Space Decamped

Lacrima and Natsumi finally get a chance to catch up.

Date: 2017-06-03
Pose Count: 20
Lacrima 2017-06-03 05:48:59 77784
Norie Okana wanted to come out at night. The Botanical Gardens seemed like a good place for that. She really wanted to see Natsumi-chan. Really bad. She'd had trouble getting into contact with her recently. Maybe Natsumi was dragged out of town for a bit by her mother. Regardless. WHATEVER the reason, Norie isn't seeming to hold too many grudges against whatever reason or whatever happened.

Still. She's sitting in the evening night of a nearly full moon in the botanical gardens on a stone bench as she grabs the far side of her arm and rubs a bit. She's dressed in her usual, casual clothes. Black shirt. Jeans. Just looking her usual casual goth self. She sighs a bit to herself as she shifts uncomfortably, though that seems to be more at herself than anything. She occasionally checks her phone for a text- if Natsumi is running late. Or needs better instructions to find her in the Botanical Gardens.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-03 05:52:59 77785
Something had caused Natsumi's mom to decide that her 'new age mumbo jumbo', that being astrology, was a waste of a young future astronomer's talents and shipped Natsumi off to a remote space camp. It was as boring as it sounds being sent to a space camp when nobody really wanted to go to space any more.

She strolled around the Gardens looking for Norie in a blue hoodie with a crab claw on it and a pair of blue jeans with ratty Chucks on her feet. She'd come as soon as she got the text, knowing she'd been forced to leave without a word to Norie.
Lacrima 2017-06-03 06:02:09 77786
'New Age Mumbo Jumbo', except magic is real and you can't just tell people that or show them easily because mundane minds don't get it easily enough. She looks up as she spots the girl with the blue hoodie...

...and a /crab/ claw.

"Natsumi-chan." she calls out. "Over here." she says softly. When Natsumi-chan notices her. And hopefully comes over to sit beside her. She merely lets herself fall against a lean against the girl as she just closes her eyes.

"I missed you...." is the first thing she says.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-03 06:07:28 77787
Natsumi envelops Norie in her arms as she leans against her, smiling softly now that she's here. She'd not forgotten how much she liked being around Norie.

"Hey Norie. I missed you too, so so much. I'm sorry I haven't been around, I got shipped away to space camp. Apparently it's like military school except for nerdie parents.".
Lacrima 2017-06-03 06:20:49 77788
Norie Okana rolls her eyes and sighs. Parents. Parents who make you do bad things or things you don't wanna do. She grits her teeth and just sighs and leans closer into those arms. Something seems really off here. She's never... this affectionate.

Well Natsumi doesn't need to ask.


"Some stupid. Magic card. Switched mine and Kukai-kun's bodies." she says. "For a few weeks." she says softly.

"For a while... I had my emotions back because of it." she says quietly.

"It was weird. I miss it." she says quietly.

"I wish you were around." she says quietly. "Then..." she says gently.

"I know how... certain things. Should feel now." she says gently.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-03 06:25:32 77789
Natsumi Matsumoto blinked softly at Norie, tilting her head. "Isn't Kukai a guy? H-how did you bathe and go to the bathroom in his body? That had to be super awkward....".

Suddenly something sparks in her eyes, "But you /felt/ the awkwardness. And all the other stuff. That had to be wonderful for you. I wish I'd been here, although I'd have probably felt awkward around you at the time and all.".

She pondered quietly at Norie, "It didn't leave you with a lingering ability to feel in your own body or anything? I mean, knowing how they feel is wonderful but...".
Lacrima 2017-06-03 06:38:06 77790
Norie Okana nrgs. "I felt like a bad puppet when I got back into my body. And I regained my usual emotion capacity. Well. Usual. For me. Meaning... yeah" she says softly. "It wasn't really awkward. I dunno. Kukai got my bad end of the straw in my body. No good emotions. Stuff like that." she says quietly.

"Nrg... what I mean is... I...."

"I... love. You." she says with a darker blush. Something she can still do. Blush. That is. "Because I felt it. And it's why I wished you were there at the time. So I could had. Told you. When I could still actually feel it." she says quietly.

"But I still remember. It. And I know. When I should be feeling it. Like my other emotions. Now." she says. "Because. I have the baseline. For it now." she trails off a bit. Almost hiding. Just a little. Against that blue crab claw hoodie.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-03 06:40:40 77791
Natsumi Matsumoto gently reached for Norie's chin, attempting to lift her face up so she could see it even as she speaks.

"I love you too, and I'm glad you got to feel that, and it makes me feel so warm inside that it was for me.".
Lacrima 2017-06-03 06:49:52 77792
Norie Okana is still blushing. And hiding. Even when Natsumi lifts her face so she can see it. "Yeah." is all she can say. Because right now she still can't actually feel it. Even though she knows she does. "--and I wanted. To tell you that. In person. Instead. Of the phone." she says quietly.

"I need to. Introduce you. To people." she says. "Mamoru's place." she says. "Just in case..." she says quietly.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-05 22:31:16 77954
Natsumi Matsumoto scratches at the back of her head when Norie mentions being introduced to people. "I know I seem brave and all maybe, but I'm not very good with meeting people. New people are new chances to meet someone that might think I'm crazy or something. I don't want to make you look bad, being thought crazy by your friends. I mean, I get talked to by the stars. People used to get burned for saying that.".
Lacrima 2017-06-05 22:52:57 77955
Norie Okana shakes her head. "That's why I wanna take you there." she says. "No one is gonna judge you there for that. One of Mamoru's guardians who live there 'talks to the stars' too. In fact, you two probably have actual things to talk about because of that." she says.

"And besides. They can put up with the vampire visiting. I think that says a lot, really." she says quietly.

She sort of keeps leaned against Natsumi-chan gently as she closes her eyes.

"No one really judges you there and it's partly why I like visiting when I'm allowed." she says.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-05 23:03:49 77956
Natsumi Matsumoto nods softly, enveloping Norie in her arms as she leans against her. "I'll do it for you, but I can't say I want scuttle away if I feel too awkward.". She gave a little sigh, "I get sent off to space camp and run around hiding and fighting shadowy things and you're out there, out in the world trying to find a way to save yourself. I feel like I'm not good enough for you.".

She nestles her face against Norie's hair, exhaling a long sigh.
Lacrima 2017-06-05 23:19:33 77957
Norie Okana scowls to herself and it's obvious this is more at something else than Natsumi-chan. "Ugh. Alexis-kun, a friend of mine, though the same thing about the girl he liked and he messed it up a lot." she says. "Because of it." she says.

"Let me decide if 'you're not good enough for me'." she says quietly. "Okay?" she asks softly. "Because if I thought things were going too bad. I'd say so." she says quietly.

"But..if you think. Things aren't...good." she says. "I do wanna hear it from you, too." she says quietly as she just rests there for a moment.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-05 23:21:18 77958
Natsumi Matsumoto takes a deep breath before speaking, "I just think I'm not there for you enough. You meet all these people and I really don't know any of them, because I'm hardly ever around for you when you need it the most. They are though. They're better at this than I am."
Lacrima 2017-06-05 23:47:09 77960
Norie Okana frowns and shakes her head. "If I was upset about that. I wouldn't want to take you to meet them..." she says quietly. "I never 'asked' you to fix me or help me with my own personal problems, Natsumi-chan." she says gently. "I'm not upset that you're not here to 'help me'." she says quietly.

"I just admit there are times I've felt like I've needed you, but you weren't answering... but. Well. Camp." she mutters.

"Nothing in space anyways." she insists. "Stupid. Besides stars. and stuff."
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-05 23:53:21 77961
Natsumi Matsumoto giggles softly at Norie, trying to kiss her cheek even as the other girl leans against her. "Whole other galaxies, possibly with life on them now or in the past. But that is beside the point. For some reason it was more like summer camp than anything. That's what my mom gets for being cheap.".
Lacrima 2017-06-06 00:15:03 77963
Norie Okana frowns and ughs. "Well. You're back now for school and what not..." she says softly. "And.. I do want you to meet more people. IF at the very least, if you need to find out news about me if something happens." she says gently.

"'s been two years." she says quietly. "Since I bought the necklace you know." she whispers a little.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-06 00:17:51 77964
Natsumi Matsumoto nods softly at Norie's words. "Well, hopefully it isn't two years before things get better for you from this point on.". She looked around the room for a moment before gently clutching Norie just the slightest bit tighter.

"I'll meet them. I'll even try and befriend them, so I can always know how things are with you.".
Lacrima 2017-06-06 00:57:50 77965
Norie Okana gently nods a little as she just leans in the nighttime against Natsumi-chan. "It'll be fine." she says softly. "If the people I know can deal with me, they can deal with you, and you don't even have the ever permeating sense of dread I bring along." she insists, completely in a deadpan humor way.

"One of Mamoru's guardians, Kunzite, tends to keep a light tab on me at least. We talk a lot in texting." she says. "Mainly. He used to. Be something like what I am. So he understands a little better. Some of the things I go though. Not everything. There were differences." she says gently.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2017-06-06 01:05:04 77966
Natsumi Matsumoto rests her face against Norie's head, exhaling softly. "Then I'll meet them all, and learn about what they know. Because even if I don't have to help, I want to. I want to be there for you. I love you, after all.".