles a bit. "ikiko-chan said something about finding yourself." she says quietly. "But if that's true why wouldn't anyone tell me where you were? Was it just a miscommunication or did you just wanna be left alone?" she asks quietly.

"Because I wanted to apologize for stuff. That. I guess isn't my fault." she says as she sinks a bit.

"There's a curry place me and Ikiko found in Uminari City that was really good. The koi seemed to like it. They never swam in my food before." she says. "I had to scoop one out. It was silly." she says.

"What are you trying to figure out, Ayana-chan?" she asks softly.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 02:27:16 77590
Again, the kitsune's ears flicker, and she shrugs her shoulders. She doens't answer, otherwise, straight away. In silence, she sits, her back to Reiko, her eyes downcast, her body guarded. Eventually she sighs and mumbles, "I didn't tell them I wanted to hide. I just can't be a girl," she mumbles. "I can't go to school, or do girl things. That's not who I am," she explains quietly.

"Even if it's what Iki-chan wants me to be, it's just not," she grumbles. "But ... I'm not really a fox anymore, either. When I was with Takashi-nii, I still felt like a fox. Like a pet. But now ... I've been trying to be Saito-senpai's pet for weeks, but I'm not that, either."

"I don't know what I am, anymore."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 03:05:30 77592
Reiko Touyama softly shakes her head. "I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I know who you are, Ayana. You're.... Ayana-chan!" she says softly. She gently resettles her head back down. "Lotsa girls question who they are around this time in their life Ayana-chan." she says softly.

"I do too. A looooot!" she says.

"But grandpa says that's just normal." she says. "But I imagine it's harder for you...." she suddenly adds, trailing off.

"I wish I could help." she says silently.

"Is there anything I can do?" she asks.

"Like I can bring you some of that curry at least?" she asks. "It's REALLLLY good curry." she says. "I dunno how a fox might handle it though. Maybe mild...?" she asks.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 03:07:49 77593
Ayana shakes her head almost violently, then settles again. "I know who I am," Ayana mumbles. "I don't know what I am." She sighs and leans back, tilting her head back over the couch until she can peer at Reiko upside-down. "I probably shouldn't eat curry. I think Saito-senpai said it's bad for me."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 03:47:00 77596
Reiko Touyama nods. "So no curry." she says. She gently sighs a bit. She purses her lips. "Imma gonna bring you fish next time I visit." she says gently.

She head tilts. She sighs. "Sometimes I wonder if I'm Reiko or Orange." she says gently.

"Because those lives are so different." she says softly. "-oh! We have this new form. And we're older in it too. That's really weird. Because a boy kind of got blushy around it." she says as she scuffs a foot.

"n' I'm not actually that age." she says. "So it was super awkward." she says.

"I think Hoshi-chan used it to dance easier with someone thou." she says gently.

"She kind of bites her lip. "Mmhmmm...." she mutters a little.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 04:05:48 77599
Ayana blinks at Reiko upside down, then admits, "I do like fish." She really does. Turning around, she dangles over the edge of the couch again, backwards, studying the girl for several moments. "Reiko-chan," she mumbles, "you are rambling. What is it you want to say to me?"
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 04:23:34 77602
Reiko Touyama goes super awkward herself and quiet as she kind of buries her head into her knees a little. She huffs. "I felt really bad. When you ran off that night." she says quietly. "Cuz I like you too." she mutters. "and I thought I hurt you. And I didn't get a chance to say sorry n' stuff." she says.

"So Yeah..." she says. "That's what I've wanted to say." she says. "That I like you n' Ikiko n' stuff." she says.

She seems less uncomfortable and more bashful and embarrassed right now.

"I'm really glad you're not upset at me, Ayana-chan." she says softly.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 04:58:44 77609
Ayana narrows her eyes at Reiko, then flicks her ears. "I know you like us," she replies. "That's why we're friends. Isn't it?" she asks bluntly. "I don't really have any reason to be upset with you. I'm the one who told you you should try to date Ikiko-chan. And then it just ... I guess was the tipping point in me realizing how uncomfortable I felt trying to pretend to be a girl. That's not your fault."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 05:30:56 77613
Reiko Touyama nods a bit. "It isn't my fault. But that still doesn't mean I wish I could help." she says quietly. She sighs and nrgs. "I'm bad. At this." she says quietly. "Ugh." she says as she sinks lower into the couch. She sighs a bit. "I need to get back before it gets too late because there's school tomorrow." she says.

"...and some us can't also turn into a fox to get out of it." she says a little smile. "or a koi. I wish I could turn into a koi. I would be the prettiest koi." she insists.

"But. I'm gonna come back! And. I'm gonna come back with fish! And. Fish dishes!" she says. "For you! And. Others here. Do the others like fish? They probably do! I hear boys Mamoru's age will eat pretty much anything!" she says. She leans over and offers Ayana a hug. and an ear pet. "Be well... okay Ayana-chan?" she asks softly.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-06-01 05:46:07 77615
Ayana licks her lips at the offer of fish ... but then there's huggings, and ear pets, and she loses all decorum as she leans into it, eyes rolling back. "Nnnnn," she mumbles happily. Then she shakes her head clear of the cobwebs before returning the hug. "I'll be okay. Saito-senpai takes good care of me." She smiles, then pats Reiko on the head. "Do good in school," she encourages.
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-01 05:54:26 77616
Reiko Touyama grins and leans back. "Yup!~" she says as she hops up, and then skips off to the balcony. Then turns back and grins and gives a final wave, before she slips out proper to it and transforms, taking off into the sky and back toward's Uminari.

Oh man, Grandpa is gonna be cranky, she's a little late getting home. ;_;