Being Meguca is Swimming Lessons

Sayaka tries to teach Kyouko how to swim. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

Date: 2015-08-10
Pose Count: 31
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 00:05:23 6938
    Phew...It sure is hot today! So hot that Sayaka almost decided not to go outside today. Oh, but it's so beautiful and sunny and cheerful, and she was spending way too much time indoors, attempting to learn how to play violin which wasn't going so well. Besides it was way too stuffy inside!

    More importantly, her super secret crush had informed her that he was putting on a four-string orchestral performance in the botanical gardens for a recent pool party. How could she possibly say no to that!

    So here she is, dressed in a navy blue swimsuit, adorned in colorfulyet subtle, musical notes and symbols of every kind. Kinda hard to miss that she's a real music buff..Especially classical. The musical quartet hasnt started yet, but the pool party is in full swing. And it seems pretty open to the public as its a pretty recent pool that's openning its doors as of today!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 00:14:29 6941
    Kyouko is just out for a walk. She's had.. an eventful couple of weeks. Truth be told, things have been really hard for her lately, with nothing seeming to go her way and a lot of frustrating failures that had left her almost boiling over. That changed last night though.. finally she had something to feel good about. Nobody knows anything about that except for her, Homura, and Miss White so far, but that doesn't stop Kyouko from having her spirits lifted quite a bit.

    That being the case, she's wandering through the park, enjoying the sun. She gets a lot of sun, being.. sort of homeless, but at least the park is nice surroundings, a lot nicer than where she normally hangs out, and nobody is going to try and chase her away.

    She's attracted to the area of the pool by the crowd and the sound of musicians tuning up, more idle curiosity than anything else. She.. actually only ones one set of non-magical clothes, so she looks much the same as always, in her blue hoodie (with the sleeves rolled up, at least), shorts and boots. She has an apple, and is munching on it idly as she walks along.

    She pauses on the edge of the crowd, peering through them at where the musicians are setting up, and while doing so she happens to catch sight of Sayaka in the crowd. It's not like they're friends or anything, but at least it's somebody she knows.. somebody she knows and who /isn't/ going to try and kill her, which.. pretty much encompasses everyone else she knows at the moment.

    So she walks up behind Sayaka, and gooses her in the side. "Raspberry-chan~" she sing-songs, grinning, showing off her one fang.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 00:19:27 6943
    Indeed, as the musicians are setting up, Sayaka seems to have her attention greatly focused upon one of the musicians in particular, so much so that she doesnt really notice the red head there, until she catches her totally by surprise!

    "Ack!" She yelps, turning around to face the fiery red head from the other day. Sayaka's only met her once, but having been saved twice by the same person on the same day, and having discovered her connection with Kyubey makes it pretty hard to forget her face..Or her name.

    Spinning around, she smiles cheerfully, "Sakura-san! Hello again! Did you come to check out the pool party? It looks pretty great! With all this heat, I could definitely use some cooling down.." Every so often, her gaze slides back towards Kamijou-kun, although it'll be a while before they're ready to play. She looks back at Kyouko, noticing that Kyubey's not with her. Hmm, maybe Kyubey isn't her pet then...? "How've you been?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 00:25:12 6945
    Kyouko is smiling as Sayaka spins around with that yelp, amused that her stealth skills paid such dividends. She takes another bite of her apple, chewing as Sayaka greets her, and offering a languid shrug in response. "Didn't know there was a pool party, just happened to be passing by and saw all the commotion, decided to see what was up." She eyes Sayaka in her swimsuit, then glances at the pool, shrugging. "Don't know how to swim anyway.."

    When Sayaka asks her how she's been, though, her expression sours a bit, and she glances to the side, clearly not wanting to go into that particular topic. "Eh, y'know." That's the most she says on it, quickly changing the subject when she sees Sayaka's gaze keep slipping back to that one guy among the group of musicians.

    "That your boyfriend?" She asks, a teasing tone entering her voice, her grin turning mischevious. "A violinist, huh? Pretty swanky."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 00:31:21 6946
    Sayaka smiles, "Isn't it exciting? This outdoor pool recently openned up, so they're having a little celebration. Free pool party..And free music too!" Although her smile fades when Kyouko says she doesn't know how to swim, "Oh, really? That's too bad. I guess that means you dont have a bathing suit either, huh?"

    But then she gets a brilliant idea! "But y'know, I was supposed to come with a friend, and I picked up this new bathing suit for her, but she couldnt make it. Maybe you could...Hey I'm a pretty good swimmer, could probably give you a few pointers. It'll be fun!"

    Glancing over at Kyousuke, she blushes a little, shaking her head slowly. "Well...Not really. He's a friend of mine, but..He doesn't really know how I feel, and I'm..Too shy to tell him. Besides, he's popular with a lot of girls.." That much is pretty evident as there seem to be quite a few other girls trying to chat him up right now. And yet Sayaka maintains a safe distance for some reason..
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 00:36:15 6947
    Kyouko smirks at the blushing. "Well, ya hardly need to tell him, it's obvious from a mile away." She ribs the other girl, shaking her head slightly. She doesn't know much about boys herself though- being a Puella, an exclusively female world for the most part, since she was 11 has robbed her of a lot of that experience, so she doesn't know how dense they can be about noticing such things. "Can't be too shy, or you'll let him get away.."

    But then Sayaka mentions having an extra bathing suit, and swimming lessons. Kyouko balks at that, holding up her hands defensively, one holding the half-eaten apple. "Ah.. um.. y'know that's awful nice and all, but I.. don't do well with taking directions and I wouldn't want to.. y'know.. make any trouble for you.." That's an understatement really. It's clear Kyouko is reluctant, but if Sayaka pushed she might get her to agree. Her eyes do keep glancing at the pool as if wondering if its really that much cooler.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 00:45:41 6948
    Sayaka shrugs, "It's alright, if I told him how I really felt...It might ruin things between us. Besides, as long as he's happy then I'm happy. He's getting pretty famous y'know, child prodigy and all." She smiles another shy smile, "I'm...Kinda proud of him y'know? I mean, I tried taking up violin too, and lemme tell you, it's crazy hard! I suppose I just dont have the gift for it, but Kyousuke's got really...Delicate hands.."

    Well, some guys might find that girlish, and Kyousuke isnt' a particulary macho man, but Sayaka seems to find that attractive at least.

    Glancing back at Kyouko as she elbows her, Sayaka smirks, returning the elbow. "Heey, dont be so nervous! I wont go too hard on you, promise! It'll be totally fun! I find swimming totally relaxes me, especially on a hot day like this." she sighs and closes her eyes wistfully, feeling the hot summer sun on her skin, so eager to splash around in the pool. "It's kinda liberating you know? Kinda makes me feel like I'm flying..Besides, I can see the way you're looking at the pool. Trust me, it's way cooler in there than it is out here!" She grins and winks when she says that, almost teasingly so.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 00:50:12 6951
    Kyouko continues to smirk a little bit as Sayaka goes on about Kyousuke. The whole concept of crushing on a boy is really foreign to her- not because she's not capable, but just because she's not really... had the sort of life that allows for that kind of thing. "Uh huh.." She says, in that patronizing sort of way. "Well, ain't that cute." It's hard to tell if she's teasing or being serious. Maybe a little of both.

    But then Sayaka is ribbing her about getting in the pool again, and finally she sighs, taking a final bite of her apple and tossing the core into a nearby trashcan with a perfect shot from a considerable distance. Pow! Magical girl reflexes. "Alright, alright, fine." She's feeling a bit.. easygoing today. She achieved a considerable victory (in her mind anyway) last night, and that's put her in a better mood than she has been the preceding week or so. "Where's this swimsuit you got? I hope your friend is about the same size as me. I don't need to get arrested for indecent exposure on such a nice day."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 00:55:04 6952
    Sayaka grins, "Awesome, I'm so glad! I know you'll enjoy this!" she does rub her chin thoughtfully, walking around Kyouko as she does some mental measurements in her mind. "Hmm, she's not exactly your size but pretty close..Just wait here, I'll be right back!" she darts into a little side building, presumably a locker room of sorts and is gone for a few minutes.

    By this time, the string quartet has fully set up and they're now beginning some sort of announcements, presenting the director of the new swimming pool, mentionning something about free refreshments arriving soon, and then...The string quartet begins to play!

    Sayaka finally arrives, carrying a black one-piece bathing suit with red flames across the diagonal. It's pretty badass looking actually, and its a pity her friend cancelled on her. Sayaka hands it to Kyouko, although all her attention seems to be focused intently upon Kamijou-Kun when he begins playing (Hey, is she reddening a little?).
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 01:02:58 6953
    Kyouko watches Sayaka run off. She then turns her attention to watch the announcements with a sort of distracted idle interest, not really paying attention. She's wondering if this is really a good idea but.. something about Sayaka makes her feel a little more relaxed than usual, and it's nice for once to not be doing something SUPER SERIOUS and life-threatening. Moments like this have been fairly slim in her life since coming to Tokyo.

    When Sayaka comes back with the swimsuit, Kyouko turns back to look at it. She quirks her lips to the side, then takes it, holding it up. "That's.. well, it could be worse." She says generously, though actually she rather likes it. She hasn't worn one in years, but she did go in the pool from time to time as a child before her life went to hell.

    The musicians start playing, and she smirks again at Sayaka's instant distraction. "Hey, Raspberry-chan, I'm not getting in that pool so you can teach me to swim if you're going to let me drown because you're too busy focusing on lover-boy over there." She jerks her thumb at the violinist Sayaka is staring at so obviously.

    "Alright.. be right back." She goes into the locker room. A few minutes later she comes back out, her normal clothes stowed, wearing the black and flame-emblazoned swimsuit. It looks like it fits her pretty good, although she does have just a little bit of red in her cheeks. She's not used to wearing swimsuits in public, and it makes her feel a little defenseless to be without her normal outfit.. though the silver ring which contains her Soul Gem is still on her middle finger, of course.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 01:17:09 6958
    "Heeey.." Sayaka makes a face, "It's the prettiest bathing suit I could find! Although, I think it's probably too big for Madoka-chan anyway, sooo you might as well keep it." She grins, "Madoka-chan has way too many bathing suits anyway, I'm sure she wont mind. Oh yeah, you can get changed over there.." She points to the locker room she just came out of.

    "I'll wait here!" And ogle over Kamijou-kun some more, although she does make a face at Kyouko when she suggests her distraction, "Heey, dont worry, you're in safe hands! I'd never let my crush on a boy override the safety of a friend..Hey, do you mind if I call you Kyou-chan? Sakura-san seems way too formal.

    It doesn't take long for Kyouko to come back however, and Sayaka takes a moment to appraise her. Well the bathing suit certainly looks a lot better on Kyouko than it would have on Madoka. As expected, it would have been too big on her. Besides, it goes quite nicely with her beautiful, fiery hair. "Hey, you look great!" she beams. "I hope you're not gonna back out now, I guarantee you wont regret this!"

    And with that, the blue-haired girl leads the way towards the pool, waiting for Kyouko to follow.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 01:21:07 6959
    Kyouko looks down at the black swimsuit with the flames on it. "Y-you were going to give this to Madoka-san?" She asks, sounding like she's not quite sure what to think of that. "Eheh.. you've been friends for how long?"

    She lets it pass though. She makes a face when Sayaka asks if she can use a cutesey pet-name. "Um.. I guess." She allows after a moment. On the street, her tough image is very important to her. But.. what's the harm, right? It's not like Sayaka is going to be out hunting Witches with her anytime soon (or so she thinks, anyway).

    She actually colors a little bit more as Sayaka tells her she looks great. She's not used to getting compliments and it makes her fidget and look at the ground for a moment. "Ehh, well, it's just lucky it fits is all. Guess it's my lucky day."

    She glances back up to see Sayaka heading for the pool, and scrambles to keep up. "Hey, hold on a sec. Let's start in the shallow end, alright?" There's suddenly a nervous tone in her voice, as she realizes she's actually doing this and getting in the water.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 01:30:15 6961
    Sayaka nods, "Hmm, Madoka-chan and I have been friends since we were really young..Maybe about six, or so? So yeah, we're pretty close. I was pretty sad when I heard she was going to America for a few years, cuz I wasn't sure if she'd be staying there or coming back..But I'm so happy she's back now! Of course I have yet to chat with her. But, I'm sure we'll be reunited again1"

    She pauses by the shallow end of the pool, offering Kyouko her hand. "Don't worry, I wont let anything happen to you, I promise. I might not be a big strong magical girl like you and those others, but I at least know how to swim pretty well...So this time I'll return the favor and watch out for you, 'k?"

    Sayaka smiles and winks when she says that, half teasingly perhaps, although it might have come out a bit too seriously, "There is a ladder here so you dont have to just splash in. I'll go into the pool first so if you feel nervous, just hang onto me. It's a little cold at first, but you'll find that your body naturally floats in the water so it's not like you're gonna sink easily. Just get a feel for the water for now.."

    And with that, Sayaka jumps in the pool first, but stays close to the edge where the ladder is. Thankfully the pool is pretty large and not terribly crowded. Many people are sitting and enjoying the music right now, or grabbing some food to eat so they lots of space in the pool at the moment.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 01:35:08 6962
    Kyouko scowls as she walks over and stands at the edge of the pool, bare toes curling over the edge slightly. "It's not like I've never /been/ in a pool before." She returns, nervousness making her snippish. "I just don't know how to swim, I'm not dumb." Still, Sayaka's White Knight routine (protecting her from the pool, how noble!) makes her blush for some reason. This is so far outside of her comfort zone for so many reasons.

    "I don't need you you protect me," She starts to insist, still scowling a little bit. "I can take care of my-wah!"

    This 'wah' is because, in her fidgeting at the edge of the pool, she stepped in a slick patch left by somebody else climbing out. She's pretty darn nimble most of the time, but she's enough out of sorts at the moment from the whole situation that she overcompensates.. and tumbles right into the pool with a tremendous splash, vanishing under the surface only to reappear a moment later, flailing about as she tries to find the edge of the pool with her hands, her red hair slicked down over her face and contributing to blinding her. "Ppthtbtth!"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 01:45:02 6965
    Sayaka smirks, "Heh, I know you're not dumb, but for anyone trying something new it's always a little scary at first..But if you've swum in the past, I'm sure it'll come back to you again..Kinda like riding a bicycle, right?"

    Still, she can't help but chuckle when Kyouko makes such over-confident boasts. Clearly she's the type that doesnt like people protecting her, and Saya's a little curious to know more about her background, what made her into such a tough cookie..But that'll come eventually.

    For now, she watches the red head carefully, and gives a little gasp of concern when Kyouko slips and falls into the pool with a tremendous splash. In this shallow water, it's unlikely that she'll drown, but nonetheless Sayaka is ready to pull her head above water if need be..Fortunately, Kyouko's survival instinct kicks in and she manages to reach out for the side of the pool.

    Instead, Sayaka chuckles, "Well, that's one way to make an entrance! At least it's way cooler than outside, dont ya think?" she doesnt offer her hand, realizing that Kyouko's gonna want to be all 'tough and independant', and Sayaka knows she'd probably be the same.

    "Hey, there's a little slide over there too, it only leads into the shallow end but it's pretty fun, check this out!" she leads by example, climbing out of the pool and sliding down the tiny slide into the pool. It's not much of a slide but it at least makes it easier to get used to the water. She lands with a smaller splash and laughs, wading around in the shallow water, playfully (but gently) splashing water at Kyouko.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 01:49:26 6966
    Kyouko does manage to find the edge of the pool with one hand, using the other to push her wet hair out of her eyes and gasping as if she had just survived a Raging Arc Kick from Miss White or something. "Ugh, why did I let you talk me into this.." She gasps, although she has to admit, after the summer heat, the cool water of the pool does feel really good.

    She stays where she is, clinging to the side of the pool like a limpet as she watches Sayaka climb out and then slide down the tiny slide clearly meant for little kids. The image is so silly she can't help but laugh a little bit. "Hey careful, that thing looks pretty intense." She calls, her tone teasing.

    Then Sayaka starts to splash at her, and she acks, ducking away, accidentally letting go of the edge of the pool, then flailing around in the least graceful way ever until she grabs it again. "No fair!" But she's still laughing.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 01:57:08 6967
    Sayaka grins, "Intense? This is way more fun than falling and slipping into the pool! You should try it!" She does relax on the splashings though once Kyouko loses her balance and begins flailing again.

    "If you relax, you'll find it easier to float. Just let your arms and legs float in the water as if you were a starfish. Like this!" Sayaka then demonstrates, laying back in the water, letting her hands and her arms go limp - like a starfish. Remarkably, she is able to float on the surface of the water. Looks pretty relaxing, actually, especially with the rather relaxing song that starts to play in the string quartet. How very fitting.

    For a moment, Sayaka closes her eyes, letting her mind wander towards Kamijou-kun, totally absorbed in his beautiful playing. Hopefully Kyouko wont get into trouble during the few minutes that she is distracted.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 02:01:27 6969
    "Shut up." Kyouko grouses at getting teased in return about falling into the pool. "I know, I know how to do it!" She complains yet again as Sayaka instructs her on how to float better, although whether or not she actually knew or she's just being difficult is hard to tell.

    She waits until Sayaka is floating peacefully with her eyes closed, and not watching her, and then carefully let's go of the side of the pool. She tries to imitate Sayaka and relax and let her body float up. It works, and she finds herself floating on her back, her incredibly long red hair making a sort of halo around her for a few moments. "Hey.. this is pretty nice.."

    But she's not watching /where/ she's floating, and a moment later she bumps into the floating Sayaka. Not expecting it, she jerks, then loses her peaceful floating concentration and starts to flail again. "Wah!"

    This of course results in Sayaka's musical reverie getting rudely interrupted as she gets splashed, and then clung to like a living floatie as Kyouko tries to keep herself above water.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 02:06:17 6971
    Sayaka grins, opening one eye, "You're a stubborn one, aren't you?" she chuckles, clearly bemused. But she goes back into her reverie just long enough for Kyouko to start to flail again, clinging onto her and dragging her down a bit. By this time, both of them have somehow managed to float out to a slightly deeper part of the pool.

    Eyes flashing open, Sayaka grasps Kyouko gently by the hands, and begins treading water a little, trying to guide the both of them back to shallower - and safer - waters.

    "Relax, that's the most important thing to remember when you're swimming..I'm so sorry! I got a bit distracted.." She seems a little guilty about that, and a worried frown crosses her face. "You okay?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 02:08:17 6973
    Kyouko continues to flail in an ungainly way until Sayaka grabs her hands, steadying her. She clings to the blue-haired girl's grip, panting, but her natural instincts seem to have taken over and as long as she has that anchor, she can kick her feet and remain afloat while Sayaka guides them back over towards the shallower part of the pool.

    "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.." She says, though she doesn't let go of the other girl's hands, at least until they are close to the edge of the pool. "It'll take more than a pool to defeat me." Still, this much out of her element, she certainly doesn't seem like the same girl who was fearlessly deflecting barrages of magical Witch-needles a week ago!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-10 02:31:46 6977
It's a warm day, there's a pool opening, and Miss White has had one /heck/ of a couple of weeks. Thus, she's come to the pool. Or rather, Hannah Sharpe has alongside Boris and Ao Karina. The brunette guides the tall high schooler towards the pool, and takes the girls' cane. Hannah is dressed in a two-piece, white-and-gold swimsuit. She gives a thumbs-up to the brunette, who cheers her on! Boris, the big fluffy siberian husky, woofs on in encouragement. Thus begins the climb to the springboard.

A minute later, she takes a run, after tracing the board for its length, jumps, and executes a spinning dive into the deep end of the pool. She comes up in a small wave of water from the impact. Showoff!

Some of it might have splashed onto Kyouko and Sayaka. Ao gives a cheer, as do several of the onlookers, while Hannah starts her laps in the swimming lane!
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 02:38:52 6980
    Sayaka continues to chuckle in amusement as Kyo-chan clings to her for dear life. Not too long ago, it was Sayaka who was hiding behind Kyouko as a continual onslaught of witch-familiar-needles rained down on her, nearly killing her. Why, this should be child's play for a tough girl like Kyouko!

    But Sayaka is too noble to taunt her about that. Why, that would be distasteful! Besides, like she had said, she realizes that a person out of their element isn't necessarily a coward, just inexperienced.

    "Heh, you're learning quickly, Kyou-chan! I know you're pretty tough and strong, you're probably a way better swimmer than me, once you learn the basics!"

    She nods down at her feet which are paddling in the water. As for her hands, they gently float in the water, swishing back and forth, as if she were spreading peanut butter. Or something. "They call this treading water. It helps you stay afloat in one place. Laying on your back is another way, but it requires more concentration. If you kick your feet and move horizontally across the water, it'll help propel you out further.."

    She pauses as she spies the blind girl up on the diving board. "Wow, is she really blind? How can she do that?" then the girl dives off, executing an impressive array of spins before landing gracefully in the pool. "Heh, not bad." She smirks, though calmly mutters under her breath, "I could do better.."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 02:43:13 6981
    "Stop laughing." Kyouko complains in a sulky tone, her cheeks burning, as she finally gets back to the edge of the pool and grabs onto it again, suspending herself at a safe level in the water. Still, she can't help but chuckle herself after a moment, realizing how ridiculous she must look and finding that, at least in this company, she doesn't mind so much. The fact that Sayaka is not someone she has to try and look tough in front of as a matter of survival is.. surprisingly refreshing.

    "Of course I'll be a better swimmer than you!" She says, with a hint of her usual boastfulness. "/I'm/ not constantly distracted by a certain musician.." Ooh, that's a tease alright, her fang peeking out again as she grins mischeviously.

tShe's about to tell Sayaka to knock it off with the instructions because it makes her feel like a 2-year-old, when her attention is diverted by the girl's mention of a blind chick. She instantly feels a chill, wondering if Miss White has somehow tracked her down. But she turns to look at the exact wrong moment..

    And gets a face-full of water from Hannah's splash, blinding /her/ temporarily and preventing her from seeing who Sayaka was talking about as she sputters and wipes at her eyes. "Agh, dammit!"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 02:50:29 6983
    Sayaka smirks, "Someday, sure. But today, I'll bet I can outswim you!" she shakes off the water from the splash as if it was nothing. The blind girl has her attention for a moment or two, but she doesnt particularly recognize her from anywhere. As for the hospital, there was so much stuff going on, she probably didnt even see Ao. Still, it's pretty impressive to see a blind girl with the confidence to leap off into the unknown. Oh well..

    The blue-haired girl paddles out a little further into the water, towards slightly deeper waters, peering up at the diving board. She REALLY wants to dive off it herself..But she doesnt want to leave Kyouko here, still pretty unfamiliar and untrained in the water.

    Fortunately, a random beach ball comes flying towards her and she grins, "Hey Kyou-chan, catch!" and she punts the ball gently towards Kyouko, knowing there's a possibility it might force her to let go of the edge and swim out a little deeper into the pool. Well, only one way to learn, right?
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 02:53:31 6985
    Sayaka punts the beach ball at Kyouko, but Kyouko was still peering around suspiciously after clearing her eyes. It ricochets right off the side of her head with a hollow *pnt* sound, spiralling away and leaving her with little x's for eyes for a second or two.

    "Hey! What was that for?" She demands when she recovers, turning to scowl at Sayaka.. but there's something good-natured about it. "Nobody does that to me and gets away with it!" She starts to very slowly make her way along the edge of the pool towards Sayaka, hand over hand, her tongue poking out the side of her mouth as she concentrates on moving in the water without losing her cool. "You.. just wait right there. I'm gonna make you pay.. in.. just a minute.."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 02:55:58 6986
    Sayaka grins, leaping into the air to effortlessly catch the ball, "Heh, you'll have to catch me first!" She taunts as she swims further away from the edge of the pool, "Cant catch the ball if you're clinging to the wall though!"

    And with that, she tosses the ball high in the air, aiming for Kyouko, but again gently enough that it wont cause her much damage (although admittedly these little blow up beach balls are pretty soft to begin with).

    Too bad you missed that blind girl diving off the high board and swimming laps around the pool. Pretty impressive really.."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 03:02:09 6988
    Kyouko lets go of the side of the pool in order to catch the ball, which she does pretty effortlessly.. clinging to it and bobbing in the water, using it as a float. She sticks her tongue out. "You just wait. I'll get my revenge." Words she's spoken to other people in a much different tone in recent days.

    Eventually though, she sighs and moves to the edge of the pool.. climbing up out of it to stand dripping on the edge and tossing the ball back in. She uses her hands to wring out her massive ponytail for a moment. "Listen, Raspberry-chan, this has been fun. I.. well, I had a good time. It was nice to relax. But I should get going. I got things to do." Even without knowing what kind of things they are, that has an ominous sort of ring to it, the way she says it.

    She hesitates a moment, and then goes on, in a quieter voice but loud enough for Sayaka to hear, "I'd like to see you again sometime. It's fun to just.. hang out, and I don't have many people I can do that with. But.. I'm not sure how things are gonna go for me in the next little while. It.. could get pretty rough, and there's a chance you won't see me again. Just.. think positive thoughts for me, huh?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 03:12:58 6992
    Sayaka makes a face as Kyouko climbs out and tosses the ball back. "Heey, that's cheating!" She laughs, about to return the toss and grins, "I'm glad you had fun. We'll definitely do it again sometime. I..."

    Then Kyouko gets all serious and it causes Sayaka to frown a bit, swiftly paddling to the edge of the pool. "Wait...What are you talking about? Are..Are you in trouble, Kyou-chan?"

    She seems kinda..Worried now, especially knowing that Kyouko's a magical girl and all. Why, that whole event in the hospital was scary enough. She cant imagine what it must be like, facing dangers like that all the time.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 03:15:20 6993
    Kyouko just laughs, but it has a bit of a harsher edge to it than her genuine laughs earlier when she was having fun in the pool. She crouches down by the edge as Sayaka swims over, and offers her a smile. "I'm always in trouble. Stick around long enough and you'll figure that out about me. Seem to attract trouble like flowers attract bees."

    She shrugs, reaching out to ruffle Sayaka's hair in an affectionate way, then she stands up again. "Eh, I'll be ok. Always have been before. So do you want this swimsuit back?" She asks, trying to lighten the mood as she starts to walk towards the locker room to change back into her normal clothes.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-10 03:21:03 6994
    Sayaka looks worried. "You're strong, Kyou-chan. That much I know, stronger in more ways than one. But...But I wish there was something I could do to help you. I feel so...Powerless. If there's someone, or something threatenning you, if I...If I could become.." she hesitates to say 'magical girl', knowing it would anger Kyouko.

    Shaking her head, Sayaka climbs out of the pool. "No, keep it Kyou-chan, it suits you. Besides, we have to meet again so I can continue your swimming lessons." She smiles and winks, trying to lighten the situation.

    "At least promise me we'll meet here again..Soon.."
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-10 03:24:08 6995
    Kyouko glances down at the suit, then shrugs. "Alright. I'll hang onto it then, for now at least. That means I owe you one, Raspberry-chan, and I don't forget my debts, so don't worry.. I'll pay ya back somehow." She grins, then shakes her head slightly as Sayaka seems to wrestle with the idea that there's not currently any way she can help solve Kyouko's problems.

    "Trust me, Sayaka-chan," She says, using the other girl's real name for the first time today, "You're better off not getting involved. What you did here today was.. well, it helped me too. So.. thanks." She turns then and walks back into the locker room.

    A few moments later, she's coming back out, in her normal clothes, with the wet bathing suit folded up and carried in one hand. "Anyways. Thanks again." She offers a last smile and a wink. "I'm sure we'll get to have another lesson. Stay safe." Then she turns and starts to head off through the crowd.