There's people at the Crown, and they talk and play games.

Date: 2017-06-02
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Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 18:04:09 77687
    Kyouko doesn't come to the crown to maintain her DDR high score as much as she used to- she has a lot more demands on her time these days. But when she gets a chance to, she still does- gleefully unseating whatever upstart might have managed to knock her off of the top of the list on the Crown's machine. She's been doing that this afternoon, after getting off of her shift at the conbenie, wearing her usual work uniform of jeans and a plain black t-shirt, and is only now stepping down from the machine.

    She's hardly breathing hard, but her lopsided grin of triumph speaks to her results as she wipes a hand across her forehead, sweating after that exertion but only minorly. Tossing her head to clear a few wayward strands of hair out of her eyes, she turns and makes her way to the counter to order a celebratory beverage of some kind. After all, one must reward oneself for successful efforts.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 18:09:15 77688
    In between her new job at WPS, working over time as Puella Magi who is determined to help everyone and their dog (sometimes even when they dont wan their help), and suddenly being forced to take cram school after playing hookey repeatedly and failing exams, Sayaka hasn't had a lot of 'me' time herself.
    So today, she's decided to chill out and enjoy some video gamess. She's not as good as the all time high score bearer at DDR, but she's slowly creeping close. Time to see if all her training has paid off!
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 18:19:14 77689
The upstart on it was listed just as 'K/T' on the scoreboard, and whoever it is has consistently high scores, but is not someone that a lot of people end up seeing play a lot.

With the exception of the long braid of black hair, Koji could be mistaken for just about any other student that comes to the Game Center, and in fact, he enters with a group of about 5-6 other Seiyou students, but seems to be more to the back, nodding and even laughing at someone's comment. Not quite a hanger-on, but more like a social chameleon right now. One of those guys that's always in the background. But while all the others veer off to where the shooter and fighting games are, he instead goes over towards the dance games.

Tell me why we're doing this again?, Koji seems to ask himself only to get a reply in his mind of, <<Das ist ein gutes Training fur uns zusammen zu arbeiten, und ausserdem magst du keine Spiele.>>

The young man actually chuckles a little, and then adds, Right... I just think you're overly competitive.

<<Ich bin nicht.>>

And for some reason the response makes him smile even more as he stops by the DDR machines to watch the score scroll, looking for his digital 'foes' for the day.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 18:25:08 77690
There is one who is not trying to get her name on the DDR high score list. Naru doesn't seem to even /play/ video games, but yet she turns up at the Crown on a .. well used to be a more regular basis, but its not unheard of.

Today she's still in her school uniform as Naru heads into the Crown and past the DDR machines. She grins as she spots the folks lingering there, giving both Koji and Sayaka a wave. "Hey there." There's no lingering for her, however, she's making a beeline towards the food ordering counter, coming up alongside Kyouko as she does.

An absent touch of her hand to Kyouko's waist is the total of the PDA for the moment, but the greeting is warm. "Hey there. Did you order anything good? I'm /starving/."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 18:29:45 77691
    Kyouko hasn't yet noticed Sayaka or Koji, as having conquored the DDR machine and restored her rightful dominance for the moment, she has her back to it as she stands at the food counter awaiting her order. She seems to sense Naru before that brief touch, her head already turning towards the other girl, but she smiles brightly at the sight of her, elbows still leaned on the counter. "Hey yourself. I ordered a rootbeer float, though if you wanna get somethin' more foody I'd split it with you. I was thinking about it but hadn't actually made a decision yet."

    Koji meanwhile, will discover a renewed "KAS" at the top of the high score list, by a slim but definite margin. She has managed to hang onto that top spot for almost two years now, though in times when she doesn't make it to the arcade often enough she has lost it temporarily, as was the case prior to today.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 18:31:59 77692
Sayaka Miki smirks as she heads for the DDR game. "Dammit, why cant I beat that girl..?"
    She makes a face as she peers up at the latest highscore, not yet realizing it is Kyouko til she turns around. Oh, this is awkward.
    "Ulp...Kyouko..chan.." thankfully Naru is here to and she smiles faintly and nods to her as well. "Naru chan..Been a while."
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 18:37:47 77695
While all the girls are at the food counter, Koji is at the DDR machine, watching the high score scroll. When the 'KAS' passes over, and his 'team' has been pushed to 2nd place, he just nods and smile. Pushing his glasses back up just a bit, they gleam in the light as he says to his 'friend', Allright. Like before. Let me move, instead of forcing me to move... this isn't a battle.

<<Aber du bist so ungeschickt!>>

No reason to be mean about it.

<<Das war deine idee Alles klar, genau wie frher Ich werde helfen, wenn du nicht mithalten kannst.>>

And with that, Koji puts in his play card to start up a new round, goes right up into the harder songs for a warm-up. As the beats begin to thump and it obviously sounds like someone has started playing, at least Kyouko would recognize the song as one of the ones with at least 4-5 beat-jumps and a couple freezes. Not like you hear with most people who come by to try their hand. For th boy, his mouth is put at a thin line as he starts listening to the beat, and tapping his heel, his choice an electronic-fusion of swing jazz.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 18:42:17 77696
"If we're sharing, then we'll want two. I was debating if I could gnaw on my desk for the last half of class, I /clearly/ did not bring enough lunch, or this morning's swim was high calorie burn." Naru explains to Kyouko with a rueful smile. "And I still have a cycling workout tonight, although I swear, that might end at ice cream."

Naru waves to Sayaka, determined to just ignore the awkward and plunge forward as if nothing at all is amiss. "How're you? It has been a while. Life's been keeping me busy, I haven't been out as much."

Naru glances past to where Koji has taken to the DDR machine. "Apparently you have competition." She watches a moment and then turns to order what appears to an order of fries smothered in cheese and goop and delicious, as well as onion rings. It's a start.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 18:46:31 77697
    Kyouko rolls her eyes at Naru, affectionately. "You get up to enough delinquency during class, babe, let's not add 'eating the furniture' to the list." She smirks teasingly, then adds her own order on to Naru's, doubling the amount of goop-covered fries. In the meantime, her root beer float arrives, as she is already sipping on the straw when she turns at Sayaka's greeting.

    Her eyebrows raise a little, but she doesn't seem otherwise put off, merely smiling around the straw, then popping it free in order to say, "Saya-chan, hey." Naru already asked how the other Puella was, do Kyouko leaves it at that rather than making redundant requests.

    Instead her eyes travel tow here Koji is on the machine, and at Naru's comment about competition she raises a brow. "Ain't that the polite kid who was at the Frat House the other day? Didn't know he was a gamer, too." She watches with some appreciation, though the air is still that of a master watching a novice (whether she deserves to have that air or not notwithstanding). "He's not bad."
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 19:02:49 77698
At first, Koji looks a bit more clumsy about it, a lot of initial rough steps and getting many fair/poor reactions, but never an actual missed step as the game starts going on him, quickly alternating between quick shuffles, hop-steps, and those annoying hold-steps that then have to be let go so you can tapdance out another 15-20 step chain.

He almost seems too focused about it, not like he's doing it for fun, but like he's doing it to train, or prove something.

The more experienced Puella and combatants might begin to notice that there are points where he's about to falter in a combo that something pushes his leg the right direction, almost mechanically awkward about it too, and gets him back on track. It's as if every few steps, some kind of robot or machine takes over his legs, and then backs down.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 19:05:00 77699
Sayaka Miki smiles at Naru, clearly more relaxed around her than the red head. "Been busy, but doing okay. Havent been here in a long time. Figured it was time to chill out and relax for once.."
    She had also ordered a root beer float and hovers awkwardly around for a bit, nodding slowly to Kyouko.
    "Its ah..Been a while...How you been?"
    Every so often she glances towards the DDR machine and the new contender and smiles, "Heh you're right! He's not bad..May have to chalkenge him in a bit."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 19:08:38 77700
"Gnawing on the desk would probably get me sent to the nurse's office, just at a guess." Naru grins to Kyouko and then leans, waiting for the massive grease and calorie laden snack of questionable nutrition to be ready.

Naru grins to Sayaka. "Busy is everyone's byline, I swear. I hear you about relaxing, though. I'm trying to remember to do more of that too. Not actually /managing/ it, but trying at least."

Naru takes her life in her hands by reaching for Kyouko's root beer float to steal a sip (or two) and turns with the pair of puella to watch Koji. "To those of us who don't play, all three of you look like wizards. I'd fall off the damn thing, I'm sure of it."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 19:13:32 77701
    Kyouko eyes Naru as she has the temerity to steal root beer, but lets it pass. Recent events have shown how unwise it is to start throwing beverage containers around. The plate of fries and associated high-calorie condiment is placed down on the counter, and she pulls one off as she shrugs her shoulders towards Sayaka. "Eh.. surviving, so I can't complain which, like busy, seems to be the way of things for a lotta people."

    Her gaze returns to the DDR machine. "It's all practice. I used to take out my frustration by beating up that damn machine.. well, not that one, but one just like it in Kazamino. Beating it up with my feet." She grins. "Plus, y'know that pride of mine. If I'm gonna do something, I gotta be the best at it. I'm sure you'd do fine." She watches Koji for another few moments, then adds, "He's kinda stiff but I guess I can't argue with results."
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 19:29:11 77702
The boy finishes his run with a good score, but not the best on that or any individual piece, but has scores to put him in the top ten at least. As he steps off the machine, Koji picks up his bag and almost stumbles to one of the tables for a quick drink, and then to take off the jacket of his school uniform in favor of the shortsleeve uniform shirt. That quick drink turns into almost chugging his favored oolong tea... which almost turns into a spit-take when he sees two girls he knows, and their friend.

Turning around in the utterly impractical hope that they won't recognize him, he mutters, "Oh boy..."
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 19:33:13 77703
Sayaka Miki shrugs at Kyouko, reaching for her float when it arrives. "Huess we're all pretty busy, especially in our line of work. Naru-chan, think we. can do another study session too? I just keep falling behind, and I'm kinda preferring your turorage to cram school!"
    With a wry smile, she turns to watch Koji some more, smiling and clapping at his performance, "Heh, not bad.." she comments as he comes over.
    "Mind some friendoy competition? I'm a but rusty but.."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 19:41:10 77704
"I will have more time for extra stuff after the race." Naru notes with a nod to Sayaka. "So we can try and fit a study session in sooner, but it might not be for a few weeks. Just so you don't think I'm avoiding you." The offering of snack and backup snack onto the counter is met with an almost relieved look and Naru manages to have fries in one hand, onion rings in the other and not drop her school bag onto the floor.


"You can come join us, if you want, Koji!" Naru calls over to the boy as he finishes his turn on the DDR machine. Which basically kyboshes any assumption that he didn't get seen. Naru's voice is quieter for Kyouko, she's right there. "I mostly drew while watching Usagi play. I've never really played any of the games in here. I think Usagi's tried most of them, if not all."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 19:44:45 77705
    "Don't take it personal," Kyouko asides to Sayaka. "This damn race is all anybody has time for recently." She says it with no real anger, just long-suffering amusement. She begins helping herself to the fries as well, eating with the absent yet mechanical fervor that is her general approach to food. Not that she doesn't enjoy it, she just has never been able to shake the impression that she thinks if she doesn't finish her food quickly, somebody is going to steal it (somebody less welcome than Naru to do so).

    Kyouko grins a little at the look on Koji's face when he notices that he has an audience, nodding her head in agreement with Naru's offer without adding to it, once again letting the other girl do the speaking. Though when Naru comments about Usagi, Kyouko chuckles around a french fry. "Yeah, I've played with Usagi before. She's good. Not as good as me, of course. But good." Such pride, so smug.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 19:50:51 77706
Niceness. Naru managing to pierce through any social armoring against not going over with a single sentence.

But first he looks to Sayaka, and then gives a nervous little smile and a chuckle as he rubs the back of his neck, "Oh no... be my guest. I'm not really that good, but I'll try and give you a challenge?"

That all done, he moves his schoolbag and coat, as well as the big plastic bottle of oolong over to where the two older girls are, and bows slightly to them both, "Hello, Miss Naru... Miss Kyouko." Still being very polite with others before he straightens up, "I hope you're doing well."

He looks back over his shoulder to see if Sayaka is setting up for 2-player mode then, just in case.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 19:56:50 77707
Sayaka Miki hadnt quite headed towards the game yet, trying to finish off her float. "Hmm so what's this about a race? This is my first time hearing anout it, but I love races!"
    Glancing over at Koji, she smiles and biws, "Koji-kun huh? nice to meet you, I'm Sayaka Miki."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 20:03:08 77708
Naru slides into a seat with her food, settling there with whoever decides to come and join at the table. "I did a 10k race last fall, and really enjoyed it." She pauses. "Last fall? Was it really that long ago? I suppose it was. Hunh." She continues after a moment, picking up an onion ring to hold and let cool while she explains further. "I was going to just sign up for a longer distance for the challenge, but there's pretty strict limits on race length for under 18s. Which is seriously annoying, cause I can't exactly explain to them /why/ I'm not concerned about overstressing my joints, but that's fine. So then I decided that a triathlon would be a good next challenge, and that's at the end of this month. Short one though, again with the limits on under 18s." She wrinkles her nose. "Which means I'm learning how much I hate speedwork. Give me endurance any day, but I suppose it's good for me and all that."

Naru smiles brightly to Koji at his polite greeting. "How're you? Good to see you again."

Naru leans over to give Kyouko a gentle nudge, shoulder to shoulder. No words, just a smile and then she returns to eating.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 20:08:40 77709
    Kyouko predictably sits with Naru, though whether that has more to do with her girlfriend or with the food being centered squarely on the table might be up for debate. She continues to consume fries at a rate which would send more people's arteries screaming, though being a Puella a heart attack is probably not something she has to worry about. Selling your soul does have some benefits.

    She listens to Naru's explanation of the races, and shakes her head slightly. "She's really serious about this race stuff." She says to both Koji and Sayaka. "Meanwhile all I know is that it means extended morning workouts." She makes a face. "I'm not the type to sleep 'til noon but just sometimes I'd like to have the sun already be up when I get out of bed."

    She nudges Naru back, winking to let her know her complaining is.. well, it's real, but it's also resigned and not particularly bitter. Though it might seem that way at 5:15am sometimes.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 20:12:59 77710
To his own credit, Koji doesn't seem bothered by Kyouko's lack of response, instead turning and bowing back to Sayaka, "Silvia Koji. I go to Seiyou Public School, but I was introduced to Miss Naru and Miss Kyouko through some friends. It's a pleasure to meet you." Leaving any Mahou-related issues as a handwave because of all the other students in here.

He returns to looking at Naru, and then seems a flush a little, "I'm... doing allright. The landlord at our apartment building came by again. He doesn't like that I've been living there alone for so long. Thinks it makes the place seem disreputable. I'm getting a little worried about it though... he's been coming by a lot lately, and my parents' contract is up in a month."
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 20:20:56 77711
Sayaka Miki hovers at the table, hesitant to join. Though ahe smiles at Naru, "Wow, you're really dedicated! Didnt know you were into that kind of stuff, but I shoulda figured. Youre like, one of those super genius, multi talented types like Ami-chan."
    She chuckles as she sips her float, nodding to Koju. "Nice to meet you, do you come here often?"
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 20:30:08 77712
"You don't /have/ to get up with me." Naru points out to Kyouko with a grin. This line of complaining has been well trodden, and is a familiar dance, there's no heat to their words. No potential of thrown crockery.

"Mmmm." Naru turns to Koji thoughtfully. "That's problematic. Is that a 'you could use somewhere to stay' problem, so that the landlord stops being stupid, or is that a 'you could use a useful adult to conveniently be there when he visits' sort of problem?" She pops another onion ring in her mouth. "Cause the former is easier than the later, but my mother /is/ pretty cool."

Naru can't help but laugh and shakes her head quickly at Sayaka's words. "Nope.. not super genius like Ami. High school has been an interesting trasition and not especially smooth. I do really enjoy my runs, biking's pretty good, and I tolerate the swim. If I could just do marathons, I'd be happy, but I do train better with a race to aim for."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 20:31:10 77713
Reiko Touyama has had a long boring day at school. Things are a LITTLE better since discussing things with Ayana-chan. She takes a deep breath as she walks in, in her school uniform and backpack because she's looking forward to an orange sherbet and games and---

OH! It's Naru-chan. Sitting with some friends. "Hi Naru-chan!" she beams as she hops on her feet a bit. Even if Naru may or may not be just leaving or. Something. She gives a wave to Kyouko and then to Sayaka. Sayaka seems familar. Kyouko does to. But then there's this....

....boy..... a flowerly red rosed border fills her vision, along with sparkles.

"O--oh! Hi! Are you. Um. One of. Naru's friends?" she asks, suddenly with just a smallll fluster. Must be shy.

The tiny magical orange koi that appears somewhere over near Naru's head for a moment that leans it's head on it's fins and makes heart eyes says ENTIRELY otherwise.

In other words. Reiko is having her usual reaction to a pretty face. :I

"Oh. Are we talking about that race thing...?" she asks. "The uh. Quad..athalton? Oh.. um maybe. BiAthlon. Some. Number. Thing-a-lon...." she says sheepishly.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 20:38:52 77714
    Kyouko eyes Koji at his words about his living situation. "That's BS man. Lotsa people your age live on their own in Tokyo, s'practically a tradition, and if the bills all paid up, he ain't got no reason to be buggin' you. If you want me to come around and scare him off for you, just say so." That's a legit offer too, though probably not one she should be making given her current role in life.

    She laughs at Sayaka's words about Naru. "I'm not sure anybody is a super-genius like Ami, but I bet Naru could take her in a fight, now. Magic aside." She grins at Naru, knowing full well that fighting Ami with or without magic is not something the other girl would be likely to do.

    Kyouko glances to Reiko as the girl arrives, not being super familiar with the girl but recognizing her enough for a friendly greeting as she returns the wave. "The triatholon." She supplies helpfully. "It's at the end of the month."
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 20:44:36 77715
Being the only boy in the middle of a gaggle of girls is enough to make some of the other young men in the arcade notice, but for most because of the angle, he probably comes off as a tomboyish-dressed girl. Either way, Koji moves a little so he's not so conspicuous, before he bows a couple times, "Thank you... thank you both, but I'll manage. My father's supervisor from the Ministry is going to be by in a couple days to talk with the landlord and straighten things out. The Ministry's been very good about my parents' extended... recovery time."

Sighing once more he then straightens and looks to Sayaka, and past to the newcomer, sort of including himself into the conversation on athletics by saying, "D-do you have someone manning a water station for you? I hear it's really important to have someone to remind you to hydrate..."

Apparently, DDR has been temporarily forgotten, moreso when Reiko appears, and he mumbles out, "Sumimasen." And then bows to her as well, "Hello... are you friends with Miss Naru?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 20:49:38 77716
Sayaka Miki smirks at Naru, "Youre way too modest, as always." as for Koji's problems, it seems Kyouko's got that covered, "Sorry to hear you're having issues, I agree with Kyouko-chan, if you need backup, just let me know."
    Then Reiko comes and she smiles and waves at her. "Ah, Reiko-chan, its been a while. How are you?"
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 21:04:35 77717
Reiko Touyama is there staring like an idiot at Koji for a moment when this koi sort of appears next to her head. Looks frustrated, then spins- slapping it's tail against her head for a second and she 'Ows!' a bit and snaps out of it. Everyone here can see the koi. Mundanes can't though.

"O--oh! Um. Y--yes. I'm a friend of Naru-chan." she says sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head. "We're both really good artists and stuff and artists have gotta stick together!" she says even more sheepishly. She nods at Kyouko. "Oh. Okay~! Well I hope you guys have luck in it. I think that's too much for me. Maybe in a couple of years." she says.

She beams at Sayaka. "Hiii Sayaka-chan." she says. "I'm well!" she says.

She rubs the side of her head as she grumbles a bit more whispery. "Koi are being a bit more fresh than usual." she huffs.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 21:06:21 77718
"I haven't been out as much lately." Naru comments as she works her way through her food with a dedication that she's clearly learned from Kyouko, and Usagi. "So I don't quite know everyone anymore. Still, if the adults can't sort themselves out.. please do say something. We can probably help beyond threatening the landlord. The teens of Tokyo have a surprising number of resources at our disposal."

"I'm usually pretty good about hydration.. I learned that one early." Naru makes a little face at herself and some early runs. "I'm having trouble keeping my calories high enough." She gestures at the food, almost gone, in front of her. "I burn more than one might think for my size, and then.. yeah. It's a major mundane race, so they have stations set up, but I'm sure they'd be glad of volunteers on race day if you wanted to, Koji."

Naru smiles at Reiko and nods. "Artists have to stick together, indeed." She can't help but chuckle softly at the antics of the koi, eating a few more goopy fries.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 21:13:25 77719
...and then there was a fish.

Koji gulps, and then recovers some by picking up and gulping down more of his bottled oolong, before saying to Naru in response to her talking about food, "I-if you'd like... I could... d-do some research on foods athletes eat for these things. M-maybe come up with some things you could eat to help?" Fidgetting just a little as he looks at the other girls for a long moment.

Remembering himself, he bows to Reiko, but seems to be looking where the koi was before saying, "Hello... I'm Silvia Koji. Pleased to meet you. Excuse me..."

After that though, he begins moving off to the DDR machine to play another round, backing away from the girls as the larger group and so many strangers seems a touch offputting to him.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 21:13:28 77720
    "Well, if you say so," Kyouko says to Koji, echoing Naru's sentiment with: "but if that ain't the case you let us know. I'm sure we can do somethin' to help you out." Even if it's not threatening, which happens to be her forte.

    She grins. "I'll be there anyway, even if I'm not running. I can be dual cheerleader and water-hander-offer.. or whatever." She chews a french fry herself as she glances at Reiko. "I'm not running myself," She explains, "Not that I don't think I could I just can't seem to find it in myself to dedicate to the training quite as hard as the rest of these crazies."
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-02 21:19:45 77721
Sayaka Miki smiles and finishes the last of the root beer float. She keeps peering over at the DDR gamd which is popular today but there is a brief opening and she makes for it.
    "Nice meeting you all, think I'm gonna try sone DDR. later!"
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 21:26:50 77722
Reiko Touyama nods at Kyouko a bit. "Oh. Okay." she says, she looks to Naru and beams. "I've been working on some new pieces in Art Club. I should bring them over when I'm finished." she says. She gently blinks. "Oh! Did you see that tourism brochure? I mean. The new one. With the art I did on it that won that contest. On the day...... well. That. Day." she mutters.

The day her Chroma Prism shattered and the color orange poofed for a bit.

"But yeah!" she says as she hops on her feet a bit. Then she looks at Koji and blinks and head tilts. YET another koi joins her in this as she looks back to the others. This koi doesn't poof immediately. "Is... is he okay?" she asks. She turns to follow him the few feet to the machine. She stops a moment. "Hi. I'm. Reiko. Reiko Touyama." she says softly. That koi is still floating there. A pause.

"Wait. You can see the fish. Can't you." she says as she facepalms. "Ugh. Look. They're just kinda. Manifestations from my. Crystal. Thing." she says. "It's kinda difficult to explain. But. Only. Like. Magic people can see them? Or those that have been exposed a lot to it." she says?

"So. That makes sense to you. Right?" she asks.

"Because I saw you react to the one earlier."

The tiny koi next to her nods matter of factly. Somehow. It never talks.

Then she facefaults. "Ugh. of course it doesn't." she huffs. She sighs a bit.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-02 21:31:33 77723
"Take care Sayaka. We'll touch base about studying later, okay?" Naru calls after her and then settles her attention back upon Koji. "I would love another perspective on race nutrition. Even when I'm not training, I blow through calories like I am, and then mix training of various kinds in, and .. well.. there's precious few of the girls in my class who don't worry about dieting, and I'm absolutely one of them."

"Ooh, I havne't seen the brochure yet." Naru looks pleased for Reiko, no matter that she lost that competition. "I didn't realize it was out yet. I'll have to go looking for it."

Naru sops up the last of her goopy fries, the last onion ring and takes a deep breath. "Okay. Sorry to eat and run, but I need to eat and .. okay eat and cycle technically. Koji.. do you have my mobile number?" Naru goes digging through her bag, emerging with a scrap of paper to give the boy her number. "Text me."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-02 21:34:25 77724
    Kyouko waves to Sayaka as the girl heads off, then just helps Naru mop up the last of the fries. She is standing as well when Naru says that needs to go. "I'll go with you. Momo's probably gonna be home soon anyway." She says, idly watching Koji head off towards the machine, and Reiko trailing after her.

    She eyes Naru as the other girl gives Koji her number. She doesn't say anything (nor is she actually bothered), but as soon as the two are out of earshot there is going to be some playfully accusatory banter about that, you can be absolutely sure. "See ya around." She says to those remaning in the crown in a general farewell.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 21:36:05 77725
Almost immediately, the boy has a small ring-notebook out from his pocket and one of those little pens that fit just inside of them for easy travel, and he then has to pause as the scrap is passed to him, "No... but thank you." And then a pause as the girls get up to leave, "Oh... have a good day."

Taking up the note, he puts it into the notebook and then puts it away before he turns to look at Reiko once more, looking back and forth between the fish, "Well... t-to be fair? Fish is... not the strangest... thing I've seen today..."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 21:48:39 77726
Reiko Touyama scuffs her foot. "It's a really long story. About the fish. It's kind of a silly story. I guess." she says. "Mainly. I just like the color orange a lot and I like koi. So that's kind of how my magic manifests. Only they like to come out and sort of mimic my emotional state and what not." she says.

"Kinda harder to tell grandpa that everything is okay with a fake smile when he can see the mopey kois and what not swimming about the house." she says.

"I was never really good at DDR. Or any sort of similar athletic like game." she admits. "I dun't move fast enough. Kinda a nerd and what not." she says with a nervous smile as she fixes her glasses.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 21:52:11 77727
Koji actually smiles a bit more, but then says as all the other girls depart, "I'm not that good either, but I'm getting help from a friend." Tapping the side of his own glasses as he goes to sit down instead, and motions for Reiko to join him, "But actually... it's really simple once you understand the game itself."

A little more relaxed with a younger girl around, he finishes off his bottle of tea, and then says, "It's about the patterns. You listen to the music, you follow the pattern, and then eventually it all comes together. At that point, it's just a matter of reflexes. Those people who you see doing it all so easily? They've spent HOURS playing the same stage over and over, learning it so they can do it."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 22:01:41 77728
Reiko Touyama Shakes her head. "I have good hand motor skills but I have like three left feet." she mutters to herself. "Like I went to this dance once and I about stepped on the other guys feet?" she says with a nervous smile. "So I'd like step on my feet doing this three times I'm sure." she says.

"I mean. Mei-chan used to be good at it." she says. "I'm sure Hoshi-chan is super graceful with it, too." she says.

"I'd probably also break the machine in the process." she laughs self deprecatingly.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 22:07:23 77729
Rubbing the back of his neck once more, Koji chuckles once more, "That wouldn't be so good for the machines or the arcade, would it."

Since fair is fair, the young man picks up his school uniform jacket and takes his smartphone out. Holding it out to Reiko, she can see a leopard-like beastman's head there, the image blue and ghost-like in the phone, "This is my friend. He and I share many things..." One of them being a body, but that's not a topic for right now, "You sound like you have a lot of friends too... that's good. Girls make friends pretty easily, like I've seen."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 22:17:45 77730
Reiko Touyama narrows her eyes at the picture. She taps her chin and thinks a bit on this. She then head tilts. "I didn't used to." she says. "It was just me and Mei-chan." she says. "For a while. When we were in early grades- we used to play this game about. Magical girls. Then one of our friends kind of broke everyone up and we all went our different ways." she says.

"....then um. The game. Started kinda. Turning out to be real." she says. "Like. The mascots we used to pretend showed up. Then the friend who broke off who used to be our bad guy turned out to... actually be the badguy. And stuff like that." she says.

"...and it's weird because I /drew/ a lot of the things for Mei's story about the game and it looks a lot like that all." she says. "Mei was the writer. We made it a manga after the game ended but. I kind of stopped. When stuff started becoming real because I was afraid I might add something dangerous to it." she says.

"Then. Everyone started coming back. And there's these monsters called 'Shades' that drain the color of the world around them. And everyone gets lethargic and tired after."

"Oh. Right. I'm a Prism Keeper. I protect color!" she beams. "Specifically. Orange. I'm Orange." she says.

"Color is kind of. The flow of. Imagination. Progress. Creativity." she nods. "Without it. Stuff kind of... stops." she says.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 22:29:08 77731
The young man kind of rests his hand on his fist as he listens, not looking away, not blinking much, and then gives a couple nods where appropriate. But it's not the look of someone listening just to humor someone. Instead, Koji takes a breath, and then says, "Allright."

Sitting back a moment, he looks around to make sur eno one else is too close, but then goes on, "My friend's name is Tyrfing. He's sort of a person, but sort of isn't. He's very old, and actually comes from another planet. He came here with his partner, a woman who worked for a group that stopped things like him from going out of control and hurting people, and they were looking for a creature that was created and was taking energy from people. They fought, and then he got damaged and she... made him leave her to try and stop the thing."

Not wanting to worry the girl, he glosses the obvious, and goes on, "Anyways, last year during summer, my parents were studying the water and soil content along the eastern shores of Nakadori Island... west of Nagasaki. And this monster came up and started trying to hurt people. Tyrfing came to me and asked me to help him fight it. We did... and it seemed to go away... but then we became permanently bonded."

Motioning up to one of the koi, Koji adds, "So kind of like your koi, I have a friend who talks to me where no one else can hear. He's doesn't always understand me or us... he's a soldier, and not from Earth... but he's learning."
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 22:44:07 77732
Reiko Touyama ahs. She reaches under her shirt and tugs that necklace to show her Chroma Prism. It's an orange jewel that glistens and seems to glow with tiny tiny white little swimming inside. She slips it back. "That's my Chroma Prism. It's the essence of the color orange. If it breaks. The color orange just dissapears from the world at large. That happened once." she frowns. "It's the day we found out Hiroko-chan was Griselda. She saw my koi. And made the connection. Sort of lashed out before I could do anything about it..." she says quietly. "The koi kind of out me. But they also out people who react to them." she says.

She listens to the story and nods a little. "OH! Your parents are scientists too?" she asks. "Or researchers...? My mom and dad both work in pharmaceuticals but. I don't really. See them a lot. Or ever." she mutters. Wondering why she got excited suddenly as she grumbles a little.

"Grandpa can see my koi but I dunno why. He knows what I do. He just worries a little." she says.

"So you're bonded to your friend? That's odd." she says tapping her bottom lip. Reiko knows about devices, but this doesn't sound like one to her. So she isn't making the connection.

"The koi aren't really intelligent though. They're more like a reflection of me n' stuff." she says.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 22:55:28 77733
The question about his parents is answered first, as Koji says, "Oh, my father is a chemist and geologist, my mother studies plants and nature... with a specialty in marine biology. They work for the Ministry of The Environment." And for the other half of it, he gives an understanding smile, "I know. They're gone a third of the year... in the summer, when I'm not in school I get to go with, but most times, I have to stay home alone. I can't skip school, after all."

Sighing and sitting back, he looks where the koi are, and then back at Reiko, "You sound like you've been through a lot... so it's not my place to judge if you should be in danger. I know as an older young person, I should be telling you to not get into danger, or to give your pendant over to people who can protect it better... but then that might just work in reverse. So... all I'm going to say is that you need to remember to come to people who can help you when you can. You're not alone."

He pauses as those words sink into him as well, "Something I'm still learning too. But I'm glad you have your grandpa. I'm sure you have your hands full taking care of him." Laughing a little at the small attempt at humor.
Reiko Touyama 2017-06-02 23:11:10 77734
Reiko Touyama shakes her head. "I do! I'm a member of an organization I go to when I need help. Called Virtue? I'm known for this.... love is not a pie video..." she says with a blush. "And Love isn't a pie!" she insists. "So yeah!" she huffs.

She digs out her phone and offers the entire video.

She lets it run until Koji asks her to stop or something or it ends. She then puts it away. "So there!" she huffs.

"Grandpa takes care of me actually." she giggles. "I'm only like eleven. I need an adult around still." she huffs.
Koji Silvia 2017-06-02 23:31:17 77736
Watching the video intently, he cannot help but say, "Well, I know a lot of adults who don't understand the concept like this."

Koji pushes his glasses back up, and then sits back, about to say something until the voice in his phone... a rather gruff voice with a germanically accented Japanese says, <<Koji, you need to go visit your parents.>>

The admonition causes him a little more embarassment, almost some panic as he scrambles to get his coat back on, and then get his things together, "I'm really sorry, Reiko-chan, but I need to go. My parents are in the hospital, and I help take care of them... but I'm sure we'll meet again. I know about Virtue, so our paths will probably cross... sometime. In the meantime... don't be too hard on your grandpa. He probably needs you as much as you need him."

He smiles, and waves, and then tries to touch one of the phantom koi on the forehead as a polite goodbye to them before he turns to head out of the arcade.