Doll Tea Party With Extra Creepy

Forsaken Doll Maeko is at the ECFH with a proposition: she wants to take Hana Shiroi down. Mamoru wants her to let Misa be a little girl instead of a shell for possession.

Date: 2017-06-01
Pose Count: 19
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 03:46:45 77595
     It's a possibly tense situation when Mamoru gets home. Not because of anything going on inside of the apartment, but simply because, well. Maeko exists in Mamoru's apartment, and while she is presently suppressing her curse, she is still infused with dark energy -- and so is Misa.

     At present, things are reasonably peaceful though. Maeko is sitting on the table sipping at a tiny teacup, and Misa is ... sitting on the couch. She seems just a tiny bit out of it, maybe a little dazed, but not unhurt otherwise. In fact, mostly she's just woken up from who knows how long of possession, absentmindedly nibbling on a cream puff.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 03:56:44 77597
Mamoru's got groceries, if by 'groceries' we mean 'his chocolate supply was running low', and didn't feel like the elevator, so legit henshined with a bag of chocolate, stuffed it in his hat, and rooftopped it home. So when he lands on the balcony and feels dark energy in the apartment, but can't actually see anyone from out there, and it doesn't... feel... like Norie, or like...

And Jadeite's not home; he's--

Mamoru frowns behind the mask. Jadeite's moving away from the apartment, Kyouko is somewhere in town, Usagi's near the Shrine, Nephrite and Zoisite are at school, Kunzite's on his way up the elevator. Right. Phone comes out of pocket; Mamoru texts Kunzite.

    Mamoru TXT Kunzite: There's dark energy in the apartment. I won't go in until you get up here.

He glances down and aside at Fiore, sitting there innocently in his planter, soaking up the rays. He glowers. "What are you laughing at? Do you have any idea how much trouble I get in if I do risky stuff anymore?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-01 04:03:34 77598
Kazuo's got groceries, if by 'groceries' we mean 'it was time to make a spices-and-other-imports run,' and is taking advantage of every precious second between temptation. Therefore is not in henshin, and is indeed on his way up the elevator. With phone still absently in one hand, so he catches the chime at once and thumbs back a response.

    Kunzite TXT Mamoru: Naru tells me that a certain doll with an affinity for curses is visiting. Apparently behaving herself. I do not have full details but it included the phrase "I wouldn't do anything untoward to the bunny stuffies."

He hits send as the elevator doors open, lets out a breath, and paces forward to let himself in.
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 04:08:21 77600
     If she's aware of Mamoru's arrival or not -- which she really isn't, Maeko isn't henshined at the moment, so she doesn't have her full array of powers available to her -- Maeko doesn't really make it known to Misa, who seems to be awakening quickly under the influence of sugary treats.

     Said bunny stuffies are still just sitting at the side of the couch. Or at least one of them is, the second one is now sitting next to Misa, who has one hand absentmindedly on it.

     When the door opens, Maeko does turn however, still holding her doll-sized teacup. "Ah, hello. Welcome home." She greets in a reasonably polite manner, one hand lowering to dip into a small curtsy. She'd almost look elegant, if not for the state of disrepair that she's in, one eye broken, and several cracks across her face. It doesn't seem to bother her much though, oddly enough. She just looks ragged. Like most abandoned toys who haven't been properly taken care of.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 04:16:26 77601
The echo of that deep breath, and Tuxedo Kamen eyes the 'apparently behaving' and de-henshins, opening the balcony door when he sees the front door opening--

--which means he catches the 'welcome home'. He's still holding the top hat in one hand, and studiously ignoring the shivering of the rosebush leaves in the lack of a wind. He pulls out the shopping bag of chocolate and vanishes his hat, and immediately reaches in and (you think he didn't already open the bag in the bag?) takes out a piece and shoves it in his mouth.

Then he waves hesitantly. He glances at Kazuo. He glances at Misa, and then at Maeko, and his head slowly tilts.

"Um. Are you injured...?" he asks tentatively. "I have glue and I think there's paint around here somewhere, though Naru'd be better at that part...Jadeite'd be better at glue and paint and everything but he went out..." A beat. "I mean, you're alive, so maybe I can heal you? But I don't think so-- I mean-- hi."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-01 04:26:13 77603
Kazuo considers the curtseying doll for an instant, and then returns a small bow to her, and one to Misa. "Thank you. Hello." Because when the universe has gone weird, irrelevant rules are at least some way to decide what to do next. Tuxedo Kamen's arrival receives bow number three, and then Kazuo paces through to deposit the shopping bags he's carrying (which do not contain chocolate, alas) in the kitchen.

He does not permit his head to thunk against either wall or refrigerator. Not even once.
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 04:28:42 77604
     "I am damaged, yes. Glue and paint would have little effect, however. This is the manifestation of my curse. I can repair myself given enough energy, but this lingers, a reminder of what I am." Maeko responds to Mamoru in a conversational and friendly enough tone, dipping into a polite one-armed curtsy again. She straightens up again afterwards. "And I am likely to be in your debt already with what I wish to negotiate, so further debt is ... unideal. I do appreciate the offer, however." Maeko says, her lips shifting up into a smile. She ~almost~ looks friendly. Almost.

     Misa, however, blinks a couple of times as she looks up towards Mamoru, before she gives a little smile, lifting her hand to wave at him, finishing off her cream puff. She lowers her hand again, resting it on her lap as she begins to fidget with the bunny stuffy, still looking half-asleep and a bit sleepy. Kazuo also gets a wave from Misa, though! It's much more timid and unsure, as she doesn't know Kazuo nearly as well as Mamoru.

     "I believe there is still some hot tea in the kitchen, and there are still some cream puffs and finger sandwiches." Maeko says, motioning towards the two trays sitting on the table nearby her. Likely full before, they now seem to be missing several of the sweets and olive-toothpick-speared mini sandwiches.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 04:38:22 77605
"...oh," says Mamoru a little lamely, glancing through the kitchen counter window at Kazuo again, then coming over and offering Misa some of his chocolate. He looks at Maeko again, considering. "Nobody's ever in my debt for healing, or-- fixing. I can't allow you to drain me, but I can give people energy; would you be able to use that to repair yourself? I'm sorry, I know you have business you want to discuss, and you're very generous for having brought food with you, but right now I'm running solely on chocolate. I might take you up on it in a bit."

A beat. "Tea with chocolate is good, though. More caffeine. Yes. So-- go on--" the prince says as he leaves the bag of chocolate (sans a couple of pieces) on the table by Misa, then skirts the couch to beeline for the kitchen. What does he do in there? Item one: put the couple of pieces on the counter near Kazuo. Item two: lean up behind Kazuo and brush his hair aside to kiss the side of his neck. Item three: pour himself some tea.

He's listening.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-01 04:52:37 77607
That kind of close approach, with that kind of slight awkwardness in speaking, results in Kazuo reaching to put a hand over Mamoru's. He accomplishes that about half a second after Mamoru fixes it in his own way. Two blinks later, and Kazuo straightens slightly more again while the tea is being dealt with.

-- well. He can, at least, do what he generally does, and amplify that 'go on' in the name of cutting through elaborate conversational twists and turns. "May one ask what you wished to negotiate?" Does Misa need to borrow a bedroom? No, no, he'll wait on that.
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 04:55:45 77608
     "I am in as perfect of a state as I can be." Maeko reinforces calmly, "But again, the good will is appreciated. Misa likely needs energy more than myself." Speaking of Misa, she rather happily accepts the offered chocolate, which she begins to nibble on rather contently. So much sugar, that's a good way to help her wake up!

     "It is a ... peace offering ... if you will. As I have come to propose an alliance -- or at least a form of ceasefire. There is a certain problem that is becoming troublesome for myself, and I can't help but assume that it is a problem for you as well. I know vaguely of the source, as miss Osaka informed me that it was ... Hana...? That was causing it, though possibly unwillingly." Which likely tells Mamoru exactly what she was talking about. Or maybe not. Regardless, Maeko continues, "There are certain people that I do not wish endangered. And the anomalies created by this... 'witch' ... are a danger to those people."

     Maeko lifts her own little teacup to sip at it again. It had honestly long since been emptied, as Maeko was a literal porcelain doll so drinking tea really just meant she had the tea sitting inside of her body. "I wish to forge an alliance so that we can work together to try to solve this, as well as ensure that I am not likely to be caught in the crossfire of potential purification attacks. They are incredibly unpleasant to myself. In trade for this, as I know it likely benefits me more than yourself, I am willing to concede to a request or two. With the exception that I will not part from or with Misa. We are at a point where that would be bad for us." Especially Misa.

     "...I'm fine, though." Misa mumbles sleepily. It might not be the most believable, coming from her looking so drowsy -- it's not THAT late, really. But she does seem largely unharmed, and certainly in better physical shape than Maeko, considering her skin wasn't randomly damaged.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 05:16:49 77610
There's a faint flicker of gold somewhere in there, in that contact, whether it's at Kunzite's covering his hand or at the brush of a kiss, and in that gold there's reassurance above all. Mamoru picks up his tea and very carefully sips it, but it's cooled enough that it's actually drinkable, so he drinks some of it while he trails back out of the kitchen. "The anomalies created by Hana are a danger to rather a lot of people, yes. And I won't pretend I don't care about more people than you do, so I'm not certain what makes you think this is a negotiation. I'd be grateful for your help in any 'enemy of my enemy' situation, and already take steps to shield friends who rely on dark energy for their existence, when purification attacks start swinging around--"

He lowers his cup to the coffeetable and takes a seat across from Misa, looking her over carefully for a moment. The corner of his mouth twitches at her sleepy 'I'm fine', and he glances toward Maeko again. "--but given what you do by nature, and given the relative harmlessness of your drain? Instead of requests, I have a further proposition." He reaches over and takes another piece of chocolate, visibly considers dropping it in his tea (his hand legit hovers over the cup for a second), then puts it down next to it instead. "An actual alliance. I can mitigate the pain of your ripping curses out of people. I'm sure you can see the potential benefits on both sides. What I'd require is that you allow Misa to make friends, and not keep going after anyone who cares for her or looks after her. If you've already stopped doing that, then we're in good shape. It's been a while since we've spoken, after all."

Then the dark-haired prince folds his arms loosely over his knee, one crossed over the other, and leans in a little. "Kunzite knows far more about Hana than I do. So: for now, how about you two discuss Hana while I restore Miss I'm-Fine's energy?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-01 05:23:00 77612
A while since they'd spoken. Kazuo follows Mamoru out of the kitchen and props himself against the back of Mamoru's seat, leaving Misa and Maeko only having to look one direction to eye both of them. "I had no idea you'd met," he remarks down to Mamoru, then regards the doll almost speculatively for a moment. "Nor have I met you in any real sense; I've heard reports of you, but not always clear or reliable ones. I take it that you have an interest in maintaining a universe that supports some recognizable form of human life?"

Apparently Mamoru keeps someone around to be white-haired and not very reassuring.
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 05:36:30 77614
     "This is an acceptable arrangement to me. Enemy of my enemy indeed." Maeko murmurs thoughtfully, "I do not have much to offer in return for the information, which is why I was ready to negotiate." Frankly, it helped protect her more than she could likely help, but she doesn't mention that. "That you already have experience with that shielding is reassuring. The... mmm. I am fine with an actual alliance, yes. Mitigating the pain of my ripping out curses is ... curious, but I am willing to entertain it." The mention of allowing Misa to have friends and not going after them gets a slightly uncomfortable shift form Maeko.

     "I have not hunted those that attempt to care for Misa recently." She states simply. It's ...slightly evasive, but she doesn't seem to be outright lying either. Kazuo gets a thoughtful look. "I do not care about most of human life. I gather curses, and wish little more than revenge on certain people. The rest of humanity is ... an enemy, at worst, for me. Those that hunt curses are obviously a danger."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 05:54:30 77617
"I think it was before we met," Mamoru tells Kunzite, craning his neck to look up. "And there was kind of more yelling and chasing and ofudas and hiding than speaking, but these things are relative."

Here, listening to Maeko, the prince leans across to catch gently at one of Misa's hands, and -- while yes, he is most definitely feeding her energy, as the glow where their hands are in contact is visible, he's also trying to get a read on her emotional well-being, her state of mind, whether or not she's actually home in there...

"Misa," he says to Maeko reasonably, "needs to be in good shape to be a good host for you, doesn't she? She's a human child, even if you've changed her. She does need care, emotional as well as physical. She doesn't seem to be as scared as she used to be, which is definitely healthier than before-- and which, I hope, may be because you haven't hunted her attempted caretakers recently. I suspect your life would be less fraught with danger if your relationship took your host's needs into account."

One corner of Mamoru's mouth twitches again. "Just as I suspect that if it didn't hurt to take curses from people, people would be more willing to come to you and hand them over without any fuss. You gather them. You eat them. It's another opportunity for symbiosis instead of the appearance of parasitism, which means you'd personally be less likely to be hunted."

He looks back at Misa, watching her face and her mind, and his voice is distracted as he finishes, "And she does have an interest in maintaining a universe that supports some recognisable form of human life. Without humanity, curses to hunt would not be a renewable resource."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-01 06:05:21 77618
"Whereas Hana Shiroi is interested in her own survival, and she has sufficient kinship with the labyrinths that it seems ... unlikely ... that she'd foster a world that would ultimately be stable." Kazuo spreads a hand with a briefly rueful expression. "Which does raise the question of whether you find labyrinth energy useful; it could be construed as related to curses, from some perspective. Granted, my own experience with consuming the stuff suggests that it's corrosive even to those who normally thrive on the dark."

He is not commenting on Misa. Or on symbiosis. Narrow focus on the task Mamoru suggested for him --

Narrow focus also on not ruffling Mamoru's hair around the phrase 'appearance of parasitism.'
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 06:18:08 77619
     "We have ... interacted in the past. But it has been indirect." Maeko adds with a very slight shrug. There's a slight sound of porcelain against porcelain when she does this that might be ...very slightly unpleasant. Maeko's attention does move to Mamoru though as he begins to feed energy into Misa.

     Misa, meanwhile is ... well. She's Misa. She's a bit worn down, the stress and simply being possessed more and more often has started to make her less resistant to Maeko. Mostly she appears to just be tired, and more than a little groggy. Like someone coming out of a nap that lasted FAR too long. "I make sure that she is in a reasonable condition. I have been ... unable ... to let her rest as much now, though. Especially with the labyrinths popping up." Maeko says, sugar coating the fact she's mostly just been taking advantage of Misa's reduced resistance.

     "Many of the curses I hunt are not those that are under control. The people who want curses removed can find people like yourself, or sailor moon, or other forms. I hunt curses like the witches and their familiars. The out of control. The dangerous. The people who no longer are themselves, who can no longer even try to keep the curse back." Maeko explains. It wasn't really a lie, though her reasoning behind it isn't directly that. "It is incredibly difficult to remove that level of entrenched curse without some level of pain." And she doesn't take steps to reduce the pain.

     The mention of humanity and maintaining a universe that supports human life gets a slight shift from Maeko. She doesn't want to admit that she cares about humanity. "I could ... probably ... absorb enough energy from a labyrinth to destabilize it, given enough time. This could collapse it potentially, but without dealing with the creator in one way or another, it is a temporary solution at best." She murmurs to Kazuo. She frowns thoughtfully though. Hmm. "I am capable of absorbing ... most ... forms of energy, and converting it into something I can use. It is how I can absorb energy from the more positively charged people without major harm, and then use it to fuel magical attacks or animating things." She motions towards one of the stuffed rabbits, which begins to subtly move a little, eventually standing up and waddling around, as if in example. "Regardless. I believe that I have intruded upon your home long enough. ...In agreement with your terms, I will leave Misa here tonight. I am sure that her family will be overjoyed to see her again. It has been too long."

     Maeko then dips into a curtsy.

             And then a blink later. She's gone.

        Those rabbits are still there. Watching.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 06:31:28 77620
"...those rabbits are going in the closet. No offense, Misa-chan," says Mamoru mildly, immediately shifting from literally everything Maeko's been saying the moment she vanishes, and focusing on the little girl. He knows she's older than she looks. He doesn't know how much older-- and given what she's dealt with, it might just be years, not emotional growth, anyway.

He keeps his frustration out of the contact, at least.

Finally, Mamoru lets go and sits up again, briefly bumping the back of his head against Kazuo, then laboriously getting to his feet and offering his hand to Misa once more. This time, a hand up. "There's a guest room with a bathroom; are you really tired and want some real sleep? Or do you want to hug a fox or a cat for a while? Or watch a movie, or take a bath...?"

He didn't sign up for babysitting tonight, but it's Misa. There won't be any screaming and cussing or broken sobbing or panic attacks. He doesn't mention her parents. He doesn't even know which set she's on.

He doesn't know what he can do for her beyond 'safe for a night'.

He'll probably fall apart a little on Kunzite later.
Misa Sakagami 2017-06-01 06:39:13 77621
     Maeko was gone. Misa looks around slowly. Odd. Not feeling that darkness around for once. Beyond the darkness that was lingering on her -- she's definitely steeped in it more than before. But it's not that surprising considering how long exposure has been. "...Okay. ...I don't mind... those are her minions. The little ones with the lances." Misa responds quietly.

     Misa listens silently to the questions, closing her eyes a moment afterwards as she thinks. "I want to sleep." Is her eventual response. On the upside, it would make for an easy night of babysitting if she's just sleeping.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-01 06:46:11 77622
"...definitely the closet, then," decides Mamoru, and then he just-- gently guides Misa to the guest room. "Sleep we can do. This way, sweetheart."

She'll get tucked in. God knows how long it's been.

Mamoru's trying not to think about that.